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Depop - Shop. Unique. Clothing

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  • Current Version: 2.41.2
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  • Developer: Depop Ltd
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Depop - Shop. Unique. Clothing App

Buy, sell, create, find, inspire, style, mix it up. Welcome to Depop. Depop is the creative community’s go-to mobile marketplace. Shop unique clothes, buy and sell your sneakers, streetwear, vintage fashion pieces, share your style and meet the Depop community, all from the comfort of your phone. Get something that means something. Join Depop to: BUY: - Browse clothing, vintage fashion, jewellery, art, books & magazines, music, film and more from likeminded sellers around the world - Discover our curated items on the Explore page - All in-app purchases are 100% protected by PayPal Protection SELL: - Open your Depop shop and sell pre-loved clothes, original creations, art, books, vintage finds and everything in between just by taking a photo - Name your own price, no bidding or haggling required - Promote your shop on social media and build an empire from your bedroom COMMUNITY: - Looking for inspiration? Before trends hit the streets, they hit Depop. Shop over 10 million items from over 10 million users. - Attend community events like local meetups, Lunch & Lists, and Depop parties in London, Milan, New York, and LA and take your friendships from online to offline

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Depop - Shop. Unique. Clothing app reviews

  • Alyssa 5/5

    By tanyaaracelinickjoseph
    Love the earrings they are beautiful and unique
  • yea 5/5

    By Jdjsnshshskndbdbdixnd
    good app man
  • notifications 4/5

    By krsrecks5
    threres always a notification that dosent go away. even when i check everything it dosent go away
  • Awesome 5/5

    By dirtbikedaveit
    I was on her for five min and bought something
  • great 5/5

    By Lil chaas
    love it
  • Website 4/5

    By kenmay
    Please make your internet site as accessible as your app! Thank you. That’s be very helpful
  • Great item 5/5

    By retroteevault
    Great variety of clothing for men! Love it
  • Majority people on the explore page are white 3/5

    By fukah0
    They consistently put the same white verified sellers on the explore page. Be more open minded! They are plenty of people that do the same thing... :/
  • Please offer something other than PayPal 5/5

    By revivaltiger
    Hello all was well until just recently PayPal started closing down accounts left and right . They will give you no info won’t tell you why etc . Please consider allowing bank transfer like poshmark Mercari Kidizen etc for sellers . I had perfect feedback and hundreds of sales . A very active depop member and now I can’t sell at all because I have no PayPal account . Also since you allow minors on your site it would be nice for them as well since you can’t have a PayPal when your under 18 . That basically forces them to use someone else’s PayPal if they want to sell . Please please consider adding additional ways to get paid like cashapp or a wallet that you can then bank transfer your funds . It also encourages money to be spent back into the app ! Think of it as depop dollars ! Yes ! I’m holding onto hope someday I can sell again . Please seriously think about this .
  • Crashes A LOT!! 2/5

    By nicknamesaretakenforlowratings
    I love what this app provides so much but the fact that I can never use it without it crashing within a few minutes is so frustrating!
  • Abusive employees 1/5

    By bluhammok
    Not enough abuse in your life? Looking to be bullied, targeted, harassed, lied to, name called, gaslighted, and have your account closed down on no proper grounds 6 times and then have a written (aka legally binding) agreement violated, followed by getting ignored for 6 months and then further abused? Well, then depop is the app for you! Employees are absolutely appalling, horrible people who will screw with your sanity and steal your income for their own fun. I was a top seller for 3 years, so there is absolutely no justifiable reason for what they did to me. I’m now in the process of suing them, and it is so ridiculous that they would rather go that route than just fix what they did. They refuse to talk to me, even though I was extremely patient and very reasonable. Be warned. These people are monsters.
  • Thrifting only 3/5

    By Burkh25
    Good thrift finds, but pretty much anything designer is fake
  • Great! 5/5

    By sue ver
    I am still very new to this app and community, but so far its great! 5 stars
  • love this app! 5/5

    By relicshield
    love this app for finding cute & unique clothing items 💖
  • Improvement 4/5

    By K0FAX
    The app has come a long way in the three years I have used it. Listing, selling, shipping and most importantly getting paid have all been streamlined allowing you to focus more on your customers needs while building your dynasty.
  • Amazing for vintage finds 5/5

    By Hajfhrgdvdx
    Love this app so much
  • Great until now 5/5

    By . ?!.
    This app has been amazing! I love everything about it, until recently. I was just looking over my bank statements and I noticed there were 4 payments to “depop LTD” which I had not made. It says it’s under the category “advertising”. I have no idea what this is and I’m not happy with that. It seems as though depop is trying to scam me...?
  • not cheap for thrifted items 1/5

    By D E R P
    How are you gonna thrift an item for $3 and sell it here for $55? At this point it’s not even worth it.
  • Ethical + Cute!! 5/5

    By Rainbow not cloud
    Almost as good as actual thrift shopping :-)
  • A few changes 4/5

    By jsmaveksnxndn
    Make it to where you can type coupon/ discount codes into the new cart feature! Add a shop rules/ policies/ description tab to each shop. Add more tab features so you can add sections to a shop such as “art” “clothes” “accessories” “shoes” ect to keep shops organized.
  • Great app however there are bugs 3/5

    By VioletVorpal
    Love the ease of shopping on the app however my push notifications will not disappear after I’ve read my messages! Super annoying to see always see 6 push notification alerts on my iPhone but there are no new notifications when I open the app.
  • Double Check 3/5

    By leahgtrap
    This app has AWESOME listings and frequently I can find a rare item that I just can’t find anywhere else. For example I found a shirt that was a special edition in the 90s of a particular brand I like. I searched all over and couldn’t find one anywhere. I searched a good bit on this app and found it, SCORE! My only advice is be diligent in your research and who you’re buying from. There are some sellers that have given me false info about a product and once I receive it, it’s not what I expected OR what the seller told me when I asked specific questions. Just tap into whether or not you get a sketchy vibe from some sellers. Enjoy Depop!
  • Follow me on SoundCloud 5/5

    By eatangelz
    pls follow me on SoundCloud I’m very poor my user is “eatangelz” my music is good
  • They are rude! 1/5

    By thecorporette
    Depop is really rude. They remove your items with no explanation. Even if it is your bag, your photos, even if you show the authenticity code. They don’t like it they remove it, just like that. Awful experience as I have to explain to them and put the items over and over again. It is like an ugly game they play
  • takes too much of sellers money 3/5

    By depop user for two years
    i love this app i’ve been using it for about two years now and the only shocking thing they havent changed is the percentage of money they take from sellers. starting off depop, 10% was understandable because it was a new app/business that needed to make a profit somehow, but now that there are so many sellers on depop and it’s been around for quite a while now, theres no reason to take 10%. i think now they can survive taking less since theres so many more sellers than when they just started off. 10% is a lot of money and it adds up quickly. it feels like so much of my money is being taken out of my clothes and my work. less money should be taken from the people that have pretty much made depop to be what it is now and gotten them where they are.
  • Lousy App and Service 1/5

    By mcpilger
    First, I love the community of sellers and buyers that use this app with lots of items and styles I don’t find on Poshmark, Mercari, eBay, etc. But the app feels like 10 years ago tech, there is no way to get customer service or help from Depop, shipping system is poorly setup making things really hard for sellers and buyers if the package is medium sized or larger or if your transacting internationaly, and there is no iPad app.
  • Not Great 2/5

    By R98789
    Doesn’t show a way to delete an item at all, and to delete your account is very difficult. The user interface is shaky and all the transactions are a little sketchy.
  • The good and the not good 3/5

    By gggamber
    I’ve got mixed feelings about this app. Some of the purchases I’ve made with the smaller sellers on this app haven’t worked out due to issues like shipping or harmless miscommunications while other purchases worked out perfectly. My real issue with depop pertains to the “Depop certified” sellers who blatantly lie about the products they are selling. @ttheyouth is a perfect example. This seller is depop certified with a four star rating. This seller also lied directly to me in a message about the functionality of a product I purchased. This kind of issue should NEVER happen with a “depop certified” seller. Looking through @ttheyouth ratings it turns out I’m not the only user who experienced this kind of problem. The fact that Depop allows this to happen and allows this seller to maintain certification really compromised my attitude about this app. If Depop can better vet their users for certification I would feel better about this app.
  • upset 1/5

    By Radassxay
    Ummm I don’t understand why I have to purchase the app I’ve been trying to get it for the past ten mins 🤨
  • Bugs everywhere. 3/5

    By Greasaaaatttt
    Absolutely loved this app until two weeks in nothing would load and my account was basically restarted. Nothing loads. Everything is bugged out. And when I can get items to load, I can’t see the pictures due to a big “oops. An error occurred.” Message across it.
  • For you tab 4/5

    By lush lash comp
    I love this app especially when it came with the for you tab and offered you clothes and shoes based off of things u liked or saved; that was tbh the only thing I actually went onto when I went on Depop for a while. Until they took it away... idk why they did that but if they can bring it back that would be amazing!!!! Update: it did come back but for some reason it’s gone once again?!?! Even though you show the tab in the preview of the app?!?!
  • multiple drafted items would be awesome 4/5

    By PCE94781
    i love depop and have used it to successfully sell some clothes, the only improvement i can think of is allowing for a draft queue rather than only a single drafted item, that way it’s more convenient for people to post!
  • :( 4/5

    By Claurice bouton
    I want the personalized section back that goes off our likes.
  • where did it go? 4/5

    By emileepie
    good app just rlly miss the “for you” section bc that’s where i found most of the stuff i liked and would potentially buy. the “items we love” section isn’t interesting for me since it’s not stuff i would personally want
  • Bring back the “for you” feature! 2/5

    By Nljgi
    The “for you” feature was really a time saver. Please bring it back!
  • Great app for trendy clothes 4/5

    By Zoie Pen
    I sell trendy clothes on here and I love it! The only thing I don’t like is the fee they take out every purchase,they also take out another fee for sending money to your pay pal. Prices on clothes are slightly more expensive because of this. My shop: Zoiesplace has affordable prices and free shipping if you are interested :)
  • R y’all dumb?? 1/5

    By ThaMuffenMan
    Bring back the “for you” page 😤😤 like really stop trying to shove the “things we love” to us nobody cares about that
  • Bring it back 5/5

    By notkassi
    The “FOR YOU” feature. I looked forward to scrolling through what Depop thought I’d like at midnight every night :(
  • ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ 5/5

    By Chicken sir
    Love it!
  • Around 4 years using this app 3/5

    By portedtree
    I love this app a lot! Lots of great qualities such as how easy it is to find the item your looking for, extremely kind people (for the most part), and It’s really easy to sell things. But what it lacks is that they charge you a decent chunk when you sell things making it not always worth your while to sell unless you’re a constant seller who has post office envelops in bulk. Another thing that I notified is that people on Depop tend to sell their items for a lot more (probably because of the tax they put on the seller) compared to Poshmark. I would love if they added the bargain tool “offer” where you can go back and forth on the price. In the end I’m still using this app after 4ish years so that means something.

    By NotJackAnderson
    New update is terrible without this feature
  • Thanks 5/5

    By Mjcanson
    Responds to messages fast. Great seller.
  • not working 1/5

    By Cocacolalover
    keeps saying i have no internet even though all my other apps are working. wont let me do anything because it says i have no internet
  • Notifications haven’t worked 4/5

    By ClaiireBear27
    I’ve had Depop for awhile and I love it! I get majority of my clothes on it. However, the last couple of months, i haven’t received any notifications from the app. my notifications for it are on, ive tried restarting my phone, i’ve tried deleting and redownloading the app – nothing works. because if this they are multiple items i wanted to buy but couldn’t because i never got a notification from a message back from the seller and i can’t be on my phone all the time to check back.
  • A few things.... 2/5

    By Topbridge
    So a few things: Hiding Listings: There is no way to “hide” individual listings. I want to be able to hide some of my listings while I get more in stock. Or sometimes I forget if K still have an item but I don’t want to “mark as sold” because then I end up finding. I wish there was a “hide listing” option. Usernames: No way to change username. This is utterly important because many of us have typo, personal info, or just cringe names and we should have the right to change how we display our usernames. I get the whole “safety” thing but it’d be more safe if we could change our names. Some people have constantly been harassed and bullied because of their names and reporting isn’t enough. They want to change their names so bullies will less likely find them and their reputation won’t be ruined. A ton of platforms allow users to change their usernames (not just talking about the display name of the profile) at any time. Some other platforms (not selling ones) that have legit security concerns, allow changes at least once every 15 days. Depop needs to allow these username changes for the good and safety of the community. Offers: There needs to be a better way to make offers and create bundles. Making separate listings for bundles is the WORST. Because later on people look at those listings and request the same price when bundles are individually made with prices and terms discussed only between the seller and buyer and do not apply to every single purchase. People don’t understand this and they think their entitled to the same terms and prices and then don’t want to buy anything at the listing price because they saw the bundle special price. And then other people buy it and when I cancel the order is says “marked as sold” so the person it was intended for can’t even buy it and I have to make a whole listing again and by that time the buyer doesn’t even want it anymore. I don’tt want to have to take down bundle listings because I spend too much time on making them and I want my buyers to be able to go back at any time and see their customized bundle listing. Bundles should be private as should offers. I had the option to leave a TrustPilot review and I was already done then it said to leave my user and create an account and everything. And I don’t want to leave a public review with my identity attached to it. Also it’s feedback so I don’t need a reply? If I wanted one I would’ve emailed them directly.
  • Needs a better communication method for Depop support! 4/5

    By blues16
    I love the app! It’s an awesome way to make some extra money on the side while receiving inspiration from other sellers! However, there needs to be a better way for Depop user support. It’s incredibly difficult to get into contact with Depop for help and the instructions available are often not entirely helpful. I think a live chat option would be incredibly helpful to users when they need assistance!
  • I would love to see insights similar to Instagram 5/5

    By Missledhead
    Depop has been great to me so far, and a really fun place to visualize/start my business. Something that I would find super helpful to my business is something similar to insights on instagram. I’d love to know how active my page really is, and see some demographic info, etc. This would help me understand my audience better and take the steps needed to enhance the experience. I love that you’ve created the shopping bag to make bundling easier! I’d be happy to see a feature that lets you create sales on your shop that will automatically change your prices temporarily💗
  • Fernando 5/5

    By Ketsia_23
    It’s a good app if you don’t care what clothes you will find. I like it a lot because there’s a lot of Styles and combinations that you can create. Many clothes that you can find base in you choose. I like it so I give it 5 start
  • Great 5/5

    By _jenita2003
    It’s really easy to buy and sell clothes! Love it!

Depop - Shop. Unique. Clothing app comments

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