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Denver News from 9News

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Denver News from 9News App

Stay up-to-date with the latest news and weather in Denver on the all-new 9NEWS app from KUSA. Our app features the latest breaking news that impacts you and your family, interactive weather and radar, and live video from our newscasts and local events. LOCAL & BREAKING NEWS • Receive real-time notifications for breaking news • Read the latest news as it happens in your area • Explore exclusive investigative stories • Browse photos, news clips, and raw video LOCAL WEATHER • Daily and hourly forecasts for your city • The latest forecasts from our meteorologists • Interactive radar maps LIVE VIDEO • Watch live video newscasts and breaking news from 9NEWS PERSONALIZATION • Discover and dive into topics that matter to you • Favorite topics to receive personalized updates Other Features: • Share stories & videos directly with your friends and family • See the latest updates and behind the scenes photos from your favorite anchors and reporters • Get information on school delays & closings as they happen This is the official app of KUSA and, the NBC affiliate serving the Denver, Colorado area. Got feedback? Let us know how we can make this the best app experience for you! Send us a note at [email protected] Privacy Policy: Terms of Service:

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Denver News from 9News app reviews

  • Hit and miss 4/5

    By mountaindrums
    The app is a great resource, but I don’t always get my alerts.
  • 9 News is the best 5/5

    By Haydenbgh
    How can you not agree, without Kathy Sabine’s weather this would be like all the rest
  • Updated App Much Better 4/5

    The updated App is reliable and glitches have been smoothed out. So nice to be able to get a notification and not have the app freeze up!
  • Crashes and Not User Friendly 1/5

    By Mkr1204
    Stories are harder to find, the app lags, and it’s crashed several times
  • Next -Kyle. 5/5

    By new DN
    Thanks for sharing Porter. Your beloved doggie. ❤️and 🙏🏼 for you and your family. It’s so hard I say good bye to our furry family members who live us unconditionally.
  • App hard to follow 3/5

    By NanaLauraLulu
    Since you've changed the app look it is really hard to follow where I want to: respond, vote, see current stories etc. Probably some techie who thought/ this will look great! Ugh!!!
  • New app is horrendous! 1/5

    By Timberkk
    Navigating in the New app is so frustrating. I waste so much time trying to scroll to sections I want and then it sends you ba k to the top when you want to go a new section. What a waste of time. Read all your horrible reviews of the new app and put the old one back.
  • Love it 5/5

    By imissadele
    News at my fingertips
  • Enjoying the app 5/5

    By Optimist 1318
    Been on 9NEWS app for about. Timely and helpful alerts. I was looking for a useful weather app and I think I’ve found. Local stories updates keeps me informed! Give it a try. Thanks Channel 9!
  • 9News is my go-to but don’t like the app 3/5

    By Jane Berg
    9News has been my go-to station for the news, but I do not like the new app. It’s not easy to find things, like the Vote Now. What about adding a TOC to the menu?
  • New app 2/5

    By 9newsapp
    Liked the old app better, easier to use
  • New 9 news app. 2/5

    By thelonegarf
    Traffic map is horrible compared to old app. New app crashes on iPhone and certain screens don’t respond way more often than old app.
  • A needed fix 3/5

    By dhitheaf
    If you are scrolling through the news items and tap on the one that you want to read and finish reading you tap the arrow atop the title the app takes you back to the beginning of news titles and then you have re-scroll through the titles again. That seem like an easy fix and should be done!!
  • 9 news options 5/5

    By Katiana19
    Love the “things to do” & “Colorado music” tabs, keeps me informed on what’s happening weekly. Thanks!!
  • 9 news 4/5

    By Senior customer
    I’m a long time fan of 9 news. Watch nightly news, Next (love Kyle Clark) morning news as well. My only complaint is that no one proof reads what has been written. SO many misspelled words, poorly written paragraphs, poor grammar, etc. College grads you say?????
  • Wish I could give it 0 stars 1/5

    By nmaggiefan
    The new app is absolutely horrible. It is not user friendly. It is hard to find the various sections and many of the stories are duplicated.
  • Biased Junk 1/5

    By Maui Kid
    Just report the news and not try to spin feelings into it. Only the facts! Btw.. a few more ads really would make it even better! Deleting.
  • HATE the new app- all looks, little substance. 1/5

    By Slb530
    I hate the new app. If you’re just three or four minutes late logging on to watch live stream, you can’t watch it at all— it doesn’t show up. Worse yet, you can’t even locate live stream on the website when you’re late. At that point, my only option is to watch on a cable box, and I don’t generally have access to one, so my only option is to watch another network. Another big problem: I always used to check the weather on the app several times a day, especially in the winter, because I commute over an hour each way and I found that your weather forecasting was most accurate as to what conditions I was heading into. I frequently travel from Centennial to Fort Collins and out east to the Hudson/Keenesburg area and conditions vary wildly in an area that large. The redesign eliminated the most helpful info— precipitation graphs. Also, I drive through eight to ten big cities very regularly so why on earth am I limited to only five now? And what is the point in forcing me to “edit” and change priority cities to see the weather in different areas? How can you say that the weather forecast is where ever you are if I am in way more than five cities? Bottom line: while the graphics on the new app are a big improvement, it was rolled out WAY too soon. It is mostly looks with very little substance, and I am going to have to find another network to watch most of the time until this app becomes more useable.
  • New update made me delete this app 1/5

    By Bhull007
    I’ve grown up watching 9NEWS but this last update to their app was the final straw. I went on to find out about some record sized hail in Colorado and it took me to user photos of the sunset the night before. Nice job 9NEWS. The app went 10 steps backwards - enough for me to say I’m out. Thanks for the memories - I’m switching to Fox 31.
  • Colorado Springs shooting. 1/5

    By keeneyjl
    Time to quit pushing the agenda to the racial by lines. You reported on the young Blackman being shot in Colorado Springs. But on your 4pm show you made it seem this young man was minding his own business and police just shot him. In fact in was in the commission of robbing someone and that’s why the police were there and chasing him. Print the whole story instead of your racist story to put the blame on police officers. He was a suspected felon.
  • Disastrous new update 1/5

    By Meg11104
    Since it’s remodel I have stoped using. Crashes, freezes, and is hard to navigate. Reconsider!!
  • The old app was better 1/5

    By SchoshkeFam
    The new 9NEWS app is too much going on! The old app was streamlined and easy to use. The new app forces select news stories down your throat and makes finding what you’re looking for more difficult.
  • Bring back the classic app! 2/5

    By Enjoying-Videos
    The new app is unintuitive, jumps around, and is generally lame
  • New app is terrible 1/5

    By whyanickname?fixthiscrapp
    I like 9 news but the new app is just plain awful. Gives you the same handful of stories over and over, really have to dig to get any new content or all the stories that used to be very easy to scroll through. Extremely disappointed in the performance after the supposed “upgrade”
  • Closed Caption 2/5

    By roxxyjc
    I like the new app but I can’t turn OFF the closed caption on the live video. Very annoying.
  • Used to be a great app until this update... 1/5

    By sugarshimmy
    Did anyone actually look at the update on an actual phone before pushing this out? It isn’t very pleasing to look at anymore. Looks like something some high school kids threw together. You have to scroll through a 100 nonsense human interest stories and ads to actually get to the story you want. Then half of it doesn’t appear on the screen correctly or is covered up by more ads. The weather radar doesn’t load most of the time or you can’t actually see it because it scrolls too fast. I have better things to do with my time than to use this app anymore. Switch it back please.
  • New version is terrible 1/5

    By CoVacaReader
    The new version of the app is terrible. It is cumbersome to find anything. Nothing is intuitive anymore.
  • A sad update to an app that didn’t need it. 1/5

    By rainskei
    Brother, what a mess. The new app is a navigation nightmare. A confusing mish-mash of stories and categories. Frustrating to work with such a non-intuitive interface. Amazingly the update made it worse. Now the fun begins to see how it can get. Get the Denver Channel app as an alternative. It’s bad but way better than this nightmare. Hey Kyle Clark, why don’t you investigate why this app is so bad?
  • Update nightmare. 1/5

    By Need help Anna
    I used to love the 9 News App, sorry to see the old App destroyed. I removed the 9 News App. Horribly slow. Bad format. I now went with Denver 7. Much easier to read.
  • What happened to the weather? 1/5

    By Bets777
    I was just forced to update the app and now the weather maps are all goofed up! The link to explore the radar shows a completely different storm than the interactive map! I can’t get it to locate me, it was pouring rain and actually hailing at my house, yet the map showed nothing! What good is a radar weather map if it doesn’t show the weather? You guys should try to test your apps before you release them to the public!!!
  • New update 1/5

    By Lizardsnfrogs2011
    The latest up made a 5 star app go to a 1 star. No easy access to radar. Took away traffic.
  • App Still Terrible 3/5

    By Jouelles
    I was excited to learn the app was updated, but it’s still not user friendly. Clunky & hard to nav
  • Only Opens with WiFi? 1/5

    By EmSings333
    Since being forced to update the app, it no longer works, constantly telling me there is “No internet connection detected. Check your network and tap to reload” I’ve never needed WiFi before to open the app but I guess it’s useless to me now 🤷‍♀️
  • Not A Fan 1/5

    By SuperColo
    This new app is bad, no need to change. Why do we always feel that we need to change things???
  • July update is pretty bad 3/5

    By TheOriginalSweatloaf
    The latest update as of July 2019 has some significant performance issues. I haven’t hooked it up to Xcode yet but it isn’t very optimized and runs like a JavaScript prototype horror show. Multiple second load times even on an iPhone 8, and it can take 4 to 6 seconds on a gen 2 iPad mini. Can’t handle queued input and flips out once the cpu catches up. It’s bad.
  • Updates 2/5

    By nma303
    The new updates to this app are horrible. I do not like the new version at all.
  • Bad to worse 1/5

    By Ouiski2
    Better screen layout but so glitchy. Bouncing, flipping screens, in and out of stories. Did anyone Beta test this your overhaul? Yikes!
  • The new app is still meh 2/5

    By lpsparent5555
    This app just isn’t the new I was hoping for. And please stop posting pics of “persons of interest” that can’t be enlarged/expanded. Totally useless.
  • Touchy and unfriendly 1/5

    By tgkite
    I am disappointed with the upgraded app. Finding what I’m looking for is difficult and just attempting to scroll through the headlines is jerky at best. And while I’m sure Tegna is making money on all the ads found in the stories, it makes it worse than difficult to read through an entire story. This app is a miss....
  • New app maybe delete time 2/5

    By 4+more
    Love 9 News for weather and news. The new app I was forced to get is not user friendly. I can’t figure out what is the latest news and what is just a random article they want me to read. I am not interested in sports but would love more world news. Their weather was not changed to much but liked when I could read what to expect for week and day. Not interested in watching or listening to any of this. I know this feature slows down the app by having to load video. The old app I could chose to read or listen. Hope they figure it out as there r other apps I can go to for weather and news.
  • Ugh! Horrible Redesign 1/5

    By gref720
    I use this app for one reason and one reason only, to look at the interactive live weather radar. Now, I can’t even FIND the radar!
  • Please go back to the old version! 1/5

    By ezaeske
    The old version prior to this recent update was so much better! I don’t like the new format at all! Also, I used to rely on your radar map to see what bad weather was heading my way! It doesn’t work any more! I’m in the middle of a thunderstorm with lightning in eastern westminster but radar shows NOTHING! Please fix it!
  • Why the change? 2/5

    By COoldfella
    It wasn’t perfect, but the old version was better than the update. It is too difficult to navigate. And how do I find the weather forecast? I can get Traffic/Weather but it’s almost all Traffic.
  • Horrible 1/5

    By Tess625
    The new version is horrible. It keeps crashing and is completely riddled with advertisements. I don’t mind seeing a few advertisements for free news but this is really bad. You can’t even read the story. The layout is also horrible. It is so confusing. Different size fonts all over the place and completely unorganized.
  • New app 5/5

    By Bproulx20
    Love the new 9NEWS app! It is a lot more user friendly and easier to find information! Glenn P.
  • Too many graphics 4/5

    By spudg72
    There are far too many graphics and banners on the screen during newscasts! Looks busy and distracting.
  • App crashes 1/5

    Can’t even read a whole article before it kicks you out...
  • Even worse then the last change! 1/5

    By Smj52
    Need to go back to the 1st version
  • Bring back the old version! 1/5

    By Denverknitter
    The update didn’t work correctly. After, deleting, reinstalling, etc, finally got it to work, but I hate the app. I just want to read the news, and this app makes it almost impossible! I guess I will have to find channel 7 or 4’s app😢

Denver News from 9News app comments

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