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Delta Dental Mobile

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  • Current Version: 4.6.2
  • Adult Rating: 12+
  • Developer: Delta Dental Plans Association
  • Compatibility: Android
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Delta Dental Mobile App

Delta Dental’s App gives you access to our most popular subscriber tools on your mobile device. Key features of the Delta Dental app include: - Show your ID card at the dental office without getting out your wallet. The app provides access to your ID card as soon as you log in to the app, and the ability to save your ID card to the app home screen or your Passbook/Wallet so you don’t have to login at all. Even email your ID card to your dentist or a dependent right from our app. (Login required) - Find out what to expect with our Dental Care Cost Estimator. Our easy to use tool provides estimated cost ranges for common dental care needs for dentists in your area. See what dentists charge both in and out of network for the most common dental treatments. (Login required, not available in all geographic areas) - NEW: An enhanced version of our Dental Care Cost Estimator provides an estimate for you and your family's out of pocket costs for common dental care needs, for a selected dentist. (Login required, only available for NJ, CT, KS members) -A dentist search tool that makes it easy to search for a dentist in your area. Search using your current location or input your home or work address. Your results can be filtered or sorted to help you find a dentist that suits your specific needs. Then, save your dentist to your contacts, call to schedule an appointment or navigate directly to their office with the touch of your finger. You can also now save your preferred dentist, with easy access to their information right from the home page. -View and select open appointment times with participating dentist, making scheduling dental appointments more convenient than ever. (Login required, not available in all geographic areas) -Claims and coverage information on the go. See your plan type, benefit levels, deductibles and maximums and find contact information for your Delta Dental company. Check the status of your most recent dental claims, for both you and your dependents, and save time by adding your dependents directly to the app for easy access. (Login required) -Find out how your smile scores. Our LifeSmile Score is a comprehensive oral wellness risk assessment tool. You are a few questions away from knowing your personalized risk profile for tooth decay, gum disease and oral cancer. (Login required, not available in all geographic areas) -Toothbrush timer makes brushing fun and helps you stick with it for the recommended two minutes. Listen to music as you brush and watch as the timer counts down your brushing time with a visual reminder to brush each section of your mouth. Security The Delta Dental App uses the latest security technology to protect your personal health information. You must enter your user name and password each time you access the secure portion of the app. No personal health information is ever stored on your device. For more details on security, our Privacy Policy can be viewed via a link on the Login page of the app. For security reasons this app is not supported on rooted devices. TRICARE subscribers currently cannot access benefits and eligibility information on the Delta Dental app. At this time, we do not support dual login for our member company sites located in IN, KY, MI, MN, MO, NC, NE, NM, OH, OR and TN. If you are a subscriber with one of these member companies, you will need to register for a new account in order to use the secure portion of the app. About Delta Dental Since 1954, Delta Dental has been working to improve oral health by emphasizing preventative care, because we believe that everyone deserves to enjoy a healthy smile. As America's largest and most trusted dental benefits carrier, we cover more Americans than any other dental benefits provider—and strive daily to make dental coverage more accessible and affordable to a wide variety of employers, groups and individuals.

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Delta Dental Mobile app reviews

  • Terrible App 1/5

    By NoPantiesOn
    You’re not able to view claims or dental plan. Waste of time. Please do not download!!
  • Horrendous 1/5

    By Greg P.
    Slow in every possible way. Frequently ignores input, slow animations, and seemingly no caching. Horrible
  • Rubbish 1/5

    By theresecallaghan
    Never accessible. Rubbish app
  • Poor user interface on the App 1/5

    By Simply36Me
    I downloaded this March 1 when my insurance kicked in and it never would open. So I deleted it and reloaded and it still won’t load - I Getting same error “The connection to Delta Dental of Wa is currently disabled. please try again after 9:41:57 CST”. I try adding my dependents and constantly get the same error “we are not able to find the information you entered or your Delta dental company is unable to respond at this tome. Please try later”
  • KAW 1/5

    By Wndrgrl
    App has froze every time I open it. I can never get past log in screen.
  • Doesn't work 1/5

    By Pumpdog
    It says the there is an internal error and to please try again. When you do it then says the user name is already taken. Christ this is the freaking 21st century. Hire some Russian hackers who know how to code and get the thing to WORK! Go back to much for technology. Apparently American coders don't know how to code. Avoid this nonworking app.
  • App doesn’t work 1/5

    By Sid !
    I have tried several times but app doesn’t work. Go to sign in page and just freezes. Basically at this point, you click any link in app, it just freezes. What a poor quality of work. It used to work fine a few months ago....
  • Easy to use when getting proof of insurance 5/5

    By gigi wills
    It’s simple and easy to use when needed to pull up your dental card quick
  • Unsuccessful app 1/5

    By mamarquez
    Every time I log into the app, it won’t let me view my claims and it doesn’t record who my dentist is. Keeps say internal error. Honestly, what’s the point of an app if you can’t view anything. All of my other medical apps work perfectly. Please fix!
  • Pitiful 1/5

    By ChristopherC.
    Wish I could give 0 stars. App performance is the pits - freezes, touch not working , etc.
  • Useless App 1/5

    By E--Sharp
    Even though you can download this app onto Apple IOS it’s not supported. Neither my iPhone or iPad can connect to Delta Dental And I get a message that states “Unable to contact your Delta Dental member company. Please try again later”. I’ve had this app installed for about 2 months and have never been able to get any info out of it so I have deleted it. Don’t waste your time or space with this useless app.
  • Crashed on map 2/5

    By Weibo player
    Trying to find a dentist near me and it crashed
  • Thanks for nothing . . . 1/5

    By Platteis
    Congratulations, you built an app. So, when do you intend to make it work?
  • Terrible UI 1/5

    By Marvive
    0 stars until its updated for bigger phones. You’ve had two years, guys.
  • Worthless 1/5

    By Stevo CT
    Terrible app. Way too many bugs. Poor messages. Waste of time.
  • Better but needs improvement 3/5

    By SVK 72
    App ceased up after logging username & password. Recently downloaded update available. After multiple attempts to log in, chose to delete app. Retrieved app from Apple store. Installed app on iPhone. Log in accepted username and password this time so I could review patient info, claims, etc. App slow to respond to selections one makes but it’s better. Please continue improvements and app quality. Thanks.
  • Please support iPhone X resolution 1/5

    By xroXorx
    Not usable for iPhone X. Please update for that resolution.
  • Doesn’t work at all 1/5

    By SNR236
    It doesn’t login for me in the App. I can login on the website. I called customer service and they are not able fix login issues on the App.
  • Worst app and insurance ever used 1/5

    By rmohit
    Its really hard to find details of service and co pay. Insurance hardly covers anything. Going to switch soon.
  • Can’t even log in 1/5

    By Mle81
    I can’t even log in with my valid credentials (they work on the website). I’m deleting this app now as I don’t need to waste space on my phone with this one.
  • Love Delta Dental 5/5

    By Bellaneezia
    I love going to the dentist my dental health is always important. I just wish some of the Dentist use better materials that last and charge reasonable prices. Other than that I happy with Delta Dental..
  • Can’t view claims 1/5

    By ChrisIR83
    App doesn’t work. When you click to view claims, it says “Unable to contact your Delta Dental member company. Please try again later.” Been like that for few days. App use to work. When contacting IT at delta, they basically refused to help. Don’t recommend app.
  • Very Poor App 1/5

    By Calrican
    Doesn’t work. Just crashes at startup. I end up calling or using the computer. Whoever is paying for this is getting ripped off, and obviously doesn’t read these reviews, or just doesn’t care. I would fire this IT person since they haven’t a clue. Hire some sixth grader and they can Code better !
  • Slow 1/5

    By Deputy21
    It used to be good. But now it takes so long to log in. I just log in using a web browser now. The app is essentially useless.
  • App issues 2/5

    By skikadz
    Tried to get into this app twice today after you enter your ID and PW it just freezes up, don’t know what the deal is or I guess that’s why this app get only 1.5 stars .
  • Cannot see account info 1/5

    By karenyng
    Switched jobs and stuck with delta dental. Then the app can’t update to the new account. I filed a ticket and the ticket got closed without fixing the problem.
  • Needs to be called Delta Dental electronic card 1/5

    By munchkinstew
    I can’t access my claims or benefits. I can only view my card. Not worth the time it took to download.
  • Frozen 1/5

    By Smooshy Smoosherson
    The app freezes when logging in on my iPhone X after the last update. I’ve rebooted, reloaded, etc. to no avail. It’s been over a month with no fix.
  • Freezes on login 1/5

    By CeeG890
    Can’t use the app at all. It freezes on login and never times out, never provides any sort of feedback, nothing works. Junk grade and totally missing QA.
  • Glitch 1/5

    By Daniel Ghee
    Whenever I try to access ‘coverage’ section, the app crashes. Please fix. Thank you.
  • Can’t connect 2/5

    By Yggjb
    Been trying to get this app to let me get my coverage info and balance due. It shows my name and policies but when I try to get more it says cannot connect to server, try back later. Been trying for 2 days now. Also, can’t find how to pay my bill (paying monthly for now). Can’t find any link to pay my bill. You would think that would be up front and center ...
  • Unable to Login 1/5

    By chaoticharis
    Can’t login to app. Keeps requiring verification but won’t accept the correct information (all verified).
  • Not working 1/5

    By perugaijin
    Able to access with my account but... My Claims -> “Unable to contact your Delta Plan Member Company...” My Coverage -> “The Connection to Delta Dental of WA is currently disabled...” Issues between Delta Dental app and Delta Dental of Washington??? Would appreciate a lot if developers could look into it.
  • AR 1/5

    By Ariggs76
    I can’t logon to the app but my credentials work on a desktop. So the app doesn’t help me if I can’t logon!
  • Never works 1/5

    By Jakf124
    This app never works properly. It will not let me sign in with my Touch ID or my username and password; the screen just keeps spinning and spinning. What a waste of an app.
  • Uses Social Security Number as ID?!?!! 1/5

    By the.dominator
    Are you kidding? In this day and age of data privacy and security, and identity theft how could they use SS# as user ID in the first place, and expect I am going to put this in an app? I thought the US government banned the use of SS#s as IDs!??!
  • Very poor 1/5

    By nopehaha
    Can’t log in, app says I’m entering something wrong, but I sign in just the same online via internet and it’s fine , please fix otherwise the 1 star stays.
  • My plan 1/5

    By kitkatsmokie
    This is app is worthless. It says I’m not a subscriber. Utter nonsense.
  • Poor App, useless! 1/5

    By Old Farts RockBest
    I had Deltadental with another company, different state. Now I cannot get the app to accept my new account. When I register it tells me I exist already but will not let me change accounts.
  • Horrible!! 1/5

    By Javi714
    What a horrible app that doesn’t even open or show any information you need. I click on claims and it gives me an error and none of the links work. I always have to login online to see any of my information.
  • Even with the update, still doesn’t work. 1/5

    By BrandonHolt
    I still can’t login even after the update.
  • Bad app 1/5

    By cusa3
    I’m trying to see my information and I keep having problem ,can u fix this app???
  • Very poor IT people 1/5

    By cheated by game
    I have opened more than one incident report and they keep closing them without fixing the issue. I am an IT major and these people do a very poor job. I have requested that the people doing the app call me and they have yet to call me. They responded with one of the closing of my incident that one of my daughters has the same birthday as another and with each closure they respond saying that I need to contact delta dental to find out the correct name and birthday of my dependent. I guess they are unaware that most sets of multiple have the same date of birth and I am fully aware of what I named them and how I spelled their names and yes I know that delta dental has the correct spelling. If I could give negative starts I would.
  • Limited Functionality 1/5

    By Major Ursa
    Does not support California. I can’t access my ID card or see claims. I contacted CA branch and they said they don’t have an app so go to the website.
  • iPhone X 1/5

    By Josh_Mullenix
    Update to full screen application for iPhone 10.
  • My claims 2/5

    By Reese823
    My claims section has yet to work for me, always says “unable to contact your delta dental member company, try again later”, later comes but it still never works
  • App is crap 1/5

    By Senturus
    Wow, I can log in online just fine, but in this app, it tells me that I have the wrong password. Terrible app
  • Can’t login 1/5

    By Stevetorres22
    My login won’t work on the app
  • Touch ID hangs, cannot cancel. 1/5

    By Dk407
    Touch ID login hangs after fingerprint is accepted. Killing and restarting app doesn’t work. Also upon starting the app attempting to cancel Touch ID login results in an error resulting in no ability to login.

Delta Dental Mobile app comments

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