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  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • Developer: Crowdstar Inc
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Design Home App

Looking for a new creative hobby? Play Design Home today - a relaxing, fun game that allows you to live the life of an interior decorator. Sharpen your decorating skills in daily Design Challenges and style visually stunning three-dimensional spaces with access to real, high-end furniture and decor brands. Unlock 'My Homes' to access bathrooms, kitchens and more customization options to bring your dream homes to life! It’s quick, it’s fun and you can connect with a vibrant creative community while learning about diverse décor styles - thus improving your design skills and gaining inspiration that you can even apply in your real life. * Relax through play and express your creativity in daily Design Challenges. * Unlock rewards as you polish your amazing abilities as an interior decorator. * Level up to access 'My Homes' - with dream homes of your very own to design as you wish! * Play with real life, high-end brands as you learn about different interior design styles. * Vote on your favorite rooms from a vibrant, creative community. * Share your creativity and borrow furnishings from your friends when you connect to Facebook. Love the items in your favorite room? You can shop for them directly through Design Home! Click any piece you love and buy it for your own home. With new pieces added every day, Design Home literally puts the best home décor (alternative: furnishings) directly at your fingertips. Not only can you discover brands and trends, you can own them, too! PLEASE NOTE: - This game is free to play, but you can choose to pay real money for some extra items, which will charge your iTunes account. You can disable in-app purchasing by adjusting your device settings. This game is not intended for children. - Please buy carefully. - Advertising appears in this game. This game may permit users to interact with one another (e.g., chat rooms, player to player chat, messaging) depending on the availability of these features. Linking to social networking sites are not intended for persons in violation of the applicable rules of such social networking sites. - A network connection is required to play. - For information about how Glu collects and uses your data, please read our privacy policy at: - If you have a problem with this game, please use the game’s “Help” feature. Terms of Service: Privacy Policy:

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    By gracek2112
    I have played Design Home since it first launched. During that time, I’ve had a few different accounts across a few different devices. I’ve spent a fair amount of money on gems - my choice entirely - to advance and enhance my experience. (I’m aware that many find it ridiculous to spend actual currency on a virtual experience, but some like going to the movies, some like buying Kindle books, and some like playing an online game.) The point here isn’t really the money I’ve spent, as I have it to spend and enjoy having access to a wider range of design choices in Design Home as a result. The point IS that, despite having spent money on this game and despite the fact that those like me are ultimately the very reason a game like Design Home can exist, maintain, and expand, I have received absolutely NO customer support regarding an issue I reported to them several days ago now. After receiving 2 ridiculous auto-generated messages about them being busy, I’ve heard nothing. I have since messaged them twice more, to no avail. As I expressed in one of my messages to Customer Support, I can certainly empathize with a heavier workload causing some delay, but you’re not running the New York Stock Exchange over there, Design Home. It’s a design game, and I have a very difficult time believing you have so many customer support requests that you can’t manage to resolve an issue in under a WEEK. If this is how long-time players - and, let’s be honest, supporters/income generators - are treated, I see absolutely no reason to continue playing. While the choice to spend money is my own, I expect to receive what I’ve paid for. When nearly every single design in my “My Homes” comes up missing with no explanation, I’m not getting part of what I’ve paid for. That Design Home clearly doesn’t care is both insulting and telling. They want players to spend their money; they just don’t want to have to actually deal with the problems that arise during the course of running a business. Unless you intend to play fully for free - which can be extraordinarily frustrating for many - I would avoid this and try to find another satisfying alternative. Eventually their poor treatment of customers will catch up with them and someone else will finally come along and supplant them, which they will richly deserve.
  • Beware of the tapjoy rewards 1/5

    By Sektogo
    I have made multiple purchase to gain free diamonds however you need to keep up with it and make multiple screen shots of your purchases so u can show proof you did it. And even after you send it they need other info, I am still waiting. However if it’s the magazine subscription they credit your account within hours of your purchase. Big scam if you aren’t watching it.
  • No access 1/5

    By Triggerd hooman
    The game looks great so I got it but it won’t let me get into the game and I’m supper confused!
  • The Voting is a joke! 3/5

    By Vmarsich
    Yes, this app is fun for the HGTV watcher who enjoys imagining what a new room design could look like but the actual system for voting on designs is just a joke. There is no science to it and people who’s designs don’t even follow the challenge directions get high marks for reasons that are beyond explanation. People who spend more money have a huge advantage in the “game” because they have access to more prizes and more accessories. So, if you like just doing designs for yourself, enjoy! But if you were hoping for an app that gives you any meaningful feedback or opportunity to gain a real understanding of design, good luck ... I think you will be disappointed!
  • Keeps crashing 3/5

    By 1234578990
    I really love this game, however recently it’s been crashing every few minutes and I’m getting extremely frustrated to the point I’ve given up on it. My other games play fine so I know it’s not my phone or internet connection, so whatever it is it’s not on my end. I hope it gets fixed, but if not it’s too frustrating to play, as I also lose all my progress on the home I was currently working on. Disappointing.
  • This is a fun game 🤗🤪😜🤨😎😏😍🙃😊😉😌 5/5

    By lolo94320
    I love this game because it is really really great and you can stuff I love designing stuff and who ever made this they made a great game. 😊😍😘😛😜.designing design
  • Beginning to not be worth it 2/5

    By Carra232323
    I was addicted to this game but it’s starting to be less enjoyable. As others have said it’s hard to score high and earn prizes without spending money, which I had spent $70 and it didn’t last but maybe 2 weeks. Something that also drives me insane is the computer generated rooms and scoring. Some of my worst rooms will pass while some of my best that I use extra decor on such as plants/photos etc don’t pass. I look at some of those rooms who earn the 5.0 score and they’re often computer generated names with rooms full of things. In other words, if I want to get ahead in scoring to earn prizes and continue to enjoy this game I’m going to have to spend more money which I just don’t find worth it.
  • such a great game! 5/5

    By new_york 101
    design home gives you a chance to be as creative as you want. the only reason for it being four stars is because of the requirements and you don't get enough coons.
  • Frustrating money system 3/5

    By FoxFamily01
    Money system is very frustrating. It’s almost impossible to play this game without in-app purchases.
  • Competition is awesome 4/5

    By adus talton
    Even if you are learning...the competition makes you learn faster. It's not a true "tournament" type of competition, it's a "Dang I can do better" type. Only suggestions I have 1. Provide a "cart" option for while browsing during designing. I often forget what item I liked or had multiple likes for one furniture item. 2. Add "price" "diamond" to filter search. Many times only looking for what I have in $ vs 💎. 3. Allow a sell item back option. Sometimes I accidentally buy something or sometimes I want to sell "prizes" I'll never use.
  • I’m frustrated 5/5

    By Aidibadass
    I haven’t been able to open this app for a week. Please help.
  • Waste of time 1/5

    By Rachel DK
    I was really liking this game playing everyday until I noticed that items that I purchased (which weren’t cheap if u want the better items to help level you up and score high in challenges) are only allowed to be used 5 times then I have to REPURCHASE them if I want to continue using them I’m glad I figured that out before I spent my real money on a package. Also I was curious to see if the packages they have for sale was worth buying so I added everything that v was included in the bundle and wouldn’t you know I would NOT have saved one single bit so if you’re considering buying their bundles I would just go through and buy the things you like the best because you’re not saving my bundling 😩 to me this game is just a money grab there’s too many other addictive games u can spend ur hard earned money on that allows you to actually keep the things u purchase
  • Expensive Game 2/5

    By Designer1313
    I love this game, but cannot consciously recommend it to family and friends. The expense is STAGGERING! It’s incredibly easy to spend upwards of $50 to $100 a week to complete design challenges that may, or may not, merit the meager grand prize of 500 diamonds which is equivalent to 500 game dollars. (Most game items are priced well beyond 500 diamonds.) Player votes determine prize winners, and, supposedly, all entries have an equal opportunity to earn the grand prize. However, it seems to me that players are placed in groups of voters that never change. (During each voting session I see the same participants over and over and over!) This prohibits an equal opportunity to earn that meager grand prize! Style preferences remain the same if group members are the same with each design entry!!!! This is proven because the top champions in specific categories have REMAINED the top champions! Also, when viewing the champions’ designs, I have never seen their designs in my voting pool. Prize values need to be raised and voting needs to be fair!
  • Glitches 4/5

    By Jeri's iPad
    I too have spent a lot of money on this game but I absolutely love it. My only issue is, it will not allow me to go to my home challenges. Every time I try it cuts off. I've tried to reload it but it didn't help. Please fix this problem. It was going well for awhile but now it won't let me scroll down in my inventory. I love the app but way too many glitches.
  • Continual Trouble Loading Content 2/5

    By Lanjrb
    To the Developers: I’ve had app for almost a year and for the most part I like it. However, for the past 4 weeks (or since January 15, 2020), I cannot get the app to open at all. I get to the “Arranging” step and it stops. I’ve tried reloading the app with no resolve. My internet connection is strong. I had intermittent problems like this before but figured it was a bug fix. I’ve spent money in this app and will not be happy if I can’t get back into it, or if I do, have lost everything in my inventory.
  • Fun but glitchy 3/5

    By dizzylizard
    This game is super fun and addicting but sooo glitchy. You never receive half the prizes you’re supposed to and the items you purchase in your “owned” category somehow magically become unowned and you have to pay for them again. I won’t be playing again until this gets sorted out.
  • Fun 5/5

    By kdogdiggy
    It’s the best game
  • Pretty good 5/5

    By aaaaaaauuuuuuggggggghhhhhh
    I really like this game. But it should give more than one of those “Home Points” or whatever they’re called per challenge. Either that or make the “My Homes” rooms cost way less points. Also, they should give more cash/diamonds. And you should have to spend less keys for challenges. It would make it worth paying at least $1000 per challenge with “requirements”. Usually, you don’t have the stuff, so you get a chair or whatever, spend all your diamonds, and then don’t even get half of what you paid back! I also think that there should be interesting items, such as pianos, beanbag chairs, bookshelves, etc. I am working on “ Main Home”, and I wish that I could have a piano in my house! I think that these additions would make a big difference. But don’t think I’m hating on the game. I really like it. So far, it has been super fun!!!
  • designe Home 5/5

    By Lalo really
    Design home is an awesome Amazing game
  • This app has allowed me to visualize my next dream home 5/5

    By NEEM O2ula
    Amazingly delicious
  • Needs Improvements!!! 1/5

    By DeJongV
    Lots of glitches! App restarts constantly. Also, it’s designed to make you spend real money. Plants and wall decor can only be purchased with diamonds, and the only way to get diamonds is to spend real money, take part in offers, or save them up at a snail’s pace by just playing the game. Also, make it so that we can convert cash to diamonds, not just diamonds to cash. And why limit our pieces to just 5 uses? That’s ridiculous. We should be able to keep and use them indefinitely. We should also be able to gift friends pieces and diamonds! Voting is often unfair, they need a better system! I often see beautiful designs get low scores, while poorer designs get high scores. Make these improvements and it will be a 5 star game. It truly is not at the moment, despite what the 5 star bot reviews say.
  • Design Home 1/5

    By shwb
    Be prepared to spend a lot of money! It just keeps getting more expensive to play! Scoring is ridiculous. It is obvious they use an algorithm. Takes away all the fun.
  • I love the app but... 4/5

    By alienandbunny123
    I love it but I wish I could restart because I started to play in 2017 but I deleted it. Now I just want to start fresh. I don't know how, and I don't think I can. Help?
  • So fun😋😋😋😋😋 5/5

    By picnicinchina
    This game is so fun must download now!!!!!
  • Frustrating 3/5

    By scsunluvr
    I cannot figure any way to play for longer than 5 minutes.
  • Horrible customer service 1/5

    By Lovestodine
    After 2 months of correspondence my issue is still not resolved, so I deleted the game. I spent a lot of money on this game every month too. The customer service team asked me the same question 4 times and each time I sent them what they asked. Awful customer service.
  • It Ok 2/5

    By girly4456
    I like it but you run out of money and diamonds so fast
  • Love this game 5/5

    By seahawker11
    I absolutely love this game. My gf and I compare rooms and scores and it’s a never ending competition for us... My only critique is I would like to know who I was up against in the voting. Sometimes I feel like I should get a high score but do not so I would like to know what room was better than mine. It would be nice to have it show the results of your score and the room you were competing against. I also think you may be able to get kite app purchases from there.
  • Fun but could be even better! 4/5

    By Little Dutch Girl
    Lots of fun, especially if you have money to spend. Here are a few suggestions to make this app even better. 1. Let us sell or trade furniture we don’t like. There are some pieces that are duds. I will never use them and it would be nice to swap them out for things I would use. 2. Sort the items by price. I’m a designer on a budget and I would like to see the ability to find the best piece that meets my budget. 3. More money when designing rooms. Not fair that I can’t recoup some of the money I spend. 500 is not enough. Thanks for a fun game, but please take these suggestions and make it even better!
  • Kind of annoying 1/5

    By dancingqueengoinggreen 🤗
    It's a nice game, but the "money" situation is annoying. You have to "pay" for everything, and if you don't have "money", than too bad. It's really hard to earn money too. When you're working on a challenge, and you don't have enough game money to buy something that's a requirement, you have to use real money to pay for it. If you don't get any fake money before the challenge gets voted on, you lose everything. Also, when you buy something, you only get to use it five times before you have to buy it again. I was expecting better because in covet fashion (a game made by the same person and literally the exact same thing just you design people, not houses), when you buy something, it's yours to keep. Also, randomly throughout the game, it would shut down on me and delete all my progress. It's too bad because this would otherwise be a really awesome game. 😭😭😭. Another thing is that it always says that there's something wrong with my internet connection even though there isn't!! In addition, after the latest update, instead of it improving the game, all that happened was that it became more glitchy. 😳 There are obviously a lot of problems with this game. I don't suggest you getting this game unless you have tons of patience. 😬😤😫
  • Glitchy 4/5

    By AnazonRed
    Love this gave but it is progressively becoming more and more glitchy. Loading problems, unable to connect to Internet while the only thing connected to my WiFi, and closing suddenly.
  • Purchase heavy app 3/5

    By 1966debi
    Love this game but to complete all challenges be prepared to buy diamonds. Wish there were ways to earn more diamonds.
  • Items get lost if design isn’t finished in time 3/5

    By SunshineWellness
    I love this game because it is fun and a great creative way to take a break. However, if you don’t finish a design before it ends you lose any items you had used!! 👎🏼👎🏼 They should go back into your inventory. Sometimes I get distracted by life stuff and don’t get back to the game for a few hours and then boom, lost items. Also, this game is really expensive.
  • One of my favorite games I've ever found, but needs technical improvement 4/5

    By ah2023
    This is probably my favorite iPad game I've ever found. I spent a week looking for a good home design app that didn't involve a stupid puzzle you had to solve to earn points and I finally found home design! It's enough fun that I am willing to buy a batch of modestly priced diamonds from the store every couple days when I'm in the mood to decorate. Some people splurge on a 5 dollar coffee every couple days and my treat is 5 dollars worth of diamonds. Updated review after another 3 1/2 months: I still love this game as much as I did when I first downloaded it. There are a couple things I still wish could be fixed and some new things I came across since my first review. To start, I have since discovered the offers you can complete to earn diamonds. If I have the time and patience I can get through several of the surveys and earn a couple thousand diamonds. Since that discovery, earning diamonds has definitely become a lot easier and I have had to make fewer purchases of diamonds. Every couple weeks a great bundle of furniture comes and I have a little shopping spree, still. It seems the forced-quitting has not been resolved quite yet. I wondered if it was my Internet connection causing the app to timeout but it occurs while I am on other Wi-Fi networks in different locations, as well. My favorite challenges in the game are the series or the elites which often times require more furniture than the other challenges. Meaning, more data to store and these are usually the challenges I'll be working on when the app quits out on me. If it gets really bad I will clear the cache but every once in a while this does not fix the problem and I am rendered unable to re-open that challenge and submit the design. Hello, wasted purchased furniture :( ever since I downloaded the newest update, the processing of the game is so slow it's almost impossible to use. I am unable to scroll through the furniture or select anything. Has anyone else experienced this issue? I'm starting to get frustrated because I started a series challenge before the update and wanted to get at least four designs in and now I fear those challenges will have expired before this is resolved. There are a few things I wish the app featured as I have gone through the game: - while moving through furniture/decoration options it would be nice if there were a top bar that would keep the last few selected pieces in a "recently viewed" section. I often want to make comparisons between two items I am deciding between and it is cumbersome to have to scroll all the way back to where that second one was in the list. I know we are already packing a lot into a tiny screen but the bar does not need to be as large as the catalog displays them. - going off of that, it would be very helpful if the number of unpurchased items in the design were not limited to two. Ideally, I would love to be able to stage unlimited unpurchased items to really see it all come together before I make my decision. At that point, you can offer a "purchase all" option, too. It's frustrating when you want to buy several new items or want to see a complete set of chairs around a dining table before you purchase them. - An option to flip or rotate items would be groundbreaking. Sometimes I wish I could flip a painting to have a complementary image instead of an identical image, for example. Building on that, for wall art, it would be nice if we had the ability to move the paintings up/down or side to side to customize. I am sure that this suggestion is more complicated than I think it is, being that this game works with the light direction in the room as well as whether or not pieces of those items are translucent and should show other items behind them, etc. Just a thought. - while shopping for anything, having the ability to sort the price from high to low or vice versa would be huge. I understand this is not Amazon but sometimes I am trying to budget with my expenses per design and it would be great if I could see what the cheapest things were first. - The rugs need some sort of filtration assistance. The rest of the furniture in the game can be filtered fairly easily but the rugs are a frustrating collection to sort through. Specifically, I would love a shape filter meaning square, rectangular, round or other. Desperately. Sometimes I want to look through the animal hides and sometimes I want to look through the round ones. Please help! - when purchases are about to be made, please add a pop up window that says are you sure? I have accidentally purchased furniture before and wished there was an undo button. Then I thought, there would be no need for an undo button if there was a pop-up confirming this purchase was intentional.
  • Awful! Save yourself the frustration! 1/5

    By defeated designer
    I’ve never had so much go wrong with an app!! Too many frustrating glitches,and when I tried the “contact us” link thru their system, it would not send my message. I enjoyed the game but they really need to work out the glitches.
  • Ee 4/5

    By I love this game it's so funny
    Ok I love this game but I wish you capfuls don’t like a whole house to do a ton of different styles per room.
  • Haven’t even been able to load for 3 days 1/5

    By mae.b.kari
    I have been playing this game for years and enjoy it. I have made sure everything is updated, but as of 3 days ago, I have not been able to load past “arranging “ I am upset cause I missed out on limited items. Yes I do spend and have spent $.
  • Ditch the 90s Barbie backdrops 3/5

    By contessa dolce vita
    Very entertaining for even a professional. I use it during downtime to visualize different pieces together. I have one major issue though - the tacky use of fuschia in so many of the room backdrops. It’s terrible and perhaps is there to appeal to a broad female audience but anyone in tune with design knows it’s played out and over. Love otherwise. Highly recommend.
  • Fun 5/5

    By banykakesrobinson
    I loooooovvvve this game best design game out
  • Best game ever! 5/5

    By cakelover418
    I have been playing this game for just a week and I love it! I love all the different themes and decorations. Also you don’t just get to design homes but you get to see what other people think of it! This gets me thinking about my real home in the future. I had to spend $50.00 on diamonds, but it was totally worth it. The decorations are awesome! Whoever made this should be proud! BEST DESIGN GAME EVER!!!!
  • Home Design 5/5

    By Nona gonzalez
    Me encanta la aplicacion
  • Great game, a few suggestions 5/5

    By 0opsy-d41sy
    I really like this game. The concept is fun, the design is gorgeous, and the rooms, regardless of whether the top designs are actually furnished to your personal taste, always look really pretty. After reading several of the most current reviews I don’t have much to add—other people have already hit most of the major cons about the game more eloquently than I can. So I’ll just focus on some of the things I hope to see in future updates. 1. I do wish the game developers would consider adding in different types of rooms, like tiny houses or studio apartments, so that we could practice decorating with a cohesive theme that encompasses a whole house. That would probably encourage players to experiment a bit more with colors. When you’re just looking at a single room, it’s way too easy to fall back on beige. Again. 2. If we’re going to have “elite” challenges that all but demand wild spending, we also really need challenges for a tight budget that require us to stay under a certain dollar/diamond amount. 3. Whoever is writing the descriptions needs to be reminded that men also use interior decorators. The last time I actually saw a man referenced in a challenge (a Wayback Challenge, natch), I actually read it out loud repeatedly because I couldn’t believe that I was seeing male pronouns. 4. The rooms feel a bit too zoomed out sometimes, which is a bit annoying considering that you’re expected to place tchotchkes everywhere. Zooming in a bit would likely require less furnishings and keep at least some of the rooms from feeling overstuffed. 5. We need a button to sort by price. Desperately. Hopefully the designers take some of our suggestions into account. Happy decorating!
  • The best game ever 5/5

    By jmheen
    I just got home and I love it and it would be nice if it was a little bit longer so I would love it if you would put a little more on it and it would be perfect
  • Cache 1/5

    By Love's Don Henley
    Usually I would give this app at least 3 stars. Today, I don’t give it any. Whatever “fixes” were done during the last update, were poor. The app is constantly slow or lagging. I’m unable or no longer able to clear the Cache on this app, even after a restart. Support either undo what the previous update did. Or just plain fix the bugs in the app.
  • Greedy developers! 1/5

    By rbcopod1
    The truth is you can’t enjoy this game without a ton of diamonds. 👎🏼👎🏼 Sadly, despite the fact that it is a giant ad for furniture retailers, the game now has no way for you to play without spending real money. Most games allow you to play for free if you are willing to watch some ads. But this whole GAME is an ad and they give you nothing compare to what you actually need to play. At one point, the offer wall would allow you to watch a video to earn diamonds, but mysteriously it no longer works. Went dark around the same time they started selling these “bundles” in the premium store. Hm. Curious. Customer service reps have no official answer for why it doesn’t work. They could easily fund this game on ad revenue from Pottery Barn and others. The game literally links to real websites where you can buy real furniture. WTH? Pottery Barn doesn’t pay for that? Instead, they charge users $2.99 for a set of crap items that will barely last five challenges? I call BS. Oh and incidentally, now that the game has basically become pay-to-play, all the design challenges are created to utilize the items currently for sale. If the items are all pink and gold? Every room is some version of pink and gold. Therefore, every room getting 5s is just current-bundle-vomit with no real “designing”. So the greedy developers have also ruined what was fun about the game to begin with. Good job. Refuse to pay, people!! Just stop. And vote—but not for rooms with current bundle crap. Vote for those poor people trying to cobble a room together with nothing.
  • Fine game but... 2/5

    By PuppyDog$1234
    Don’t get me wrong I love this game and the real life brands are a cool feature but come on this game needs improvements! First; the game has you buy things. This wouldn’t bother me if everything wasn’t so ding dang EXPENSIVE!!! Just a sofa is somewhere in the 3,000’s place and that’s just triggers me! I appreciate the daily reward but really come on that’s gonna get you maybe get you a table but if even that. And honestly I’m not going to spend my money on a virtual game when I could be getting way better stuff! Also there’s no way to earn money and diamonds like absolutely no mini games you could play to earn them which again triggers me! Also the daily reward only gives you diamonds and keys when honestly diamonds and money are the core value here I mean we could just vote to get keys it’s also annoying when your keys are maxed out so the reward is just nothing! I mean it’s a fine game but honestly I’m just here for the style a living room because you get to do that freely. Also I wish there was a feature called “ free create” where you could pick any house with any furniture and you don’t have to pay for it (The Furniture) this game is fine I guess. Also the requirements! Waaay too specific. Also prizes. First whenever you design a room a stupid offer comes up saying oh you can get twenty percent off for this thing which I mean come on! I just made this room for what?! An offer?!? I’m trying to save up my diamonds so whatever. Also the prizes you have to buy. ??? We earned them shouldn’t we just get them automatically? Please just try to fix these!!!
  • Warning- Cash Grab 1/5

    By GnomesAreCute
    You will not be able to play this longer than a few days without paying for packs. The game requires digital money to purchase furniture and does not reward you enough to play without supplementing real coin. I dont mind paying for perks but it’s not possible to play without purchasing money packs and that’s where you lose me. Luckily I made it out before buying anything. Fun for two days until I ran out of money completely and couldn’t participate in challenges any longer.
  • Daily Challenges aren’t loading 5/5

    By 6210846
    Problem was fixed with the new update.
  • Almost Unusable Since Last Update 2/5

    By beatles_david_cook_fan
    I use an up-to-date, clean iPad 2nd gen that I use ONLY for DH and Covet Fashion, so it's not a storage issue. (CF is still working great). I can't scroll through anything, so I either have to use one of the first 4 or 5 items that I can see or use my iPhone XR, which is SUPER small and just not conducive to higher quality play. I'll update my review and rating once this issue is addressed. If it's not addressed within the month, I'll be forced to uninstall, as it's become *that* unpleasant to use. :(

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