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Depop - Shop. Unique. Fashion

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Depop - Shop. Unique. Fashion App

Buy, sell, and discover the most unique and inspiring fashion in the world. Depop is the creative community's go-to mobile shopping marketplace. Sell by taking a photo with your phone, follow friends and connect with the people who inspire you. Explore Depop shops around the world, and browse the best in vintage and secondhand fashion, rare finds, and your favourite menswear and womenswear brands. What's your Depop? BUY: - Browse clothing, sneakers, streetwear, vintage, designer fashion, jewellery, art, books and magazines, music, film, and more, from sellers around the world - Find your style. We’ll recommend items just for you, based on what you like and save - Safely buy with a single tap. All in-app purchases are 100% protected by PayPal Protection SELL: - Open your Depop shop and sell your pre-loved clothes, original creations, art, sneakersbooks, vintage finds and everything in between just by taking a photo - Name your own price and be your own boss - Promote your shop on social media and watch your business grow COMMUNITY: - Join over 12 million stylists, designers, collectors and sneakerheads - Discover fashion and design handpicked by Depop’s curation team - Attend community events like local meetups, workshops, and Depop parties across the UK, US, Ireland, Canada, Australia and Italy Featured in Vogue Italia, Business of Fashion, Refinery29, and

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Depop - Shop. Unique. Fashion app reviews

  • The user interface is horrible 3/5

    By kevin10459
    It’s unsmooth and very much like the old instagram, it’s not fluid and makes the experience very crappy, on top of that constantly buggy most of the time I get an error tryna make purchases for items
  • Chrys Browne on depop 5/5

    By panchita lulu43
    The various types of people are so cool here! It's nice to interact with all. Its frustrating that they let dumb spam bots on. Wish they would have a page to warn about the scams going.
  • Try as buyer before selling 3/5

    By EastCM
    Not NEW user friendly... no way to send offers. Bland background and not engaging.
  • Doesn’t work 1/5

    By mml8150
    Won’t let me create an account! I don’t have Facebook so I can’t use that and when I try to create an account it just takes me to a sign in page for existing accounts. I have no way to create an account and use the app.
  • Better filter use 4/5

    By Clay Jep
    You should be able to save a filter preset or keep the filters you’ve chosen after you put another key word into the search bar it’s very meticulous to go back and click all the sizes after every search other than that the app is great
  • They steal your money 1/5

    By OGinmysystem
    I have no respect for this app. You are selling your own item and the fact that they take half of what you earned is pathetic. That is your item that you are selling so tell me why you have to share half the money off your item that you are selling. They took 15 bucks from me that was way too much you do not own that item so tell me why you are that much from me. For example you play Fortnite on mobile they are not taking your money from using the app. This app is robbing your money no respect. You are helping them gain money for not doing anything how about you sell your own items do not take money from MY OWN ITEM THAT I HAD SOLD
  • Great shop! 5/5

    By Tresrollins
    Shirts are super rad! 🏄
  • Scam! Do not trust this platform! 1/5

    By JoeAAAAJoe
    I purchased a hat from a vendor. They never sent me the hat and they did not give me a refund. I reported it to depop and there response was just to send an email to that vendor. I still have not received my purchase. And depop is still allowing that vendor to conduct business on its platform. To not purchase from here. Scam!
  • Was fine yesterday, updated and still glitching 2/5

    By fourtyseven.
    opening the app after a good night sleep has stopped me from being able to check who all has liked an item and instead only takes me to the profile of the first liker. please fix this the app is being generally laggy. iphone X
  • never buy from depop 2/5

    By vino2k17
    i purchased something for 45$ and never got the item , the seller blocked me and i never got anything , i contacted depop and they told me there was nothing they can do but wait to see if they can get in contact with him , its been 8months , i could care less about the 45$ now i rather not use the app and not have to worry about losing money , depop needs better service
  • Keep deleting my reviews! 1/5

    By bluhammok
    Warning! They keep getting my reviews deleted. The reviews you’re seeing here do NOT accurately depict the horrorshow so many of us have been subjected to at the hands of depop employees. I was terrorized by several depop employees for over 2 YEARS. I have suffered extreme psychological distress, not to mention the loss of my income. I was a top seller many times, had over 300 5-star reviews. Leopardplaid, I’m sure many of you remember me. Someone started targeting me and reporting all of my items for some reason, some bully who should be extremely ashamed of themselves. Instead of projecting me, depop kept deleting my items and my account. They restored it several times, but would never take action against the people doing it. Eventually some employee from the UK shut it down permanently. I finally got it back after FIVE MONTHS of them ignoring me, but she shut it down again. And then after leaving reviews over and over every time they removed them, the person who monitors these told yet another UK employee to give me my account back, but she again harassed and attacked me. Maybe businesses in the UK treat everyone like crap, but in the US, that’s not ok. I spoke to a lawyer who said that our contract to restore my account with a month of free fees was legally binding, but obviously I am having a difficult time getting the money to sue without my income. I am disabled and relied on depop for my survival. I opened my account as soon as it was available in the US. They used to have US employees. There was a very distinct culture. I supported new sellers and even made a shipping tutorial. People used to receive warnings if they broke the rules, not immediately get shut down. You actually felt like they cared about your success. Even then, I happened to know of dozens of people who got their accounts shut down after being the VICTIMS of harassment, but they were able to open new accounts. I want someone with some common decency to apologize for everything that has happened to me and give me my account back with the appropriate amount of time to rebuild my reputation, as long as an official statement that my account was unfairly targeted. That is an extremely reasonable request considering that I was attacked, lied to, and lied about for, now, 3 YEARS. I did not deserve any of this bullying from depop employees. I advise everyone to use a different app. Depop will not change their bullying and harassment unless people stop letting them treat us like trash. They exist because of our money, our items, our customer service, yet they treat us like we’re garbage. It’s really disgusting.
  • Hidden fees 2/5

    By LondonQueen95
    I’ve been selling with Depop for a couple years and have had mostly good experiences. I recently sold a pair of boots for $70, but only $67 was credited to my PayPal account. I transferred the $67 to my bank account and the following day Depop took $17 out of my account. I’m assuming that’s the $10 shipping and their $7 commission. So out of $70, I actually only walked away with $50. Between their shipping and hidden fees, I lost $20 on that sale. I more than likely won’t be selling on Depop again. They don’t offer enough transparency with their fees.
  • Love it 4/5

    By Lora 13
    The app is fairly easy to use and manage. I only wish that “our” address could automatically be selected when choosing “ship with depop.” It’s annoying to have to always go in and click our address over and over again per listing.
  • Great 5/5

    By Singito
    Everything ya need from clothes to electronics
  • Finding Items 4/5

    By EbisawaYuichi
    The most inconvenient feature of the app is the fact that I can’t sort items that I’m looking for by price. The whole point of thrifting is to find good items for the cheapest price and it’d save me (and my friends who feel the same way) a boatload if time and energy if we could just find cheap items from our favorite brands by sorting them by price when we search, that would make the app flawless - aside from some occasional glitches.
  • Horrible 1/5

    By slatttttttttttttt32
    I have sold three items for collectively over $200 and I have not gotten paid at all. All of the payments get cancelled or refunded for no reason and then I don’t get paid even though I send the product out in a timely manner.
  • Expensive Swapmeet 3/5

    By mister f you
    This app has a lot of great clothes and a lot of pricey clothes that are worn out.. like 40 dollars for someone else’s used up shirt?? LOL SHEIN is a better app... I highly recommend SHEIN
  • Super dope! 5/5

    By WÿWÿ
    opened my eyes to a cool new world of fashion!
  • Sellers are dishonest and disappointing 1/5

    By Miss Grisius
    This app is the least professional of any of the online selling apps. I’ve used Poshmark and Mercari with very few issues. All of the sellers I have come into contact with on Depop have sent me items that qualified for a dispute, but I didn’t want to deal with it. The items did not match the description, photos have all been purposefully deceitful. Sellers should not stay on your app or be able to get by with five stars when they ship out damaged merchandise for a pretty penny. I don’t love the layout or shipping options that sellers have. I feel like shipping has been exorbitantly expensive. I sell online too. I get it. It’s why I use these apps and don’t appreciate being treated like this as a customer. I will be leaving depop soon. Highly disappointed with every interaction I have had on here.
  • :) 5/5

    By jxn1
    amazing way to find your own style!
  • Depop review 3/5

    By ainslyg
    I love this app a lot but I am frustrated because I have already sold seven items and have not gotten paid for them yet
  • Dunn tea cups 5/5

    By dmayer18
    Thanks friend, you’re the best!
  • Please take more hygienic pictures. 3/5

    By AngelofDeath275
    I do like Depop because it combines social media and buying and selling perfectly compared to Poshmark, which instead feels forced, artificial and spammy. The prices are nice. But because of the more Instagram esque format, it seems to encourage Instagram like photos, which wouldn’t be a problem except I’d rather not see someone wearing a unitard or bodysuit, or barely having any clothing on other than what they're selling and claim it’s for sale, it’s rather unprofessional. Love the format and interesting clothes is brings, wish professionalism came along with it. Also their searching algorithm is rather rudimentary, i can't even use boolean operators. its yet another social media that is against the alphabetical order for searching.
  • Sellers are incompetent 1/5

    By TurboMidge
    Most of the sellers on here never ship your item and you have to go through PayPal to file disputes. It takes a while to get refunded.
  • Depop needs their own payment system 1/5

    By Linvvareu
    Wouldn’t recommend until they fix their payment system. You can only sell if you use PayPal. PayPal will charge you for fees and take more than the amount shown. Won’t be returning unless they have their own payment system
  • I got scammed 1/5

    By donnysuegirll
    I bought a shirt with the buy button but I used my debit card instead is there a way too get my money back?
  • Okay 2/5

    By huntohaley
  • can’t even get in 1/5

    By MïßßÿMæë
    i had this app once before and had an account. i now want the app again but i can’t make a new account and don’t remember the information for my old account because it’s been years since i’ve had it. i’ve tried to use the continue with facebook option, i’ve tried to sign up, and i’ve tried several times to log in. it takes me right back to the home page
  • Shopping Social Media 5/5

    By Fifty9Fifty
    I love it. It fuses shopping with Social Media. I could spend all day on here.

    By 1Directioner/belieber
    this is the first time I’ve ever written a review on an app EVER, and it’s only because your app crashes EVERY. SINGLE. TIME. I use it. Without fail. FIX IT PLEASE.
  • Super cool! 4/5

    By teencroc
    Great app for finding cool and different items. Only complaint would be that the recommended for you area never shows anything with the sizes I inputted :/. Other than that it’s super cool and helps me find a lot of outfit/style inspiration!
  • Depop is the perfect example of online thrifting. 5/5

    By olivend8989
    I’ve been using Depop for over a year now, and I got to say, I love it! Depop is the perfect example of online thrifting, where you could get luxuries and nessesities for decent prices, used and new! Also, the customer service of Depop is pretty good too. Once there was a seller that I bought an item from that never responded to any of my messages and I never received this order. I got PayPal and Depop involved, and they take these measures seriously. They far enough to claim the seller as scammer and had her account removed, which should be done. Many apps let this get away, but not Depop. This app is a great way to have a miniature online business as well. Although I have sold very few, the money I’ve earn is beneficial :)
  • STILL missing a crucial feature. 4/5

    By Indiana Underwood
    Please enable saving sizing’ Depop is amazing but I have to type in allllll of my sizing for every single search!
  • Confused 4/5

    By djixksnenedj
    Overall the app is great, but I’m confused by this. So I add an item to my bag, and it appears no one has bought it (it isn’t marked as sold) but when I open my bag it’s marked as sold. I’ve refreshed the sellers page several times and it still shows that no one has bought it, but it won’t let me buy it. Very annoyed right now
  • I just want my money back 1/5

    By Chloissssaproooo
    Depop is hands down one of the worst selling apps out there. I'm not someone to write reviews but I never go my item shipped to me(obviously not there fault) but it has been a nightmare to get a refund!!! They make it so so difficult with automated email responses that don't help at all. Such a disappointment and would not suggest this app to anyone
  • Best Clothing App Ever 5/5

    By Sustainable Thrift
    Selling on depop is easy, intuitive, and so fun. They really make it feel like a community, and I feel I always have so much support from the people at Depop when I have problems with customers or the app itself. 10/10 would recommend, I’m addicted!
  • Love it but... 5/5

    By Redhead22222
    I love depop! I have made a good profit selling my items & have copped some fire stuff!! I just wish they would make it so we can filter our likes/saved from lowest to highest, free shipping, etc... I trying buying stuff on a budget and it’s kind of a hassle to have to go thru each item.
  • Signing Up 2/5

    By Jessi I mean cloe
    It wont let me create an account. Every time I try, it sends me to the Log In screen!?
  • Nothing more annoying than 1/5

    By Russianstallion070707
    Can’t sign up! I go to sign up -> enter phone number -> email & password -> done and instead of becoming a new member, it says invalid username or password. Thought maybe I was a member at some point and just forgot, so clicked “forgot password,” entered my email and got an error message stating invalid username. The fact something so simple can’t be accomplished makes me feel like for sure there will be other bugs which will lead to frustration and time wasting. Am gonna pass altogether on this app and just delete it!
  • Fake Items, Shipping, Reviews 3/5

    By CorrectOpinionMan
    5/12/2019: I’ve noticed that all terrible seller have a 5 star rating because people don’t want to give them less than 5 stars because then the terrible seller can give the buyer a bad “buyer rating.” This system is so bad. I’ve bought from multiple terrible sellers, but I can’t give them a bad review and warn other people because the seller will then give me a bad buyer ranking in retaliation. Buyer rankings should be abolished! 5/7/2019: Shipping - I will never purchase something that is shipped without a tracking number, and I will never sell anything without choosing “Ship with Depop (via USPS)” because I want to make sure I’m shipping correctly. Why is the cheapest option $4.50? There should be an option that’s way cheaper for things like stickers. A lot of people sell stickers that are made by companies like Supreme, but you either have to pay $4.50 for shipping or you have to let the seller ship untracked and just trust them. I have stickers I want to sell, but no one wants to pay $4.50 for shipping and I’m not gonna send them untracked. Please make a cheaper shipping option for things like stickers that could easily go in a regular envelope Reviews - The current system is so bad. If someone is a terrible seller, they’ll purposely wait to give you a “buyer review” so that you are unable to give them the bad sellers review that they deserve. If you review them honestly because they’re a terrible seller, they’ll then give you one star as a buyer for no reason and say they’ll only take down their false review if you take down your legitimate review. What a joke! The buyers review needs to be completely removed. People should only be reviewed when they sell items. As a buyer, all I do is buy an item and wait to receive it in the mail. Why do I need to be reviewed by the seller??? Fake items - SOOOOOO many fake items. Fake Supreme, fake designer stuff, etc. Why is there no way to specifically report an item for being fake? The sellers that do this are so evil. They list the items as real and charge a ton of money, and I see fake items all the time that the seller is claiming are real that are marked as sold. I feel terrible for the buyer whenever I see this
  • yikes 1/5

    By hfjskfkskfjsjfjsnsn
    this app is great except for the fact that if you run into a problem, your fully on your own. i purchased something and never received it. it’s been almost a whole month and i still haven’t got my money back. i contacted depop THREE TIMES. waste of my time for sure. they didn’t help one bit and i have no idea how to get a refund. it’s quite irritating and annoying. don’t recommend this app for buying anything🤷🏽‍♀️
  • fees 1/5

    By jul19408382
    depop takes a 10% fee..on top of that paypal takes a fee too
  • Tee 5/5

    By douglas2827282
    Bought a well priced vintage tee, easy and fast messages and purchase.
  • Crashes all the time 3/5

    By heidiespino
    As of 5-11-19 and running on iOS 12.2, the app crashes like every 10 min. Please fix this! Before these updates it ran fine
  • Excellent service , very efficient. 5/5

    By lucykilgore
    Excellent service very efficient.
  • Great app 5/5

    By Gianaahh
    Really nice app to sell your clothing. Definitely recommend if you’re beginners!
  • Not fixed the feedback 3/5

    By ASAPJonnyV
    It’s been a few months since I have been able to leave feedback on my purchases
  • Could use better search features 3/5

    By -/-//-/-/-/-/-
    Could use search functions like exact match or exclude “” (adding quotes or using the minus sign does not work). For people who log in knowing what to look for this is a nightmare since people abuse the use of tags and so most searches include a bunch of stuff you don’t care about. Also, there should be a way to search international items without having to scroll past the national items first. Most of what I search for is overseas so this is also a nightmare. Also, there should be a way to remove the items from the reviews that you receive. It’s really weird knowing that anyone can just go to anyone’s reviews and see what they bought.
  • Canister 5/5

    By Ashloosli
    Very nice fast service wrapped perfectly

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