Depop - Streetwear & Vintage

Depop - Streetwear & Vintage

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  • Current Version: 2.140
  • Adult Rating: 12+
  • Developer: Depop Ltd
  • Compatibility: Android
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Depop - Streetwear & Vintage App

Buy. Sell. Discover. Join the social marketplace where over 27M+ people come to buy, sell and discover unique fashion. Start exploring and get inspired by rare and unique items from creatives all over the world. Open your own Depop shop. Sell by taking a photo or video with your phone. Follow friends and connect with other buyers and sellers. Join the community of creatives who are reshaping fashion for their generation. Shop popular brands like: Adidas Champion Patagonia Off-White Nike Supreme Vans Polo Urban Outfitters Converse Yeezy ...and many more GET INVOLVED Set up a profile, connect your social media and start listing items. BUILD AN EMPIRE Connect your PayPal to receive payments as your items sell. DISCOVER UNIQUE FASHION Explore millions of unique items and save your favorites into Collections. Purchase items using your PayPal account. Search for rare sneakers, streetwear, vintage fashion and more. All in-app purchases are 100% protected by PayPal Protection. FIND YOUR PEOPLE Follow other sellers, link to your social media accounts, add your friends and find new inspiration. What are you waiting for? Download Depop now. Any questions? Head to for more.

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Depop - Streetwear & Vintage app reviews

  • love this app but 4/5

    By Official Katy cat
    i’m not sure why but for the past few weeks my entire dna has just been customized nikes?? i’ve never liked any nikes on depop so it doesn’t really make sense.... i feel like there are a lot of bugs when it comes to my custom page and i wish they were fixed so i could find things i actually like easily!
  • STYLE EDIT 2/5

    By Namefyrfyr1570
    My “Style Edits” was relevant just a month ago, and now it’s not. Your search algorithms are worsened too. I don’t find your app useful for me anymore. Please better the algorithms.
  • in luv 5/5

    By Crybaby_liv
    i sell on depop. it’s the app i use most for selling items the fact you can choose your OWN shipping price is amazing, and their fees are not sky high! i don’t have a lot of complaints for this app as i am very very very pleased by everything. there are a few bugs though- nothing too horrible when i swipe right out of a listing, it will glitch out and i have to restart my app. another is that sometimes when making a listing, when i try to put a description, my keyboard will pop up and go back down, and this happens quite often and i cant get my listing posted.
  • A must have for a shopaholic 5/5

    By millrat247
    Easy and fun to use! I’m so glad I found you!
  • yuh 5/5

    By @ovohiginio
  • Just updated, won’t load. Crashes 2/5

    By simp_
    Seems consistently buggy. I just updated the most recent version and it won’t even load. It just crashes. My style edits and other features never seem to refresh either
  • Closed my account for responding to isos 1/5

    By kihdndkdjdndndhdhdhd
    My life and Job was this app and you suspended it so now I don’t think I can pay rent anymore
  • Not great for size L + womens 2/5

    By em back
    If you are a mid size~ (8-14) women’s US~ you won’t be shown clothes in your selected size. There’s lots of brandy Melville, lots of mislabeled clothes esp. vintage but not a lot of anything above a size medium. There’s also not a lot you can do to filter by price, so expect 100$+ items even if that isn’t what you are looking for. Also shipping costs are hidden for most items. App is well laid out though.

    By loveybone
    the costumer service is TERRIBLE DO NOT TRUST DEPOP!! i got scammed and had to dispute with paypal because the item i bought was stained and not at all what was described! then the seller said a false claim telling depop that i never returned the item when paypal already figured it out and told me not to return the item! THE SCAMMER GOT THEIR MONEY BACK FOR THE ITEM THEY SCAMMED ME WITH AND GOT MY ACCOUNT SUSPENDED?? and when i asked for help from depop they ignored all my emails!! i have been selling for months with almost 100 orders already BUT A SHADY ACCOUNT WITH ONLY 10 SALES GETS MY ACCOUNT SUSPENDED ARE YOU SERIOUS?? do not waste your time on this app. they never do justice for those who are true, they take the side of scammers!
  • Log in bug 4/5

    By max 024
    I’ve been locked out trying to make a new account for months and keep getting the same error message when I try and register. Help?
  • Bestie- 1/5

    By :(927648
    It won’t even let me sign in. I’m a little upset:(
  • Let the purchaser confirm a delivery 4/5

    By tt❤️❤️
    When I purchase on this app, I would like to rate sellers asap, but I usually have to wait until the status of the package changes to delivered on the app instead of me simply saying I have received my package. Fix pls it’s annoying.
  • Not User Friendly 1/5

    By Kaitlyn517
    Your items expire - even if you go on Depop daily. I’ve received multiple emails that “my items will expire in 7 days because we haven’t seen you lately!” Despite the fact that I check Depop nearly daily for new items that I am looking for. There is no way to easily send offers to those that have “liked” your items, nor an easy way for users to send you offers - a feature that every other buy and sell app I use has. And is crucial for when you simply want items GONE! Their search sorting is lacking, and no way to set up alerts or saved searches for items you want! Can’t say I’ve ever sold a single item after over 5 years of using the app - no way to promote my listings!
  • It’s ok 4/5

    By helpful, i love it
    Okay app, feel like the Interface could be better. It’s kind of messy in a way
  • keeps crashing 1/5

    By 1253463710
    i keep having to delete and redownload the app bc it crashes
  • Terrible 1/5

    By kayte00
    This app is not good. I have had multiple issues with tracking numbers and not getting to the buyers, I have had numerous scammers, and I have had extremely rude customers.
  • Still some bugs to fix 4/5

    By quel b.
    I really love shopping on this app, i can find everything that comes to mind. that’s nice and all but when i try to look at clothes the post wont load fully so it wont let me like, save, or message the buyer when im viewing the clothes. Overall amazing app but i really hope this gets fixed.
  • It’s okay 3/5

    By Jkicks1704
    It’s easy to use but I still don’t get how the payment works. If you get it after they get the product or wtv and I’ve sent emails but no responds
  • Great app to sell and buy anything 5/5

    By Santiago Salaverry
    It helps me as a fashion designer with a designer brand for le to showcase my designer brand
  • No money 2/5

    By madib52
    Depop takes about half of the money you make when selling clothes and then you have to pay for shipping so depending on how far away you need to ship and item you make little to no money on this app.
  • Horrible app & no customer support 1/5

    By juanhndez
    I sold an item but I had countless issues with printing a shipping label and verifying my PayPal account. They just provide a bunch of useless articles that don’t help whats so ever. Having to go from the app the PayPal is so annoying and for my situation, it didn’t seem like they were linked properly. I’ve used Mercari before and it’s a million times easier that this stupid app. The fees are also ridiculous and more than Mercari.
  • Always a dead end 3/5

    By kamdaplug
    Never able to enjoy the app by just browsing and keeping a wish list.can’t like, save or scroll through the app effectively i can go on ebay grailed goat stock x ssense and keep scrolling finding wants but not on depop and i would love to with all the users on it selling cool pieces
  • deleted my account without warning 1/5

    By heyyitsderviin
    as a 17 year old who is just trying to put aside money for college, it was absolutely heartbreaking when depop deleted my account with no notice. i was unaware that purchases outside of depop such as venmo when buyers pick up their products was not allowed. they gave me no warning before hand and simply deleted my account. i reached out to them for an appeal and they denied my claim. this was truly heartbreaking to me as i have been a loyal customer to this app not to mention having to go through uncomfortable situations with other users such as people trying to solicit pictures from me as well as actual scammers trying to take my account information. i have made 50 successful sales with all 5 star reviews and for depop to be treating me as if i am a threat to the app and refusing to work with me is truly upsetting.
  • they monitor your convos, but never replies your support requests 1/5

    By Jalgwlibfabotb
    they really be like monitoring your messages.... BUT when it comes to support request, it took them A WHOLE MONTH to reply :) ridiculous, wonder how much they spend on hiring staff to read your convos... creepy af
  • Terrible 2/5

    By DdyIsMe
    It’s near impossible to sell anything on here. Anytime you post anything, it gets taken down, and the app claims that they aren’t your photos. I took the photos myself. I keep getting suspended, for taking my own photos, it’s absolutely ridiculous.
  • horrible with purchases. 1/5

    By lilyxbelle1
    app says you need to be 12+ to use. i’m still a minor therefore i cannot make a paypal account. it never told me i needed to make one but instead used MY email and information to make a paypal account i cant even sign into because i’m not old enough and i never made a password. bc of this, i’m not able to buy what i want to buy and it wont go through my card.
  • Gorgeous charm for my phone 5/5

    By EllaParis21
    I absolutely love this phone charm it looks super cute on my phone and I love that you support animal welfare like the dolphins. I recommend buying from a maker like you who make fab products while making a positive impact.
  • Limits 4/5

    By User1two9
    I can only post 4 pictures per item, not to mention all the problems with the app. And needs more computer support
  • Amazing seller 5/5

    By gavinc01
    Easily the best deals on the app. Has a lot of dope pieces and is super easy to work with. Definitely recommend!
  • Irresponsible 1/5

    By wittyxwitch
    Cute stuff, for sure, but if anything goes wrong with your order, Depop shirks responsibility of a refund to PayPal even if you don’t use PayPal, and it is IMPOSSIBLE to get a refund on a missing order.
  • Bad sign up/login 1/5

    By gsgsbbdbd
    Doesn’t let me sign up with my phone number🤷‍♂️
  • Zero customer sevice 1/5

    By AngelofDeath275
    they really like putting hefty fines on what you sell claiming its to help keep the app running sooo smoothly. So why do they have zero customer service, crappy ui and sooo many glitches
  • rings 5/5

    By gabhrksnanannananannananan
    rings fit well and are sooo pretty
  • almost perfect 4/5

    By ajdea
    i love depop so much i spend sO much time on here, but it’s so annoying that i can’t have my sizes when i’m searching in the ‘all _______’ sections. would be perfect if i could
  • Sellers should be able to reply to reviews 4/5

    By usshsjah
    I think it would be a great idea for sellers to publicly reply to reviews.(just like the depop team is replying to these) I sell jewelry and i have gotten a couple bad reviews about the quality, since then i have started making better quality necklaces. There is no way for people that are checking my reviews to know that i no longer use the same supples. I love depop and it’s been my favorite app to sell jewelry on but this is affecting my sales and i am not sure who to contact about it.
  • Trash 1/5

    By supercali11111111
    Too many bugs. Not even just stuff you can kind of look over. Constantly annoyed with this app.
  • fix the app. 1/5

    By urbadfriend
    lots of bugs kinda of suprising how they take so much royalties and don’t even update the app.
  • Unfair and unresponsive 1/5

    By Sugawtermelon
    This app DEPOOP is very unfair and unresponsive when it comes to solving issues for both seller and buyers. And racists as well always shutting down POC depops for whatever reason they wanna claim🙄🙄 like some of us POC NEED these accounts as they’re our only source of income as the moment even if it’s just a couple bucks. But no!!!!! They do not understand that and rather keep taking from OUR black and brown pockets because of their “rules”. They keep deleting my accounts for helping other buyers save money and then I can’t make money and almost starve or can’t pay my bills on time. So thank depop for not taking this into consideration!!!!!!!!!
  • Zero customer service 1/5

    By 寒排
    Depop does NOT offer seller and buyer protection. PayPal does! As a buyer, if you receive an item not as described. You have to initiate return refund process through PayPal. What’s the point of charging the selling fee if you don’t provide no service for customers? Just pay through PayPal goods and services to save on fee and tax, PayPal will have everything covered for you. Depop is useless
  • New update wiped my drafts 3/5

    By mccg2
    I am a consistent seller and have been using depop to sell clothes for about a year now, and after just updating my app every single one of my 30+ drafts have been wiped. All of them had so much detailed information in them and now I have to go back and re select and add captions to everything that was in there. I'm extremely disappointed. Overall I love this app, though! It's usually so easy to use I just wish my drafts would have stayed :(
  • I got scammed 1/5

    By cvdgvyc
    I got scammed and there is no customer help. I paid 150 dollars for some shoes then the seller deleted his pages and marked the item as delivered and when I filled a claim they ruled it in his favor. I just want a refund.
  • Alright 3/5

    By tadeo_vr08
    I bought some items of the app and some came in but it’s been 2 weeks now and 1 of my items HAVENT even been shipped out, another one one of my items haven’t been shipped out in like 5 days until the seller contacted me and gave me refund. The other seller still has not responded after 2 weeks and I haven’t gotten my refund. Depop is a hit or miss and you just have to hope the seller ships the item out and in the condition they describe it since I’ve had a 2 shirts that had a stain even tho they said new/never used and some pants that had a hole :/
  • Thrifting Made Easy! 5/5

    By thenessamessa
    After learning about the fast-fashion industry (particularly the working conditions and effects it has on the environment) awhile back, I decided I wanted to start thrifting the majority of clothing I buy. This app is perfect to achieve that goal. I’ve found so many nice pieces for super affordable prices and I get to feel good about supporting ordinary people/small businesses, and taking part in recycling. All without having to leave my house.
  • Depop, fix your app 2/5

    By Melissanatti
    Just updated my app and now if you’re experiencing an issue with a seller (like them not sending you the merch), you can’t do anything about it. The “I would like a refund/I haven’t received my item” options don’t work.
  • Size filter 3/5

    By Zariahuds
    Please for the love of god fix the size filters!! They glitch constantly and don't work!
  • I have not received my money yet 1/5

    By aaroxn
    Depop why is it that’s you guys say you have my money on hold and say you will send me my money to me when the package is delivered to the customer but yet the The package was delivered on Friday March 26 and it’s now Thursday April 1st and I still don’t have my money , my pay pal is verified and has everything up to date so what is the problem
  • Explore needs work 4/5

    By pweep pwop
    I love this app, however I think the Explore/My DNA sections leave a lot to be desired. First of all, most of the items on this page are way out of my price range, which doesn’t work for me because I go on this app looking for deals. Second, it mainly shows clothing and I use the app mainly for collectibles & music. It might be better if I could customize the categories & price range on the My DNA part. Until then, that part of the app just gets in my way while I’m searching for things.
  • Terrible customer support 1/5

    By penny_spaghetti
    If a seller doesn’t send your item they are terrible at getting you a refund. They don’t remove sellers from the app who have taken peoples money without shipping any items. Even when the seller has done it multiple times.
  • Login Failure 1/5

    By Samara the hedgi
    I love depop, but the recent glitches have made it impossible to login to my account at all. I’ve tried deleting and reinstalling the app, but no matter what it just says that the operation could not be completed. One of my favorite apps too :(