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Deseret Bookshelf LDS Books App

Search, study, and listen to the entire Deseret Book library with this powerful app. Deseret Bookshelf has been completely redesigned, making it the most comprehensive LDS audiobook player and eBook reader available. Start with 8 free eBooks and access to over 200 other free titles. Then you can either purchase individual ebooks, talks and audiobooks OR subscribe to Bookshelf PLUS and access the entire audiobook library and over 1500 ebooks and talks. Discover ● Get recommendations on audiobooks and eBooks. ● Find plenty of free titles, ready for you to enjoy. ● Download an audiobook or eBook with a single tap. ● Add titles to your digital wishlist ● View the items you last opened on any of your synced devices. Audiobook player ● Listen to over 700 audiobooks and talks. ● Navigate between chapters and fast-forward or rewind by 30 seconds. Better reading ● Select Normal, Night, or Sepia reading modes. ● Customize fonts, font size, and line spacing. ● Switch between Page-view and scroll-view options. Enhanced study ● Switch between several open eBooks with tabbed reading. ● Save and restore study sessions with several items open at once. ● Access and back-up your notes, highlights, and bookmarks across devices. Universal Search ● Search the entire Deseret Book digital library (over 6,000,000 pages) in seconds. ● Narrow your search through your personal library, the standard works, a conference session, or a single book. ● Find exact phrases, any, or all search terms. ● Easily switch between your library and search results Quote Vault ● Access thousands of quotes in our quote vault which you can find by author, topic, or source. ● Get a spiritual thought or to help you begin your day right. ● Mark favorite quotes and add them to the vault. ● Find the source of favorite quotes, and explore the content more deeply. ● Receive daily inspiration with a new quote delivered to your device. Set a reminder on a daily or weekly basis. Social sharing ● Easily share favorite passages with anyone through email, Facebook, and Twitter with image quotes. ● Tell your networks what books and authors you’re reading Download the app and create an account to receive 8 free classic LDS titles, plus a free audiobook: 1) Increase in Learning - David A. Bednar 2) Power of Everyday Missionaries - Clayton M. Christensen 3) Beginning of Better Days - Sheri Dew, Virginia Pearce 4) Be Your Best Self - Thomas S. Monson 5) Jesus the Christ - James E. Talmage 6) Lectures on Faith - Joseph Smith 7) Teachings of the Prophet Joseph Smith 8) Gospel Doctrine - Joseph F. Smith Plus the entire Standard Works, LDS lesson manuals, and General Conference talks. LDS scripture references within eBooks are linked to the entire standard works, allowing you to easily explore scriptural connections within your library. PLUS your choice of the following audio: ● Recovering Charles ● Joseph Smith, The Early Years ● Jesus of Nazareth, Volume 1 Shop our eBook store for over 3,000 LDS eBook titles and other world classics from your favorite authors. Shop our audio store for over 500 titles. Download many official Church publications for free, including curriculum materials and reference books. Bookshelf PLUS includes access to every single Deseret Audiobook and over 1500 ebooks and talks. Need more help? Email us at [email protected]

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Deseret Bookshelf LDS Books app reviews

  • I love the books and most of the app 4/5

    By Momma review moo
    I love that I can listen to books and read them. I love having the membership and getting most of the stuff for free. However, I keep getting signed out and have to sign back in. I’ll be driving and go to turn on a book and I’ve been signed out. It’s hard to put in a username and password safely while driving. It wouldn’t be as bad if I could log on using a thumb print or facial recognition...or even if it just remembered me and had my user name in it.
  • Horrible search engine 1/5

    By EllJayPea
    When I receive an email telling me about new content, and "click here to get!" I expect to be able to find that same recommended title in the app. No amount of searching by title or author yields the results from a marketing email by the same company. No other app frustrates me like this one, and because of their proprietary content, am constrained to its unusable search engine, and clunky app, including having to sign in every. Single. Time.
  • Great for Travel 5/5

    By J-babe abe
    It’s so amazing to download a book and listen while I travel. Very easy to do. Great software design. Love this app!
  • Update to app 4/5

    By lasfdhjlpotqaxc
    I would like to give this five stars but I would like to have a wake up alarm on audiobooks added so then you can start your day off with some good entertainment fresh wake up other then that it’s a awesome easy app almost perfect except for a wake up alarm and same day things come out that’s all I want for a update thanks for everything
  • Great App 5/5

    By Sdl45
    I have been using this app for about 2 weeks and I think it’s great. The price is perfect and being able to pay for a year is a great option. I see me using this app for many years to come.
  • Great App, but want streaming ability 4/5

    By Miniorila
    I love this app and have been using Bookshelf plus for almost two years now. However, I wish there was an ability to read books online and stream audiobooks rather than having to download them all. It is time consuming and takes up a lot of space, and it’s frustrating to have to go through and remove things once I’ve finished them. But besides this, it would be a 5 star app and service!
  • Fills My Empty Time 5/5

    By Happy in Corvallis
    This has been the perfect app to “read” books using empty time like getting ready in the morning, driving to work, working out. I’ve been able to improve my knowledge and grow spiritually as a result. For example I never would have found the time to read Sheri Dew’s book on President Nelson, but with this app by going to work I listened to it in a week.
  • Love this app 5/5

    By happy bookwarm
    It’s easy to use, and I like the variety of books that I can read or listen to. This is My go-to when my son is taking a nap and I don’t want to do social media.
  • More Audiobooks Please 2/5

    By AudioGRL
    I’m disappointed by the audiobook selection. Please add the audiobooks from Monson, Hinkley. I love any of the apostle audiobooks too.
  • Deseret Bookshelf 4/5

    By TuckerHans
    I love this app! I find I am either listening or reading all the time. I love the selection of books available, and the quality of the books. I love that we have access to the new and best sellers as well. As much as I enjoy this app, I am also frustrated by it. It has taken me a long time- more than 6 months to understand how to use it. It could be a lot more user friendly. Most frustrating is when I accidentally touch the screen wrong while reading a book and loose my place- often I end up at the end of the book. There are no page numbers to aid in the recovery either. It can take a very long time to figure out where you were.
  • Great content, horrible app 1/5

    By Mb325ultra
    I hate to write a negative review as the content this app provides is wonderful. I have used this app for the last few years and despite multiple updates, having to delete and reinstall multiple times it still has the same consistent problems. Your place is constantly lost, it will sometimes skip a chapter in the downloads and you are suddenly 1-2 chapters ahead and it seems like every few upgrades I get logged out daily and have to reinstall the whole app. I continue to subscribe because the content is one of a kind and very valuable to me, this is in spite of, not because of the app. I wish that Deseret Book had an app to match the value of the content they provide.
  • Good but could be better 4/5

    By Remember47
    I use this app a lot. The only drawback is having to scan the entire library to search for books. Why can’t they at least be organized alphabetically by author? Or by genre or something?
  • Love but please stop logging me out😊 5/5

    By Jehieka
    I absolutely love this app and all the audiobooks available. However, I do feel like it logs me out of my account a lot at the most inconvenient times. I’d appreciate if that but got fixed. Otherwise it’s marvelous
  • I am so tired of having to log in over and over 1/5

    By bmwgirl79
    I am forced to use Deseret Bookshelf because many titles aren’t available on Kindle or Audible or iBooks. But seriously... CAN YOU PLEASE make it so that I don’t have to log back in every other day?! Makes me lose the spot in the book I was reading/listening to every stinking time. Not to mention, I don’t want to have to log in and use data when I’ve already downloaded the book to my device, and want to listen to the book in my car. I shouldn’t have to. No other app makes me log in every other day.
  • Please Fix Layout 2/5

    By please fix the layout
    While I love all that DB has to offer, I hate the layout. It is so hard to read, especially if I am trying to quickly choose an audiobook to play while in the car. This is the only app where I have to pull out reading glasses, and even then have a hard time reading the content when trying to choose a book. The app is so frustrating.
  • If you enjoy listening, this is a treat ❤️ 5/5

    By Warpigz
    I've subscribed to Audible for years now and love it! It's been nice adding this genre to my listening
  • Like it a lot but logging in too frequently 4/5

    By Millimama
    This app is very user you’re in. I got this so I could listen to more books while I’m on the run as a busy mom with 5 kids which I really appreciate. I do, however, feel like I am logging in every day or every other day which is tedious. Once I was on a plane with no WiFi and I hadn’t logged in inside the airport and I wasn’t able to listen to my book on a very long flight. The app also doesn’t save your info on your own personal device like other apps so I have to enter it all in every time. This could definitely be improved. Otherwise I’m so grateful to be able to listen to so many great books!
  • Great App 5/5

    By Jenn S 1131
    I love this app. I love the selection and I love that everything is clean and appropriate. My only complaint would be that sometimes it kicks me out while I’m listening to and audio book and I have to sign back in.
  • Plus user 3/5

    By Julie 2937
    I’m a Plus user, and after a few months of using the app, I like it for the most part. But one major complaint is there’s no way to listen to a book and only have open the particular chapter I’m on. The way it is currently, with all the chapters always displayed, makes it too easy to accidentally hit another chapter (even when just turning off my phone’s screen, for example) and get taken to a different part of the book. Maybe I’m clumsy, but this happens to me way too often. Also, I would love to be able to see details of audiobooks such as the length of the book and the narrator (I listen to a lot of books and this is important to me) without having to go to the DB website.
  • Logs out repeatedly 2/5

    By Sisu8
    I love the concept of this app and I use it frequently. It is great to have access to so many wonderful books. However, I am frequently logged out sometimes in the middle of my reading. I have no idea why I have to login ever so often and it doesn’t just keep me logged in.
  • Kind of hard to work with 3/5

    By Maisy Paisy
    Maybe it’s just my internet connection but having a hard time to look at different categories with the problem of only showing books I’ve read recently and you have to go to Deseret Book to purchase new books for the app... I suggest purchasing the plus for that but then again hard to search for new books, but besides that it’s great when reading the books!!! You can highlight, take notes, etc.
  • Terrible 1/5

    By lamesoundtrack
    This app has a terrible user interface. It does not make it clear how to buy a book nor does it let you buy a book. It freezes when you try to move past the payment page. I’m sticking to iBooks and Kindle. I’d rather pay more for apps that actually work.
  • Great content but app is lacking 2/5

    By billybobthe bobby
    Love this app. Use it all the time but recently the continuous play feature for audio books isn’t working. It’s really inconvenient to have to stop every few few minutes to press play on the next track. Other than that I love it.
  • Terrible app. Doesn’t like connecting to my car 1/5

    By Scrabbaholic
    I’ve been an Audible app user for several years now in my car during my commute, and thought this would operate similarly. Nope. My car doesn’t recognize this app either by connecting directly or via Bluetooth. Now I just wasted $20 downloading a book I can’t listen to on my commute. This is a terrible app.
  • Need to search Plus! 4/5

    By Mackenzieberry2015
    I love this app and I love that there are so many books! It is a little difficult to navigate and figure out, but otherwise it is fantastic!
  • Audio library is wonderful 5/5

    By Kevin NLV
    It is so nice to have books you can listen to when you don’t have time to sit and read - as you go from place to place. This is a wonderful out for doing that!
  • Love the content, not the interface 3/5

    By moocowzaoa
    I love what this app offers as far as content goes. Lots of ebooks and audiobooks that I can't get anywhere else. However, the interface and functionality is only so-so. Browsing within the app is limited and I can't narrow down my searches the way I'd like. I open the app at least twice a day and it will randomly make me log in sometimes and not others. When I do have to log in again it does not remember my username or password. Also, when logging in it ALWAYS brings me straight to the " here's what you can do in this app" intro screens as if I've never opened it before. Then I have to swipe 4 times to the last one so I can hit the continue button to actually get to my stuff. Very annoying. There's no integration in the player for external speaker controls and the only buttons for going forward or backward move you a chapter at a time so I can't go back 10-30 seconds to hear what I missed without using the scrub bar. It took me a while to figure out that enabling the "streaming" function had nothing to do with data but actually allowed continuous play from chapter to chapter. An important function that I like to control, but ill-named. Overall, I wish the user experience was as good as the content. I'm still using the app, but I'm also feeling frustrated.
  • Love it to pieces! 5/5

    By meckerdt
    Both my wife and I love the Deseret Bookshelf app and the Plus program! We’re reading and learning like never before. We especially love to put on an audio book to listen to on long drives to visit kids and grandkids. Great value, great service, great content!
  • Beyond uplifting 5/5

    By P1and
    Bookshelf plus is the best. The available content is more then I will ever get through but I am really enjoying trying. I love the uplifting audio books, the podcasts and the talks. I haven’t listened to anything else in the car since I subscribed.
  • Bookshelf 5/5

    By eeryuijbcx
    Bookshelf is the most useful app to use and I love it so much.
  • App needs work 2/5

    By azdani
    I love listening to inspirational book but this app works so inconsistently. Half the time when I open it I have to login again. Sometimes when I’m listening, if my phone goes to sleep the recording stops. Or if I flip to another app, the recording stops. I have completely downloaded books and yet when I open my app again I have to download all the chapters again. I’m hoping that future versions will work better.
  • Wonderful! 5/5

    By LDS star
    Love this app. Love the books, the prices, and the audio.
  • Not user friendly 1/5

    By yoshidorm
    This app was challenging to use. I wanted to listen to books while driving. I had to log in multiple times within a 30 minute period. I tried downloading a book, but because it kept logging me out, it also didn’t keep the books I downloaded. I became so frustrated I deleted the app. If you fix it, maybe I’ll re-download.
  • Love Bookshelf 5/5

    By WER4515
    Enjoying the unlimited audiobooks on plus. Well worth the money especially if you are a platinum member (worth it to become one)
  • Awesome, BUT... 2/5

    By Johnicx
    Please create an Alexa Skill that allows us to listen to these wonderful Audiobooks through Alexa.
  • Deseret Book Shelf Plus 5/5

    By migitmedic911
    I am thoroughly enjoying having bookshelf plus and audiobooks. I travel a lot and it has made being on the road much more enjoyable.
  • Great Variety! — difficulty seeing full selection 4/5

    By kaylenmn
    The app is wonderful. There are so many books!! It’s a fantastic value. Worst part of the app, being able to see their full inventory. I fee like I click “see more” a thousand times.
  • Love this. 5/5

    By jean stockwell
    I use this almost daily. It is a wonderful source for a spiritual thought or an uplifting share.
  • Big forehead UI 3/5

    By Shawnnim
    I love the app and the content. One suggestion would be to have a setting at least to minimize the forehead tool bar while reading a book in full screen. It is distracting.
  • Sticking with audible 1/5

    By sticking with audible
    Difficulty downloading books. Lots of buffering. Some chapters don’t download. It takes several attempts to download a book. Very hard to search! Need technical support or someone to ask help from.
  • Love it, needs work 3/5

    By Jkh21
    I love having the Deseret bookshelf app where I can read church books and novels. I also LOVE that the app will let me copy a paragraph so I can put it in my notes in Gospel Library and that it automatically puts the source with it. I love that you can also listen to audio books here too. The one thing that needs work is the chapters. The play button doesn’t react sometimes. It will continue to play where it was even if you push a different chapter. Sometimes the go back 30 seconds doesn’t work either. In both cases, it just continues to play from the previous place even after closing and reopening the app. This is the only problem I have, but it a big one. Needs a fix!
  • Content is needs a bit of work 3/5

    By 6sisters1world
    Love the content! Lots of options depending on my mood and interest. App is driving me crazy. Keeps requiring me to sign back in when I change networks...big pain when I leave home and try to start a book in the car. Less features and a focus on reliability I think would be helpful focus going forward. But, the content keeps me coming back! :)
  • Love the service but the app needs some work 3/5

    By tasahmayhall
    Love DB and love the subscription based service but the app needs work. Search function is not good. Things that show up on the website don’t show up in the app no matter how I search for it (even when it says it is part of the membership service and available on my mobile). The user interface is overly complicated and I can’t sort and do other things the way I want to. When I add to my “plus library” it doesn’t always show up on my mobile even after I sync. Lots of great content. Please make it easier for me to access.
  • 2 star app with 5 star content 2/5

    By Evanayrb
    This app has a long way to go. The immediately glaring lack is any way to view content by genre. The app has about a dozen categories in which it shows 25-ish available titles. Beyond that you better know exactly what you want because search is the only option. How long is the audiobook? No indication. It might be book length. It might be a talk. (In fairness, this essential information is missing from the Deseret website too. Unacceptable.) Is it abridged or not? Again this is not indicated in the description. I only found out when the opening told me the audiobook I had chosen was abridged. What I want doesn’t show up in the “chosen” categories so I want to just browse the collection for something that looks interesting. Sorry. Not available. I am in the 30 day trial. The poor app may be the decision maker in whether I continue into a paid subscription.
  • Bookshelf 5/5

    By White Lab coat
    This app and content is great. The only problem I found is the difficulty adding ‘Plus’ to my account and reaching the help center to arrange the Plus. It was frustrating but the good news is once the customer service contacted me by a John C. that did the trick. He was DeseretAmazing. Thanks. I love the books and reading or listening.
  • Love it! 5/5

    By Good teaching source
    So many books to choose I am going to be listening for a long time!
  • We love Deseret Bookshelf app 5/5

    By baby*bobbie
    We love this app. So many great options both audio and ebook with the subscription. Absolutely worth it! So many hours are spent here and it has good wholesome content. Love love love. Only 2 complaints- but they aren’t enough to lower it to a 4 star review- 1- I wish the organization were a bit clearer/user friendly, it’s difficult for me to remember where to find what I want 2- when I swipe down on the home screen of the iPhone to search for apps it can’t find this one even if I type “Deseret” or “bookshelf” may seem silly but that’s how I find/use my apps.
  • Blessed 5/5

    By Flypiper2
    I feel so blessed to have this. It is easy to use. I love having all this knowledge at my fingertips.
  • This such a Blessing for me:). 5/5

    By Thirsting for Truth
    Love the Convenience:). 💖

Deseret Bookshelf LDS Books app comments

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