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Love home decorating? Play Design Home today - a relaxing, fun game that allows you to live the life of an interior decorator. Sharpen your decorating skills in daily Design Challenges and style visually stunning three-dimensional spaces with access to real, high-end furniture and decor brands. It’s quick, it’s fun and you can connect with a vibrant creative community while learning about diverse décor styles - thus improving your design skills and gaining inspiration that you can even apply in your real life. * Relax through play and express your creativity in daily Design Challenges. * Unlock rewards as you polish your amazing abilities as an interior decorator. * Play with real life, high-end brands as you learn about different interior design styles. * Vote on your favorite rooms from a vibrant, creative community. * Share your creativity and borrow furnishings from your friends when you connect to Facebook. Love the items in your favorite room? You can shop for them directly through Design Home! Click any piece you love and buy it for your own home. With new pieces added every day, Design Home literally puts the best home décor (alternative: furnishings) directly at your fingertips. Not only can you discover brands and trends, you can own them, too!


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    By LoraR14
    I LOVE this game app. I don’t even have a problem with purchasing items as that’s business & this is one folks. But I do agree with the MANY others before as to keeping what you buy, but winning items only use limited. I’m also quite tired of black & white everything. This is a great design style when appropriate but never all the time. The rewards should be as in real life; for meeting the requirements of the client. After all, you can not submit your design unless those are met. I feel that those who are DHA and DHDR (admins& reviewers) should be able to be play this game but NOT be able to be in the running for Top Designs. I realize many are likely making money in this app that’s ok but this practice seems shady to me. I also feel that if you offer suggestions along these lines, the standard response is “community of players picks the winners”. That can’t be entirely true or there’d be no need for DHReviewers. One more suggestion because I mean no disrespect by my critiques as I really want this app to succeed I truly do. I believe that this change needs to be made somehow...if you entered a design challenge; you should NOT be able to vote in it. This is because you can purposely vote against your competitors to bring their scores down. This is not friendly competition but a mean-spirited game for the benefit of people’s egos and I believe that’s not what this game was intended to be. Let’s be kind here developers and have an opportunity to teach wonderful things and I’ve enjoyed learning every day but I hope you’ll take everyone’s suggestions to heart. This game could garner even more success if you just listen & adhere. TX
  • Unhappy 1/5

    By #Hashtag123
    I loved this app, maybe a little too much. I spent around 50.00 to boost my items. Made it to level 15, then my app had a glitch and took me back to level 1. I lost all of my purchases and was told there was nothing that could be done. I am just out the money and have to start all over to play. No thank you. Wish someone could have reinstated the level I was at or refunded my money. I don't want to start over without the items I purchased ☹️. I have since been contacted by this company in regards to my rating. I was only reminded that there was no way to refund any money or fix my game. It would only have been possible if I had saved it on Facebook. So if you get a new phone - make sure to get on fb and save your game first.
  • Bommm 5/5

    By unicorn yass
    Best game ever this really helped me rearrange my bedroom and my whole house now it looks like a dream house
  • Great game 4/5

    By Kla74
    Love this game, totally addicted BUT instead of giving only furniture for prizes won, I’d love to see some wall art, table art or plants as prizes for a 4 or 5 star design. Since you can only pay for those with diamonds and we all know diamonds are the hardest to earn, it would be a nice show of customer appreciation. After all, I, as well as many others, have spent several $$ to create beautiful rooms on this game :)
  • Annoyed that I like this game... 4/5

    By Snipitito
    — This crap is expensive. It would be nice if we could get a few more uses out of items we purchase, the expensive pieces of furniture. — Finishing touches like wall decor, plants and toys really make a room pop. However, all those items cost diamonds. It would be nice if certain items were featured weekly/monthly for $$. — Yes, I get it. The community votes on our designs, but our community kind of stinks and I’m pretty sure is made up of ten year olds. Unless I decorate in B&W, green, or turquoise color blocking I’m screwed. For example!! We recently had a design challenge with a purple wall and black&white checkered tiles. I tastefully decorated black and white (I know, I know..) with an expensive purple couch that is the same hue as the wall. My score - 3.97. One of the top designs has blue couches that don’t even match??? I don’t get it??? I know when I see good work and I vote for it.
  • \/ 5/5

    By PleaseRead!
    I love this game I just wish there was an option where you could freely design your own rooms with access to all the furniture and accessories
  • Bug fixes needed 3/5

    By Watercg
    I really love this game, however with the latest update it is now having all kinds of problems. The game freezes, can’t find items of furniture it shows you (says can’t find such and such thing in the warehouse), freezes or thinks forever when you try to add certain items to a room you’re designing (e.g. the dining table just won’t load sometimes), and now it thinks forever instead of letting you enter some challenges. Super frustrating. Also - only negative to this game is that you can’t possibly make enough money to buy certain furniture items without paying your own money for extra diamonds and cash. I get that using your funds wisely is a strategy for this game, but when you need a certain item for a challenge and the cheapest one in the game is $2000, you’re setting people up to fail. I refuse to spend actual money to design fake rooms in a game app. Maybe you could offer some ways to get more diamonds and cash besides challenges? Or make the challenges pay more?
  • Not getting diamonds for offers 1/5

    By Wcpixie
    I love this game, however I am really tired of completing offers, spending all this money on offers to get diamonds, and NEVER getting the diamonds! It’s ridiculous the amount of money I have literally wasted trying to get diamonds from YOUR OFFERS OPTION. In total I have lost close to 100,000 diamonds because your “offers” do not work!
  • Great Game But Needs A Better Way to Earn Money 3/5

    By 67944737321597(79);5885326;.)7;,!)&$?
    I started playing this game recently and really love designing rooms and getting to vote for my favorite rooms. However my biggest issue with this game is how difficult it is to make money to buy new pieces of furniture. This makes it so that I have to wait days to accumulate enough money to buy things to put in rooms. Especially when some rooms require me to buy multiple items. I wish you could sell furniture you don’t want or that when you voted you could earn money.
  • great game but!! 2/5

    By hessa8_
    i love this game, but i keep buying the same stuff over and over again! and everything is expensive. there should be some items like wall art and accessories we don't have to buy several times.
  • Rip off! 1/5

    By Tanlog23
    I used to love this game and played it for several months. Then all of a sudden in February, it started making double, sometimes triple purchases. I would even close out the game after buying one item and open it later and have 2-3 times the amount I bought. I contacted support 3 times and they wouldn't do a thing about it. What a waste of money! They get you hooked and use up your diamonds forcing you to purchase more. BUYER BEWARE!!!!
  • Fun but flawed 3/5

    By cmurphy123
    This is my new favorite way to waste time, its mindless fun but as a professional Interior Designer for over the last 15 years, I feel I have a pretty good knowledge of what great design aesthetics are. With that being said, 99.9 % of the 5 star design winners in this game portray nothing that would be considered great style in the real life design world. There's is no creativity in designing the same black, brown or white room over and over again, choosing styles of furniture straight out of "big box" stores like Ashley Home Store. Nor do any of these 5 star design concepts actually fit the integrity of the space or the clients requirements. These "designers" are just filling the rooms with what they want and not in the style that the "client" has requested. Huh?! With that being said, the voting process is flawed. It should reshow the requirements of the room before you vote and only allow the style of furniture that the space requires to be bought and used in the space. Until that happens, I guess I will stick with "dumbing down" my design styles to keep getting high scores along with all the boring black, brown or white furniture sets being used in everything from Caribbean beach houses to funky Parisian lofts and receiving 5 stars with these irrelevant designs **eye roll**
  • Read Zen-quility’s review from Tuesday, March 13 3/5

    By mdg0208
    Zen’s review is on point. My sister and I both design rooms and Zen hits on every single issue we are unhappy with. We love the realistic look of the rooms BUT only monochromatic rooms get rated a 5. The furniture is too expensive for the few uses you get. You rarely win sofas. People ignore how the room is to be styled. We like Zen’s suggestion of putting the style type on the voting window.
  • Poor 1/5

    By velvet0721
    Do not play this game. I give it a 0 rating. I have been enjoying playing for almost a year and had a huge inventory of prizes I have won and purchases from my own money. My huge inventory went down to 7 items overnight. This happened on March 7th. I will never play this game or any Crowdstar games , even deleted covet. I am on level 26 and had a huge inventory, have played this game for 10 months, over night on March 7, my inventory disappeared. Was left with 7 items of inventory. I have already deleted all Crowdstar games.
  • Needs updating 1/5

    By Coloradodab
    Not enough money is given to keep designing rooms. You design a room for $10,000 but the prize is only $500. And that’s if your room is voted above 4.0 stars if not you basically waste money. The only way to continue to get money is by watching ads or downloading apps and playing. I’ve had lots of apps scam me, I complete what needs to be done then don’t receive the reward. I mean come on, it’s a fake game. It’s fake money. You guys could give a bigger prize. I don’t care about the ONE piece of furniture I get, which most of the time I don’t want. I downloaded this game to enhance and enjoy my interior design skills, and honestly this app doesn’t allow you to do that. Give more money for the people logging in every day. $500 for prizes and continuous logging in is pathetic. I don’t mind watching ads but if I watch a 30 second ad I should get more than 15 diamonds. Losing interest in this game fast because it’s hard to continue getting furniture and accessories. Everything is so expensive yet so little money is given to you. Also, when I spend $4,000 on a couch, I should be able to use that whenever in the game. Instead it’s limited to only 5 per item. After that you have to buy it again. It’s getting ridiculous. Will change my one star once these things are at least improved some what.
  • Love the game but the customer service is nonexistent 1/5

    By Juniper00
    Update..... It has been exactly two months since my entire inventory disappeared (I had a lot because I have been playing for over a year). I have written so many times that I was finally given 30,000 diamonds just to shut me up. I did appreciate the gesture but 30,000 diamonds do not last long and in no way can get me to the amount of inventory that I had. So anyway, after I was given the diamonds, I wrote twice more and neither of my emails were responded to. The person who usually writes back - I said usually - has been telling me since January that the "team" is working to fix the problem. I have seen many people who have had the same thing happen to them. I AM WONDERING IF ANYONE WHO LOST HIS/ HER INVENTORY HAS EVER HAD IT RETURNED? I think this is not really a priority because DH probably thinks that people will repurchase items. I haven't spent one dime since this has happened. Why should people spend money on a game when the items that were purchased can be taken away before they can even be used? ............................................. I have been playing for over a year and would spend money to purchase diamonds. About three weeks ago, the site was doing a lot of updating and I lost my entire inventory. I have sent in so many tickets but usually just get an automated email back. A few times I received an email telling me to be patient. I have also seen that this has happened to quite a few people and they are being ignored too. I haven't spent any money on this app since this happened and can't in good faith give my money to a company that ignores its customers. Update: I have contacted them many times by email and through the app. It has not helped. *****UPDATE***** It has now been well over a month since my inventory disappeared. I received several automated responses and some that said to be patient. When I posted on this site, a representative of the company responded. She stated that customer support is very important to DH. She asked that I make a list of some items that were missing. This was no easy task and it took a lot of time combing through all of my old designs and then typing a list of names and descriptions. I received one or two more emails from the representative commiserating with me and saying "I know how frustrating this must be for you" and ensuring that she gave the list to the developers. This was somewhere between the 6th or 8th of February. I told her that it is very cruel to ask a customer to send in a list and still do nothing to help. As of now, I have sent three emails and no longer even receive an automated reply. I am deeply disappointed in DH.
  • $$$$ 5/5

    By allehnu
    i need a way to filter things by price. and sometimes scores you’ll get back on a design you put a lot into are infuriating. but other than that, pretty good
  • Love but need improvements in voting 4/5

    By Sworkers
    I love this app. I am not really a creative/artistic person but this allows me to explore and strengthen that side of myself and it is great fun. My issue with this is in the daily challenge the guidelines are not followed by many people. I have noticed that the top scores go to designers who use black and white mostly. I no longer pay attention to the instructions to design a "coastal" or "contemporary" room. When I did I never got 5 but now that I ignore this I get 5. I rarely play the other ones because of the requirements of using specific items and the cost associated with purchasing them. I think that in the voting u should have to vote on originality, following specifications ( eclectic, rustic, etc.) color scheme etc. Also I don't understand why things can only be used 5 times. If I buy it I should get to keep it. But again I really enjoy !
  • Would’ve been 5 stars 4/5

    By BrookeDo
    I really enjoy this game but it takes too long to generate another challenge. It’s taking forever to get to level 10. It would be great if once you purchased or won an item you didn’t have to purchase again.
  • Bug fixes needed 3/5

    By AbbyM94
    I like this game and continue to play it despite having frustratingly low scores on some of my designs. I’ve been increasingly annoyed with having to buy items twice. Please fix this flaw.
  • The only game I've ever been addicted to 5/5

    By LindseytheCatLady
    Great graphics, challenging, I love it.
  • Fun BUT Expensive 2/5

    By ThisIzIt
    I do like the idea of this but there’s too many restrictions on what need to be included in each design and that when you purchase an item it doesn’t stay as something you own.
  • Great game 4/5

    By Jendgls31
    However I wish I didn’t have to spend real money to complete the designs. I’m about to quit, seriously I see how much money I’ve spent and I’m ashamed:( Wish there was a way to earn diamonds more.. I’ve read several great ways to make that happen..
  • Furniture picker 2/5

    By PitAussie
    The name of the game is deceiving. You don’t really design the rooms. You pick the furniture and place it in pre-selected spots. While there are “sorting” options when selecting items, there are no ways to look something up by price or name, so if you have an item in mind, you have to scroll through hundreds of them to find it. There is never enough diamonds to buy accessories, and without accessories you are not likely to get 5-star votes that will give you more diamonds. That’s the bigger drawbacks in a nutshell.
  • Design challenge accuracy 5/5

    By AngryMC
    Love the game but I agree with last review - best designs should meet client’s specific requests to earn a 5.0 rating. This should be reflected in the voting requirements to truly reflect the game’s intent to meet the client’s specific goals with the best design. Isn’t that what the game is all about?
  • My diamonds disappeared on this last update 1/5

    By ColoradoTica
    After updating my game I had about 5000 diamonds disappear after restarting. Friends also had the same thing happen. Very upsetting that I spent real money and it's gone.
  • Fun game somewhat ruined 3/5

    By And who can speak of all?
    I really enjoy this game, but the often extremely specific requirements for a design and sometimes arbitrary classifications of furniture really take away from it. Make it more about the quality of the design and less about the requirements and it would be a much better game.
  • Love it, hate it. 2/5

    By Annie2791
    I loved this game, and have spent more money than I care to admit,playing. In an effort to earn diamonds for currency used in the game, I’ve resorted to using Tapjoy and their in app adds to have more spending room need to complete a design. The problem is they don’t always reward you after follow through. I would not suggest this game for someone who has to use tapjoy
  • Not that fun when 1/5

    I can’t actually play without using real money. I can’t enter any contests because I have to have specific furniture, even for the daily entry. Right now I don’t have a cocktail table, so I can’t enter anything that requires one, which is, um, all of them except the bedroom ones. And I can’t enter the bedroom ones because I don’t have the right kind of bed. Now I did have a cocktail table and a bed, but I used them and so now they’re gone. This is how furniture works in real life. I have to buy a new bed every five days in my actual home because I slept in it. Real beds can only be slept in for five days and then they disappear. I’m sure it’s the same at your house, right? So even if I was inclined to use real money to purchase fake furniture, I am NEVER going to spend real money on fake furniture that disappears. I get it that they’d like to make money off me (real money), but I’m not using real money to purchase virtual furniture because, well, that’s stupid. And even more stupid would be using real money to purchase furniture that lasts through exactly five uses! I’ve heard the sad story about how they have to make a living, too. Thing is, they make money off all of that virtual furniture. It’s called advertising. You don’t think they put out all this name brand furniture on there for free, do you? Oh, and if you see them tack on their generic, “oh, we’re so sorry you’re unhappy with the game, please contact us at ....” Please don’t be fooled. If they were sorry, they would listen to what I’m saying right now instead of asking me to contact them to tell them what I’ve already said. And they’d not waste our time or theirs writing the message at the bottom of every bad review and would instead change how the game works. But they’re not sorry, and they’re not listening, and they don’t want to be content with collecting advertising dollars. They want your money, too. And think about this. There are over 75,000 reviews for this game. It’s unlikely everyone reviews it. There are countless reviews about how they spent money on this game. One reviewer said she was spending $80-$100 a week on this game. Even if only 10% of the 75000 reviewers spent actual money. And even if that 10% only spent $40/week (half of what that reviewer was doing), they make a whopping $300,000 per week off of virtual furniture, which will disappear after you use it five times. Do we really need to feel sorry for them? That $300K is on top of what the furniture manufacturers pay them to be featured on the game, btw. They make the game less fun because you can’t play it unless you pay them, though it’s supposedly “free.” And they’re not scrounging for money here, people. They’re easily taking in $4 million a year, and you can’t even sit in the furniture they sold you. To do that, you’ll also have to buy it from the manufacturer.
  • Fun, BUT... 3/5

    By greenivy215
    This app is fun. It has a decent number of pieces which makes it nice to play around and design. However, my biggest gripe and the reason I’m giving this game 3 stars is that you may only use a piece 5 times. After that you must purchase the item again. I think that’s pretty unfair, especially considering the high cost of many of the items. Once you purchase an item it should be permanently in your inventory. The offers to collect diamonds for free aren’t bad, but decent offers are few and far between so you’ll only get enough to cover a fraction of the cost of major items/staples. I’m having fun for now, but there’s going to come a point where I’ll no longer play because I won’t have the pieces or money to.
  • Fun game-needs work 3/5

    By Distress Disaster
    Good news first: I love how you can make a variety of designs to many different themes. I love the variety of furniture and being able to see other people’s designs. I like my designs being judged by at the same time I believe the voting isn’t always accurate. Unfortunately you need cash to do things in this game and cash is EXTREMELY hard to come by without using real money. Additionally, I wish that there were more ways to earn cash and diamonds. With the update gems are even harder to get (which I didn’t think was possible) and so it would be nice to maybe give more in the daily rewards, give more for getting good scores, etc. Thanks
  • Don’t make a mistake! 2/5

    By nordoorwi
    Love the concept, but I agree with the other negatives mentioned in other reviews! One more I didn’t read...don’t make a mistake and accidentally purchase something you didn’t want or need! I had just purchased more diamonds and was scrolling through the rugs and fat fingered the buy for a rug I had no intention of purchasing. It was twice the cost of any other rug I’d ever purchased, and wasn’t a color/style I’d buy, either. I asked if they’d reverse the error, and they refused. I didn’t like their reply, but continued to play, and then somehow it happened again with a chair. I use a new iPad to play, and don’t know if it’s just so touchy and fast, but I will not be spending any more money on this! I’m so used to software asking several times if if I’m sure I want to do this...even within this game, you have a few screens until you submit your designs...that the accidental purchase within that small scrolling area, without any way to recover, really ruins it for me. Very disappointed.
  • Fun game! 3/5

    By squibbs101
    I love this game! It is so fun to play and the design is beautiful. My only complaint is that it takes a long time to earn cash, and you need the in-game cash to actually play and compete.
  • Eh 3/5

    By Shannonxx3
    This game is okay. At first I thought it was fun but after playing for one day I realized how annoying it is to run out of diamonds/ cash.. and it is next to impossible to get more other than the daily bonus. The videos you watch /games you play to get more don’t always process and I’m left wasting a lot of my time for nothing in return. I emailed them and never received a response.
  • Thumbs down on the art 3/5

    By Tobybobie14
    This is a fun game however, after having played now for months, I’m very bored with it. The problem is the wall art. The choices are extremely poor and it is near impossible to earn enough to buy even these horrible pieces.
  • Fun game, too hard to earn cash 4/5

    By DixSea
    Love the game, but I’m in agreement with others it is too difficult to earn cash and diamonds. The rewards are too small. I will stop playing game if we don’t get a raise!!
  • Great Game but Could Use Some Tweaks 4/5

    By Xen-quility
    I really do love this game and greatly enjoy designing the different rooms using different styles. There is room for improvement. For example, I wait in anticipation for my designer score on a particular room that I was extremely pleased in how it turned out, only to receive a lower score while a room that was designed in all white, all black, a combination of the two or one that didn’t even follow the style description wins “Top Score”. I’ve voted for some pretty amazing designs during judging that I’m sure also scored lower than the so called “Top Designs” that use little imagination by going monochromatic or use whatever style the player wishes rather than follow the style description given. It’s kind of demotivating to say the least. I feel as if 90% of the players have a thing against using actual color in a design. It would be helpful if the developers left in the description on the voting screens to remind the judging public of what style was supposed to be depicted. Also, items are priced way too high for only getting 5 uses from them before having to repurchase them. And last but not least, there is a greatly insufficient diversity in artwork and decorative items to go with the varied style choices. If you can ignore the “color blind” attitudes of the voting public and not get too upset when your design doesn’t do as well as the same boring all black, white or gray right rooms, then you’ll enjoy this game.
  • I would love this game so much if... 4/5

    By Ddrn1104
    Truth is, I already love it. I check all day for new challenges, and don’t even resent spending money on it. It’s fun to play decorator. What I DO resent is the scoring. I get having a vote. I like the idea in theory, but it shocks me sometimes what the “winning” rooms look like. Some are just formulaic- I’ve looked at some of the leaders and their designs all look the same. Black and white rug and black and white furniture. Ugh. Rooms no one would want to live in. And neither the “designers” or the voters seem to take into consideration the back story where the client asks for a certain thing. When the title of the challenge is monochromatic something and the winning room is red and purple or an all white room wins the “they want color” challenge, it drives me crazy. I vote for beautiful designs (or create them, if I’m being honest) and are low scores and high scores given for awful rooms. Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr. I have a suggestion: In addition to the votes upon winner, maybe you could have a team of real designers who could give scores based upon appropriateness to the challenge and on good design. What do you think? I will probably keep playing, but will likely lose interest eventually if there’s not some recognition of actual good design that answers the client’s requests. Come on! You can do this. Also, it is way too hard to earn artwork and most of the artwork is crap. It would be fun, too, to be able to add throw pillows and maybe curtains or to change wall colors and stuff. Please think about it.
  • Difference between ratings and satisfaction 4/5

    By LAFonh
    Updated review: my original review was a 1-Star. I echoed the same issues as other players: 1) All the winning designs look the same, regardless of intended style. 2)The app developers have partnered with a scam marketing firm which is a serious liability. 3)The reward system is frustrating and players are the losers every single time. It’s a blatant effort to get users to spend a lot of real cash, and the #1 reason why people stop playing. I’d like to discuss the third piece more in detail. On many of the reviews, the Design Home team chimes in with an email address to send suggestions for improvement. These reviews tend to be one of two types: either a technical glitch leading to a bad review, or a good review from a long-term player who mentions being unhappy about spending actual money. One is a simple referral to IT. The other is a cringeworthy effort to placate a cash cow. Originally, I downloaded this game because it looked fun and, at a glance, had a great review number. I didn’t bother to actually read the reviews until later....once I was annoyed with the game. Sure enough, the same complaints I had are echoed again and again and again by other players. Often with high-star ratings. Smart reviewers will cloak negative reviews in a high star rating because they know the geniuses in marketing are more likely to actually read these. Hence why my 1-Star has magically changed to a 4-Star. Hi, marketing team, nice to meet you! So, let me be clear: your user base isn’t happy, and it’s not safe. You won’t be a monopoly for long. Your ratings are, quite literally, lying to you. This app has the clear first mover advantage, but it only takes a couple of smart ladies in the Silicon Valley to realize they can do this better, with a closer adherence to what your consumer base wants, no IP violations, a few strings to the VCs and HGTV moves on. The most foolish thing an app developer can do is assume that their user base is so addicted that they’ll overlook the “gotcha!” Read the reviews again, your consumers feel like they’re being taken for a ride. Because I assure you that the second mover won’t make the same mistakes.
  • Black rug monopoly 4/5

    By tiredofblackrug
    Love this game but if you look at top scorers, they use the same black rugs over and over. The rugs make the furniture pop. So if you want to increase your score, use a black rug. If you just want to design unique rooms, go for it and ignore the score...
  • Don’t bother 1/5

    By Thai fan
    I’m not going to bother playing this game for much longer. The makers of this game make the pieces too expensive to play properly and unless you are willing to spend a lot of money it’s really difficult to make the rooms look correct. So why bother. The game makers know what they are doing and chose to keep it that way
  • Do not spend your money!! 3/5

    By PreShah
    This game is addictive but DO NOT SPEND YOUR MONEY. You’ll desperately want to, I promise, but your diamonds and cash will disappear randomly without you even noticing. This happened numerous times and CUSTOMER SERVICE is UNRESPONSIVE.
  • Poor. 1/5

    By Tjtarheel
    Major complaint here. Go check out some of the other designers inventory. You will find they have series challenges and other rooms that you have never received. I lost count at 16 for one designer who has a ranking 10 points below mine but so many more rooms in their inventory. I have been on this site almost a year. The developer does not take any of the users suggestions for improvement. Anybody got recommendations for other apps that actually care what their users take time to say?
  • Very glitchy not my fault 1/5

    By Elise peters
    It keeps exiting out and I can't play. I deleted games and it still didn't work so I will just not play and delete it. The creators are bad at making games
  • Well made game, greedy developers 3/5

    By kstrab
    I’m so happy to see that people feel The same way I do about the VERY frustrating parts of this game. I have been playing it for a while now, and I really enjoy it, but good god are the developers greedy! I understand wanting people to spend real money within the game, I get it. But it’s just extreme. The game gives you 500 diamonds a day, and that’s barely enough to buy a lamp! Ok fine, so I spent some of my real money in order to have more diamonds so I *can actually play* the game. If you spend $5, that gets you about 7000 diamonds... you buy one couch and one chair and those diamonds are already GONE. That means I just worked 1/2 an hour at my job to purchase a couch for a game that I won’t even get to keep in my inventory.... because we’re only allowed to use the furniture we buy 5 times, and then you make us repurchase it. Like i said, extreme. There also really needs to be an option to let us sell the furniture back that we aren’t going to use again, or want to trade for something different. I’ve made the mistake of accidentally clicking “buy” on a couch I didn’t want, and lost 4000 diamonds because of it, that I wasn’t able to get back. And I also heavily agree with the voting being very poorly set up. I have designed rooms that are really not good (since I didn’t have any money in the game and refused to spend more of my real money) and those rooms have gotten 5.00 stars, whereas I’ve designed rooms that are much better, only to barely receive 4.00 stars or less for them. Because it comes down to the voter and whichever rug they personally like better, instead of actually evaluating which room has the better design/followed the wants of the client... a coastal style room should not be receiving a 5.00 Star score for a challenge that was designated industrial. Maybe instead of comparing two rooms, rooms can be scored individually. The actual game play is so much fun and that’s what keeps me coming back. It’s really well made, this would 100% be a 5 star game if the developer actually listened to and fixed these problems that EVERYONE is mentioning, but since they don’t seem to care, it’s 3 stars for me.
  • I Just Really Need To Say 3/5

    By LadyWatchPod
    I would give this app 5 stars because it truly is my favorite app. I use it daily and it gives me joy and peace. I even spend actual money on it from time to time and don’t mind because it get so much out of it. But, I have to only give it 3 stars because I am consistently so disappointed in one major flaw. Why. WHY? Why are the wall art options so incredibly horrible? Why are there not more? Why can’t we have more options? More colors? More sizes and matches? I would rather hang most of the rugs or “poufs” on the walls than this art. There MUST be a solution! Do you need a consultant? I’m available! I love this app but PLEASE get better art!
  • Warning! Offers for Free Diamonds Deceptive 1/5

    By alzcookin
    There are many ways to earn diamonds without buying them. (You need them to buy furniture, art, etc. for designing rooms.) The app has offers such as taking surveys, giving to charities, signing up for various services, etc. in exchange for free diamonds. But you are not always credited and they make it a hassle to “prove” that you completed an offer. I signed up for a supposedly free credit report. The offer description did not say signing up for a 7-day trial was required. I found out AFTER I gave my personal info — including ss#. But, I had created an account with the credit reporting service and provided a screenshot to the company that manages HD’s offers showing that my identity had been confirmed. I sent it THREE times. So far, they have not credited the 30K+ diamonds promised b/c I don’t have a welcome email from the company — which I only would get if I signed up for the free trial. It’s a fun app, but buying diamonds gets expensive. I think they want to make the free offers a hassle so you just give up and pay. I’ll give up the game when I run out of diamonds instead.
  • You need to be a millionaire to play game! 1/5

    By Ximenasv
    I don’t even think I should repeat what hundreds of people have said in these reviews, but because it seemed nobody have Paid attention to everything that us customer and players need to say about this game I will say it again: 1. You don’t earn enough diamonds 2. It is extremely expensive to buy decorations and plants over and over again! My two kids and I played the game and it was impossible for me to spend money on the three accounts! So my kids have gone to other games and I am planning to do it as well...Why you don’t do a subscription system...I don’t know... I understand you need to make money but this is too much 3. Seven of my friends from Facebook used to play the game...4 have gone on sleep mode, plus my 2 kids, that is 6 people that left the game in the past 2 months...people are leaving... it hasn’t been a big change and the design home people don’t do bad, the game is really good!
  • We need more challenges 5/5

    By more challenges
    Love this game! We just need more challenges per day! There shouldn’t be just 3 or 4. More challenges please!
  • Game is fun, however... 3/5

    By Brown4376572
    I like this game quite a bit, however I’ve found it annoying that the general voting public chose an all white room almost every time. So if you want to win, only purchase white or light furniture, acceptable accents include black, gray or blue. Also disregard the aesthetic preference on the design challenge description, that’s hog wash, again white on white on white on white with a hint of gray, black or soft blues.

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