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Welcome to Denny’s On Demand. Get all your diner favorites. Whatever, whenever, and now, wherever.

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  • App is useless 1/5

    By Miles To Me
    The app doesn’t work. I know my login info and it tells me my password is wrong. I try to reset the password and it doesn’t send me the email. Also, just going online doesn’t work either. I put in my order then it declined the card for no reason and said to call in the order. Convenient that the promotions aren’t available through phone orders.
  • Try ordering ultimate omelette 1/5

    By Eugeeeeene
    And not getting double charged for eggs
  • Useless. 1/5

    By sniddindns
    The apps info won't even load. It crashes every time I try to load it up. It's useless.
  • Can’t order 1/5

    By carlos28355
    The app might be fine however it won’t let me place an order. Wants me to call it in. Ain’t nobody got time for that
  • Only order for pickup 1/5

    By Miguel.S
    I used to order every week, they deliver by doordash severall times arrived over the estimated time last time took 30 mins and most food ended up trashed, tried contacting doordash to try to cancel before they arrived and they told me to contact dennys and when contacted dennys an associate only knew that the food was picked up so there is definitely no communication between those 2, this was the most expensive brócoli I’ve had with no answer from dennys support
  • Cash? 1/5

    By ?Really???
    Yeh, no. Deleted it.
  • Other app needs to be removed 1/5

    By BLacK-HaRTz
    The other Denny’s app that says rewards or something isn’t the correct one It needs to be removed and until then, 1 star on the right app
  • 1/2 star scam....Unethical Business Practices... 1/5

    By galleria photo studio
    Their app as their coupons never work... They send coupons via e-mail wich never work. Received a coupon for my birthday for free pancackes, when applied to order it never worked. Coupons only work at restaurant which is a scam vecause they are closed for dinning. Not that’s a scam....unethical business practices....
  • Doesn’t work 1/5

    By Chi_37
    I placed an order and arrived at the restaurant and they never received the order. I had to then wait extra long and they had to the make it anew. Wry disappointing. Why have an app aside from DoorDash, etc, if it doesn’t work!
  • Just why 2/5

    By happy reefing
    Why would you not let your customers pay with a gift card?
  • Nonfunctional 1/5

    By hkutzmer
    Eternal spinning circle until you click on “menu.” That’s when it crashes.
  • Dinner meal 1/5

    By JoshRobCess2020
    Meal was supposed to be ready in 20 minutes, we showed up within 20 minutes, they said it would be ready in 15-20 more minutes. It wasn’t even busy. We were told, “we didn’t know we were going to get busy.” Should of gotten no stars, not to be mean!
  • Very good 5/5

    Great app very nice restaurant very very nice super nice people good job very nice 5 star very nice
  • New registration 1/5

    By technoludite
    The app used to work fine. Now it is asking us to re-register, okay. Enter the data, new password hit send, app crashes! Dumps my order, try again. Dumps my order again. Oh update the app, £#€¥*#% same again! Guess where I'm not eating tonight!
  • Won’t let me recover password 1/5

    By GeorginaTerrones
    I clicked on the forgot password and it won’t even send me an email. There is no point in having it if I can’t log into my account. Why say you will send an email to set up password if you won’t?
  • Glorified menu 1/5

    By B PABON
    This is essentially a menu app, because 90% of the time that is the only thing I can do. I go through the process of selecting my food and nine times out of ten it will give me an error and asks me to call to order. This is definitely not a functioning app. You would think a company of this magnitude would have a working app.
  • Disorganized 1/5

    By PattyMelt114
    Ended up spending $20 for two blueberry pancakes and 2 scrambled eggs with this app. The rest of my order is probably still sitting in the restaurant. Technology and curbside pickup are too advanced for Denny’s. Perhaps consider avoiding this app for a couple years until Denny’s gets with the times.
  • Awful app 1/5

    By poophead964
    Order didnt go through although my card got charged
  • Underrated 4/5

    By kehill2159
    I lowkey think people underrate this app, it does its job like... 🤦
  • Easy, great app 5/5

    By &2!
    This app is easy to use, food was delivered fast and hot. Great app!
  • Exit 2/5

    By gorilla1321
    When I get ready to place an order it keeps on exiting out the app not letting me place and order
  • Cc 3/5

    By nes44$$
    Need to fix the saved credit card feature!
  • Never Works After placing Address and Info! 2/5

    By Luv2Nest
    You can order pretty quick, but try placing the order, NOT. After filling out Credit Card Info (which is not kept) then my very long address each time to find that there’s ALWAYS an error. No matter how many times I fill out the information it’s never kept, but then again even after filling it all out I can’t place an order. What’s the use in having a App if it’s useless. I implore the Tech’s PLEASE fix the Bugs... :(
  • Unable to Complete Order at this Time 1/5

    By GPS Review
    I guess they don’t want my business.
  • Claims card is declined but still takes the money! 1/5

    By Seth Bruno
    I used this app to order my food but when I put in my card information it declined my card and claimed that either my card address was wrong or the card number. I tried a second time and got the same response, meanwhile it was successfully charging my card every time I tried to order, just call to order instead.
  • I can’t seem to register.. 1/5

    By Easy44
    I can’t register..won’t accept my automated “strong password”..tried for way to long to order lunch..good luck with your business if no one can freakin order !
  • Take out is not ToGo 4/5

    By Pix Element
    Denny’s take out is professionally done and packaged well. The app streamlines it and the restaurant carries right out. I’m eating from Denny’s more now. Need options to select no table service, no condiments, napkins only. The special instructions area allows only 45 characters and doesn’t give you a running count so you’re typing and re-typing by trial and error to make it fit. Would also like to see it cooperate with Apple login and Apple Pay as well as remember my car make and color.
  • Reduced menu, and no use of native map app 3/5

    By phxpaul
    Ok, first thing I noticed, the menu is extremely reduced. No reason for that. 2nd, the app should use the native map app. I’m in a hotel and the map in the Denny’s app didn’t identify where I was. I couldn’t even be certain of where my hotel was in relation to the available stores. Re-write the app to use Apple Maps for iOS and Google Maps for Android. That’s a no brainer.
  • Unable to perform basic payment processing 1/5

    By Manuscript Replica
    At its core, the goal of this app is to accept money from customers—the same as any food ordering app. To that end the Denny’s app is essentially useless. If the app can’t even handle its most basic function, the rest of the app deserves no mention. And thanks for the four holds across two cards for an order I was trying to get through, that wouldn’t process (allegedly) because of an invalid ZIP. (Narrator: the ZIP was valid) That could potentially be costly for customers using a debit card close to zero balance. Not to mention the wasted time and frustration of entering and re-entering card info. I recommend hitting up another corporate mega chain for unhealthy food until this is fixed.
  • Horrible 1/5

    By Triangl3man
    The app doesn’t save your information, you must enter your credit card and address every time. Even after entering everything, half the time it says it can’t accept your order and to call the restaurant. I rarely right reviews, but this is so frustrating, I had to let others know.
  • Not functional. Updated: still can't order anything 1/5

    By Prodigy3023
    Can't sign up. Can't place order as a guest. Can't take a photo of the payment card. Needs significantly more test and validation to work. 2020 update: still can't order anything. App hangs on opening, took about 5 minutes to even see the menu. Pickup and delivery can't select ASAP. When scheduling it asks for a future time even when it was past the estimated minimum time.
  • Update Needed 1/5

    By DeShaun01
    I enjoy the food at Denny’s but I can’t log into my account. I can’t make a new account. My card isn’t saved. The food options aren’t up to date with what some locations actually have. It’s a poorly made application with other duplicates in the app store that confuses potential costumers. Just call in to get your food.
  • Trouble with saved credit cards 2/5

    By rY.
    Still has impossible to place an order with a saved credit card without getting an invalid address/zip code error on a card that worked fine the first time. Maybe they should bite the bullet and use Apple Pay, since it would offload authentication to a developer who can handle it without bugs?
  • Masks 1/5

    By Budman125
    Denny’s let people in with out a mask
  • Worst app 1/5

    By Guenovich
    Please fix this app And i cant update my address And i wanna order the closest denny’s but this app always show the farthest places I live in iselin and the closest denny’s is in avenel But it keep show me denny’s in NY
  • Online ordering at its worst 1/5

    By jemini70
    I placed an order and the site said the order would be ready for curbside pick up in 20 minutes. Headed to the store to sind the parking lot overflowing with people waiting for their orders. Some people had been there waiting for more than an hour. There was no organization, just complete and total chaos. I tried to call and cancel my order, but no I be on the store would answer the phone. There is no option to cancel the order in the app either. The app does not give the store a realistic functionality for the traffic they receive. I am in San Diego. Don't waste your time and money.
  • Would never eat or order from here 1/5

    By Elizardo Milian
    I made an order and it said 30 min waiting time only to be told after 1 hour alter that it was going to take 4 hours to get it ready because they were swamped with orders. I will never eat or order at any Denny’s ever. They are the worse dinner ever. Do not recommend this place to anyone.
  • Save a headache Go to IHOP 1/5

    This app is horrible. I don’t know why I keep trying to order from this app when it keeps freezing and logging me out. Then I would have to start the order all over again this is not the first time and it will not be the last. I will be going to IHOP or Corkys from now on
  • Horrible! 1/5

    By Kenneth Bristow
    This app is trash! Denny’s needs to spend a little money and get with the times.
  • Cannot Remove this application 1/5

    By L81E
    Downloaded this app to place pick up orders. Continued to tell me that the location is closed, which I know is not true. Decided to remove the app, but cannot.
  • Tragic. The developers should be ashamed. 1/5

    By JaredRoussel
    It crashes every single time I launch the app, and I'm sure that Denny's is paying a monstrous amount to some company who turns around and hires teenage developers from Sri Lanka to concoct this failure. Good riddance. I went to Cracker Barrel instead.
  • Denny’s fix this! 1/5

    By emmasmygirl03
    I can’t update my address. I used the app for the first time at my friend’s house and every since, it has kept that address. This is also why if anyone tries to use the card on file and you change the address it won’t work. I’ve been using it for the past 4 months since my house flooded and have had to manually enter in my actual home address, (because I can’t update it), the hotel’s address and my credit card info, (because it’s not the same as my friends address). UUUGGGGGGGHHHHHH!!! I only use this because I have to! PLEASE FIX THIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I’m pretty sure this will solve a lot of the “issues” this app has.
  • Terrible app 1/5

    By JenZanity
    The app won’t let me sign in, got error message each time I tried. Tried to place an order without signing in, and the app force quit when pressing check out. Tried to sign in and place an order on the website, and got the same error messages.
  • Poor software 1/5

    By Starman 83
    Declines credit card which I previously used! Poor software is costing them business, they won’t survive the competition!
  • The amount of glitches is insane 1/5

    By cmarylin7
    Been trying to check out for an hour now. I cant even create an account. We are going through a pandemic and online orders are the only thing keeping these people alive and they cant even fix their app. Wow.
  • Worst app ever 1/5

    By Anaheim Eddie
    Very surprising coming from a huge restaurant like Denny’s. Fire this app company and hire a company that can make a useable app. I have downloaded the app and deleted again to see if it will work. Every time I hit Place Order I immediately get a check out error. Are you kidding me.
  • Bad app 1/5

    By jfsaaijrzcvb
    Doesnt work for online ordering. Do not use!
  • Horrible 1/5

    By MetallicaReborn
    What’s the point of this app if you can’t even fulfill an order? And their website itself is just as useless. Tried calling and they said they can’t do delivery over phone, only through app/website, so don’t expect to even get food from them if you don’t go over and pick it up yourself.
  • Useless app 1/5

    By JGraf3
    App is absolutely useless, let’s you go through the entire process of customizing your order, putting in all your credit card info and says “order cannot be fulfilled right now please call in” been like this for over a year.

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