Design Home: Dream Makeover

Design Home: Dream Makeover

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  • Current Version: 1.78.041
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • Developer: Crowdstar Inc
  • Compatibility: Android
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Design Home: Dream Makeover App

Looking for a new creative hobby? Play Design Home today - a relaxing, fun game that allows you to live the life of an interior decorator while using real life furniture and decor brands. Bring your dream home to reality, and customize every detail. Choose everything from your favorite wallpaper to the perfect accent rug from hundreds of real life options. Sharpen your decorating skills in daily Design Challenges and style visually stunning three-dimensional spaces with access to real, high-end furniture and decor brands. Unlock 'My Homes' to access bathrooms, kitchens and more customization options to bring your dream homes to life! It’s quick, it’s fun and you can connect with a vibrant creative community while learning about diverse décor styles - thus improving your design skills and gaining inspiration that you can even apply in your real life. Customize interior decorating with real interior decor, furniture, wallpaper and more! Start creating your dream home today! * Design rooms and express your creativity in daily Design Challenges. * Home makeover games help unlock rewards as you polish your amazing abilities as an interior decorator. * Decorate your room and enter Design Challenges to unlock furniture rewards and more! * Makeover your own dream home when you level up to access 'My Homes' * Decorate with real life, high-end brands as you learn about different interior design styles. * Design your dream home from floor to ceiling, wall to wall! * Vote on your favorite rooms from a vibrant, creative community. * Makeover, share your creativity and borrow furnishings from your friends when you connect to Facebook. From paints like Benjamin Moore to wallpaper from Tempaper, to design elements like floor-to-ceiling windows - everything you need to create the perfect dream design! Design Home adds new pieces every day, allowing you to play with home furnishings from real-life brands - all available directly at your fingertips. Makeover rooms while learning about brands and trends, and get inspired to build your interior decorating skills! PLEASE NOTE: - This game is free to play, but you can choose to pay real money for some extra items, which will charge your iTunes account. You can disable in-app purchasing by adjusting your device settings. This game is not intended for children. - Please buy carefully. - Advertising appears in this game. This game may permit users to interact with one another (e.g., chat rooms, player to player chat, messaging) depending on the availability of these features. Linking to social networking sites are not intended for persons in violation of the applicable rules of such social networking sites. - A network connection is required to play. - For information about how Glu collects and uses your data, please read our privacy policy at: - If you have a problem with this game, please use the game’s “Help” feature. Terms of Service: Privacy Policy:

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Design Home: Dream Makeover app reviews

  • In love 5/5

    By SamiBae1
    I am so completely in love with this game. It’s the only game I play, unlike all the other one where you gotta play those stupid matching games to decorate and they don’t give you all the options Desine home does. I get lost almost like I’m designing a real room.
  • Fun 5/5

    By MLGRae
    Sooo fun but You should be able to sell furniture!!
  • My favorite game, but getting too expensive 4/5

    By Darelynn89
    UPDATED REVIEW: I love this game so much, but today I logged on for a new challenge after waiting hours and the challenge is to have 2 Jamie somebody items, which are ALL $3k-6k, to only receive a $500 payout. PLEASE DO BETTER. In what way is this even reasonable?! Come on now. It’s getting harder and harder to play this game that I love so much. I want to start by saying this is my favorite game to play. I wake up day and night to play. My concern is that the challenges are becoming more and more expensive to complete, and it’s really hard on normal, working class people. What started as a stress reliever for me is now stressing me out. I can’t even complete most challenges now, because it requires me spend 2-4K on items (all the cheaper items required to be paid in diamonds, go figure) and only receive $500 in return. You only give basically 500 diamonds a day, and you can only purchase KEY ITEMS, like pictures, decor items, all the good rugs WITH DIAMONDS. And If you don’t spend real money, you’ll end up with designs that get you 3-4 stars. It isn’t cool, someone needs to hear these reviews and consider the real people playing them. STOP BEING GREEDY.
  • Love it! 5/5

    By Debcake1129
    Design Home is my escape from stress. The worries and stresses of the day are forgotten while I’m busy designing. Such an enjoyments!
  • Awesome Artwork, but cost too much 4/5

    By Zara Garrington
    The artwork is stunning and worthy a nice rating. I consider the idea of real furniture and decor brand is inspiring. Not only giving players the picture of real life home decor, but also providing a direct channel to shop in the game. This is a lovely business idea. However, focusing on the gameplay, I believe we need a more comparatively relaxed economy environment. I agree with other reviewers’ opinion, that it cost heavily to buy diamonds if you want to get some certain designs. It just becomes a matter more and more frequently, and I somehow get kind of tired.
  • Crash crash crash…..did I say crash? 1/5

    By Mmb45888
    I have been a long time player……..almost since inception and have spent a lot of money on this game. Recently it is unplayable due to the app crashing constantly and it is a very common complaint amongst many long time players. New players beware…… is non existent with this issue.
  • Why play further 2/5

    By Ahimas
    So I’ve had 50 houses forever and completed all of the My Homes options. There shouldn’t be a max on how many houses you can earn. The least I could do is have access to the ones I earn to redo their old homes. So to see rooms with 2x homes to earn and know I won’t be able to collect any is kinda crappy. Loved this and was plowing through the levels but now it’s just giving them money for diamonds and can’t earn anything than to always furnish rooms in challenges.
  • Level at 29 and Inventory Gone! 1/5

    By Gypsy Love7
    I’m at level 82. I had a hacker into my iPhone from the Apple ID. After updating to iOS 15. I can’t open the app.
  • Can’t do much with money 2/5

    By Jewel34
    I like the idea of this game. However; you would have to spend a lot of money to achieve the designs that you would want to. I often cannot play, because I don’t have enough diamonds or money to do anything with the requirements needed to create certain designs. Thinking this one might end up getting deleted.
  • Doesn’t connect to internet anymore 2/5

    By SongB1rd17
    I’ve used this app for over a year and love it. However, with the last couple of updates it gives error messages about not connecting to the internet, even though my device is connected. Haven’t been able to play for weeks. Please fix!
  • HELP! 3/5

    By cgrin36
    This is one game that I have played every day, as it is fun and relaxing. But since I got a new phone, it will not let me log in. I’d love to give this game 5 stars, but there’s absolutely no one to respond to my needing assistance. I’ve dumped probably a few hundred dollars into this game over the course of a year, and it’s really really disappointing to not be able to get help logging in.
  • Crashes constantly!! 1/5

    By Cols grandma
    Rarely design a room that the app doesn’t crash and erase everything I’ve done. Also, if you want a high score it’s best to use all of the new furniture and a accessories they currently have available for you to buy. For these two reasons, I use this app much less than previously.
  • Crashes 2/5

    By Tedtad710
    Love this game but I end up closing it out and bringing it back up because it’s constantly crashing. It will tell me to “check my internet connection.” My internet connection is always fine. I’ve restarted my iPad and I’ve deleted and reinstalled the game several times. I make sure there are no other apps open and I’ve done all the updates, so I’m clueless as to why this happens all the time. This is the only game I have a problem with. It’s very frustrating.
  • Scores too low, too often 1/5

    By cocolover2020
    My scores are too low too often and therefore, I must quit.
  • Best Designing Game Ever! 5/5

    By meowmeowmeow kitty
    Ok hi everyone! The only reason I’d ever write a review is if the game is actually doing good, and that’s why I’m telling you all this. I’ve tried sooooo many Redecor games like Property Brothers Home Design, Redecor, and many others, but none of them work like this one. In Property Brothers Home Design, you have to play levels that start easy but get impossibly hard, and then your stuff forever. This game, you earn money by doing designs on houses 😮. On Redecor, it’s a great game but a lot of the time you have to leave a level just to get more money to buy materials. In THIS game, you EARN materials by leveling up, just like Redecor, but in Redecor you have to have a pass to get all of the new stuff, which I never had a pass. In this game you don’t need to pay money for great materials. Also, at the start I thought that we couldn’t change the floors and walls, so I was a bit disappointed and almost wrote that in this review, but then it said you could make your own ROOM. Like a kitchen, bathroom, and living room! So I know that’s weird that I’m excited but most games are like already giving you a limit of thing to choose from while THIS game gives you a MILLION. And in Redecor you have items set out already for you and you just color them 😕. The only thing I might want to see in this game is maybe you can change the pots of plants instead of the plants already in a certain pot, because I’ve loved some of the plants in this game but hate the pot. That’s all I have to say, and PLEASE: DOWNLOAD THIS GAME! You won’t regret it! Bye! 👋
  • Love it……but 4/5

    By kcempressdesigns
    So I have been playing this game for a few months well and loving every feature of it. However: for the past week it have been sticking and not loading. And it keep telling me check my WiFi connection etc. I troubleshoot it a few times but I kept getting the same problem. Really sad I can’t get to decorate my daily challenges and earn cash and diamonds 🙄🙄🙄 Therefore; my last resort was to uninstall this game today…. 😪😪😪😪 Right now I am going through withdrawals lmaooooo #IamAddicted to it without spending real money!!!!!
  • Creative outlet! 3/5

    By Enjoying art
  • A go game 5/5

    By Yazzyxox
    It’s fun
  • Fun but frustrating 3/5

    By Danijack1987
    I enjoy playing this game, but the scoring is very frustrating. I make beautiful cohesive designs that get poor scores, that are most likely just people’s half paying attention in voting. The top items that are recommended to use for designs are expensive, and I can’t spend tons of real money for a better score or the design that is being looked for. It’s a fun, beautiful game, but also frustrating.
  • Glitch i guess 3/5

    By De Te
    I love the app but sometimes it doesnt give me all the free diamonds after i complete an action to received them. I had to clear the cache and completely close the app before it give me the diamond i earned. To date still hasnt given all of it. Otherwise its a kool app
  • It’s ok but it could be better. 3/5

    By Mac501969
    You should be able to win more diamonds and get more points
  • Game keeps cutting out 3/5

    By psaklp
    Lately, I have designed an entire room and then it cuts out and I have to begin again. I would quit the game but I would lose all my paid for furniture. This is so annoying and time consuming.
  • Love the game itself but there are some major issues 1/5

    By mainegirl7
    I absolutely love the game so I keep playing with the hope they will fix a glaring problem with their choice of partners. The game absolutely requires that you obtain diamonds. I don’t mind occasionally purchasing from their affiliated sellers As a matter of fact , I often look there when I’m looking for an item , with the hope of finding what I want so I can purchase what I need and earn enough diamonds to keep my game going for a while. Other than making a purchase , you have the option of viewing ads and completing surveys. This isn’t a bad option when you have a littke time to spare and you really need some diamonds. But this is where the major problem is I don’t mind completing some surveys to get some diamonds but the problem is their partner in this - Tapjoy. They routinely - and by routinely , I mean nearly always - they completely rip you off and use players to get their quota of survey participants but deliberately rip the players off by not awarding the pre-determined number of diamonds. It’s incredibly frustrating to spend 10, 15 minutes - often more , completing a survey to only be denied your award for it. It’s shameful. You’d think they were parting with actual diamonds here because more often than not, they outright rip you off! Ive complained repeatedly but to. I absolutely. These developers couldn’t care less therefore, despite loving the actual game , they would get a big fat ZERO stars from me if I could give it. You should just NEVER treat people that way. It’s deplorable in all honesty.
  • Crashes 2/5

    By JMC85MP
    Don’t waste your time on this game. It used to be fun. The prices have gone up. And you only get 5 on each purchase. You only receive 20 diamonds daily, but the designs are 25 diamonds. Ever updating the last time the game freezes up on me. Then kicks me out of a design. It takes me back to the beginning of my design. Then I have to start all over. I may get further this time, and then it locks again. So frustrating. Frustrating enough for me to play less & less.
  • Kind little girl 5/5

    By ᗷᗩᗪ ᘜIᖇᒪ🤤💓💅🏾
    This game is cooler than ever this is the best game I ever had and I wanna say that whoever created this game is cool like this game I mean a lot of people must like this game I even got my step brother to download it he is gonna check it out soon we’ll goodbye😊😌
  • Love but… 3/5

    By ADStair
    I absolutely love the game. I hate the scoring. I also hate that I have keys but no new houses, I haven’t had a new house to decorate for over a year.
  • Favorite Game 4/5

    By csweet88
    Such a fun game! But please fix the constant crashing from the last update!!!
  • 🤬🤬🤬😡😡😡😡Disappointing!!!!!!! 1/5

    By poho berat
    This game made me do it its way or I cannot finish example I had bought some thing and it made me Buy it again and again and again!!!!!!!!!😤😤😤😤🤬🤬🤬🤬
  • Comforter Sets 4/5

    By SoXotic
    I love it but sometimes I’m spending real money more than making the fake money. Also can I suggest putting different comforter sets including curtains. That would be nice too. 💋
  • Problem with loading challenges 4/5

    By tedebeartee
    Great, addictive game. However the game will open but entering a challenge does not always work. It says check Internet connection even though it’s connected and other apps are performing. Even other design programs. Fun game when it loads but very frustrating.
  • It’s okay but you got to wait till 43 minutes later to do other ones 4/5

    By ladyst190
    Like that is weird but I love the game
  • Just why?! 1/5

    By coyotekiller1234
    This game was great… at first but now you can’t do anything because you barely have any coins and the way to make couns is to design rooms but you can’t do that without coins! It is overall a very fun yet frustrating game! Thanks 😊
  • App glitches 1/5

    By bsisbebsj
    App keeps shutting itself down over and over. You can barely design anything before it closes you out. And there is no one to contact to fix it.
  • 🖤🖤🖤 4/5

    By anime univirse god
    Love it, but I wish we didn’t have to spend money to buy furniture. I mean great game, but still
  • Addicting 4/5

    By Leataata
    I’ve been playing this game for about 5 years now and I must say, it can be very addicting once I start. I find myself spending at least $60 a month and 2-3 hours out the day on this app. The sad thing is, I had 2 other accounts and forgot my information when I downloaded this app on a devices. I started this new account and I was told that they couldn’t find my accounts to retrieve the money I had on those 2 accounts. Customer Service said they couldn’t find neither accounts using the only email I use☹️.
  • Silly issues 1/5

    By setvgvytvydvokn
    Design home is a good game but it has problems that frustrate people.When you do not have enough money or diamonds you can not by anything. Last thing is that you have to sometimes pay real money to by fake diamonds like 100 dollars. I will not play this game ever and waste real money for fake money and diamonds. What a disappointment.☹️
  • Ok but..... 4/5

    By sjdofndpsjdsksdkd
    I rate this game a 4 because I could do butter it is realy hard for kids and I think it may be a challenge but it is amazing other than that
  • Favorite app 5/5

    By AshPapsz
    It’s my favorite app I play it daily on multiple devices because I enjoy it so much!
  • Room decor 4/5

    By chewy Donnie Hank tank
    I love this game so much I wish you had more options I play this game with me every day
  • Cant stop designing! 5/5

    By Sf49erwife
    I just can’t stop! I play everyday and love it!
  • Find Another Design Game 1/5

    By CDeniece
    Home Design has too many glitches. The app does nothing but crash. God forbid you spend $, you won’t get it back.
  • Fun! 5/5

    By marlaf2019
    I enjoy this game a lot. I don’t need to spend real money in order to play. If I get low in cash or diamonds, I wait a few days until they are built up again.
  • Bait and switch 3/5

    By Amybbsh
    The game is intriguing and addicting. It's relaxing to play until you start to really enjoy it- then you have to start spending $1.99 every 5 minutes just to continue playing. Frustrating.
  • Still kinks in app to work out 4/5

    By Cold state dweller
    Technical issues still need to be worked on.
  • My favorite! 5/5

    By Boxes???
    I love the challenges outside of my comfort zone! I also love seeing the furniture in the app online! I’ve bought some!
  • Not what it was 3/5

    By Suz1118
    Are used to love to play this game. I would sometimes buy items just because I enjoy decorating so much. Recently I’ve noticed two changes. The first change is that they have many more of their items costing diamonds than the accrued cash so it’s harder to purchase them. Unless you pay for diamonds. The second thing is that once you’ve purchased an item they put a time limit on how long you can use it. This is new to the game and it is taken away some of the fun.I have to say I’m so disappointing. I’ve been playing this game for almost 2 years and these changes are fairly recent.
  • Has become a family affair 🥰 5/5

    By Gigi's babies
    This app has become interesting to my 7 year old granddaughter. Whenever she comes over to play I show her how to do something different. And that 8s a good thing because I was going to stop playing because of all the super low scorings. My daughter living in Las Vegas also plays and my niece in Washington.
  • I love this game‼️ 5/5

    By NurseQua
    I’m so addicted to this game, I’ve been playing for years now and I absolutely love it‼️ I only wish there more ways to get keys faster.
  • No entiendo porque no puedo diseñar mi propia casa ? 1/5

    By darlyemarye
    Añadan mas cosas