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  • Current Version: 5.5.0
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • Developer: Denny's Inc
  • Compatibility: Android
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Denny's App

Welcome to the new Denny’s experience. Get all your diner favorites. Whatever, whenever, and now, wherever.

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  • Glitchy and impossible to use. 1/5

    Im on the latest version. Can’t sign in, can’t sign up. I logged out because my offers kept disappearing so i hoped that would’ve fixed it but the app only got worse. Pretty much not usable right now. Terrible app.
  • Buggah was Juicy 💦 5/5

    By Ar_Thursday
    I was hungry and inebriated to where I would have eaten my own shoe. Slather brown gravy on da hash, da egg, da meat, da bread. Choke gravy all ova cuz, hooo weee! Broke da mout! 👊🏼🤤🤙🏼
  • Excellent service 5/5

    By J.Torres R
    I went this morning for breakfast with my family. My waiter was Noe, he is an excellent waiter, the food was presentable, everything was delicious.
  • Problem with App 1/5

    By Angry NY Mom
    I can’t open my app because I don’t have my pin. I can log in online with my email and password but apparently the app wants a pin. When I click for a pin to be sent to my email nothing shows up. I’d like to be able to use this app but so far it’s been impossible. I tried to report a problem but it only wants to know about problems with a restaurant. I’m not having a problem with a restaurant I’m having a problem getting signed into my app. Some help would be appreciated.
  • No me pudieron dar esta orden en caja que porque el sistema no permite, totalmente una mentira 1/5

    By nsisbeusnaldnf
    Espero puedan mejorar el servicio
  • Overall good 4/5

    By Bill and family
    For breakfast a personal favorite is the whole grain pancakes. Don’t order online often, tend to look for these pancakes in the general breakfast section of app. Just need to keep in mind to pull up the pancakes and crepes, nothing too hard but as mentioned don’t use the app frequently enough to keep this simple process in mind. App works very well, mostly easy to navigate.
  • Miss honesty 4/5

    By ana_cubana
    Easy to make an order just couldn’t find some meal options im usto ordering unless they have removed it recently otherwise it was easy to select options and order and given option of rewards if available!
  • Fantastic people and service! 5/5

    By BlackAngela666
    I am unfortunately stuck in the area due to the extremely bad weather back home and have been VERY surprised at the Dennys here. It’s just across the street from where I’m staying so it’s very convenient to walk there, Dennys being famous for cheap somewhat good quality food but this restaurant seems to go out of their way to not only provide some of the most helpful and friendly staff I ever met in one of these restaurants but the food is actually really good! Thank you everyone that works at the 1235 Harbor Blvd, Sacramento! You have the best friendly HELPFUL service as well as some really decent meals I have had in awhile of traveling! ❤️
  • Convenient 5/5

    By Quintanadm
    Im a student in Denver so I’m always on the go. This app makes it so that I can pick up my breakfast on the way quickly if I order ahead of time. I love it.
  • Not worth it 2/5

    By AriaNight
    Delivery fee + service fee + driver tip + increased product price from upcharging for delivery, and then tax on top of all that. Nothing but the audacity. All the fees combined were more than the burger I wanted, if you want delivery you better be making some dough.
  • Great service 4/5

    By chorizoguy
    Always fresh
  • Much easier to use! 5/5

    By Leahjv
    The new version of the app is much better than the older versions. It’s much easier to make choices and add customizations.
  • Can’t Login 1/5

    By khgyrdvmkg
    No matter how many times I reset my password, it will not let me login for nothing!!! Even online this still happens!!
  • Yeah 5/5

    By Ostola92
    Love it
  • QTY 3/5

    By Junebugg04
    Ordering was fine but I couldn’t add more quantity to my order I had to order my kids food separately instead of just clicking the +/- because there wasn’t an option for it.
  • Best Dennys 5/5

    By Jinxxxies
    I love the Dennys on Spencer in Pasadena tx it had great food and awesome crew!!! Never been more satisfied.
  • Wonderful service 5/5

    By 669culver
    Wonderful service and truly enjoyed the food, cooked perfectly. Appreciated how all customers were being treated. Will be returning, thank you 😊
  • Denneys 1/5

    By porto123:45
    Thank you for the very small portion of eggs and hashbrowns provided.
  • BIG ISSUE payment 3/5

    By dbdgaymer
    For some reason on both my iPhone and iPad, I couldn’t finish making an order unless I used Apple Pay. It won’t accept a the regular method of inputting your card info.
  • Breakfast food 5/5

    By Pop minor
    It came niece and hot. The taste was amazing.
  • Unsure. 3/5

    By kiwikiwi21082
    There was no barcode to scan any rewards which doesn’t make sense to me? They need to add barcodes to scan the rewards.
  • No back button? Or swipe? 1/5

    By TheWorstSoftware
    There is no back button or back swipe. After you enter the meal selection screen, you can’t back out to look at other items in the category. You have to go to the top section and select the text “Menu/BUGERS/Build Your…” like it’s a computer.
  • Can’t Use Location 1/5

    By Skoooooooooot 😎
    Without being able to use my location or find a restaurant the app is essentially useless
  • Very Frustrating to Use 2/5

    By meghanrncbride
    The app started off okay. I thought the categories were terrible and it wasn’t intuitive to me. Choosing and adding items was straightforward and easy. The worst part was trying to input the information needed to deliver and buy. The first page with the delivery info was bad. I could type in the information into the boxes but when I went down to click the box for contactless delivery the app went back to the previous page, I had to click the box first and then fill in my info. The same thing happened to the rest of the pages where you put in your info. I had to fill out my info 3 times before I figured out how to make it work which is very frustrating to me. If you don’t have an abundance of patience for using this app just call to place an order.
  • App navigation is terrible 1/5

    By mytw0b1ts
    Idk who came up with this design but all I wanted was waffles and they’re nowhere to be found. When you tap on a category trying to get back to the main screen is more difficult than it has to be. Maybe consider implementing a search function. Looks like it’s cereal at home for today!
  • Pancakes 5/5

    By biancafred
    Pancakes were perfect. The fruit was fresh. Can’t beat the price! We loved it!
  • Very convenient 5/5

    By Dhune
    Order one on like very convenient
  • Nice app 5/5

    By Arch gghg
    Simple to use and pay.
  • Pretty good 4/5

    By calfishman
    App is very good for standard simple orders. Some things not available to order on app. Specials not on app. Not enough characters allowed for instructions. App is mostly very good and very easy.
  • Excellent 5/5

    By Alex 85b
    Excellent app love it very much.
  • Mobile Apo Should Mirror The In Store Menu 1/5

    By Ras Jahson
    The menu on this app should be exactly the same as the menu in the restaurants. There is no options to app jalapeños and avocado to my order specifically on an omelette. Also there is no option to use my AARP benefits during the check out process. Please fix this issue soon.
  • Slow app 1/5

    By Yo Essay!
    I wanted to order Denny’s during my drive home after dropping my daughter off at school this morning. The app takes so long to put an order in that by the time I finished I was already home. They lost the sale because their app is too slow, it’s tedious. You click things and nothing happens for a few seconds you don’t know if it’s frozen or if it’s processing what you just clicked. They really need to update this app. Shame it’s 2023 and they have an app that’s programmed from the 80’s. Lame.

    By jillian575
    Been trying to get delivery thru the app multiple times and no matter how many times I switch it, it still automatically applies pick-up. Super annoying to have to order thru somewhere else to get delivery from the same location. Would rather order directly through you guys vs. A delivery app where you lose money. Lastly, can we get some grilled chicken on the Menu again lol
  • For the people with apps 5/5

    By Emphasyy
    Download Dennys app get digital coupons stored in there for future discounts! I found one for 20% off my total purchase this made my day.
  • This app is making Dennys lose money. 1/5

    By EdgarTrader
    I tried to order food using the app and it froze about 4 times. Buttons wouldn’t work, and were slow when they did. It took me about 20 mins to place a small pancake order because the app wouldn’t work. The food is great the app is not.
  • Easy to setup and order 5/5

    By WahidOvi
    Works without any issues. Easy to sign up with Apple ID (hide email) and pay with Apple Card.
  • Improvement 5/5

    By soh873&383&
    Your app has improved since 2020! Easy to use and quick. I appreciate the improvements. Thanks
  • Young Dro 5/5

    By LouiZiana TRILL
    Man I Love Dennys.
  • What about Canada, eh? 3/5

    By ADCZ_Brian
    I’ve used the app several times in the states, with little to no problems. Right now, I’m sitting in a parking lot for Denny’s in Calgary, AB. The app says there’s no Denny’s nearby.
  • App is horrible and buggy 1/5

    By jaydenzenikz
    I personally like Dennys foods, but the app is extremely buggy. Everytime I try to order delivery, it automatically switches to pickup and it makes me not want to order from here at all.
  • Modifications 4/5

    By Kram1111602
    Needs work on what you can modify on the app… Not many options
  • 👍 5/5

    By 209justin
  • Dennys 1* 1/5

    By Antonio_suareez
    It doesn’t have an easy to use UI some stuff is hard to understand as in whether you’re ordering with or whiteout certain ingredients. Some stuff is preselected as if you don’t want it so if you don’t pay attention you can order a burger meal and get a burger with no fires because “side” is automatically selected as “no side”. Instead of having you select it it’s already selected for you. Overall horrible ordering experience do better.
  • Hard to navigate 4/5

    By lacey underalls
    Don’t know if it’s my phone or what. iPhone 6s but there’s no back option, I can’t got back to the menu
  • Easy to use 5/5

    By LilmoeQ
    App is easy to use when you’re on the road and you have a urge to eat some good Dennys food on the go.
  • Great app 5/5

    By Ayiti_Ne
    The app is easy to use and there’s little to none glitches.
  • Easy ordering for my comfort food breakfasts 5/5

    By BluntFlowers
    This app makes ordering from any Denny’s easy and reliable since it saves my payment info and even my fave orders. Yum yum gimme sum!
  • No way to order! 3/5

    By DI#55
    I wanted to order extra dressings for my salad. There was not an option to do so.
  • Woah. 5/5

    By J1393929
    My god. Where to begin?