Depop - Streetwear & Vintage

Depop - Streetwear & Vintage

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  • Current Version: 2.175
  • Adult Rating: 12+
  • Developer: Depop Ltd
  • Compatibility: Android
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Depop - Streetwear & Vintage App

Buy. Sell. Discover. Join the social marketplace where over 27M+ people come to buy, sell and discover unique fashion. Start exploring and get inspired by rare and unique items from creatives all over the world. Open your own Depop shop. Sell by taking a photo or video with your phone. Follow friends and connect with other buyers and sellers. Join the community of creatives who are reshaping fashion for their generation. Shop popular brands like: Adidas Champion Patagonia Off-White Nike Supreme Vans Polo Urban Outfitters Converse Yeezy ...and many more GET INVOLVED Set up a profile, connect your social media and start listing items. BUILD AN EMPIRE Connect your PayPal to receive payments as your items sell. DISCOVER UNIQUE FASHION Explore millions of unique items and save your favorites into Collections. Purchase items using your PayPal account. Search for rare sneakers, streetwear, vintage fashion and more. All in-app purchases are 100% protected by PayPal Protection. FIND YOUR PEOPLE Follow other sellers, link to your social media accounts, add your friends and find new inspiration. What are you waiting for? Download Depop now. Any questions? Head to for more.

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Depop - Streetwear & Vintage app reviews

  • Freezes 4/5

    By A.Chickens
    freezes so much
  • make this god awful app work 1/5

    By delaney922
    constant bugs. such a horrible experience. and “DNA” has horrible recommendations.
  • Stopped using 1/5

    By Clementine3
    After 4 orders not being filled because I the sellers 1) “forgot”, 2) “lost the item”, 3) took a month+ to send I stopped using this app. There’s no accountability for sellers who don’t send the item they sold and there just seems to be a non-Chalant attitude in general. It’s so frustrating to not get an it you pay for. Anyway, deleted the app and will continue to use eBay and other reputable sites. Bummer though. Maybe since Etsy owns it now it’ll get better?
  • Used To Love Depop but not anymore 1/5

    By frustrated depop seller
    I used to love depop but I don’t love it anymore. Before Etsy bought depop and changed the depop algorithm I used to get good engagement on my depop now I get a 1-4 likes on my post a day. 4 likes in a day if the algorithm is feeling generous. Today I only got one like on one item??? When I used to get multiple likes on multiple items in a day!! And my likes used to be up in the 20s and up within a week or 2. Now that Etsy has taken over the most likes I got on a post is 10 …. in 2 weeks?? I used to get messages about items a few times in a week or two after Etsy changed the algorithm I get 1 message for a item in 2 weeks?? I also used to make sales quickly maybe like one or 2 in a week which was great for me. With the new algorithm I haven’t made a sale in 2 weeks!!!!?!? Was planning on making depop my full time job when the app was good but it doesn’t look like I will be doing that anymore because of the new algorithm. I’m even considering ditching depop as a whole and using other resale apps to sale clothes on because depop is dead now. Super disappointed to see a app I used to love totally change into something I don’t want to put any effort into anymore kinda feels like depop switched up on their sellers to me. 😡

    By 420vegan
    The app keep crashing as soon as I open it, so I have been using the website. However, I am unable to see my purchase history on the website and therefore cannot see my tracking information. Please update the website so that depop is more accessible to people without the latest iPhone !
  • Why have filters if you won’t fix them 3/5

    By qwerrttyuuioooop
    Used Depop for years, I will actually write as great review if the filter feature actually works. Not sure why it’s there if every time I the filter by size option it says no sizes are available to filter by. Make the feature functional.
  • Unable to access old account or create a new one 5/5

    By sheidbwndisbdjxnd
    I had an old account that I want to delete in order to have a new one for my handmade goods. However, I can’t access it no matter what I do. I don’t know why it’s just broken for me but it is. I’m trying to make money and I don’t want to sell on Etsy, which is where I’ve gone since I am unable to sell on Depop. I wish that a new account only needed an email. I don’t understand why you need my phone number or why it can’t be linked to more than one account. Etsy allows multiple storefronts for the same creator under the same original email. Do better.
  • Customer service needs improvement 3/5

    By Ramble On Rocks
    I really love this app. I have had some of my best sales experiences here and met so many wonderful, like minded people. As long as there are no issues, you are good. There isn’t a way to directly chat about any issues. It’s a long process through email. Seems like there is no way of fully explaining a situation. It’s not that customer service is bad, it isn’t developed with live chat, a phone number, nothing direct enough, and most issues are time sensitive. It causes sellers to loose profit. Other than that, this is my favorite selling app. I love the relaxed feel and still have so much respect between buyers and sellers is awesome!!
  • Banned for no reason 1/5

    By sandys from texaa
    Thank you to this app for banning a person of color. I had a great reputation on the app and had over 300 5 star reviews. I was targeted and harassed by people for not lowering my prices, etc. Woke up to my account banned without a chance to appeal it.
  • Wee pop! 5/5

    By h2hans
    Great finds on this app easy to use and efficient

    By FlawlessxSong
    Depop took $32 from an account that I don’t use anymore, which made my balance negative. They have no customer service so I can’t even talk to anybody about it. Really messed up.
  • >:( save my data 1/5

    By pissedenoughtowrite
    Every time I have to update it deletes my bag. There’s stuff in there that I searched for that I was waiting to buy. I don’t want to have to scroll all the way through my saved to find them again :( this is awful! Fix it!!!
  • Okay App 3/5

    By TaraMidwest
    I’ve been on here Depop for a few years , I only sell and never buy . It’s easy enough to list items , sometimes I do wish you could add more photos . The premade tags sometimes aren’t very helpful depending on the item you are selling and I do think the fees are kind of high . I’ve noticed they only feature people modeling their items, I show my items on a mannequin. I mostly sell swimsuits and handmade intimate items so I don’t “ model “ them . I’ve been on the site for about 5 years and to my knowledge I don’t think I’ve been “ featured “ . Also those long drawn out stories about a used t shirt with holes and stains I see on other pages are weird but I guess it’s a market for it . I just describe the item . Give the details and go about my day . I get tons of “ likes “ and people following not as many sales . Also it’s annoying if you actually need customer service , you have to email them then go back and forth trying to get your issue resolved . I see a lot of reviews about being scammed , I’ve never had that issue . The few times I’ve encountered rude customers I just immediately block them . I ship pretty fast 1-2 days and have great reviews .
  • Poor Customer Service 1/5

    By Ohbabyitsuzy
    I was sent product that was too small, when I confronted the merchant about it they said it was my fault that I did not request a bigger size when that was never even an option. When I reached out to Depop about it, they wouldn’t help me. The seller wrote a horrible review of me and Depop won’t remove the review. Horrible customer service.
  • Don’t take this app too seriously 1/5

    By marova993
    People treat this app like social media for clothes rather than a selling app
  • locked out of my account and can never make a new one 1/5

    By angell🌟
    literally the worst website and app design ever i will never be able to make another count because of how awful this system is.
  • sell clothes elsewhere 1/5

    By Agxajxba
    the worst app to be a seller on
  • just keeps getting worse and worse 1/5

    By lisanicoleiannarino4887
    customer service has always been terrible (sellers are the only good thing about the app). but recently, they raised their fees to an outrageous 10%, decided they were going to start reading people’s private messages (hello big brother), randomly deleted over 100 items in my shopping bag, and now with the latest update, the already slow app wont even open. it just keeps crashing. i like supporting the sellers, hate giving any of my money to depop. i will be selling my items on poshmark going forward, and will tell people to sell elsewhere too, because depop cares only about themselves while treating customers like crap. what a shame, could have been such a great thing, but they just get worse and worse.
  • Best app 5/5

    By patricia arcet
    Best app ever!
  • Additions should be made 5/5

    By mentallymarriedtojughead
    I love this app! Such a wonderful way to make money. I do have some things you should add though to make it easier to sell things. I think we should be able to move our items into sections on our page to make it easier for people to looks for what they would like. I also think you should take more action against scammers. People will take an $11 skirt off romwe and scam people not telling them it’s romwe and sell it for $30. To an extent this should not be allowed. I feel you should put the brand in the description no matter what. I also think that when we save an item we should be able to have sections like “buy later” or “skirts” and sections labeled like that. I’ve been having glitchy issues where the app will freeze or it will force me to slide out of a page then slide me out of the next right after. It’s very frustrating because I either hav two retype everything or scroll all the way back down.
  • Depop is a joke. Sell your Luxury items elsewhere 1/5

    By livlaughlove69
    I am a 5 star rated seller on Poshmark and Depop. I have been on Poshmark for 3 years and Depop a little over one. I sell Authentic, vintage Luxury bags, mainly Gucci and Louis Vuitton. After being on Depop for over a year, and making multiple sales on my authentic Luxury items, last night Depop emailed me telling me that all my items were fake and took down all my listings! I emailed them with proof that my items were authentic. Within 5 minutes, they had already responded saying they looked at my evidence and that they still believe my items to be fake. There is no way that they thoroughly inspected over 50 photos and verified 10+ serial numbers and date codes in less than 5 minutes. They are lazy and don’t want to do the work to verify the authenticity of my items. Other platforms authenticate the items for the seller and the buyer to prevent sales of fake items. Depop is just a joke in the luxury department. After this email exchange, I searched Louis Vuitton on their platform, and the first 5 items to pop up were all fakes. Congratulations Depop, you convinced me to delete my account, and you pushed an honest seller of your platform.
  • No good anymore 2/5

    By vampirebat13
    LOVED this app before the whole depop payments kind of deal. It was so easy to work through and do business but now with this depop payment mess, it made this app a bust. Not recommending it until they remove this option and go back to their paypal option. It was such an amazing app before this.
  • Happy with purchases, but app can improve 3/5

    By LauraNC
    I’m really happy with the purchases I’ve made on the app. And, the one time the transaction did not go well (out of maybe 15 purchases I’ve made), it was really easy to get refunded. However, it really bothers me that the app sizing filters ignore your preferences. After filtering for specific sizes, I still get items in my results that are smaller than the sizes I specified. You then have to tap into each listing and scroll down to see if the item you clicked on is actually within your size range. It would be one thing if they included items larger than your size preferences. But it’s another to include sizes that are smaller. I can’t wear sizes smaller than I’m specifying, why are you showing them to me? It’s really frustrating. PLEASE depop, if you’re reading this, PLEASE fix this. I’d rather you show me no results than make me tap into each listing after I already applied a filter. If there’s nothing in my size, that’s ok. Just make it easy for me to move on to other searches 🖤
  • The future of shopping 5/5

    By jacko_lin
  • so terrible stay away.. 1/5

    By stayawayfromdepop123
    depop customer service is very rude and they permanently banned my account after false accusations THEY made towards ME!!
  • I would rate zero stars if I could 1/5

    By Shirley08639473
    I sold a pair of shoes on Depop for the very first time and the buyer claimed the shoe I send them was not the size listed - this was not true Due to Depop’s use of PayPal for payments, I lost the claim on PayPal and had to take the buyers return. I wound up being charged a $15 fee for the dispute charge and an additions $7 fee. So I actually lost money by selling on Depop. Customer service on Depop and PayPal’s end was horrible. I will never be using Depop again. Use this app if you want to loose money and have bad customer service.
  • Millions of users? Now way thats true 1/5

    By Swagby019
    I had a account for awhile just to Test things out because I sell on other services. Starting out I put my most popular items that are a guarantee to get some interest and action and I seriously didn’t get a single knibble hardly any views and then it was a nightmare to be able to close my account I had to email back and forth about 20 times to be able to close it. I wouldnt be surprised if my account was still open lol
  • bad experience w this app 1/5

    By rarluvr
    Been using depop for almost 2 years now when depop took all my listings down with no explanation, so i lost all engagement and over 500 likes on one post. They basically hide their contact info so i wasn’t able to email them to get my listings back up. so many ppl on this app resell things way more than what they’re worth. More than 10% is cut from selling items than the 10% cut that they claim. Also they keep sending me notifications for sellers that I could not care less about and there’s no way to turn them off without turning off all notifications. pls do urself a favor and do not download this app
  • Giving it a two star only cause I need help lol 2/5

    By 📲🙆🏻👌🏻
    I have so many friends and cousins who sell their clothes here. But I can’t sell my stuff without “active your depop balance to get paid”… I texted my cousin about this and send her screenshots about it to see if she got this and she didn’t when she started her account. So I don’t know if it’s an update thing or not or it’s just me because she told me she NEVER had to do that sooooo. Does anyone know who I can contact like an email or something to see if they can help me solve this. Because I really wanna sell my clothes here since I heard good things from this app based off on them.
  • App is great but they have so much rules 2/5

    By loveshackfancy
    Horrible! They never answer and help you with any of your problems so you’re kind of expected to do things on your own. I’ve been using this app for years and I expected better for a company that cares so much about their “customers”
  • AMAZING! 5/5

    By Nick poo poo
    AMAZING. Depop is the perfect app to buy clothes. If you are selling clothes though never message the buyer unless it’s through the app. People do scam but haven’t ran into a scam when buying. Other than that this app is great!
  • Very intuitive 5/5

    By Tony_the_boss
    I’m thankful to have you in my life and it means that much to me
  • glitch/freezing 3/5

    By caarly11
    After a few minutes of use of the app, it freezes on every single attempted action; when I try to see the description of an item, when I try to go back, and when i go to a profile. I have to go to my iphone home screen and back to the app to complete the action( to unfreeze) and once I try to do something else, it'll freeze again. The only time it doesn't freeze is to comment, like, save, or message from the description of an item screen. It's extremely irritating that I have to refresh depop(clear the depop app from the application switcher) to momentarily fix the freezing issue, especially when I've scrolled deep into my search and don't want to lose my place. it's only been until recently that this has been happening, other than that, depop is a great app when it's smoothly operating.
  • Please avoid 1/5

    By Thecr0nch
    The fact that I’ve been scammed MULTIPLE times as a buyer, seller, and swapper, and that it’s so easy to scam people on this app. After swapping with someone, they didn’t send me my item, and wouldn’t answer any of my messages despite being active. For a MONTH. After I finally left a poor review for never receiving my item or getting replies, they immediately messaged me saying some very aggressive things, and eventually saying they’d send back the item I sent them instead of my own item, and left me a one star review claiming I had lied about the size of the clothes I’d sent them and that I was “rude”. Then they blocked me. Luckily, I was able to contact depop to have the review removed for being false, because my depop messages showed I had given them exact measurements of the clothing. However, they were unable to do anything else. I wasn’t ever unblocked so I’m unsure of if my review was removed as well. But I never received any kind of refund or any of the items, and depop only ever sent me an email saying they deleted the false review. On another occasion, after I listed an item I had previously bought on depop (for less than I’d bought it at) the previous owner messaged me to curse me out for reselling the item (I had to bc it didn’t fit, and I was having some sort of an allergic reaction to it). Then they blocked me. And then posted a “callout post” about me. Nothing was done about this. I have been scammed in swaps multiple times. On one occasion the seller even sold the items they agreed to swap me after receiving their items. Sellers will simply not send you your item for months. Buyers will block you after agreeing to buy an item or ghost you. It is also ridiculously difficult to make any sort of a profit on this app, and i oftentimes found myself LOSING money after selling an item. The main item I sold was “mystery bundles” for different clothing styles. The last straw was when depop, without warning after TWO YEARS, decided to remove all of my listings at once, send me multiple emails, and several depop messages, and threaten to delete my account for violating their guidelines. All at the same time, with no warning. Because apparently mystery boxes fall under their rules against “lotteries and giveaways”. However, their many verified sellers are allowed to sell mystery boxes of the exact same kind that I sold for two years without issue. I looked, and SO MANY of their verified sellers are apparently just allowed to sell prohibited items. So I looked more! And more people are having similar issues! Especially the part where almost everyone has been scammed on here at least once! This app is extremely flawed, and I don’t recommend it at all. It is not fun or even safe to use.

    By Ohuctxrcnxvh
    y’all don’t even waste your time on this trashy app. i was just banned for genuinely no reason and they refuse to give me my account back. ridiculous.
  • Happy to steal from sellers 1/5

    By Chandler Haggis
    God forbid you become a seller on this app, will charge you the shipping even though it says it will charge the customer, on top of this 10% is an aggressive fee and there is no way to get in contact with customer service. I’d say take a look at eBay.
  • Giuseppe Jackie 5/5

    By Giuseppe n Jacqueline
    How long does it take now
  • PayPal 👎🏼👎🏼 3/5

    By Bdfgbhjgsrbvhjbtrs
    My bank doesn’t allow me to connect my debit card to paypal so i’m not able to create a depop store :( Hoping you guys can make it possible to accept payments directly though depop in the future
  • Constantly slow 3/5

    By pmsatisfiessssss
    Depop would be one of my go to apps if it wasn’t constantly working half the speed as my other apps! Every time I update my listings it lags and I thought it was a small error the first time it happened but it happens constantly! I don’t use it as much as I’d like because of that reason I need speed!!! I want to be able to work fast and diligently across my multiple selling platforms but find myself choosing this as my last resort! I do like the fact you get paid right away once you have passed the “probation” period I like to call it! So if I need a quick buck I try to make a sale on this app!
  • great for selling all types of clothes 5/5

    By marsmars182
    Excellent setup , great experience and terrific service
  • Can’t make an account 1/5

    By Optimusprime847
    It’s disheartening that if you get scammed ON THE APP, you have to wait almost 2 weeks from your purchase date to get a refund. I was scammed out $80 and wanted my money back to do my Black Friday shipping but I have to wait to get my money back for an item I’m never getting… because it’s “fair” to the seller.
  • gentrification 1/5

    By EmoKid1102
    Everything is too expensive for used products. It totally ruins is for people who genuinely want to thrift online and everything is store priced. Get over yourself Emily, your wardrobe isn’t worth as much as gucci.
  • Great app 3/5

    By Mooniethe13
    Would get 5/5 if I didn’t have to spend so much in it
  • Abuses sellers / no customer service 1/5

    By reviewer13537282929
    This is my first app review, usually i always just let things go, but I am literally in TEARS because of the way depop has treated me, a reputable seller. I will maybe write a in depth review explaining all they have done a different day when i have the mental strength to. All i have to say is stay away from this app. If you have a problem, customer service will not listen. I’m sure this review will get one of their copy and paste customer service responses saying they’d be happy to look this over and work out any problem. That’s a lie. Cause you email them your problem like they ask but guess what you get. Another automated response, or maybe once you’ll get an actual employee to actually talk to you, but they give no better than copy and paste responses, they must only hire child bullies or something. I have been so loyal to depop, made them so much money with all my sales and i have done nothing wrong. They just ignore me because they can’t admit that they are wrong (of course they say they always want to know if they make a mistake) that’s another lie. Most unprofessional and worst app experience. stay AWAY!!!!
  • Very Active 5/5

    By PicForever
    This is a very interesting and active marketplace. DePoppin!
  • pretty good 3/5

    By Hannahhampshire7
    a pretty good app, but my accounts kept getting removed for no reason at all which is very annoying.
  • Horrible 1/5

    By Isabella mazzola
    I don’t know how I managed to get scammed as both a buyer and a seller. Do not use this app!!! The customer service is garbage and no help and there is no seller protection. I have bought some nice things from great sellers on here in the past but the last two transactions I’ve had on Depop I got scammed. NEVER AGAIN!
  • payment options 3/5

    By sammy the sea lion
    allow more forms of payment!!
  • Just janky 2/5

    By Zbettyzz
    Echoing the other reviews stating the absolutely worst customer service if you have a technical problem. The troubleshooting page is a 30 page pdf with basically just pictures of clothes and a few words. Everyone knows you need to delete and redownload the app if you have an issue. They also obviously do not care about fixing bugs. The same bug has existed for YEARS that doesn’t recognize when I log in from my phone and then deactivates the entire account without warning!!! But they can send you an automated email when an item sells lol. Just lazy. Whatever, get your fees Depop