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Depop - Streetwear & Vintage

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Depop - Streetwear & Vintage App

Buy. Sell. Discover. Join the social marketplace where over 15M people come to buy, sell and discover unique fashion. Start exploring and get inspired by rare and unique items from creatives all over the world. Open your own Depop shop. Sell by taking a photo or video with your phone. Follow friends and connect with other buyers and sellers. Join the community of creatives who are reshaping fashion for their generation. Shop popular brands like: Adidas Champion Patagonia Off-White Nike Supreme Vans Polo Urban Outfitters Converse Yeezy ...and many more GET INVOLVED Set up a profile, connect your social media and start listing items. BUILD AN EMPIRE Connect your PayPal to receive payments as your items sell. DISCOVER UNIQUE FASHION Explore millions of unique items and save your favorites into Collections. Purchase items using your PayPal account. Search for rare sneakers, streetwear, vintage fashion and more. All in-app purchases are 100% protected by PayPal Protection. FIND YOUR PEOPLE Follow other sellers, link to your social media accounts, add your friends and find new inspiration. What are you waiting for? Download Depop now. Any questions? Head to for more.

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Depop - Streetwear & Vintage app reviews

  • Love it! 5/5

    By HowieSmelc
    I love the app, and always got what was advertised! The only thing I have issue with is in the “Things We Love” page there was stuff that has already been sold, but that’s so small of thing!
  • Wishlist !! 5/5

    By bsidiwjjdd
    Y’all should add wishlists to send to family and friends so they can buy gifts for somebody
  • I love it before but the update is terrible 1/5

    By Wowwowluvdis
    The update is going to be really negative for small shops. Depop changed the layout of the app where the explore is the first thing you see instead of your personal feed. Please change this depop, it’s going to hurt many people’s shops. Otherwise I would rate it higher
  • Great app! 5/5

    By theveganone™
    No complaints
  • Love/Hate relationship. 3/5

    By This app doesnt work well
    I am a top seller on Depop. I make good money, and I enjoy Depop. BUT, Depop does not care about all top sellers, or any sellers for that matter. They recently created a new update that took away the feed from direct view. You now have to go and select “Feed” to actually... see your feed... posts from the people you FOLLOW. Instead, now we are forced to see the explore page (which has nothing even remotely accurate as to my interests) and then categories. This is going to hurt so many shops. I will not be getting business like I was, and so many people that follow me will not see my listings anymore. This goes for majority of shops. The only people they benefit from this change, are the handful of people that are featured on the explore page and the selected top sellers that are shown off. I’m so incredibly disappointed and I hope Depop hears our criticism, and listens.
  • Amazing 5/5

    By p.3.n15
  • Worst app 1/5

    By 💯🐒👍
    This is the worst app I ever tried selling on. You have scammers that get refunded and you get robbed of your products not to mention @aplanetkid (Sebastian) is falsely accusing people of scamming. And having accounts banned for no reason all.
  • Yeah 3/5

    By sksjxnakcj j
    I can find great stuff on here and sure u love it! But sometimes it glitches out and I won’t be able to get anything new on my feed or suggestions
  • Problem with shipping info 3/5

    By jejendkle
    I like the app. It makes shopping online very easy especially when it’s other people buying and selling clothing but I keep having this one problem that isn’t getting fixed. I put all my information for shipping in correctly but after I’m done purchasing I check my receipt and it changes some of the numbers. With me it changed my apartment number from 66 to 6 and it has caused me so much trouble trying to message the seller and having them buy a new shipping label. This has happened to me 3 times already. Every time I think it will actually work but WRONG! It does it again. I am not happy with it at all and I’m never going to use this app again. I kinda sound like a Karen but idc.
  • Meh 3/5

    By ajxnrjskcnr
    Love reselling vintage goods on here. However, the people who made it are biased AF. People like myself put a lot of time and effort into our shops only to go unnoticed half of the time. I’ve seen a lot of explore page worthy photos but apparently not worthy enough for the creators? 🤔 who knows. Just don’t beat yourself up when you don’t get a chance to be featured. It’s not your shop that’s the problem, it’s the people who made it or whoever the hell is in charge of picking and choosing.
  • newest obsession 5/5

    By h e y !
    depop has been my new favorite app, i’ve spent so much time on it lately. the way the app is set up is simple yet great. it’s not complicated and anyone can work it and i think that’s the best part!
  • LOVE IT 5/5

    By AlyssaAlizabeth
    Fav app to sell on ! I made over 19 sales within Jan - March 😍Only take 10% and a SMALL depop fee which is not much at all! You definitely get your earnings! Check my shop out @alyssaalizabeth
  • Where is the moderator 1/5

    By Carldfwu
    This app is literally unusable all you can see When you go to search for something is these spam accounts with screenshots of everyone saying they are a scammer like come on guys are you really trying to say everyone on here is like that leave it to the app staff to decide please fix so it can go back to being a decent app
  • Amazing app 5/5

    By Borealiskk
    I had recently been scammed, so I reached out to the depop team and they took care of my problem immediately! It’s a good app to find things on a budget, I highly recommend.
  • Save your money and list elsewhere!! 1/5

    By Sydnee Kilbride
    Honestly I would use literally any other app out there than Depop because of the massive percentage they take from your sale. Use Mercari where the selling fee is 10%. I kid you not, I sold a pair of boots for $20 and a top for $9 and I only get $12.50 out of a $29 sale... That’s not even HALF what the sale was. There is literally no reason to sell on this app over other apps that do the exact same thing and actually give you more of your money. I am deleting my account for sure. Don’t even bother making one.
  • Love this app! 5/5

    By Issa me 😆
    It’s a great way to find clothes that fit whatever aesthetic you’re going for. You’ll find people who sell great stuff for cheap as well as stuff on the pricey end. One of my fav apps! Great well to sell too.
  • takes way too much in fees 1/5

    By Wan-Tand
    takes way too much out for “fees”. i only made $4 off of a $20 purchase. would’ve made more if i sold it on poshmark instead
  • need little bit more improvements 4/5

    By werdio child
    I bagged a couple of stuff when I went to my bag it was not there I lOwkEy pretty sad about.I just wanted to write this review because the app need a little bit improvement.
  • Good app but... 5/5

    By BelSnyder
    I love this app but it would be much easier to find items I am interested in buying if posts automatically deleted after they were sold. That’s why I gave the app a 4/5.
  • Buyer 5/5

    By rarefindsla
    Easy to use and convenient!
  • My favorite shopping app ever!! 5/5

    By jellybub10669
    This is the perfect app for buying clothes. Everything is so easy to use it makes me question if i’m doing it right lol. I usually never review apps unless they really deserve it and let me tell you this one deserves it. I’ve found super rare items at such a low price. If you like not spending a lot of money but also like shopping this is 100% the app for you. Not only does it have super cute and good quality clothes but some of the prices for items are so good. I could go on for days about how much I love this app but that would get boring fast but the point is if you’re questioning on getting this app just definitely get it is sooo worth it!
  • Crashes 2/5

    By chickpeaa
    App crashes a lot on my phone
  • Remove your items for NO reason 1/5

    By Will6705
    They will remove my items. They also take things I like out of my likes so I can’t find them. Their service is AWFUL. They aren’t helpful at all. They will just say “sorry, we are working on fixing the problem, email us” something along those lines. They say that they monitor 24/7 but there are a TON of scammers on this app. You can’t send more pictures or videos in dms and the limited amount of pictures you can post is four! Depop needs to get their stuff together. There are far better selling apps out there. Do NOT waste your time on Depop. Along with others, I am very unsatisfied.
  • Great app! 3/5

    By lil.lizzz
    more room for the photos! Also a way to edit your store feed without having to go on the computer, because I like to edit them by color or outfits. Other than that great app (:

    By lydia w7
    I love this app I really do, and I hate for it to come to this. I refunded a buyer when things got too complicated with depop not sending me the label that the buyer paid for (the money was taken out of my paypal transaction with the buyer). So I refunded her because I wasn’t about to pay for shipping plus the label that the buyer bought which was absurd. When I refunded her i was expecting the $5.10 that depop had taken for the label to be sent back to her!!! INSTEAD I PAID THE BUYER FOR THE $5.10 THAT DEPOP HAD TAKEN ME!!! poof it was gone.
  • Love the app ..but 4/5

    By HoosierEhrhrart
    I love the app to buy and sell, but not to browse. please bring back the option to see the price without having to click on the image. I find myself avoiding the app often and using others that are easier to look at.
  • mercari’s features are better 3/5

    By jjjjjoycez
    honestly depop is severely lacking. there’s no way to cancel an order before it ships unless you get the seller to agree and refund through paypal. in my case, the seller was a scam and just ignored my messages asking to cancel. depop says i need to handle refunds by coming to an agreement with the seller, which is fine, but when the seller is so obviously a scam, i still can’t even get my money back until a week later when they haven’t shipped their non existent item yet. it’s frustrating. there’s not even a goddamn option to report scams. mercari is so much better with this. the buyer can request a cancellation and the transaction will automatically be cancelled if the seller does not respond within 24 hours. mercari also has a “save search” option, which is like following a search. you will be able to see the new items of certain searches on your for you page. it’s so helpful. i also hate that depop doesn’t allow you to search for sold items. i often discover good sellers by searching for things that have sold. it’s also helpful for sellers to see the items that have sold and what price they were sold at so they know what to price their own items. it’s a pain for the sold items to just completely disappear when you search for things. while in mercari, they have filters for items on sale and items already sold. depop has so many inconveniences that can be EASILY fixed. learn from mercari, they’re killing it. - @joycezhanng on depop (brandy girl lol)
  • Love the App 5/5

    By Reese's Cocoa Puffs
    I absolutely love the app. Its just like being in a thift store. I love the idea that you could like your clothes to go back to as well as save others. But I have 2 minor problems. (1) Whenever I go to the people I follow, it won't let me load all of them, only a few. (2) Some of my collections wont let me put a cover on it, its just gray. But overall a great app!
  • Shop here! 5/5

    By lux Mix tapes
    I’m glade you I’m recycling and getting one of a kind threads here!
  • Depop Experience 5/5

    By Ahh ducky
    This is my favorite app to sell on. Everybody from sellers to buyers are all professional which makes this experience great and all transactions are smooth. Thanks Depop for being excellent!
  • Depop doesnt care about scammers. 1/5

    By pastelpiixel
    User @femalefriciton is a scammer. Posting a listing for anime figures, and sold the same figures to several people, keeps the money, and never ships them out because the ONE figure gets sold to many people. Reported to depop and they won’t do anything about it Most of the people scammed can’t get their money back. I purchase through depop with the “buy” button, which should mean I have buyer protection, but it’s done me no good as I still can’t get my money back. The scammers account is still up and hasn’t faced any consequences after stealing hundreds of dollars from scamming.
  • Fix buggs 3/5

    By @mybieberhomie
    The app doesn’t work if you are a seller I’ve been having trouble since the update with enlisting my items and locking into my account saying it’s invalid and making me try again in 24 hrs and when i try after a day it still goes back to 24 hrs
  • Awesome 5/5

    By Megan Omerta
    Excellent app
  • Sellers beware. 1/5

    There is a seller (ruby lyn @rubylyn) who is scamming sellers. She is purchasing clothes from others, claiming that she never received them and gets a refund but then flaunts them around on Instagram. Many sellers have opened disputes against her. Updating my review because Depop is disgustingly biased against sellers. I report many other sellers for tag spamming and nothing is ever done because I keep coming across their same exact listings again and again. All of a sudden, Depop removes my listings for no reason and accuse me for tag spamming which I never have done before. Pathetic...
  • The need of PayPal to sell 4/5

    By datrose35
    4/5 because for selling u have a have a paypal
  • Really love it! 5/5

    By allthenicknamesaretakenig
    I am obsessed!!! Depop has great prices and brands and it’s the best way to thrift! This app is a great way to stay in style and help the environment. By using the perfectly good clothes that are already on the planet, we save resources that animals, plants, and people on earth desperately need.
  • Stripe/Apple Pay 1/5

    By Turtle Lyfee
    I’ve purchased many things on depop and everything has been through depop and PayPal. I recently updated and it wants me to use Stripe and Apple Pay. I’m not comfortable doing so and would much rather have the PayPal protection. Please change it back.
  • Thank you for spreading awareness! 5/5

    By JenniRibbCage
    I’ve used Depop to sell items and purchase clothing for the past few years and I just read their update for the current epidemic we’re going thru and read all their suggestions and I am so pleased to see they actually care! They care about your safety and the safety of others and I really hope they treat their employees just the same! Thank you for spreading awareness, we’ll get thru this!
  • Annoyed 1/5

    By harry styles🥰
    I had already sign up and was actually really interested in buying some cute things. I was liking but I couldn’t Log in.. I tried making a new account but I couldn’t use my phone number And I tried using Facebook but didn’t work at all. I really wish I could just put my phone number and it would let me at least restart my password.. Just disappointing
  • Best app ever 5/5

    By kat3064
    Love this app sm
  • Depop 2/5

    By sx😍
    This app was good, but recently many sellers add in description of an item huge list of designers making search by designer impossible. They should allow only one description of a maker. If this continues It will make this app useless. App is constantly updated with new versions which are getting worse and worse.
  • Lots of good finds but SO BUGGY 3/5

    By Liz2910!
    I’ve used this app on an off for a few years and I always download it, look at stuff, maybe buy a couple things and then after like a week I delete it because it’s buggy and I get fed up.

    By Asia Ramirez
    Frustrated as hell it says error way to often and even when I close and open the app it's still doesn't work i have to do it 4-5-6 times
  • Please fix filtering by size 3/5

    By maya3125
    Please fix the sorting by size algorithm!!! People are constantly mislabeling sizes or stating sizes in captions rather than officially which makes filtering by size a nightmare and almost renders it totally useless. Aside from that great app
  • Just getting an acct 1/5

    By tcordovalemus23
    I kept hearing about this website/app and I’ve finally wanted to see what it had to offer. BUT I CANT EVEN MAKE IT PAST LOGIN IN. First I make an act simple directions I follow and I’m ready to go, after having to reset my password 5 times. And than as well being locked out WHEN USING THE RIGHT ONE. Than saying I can’t make another acct because I’m using the same phone number. And than when all login in info is correct “an error has occurred” and than restarting my phone and app, and even the website as I was hoping to make through either. AND STILL NOT GETTING THROUGH! Why make it so difficult, I’ve been waiting to see and was hopefully gonna buy something. But now I can’t even reach past the sign up or login in. VERY disappointed. And surprise I’m not an old person, I’m a teenager. I’ve made probably hundreds of accounts and might’ve have a problem but it was fixed in a couple minutes. But this is very disappointing.
  • 🔥🔥🔥 5/5

    By Cornellius-_-
  • Great app 5/5

    By _TRENT_
    The perfect place to buy vintage
  • No, just no 1/5

    By anaeli23
    This app always takes down my posts, and it’s not even “harmful” they’re just my pictures of my clothes! Also they keep deleting my account, when I finally had my chance to make a new account, two days later it was deleted by depop! It was only my art that I was selling! When I try to contact them they’re just people who don’t even try to help, I’m kinda convinced they’re just robots. :/
  • uh 2/5

    By stephanieluvv
    it’s glitchy

Depop - Streetwear & Vintage app comments

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