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Depop | Buy & Sell Clothing

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Depop | Buy & Sell Clothing App

Buy. Sell. Discover unique fashion. Depop is the marketplace where you can explore your style. Buy clothing from a diverse community of sellers who bring fashion to life Stay up to date with trends and get styling inspiration as you scroll Follow your friends and favourite influencers and see what they’re into right now Sell your clothes and make money to buy your next look Help reduce fashion waste by shopping secondhand Pay safely and securely with Apple Pay, Google Pay, PayPal and credit and debit cards It’s easy and free to sign up GET INVOLVED Come for the clothes. Find something else. When you join Depop, you’re becoming part of a global fashion community. One that’s full of inspiration and creativity. Everyone who’s into style is on Depop – so there’s always something exciting to discover every time you open the app. FIND YOUR STYLE Whatever your vibe – you’ll find someone on Depop who gets it. When you’ve found your personal grail item, use our ‘Make offer’ feature to negotiate on price and get it cheaper than it would have been new. Not sure exactly what you want? Head to the ‘My DNA’ section to shop personalised items based on your style, or check out the Explore page for new arrivals, curated item edits, what’s trending, and seller picks. MAKE MONEY Whether you want to make some extra cash or open your own thrifting store – we’ve got you covered. Sell on Depop and make money to buy your next look. It’s simple to get started – just take a photo or video of your used items with your phone and write a short description. When your first sale is confirmed, manage your payments in one place through the app. Then it’s time to restock and resell. Got questions? Our dedicated seller team is here to help you get where you want to go. MAKE AN IMPACT By buying and selling on Depop and keeping items in circulation you’re helping reduce fashion waste. Join the community that’s reshaping fashion for the better. POPULAR CATEGORIES We’ve got all the clothing and accessories you want in one place. From thrift and vintage to streetwear, sneakers and kicks. Dresses Tops Tees Trainers Shoes Sweatshirts Jewelry Jeans Men’s clothing Women’s clothing FIND US HERE Website: TikTok: Instagram: Twitter: Download Depop’s resale fashion app now and start exploring.

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Depop | Buy & Sell Clothing app reviews

  • Improvements in support! 5/5

    By en0rr
    The app is great and the fashion is awesome, i love the layout im like addicted haha The support staff has improved, i was contacted today over a second account I didn’t realize I had and within the day the issue was resolved
  • Where did the feed go? 3/5

    By Etronosky
    The new version of the app is not my favorite, as the feed of everyone I follow is so diminished. I couldn't find it for so long. It feels like theres less of a point of even following anyone if its so hard to determine where it is. The old way was better. Side note, a lot of items I purchased and never received. I opted to get a refund through paypal but nothing has ever happened. I feel like buyers should be more protected on this app

    By Mia 💅🏻💙🤗
    ok so I love Depop and have been using it for years!! I really appreciate the new offer feature yet I have one complaint - offers should be binding!! It is honestly so frustrating as a seller that buyers can just make offers and never pay. I never know if I should delete the item from other apps, tell other buyers the item is sold, etc. All other selling apps I know make offers binding, that would be a great improvement to Depop🥰
  • Not as good as it used to be 2/5

    By carlyh23
    Ive been selling on here for a few years and before they changed it to "Depop payments" with Stripe it was so much easier to use and convienent and fun. Both for the customer & consumer. Now its an absolute hassle and have decided its just not worth it anymore to sell on Depop. They can hold your pay out balance but somehow at the same time automatically take money out of my bank account...not cool. They dont even ask you for consent its just taken out of your bank account but they can hold the funds to your sale for as long as they want. This used to be a side hussle for people but now it feels like Im being hussled lol. And their is virtually bo support! At all! They just refer you to an information page which didnt help in the first place when you need to speak to a human being. I hope they get better customer service because the sellers on here that make this app successful deserve atleast that. Cannot reccomend this app at all, sell somewhere else.
  • i love this app but… 4/5

    the payments are impossible to collect i’ve sold on here and got no money back
  • Too many fees 2/5

    By angiekbby
    This app creates so many fees that they cannot explain. They will take upwards to 6 dollars from a single transaction. That is my shopping cost. Some people on this app are actually honest, and don’t overcharge for simple clothing pieces. When you take money you are making it impossible to turn even the slightest profit, between gas getting to the post office, and the shipping costs. It is unfair. I refuse to sell my clothes at above market value just so I’m not ripped off. I refuse to rip other people off to make a living. Stop with the fees. Go target the big sellers who carnage thrift stores and up charge it by 40%.
  • USELESS 1/5

    By dvvlce
    Customer service is THE WORSE! I got scammed and I keep making disputes and they keep closing them. THEY CANT NOTICE HOW THE SHIPPING LABEL WAS CREATED IN NEW JERSEY AND WAS RETURNED TO THE ADRESS WHERE IT WAS CREATED? I WAS SCAMMED!!! Ive been trying to get my money back and representative calls me the name of the seller?!?!?!?!?! HOW??? Bad
  • Why Depop? 1/5

    By Nickname-.
    So Depop kept sending me things to suspend my account because I use PayPal? I have done nothing wrong just using PayPal to get money and buy things. And when I told them that they said oops my mistake, and this has happened a couple of times, and I just got another one and I replied to them and they removed an item from my shop! Saying I stole the photo and was not mine, this is ridiculous. I have been following the rules and everything.
  • not good 1/5

    i cannot check my cart and purchase items and this has been going on for weeks now and so many people i know have been having the exact same problem, hopefully the bug gets fixed!!
  • Sharing 5/5

    By Wilf Q
    What an amazing way to share beautiful items with precious history! I love it!
  • This app is for scammers 1/5

    By Jansindk
    Depop does not care if you are scammed by a deceitful seller. They side with the sellers so they can collect their fees. There is no way to cancel a transaction or get help of any kind. If you leave a bad review for the bad seller, Depop gives you a warning and deletes your review so their scammer sellers can continue scamming. This app is horrible.

    By 8kyle24
    This app is amazing, can you please add a dark mode
  • disappointed 1/5

    By hannahhhhhfs20
    I have loved this app for a good few months. It’s been helpful and made it easy to sell my clothing. I’m extremely upset because an EXPENSIVE product that I did not consent to refunding was refunded to a HAPPY buyer. I feel like I am getting jipped. Something in your guy’s refund process is not working because if anyone can just make a refund without asking the seller there is something seriously wrong. They were refunded OVER the amount that they payed for and it was sold as. Do better depop. I’ve lost all the money towards the sales I just made and more being deposited out of my account. Your customer service was no help in fact they were rude when I would ask my questions.
  • Retrorobot 5/5

    By unlucky Leroy
    I made 20k in a year then the following months something went left and all my items were individually banned tech support had to manually unban thousands of items 😩 and I went from 3-5 sales a day hundreds of likes to no sales in weeks and one like a day my account is retrorobot and I tried to stick it out but its seems I’m targeted as in hacked please help me
  • Love shopping at Frosty Fits 5/5

    By #1 Katyfan101
    Love all this sellers sporty digs! She is super helpful and answers you right back. A plus plus ♥️
  • A must for thrifters/fashion folk and artists! 5/5

    By hogwaffles
    I LOVE this app. Not a paid a review I legit like it. I’ve found a ton of cool stuff as well, like going to a virtual thrift store! The items on here are all unique for the most part too!
  • Please help 5/5

    By vicvondoomsvintage
    Can you guys please please advertise my account I’m struggling and I loveeee this app help a 18 year old please
  • Great side hustle. 5/5

    By RetroEsco
    Nice app to shop I’m and sell your old closet . Definitely recommend
  • Review for Depop 4/5

    By Elle Hoagland
    Honestly an Amazing app, way better than offer up(in my opinion). More privacy. I love how they do apple pay. Great for thrifting amazing clothes online within minutes.
  • Outrageous rules 1/5

    By moni599
    The team at Depop is absolutely ridiculous. My account was deleted due to a couple stock images and I have no way to get it back. I have spent thousands on the app and have over 200 5 star reviews and suddenly my account is deleted without warning to remove photos. The team is absolutely trash.
  • Depop Payments 2/5

    By what_the_frick__
    I’ve been waiting weeks to get my depop payment into my bank account but unfortunately I entered the wrong bank information so it wouldn’t let me edit my bank details for 12 days. After the 12 days it said I had 0 days to edit my bank account and it still wouldn’t let me edit it. Finally it let me edit it and I tried putting my correct bank details in but it kept on saying “error try again in a few seconds” I love this app and love selling on it and meeting new people but the customer service is horrible. I’ve contacted Depop via email multiple times and still haven’t gotten any help from them. I simply just want my money…
  • Needs Improvements 2/5

    By e yerg
    As a seller on many different platforms, Depop could make a few vital changes to make them better than any other selling app. The first problem I have is that you can only upload 4 pictures per listing. This makes no sense because there is a greater chance that buyers miss a stain or defect that could be shown with the extra pictures. The second issue I have is that there is no section to add measurements for the item. eBay and Grailed have this feature…
  • Meh 2/5

    By Michael Balon
    Mostly a bunch of teenagers selling there old clothes. All apparently thinking it is worth 30+ dollars, for used clothing. Just go to poshmark for nice stylish and designer things for prices that make sense.
  • Customer Service Stinks 1/5

    By coffee7731
    Like many other reviews, the customer service is very bad. Gives you irrelevant answers and doesn’t help you solve your problem. Tell you to take a screenshot or record and once you have still seem to not understand the problem and give you solutions you already tried or aren’t even part of the problem. They also take forever to answer. You really have to fix that depop.
  • Bans accounts for the smallest reasons. 1/5

    By kyakarogi
    I got banned this morning for the second time saying that I had not adhered to their hashtag misuse rule. I had no warnings and this listing had been up for 2 months already. A notice when the listing was posed would have been appreciated instead of being suddenly banned two months later on a random Tuesday. Horrible customer support; they’re just automatically generated responses. And to call *me* a threat to the Depop community just because of hashtagging words like “summer” or “skater” under a t-shirt post??? That’s absurd and I’m absolutely disappointed and regretful I ever started selling on this app and continued for three entire years. To the “developer:” save your automated message that will try to vilify me and say that you guys are just trying to keep the community “safe.” Keep having actual fraudulent users on the app and lose all your loyal ones. If doing this is not unsafe, then there’s sincerely something wrong with this company.

    By 8riava
    I have had to delete and reinstall this app a few times a day for months now. I have ventured out to Poshmark because of Depop’s insane, highly inconvenient, crash rate.
  • too annoying to browse 1/5

    By fashionisto_burrito
    Too many people list things that aren’t for sale, which clutters the results. I used the report button as mentioned, but it doesn’t actually report the listing; it just asks me to block the user. Why do you encourage this junk? Also, people keyword stuff and mistag products with the wrong brands to boost listings. It gets so tiring sifting through junk when I’m trying to use your search feature and filters. Please actually enforce some sort of quality constraints. Also, you should be proactive about it; it shouldn’t be on me to report everything I see. I’ll just shop elsewhere that cares even a little bit more about curation.
  • LOVE DEPOP!!! 5/5

    By Santara Lee
    Always the coolest finds
  • not worth it 1/5

    By Babyteezy
    depop is taking way too much of a cut and its just not worth it anymore!
  • Customer service 1/5

    By OkayLexi
    I recently needed to receive a refund from an order that the sizing was not described as what the seller told me, your customer service ended up not giving a return address nor giving me my refund. I am now stuck with a pair of jeans that I can not fit. Your customer service is highly unprofessional and should be fixed.
  • Horrible 1/5

    By Liv4567890
    Let's start with the fact that the prices on this app are ridiculous, we won't even get into the fees this app charges. Depop loves its sellers who price "vintage" items absurd amounts. I won't forget i bought a dress $30 and the seller claimed it was "American vintage" I received it and it was forever 21 not even vintage forever21. I was a long time user of this app, I had an account that I worked hard on and sold many items 1k+ sales. Depop one day decided to ban that account for "fake" items. Nothing I sold was a replica because I didn't sell designer items. I made another account and again depop banned because your not allowed to have multiple accounts???
  • Highly Irrational “Business” 1/5

    By J 7 G
    I have been a user for four years and with the new “guidelines” their team has only ever made things harder for everyone. I’ve been a loyal user despite the MANY flaws and controversy this app has gained through time. If it weren’t for all the $ they obtain through diligent sellers they’d have everything to lose. Recently my account has been banned due to in applicable “warnings”. Though this news may not be actual news considering other reviews speak on the same issue… At the time I received those warnings and pointed out their errors, no response was given making their customer service just unresponsive and pointless. After cultivating my account on Depop for years you would think their company kept track of the users who have compiled with their regulations for YEARS and instead should focus on the many scammers and absurd customers on there. Overall just INSANE way to do what they call business.. give someone warnings without seeing if something must be a mistake, and just deleting all data a user has ever gained like it’s nothing? If you’re looking to buy or sell valuable items, save yourself and take it elsewhere. Business with Depop is UNPROFESSIONAL and UNRELIABLE from their own “restrictions”, customers, fees and all around development of the app.
  • Too much 3/5

    By Tei Lin
    Please fix the keyword stuffing problem. I'm not finding the things that I want and when I search up stuff it's completely unrelated due to this keyboard stuffing "for exposure" also i want to recommend making the offer feature binder vedause i get way too many offers from people that don’t even go through with their purchase. they should be penalized and given three strikes if this happens and please add counter offer feature as well. cancel order option would be cool too but i understand if not
  • good but can’t pay 3/5

    the app is set up really well, I have no issues with the app itself but my issue is that I can’t pay with my Visa gift card. I’ve been trying to pay with my card on various listings but it hasn’t worked, it keeps giving me a pop up saying that they were unable to authenticate my payment method which I don’t get. I contacted support and after them telling me to do basically the same things that’s listed on the site, and after me telling them that it still isn’t working, they basically ended up telling me to try a different payment method and then contact them. what’s the point of using the app if I can’t even pay for the items I want?? if this isn’t fixed I will no longer be using this app and will be using poshmark, which I’ve already used to pay for some clothes that I saw on depop but couldn’t pay for in the app.
  • Terrible Customer Service 1/5

    By ballinforcheezeits
    If anything happens to your order, Depop customer service is terrible. Rude, and incredibly long wait times for replies. Good app if you never have to deal with their customer support. Also, to the developer commenting the link to use for support, I have been using that for support on an issue for months and no one will respond to me. A seller sent me the wrong item, no big deal it happens. Depop support was super rude to me about it but told me if I returned the order they would refund me for the shipping. I returned the order, sent my receipt and followed up about four or five times over the course of several weeks. Still am being ignored, still have not gotten my money back. Support was condescending, unhelpful, and is now fully ignoring me.

    By AdamLambertLuva
    Ever since Depop payments was implemented, my money is stuck in my Depop balance. Because I’m Canadian, I CANNOT ACCESS IT. My PayPal is linked but I can’t even transfer the balance there.
  • Venturing out 4/5

    By whoopsie22
    I’m experimenting with new reselling platforms and my first experience on Depop has been good. The fees are fair. The listing is simple. Shipping is a breeze. The payout is quick. Not a ton of traffic on this site yet but maybe that changes soon when more people turn to second-hand goods. I do also wish there was an option to make offers to likers. But one sale so far and hopefully many more to come!
  • Counter offer 3/5

    By Asdfqwerzxcvpfkdbvfwhu
    Add a way sellers can send offers to people who like they’re items or a way to send a counter offer to a lowballer, it would make the app a lot smoother
  • easy to use and search but it’s glitchy 3/5

    By k🐯🌱
    i’ve used this app for selling photocards and other kpop things in the past and it definitely helped to reach more people. the only thing that IRKS me is that the app is SO BUGGY. like it glitches so much and sometimes freezes and i have to close the app and open it again. it’s very annoying and it makes me not want to use it.
  • New payment system can’t be trusted 1/5

    By Taylor Elyse M
    The new depop payments system is terrible I’ve sold so much on the app using PayPal and it was great but they’ve changed to this internal payment system that is awful. I sold like 15 items shipped them and everyone paid but unlike PayPal the money doesn’t go right into your bank it goes into a balance holding tank and then you get a depop payout… but the payout fails. So it took THREE MONTHS for me to get my $200 payout. Worst of all Depop doesn’t have a customer service phone number so you have to fill out a generic dropdown select form online for them to email you to fix any issues. Most of the time you get an automated response answer that doesnt fit your situation .. or if you do get someone from support to email you back they only reply once or twice and then just stop. Which is why it took so long for me to get my money , a huge cycle of “payout failed” “thanks for the email we will fix the issue” and the issue never getting resolved. They had my $200 trapped... it makes me think they maybe don’t have the money to payout bc they’ve already used it or are shuffling it .. similar to a ponzee scheme? It feels illegal. I literally had to spam their ig account for anyone to help me and even then it took weeks after i literally threatened legal action. I don’t trust selling anything else for fear of not getting my profit… and it’s unfair to people shopping because when they purchase they are under the influence that the shop owner is receiving their payment when in reality we are fighting to get paid on the other end. There are countless comments on ig of people in the same situation as me which is sad. It’s very sketchy and I don’t recommend anyone using it- there’s a reason PayPal is trusted and has a reputable payment platform.
  • stock images and insane seller fees 1/5

    By madi0123
    this is the only resale app that doesn’t allow me to use stock images. they have taken down so many of my posts without warning. even if i put up a new post, i’ve lost the likes from other people following that item. it’s ridiculous. i can’t model the clothes because they don’t fit me anymore and they look weird if i lay them down for a photo. i’ve reached out to depop about putting the post back up and i remove the stock image, but they want me to send the raw images for these 15+ posts they’ve taken down. like i have time for that. and all that for so much to be taken out of a sale with fees. i used to love this app but it’s so seller unfriendly i’m just giving up on it.
  • Works but impossible for redemption 2/5

    By nvmvmvmvmb
    I appreciate the measures this app takes to make sure every consumer & seller is safe but the timing in which they contact you about infringements is way off. They don’t wait to remove your items at the most RANDOM times while also spamming your email with the same message In a matter of minutes. This causes you to panic and try to figure out where you went wrong, but then it’s too late-and before you know it you’re account is banned before goi have to chance to plead your case. The bottom line is, not everyone is going to know the community guidelines right away, because it seems like they’re quick to prosecute you but slow to detect the many BOTS AND SPAM account on that app. Not to mention the BUGS and how ancient the development is for it. You’re lucky if you can get your account back by pleading for an appeal, but then again not many people know that either. I believe there needs to be more of a chance to learn and appeal your case or at least a certain time frame before your account is permanently banned! You don’t even know how many strikes or if you’re account is being watched! Sending spam emails will only make it harder to detect our faults. Many people report that they don’t even know what went wrong with their item because there’s TOO many guidelines listed in one email and it’s not clear. SOME people are trying to make a living on this app, and it brings down your integrity when the communication between infringements is scattered. I Do not recommend for first time buyers who just want to sell their stuff!! Completely unruly, unwilling and a hot mess of an app from the beginning.
  • glitchy and impossible to use 1/5

    By ___MMxMM
    I used to love this app but now it’s just fee after fee and glitches making it near impossible to buy OR sell. 99% of the app is just scammers and extreme price gouging, and having to redownload just to look at the items you’ve bagged. Honestly, just stick to poshmark.
  • Depop is a scam!! I sent product but wasn’t paid 1/5

    By jasonkravitz1
    I sold a duffel bag, the customer claimed it was fake, I provided a receipt , it wasn’t. They let the customer not pay me & not return my duffel bag. They then deleted my account within 24 hours. Their system is flawed, Everytime you email, you talk to different representative that that says something different. It’s a scam , stay away!!!!!
  • Terrible Seller Protection Program 1/5

    By Bruce Williamson
    Got scammed by someone on depop and as a seller there is little to nothing that I could do to get my money/items refunded. I could not even report the account that scammed me. Don’t sell your products on this app unless you are extremely aware of fake emails, direct messages, ect.
  • Didnt have my shoe size but idc 3/5

    By MiaIgIdk
    They only had sizes 5+ I wear 4s
  • Pay pal verification 1/5

    By 3_njl
    I’ve been selling on Depop for over a year now Usually has been a good service but now I can’t even ship out my products because my pay pal is not “verified”. I’ve been using my pay pal longer than Depop and verified it YEARS AGO. So yeah my customers and I are screwed because I can’t get my shipping labels now just because depop dosent think my pay pal is verified which it is and has been
  • Depop is life!!! 5/5

    By Haileybooooo
    Depaw is enabled me to start my own online thrift store and this has also carried into my real life as well💗💗💗
  • Honestly pretty bad 2/5

    By gokiburi808
    I’ve been mostly selling on this app since 2019. I’ve stopped buying on the app as a whole because it’s such a rip off and people make their prices so high but I get that it’s only because they want to actually profit off of their sale which is understandable since the company takes such a huge cut from the sale earnings. I had also purchased a pair of pants through the app using depop’s PayPal option, but the pants never came and I was told that I am unable to receive a refund. The concept of a second-hand resale app is incredibly clever and Depop had created quite a name for itself in recent years, but I suggest you stick to other resale platforms.