Desktop Aquarium free

Desktop Aquarium free

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  • Current Version: 1.0
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • Developer: Voros Innovation
  • Compatibility: Android
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Desktop Aquarium free App

Desktop Aquarium shows a beautiful, REAL aquarium on your desktop. It features: + Beautiful Coral Reef and Shark Paradise scenes + Real videos, no fake computer animated fish + Shows Desktop* after a preset period of inactivity (moves all windows out of view) + Hot corner support to "Show Desktop"* + Scenes can be set to start based on how much desktop area is covered. + Both dock icon and menubar icon can be hidden.** *make sure the "show desktop" shortcut is enabled in Keyboard Preferences. It is enabled by default on all Macs **reopening the app from Launchpad or Applications folder will open app preferences. Limitations: + FREE version videos are 10x shorter than in full version + FREE version: 30 second videos, shows occasional popup ads + FULL version: 6-10 minute videos, no ads Note: All videos are in HD+ resolution and optimised for 13'', 15'' and 17'' screens.

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Desktop Aquarium free app reviews

  • FREEZES 3/5

    By harleysox
    It always freezes. What is a fish tank if the fish don't move?????
  • for me peaceful 5/5

    By Msaep
    it’s nice and peaceful and the fish don’t die.
  • Okay 2/5

    By Blah123212
    Its okay but i don’t stare at my computer all day and daydream. This makes the constant pop-ups for me to purchase the full version and countless other products completely unworthy of my time. Unistalling.
  • Good but 4/5

    By Eileenplun
    Company keeps putting an ad for me to buy the better one. It is most annoying. The app itself is very nice but the sharks are too large….EL Fish was much better, you chose your own fish…it doesn’t look good when someone happens to visit and my screen suddenly, instead of beautiful fish, has a 5x7 ad instead. It makes me NOT want to buy the upgraded one. Eileen Plunkett
  • Makes my computer come alive! 5/5

    By Roopdawg
    I love how my desktop has moving fish on it. It makes my computer come alive, especially with colorful beautiful fish!
  • Love it Love it 4/5

    By Space wx geek
    reminds me of diving when i can’t actually be there. would like to have an additional screen or two—one reviewer stated the paid version was not satisfactory, so i will wait and keep using the free version
  • Dont get 1/5

    By Sdotson999
    Clogs up your computer and eventually crashes
  • It’s free! 4/5

    By RedVespa
    Not bad, it is a bit frenzied at times, like a shark is coming to eat the fish! But I enjoy it and as long as you don’t sit there and stare at it, it is nice to have in the background.
  • Too Fast Moving 2/5

    By Judy309
    Needs option to slow down the movement and reduce number of fish. Not relaxing, too hyper.
  • Poor quality display with far too many hyper fish. No adjustment possible. 1/5

    By Linmukai
    I am surprised by how many people seem to like this but beauty is in the eye of the beholder as the old saying goes I suppose. I rate this app with one star because it is simply displaying a poorly made video and thus it is not possible to control anything displayed such as the ridiculous number of fish and the high speed at which they are swimming about. Too much of a good thing is not always a good thing. Nobody would ever crowd a fish tank like this I hope. Nobody would ever dump copious amounts of caffeine in there either causing the fish to lose thier minds and swim about at high speed experiencing panic attacks that just won’t quit. Those poor little fishies! I could not bear to watch this for long. Another problem with just looping a short video is there is no randomness to the fishtank. Worst of all, unless the native resolution of your display just happens to be 720p, the visual quality which does not appear to have been very good to begin with degrades further. At 1440p on my 27” iMac this looks terrible and I am not usually that fussy. For example, I enjoy classic games with looks that are nothing to write home to mom about. The free version notes in its options I think it was that upgrading would remove intrusive ads that pop up. I did not stick around long enough to see one of these myself. I know it is free and I am being hard on this one but I am just being honest. I think Apple needs to set a little higher bar regarding what it will permit to even appear on the App Store myself. This shouldn’t have made it past review.
  • Absolutely think it’s awesome!!!! 5/5

    By Tamijo52
    I really like the aquarium desk top because its like having my very own live aquarium with out any mess, its absolutely beautiful i love it! !!!!
  • NannyTech 5/5

    By Bob & Nancie
    I love the color, the movements of the fish. It keeps my screen alive & well. Keep up the good work techies. There is never a boring minute looking at my Desktop Aquarium free screensaver.
  • Not really that good 2/5

    By Raptor V
    It isn’t really that good, because thereis only 2 modes and it just plays the exact same footage every time
  • An awesome picture 5/5

    By Seegnie
    The colors, aquatic movement, and coral is soothing and calming. I picture myself scuba diving in the Caribbean for conch shells. Great stress reliever! The colorful beauty of the tropical fish is relaxing and enjoyable to view. Anyone who finds this picturesque wonder under the sea a distraction should step back, take a deep breath, and take in the warmth and beauty this scene projects.
  • TOO HYPER! Got rid of it. 1/5

    By erika.windchime
    Not calming, TOO HYPER for me. 1. Not calming: The fish behave as if they are eluding an attack. Not only do they swim rapidly but also irratically. More than once a school will suddenly jerk as if a predator has attempted attack. 2. Not calming: There are too many fish in this aquarium. To the viewer there is too much visual stimulation. One can tell videos of different fish have been overlapped, as in reality this over-population of fish would result in the death of most of them. 3. Not calming: Too busy of a background. Some background of rocks and anemone with a neutral backdrop above the hardscape would do in order to better visualize the swimming movement of each fish; allowing a more relaxing experience for the viewer. Bottomline: I moved the app to the Trash. Isn't calm the affect this app is meant to instill? Not for me.
  • Annoying screen prompter ruins the function of the screen saver 1/5

    By Enna689
    I would not recommend downloading the screen saver because of an annoying prompts that is often so hard to get rid of. I had to remove it from my hard drive.
  • Looks very real!! 5/5

    By Pic Vic
    I can not get over how realistic this is!! It really is like having my very own aquarium and fish in my office, on my 27 inch iMac screen. I find myself staring and watching, several minutes at a time. Thank you so much for improving my every day, with your genius, this is so wonderful!!
  • Way to busy. 2/5

    By HappyHed
    I was looking for a peaceful and serene aquarium for my desktop. I dowloaded Deskyop Auarium (free) and oh my, way to busy of an aquarium for one’s desktop. Half the time I could not locate my cursor as there was so much fish activity going on. I finally deleted it completely.
  • How beautiful is nature 5/5

    By tranquil and zen like
    beautiful colors and very relaxing and healing !!
  • aquarium desktop, love it 4/5

    By LifeEmbracer
    I love this app ( i have the free version)…. beautiful colors…. so relaxing. The only thing that occasionally does is pause for a second or two- like a frame is missing on a tape- every once in a while. Other than that i have no issues.
  • its good 4/5

    By the brik wall
    i installed this application and it froze my home screen and i had to shut down my apple computer and start over again other than that its great
  • warlord 5/5

    By Click!!!!!!!!!!!!!1
    very cool and free!
  • works well, show other scene in paid preview 4/5

    By Djjeesh
    I’d like to see a screenshot of the addition scene or tank on the paid version of the app just to see what it looks like and what fish are in there.
  • soothing 5/5

    By dcollins195
    I enjoy the fish, it is soothing.
  • Desktop Aquarium 5/5

    By MsD259
    Very soothing. Just like having a real aquarium in the room. Love it!
  • Pop-ups 5/5

    By Antonio Pietro left out of the
    the review over I sent review alrightI like the applications but I do not like the fact that they have the pop-ups to buy the full version. It's aggravating for me. That's all I got
  • Very nice app. 5/5

    By tech24-7
    This aquarium app is wonderful! I’ve had many compliments on it and share the download information to all! Thanks for this relaxing desktop, especially on stressful days!
  • Love 5/5

    By Brooklenn
    Really Really Cool!!! Get it!!!!
  • Fish Party 5/5

    By Brooklyn 4
    I like to watch it a lot…… it is fun to watch…I see Dorie in the picture!…. it’s very colorful….It makes me happy !!!!!!
  • Awesome 5/5

    By Southwest Dream
    This is a great App, I love watching the Shark and fish swim around Amazing….
  • Aquarium is very realistic. 5/5

    By Mtngramma
    This app is very colorful and relaxing. The fish remind me of the colorful fish in Hawaii.
  • Like A Lot 4/5

    By davisjos
    Everyone that sees this app loves it. I like it because it is calming. But, the ads are annoying.
  • best screene saver 5/5

    By Sir BeetleJuice
    this is the best screene saver ive ever had
  • Mr. 5/5

    By 102.E
    Thank You Desktop Aquarium for the brilliant idea, you have saved me a lot of money on fish food and maintenance ect. Now how about a bird cage (-: I like it and the kids love it.
  • Nice fishy pic 5/5

    By Cloud with silver lining
    I enjoy this app as does my cats. Very colorful and realistic images. There is an occassional problem with the app crashing. But easily fixed by just rebooting the app so to speak. Highly recommend!
  • kenita09 5/5

    By Kenita09
    its like having my own fish tank on my desk, love to sit back and watch it.
  • Nice, but doesn’t support App Nap yet 3/5

    By The Mac Doc
    Nice looking, but of all the apps out there, you’d think this one would get the most benefit from supporting App Nap. There’s a huge load on the CPU from Desktop Aquarium’s underlying process “VTDecoderXPCService," whether the desktop is covered or not, averaging 37%. Yet this release was "updated to support the next Mac OSX update.” :/
  • peter 5/5

    By @worldscubagirl
    love it !!!
  • Great Aquarium! 5/5

    By cbcoolly
    Nice. It looks so real that I can’t pull myself away from it. I don’t want to put other wallpapers up yet. So I can see that it’s gonna be awhile before I can part with this aquarium. It’s awesome!
  • Super graphics! 5/5

    By GMCRail
    Super Graphics, with a well-chosen loop break, which makes the transition fairly difficult to spot. Very realistic, except the smaller fish would not be hanging so close to the shark anywhere except in an aquarium… Did the sharks bring a menu?
  • Good app 5/5

    By Muddflapr
    Enjoy this app. Watch the fish moving around, very pleasant and no upkeep required! Do not have to feed the fish or clean the tank
  • recommended 4/5

    By 5-Spoons
    Nice visual app. It works and does not bother me in any way. 30s video loop is good for background activity. You may want more if you plan to watch this for a longer period of time.
  • Aquairuim live HD 5/5

    By Ali Murray
    I love this app it needs to have more aquairuim and more different kinds of fishes. The more, the happier I'll be. Thank You.
  • Low res and grainy 2/5

    By SirFifolo
    720p is pretty low quality, don't expect to be impressed. Took it off after a few minutes.
  • Love It!!!! 5/5

    By Nikkiasia72
    Its so beautiful and fascinating I look at it all the time!!!! Great App!!!!
  • Too many fish! 2/5

    By Smede5
    This app would be so much better with less fish. It's acutally annoying with so many fish swimming around in a bit of a frenzy. Also, the quality is not too clear on a large screen. Probably better on a laptop.
  • It's pretty great but... 4/5

    By PlankBro :D
    The app is pretty neat and fun to watch but the fishes are like on a sugar rush or something they might as well run in a marathon but if there is a way to slow down the speed of the fish then its ok i checked out the paid version of this and i don't think there is a difference i would've made it 5 stars but i made it 4 stars because the fishes speed is WAY to fast
  • Aquarium App 5/5

    By AzJAL
    Stunning colors and movement.
  • Fish FIsh everywhere 5/5

    By Deaconjimk
    excellent pictures wide variety of fish i love it...

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