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Create beautiful designs and professional graphics with DesignLab. Choose from millions of images, graphics, fonts and customizable templates to produce stunning visuals, perfect for social media. It's fast, fun and easy. How people are using DesignLab: - Instagram stories + highlights - Social media graphics - Typography design - Event promotion - Birthday cards & invitations - Special sales offers - Screenshot markups - Watermarked photos - Real estate promotion - Scrapbooking - Pinterest posts - Album covers - Business cards - Inspirational quotes - Meme creation ... and so much more. ---------- FEATURES: • Customizable Templates - Search & select from our famous library of thousands of professionally designed templates. Organize them into customizable folders with our favoriting tool. • Projects - Save your projects with fully editable history and open them later. Share the project file with a friend for creative collaboration. • Free Stock Photography - Search from a collection of millions of free stock photos & illustrations. • Advanced Text Tools - Create beautiful typography with our carefully selected collection of fonts from some of the most talented designers from around the world. Easily add multiple text layers, controlling their size, positioning, opacity, rotation, kerning, leading & color. You can also curve, bend, erase, and apply 3D transformations. • Gorgeous Artwork - DesignLab comes jam-packed with hundreds of irresistibly gorgeous illustrations, decorative ornaments, and design elements. • Layer-based Editing - Our layer-based editing makes complex design simple to create. Tap the layer menu to select one or multiple layers to edit. You can also re-arrange their orders by long-tapping and dragging to the desired position. • Custom Artwork - Import custom artwork or your own logo, and use it in your photos as a fully editable layer. Terfect for the mobile creative, it helps branding efforts everywhere. You could also use this feature for collages or scrapbooks. • Blend & Erase Tools - Erase parts of your artwork, text, or imported photo layers & apply several different blend modes to create unique images. There is also a built in "focus mode" - which allows for great precision when the eraser is active. • Drawing - Use these tools to create an illustration, make notes on an image, mark up a photo for business, or add a signature for personal touch. • Shapes - Create vector shapes and control their properties with ease. • Photo Filters - Choose from our collection of filters to get the look you desire. • Photo Adjustments - Finely tune your photos with our suite of photo adjustments, including brightness, contrast, exposure, saturation, blur & more. • Font Installation - Install your own fonts! Use a method in which you can deliver an .otf or .ttf file to your device, such as Dropbox or Email. Then use the "Open With..." option, and choose DesignLab. • Crop Tool - Choose from a variety of aspect ratios. • Dark Mode - Design deep into the night without the uncomfortable eye strain with dark mode. For iOS13+ users, dark mode will be activated by default depending on your system wide settings. ...and more! ---------- DESIGNLAB PRO SUBSCRIPTION PRICING AND TERMS DesignLab PRO offers two auto-renewing subscription options: $5.99 per month $35.99 per year Your DesignLab PRO subscription will automatically renew 24-hours before the end of the current period, and you will be charged through your iTunes account. You can turn off your subscription at any time from your iTunes account settings. You will not receive refunds for the unused portion of your term. Read our terms of use at: Read our privacy policy at: Have any questions? Get in touch! Tag your photos on Instagram with #DesignLab for a chance to be featured on our gallery!

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  • So easy to use, love the instant results. 5/5

    By KiKi DePhalle
    Thank you for this simple app!
  • App review:) 5/5

    By dixie charli fan
    I LOVE this app it is awesome you can make anything and I use this to make fake menus for fun and this app has a lot of templates
  • Awesome 5/5

    By brey britto
  • Frustrating 1/5

    By irvingzarate
    The app continues to crash! Can’t delete fonts I don’t want. Terrible, terrible. Gradients do not work properly.
  • Pro Subscription doesn’t work 2/5

    By Youruser152
    I purchased a yearly Pro subscription and every 10 minutes I get a popup telling me to buy Pro to unlock all features. Contact Us button conveniently doesn’t work. This glitch makes this app almost unusable. How do I contact the support?
  • Giant water mark on the free version 1/5

    By Riverjop
    The only way this app is usable would be the paid for pro version, otherwise your going to have a giant “ DESIGN LABS” watermark which you cannot remove over your work, which makes this app as it stands unusable.
  • Lo amo 5/5

    By labeibeis
    Porfa que sea gratis esta aplicación
  • Works great on iPad, but screen goes black on iPhone issue 3/5

    By mmatwell
    Works great on iPad, but screen goes black when I open the app on my iPhone, which is a huge bummer, bc I already paid for a year subscription and was using it on my iPad Pro and then later after signing up/paying for the subscription, I opened it on my iPhone XS Max and my screen just goes black and nothing happens. I’ve tried restarting/turning off my iPhone, deleting the app and reinstalling, make sure the app is updated, as well as my iPhone updated to latest iOS version, and still will not work? Disappointing to pay for a full year subscription and then limited to only using on my iPad? Also, the app has crashed several times in the middle of creating a project on my iPad, and sometimes the app is very slow and delayed. However, there have been times where the app has worked very well, and really like the ease of use with this app and all the options and extras you get with it. Very good app if it worked smoothly and could get it to work on my iPhone. This app would have easily gotten 5 stars, if, 1.) I could open and use the app on my iPhone. 2.) there seems to be delays/freezing and overall speed issues that are not necessarily something that happens every time I use this app, but has happened enough to where it’s happened too many times for a paid subscription app that I would hope would work seamlessly, but it doesn’t. 3.) takes too long to upload images from library/camera roll. However, I still really love using this app and all the great add-ons/extras that a lot of similar apps out there don’t have. It’s easy to use and I can definitely tell that a lot of thought has gone into this app. I would say I highly recommend this app if it were free, but since I paid for a full year after trying it out of my iPad the first couple days during the free trial, and app seemed to work 10x better and faster during free trial than it did after the fact...? Not sure if that’s just me or if it really did work better during the free trial or if that’s even a possibility? So, since I’ve experienced these few issues listed above, and bc I cannot use on my iPhone at all, I’m giving this app 3 stars. Nobody wants to pay for something and then not be able to use it at all on a device. This is a huge negative for me, bc I don’t always want to use my iPad and sometimes would like the ease of using on my iPhone. Plus, I paid for an annual subscription, so it should absolutely work. Period.
  • Amazing Design App! 5/5

    By Desireecupcake
    Everyone always asks what I use to create images, and this is it! For the more advanced, the pro edition is great, and for those wanting something a bit simpler the standard version is awesome! Short clicks, user friendly and does a great job!
  • I HAD TOO. 2/5

    By Fkxg3586367445
    I’ve used this app for a while and it helped me out a lot. Despite some frustrating parts of the app I still pulled through. However. Now that i can’t use more then half of the font what’s the point. It lags. It won’t let me use futures properly and killed so much of my time at some points. It’s not worth it to pay money to get that much lags and if you don’t pay you get very little options. I’ve had this app for while and can easily say the subscription crap ruined my experience and I won’t use it again. Let’s hope it gets better. For now I’ll look for something else.
  • A Nice Mix 5/5

    By super8man721
    Professional photographer and graphics artist 21 years. I have used every photo editing software or app known to man. I find this no fun to use with a nice mix of effects
  • Price change 1/5

    By Armani Lik
    Why take all the free fonts away that was the only good thing about the app
  • Fonts 2/5

    By 5u11i
    Was an awesome app, able to have a ton of fonts and able to use my creativity simply. They recently made it almost like you have to buy the pro lab to be able to do basically anything and it ruined the free-ness of this app and i’m never using it again.
  • STUPID AD 1/5

    By Viking Ace
    I did not want to download you but your ad switched the app I did want to download and downloaded this app instead.
  • Thanks 5/5

    By Ankunding O'kon
    I love posting and editing posts on DesignLab, great if you wanna spice up your selfies:)
  • Great! 5/5

    By Shemar Bailey
    I use DesignLab for any photo that needs text or any photo that I want to look better.
  • After I buy the app 1/5

    By Kaayylay
    I don’t want “design lab” watermark in the background. Thankssss
  • Yaroma 5/5

    By Auto Piezas Yarom
  • Great design app, except it doesn’t open 1/5

    By jjjames0001
    This app would be amazing, if I could open it and use it consistently. Hasn’t opened for months now - unsure of why I’m still paying. If it does open, crashes all the time in the middle of work and have to constantly reinstall and loose my custom templates. Reached out to customer service... no reply
  • Not good 1/5

    By Gilaaar
    Very expensive
  • Very buggy and closes all the time 2/5

    By Seaofcalm
    Lots of bugs when you are trying to crop photos. I also experienced force quits multiple times and the working file cannot be saved. Definitely a time waster.
  • So 1/5

    By CopperChoppa
    I would like it but you can’t zoom in and you should really change that
  • Enormous Potential, But... 3/5

    By BrianKann16
    There are features here that are completely wonderful. Those COULD make this one of the FIVE STAR, near-perfect design apps. But there are so many nuances and wildly BIZARRE hoops that the user is made to jump through that it WILL make me return to using other apps - and occasionally check back here to see if they’ve made this more user-friendly. I’m one user who is willing to help, if they asked. But these don’t usually go too far with developers.
  • Purchased the Pro Version Years Ago 1/5

    By Chic-Chica
    Years ago, I downloaded the free version of this app. I liked it, but it stamped my photos with a watermark that I didn’t want, so I purchased and downloaded the pro version (this app) to get that removed, plus some more advanced editing features. I liked it for the occasional intermediate editing of photos I wanted to do on my phone. Now, though, I go into the app to do a little editing, and it won’t let me do any of the things I used to be able to do and says I don’t have the “Pro” version. I tried restoring purchases, but it just tells me my subscription has expired. I never had a subscription; I made a one-time purchase of an app for a small fee, which was worth it for the very limited amount of editing I do on my phone. Now, it seems to be worthless. I just want my old app back. Very disappointed. :(
  • Great app 5/5

    By Bryana55
    What I really enjoy about this app is the many different use cases. Wether it be making a post for a party, specials at your own store, or an inspirational quote, DesignLab gives you the capabilities right on your smartphone!
  • Best app 5/5

    By Maegan Wehner
    I am purely satisfied with designlab. Ive been using it for a few weeks now and I love it. Best app ever.
  • Easy to use 5/5

    By Marlen Romaguera
    I’m able to use DesignLab for my small business for social media, postcards. You need this App Now...That is All!
  • Buggy 1/5

    By bjonezeez
    Can’t tell you how many times I’ve almost finished a project and the app crashes deleting all progress... save yourself the hassle don’t get it
  • Latest update crashes like Biden giving a speech 1/5

    By BigTunaApps
    Loading photos from sources is horrible. Please fix.
  • This app may be cool but be warned 1/5

    By dangergirl7799
    I looked at this app and it looked really nice it was rated good, the reviews were not bad so I got it. Oh turned out every time I try to look up something it kicks me off out of the app. So if you want a better review fix this bug. So if you anyone gets this app I told you this might happen!
  • Hairstylist 5/5

    By 2uc1
    Great app
  • Good app, but needs some improvements! 3/5

    By jgldpn
    I recently migrated from Over to DesignLab and gotta say it: I absolutely love it – the possibility to import fonts, the shapes, the gradient tool, etc; but there are some things that need to be fixed... urgently. First: bugs in the saving process. On Over or other apps, if you close them while editing, you’re gonna be able to get back from exactly where u left off. Unfortunately that doesn’t happen on DesignLab — in which I have to make sure that I locked all layers before “ending and edit” that I wanna get back to later. Second: the inability to zoom in while editing. I used to do that while using other apps and that really helps me with precision and details, so I really do think that it’d be a good thing to have in DesignLab. Third: the app crashes whenever I type “vector” on the web media search. Suggestion: maybe implement a tool for making wavy curves? That’d save a lot of time — right now, I have to make two or more text layers and curve them in opposite directions. That’s it. I really like your app and thank you for the amazing work you’ve done so far. Hope to hear back from you soon. PS: I personally think the first and second points are more urgent.
  • Trash 1/5

    By _captainant_
    This app cant handle itself. I honestly can’t get through a project without it closing or bugging to where I can’t see what I’m editing. Importing transparent fonts or photos never work. Projects never save correctly so I’m forced to finish quickly in one session. Could be better.
  • favorite editing app ❤️ 5/5

    By MakaylaDurickLovesCody
    Truly love this app!! I have been through all the changes the past however many years it’s been, and I’ve always loved it, but it just gets better and better. Right now there are so many available options and ways to edit, the subscription is so so worth it. The best part about social media is being able to express your individuality through creativity, and this app provides endless opportunities to truly bring it to life. Makayla ✨ @_afantasylife on Instagram
  • App Review 2/5

    By ahhshahahshsbsbs
    I like most of the things on this app but the thing that bothers me the most is that the app constantly crashes.
  • Not working 2/5

    By pvrojas
    The app is not working well, doesn’t save, goes black, write to customer service several times and they doesn’t work in fix anything
  • Offers more than any other but lags with big projects 4/5

    By ffgsy
    Love it. Offers more than any other app like it and when you get become comfortable with the layout it’s easier do work with than the rest. It has some issues with the layers (deleting and moving), it’s glitchy and it lags with big projects (many layers). I got annoyed by the glitching and lagging but after I deleted it I couldn’t find anything like DesignLab. I would definitely recommend this to anyone as the best option, hands down.
  • This is the worst game don’t download 1/5

    By Nikki Stella
    When I first download this app I searched up my favorite Game and it likes blah blah nah you’re not going to get that so delete it now it’s just like talking Angela so delete it NOW
  • I had it for a long time but 3/5

    By Cool joking app
    It’s great and I can use it for certain things... but when I want gradient colors or want to change the color the picture goes above the screen where I can’t change the gradient rotation so I can’t change the direction or select it to change the color which is really annoying.. it does this with other things also but I don’t have to tap the picture in any way for that type of thing.. the other is that the picture quality is horrible after I edit it and save it.. I do y know if that’s a pro feature or not but I would just like a better quality photo to save if you can. Overall it’s the only editor that’s free that I can do this type of stuff with so it’s great on that part.
  • Crashes 4/5

    By johncrvft
    Hey guys, Can you please fix the following bugs that have been happening? Every time, I try to enlarge a photo on another image, the app crashes. And when I save photos at times, it saves as a blank white image... Thank you! I love using this app.
  • You will lose everything 1/5

    By aritchson
    Doesn’t matter how sleek it is if with one tap of the screen an entire day’s worth of design is lost. Glitchy in the costliest way. Tried to crop a photo and cropped the entire project. No undo. The black color stopped working so I’m left with drawing light greys or bright colors. If you change the canvas size accidentally or on purpose you will lose everything. Too many ways to lose all your work, it doesn’t truly back it up. Not worth the frustration.
  • I want my money back! 1/5

    By Chormel
    They changed how they charge you for the everything I originally bought no longer works unless I subscribe. When I bought my “one time purchase” I assumed I’d be able to access it. Now if I want to use it I have to pay monthly or yearly.
  • Trusted for years! 5/5

    By wjazzclimbup
    I’ve been using this app for years and I LOVE it.
  • Easy to use 4/5

    By Skendrick0009
    This app is easy to use and offers a large variety of helpful designs. Lately the app has just closed itself while I using it and did not save the work I was working on.
  • Best purchase ever! 5/5

    By Art's Formula Fitness
    Can’t say enough how great the experience is with this app. Super helpful tips, tons of graphics and worth all the money. Hands down. Wish there was more fitness stories and pics on there, other than that. Hugs and kisses to developers and all the graphic designers.
  • Awesome and profesional 5/5

    By calichegt
    Best app for this market
  • For all of my business needs 5/5

    By Phyllis Lopez
    Not only do I create all of my social media posts with DesignLab, I also designed our company logo with it. Love it, use it almost daily, and at $3 a month I feel like it's the ultimate steal. You should be charging WAY more... but shh ;)
  • Comprehensive DesignLab Review 5/5

    By Bonnie Wright
    I've been using DesignLab for over a year now, and absolutely love the app. I've been meaning to leave a review detailing what the pros and cons of the app - what I love about it, and what I think can be improved. I'll start with the good: The templates are extremely helpful, and beautiful. I'm a beginner when it comes to design, so these allow me a starting point. It's delightfully simple to replace the visuals and text with my own. The text tools are likely the best I've seen in an iPhone app. I appreciate the ability to be able to curve, rotate and even 3d transform text layers, but I find the ability to adjust line heigh and letter spacing most useful. The design collections are very attractive, and I find them particularly useful for design consistency in an Instagram story set. The layer-based editing makes it very easy to organize a complicated design. Nothing ever feels too cluttered or clunky. Working with video layers is surprisingly fast and easy. Creating complex video collages is a lot of fun with DesignLab. The price point is more than reasonable - it's surprisingly low. A few dollars a month for a very large, valuable collection of design templates & elements seems like a crazy steal. The developers update the app very frequently, and the support team is quick to respond. What can be improved: I'd love to see a custom UI for the iPad version. I think there are some great improvements that can be made wit the extra screen real estate. Layer animations - being able to animate specific elements in an Instagram story, as an example would be awesome Overall, the app is a 9.5 out of 10 in my book. It's saved me a lot of time on my visuals - both business and personal, and I look forward to using the app often.
  • Amazing Design & Story App. The other Pale in Comparison. 5/5

    By Bly_Bly
    The design quality of the templates are world-class. Templates in other apps are simply, in my opinion, too corny or amateur. This app has helped transform the visuals in my Instagram feed & stories - I use it daily. The latest update compelled me to leave a review as I had written an email to the developers with some feature requests, and a few of them were included! I now have the ability to favorite and organize templates into folders which is awesome. I am loving the new drawing suite as well as I often mark up stories with my own funky handwriting which adds a cool personal touch, and unique look as well. I tell all my friends & colleagues about DesignLab. It's an absolutely fantastic and tremendously useful app. 5 stars. Thank you!!