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Depop | Buy & Sell Clothing

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  • Current Version: 2.228
  • Adult Rating: 12+
  • Developer: Depop Ltd
  • Compatibility: Android
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Depop | Buy & Sell Clothing App

Buy. Sell. Discover unique fashion. Depop is the marketplace where you can explore your style. Buy clothing from a diverse community of sellers who bring fashion to life Stay up to date with trends and get styling inspiration as you scroll Follow your friends and favourite influencers and see what they’re into right now Sell your clothes and make money to buy your next look Help reduce fashion waste by shopping secondhand Pay safely and securely with Apple Pay, Google Pay, PayPal and credit and debit cards It’s easy and free to sign up GET INVOLVED Come for the clothes. Find something else. When you join Depop, you’re becoming part of a global fashion community. One that’s full of inspiration and creativity. Everyone who’s into style is on Depop – so there’s always something exciting to discover every time you open the app. FIND YOUR STYLE Whatever your vibe – you’ll find someone on Depop who gets it. When you’ve found your personal grail item, use our ‘Make offer’ feature to negotiate on price and get it cheaper than it would have been new. Not sure exactly what you want? Head to the ‘My DNA’ section to shop personalised items based on your style, or check out the Explore page for new arrivals, curated item edits, what’s trending, and seller picks. MAKE MONEY Whether you want to make some extra cash or open your own thrifting store – we’ve got you covered. Sell on Depop and make money to buy your next look. It’s simple to get started – just take a photo or video of your used items with your phone and write a short description. When your first sale is confirmed, manage your payments in one place through the app. Then it’s time to restock and resell. Got questions? Our dedicated seller team is here to help you get where you want to go. MAKE AN IMPACT By buying and selling on Depop and keeping items in circulation you’re helping reduce fashion waste. Join the community that’s reshaping fashion for the better. POPULAR CATEGORIES We’ve got all the clothing and accessories you want in one place. From thrift and vintage to streetwear, sneakers and kicks. Dresses Tops Tees Trainers Shoes Sweatshirts Jewelry Jeans Men’s clothing Women’s clothing FIND US HERE Website: TikTok: Instagram: Twitter: Download Depop’s resale fashion app now and start exploring.

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Depop | Buy & Sell Clothing app reviews

  • Black sheep of The shops 1/5

    By ug y tb
  • Gets worse with every update 1/5

    By Joneserelli
    Needs dev investment urgently. There is always always something wrong with the app. Come on, sort it out for your loyal customers.
  • Could be better 4/5

    By Ar_ca
    Cons are that it is aimed at younger shoppers which is apparent in how childish and unreliable buyers can be. The offer feature in particular should be changed so that people automatically pay if an offer is accepted. Majority of the time buyers never end up paying making the offer feature for sellers a waste of time. Ebay functions the same except most of the time I actually have buyers pay once I accept their offer.
  • Disadvantageous Updates 1/5

    By Loganhewett00
    Depop will update some people’s phones with new features and not others. Sometimes these features help the seller, sometimes it hurts the seller. The features are always half baked. The least they could do it let everyone have it at once. The newest seller interface is horrendous, it now takes multiple clicks just to see what item sold when before it only took one.
  • Not a great experience as a seller 2/5

    By Kashmone2
    Top rated on 3 other reselling platforms, I was shocked when they took over 30% from my first sale. Took over a week to begin payment. Sent a note to customer service about one of the fees, no response. The only reason I gave it 2 stars is because the buyer I had, was lovely.
  • Esh 5/5

    By Nate23c
    I love this app, you can find items you want that sold out or vintage
  • depop bans people for no reason 1/5

    By the legit real person
    i would give zero stars if i could i had a decent amount of followers and was really starting to make sales and then they removed 3 of my items for the vague reason of improper item description and keywords even tho i had my stuff listed the exact same way as other depop sellers and they were very vague about what was wrong. so i relisted my items and changed up the description a bit and i thought i had it fixed and 2 weeks later the same thing happened and they told me it was my final warning. i was like ok and just didnt relist those items because it wasnt worth it and then 3 days later i got banned and they said it was because i was warned twice even tho my 2nd warning said nothing abt been banned and i still didnt even know what i did wrong. i appealed my ban and they still refused to let me come back or even explain to me what i did. ive now moved over to poshmark. depop is the worst and ive heard stories of this happening to other people as well. also if you get banned reach out to them so they give you any money you have left in depop payments because if you dont reach out they dont give it to you and literally steal your money
  • terrible customer service 1/5

    By Reviewer 2923
    have sold on depop for years but finally leaving the to find a better service.
  • Be careful Purchasing 1/5

    By 19otter19
    It is extremely difficult to get a refund if a seller is non compliant, it might be easier if you make your purchases through PayPal.
  • Disappointed in Depop’s lack of standards 1/5

    By candibar
    Disappointed in Depop , they are recommending large half naked women to me, when i complain about tasteless women in there underwear when they are selling a top they hit me some bull#%*! Like nudity is ok on reselling platforms ! I’m ok with girls making a mockery of themself to make money ,i just ask that I have the option to not have to see that none sense everytime i open the app. Update: I stoped seeing that one, but now I’m opening my app to see not one the backside but the frontside too, if i wanted to see porn I’d go there , this is a selling app for god sales have some standards , or at least give me the option to choose what I want to see ,geeseee !!! Is that too much to ask? To wake up to not seeing a stranger butt every morning .
  • Making Offers 2/5

    By Jj Lei
    This offer issue has been going around for awhile, either give me an option to turn off the annoying offer or fix your offer flow. I have accepted so many offers from buyers and most of the times I never hear back. Probably 3 out of 10 offers would actually went through. Buyers would tell me they thought it will automatically charge them once offer is sent. It doesn’t make senses when buyer already commit to buy by sending an offer, they shouldnt need to process again when seller accepted their offer.
  • app lags 3/5

    By joeypreme
    app is ok but its lagging keeps saying one moment but doesn't let me change price fix this issue
  • Post comments 2/5

    By aowns
    Bring back comments under posts!
  • Hard to make any profit with the amount of money DePop is taxing 1/5

    I’ve been using DePop for over a year now because it was fun selling my home made creations, but over time I couldn’t keep up with how much taxing DePop was putting on my products. I hardly ever made profit!! Besides DePop over taxing, DePop also doesn’t let me edit a tracking number. I got the tracking numbers wrong two times now, and both times DePop wouldn't let me fix it. I don’t want to use this app for selling anymore…rip-off.
  • GLITCHY, Lots of scammers pretending to be buyers 1/5

    By whoa ok
    PAINFULLY GLITCHY listed an item for $13... once posted the listing says $1. I can't even edit to change it! Just constantly stuck on "One Moment" then "ooos! something went wrong!" same thing when trying to list drafts. Actually insane. Then theres a lot of scammers pretending to be buyers! BEWARE SELLERS!! This isn't entirely a Depop only problem, but it's rampant on here!
  • 👎🏽 1/5

    By Trevor moo
    Seller fees + post taken down unwarranted
  • ROBBED!! 1/5

    By Crustydustylinda
    I sold two items from my shop, the buyer had a total of $28+shipping (which wasn’t even included in the receipt for whatever reason) and I only received $6 on my end. Now I’m no mathematician but it doesn’t take rocket science to know that 10% off of $28 does not leave me with $6. I know this one bad review will probably not affect the grand scheme of this app but I definitely feel like I’ve been robbed and others must be warned.
  • Polo blue purse 5/5

    By Lydmoma
    Amazing amazing shippibgvturn around time She lists great items , shipping time. Great product. Really good seller Howerton.
  • VIOLATES Apple App Developer Rules by Tracking Devices 1/5

    By 0x99999999
    This app tracks individual devices. I don’t know how they do it, because allegedly the ability for an app to access a device UDID is gone, same with Vendor IDs. Yet, if your account gets closed by Depop, they log you out and ban the device. More detail: If someone later wants to create a Depop account using that same device (ex. A second family member uses a shared iPad), the registration process will state that you “cannot register a new account using this device”, because it is associated with a closed account. This occurs no matter what Wi-Fi or cell network you’re logged onto, no matter if you have a private mac address enabled, so it’s not logging those things. I’ve rated this app one star because (1) Now NO family member can use Depop thanks to one of the family members getting her account closed, (2) I HIGHLY suspect Depop is directly violating Apple App/developer rules by tracking/logging individual devices. (Using iOS v.20C65 16.2)
  • Beware of scams! Worst app I’ve used 1/5

    By The Rap Consumer
    There is ZERO protection for sellers and depop support is absolute trash. I sold a pair of brand new white pants with tags and the buyer stained them within the first couple days and then opened a claim and said I sent them with stains. Depop didn’t believe my side at all and refunded the buyer with my money. Fast forward, I had to provide a return label for the now used and stained pants and the buyer fails to send them within the allotted 48 hour time period… so depop emails and says since the buyer didn’t send them we will refund you…. Now like three weeks after the whole case the gross pants finally arrived last night and I woke up to an email from depop stating that they have fully refunded the buyer and deducted the charge from my bank account 💀💀. They are super sketchy and I won’t use them again. I guess I will just continue to use Poshmark (since 2016), and even though the shipping costs are high, they have far superior support and do a great job of protecting both buyers and sellers.
  • Please work on the way you guys verify authenticity. Made me lose $200 1/5

    By gokudesu
    I use Depop to buy sneakers (specifically air Jordan’s) most of the times the transaction goes well and if there is an issue like if the shoes not being authentic I raise a case with Depop, Depop asks the seller to provide a receipt to prove authenticity, and this is how they verify the sneakers to be authentic. The issue is is that scammers can easily go around this by somehow fabricating a receipt (yes Depop has fallen for this I had to contact STOCKX directly to prove that the receipt the seller provided was not genuine) or having a genuine receipt of the item but selling the exact same thing that is a counterfeit, so basically the scammer can buy one real item that comes with a receipt and one counterfeit, sell the counterfeit and when the buyer raises a case with Depop and Depop asks the seller to provide a receipt they just send the receipt from the real item. At that point Depop will completely side with the seller despite the shoes being counterfeit they will not listen to the buyer no matter what. It is extremely frustrating. Many sellers will soon find out about this and abuse the way Depop handles these authenticity cases. I personally have had this happen to me twice (I’ve bought 100s of air Jordan’s on Depop), first time Depop initially sided with the seller after he provided them with a fabricated receipt, I knew for certain the shoes were fake so I asked Depop to send me the receipt the seller provided I was surprised that they actually sent me the receipt the seller provided, and immediately I knew the receipt was fake it was supposed to be a STOCKX receipt but I had never seen a receipt like that from STOCKX all the fonts were wrong and it was obviously fabricated, but Depop fell for it and sided with the seller. I emailed them back saying I believe the receipt was fake they kept saying that it was real. I was almost just left with paying $200 for a fake shoe until I decided I was going to email stockx and ask them if they can verify whether the receipt was legitimate or not. To my surprise they got back to me and confirmed it that the receipt was not real and I sent this to Depop which lead them to side with me the buyer. The fact that I had to go through all of this wasting my time emailing them back and forth is ridiculous i am reluctant to use depops payment method. Why wouldn’t they just allow the return if the buyer provided enough evidence to show the item may be counterfeit? I believe that is better than the buyer possibly losing 100s of dollars just because Depop doesn’t know anything about sneakers. There are apps such as checkcheck and legit app that show if shoes are authentic or not if they fail, why isn’t the buyer able to return the item? It’s just pretty messed up in my opinion. I am currently trying to return a sneaker that is such an obvious fake, I’ve put them into the checkcheck app where they failed (the shoes literally have a fake stamp on the box). I was just expecting to return the item and get my money back but the seller somehow was able to provide some sort of fabricated receipt. And of course Depop completely falls for it now I’m still going back and forth with them trying to show them that the shoes are not real. They just have no idea what they’re doing. The shoes are worth $300 I paid $200 what sense does it make for me to lie and say that the shoes are fake when they’re worth more than what I paid. Anyways I would be careful who you buy from make sure to throughly look at the pictures of the items before you buy them and just understand that Depop is very faulty when it comes to handling this and will probably cause a lot of frustration to many buyers. Hope nobody has to go through that
  • new update 4/5

    By Do do do do do do... DO!!!!!!
    bring back the comments omg me and the girls loved chatting on there!!!!!!!!!!!
  • overpriced used clothes 2/5

    By gwenth wieners
    i will say buying second hand is better than buying first hand, but the pricing on this app is disgusting. mis labeled brands to price higher, charging $700 for dresses bought for less than half the price, and thrifted clothes that are proceed gouged. it’s gross hold your sellers accountable for the inaccessibility for second hand clothing that this is creating
  • Old school search 5/5

    By Mintsaurus
    You can find just about anything from old clothing that was expensive back in the day but now a fair price best part you can save sellers and recent views.👍
  • Scammers with Depop Accounts 1/5

    By Cammie0404
    Beware of scammers with depop accounts. I just fell victim to a scam where I lost $500+ to a fake depop user. It is my fault that I fell for the scam, but I forwarded depop support my email exchange with the fake “depop help desk” email account that scammed me, and I asked depop to notify users that this is happening. All they said they would do is delete the scammer’s depop account. So the scammer can go make another account and users have not been warned.
  • Malísima muchas personas hacen fraude allí 1/5

    By Bryan 👻
  • Better for selling than poshmark 5/5

    By Jay111176
    Charges half of what poshmark does. I’ve been selling a lot on poshmark and am getting tired of paying 20% for them to do nothing. This is 10% and you can get more reasonable shipping too. poshmark ms shipping is a standard $7.95 now matter what. So a sticker for $1 will cost $8.95. That’s so ridiculous. This app could do with better sorting options. Poshmark is better in some areas. I’m really hoping this site does some improvements in that regards. I haven’t been using it long, but from what I’ve seen so far I like it. Just by looking at the ratings it seems like there is about half the amount of users, but still a ton. As a seller, paying half the commission fees is worth it. I think as more people realize this, they will move over here and then so will the shoppers.
  • best app to sell and get clothing 5/5

    By aaalan_amaya
    best app
  • Worst site 1/5

    By dont buy/sell from here
    The absolute worst site. Don’t recommend buying/selling from here
  • very good! 5/5

    By sophia0112
    very good app, very good idea, but i font's know why they removed the comment sections.
  • Long Nose’s 4/5

    By shmellycoon
    Its nice for sure but the amount of money they take off of your sales because of some stupid fees are insanse, just sold some shoes for 75 bucks and they almost took 20 dollars in fees! Thats unacceptable imo.
  • Paypal ruins selling 1/5

    By NeekSteel
    Instant 1 star when I cant sell because of paypal. I'm not paying paypal too. Back to Poshmark I guess.
  • not great 1/5

    By ncjjeiwosocoorbdbzifopwbdnc
    very buggy, slow, and unreliable. would be a pretty good app if they could just make it work consistently. update: i got a response on here from depop immediately after leaving this review.. it can take a pretty long time if you need a response from their customer service though.
  • Depop Payments Update 1/5

    By luis caravez
    The new update to depop payments is so bad. I do understand why they would change this but it would make more sense to hold the money until the seller provides tracking or something. Not really a fan of depop holding the money for so long.
  • The update has too many problems 2/5

    By aricstewart
    I used Depop for over a year now. I used to love it because it was easy to sell and payments were secured. About 6 months ago almost half of my posts were taken down because it was “against community guidelines” but I changed nothing from what I was doing before and I’ve sold many items before. It wouldn’t let me get back in, I tried to change my password through my email but it never sent me an email to change it. I recently got it back using my Apple ID and I made $3 on a $19 item. I would understand the few fees that depop has but on the receipt it said it took $12 to make a shipping label. I don’t understand that part because the buyer pays for the shipping.
  • Poor Customer Service 1/5

    By greenlion1119
    The customer service on this App is very bad, they barely respond to my emails nor give me a solid and fulfilling answer.
  • Kylie’a Shop 5/5

    By katelynlogan
    Kylie’s shop is so wonderful, she is so creative and talented with her work! I think everyone should support this small business!! Her products can make really great gifts too, you can tell she puts a lot of effort & care into her work. 💛😁
  • NO DARK MODE 1/5

    By ǝǝz
    Please make dark mode my eyes burn

    By Chaos-zero000
    I have had the worst expirence with depop. I’ve made a total of 3 purchases and all 3 have been scams. I received a fake pair of shoes and have been trying to get a refund for the past month. Terrible app, terrible everything, DO NOT BUY OFF DEPOP.
  • Crashes Non Stop 1/5

    By marionnjanee
    Just lost a listing I was working on bc it won’t let me copy and paste or save to drafts it just keeps crashing over and over it does this daily
  • Some policies unfair. 3/5

    By rian.nagrace
    The reason I came to review: (DPOP READ PLS) Depop recently changed their payments for those of us who aren’t “top sellers” which I have a problem with. I’m not a top seller (and to be, you basically have to make this your full time job,) but I have proven to be credible with nearly 500 five-star reviews. Still, with new update, I no longer get my money the day/the day after sale with depop payments. I have to wait until the item gets delivered. While I understand *why* this is done (ik other apps do this), I LOVED that Depop was instant. It set Depop apart. Now if they continue this, I understand. But PLEASE make a depop wallet feature. It’s incredibly annoying to get $12/$15/$40 automatic deposits to my account randomly throughout the week. I’d much rather wait until I have a high amount of earnings and deposit all at once. I feel like I spend money as fast as it comes in with all these separate deposits and it doesn’t feel like I’m making as much as I am. A depop wallet is my suggestion. Now for review reg folk: Love Depop & have been selling for a while now. Fees are HIGH compared to other apps, but I consider that when pricing items and don’t accept low ball offers for this reason. Some sellers price their items RIDICULOUSLY high which is super annoying and inflating the market, but that’s not necessarily Depop’s fault. I recommend looking up the item on google by description and brand before buying something that’s outrageously priced because chances are it’s cheaper sold by another depop seller or on another platform. Overall great app that a sell with and occasionally buy from.
  • please focus on current app bugs instead of creating new useless updates 1/5

    By Ughgejejndjxndkemwknckwmc c
    constant lagging and useless updates like hiding the full description.
  • My first purchase. 5/5

    By mrs Ailene
    I had a rough experience with my first purchase. But the seller was wonderful! I will purchase from this seller again in the future. Thanx for the experience. And great customer service. Don’t forget to check out my Depop shop.( @quickcash) thanks again. so far I am liking Depop! Keep being a wonderful place for online selling and purchasing. 😀 I recommend to everyone.
  • nope 1/5

    By Diana the otter
    extremely laggy, freezes up every second and only recommends me the most unaffordable clothing
  • Love ! 5/5

    By jackyethebutterfly
    I come on Depop to shop and I always find cool stuff and even cute outfits. I cope here !
  • Use curtsy, Poshmark, Grailed or Vinted. 1/5

    By Lily66kitty
    { VINTED IS THE BEST BTW, THEY HAVE 0 SELLING FEES. } I’ve been using depop since 2018 and I really love the idea of it. But back then it was a lot better and had 10/10 customer service and everything. Now it’s went downhill. Depop has trendy and cute clothes, (not for good prices, but that’s based on the individual seller, and yes these depop girlies are INSANE.) But, overall it was a nice online selling platform. The issue I have is first of all, they have a hierarchy of who they let break the rules and who they don’t, there’s a lot of drop-shipping but only the small accounts get banned and the big ones remain open. I can name a few. Another thing is the app glitching and customer service. You’d think since they are charging a huge fee on every sale you make they’d do better with improving the app and the customer experience. I know the issue is with the app because it never happens anywhere BUT the app. Adding and removing things from my cart is tedious, I have to sometimes delete the app and redownload it, or close the app multiple times before it will work again, and then it just continues to happen. If I add something to my cart, sometimes it will add 10 copies of the same item into my cart and then the whole cart glitching thing continues and it just irritates me so much. They are obviously making BANK off the fees they take from the sellers, so please, do better depop.
  • Cant upload videos 1/5

    By Wertyhhhhhhhhhhioooplb34
    Can’t upload videos has been glitching for over a week and with no new update
  • terrible 1/5

    By avla15679
    not only the customer service is terrible but with their depop payments you will never get paid
  • Amazing!!!! 5/5

    By And Peggy✌️😎😝
    I’ve had Depop for a while now and I have found so many AMAZING things on there, even if things don’t ship super fast, I’m always satisfied with my purchases. Also, It’s also an amazing way to make a couple of bucks!