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  • Current Version: 1.07.15
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • Developer: Crowdstar Inc
  • Compatibility: Android
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Design Home App

Love home decorating? Play Design Home today - a relaxing, fun game that allows you to live the life of an interior decorator. Sharpen your decorating skills in daily Design Challenges and style visually stunning three-dimensional spaces with access to real, high-end furniture and decor brands. It’s quick, it’s fun and you can connect with a vibrant creative community while learning about diverse décor styles - thus improving your design skills and gaining inspiration that you can even apply in your real life. * Relax through play and express your creativity in daily Design Challenges. * Unlock rewards as you polish your amazing abilities as an interior decorator. * Play with real life, high-end brands as you learn about different interior design styles. * Vote on your favorite rooms from a vibrant, creative community. * Share your creativity and borrow furnishings from your friends when you connect to Facebook. Love the items in your favorite room? You can shop for them directly through Design Home! Click any piece you love and buy it for your own home. With new pieces added every day, Design Home literally puts the best home décor (alternative: furnishings) directly at your fingertips. Not only can you discover brands and trends, you can own them, too!


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  • Earning free diamonds 1/5

    By jb0055
    Great game, but when they give you offers to earn free diamonds, they are not awarded.
  • Continued technical issues 1/5

    By lele0313
    The last 6 months it's has been a hit & miss when trying to decorate a room, most of the time things I've purchased is not there but will. Show up maybe in another room I try to decorate & 80% of the time I get kicked out or get message tech issues...please fix
  • Bug 1/5

    By Ng677
    I have still problem with my account after new version update. I‘m in level 33 but there are just some furniture in my inventory Please fix it, i hade a payment for some furniture too but they are not in my inventory
  • Fun but gets boring quickly! 3/5

    By Key Rocz
    This is a game that only allows you to play for about 15 minutes a day, therefore it takes forever to level up. I wish it had more realistic rewards because the challenge payouts isn’t enough. Also, there should be more daily challenges. I like this game but it needs better dynamics.
  • Game designers do NOT know design! 4/5

    By MiamiBlonde
    While I do enjoy the game, I have a few issues. First, technical. Constantly have to reboot my iPhone because the game gets “stuck in the past” or locked up. This isn’t just a daily issue but a throughout the day issue. Now for design. It’s also apparent both game creators and many players have no clue about design. For the game creators. There is NO specific “style” called eclectic as there is for coastal, traditional, Mediterranean, etc. To say a room is eclectic means the design combines elements from different design periods & styles. You can’t pick a sofa and “claim” that it’s eclectic. Anything and everything can end up in an eclectically designed room. It’s how it’s put together, not what it is. It’s a very difficult look to pull off but, in my opinion, is the most interesting. Just because a sofa has a patterned material, that doesn’t mean it’s eclectic. For fellow players. Please read the blurbs before you start decorating. Most don’t unless they’re forced by requirements. I don’t care how great a room is, if you don’t follow your customers wishes, you don’t win. Also, most haven’t a clue what Bohemian style is. No. It’s not black and white. No. It’s not plain fabrics and subdued colors. No. It’s not monochromatic. In a sense, it’s like eclectic but unique in that it’s full of color, unconventional, unstructured, and free-spirited. I’ve never seen so many black, white, and modern “bohemian” rooms. There. I’ve said my peace.
  • Fun, needs some work 4/5

    By Lala605
    This game is very fun and addicting but there are a few things that bug me! A lot of times people’s rooms that you vote for are awful and nothing like the required theme. There should be a skip option so you don’t have to vote on either one. Other times, however, someone nails a room, so there should be a love or double vote! I also really wish we could have our own house to personalize! You could start out with a small apartment and then upgrade up to a mansion and decorate the rooms anyway you like and people can visit and vote or like! Also, they do randomly take items. I only have four of some that I never used!
  • Entire inventory wiped out, no response from company 1/5

    By Awk_poodoo
    Played this game over a year. Suddenly, one morning, all of the materials I had (embarrassingly some were purchased with actual dollars). I tried, every day for two weeks, got one response, “looking into it”, with no resolution. Found a review of this company on BBB. Don’t look it up if you want to keep playing their games.
  • Lost all of my inventory? 3/5

    By klb313
    I’ve been sporadically playing this game since it launched. It’s so glitchy that I can’t play daily. Recently I lost every piece of inventory and it like started me over... except I’m still at level 37..pretty crappy.
  • Racial Bias 1/5

    By black design chick
    If you want to spend money every time you play this game then this is the game for you. If complete surveys as a way of earning rewards and you’re African American, then you will be screened out. This is a pay play game and a cheap way for companies to compile data on users! STAY AWAY!
  • Fun, but too expensive 2/5

    By Sebastian'sMommy
    Things are priced to high, either in the in-game money or the diamonds.
  • Agree with Kelly407 3/5

    By Hollymarie7
    I have enjoyed this game very much but there is a major flaw. I have noticed also that items I have won are either not in my inventory or are taken out early. This means you end up spending money for inventory you already have “won.” I have also decide to use just my daily reward rather than spending my money as I’ve spent a bunch that I shouldn’t have needed to. Also, I don’t like that people can win top design status when they have not followed the specs of a room. For instance, if the plan calls for a rustic or industrial design scheme, one should not be able to achieve 5 star status when they’ve designed what’s clearly a traditional or luxe style room. Anyone can do that.
  • Love! 5/5

    By Wooly2k
    I love this game but do wish more of the voters had an eye for color. It’s not all about black and white. Good designers know when to throw in a pop of color and where to do it but the voters in this game seem to lean towards everything being black and white.
  • Losing its! 3/5

    By Swooz99
    I just found this app at the beginning of April 2018 and was immediately hooked (designer Suze99). The graphics are great and I love that the furniture is from real stores/designers. My job can be very stressful and working through the designs is a great way to decompress. So the last thing I want is to find frustration in my ‘escape’. I entered the ‘As Good as Gold’ challenge and bought and used a yellow Pennsylvania Home Touron sofa. Today I wanted to use that sofa in a design, but it was not in my ‘inventory’. I’ve created 29 designs and used that sofa once, so why is it gone from my stock? It is also annoying that many of the “top designs” have little or nothing to do with the challenge. The ‘Pleasant Papillion Sun” challenge asked for a colorful outside space and most, if not all, ‘top designs’ were monochromatic and devoid of color. The ‘Married Life in Maryland’ asked for a French bedroom and most of the ‘top designs’ had no French style at all. But the most perplexing are the patios and outside spaces designed without using outdoor furniture yet still rate in the ‘top designs’. Don’t believe that patios with shag rugs and indoor furnishings would weather well! I also wonder how the star score is attributed to each designer. It should simply be an average of the scores for all challenges, but that doesn’t seem to be the case. If I average my challenge scores (20 rated at this point), it is 4.285 but the score in the game is only 3.94. This could easily be a 5 star game, but the current issues need to be addressed: inventory items should remain in inventory until used; keep used items in inventory as gray with 0 as the quantity to repurchase if wanted; provide a design description during voting; do a better job filtering furniture selections when using the filters (I’ve seen “industrial” items that clearly were not industrial in style). I’ll watch for updates that I hope will address these issues. Until that time, I will back-burner this app!
  • Please remove this language file crap 1/5

    By pleaselemmelogin
    It pops up every time i open the game and i dont get to play. Really? For days? Please fix this or I will have to just delete this.
  • Love it but would like to see some change! 4/5

    By Moore.harmony21
    I love this game, but I don’t think it’s fair that you only get 5 uses from an item, especially when they are so much and it’s so hard to build up enough to buy them. I think once you buy an item, it should be there to stay. Maybe make it where if you win an item from a challenge it has a limit OR make it to wear you have a limit of 5 uses until voting has been completed. Kind of like you are staging the rooms and have only a certain amount of that item. I would even be ok with purchasing an item, only being able to use one at a time, having to buy another (ex: use 2 couches or chairs in a room, as long as I can reuse them over and over again in another room.
  • Oh boy, well well well. 3/5

    By Kassandra Vivu
    Okay don’t get me wrong, this game can be addicting, a great game and a fun game to pass time. I liked it very much..... but... BUT of course there’s a but and the makers of this game should take this into consideration because I have notice they lost some players, which will be me soon also. When you’re playing the game, there will come a time when you make purchases of items. you have the items in your stock. For example; tables, sofas, kids toys, side chairs & etc. what makes me mad is that, you’re limited on using items that you have PURCHASED. You’ll see what I mean when you start playing, not only that. The items start disappearing when you need them the most. “Oh my gosh, I have the exact sofa for this challenge.” Next thing you know you can’t find the sofa, because it’s not there and they want you to purchase another sofa or the EXACT sofa you had. All over again... it’s honestly ridiculous. This game could have been Lovely, for a stay at home mom, interior designer, stay at home wife, passing time. But nopeeeee they just had to overdue it. Anyways that’s why I rated it 3 Stars.
  • Enjoyable game but.... 3/5

    By threeheartboxes
    there is no rhyme or reason to scoring. I’ve received low scores for designs that were almost identical to the top designs and high scores for ones that I knew were awful because I was just trying to use things up. Agree, very few people follow the criteria and art work is not great. Fun way to pass the time but don’t spend a lot of money on it thinking it will improve your scores. I am currently trying to get this app. permanently deleted because of being inundated with spam emails generated from one of their “free diamond” offers.
  • Good game but needs fixing 5/5

    By Audrey Brennan
    Ok so the game is fun but ill buy stuff and then it will disappear and i will have to buy it again in hopes it doesn't disappear.
  • Fun if you take it with a grain of salt 2/5

    By Panda141626
    This app was a lot of fun in the beginning but it’s frustrating when you win or purchase items only for them to disappear from your inventory a day or two later. Also, the judging system for top designs is incredibly flawed. Feels like more of a game of who can match colors (usually black and white) the most more than any real design ability.
  • This game is very addicting but... 4/5

    By TheDarkKnight_23
    This game is very addicting. The only thing I get frustrated with is trying to get more diamonds. I was so excited when I saw I could get more diamonds without having to pay $$$ through their “Complete Offers: Earn Free Diamonds”. The problem is you don’t always get diamonds when you complete their offers. It’s a waste of my time to do them if I’m not getting the diamonds. That is the only reason I do them in the first place. I really hope they fix this problem. Aside from that this game is very fun.
  • Home design 5/5

    By kirsten williams
    Is it free
  • Fix the bugs 1/5

    By JustLeavingAReviewSoICanUseApp
    Please fix the language files are out of date bug. This is really annoying.
  • Fix the language issues 1/5

    By Snoozebutton12
    App has for the last 48 hours told me to restart to fix language issues. I normally love it but I wish they would fix it.
  • Fun to PLAY...update 4.20.18 1/5

    By Newtoketo
    *something is wrong-my game updated earlier this week and now I can’t log in without a message stating ”application language files out of date” I have restarted the game, uninstalled and reinstalled, and am still getting the same message. There is no support, so now it’s just an app that I will remove.... Remember, it's just a game. Something to take up your ten minute commute or that 15 in the waiting room- some reviews were so negative I had to review. The game is fun, I love seeing all the different challenges, and the only downside is that there are not enough challenges! It only takes a few minutes to complete a design, and there is no constant supply of new challenges. Or practice rooms that you can construct and destiny at will.
  • Love it but....... 3/5

    By Hodocat
    Ok so I love certain aspects of this game. I love the designing aspect since I can’t afford to redesign my own home right now. I love the challenge of designing in different styles whether or not they are MY style. I DONT love the fact that it doesn’t matter if you follow the rules of each challenge or not. People design whatever style they want and people vote for whatever pleases them without a thought of how the design met the challenge. I’m so tired of seeing white grey and black monochromatic rooms win the top scores for EVERY challenge. Also I don’t love that you get so few diamonds per day and per challenge. If that doesn’t change I will have to stop playing the game as I can’t afford to pay out real money all the time just to make the room meet the challenge. But my biggest pet peeve is that wall art and accessories are soooo limited. Then when you come out with a new series of stuff you limit the time to buy it. I’ve been using the same dam accessories forever and finally got a few that are pretty and a little different and now I won’t be able to buy any more after Monday. So it will be back to the same tired old accessories and wall art. MORE ACCESSORY CHOICES NEEDED!! And please enough of the same old grey while and black furniture!!!
  • Awesome 😏 4/5

    By mommyseastar
    Super fun game! My daughters love it! But when trying to log into the game it now says “out of date language” and tells me to re start the game. I do and it just says the out of date stuff again....why? I also just upgraded the game as well...please help!
  • What happened? 1/5

    I played this game for about six months and loved it. Then my account began switching back and forth from my old inventory, which was quite extensive, to a new inventory that was empty and required many purchases. Often when I submit a design, the game will “restart” and some of my inventory will be lost, requiring new purchases. I reached out to customer service and got no response.
  • Rip off 1/5

    By Rainamcfarland
    This game gives you next to nothing for their currency. You can win a challenge (which is very hard to do) and they give you 1/8 of what you need to even buy a house plant. This way they force you into buying currency with your own money or completing offers for money. The offers they have are scammy websites that try to steal your information. You can do all of those Tapjoy offers and never be rewarded. When I have complained they have rewarded me a fraction of what the deal was for instead of the actual agreed amount. There are next to no free offers on Tapjoy so it is NOT A FREE GAME. Additionally, when you do buy things they seem to disappear from your inventory before you can even use them. I also find myself wondering how some designs won and have come to believe people vote randomly. Some five star designs are hideous random items put together that totally clash. It makes no sense. And then if you DO win a five star design you get peanuts for a reward what a joke. I had spent my own money to get currency to play this game but I am done. I will be deleting this app and finding a better alternative. I have no idea how it’s rated so high...
  • Love it but money pit 4/5

    By 23anastasia
    This game is a blast but there are three outstanding flaws. You can only earn prizes based on biased voting. If you don’t earn a 4 or better, you receive nothing. If you look at the history of rooms that receive the highest scores they are 2 toned black and white or monochromatic in one color. Boring. It also leaves the rest of us having to shell out money to buy items that we can only use 5 times. This leads me to my next point that rooms often require just one more of the item and to are forced to buy another or the requirements aren’t in your inventory. Also, the diamonds are what drive your ability to purchase and they are far and few rewarded. In addition, the third party tap joy is dicey at best. I downloaded an app to win diamonds that hijacked my phone. I had to research for hours to delete it from all parts of my settings. And, receiving diamonds is a chore as you have to d screenshots or play games to ridiculous levels. I would say that the voting is my greatest pet peeve though , but if you can get over creating a really cool room that follows the descriptor and receive a subpar score, you can have fun.
  • See I thought so 2/5

    By Montanasky25
    I had thought something was going on An you are correct you can never win the diamonds are you do something and you have to ask for your diamonds and prove to them you did something ,and sometimes they still don’t give them to you. but say they have !!!! I have written down the amount of all the diamonds I was to receive ,an ask about them an they tell me I was “rewarded” those and I never was , or they say it’s pending an they closed the account before you have the chance to “prove” you did what was asked and to receive a five for a design is next to impossible and they tell me we do all the voting. I really don’t think it’s true???? and when I first started this game I told them to give more diamonds !!!! it’s the only way to get a lot!!!! Of items and the design when they have some designers they push more and you have to put all of their items in the room and they are to expensive to purchase. are you need those freaken diamonds!!!!! an also the things they have to offer for the free diamonds you always have to buy something in order to have a decent amount of those and I don’t know about anyone else but I don’t read magazines anymore and I don’t want a beaded headband some who knows where and the “special” the ones where they’re the series why can the win of bout money any diamonds raised I have told them repeatedly (I’ll never ever) spend money on this game I know the objective of ALL THE GAME ARE TO AKE FUNDS OFF OF US BUT OFFERS BETTER DEALS and this is another reason, I don’t buy any thing!!!! it leave your account information on there and I’ve had heard from several people they will keep taking funds, are when you want them to stop it’s hard to have them do so and some people told me they never get them to stop are you ‘ll need to ask your bank-to stop the payments Yes when they do there update it should be for more funds on all the the design , sometimes when you have to buy items it cost more than the prize ( when you need a certain designer)receive in money and no diamonds yes if you must make funds off us( an I know you do) stop with all the bad deals to have extra and make them bigger to spend our funds in a game!!!!!!!!
  • I don’t like the app 1/5

    Guys everyone that hasn’t got that app yet DO NOT GET IT. It SUCKSSSS, it is the worst app on earth it is so unfairrr!!!!
  • White walls are hideous and can't be changed 3/5

    By Kraig Mo
    App crashes a lot. And you cannot pick up where you left off. The interiors have ugly white walls that can't be painted or wall papered or paneled. White is such an ugly design color. So trendy and hideous. A lot of the offered furniture is ugly avant-garde stuff.
  • Expensive Addiction 2/5

    By A Bit Eclectic
    I agree with kelly407 I notice my items missing also and I do the same thing I look in photos of prior room designs and realize I either haven’t used them yet or not all of them I agree with the diamonds Also Please fix the issues with the clocks on here Once on the wall You can’t see it 7 clocks I think I have no use for One other thing People Seriously 5 uses for an item is a complete rip off and I have so many chairs with 1 left Some of the prizes are horrible I’ve yet to use some We should be able to sell these items I’ve spent a whole lot of money on this game
  • Help w app 3/5

    By kkpktkak72
    I have been playing this for quite some time and all of a sudden I turned it on and everything is gone tried many things to get back my game nothing has worked. The game made me start from the beginning level one with very little money, diamonds and no furniture. This is very disappointing. Makes me want to quite playing. Dose anyone know how to get my game back.
  • Great creative outlet but can be frustrating and expensive 3/5

    By SuZ Queen of the road
    When I first read the reviews, i passed right over the comment that almost all winning designs are black and white, no matter what the required style or setting...but now that I’ve been playing for almost 3 weeks, it is really annoying. Why bother with a description of the goal if all 9 winners for a pink room that is supposed to be done in a French style are variations of the same black and white scheme? It makes the thought process and choices, not to mention the expense, put into creating a room that reflects the theme or colors a waste of time. The cost of the diamonds and some of the furniture is a bit ridiculous...especially when as many others have commented you don’t always get the 5 uses of the items you have paid for. The prizes are also somewhat redundant and often unlikely to be used.
  • Language files 2/5

    By k8lynjo
    It won’t even let me open the game, it repeatedly says “the games language files are out of date. Please restart the game.” And I restart the game. And I restart my phone. And I try without WiFi and with WiFi. It’s been doing this all day and it’s bothersome.
  • It was awesome but... 3/5

    By Chokleang
    This app is great until something weird happened I don’t exactly now but I don’t like it
  • Fun !! But Expensive !! 2/5

    By taeeeeeedyyyy
    Love the game but everything cost so many diamonds to purchase ! I’ve also noticed that items I have bought , I have to buy again to use again on another design ! They are really cheap with the daily rewards , they only give you 500 diamonds a day but is useless because every design item cost so much ! You can complete offers to earn diamonds but it’s useless as well because you don’t get rewarded like you are supposed to !
  • Horrible 2/5

    By Kgapple123
    I got the game agin and wanted to have a different account but NO you can’t have different accounts and I am tired of it I want a different account like now the only you can have a different account is to have Facebook but I don’t have it because I am 10 and I like the app but I want different stuff more ways to make money like you can never make money‼️‼️‼️‼️‼️‼️‼️❗️‼️❗️❗️❗️❗️❗️❗️❗️❗️❗️❗️‼️‼️‼️❗️‼️❗️‼️❗️‼️❗️‼️❗️❗️
  • Like it 5/5

    By AnginNC
    The new design challenges are more colorful and fun to design. But rewards are hard to come by and extras(plants, pictures and decorations) are pricy. Very much enjoy the game anyway a
  • Can’t play the new version 3/5

    By dhktfadvjkssfvhdhv
    It keeps saying the language is outdated and has to restart.. I can’t even play it anymore
  • Addicting but scammed? 🤔 4/5

    By Goodto-sea.tumblr
    I play this game every single day and have for years now. Yes, you do end up spending money to play (I’ve spent so much lol) but I’m okay with that because it’s so fun/relaxing. Unfortunately I pushed a button to buy diamonds multiple times and I didn’t get credit. I basically got charged $20 for no diamonds. Customer support said to sent screenshots, which I did, and I haven’t heard back. It’ll be so sad to delete one of my favorite games! 🙁🙁 Update: been days and still no reply so I reported them to Apple and I’m getting refunded and deleting the app 🙃 I’d be wary of spending anything on this app.
  • Language Files 3/5

    By MadiMac77
    I love this game, but I recently updated it and now when I go to play a message pops up on the screen that says “language files out of date please restart the game”. I keep restarting it, but the message never goes away and it won’t let me play with the message on the screen.
  • Hate and Love this app 1/5

    By Agapegirl67
    Developer and Marketing Please Read: From what I see you have people from all over the world playing with this app as the premise is fantastic and addictive to those who love to design. High five to the creator! However you are losing customers at the same rate you are creating them due to the way you choose to pursue the income off of it. 1) GET RID of TAPJOY!!! I have spent countless hours watching videos,installing games, taking quizzes and surveys, signing up for things I don’t want just to get enough to buy plants or pictures only to be ripped off by not getting the diamonds from Tapjoy, they have sold my information to all sorts of Spam companies and my inbox is now inundated with porn ads,viagra ads and never ending garbage. All to play this game and frankly I resent it tremendously! Please consider pursuing the occasional ads when starting or finishing a design with relevant companies to increase your revenue instead of making your customers pimp out their time, money and personal data to earn diamonds to play the game. Tapjoy are con artists that inadvertently make you all appear to be one in the same. It’s not classy at all and lowers you in the eyes of your customers. If you need to make more money off the game than ads, offer a reasonable subscription or charge for the game in the first place! Give customers a choice rather than ripping them off to buy furniture they can only use 5 times!! Not cool at all ... 2) if you want people to keep playing, stop with the diamonds in addition to the cash, no one wants to pimp themselves out to tapjoy to get ripped off for nothing to show for it all in an attempt to buy a lousy picture or a plant! Sell ads for goodness sake and make people watch them in order to play. Not too hard to do! 3) Your prices to buy furniture with the measly amount you receive when completing a design does not encourage people to keep playing or make good designs. Way way too expensive and not realistic at all...Reward the people logging in to play everyday with enough to at least buy a couch or a large plant or painting! Give your customers a reason to keep coming back! 4) Stop taking away inventory we have bought and not completely used. My stuff is always disappearing and frequently not available to me when I look to decorate a’s just gone never to return,, no one likes to be ripped off further than the amount they’ve paid to play 5) the prizes are mostly awful and not relevant -frequently loud colors and weird designs that will surely get you a bad score if you use them since most people in this game are into very neutral designs. People would rather receive diamonds equal to the amount of what their score is ie; a scale of diamonds based on scores would be ideal. 6) Designers of the game:Give us the ability to put furniture where we think it would look best, requiring poofs and stools etc where they look ridiculous is not good design, they should be optional as paintings, etc. To sum it all up: this would be an excellent game people would play addictively for years if you all played your cards right, just think of it, never ending customers...get rid of TapJoy charge a fee to get rid of ads if people don’t like them, charge for the app and or upgrades,
  • Support issues 1/5

    By disapointed & disgruntled
    I’ve been playing this game for roughly 7 months. I love the game. It helps me unwise. I’ve decorated a couple of my rooms in my home inspired by the game. However, I reached level 26 which is roughly $15.5 million worth of inventory and somehow the game has reset me back to level 1 losing all my inventory. I have spent quite a bit of money($500plus) buying gems so that I can purchase more inventory I have been messaging support and the only solution they gave me was to basically reset the game and reconnect on Facebook (which I’ve done multiple times) 4 days later, support won’t even respond. Don’t spend a penny! Try Another design game!
  • All my items I’ve won over 3 months disappeared 2/5

    By elan80
    First off, I really enjoyed this game. I’ve been playing it for the past 3 or 4 months. But this past weekend I noticed that all the items that I won or bought disappeared and the game started me completely over with new items. I emailed them 3 days ago regarding this issue and was advised that my concern had been forwarded to the developers, but I have not heard a word as of yet as to why my items are gone. As I have stated it is a great game, but at this point I would not spend any of your money on in-app purchases, especially when your items will just vanish for no reason or without explanation. I hadn’t used them all and that is frustrating.
  • Great app with SERIOUS limitation 1/5

    By IT Specialist 79012
    My family loves this game and had four different family members playing on four different devices. HOWEVER, the app designers didn't integrate this game with the latest Apple update, and now we all share one Design Home account under our Apple ID. This means 3 of us LOST OUR DESIGNS, purchases, etc., COMPLETELY. We are extremely unhappy about this in and of itself. But to make matters worse, I've contacted customer support multiple times with NO RESPONSE. I recognize that in an ideal world, we could leverage family sharing, but providing unique Apple ID's to our children poses other challenges we're not ready to tackle. All other games we play (Candy Crush, Geometry Dash, etc.) are UNIQUE TO DEVICE, NOT APPLE ACCOUNT, and allow each family member to play at our own levels on our own devices. If you plan to download this game onto multiple devices for multiple people, PROCEED WITH CAUTION. I hope the app developers resolve this issue because this is one our family's favorite games to play. But considering WE'VE LOST MULTIPLE DOLLARS AND HOURS SPENT, I'm forced to leave a one-star review. If I receive a reply and resolution from customer support, I'm happy to raise my rating back to a satisfied customer. UPDATE ON 4/19/18: Despite the developer’s response inviting me to contact them directly, which I accepted, a resolution still has not been reached five months later. They replied a few times in due diligence, but after I gave them enough details to resolve the issue, I’ve heard nothing. I now feel guilty playing this game in front of my family members because it makes them sad all over again that they lost their own accounts and designs. Very unfortunate, as this is an extremely fun game for all ages.
  • New update errors 1/5

    By Sdilando
    Updated and now I’m getting languages out of date error, game will not open.
  • Fun but not fun 1/5

    By Sarajwagn
    I love being able to decorate and have fun but how come my full inventory can’t always be there, I hate having to re-purchase things and the items I win from my designs I never see in my inventory. Would be a lot more fun if everything Ive ever won and purchased was available in the same quantity for every design.
  • Undo button 3/5

    By lkchurch8
    This is a fun exercise of creating room designs with colors and textures. However it is too easy to enter your design before you are finished by pushing the wrong button. You need an “undo” button when your design has been entered by mistake. The game is unforgiving in this area. Once you enter your design- you are done and there is no going back. Or there should be an “are you sure you are ready to enter” button. Just sayin.

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