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Get the Denny’s On Demand app for iOS. With Denny’s On Demand Online Ordering, get all your diner favorites. Whatever, whenever, and now, wherever.

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  • Freezes 1/5

    By jcpintheOC
    After entering entire order, get to cart then freezes at check for delivery charges! Never continued order. Annoyed at this app.
  • Almost fixed 2/5

    By lolalamb
    It didn’t used to take my payment, but after an update requiring a new account be set up, I was able to place an order. However, it still won’t let you pay with a saved card, so you have to delete and re-add a card each time.
  • Too many bugs 2/5

    By Cesarmcp2013
    It won’t even let me see the menu. Even after I register as a new user. Connectivity error it says. A pitty that this up was not properly tested and rushed to the apple store.
  • Mr 1/5

    By dep ch
    Every time I try to use the store location with the zip code it’s says there isn’t anything available. When I put in the city and state it shows stores on the opposite side of the state. There has been a restaurant here for at least ten years.
  • Can’t create an order 1/5

    By Jube11
    I am able to log in and select a menu item, but the app does not allow me to click “Next” to finalize my order...
  • Horrible sides. NO corn?! 1/5

    By Ihop23947
    Why would you remove corn from the menu and replace it with creamed corn with jalapeños in it?! WHY?! Then you add mashed red potatoes. ANOTHER potato side? And broccoli? Nobody likes broccoli. You took the Mac and cheese away as well. No carrots. No more green beans. Raise the stupid prices if you have too, but give us sides. Variety. Denny’s is going right down the ol’ toilet. Figuratively and literally.
  • Fail 1/5

    By ss510
    Forced new to create account to serve me better. Yeah, OK, I’ll live but at least make it possible!! Did not allow me to enter the delivery address, and going back to account details I see the blank fields but locked and no “Edit” link as with all the other fields. Pretty much useless if I can’t tell you where to deliver!!! Maybe there is an option at time of actual order, but nothing here to indicate that so I’m left wondering until then. Maybe I won’t bother. Get al least the simple things right folks, at least the simple things.
  • Not worth it- no offers 1/5

    By Juma_Mama
    I downloaded the app because it said I would receive a deal/offer within 24 hours. It’s been over 48 hours & still no offers are in my account or email. Deleting...
  • Order never showed up 1/5

    By thiaappisterrible
    Ordered breakfast for my family. The food never arrived and no one ever called. When I finally called them they told me “no one ever picked it up”. I had to cancel. If I ever order from Denny’s again it will not be through this app.
  • App declines orders 1/5

    By TGFAD
    I tried the app and it kept telling me that my billing address and/or zip code was wrong. I doubled check everything was correct. Still didn’t go through. So I successfully order my food on the website and EVERYTHING WENT GOOD. Food will be delivered in 30 minutes.
  • Such a hassle 1/5

    By Juniorblue91
    Used to work great as long as it was simple orders but last few months the app is terrible. Half the time it won’t let me sign in and I have to remake entire account, constantly declining my card for mismatch info, when it’s the saved card and been the same whole time does this EVERY TIME so every time I order I have to delete saved card and redo even tho it’s the same exact card. App isn’t up to date with the restaurant your ordering from, as in what available. Has happened many time I go to pick up and they let me know that they don’t serve this item after certain time or they have been out of something for days and I have to remake alter order and wait on my lunch break. And a few times I go to pick up and I get looked at like I’m crazy bc they never actually received an order at the location. At this point I’m in first name basis with the girls and cooks at my local place and just resort to calling to make sure everything goes through which defeats entire purpose of this app. Sorry Denny’s unless things get fixed I’m not doing doing business with it anymore
  • Don’t works 1/5

    By Cflobos
    I try many times, but I can’t make my order. Lost time I had to order at the restaurant More lost time
  • Scam 1/5

    By emmalada
    I ordered online for delivery a few nights back. About 10 minutes after the order was supposed to be delivered, I called the store and they told me that my order was there waiting to be picked up and no one ever came. Apparently, the have partnered with DoorDash for their deliveries. When I asked for a refund, I was told that I would have to contact DoorDash for that. The issue is that on my credit card statement, it was charged under “Denny’s”??? I’ve called Denny’s customer service multiple times and it just rings and rings with no answer. I’ve called DoorDash and they’ve tried to contact Denny’s with no luck. 0/10 for customer service. 0/10 for employee training. 0/10 for the whole experience.

    By Cengle19
    This app is a waste of space on my phone. It never works. Just go on safari.
  • Horrible app 1/5

    By Alang21
    Takes forever to load and then crashes and closes. No effort put into this app. Denny’s obviously doesn’t want my business.
  • 2 stars 2/5

    By soupstack
    Works 20% of the time every time
  • Bad app 1/5

    By Upity1
    Trying over and over to login last night and this morning. Primarily to take advantage of their free delivery which is only obtained through this app. Out of 72-100 times of trying to login, only one time, last night, it worked.
  • good but could be BETTER 3/5

    By alleksis1991
    very disappointed you took the option to order from the value menu off the app smh
  • Doesn’t work well with voiceover, iPhones built-in screen reader 1/5

    By HawkEye2015
    Had a very hard time selecting items are getting items removed because the voiceover screen reader would not read all of the elements and the menu. If I could read this app zero stars, I would. Do not use if you can’t see, unless you’re willing to gamble!
  • do it !! 5/5

    By therealkayla
    the food from Denny’s does not disappoint me & neither does this app! i really really love this !! i’m impressed ❤️❤️
  • Locations 1/5

    By Mandamaree
    I tried search for my nearest Denny’s location on the app and it doesn’t come up. Instead it only showed me a Denny’s an hour away. I would think it’s because the Denny’s closest to me doesn’t accept online orders except I know they do because I’ve ordered on the Denny’s website from them previously. Not a good app.
  • Missing order 1/5

    By zackcg
    5 out 5 orders has had missing issues or wrong items. They don’t issue refunds. You have to go in-person and show your receipt.
  • Didn't work 1/5

    By 500mg
    Connectivity issues. Website also has issues! Denny's has issues! Lol
  • App is garbage 1/5

    By Buster91818
    App lags and freezes constantly. Absolute garbage
  • Love My Denny’s 5/5

    By Moxie blue
    I love my Denny’s.
  • App promises food, food does not deliver 1/5

    By sharptoothhh
    Ordered food through the app as delivery Got a text message that delivery was assigned to a third party company (DoorDash) (I do not like DoorDash, they have a poor record of drivers not showing up) Sure enough DoorDash does not show up. I did not get but one text message telling me my order was cancelled because of multiple contact attempts. There were no such attempts. Emailed door dash, they stated they cannot refund me because the order was through Denny’s and to call the restaurant Called restaurant and they refused to refund Denny’s and this app stole $30+ from me. Not okay.
  • Fix this already! 1/5

    By App77
    It logs me out CONSTANTLY. Also I can’t use the “offers” sent to my inbox. An “error” always occurs.
  • Missing locations 2/5

    By ArtofMagic
    Why does the app only list stores that deliver? Including all locations would make it easier to find a DENNY’S while traveling.
  • Missing locations 1/5

    By hungry customer with a kid
    Does not have my Denny’s at Havana and Florida this app is no good for me
  • Maybe hire better coders? 1/5

    By tomaz137
    Downloaded the app hoping to order online. Opened up the app to search. It crashes. Opened up the app to look at the menu. It crashes. Opened up the app to look for a phone number. It crashes. Repeat the whole process. Same result. Deleted the app and went to dine at IHOP instead.
  • App crashed on my first order! 1/5

    By so.jiana
    Decided to order late meals using the app. App was working fine until I had to register my info. Didn’t get pass that! The app froze couple of times. Got frustrated, decided to call in instead. Technology at its best smh 🤦🏻‍♀️ at least customer service over the phone didn’t freeze on me. She was pleasant.
  • App works terrible! 1/5

    By Sergey_Yurin
    Every time when I open the app, it requires login and password. Always. And then I need every time add my credit card information, even if I I did it before and saved it. I’m truck driver and I need this app for more comfortable flexibility of my day schedule, but... 😒
  • Doesn’t work. 1/5

    By chi_baby
    Tried to order through the app. Kept saying I need to add phone number to my account profile. I would try and it wouldn’t save. Did that a few times before calling the restaurant to put in a good old fashioned phone order. The lady said her phone is not working well and that I should order online. Went to the website directly to order and got the same message about adding my phone number. I gave up and ordered from somewhere else.
  • Watch for menu changes 5/5

    By the Bailey clan
    I have ordered the fit fare veggie skillet many times and had no egg whites mixed in. The menu has evidently changed because instead of 350 calories it now says 550 and has egg whites and 550 calories. It’s position on page is changed too, but it’s the calories that matter to some of us. The restaurant here in Rome is very nice. The food came at reasonable time and our order was correct. Waitresses are attentive and food was good.
  • It’s a really good app! 1/5

    By hot_wire
    It’s nice to know you can spend 30 minutes trying to decide what you would like to eat and at the very end, you’ll find it’s a REALLY GOOD APP to make you not order anything! So after 30 minutes, I knew what I wanted. Tried to order... “can’t complete your order at this time. Call restaurant.” Yeah that’s not gonna happen. That’s why I took time to download the app, put in my credit card info, etc. If Denny’s can’t take the time to make an app that works, I won’t take the time to order from them anymore. I’m also selling my shares of it because I got them when they were $2.80/share. 🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑
  • Always something wrong. 1/5

    By bzy777
    I mean do they even read your orders. In the last 5 times I have ordered I have had 4 with something wrong. When you make an app train your employees to use it and screw up peoples food.
  • Not worth it. 1/5

    By Noel navi
    First and last time I will use it. Food got here cold and supper late. Not worth it.
  • Dennies 1/5

    By 3ds4me
    Absolutely terrible never order online they got our order wrong Twice do it face to face or prepare to be disappointed and have a long wait.
  • Declined card and won’t process order 1/5

    By Lauraliu
    I have been trying to make an order on here for about 15 minutes. When checking out it says that my card has been declined due to address or billing zip mismatch, all of which are correct and I have use this card at Denny’s multiple times. Now it says it can no longer process my order even trying with another card. Does not give you the option to check out in store, like many places. Apps are supposed to be for convenience and this one is anything but. This isnt the first time I have chosen another restaurant simply because the issues I’ve had with this app. Ive actually haven’t even been able to order thru it. I thought I would try again since it had been a while, hoping the bugs were worked out. I like Denny’s, but when you don’t have time to sit in a restaurant and wait and you’re unable to make phone calls due to the nature of your work this can become very frustrating. If I wanted to call the store, which the app suggests, I would’ve just done that instead of trying to use the app to order ahead. Completely useless.
  • Can’t place an order 1/5

    By srf81
    Error in app can’t send order to restaurant for delivery. Given options over phone for Uber eats delivery or pick it up. Sorry, lost a $30 order today.
  • Just call or go in 1/5

    By viddy lover
    Terrible app. Accidentally gave the incorrect zip code. After I put the correct zip code and submit my payment again it went through. When I looked on my mobile app the next day it charged me 4 times.
  • What a piece of scam junk 1/5

    I had ordered zesty nachos and a shake for togo in the early morning and I took a cab to Denny’s to pick up my food which costs money for me taking a cab. When I got into the Denny’s it did not look so busy and a young boy was working alone. So I assumed that my togo order was ready without a doubt and it should have been ready, however, the server told me they did not have ingredients to make Zesty Nachos and a Horchata Shake so that they couldn’t make my order!! Not even that, they server told me that they tried to call me several times but I did not pick up!! Which is a total BS!! I did not get any missed calls from Denny’s! And obviously, if they have really called, don’t they have to leave a voicemail???? Not even a single voicemail left by Denny’s which makes everything what server had told me is all BS!! Worse to come to worst, Don't they have to refund me right away?? Since they have charged my card in advance? The server told me to leave my name and phone number so that manager can call me when he comes later!! What the hell?? Anyway I left my name phone number as what the server told me to do (in order for manager to come and check so that I can get the refund back to my card). And guess what...until up to this point which almost 1 day had passed technically..12:10am present time in pacific coast, NOBODY ever called me about anything from Denny's and my money is still charged, no refund, or any pending refund. What a freakin reliable America’s Restaurant Denny’s.... Know that this is CRITICAL!!!! Ohh not all the Denny’s but this one is located on •••12924 Beach Blvd, Stanton, CA 90680•••City of Stanton in CA location. And all this happened on July 26th 2018 little after 6:15am my card was still charged in full. Lost money on calling cab approximately $15 because I had to go to fast-food restaurant to order togo ended up spending more money. Denny’s had ruined my whole fxxkin day!!! With current rating 3.7 star in google map. And the very first review I see is 1 star, big complaint about management of this location. If this one location, or the manager cannot even handle this issue and make it to become worse and worst! Why do we call it a restaurant? Why do they have to be part of Denny’s if they are so careless in handling critical problem that they should have resolved right away. GIVE ME MY MONEY BACK!! Because of the poor management and unprofessional service, it had gotten me a huge stress and waste my on writing this complaint feedback, still have not received the money that you guys shouldnt even take from the first spot! And its UNBELIEVABLE that you guys DID NOT HAVE ENOUGH INGREDIENTS TO MAKE ZESTY NACHOS!!! What a shame! Are you guys closing down soon or what???? I am going to post this review everywhere soon and better give me my money back you guys took!!
  • This app doesn’t work! 1/5

    By jessbp94
    I received an email saying delivery was free until 7/31/18 so I went through the process of trying to place an order and entering all my information to then receive an error message saying I had to call the store to place the order. I called the store and they said they don’t handle delivery orders and that if the app isn’t working to use the UberEats app. I tried that but they don’t have an updated menu. I called again and nobody can help me. Very disappointed!!
  • Very disappointed Denis Doral 11350 NW 41st St Miami, FL 33178 1/5

    By imanar23
    Today I and my kids went to Denis for lunch and were waiting 15 minutes in the host room and nobody was to receive or said us any word.. the waitress saw us, charged the account for his client, she going but not said any word for me and my kids.. Maybe my kids and me were invisible .. very bad service!!!
  • Useless app 1/5

    By Spraydot
    Long process to enter every detail and in the end says order not possible now why cant they tell that up front instead of wasting consumer time
  • 😠 1/5

    By jwchoctaw
    When I installed this app, my area (Palestine,TX.) was included for pickup order❗️It was given as a choice during setup‼️Later as I went to place an order, Palestine, TX. was REMOVED! What’s up with that ⁉️PLEASE BRING IT BACK TO PALESTINE,TX.‼️I’d LOVE to use this app; but will NOT travel out of town to pick it up‼️‼️‼️
  • Credit card only 1/5

    By nickname to write a review!?
    Make the app gift-card friendly!
  • J.L. 1/5

    By Landiland
    The waitress was scary she did not want to be there, worst experience I have ever had in a restaurant the cook had to dispose of an entree that was sitting under the heat lamp waiting for this waitress to serve the order but I think the customer left do to the poor service for the same reason I did not a good experience I do not recommend this location for early morning breakfast.
  • Might as well just go order in person 1/5

    By Dodo755
    It said the order will be done at 9:42. I arrived at 9:42 and then they started to make it. This app is absolutely pointless.

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