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Depop - Shop. Unique. Clothing App

Buy, sell, create, find, inspire, style, mix it up. Welcome to Depop. Depop is the creative community’s go-to mobile marketplace. Shop unique clothes, buy and sell your sneakers, streetwear, vintage fashion pieces, share your style and meet the Depop community, all from the comfort of your phone. Get something that means something. Join Depop to: BUY: - Browse clothing, vintage fashion, jewellery, art, books & magazines, music, film and more from likeminded sellers around the world - Discover our curated items on the Explore page - All in-app purchases are 100% protected by PayPal Protection SELL: - Open your Depop shop and sell pre-loved clothes, original creations, art, books, vintage finds and everything in between just by taking a photo - Name your own price, no bidding or haggling required - Promote your shop on social media and build an empire from your bedroom COMMUNITY: - Looking for inspiration? Before trends hit the streets, they hit Depop. Shop over 10 million items from over 10 million users. - Attend community events like local meetups, Lunch & Lists, and Depop parties in London, Milan, New York, and LA and take your friendships from online to offline

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Depop - Shop. Unique. Clothing app reviews

  • Amazing 5/5

    By 123456anabella
    I am always on this app !!
  • Suggestion 4/5

    By KG_096
    I like the app the only thing I would say when buying an item it doesn’t have a add to cart section.
  • Depop’s staff actually listens to their community 5/5

    By kkaaaaaayyyyyycccccc
    I have really grown to enjoy this app for the year that I’ve been on it. Having the opportunity to start my own little shop and seeing others love the styles I personally chose is a great feeling. The Depop staff are very active in the app and are quick to clear up any miscommunications or issues that inevitably comes from any buying/selling app. They are also very supportive to their users and give recognition where it’s deserved. I love this app and how far it’s come.
  • Can’t sign up... 1/5

    By ShwimpFwiedWice
    Downloaded the app and tried to sign up to purchase somethings but I keep getting prompted to enter my phone number and nothing im unable to sign up with my facebook, email or phone number...
  • Great app and suggestion 5/5

    By cjdjdhsuzjsjdudidkdndjdjd
    One suggestion is: “adding a filter option to the explore items area” so you can single out selective items based off size to see if any picks work for your personal size. Other then that this app rocks!
  • Worst app 1/5

    By Ashtonlovesyou
    i have been scammed on this app multiple times. every time thinking it’ll be different it isn’t, and the process in getting my money back is difficult!
  • I love your beans 5/5

    By anWilluomn
    Beans r life
  • Fake accounts always spam me 4/5

    By Tpotomus1234
    This app is a great way to make money and it’s easy. My only problem is the fake accounts that spam my messages when I list a new item.
  • App works very well, however..... 4/5

    By littlemissviolin53
    I love this app! Buying, selling, and searching for items is simple and easy because everything works well. However, I absolutely HATE when I search for items and every one I tap says “sold” or “this item cannot be found” or “seller inactive”. I would love for there to be an option in the search filters to show or hide items that are sold, cannot be found, or seller inactive. If this could happen, I’d give the app five stars!
  • Some negatives as a buyer and seller 3/5

    By Pandacorntribe
    Depop app does this dumb thing where it changes shipping to “my own shipping” even though I had the Ship with USPS option checked. Which I’ve had a problem with more than once and then have to find out after someone has already purchased an item and go through the whole process of making my own shipping label and trying to find a good price. It also cancels the app out when I go deep enough into the explore page. And although, it’s not entirely the apps problem I’ve had problems with lying sellers and buyers. People that think adding “vintage” to something excuses all the defects with the item without showing or mentioning it in the description. And they just simply add “no returns, not my problem after I ship” to there bio like that changes anything. Also if you’re a buyer you have to watch out for petty sellers that give you a low rating because you’re honest with them and their inconsistency and immorality. And Depop rarely does anything about bad sellers/buyers even if you have proof. The good thing is you can get your money right away, but I guess that can be somewhat bad too if there are smart scammers lurking about. Also it’s fun to see the creativity, passion and efforts sellers put into their pages and items.
  • Best selling app 5/5

    By Depop is the plug
    I love how simple and easy it is to buy and sell. Just always do business on the app and all will be smooth
  • Worst buying and selling app 1/5

    By Wolf lover 05
    As someone who uses Poshmark, which I love, I figured depop would be similar. I’ve bought things from multiple sellers, luckily everyone I have bought from has been legit but I’ve seen other people who have gotten scammed. It is so easy to scam people as depop has a hands off approach. They shift the blame to PayPal and force users to have disputes with PayPal. I’ve had awful experiences with PayPal but to use depop you must use PayPal. In addition to this, there is often no tracking on the your order and if it gets lost many users claim they aren’t responsible after shipping. Depop could solve this by including tracking on all orders, like Poshmark. Overall depop has a tempting aesthetic but I believe it could be better. I would advise people to avoid it if they can.
  • Easy to buy and sell! 5/5

    By a7x queen
    I love depop and I am a buyer and seller. I’ve been using depop for over a year now and it’s been so easy to use in all aspects. the atmosphere of depop is kind and reasonable! I recommend depop to all of my friends and followers on social media. it’s great :-)
  • downloaded depop 5/5

    By skrrtt_skrrrt
    tbh this app is really good , good way to make money and a great source for clothes for the right price , one of my favorite apps *not sponsered*
  • Love it, but there is one complaint 4/5

    By Pocket frogs!!
    Overall I’m really happy with this app. It’s cool to find people who are into the same style I am, I just wish there was a post notification option. I always miss when my fave sellers post something! I’d like to be notified when they post so I don’t miss some great items!
  • Great app 4/5

    By sjb1024
    Wish the app let sellers & buyers to send pictures back & forth in private message instead of seller having to send emails with more pictures. Other than that Great!
  • Get off the binary yo! 2/5

    By leslie wow
    Hi, love Depop, thanks for making it. But I’m baffled that you’re still designating clothing under “men” and “women”. Don’t subscribe to the binary depop, you can do better!!!! 💘
  • Hi 4/5

    By maryal81
    I started using Depop since 1 month. The only think that I have is that when I post the picture the people asked me to contact them on email! This is the way that Depop works or (I think) is a scam??
  • Fun & Friendly 5/5

    By K0FAX
    Easy to use and great way to expand or clear out your wardrobe
  • Customer service employees harassed me for 2 years 1/5

    By bluhammok
    Some brat tried to scam me. I reported it to customer service multiple times. They refused to even reply. Then the psycho started reporting me and all my items. Tara (employee) closed my account. Yes, despite the fact that I had already told them I was being harassed. I finally got someone else to respond, and they restored it. Then she did it AGAIN. I finally got my account back and was promised a month of free fees as an apology. Then she did it AGAIN and blatantly lied about what I said. I have the emails as proof. They ignored me for months and refused to give me my account back. And that was not the first time it happened, only the latest and most inexcusable. So now I’m having to sue for breach of contract. I was on depop for 3 years, was a top seller many times. I joined when they opened it up to the US and was one of the people who built depop in America. I was many people’s first purchase, and even made a tutorial for shipping because they couldn’t be bothered to offer one, and this is how they repay me for my work and loyalty. There’s absolutely no excuse. Tara isn’t even in the US, she’s in the UK, which is even more insane and is making my lawsuit that much more difficult. But they violated a contract and refuse to make it right, so I have no choice but to pursue legal action and protect other disabled users. Tl;dr: avoid at ALL costs! Update: After alternating between terrorizing me and ignoring me for 2 years, they finally contacted me about this review. Did they apologize? Restore my account? Offer compensation for all the bullying and harassment (by them) and loss of income? No. They want me to remove this review. And now they’re back to ignoring me.
  • I have hope?!? 4/5

    By cokdns
    Love this app but wish it had a button where’d you get notified when someone posts, instead of you constantly having to check! But besides that it’s a great way to make some extra money. JUST PLZ FIX!!!❤️❤️
  • Fees 4/5

    By Bordom studios
    The fee when u sell something is kinda crazy but other than that it’s amazing
  • Great app 5/5

    By frank barzza
    Search me at ValleyHeatPlug 🔥 home of the 1$ sale vintage !
  • App lags when scrolling through hundreds of items 4/5

    By Псих Диспансер
    I am enjoying the app however my experience is worsened when the app starts to lag and freezes up for a second when scrolling through lots of items. You guys should fix it because it gets frustrating.
  • “ 2/5

    By gullymike
    Depop features the same sellers over and over again. It’s difficult for smaller sellers to be featured and bring in new followers when the same sellers keep being featured. Other then that the app is great
  • Find another way to verify peoples identity 1/5

    By chungusamongus
    I can’t use this app to sell my stuff because I currently don’t have phone service and depop requires a phone number to use their app. Lame.
  • Love it! 4/5

    By rilakkermit
    I’m really loving the app so far and how it essentially has an Instagram sort of formatting so it’s easier for me to use. The only thing I wish the app would add is folders for different items of clothing like oh I want button ups over here and doc martens here etc. Other than that the app is terrific!
  • I am very disappointed at you, Depop! 2/5

    By Quesadelia
    Been selling clothes on Depop for a year and everything has been going great. I am upset because recently I purchased a pair of shorts from another shop and when they arrived they were in bad condition for the price I paid and the item also came with a musky smell. I was very disappointed so I left an honest review addressing the condition and the smell so the buyer can improve their shop. The seller was furious with my review and tried to turn the situation on me and lied in the review she gave me. I tried contacting the Depop support team to remove the review that the seller gave me but instead they ended up taking down the truthful and honest review that I wrote for the buyer!! Tf?! I emailed them and asked WHY and their explanation was “we don’t want to embarrass the seller”. Embarrass the seller? Are you for real Depop?? The buyer NEEDS to be embarrassed so they can improve their shop. And I’m still fighting to get that review that the seller wrote for me taken down. Ugh. Thanks a lot Depop support team!
  • 0/5 1/5

    By francesng
    They say you’re 100% protected and guaranteed a refund if you never received your item. I placed an order for an item in August 2018 and never received. All their customer service team does is send me to PayPal who are even worse!
  • Seller since 2015 4/5

    By cass🕯✨
    Pros -Fee free and free shipping promotions. These really help when selling big ticket items. They could be longer or more strategically placed, such as during the first Friday of the month when many people have just received paychecks and have money to spend. -Upcycling culture, where choosing second hand clothing over new clothing helps reduce waste and pollution. -Each seller’s “brand” / style can be showcased well. Tags, filters, and subcategories make it easier for buyers to find what you’re selling. Cons -10% seller fee deducted by Depop, and 2.9% + $0.30 deducted by mandatory use of PayPal. So if I sell a $10 item, I only make $8.61. If I’ve offered free shipping to entice buyers, I’ve only made about $4. Depop, implement use of an app like Venmo, which has no fees, and generate your own buyer protection. -If I want to arrange a payment to a seller via PayPal’s non-fee Friends and Family so they can afford to eat, I don’t want to risk consequences for this action. -Featuring the same sellers, re-featuring the same items Suggestions: -Make a rearranging function available through the app, not just on the website. -Reduce seller fees and offer free shipping more often / at better times. -Offer sellers a chance to respond publicly to poor reviews, or contest / remove inaccurate ones. -Implement use of / offer option of using an app like Venmo, which has no fees. -Generate your own buyer protection. Depop: Understand who your target audience is, and understand that many of us are young and using this app as a way to feed ourselves, pay off student loan debt, afford college, afford a car so we can hold down a job, or use this app on top of working a job / jobs. I’m sometimes shocked when I sell an item and open up PayPal to see how little I’ve actually made. Most of the time, this app just feels like another corporation profiting of the millennial and gen-x condition.

    By kaileaskye
    bought a pair of shoes off this site and got scammed, never sent them just took my money. paypal said they couldn’t help me so messaged dickpop for two weeks and nothing. no help just said the same thing over and over again. no one wants to look into the person scamming people, i can’t even write a review on his account. so now not only am i out $100 but dickpop says they have “buyer protection” but that’s bullsh*t if they aren’t going to actually give you your money back. don’t waste your hard earned money on this terrible site. stick to ebay or offerup.
  • PHOTO BUG 1/5

    By Topbridge
    I want to be able to screenshot my photos because I delete them since they take too much space on my phone. But when I do the stupid dots on the bottom get in the way. Depop needs to fix this so sellers can zoom in their photos and screenshot to preserve the original photo in case they need the photo or need to upload it someplace else.
  • love this 5/5

    By Staar_butst
    very nice app, everyone is super nice and it’s very easy to manage. i love the customer protection it provides as well !
  • ??? 1/5

    By Rolyat aniitsirK
    I guess I have an account but locked out. I contacted customer service and never heard back. I don’t get it. Poshmark is great for me any way.
  • Horrible customer service 1/5

    By Gilda65656565
    I ordered a dress for New Year’s Eve and instead received a purse. I contacted the seller who was great and explained that she’d mixed up packages and sent my dress to the woman who bought the purse. She was great; she refunded my order since the dress would now not be here in time and sent me a prepaid shipping label to ship the bag to the other girl. I shipped the purse a few days later (this literally happened over Christmas) and missed a few dms in the app from the seller prompting me to send it. It got sent within a week of me receiving it. Out of the blue, Depop customer service sent me an aggressive email threatening to take action on me if I didn’t return the item I was refunded for to Laura in 48 hours. They had no idea what happened; everything in the email was inaccurate and untrue, and very threatening. I think it will work out okay because the seller is being respectful and nice, but if you actually had to use them to resolve a dispute, it would be hopeless. So offensive.
  • Solid app with its own unique culture 5/5

    By Mobile Leprechaun
    Have gotten some really nifty stuff from Depop. The app itself works great too, very functional and intuitive. No complaints!
  • Decent App, but Few Problems 4/5

    By bluerryst
    I like the app overall cause it’s nice for finding unique items while also putting some money in the pocket of a seller. My only problem is with the filter option if the app. I would appreciate if I could filter out what’s already been sold, rather than getting excited, clicking on an item, and then come to a screeching halt when I see it’s sold already. It would make my shopping and browsing experience easier and quicker, because instead of sitting through clothing racks at my local goodwill, I’m sorting through sold and unsold items.
  • Love the app 5/5

    By Wyatt hehe
    Good and they listen to their users to change things to make the app better
  • So sad :( 1/5

    By Sispoopnot
    I got suspended for no reason and when i tried emailing Depop they replied once then never replied again and I still can’t get into my account after more then two weeks and I also can’t make a new account. It is very unfair how they don’t even look into the problem or if there is even one at all and just suspend accounts without reason. I lost all my hard earned followers and reviews
  • selling platform 5/5

    By diana.lowpez
    I’ve been a seller and buyer on Depop for almost three months now and I have to say it’s one of the best selling platforms I’ve ever used. You’re earnings are directly deposited into your PayPal account and the platform is easy and simple. Would definitely recommend to anybody just starting out as a seller. I feel the only downside is slow sales though I understand that this comes with any selling platform I feel frustrated that after being very active and putting up a variety of items with reasonable prices I’ve only sold two items in the span of three months. Again it is still a great selling platform in itself.
  • Please fix in next update!! 1/5

    By kanyonnnn
    The money transfer from your bank rather PayPal is way too confusing and also the “often ships in x days” is so off/misleading and should be removed too! Everything is is awesome and love that app! Also feature new people! It’s the same lame group every week that you’re just helping grow more and more! Check my store out @kany0n
  • for u tab 4/5

    By Joshua Dunnnnn
    bring it back
  • amazing! but i’d like to be able to make a different account. 3/5

    By mybIood
    i absolutely love this app! but i hate my old account. it would be nice if they either let you change your @ or let you create a different account.
  • need inseam measurements!! 5/5

    By Zo-Bot rocks
    i absolutely love this app, i’m a buyer and seller, and it has such a funky, family feel. my one wish is for a place where sellers can enter an inseam measurement for pants/jeans, and then to be able to choose an inseam measurement when sorting search results! i’m tall and so many things have super short inseams - i spend so much time looking thru it all! otherwise, this is a great app.
  • Trash 1/5

    By clairesque
    Recent update has awful graphics that make the app look cheap and trashy. Just so unpleasant to use/look at. The thing that makes this app totally unusable for me is the rampant issue with sellers using inappropriate tags for items. It is impossible to do any brand-related search because sellers spam all their listings with every popular brand name they can think of, which fills search results with irrelevant items.
  • For you tab 4/5

    By lush lash comp
    I love this app especially when it came with the for you tab and offered you clothes and shoes based off of things u liked or saved; that was tbh the only thing I actually went onto when I went on Depop for a while. Until they took it away... idk why they did that but if they can bring it back that would be amazing!!!! And this is why I give 4 instead of 5 stars
  • Could use better search features 3/5

    By -/-//-/-/-/-/-
    Could use search functions like exact match or exclude “” (adding quotes or using the minus sign does not work). For people who log in knowing what to look for this is a nightmare since people abuse the use of tags and so most searches include a bunch of stuff you don’t care about. Also, there should be a way to search international items without having to scroll past the national items first. Most of what I search for is overseas so this is also a nightmare. For people who don’t care and just want to endlessly scroll “discovering” things then this is perfect.
  • Why does PayPal stay active afterwards... 2/5

    By jewboie
    Not liking the fact that after I used my moms PayPal account (with her permission) to pay for an item it stayed active and we could not logged out, there isn’t an option to log out, please respond ASAP
  • Jean jacket 5/5

    By mandypanda101
    Just got my new jacket and I am completely in love with it!! Great quality and very retro!

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