Depop - Streetwear & Vintage

Depop - Streetwear & Vintage

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  • Current Version: 2.128
  • Adult Rating: 12+
  • Developer: Depop Ltd
  • Compatibility: Android
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Depop - Streetwear & Vintage App

Buy. Sell. Discover. Join the social marketplace where over 27M+ people come to buy, sell and discover unique fashion. Start exploring and get inspired by rare and unique items from creatives all over the world. Open your own Depop shop. Sell by taking a photo or video with your phone. Follow friends and connect with other buyers and sellers. Join the community of creatives who are reshaping fashion for their generation. Shop popular brands like: Adidas Champion Patagonia Off-White Nike Supreme Vans Polo Urban Outfitters Converse Yeezy ...and many more GET INVOLVED Set up a profile, connect your social media and start listing items. BUILD AN EMPIRE Connect your PayPal to receive payments as your items sell. DISCOVER UNIQUE FASHION Explore millions of unique items and save your favorites into Collections. Purchase items using your PayPal account. Search for rare sneakers, streetwear, vintage fashion and more. All in-app purchases are 100% protected by PayPal Protection. FIND YOUR PEOPLE Follow other sellers, link to your social media accounts, add your friends and find new inspiration. What are you waiting for? Download Depop now. Any questions? Head to for more.

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Depop - Streetwear & Vintage app reviews

  • account suspension 1/5

    By 5f6g6h7h8h
    suspended my account for no reason or warning
  • Issues using credit card payment 1/5

    By BlueFlorida00
    Tryied several times to make a purchase on this app using the same exact method of payment that I have used previously, but it won’t process it now. I keep getting an error message that something went wrong with PayPal even though I choose credit card option.
  • depop down? 3/5

    By KodaakNaii
    My depop isn’t working and won’t let me log in.
  • Please fix 2/5

    By Cheese on a stranded farm
    Installed the latest update and now the app no longer opens at all. Just shows the depop logo and crashes. Hopefully no one buys from my shop and none of the people I bought from need communication.
  • Bruh 1/5

    By almiraalmira
    Can't even get into the app because it keeps crashing, it crashed AT LEAST 2-3 times before it successfully opens
  • Depop 3/5

    By bry bry 26
    It’s a rlly great app! But every time I buy something from someone’s shop it doesn’t let me go back on their page like if I’m blacked and that kinda annoying bc I didn’t even get to leave a review on my most recent package. :(
  • Not letting me to sign up 2/5

    By Blvvcksoul
    For some reason when I try to sign up it keeps saying error please try again I tried it for the past two days and it has not worked
  • Scammer app 1/5

    By alexru73
    If I could give -1 star I definitely would. Don’t buy from this app! or sell! I just got scammed! I sold a pair of shoes on depop for $520 and the buyer offered to give me $650 for overnight shipping, the item arrived, the buyer refused to mark as delivered and he blocked me on instagram and depop! Please go buy and sell somewhere else!
  • Yesher 5/5

    By Uncle yerT
    About to get some $$$
  • Cant log it 1/5

    By Bunny Corcoran
    I’ve tried every method and I’ve deleted and re download the app and I restarted my phone but It will not let me sign in through the app :(
  • Picture Via Message 5/5

    By Valmainciagation
    I just wish, as a store to be able to send my customers pictures via message when requested by them only. Sometimes 4 pictures aren’t enough and the customer wants to see more but instead of just sending them the pictures, we need to create a whole new post (announcing it’s not for sale) for the purpose of showing the pictures. Not only looks ugly, unprofessional and tacky. It also takes time. I think this is a tiny problem that can be fix. Right, Depop Tech Team? Please, make this possible 🙏🏼
  • Denver CO 5/5

    By Jasxiv
    Just purchased my first order! Let’s see if I like it or not
  • only bad thing is i spend too much money on it but ig that’s the point lol 5/5

    By secsee mama
    literally just an awesome app
  • Great but My DNA.. 4/5

    By jehnessy
    I love depop. I love how you can negotiate prices and get the best deals on things. It doesn’t even have to be used. Although for the My DNA, I wish you could get rid of the sold items. That’s so inconvenient AND I wish there was a way to filter out your “My DNA” because there are things there for an EXPENSIVE price or they’re not in my size.
  • Seller Beware, this app embraces scammers 1/5

    By austn16
    First off, the customer support is hardly existent to say the least. They make it challenging to contact anyone and I’m assuming they like it that way so that you just give up. I shipped an order that was returned to sender bc the buyer provided a wrong zip code, so I paid out of pocket to have it shipped again, meanwhile the buyer placed a dispute on the order and received a refund for the order after I already shipped it out again. So not only did I spend extra money and time and gas to have it shipped again but I got screwed out of all the money I made and the buyer got everything for free. Depop hasn’t gotten back to me and at this point seems like they encourage fraud and theft. I encourage you to be aware of what you do on this app and don’t get ripped off bc they won’t do anything about it.
  • Selling is difficult 1/5

    By flipZide
    I sold something 7 days ago, it was delivered 4 days ago and I supplied the shipping and I still haven’t received my payment after 3 emails.
  • Problems. 1/5

    By nathaim
    Wont let me make an account.
  • Depop 5/5

    By Depop princess
    I luv Depop and I really like all the nice clothing 2 so anyone buy Depop
  • Kinda junk 1/5

    By anigirl21
    App is lagging and it won’t let me delete items :/
  • bug? and expensive 3/5

    By foresstfirre
    the ship with Depop prices are too high. And for some of the labels (for items that don’t weight a lot) you will get a first class label and will have to spend money on the shipping package. also every time I view a piece of clothing on “style edit” and go back, the featured selection of clothes reload. the page shouldn’t reload until a user swipes down
  • It logged me out for good 1/5

    By jadalovve23
    This app literally logged me out and I can’t get back in. It says “phone number already with an account”. In my opinion you should be able to sign in with your phone number as many times as you want and be able to make many accounts with it. Other than that, I’ll have to say that this app is very good.

    By eLuxuryShop
    They don’t know what they are doing. Inexperienced people working for depop. Depop is removing most of my Authentic listings and telling me it’s a counterfeit item. LOL.... So of course I appeal to depop to reinstate my listings and providing my purchase receipts from a reputable consignment shop. I get an email reply asking that they can’t determine it’s authenticity. So I provided brand tag, collection label and composition label. Are you kidding me? There are so many sellers at Depop listing fakes and still up for sale but yet, depop is targeting sellers selling authentic items and removing listings that are authentic? Just don’t make any sense to me. Obviously they have no knowledge and don’t know how to determine what’s real or fake??? It’s very disappointing. I can careless if I sell at depop but the fact that they are telling me it’s fake is very upsetting even with providing my proof of purchase. *** SMH **** All I can do is laugh and shake my head.
  • Loved the items! Fast shipping. Great service. 5/5

    By Tci1971!
    Would buy from this seller again. A+++
  • Wish they added a goth/ alternative section on interests 4/5

    By rei2281
    i can’t seem to kind things i like because what i get recommended isn’t really my style since the interests you can pick from are very limited
  • Online Thrift Store! 5/5

    By JoshBryant4
    Depop is everything a frequents thrift stores has ever wanted. I have bought many clothes on the app from many different sellers and haven't encountered a problem! Everyone I’ve bought from on the app have been very nice and have shipped my orders out usually the day of. Couldn’t recommend it more!
  • Just some suggestions :) 4/5

    By Love/Peace/Happiness
    Depop is a great app. Selling on it is quite easy and efficient but I feel that they would get much more traffic to this platform if an account wasn’t mandatory to purchase items! Sellers would make many more sales when they promote their shops on other platforms if a potential buyer was able to use their card/paypal account to make a purchase with having to go through the process of downloading the app, creating an account, searching for the seller, and THEN making a purchase. When adding discounts to items, it would be super awesome to be able to make some items 10% and others 30% off—give it take—at the same time instead of just setting one discount percentage. If items are sold, they shouldn’t still be promoted on the explore page! Sometimes I like to look on the explore page to buy items and half of them are already sold, lol. It would also be nice to have more price ranges on the explore page. There a cool items, but if someone had a budget of $20 and everything being advertised to them is $60+ there is a small chance they’d stay scrolling. Overall, the app is great—from a seller and buyer perspective. I’ve started a small business that seems to just keep growing, while purchasing items I've never seen in stores. Can’t wait to see what the future of Depop holds!
  • 4 photos is not enough! 3/5

    By stylishsage
    Many sellers are trying to sell detailed, intricate pieces and 4 photos does not allow sellers to provide each relevant angle as well as close-ups of details. The video option is okay, but does not make up for the option to provide valuable high quality photos. Double the amount of photos that we can upload of our items, please. It’s getting tiring, Depop is the only app I have this issue with.
  • Super disappointing 1/5

    By thatgothchick1
    Loved Depop before and never had a problem selling things. All of sudden it’s saying I need to verify my PayPal account, which was according to PayPal. It STILL kept giving me the same error message. There’s literally no actual person to talk to on Depop’s end and it’s extremely frustrating cause I still would like to send out my items in a timely fashion. I paid out of pocket and ended up losing money
  • This was bad 1/5

    By amie dempsey
    We ordered a pair of 195$ shoes and they never came in the person took more money and we never got it back we reported and asked for a refund on Depop they said they did it and never got the money
  • Awful for sellers!!! Would give zero stars if I could. 1/5

    By the_audshop
    I have been waiting for months, months! To have help getting back into my account, just to change the password! I got one person to respond to my request but they never followed back up with helping. Now I’m still locked out of my account. Also, I wanted to connect my PayPal, that never happened. Probably will switch to eBay or sell straight from my page 👎👎👎👎👎
  • Customer Service ruins the experience 1/5

    By desiraedarcy
    I’ve used depop for many years and until this point I’ve loved it and recommended to friends. This is however, until recently when i’ve had to contact customer service about receiving payments for items i’ve sold. For over a week I’ve been explaining in depth the issue/glitch that has been occurring, and have been met with nothing but the same automated response to check if my paypal is verified, despite me clarifying it is in every single email. It breaks my heart because I’ve really loved this platform until now, but I’m at the point of deleting the app all together unless they can resolve this issue so I can actually receive the money for my sales.
  • Terrible Customer Support 1/5

    By agirl9999
    I have never used an app or dealt with a company with such a horrible customer service/support. Team Depop offers absolutely no help for technical issues with their app. My account was deleted, and I could not even create a new account because I kept getting some bizarre error. I tried different phone numbers and e-mails and usernames. I contacted support over four times in the past year trying to get help solving the error, and I was told to log into my account.... but I have NO ACCOUNT! I know multiple other people who have had issues regarding depop overcharging them for shipping, taking more money than just their fee, and technical problems with their app. They all had the same problem with customer support. I am so confused on why this app is so highly rated. In the short time I have had experience with them, I have had nothing but problems. So confused.
  • can’t open app 1/5

    By Fhissmcndhaiam
    try to open the app and it crashes.
  • Pretty Ring!! 5/5

    By DC LoPorto
    Sami did a great job!! I love this and will be ordering more in different stones! 🥰

    By Yoyobnny
    The app itself is great! Love how kind everyone is... However, it has SOOOO many awful glitches and can barely work for some reason. I can’t look at posts or even like them with ease. Which was why I deleted the app last year. I decided to re-download today to see if it’s fixed, but it’s still the same, broken app. Please fix this ASAP since it harms sellers’ ability to sell things with ease, as well disrupting buyers’ peaceful online shopping.
  • Annoyed 1/5

    By why11224641463
    So like it won’t let me make an account or log in so like y’all should fix that.
  • Lovin’ it 5/5

    By Ginger1!
    New to the the Depop platform but loving the app so far - easy to navigate, user friendly and haven’t experienced any glitches yet!
  • glitching 2/5

    By jdbeijdjsodo
    I loved this app so much until about a month ago when everything started to glitch, the images won’t load, won’t let me edit the pictures of the things i’m selling, won’t let me share posts. Nothing is working at all and I don’t know what to do.
  • Bugs that need to be squished ASAP 5/5

    By Puzzlelovrlizzy9292
    I will forever support this app, however I’ve noticed some not so nice bugs I’d like to mention. For some reason the app likes toload most of the time, and when I try to edit or delete a listing it will either show me the listing and not allow me to do ANYTHING. Most of the time it just shows me a blank screen altogether, I tried deleting thw app and reinstalled it and this did not help at all. Would love if this can be addressed and fixed!
  • Can’t Login 1/5

    By thebeccaem
    I only put one star because I forgot my username and when they sent me an email to change it, it always says there was an error with reseting my password and it won’t let me create a new account because I already have a phone number with this one
  • Double U 5/5

  • Period 5/5

    By QueerAndLazy
    I peed a lite
  • glitchy. 2/5

    By guest 2468
    I have not ever written a review for an app. However, this is unacceptable. I have been a relatively successful seller and have been on the app for around two years. However, liking and following are glitched now and the entire app is buggy for me. the screen turns white when I attempt to edit my own posts. I can not like items, see comments, or click on other users names. I might have to stop selling out of pure frustration. It’s too bad because I loved it while it worked.
  • I love it but it doesn’t work on me a lot and having issues with it 5/5

    By 101:))!
    I love love depop I found clothes I’ve been wanting to dress like and some good deals but I hate how some people overprice items.. when they got it from a thrift store and resell them to a hire price... I also hate how there’s rude people on there and would block you for no reason 😭 but hey that’s every where online. But the app itself is good except it’s annoying how I have to keep unstalling depop because it would not let me go in the app and it exit me out where I have to delete depop and then get the app again. The helpers on depop are very nice tho and good communication.
  • It wouldn’t let me make a account 1/5

    By Yoohoo515
    Every time I tried to make a account it said error, I tried every way I could. I know my phone has connection because everything else works.
  • Lag 1/5

    By views left
    This app wont let me make my own account I tried all of the different ways to make an account and it wont let me do it .
  • This is soooo stressful 1/5

    By # game
    I downloaded the app and I was so exited to use it, until I went to add my number and it literally said “mobile phone error” and I tried so many things. Ugggggggggg, tbh I don’t recommend this app at all 😤
  • Not working well on new iPhone 1/5

    By Please!!! Beg pardon!
    I just updated and it’s still not working and my phone is brand new. Too many issues lately and I can’t even delete sold items now. Not happy with the functionality of this app or the way their algorithms for having your items come up in the listings. It’s just not as good as other selling platforms.
  • The last updates 4/5

    By bddjdjfkffbdks
    I’m not sure what happened but with the last 2 updates I’m unable to log into depop via the app. I’ve contacted support and they keep running me around in circles and Keep giving me the same solutions that don’t work.