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Dexcom CLARITY App

Dexcom CLARITY is a diabetes management application for CGM users. It provides relevant insights into users’ retrospective glucose values, patterns, and trends over time. Dexcom CLARITY is an important part of your Dexcom CGM system. It can help you identify glucose patterns and, with your healthcare professional, determine the potential causes of those patterns. Dexcom CLARITY users experience up to 15% increased time in range (70-180mg/dL) as compared to non-users.* Log in with your Dexcom account to: • Keep tabs on your time in range, patterns and other key metrics. • Allow clinics to access to your data and reports to make appointments more efficient. • Set Time in Range goals. • Turn on daily or weekly notifications and emails. • View, save, print, and email all reports. • Connect to partner apps for more features and benefits. This app store should not be used as your first point of contact to resolve technical or customer services issues. In order to protect your privacy and personal information, and promptly resolve any technical or customer services issues you are having with any Dexcom product, please contact 1-888-738-3646. Dexcom is required to follow up with customers regarding product-related complaints. If Dexcom determines that your comment/complaint requires follow up, a technical support representative will attempt to contact you to gather more information regarding your comment/complaint. *Parker AS, Welsh J, Jimenez A, Walker T. Insights from big data (2): Benefits of self-guided retrospective review of continuous glucose monitoring reports. Diabetes Technol Ther. 2018;20(S1):A-27.

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Dexcom CLARITY app reviews

  • Amazing app 5/5

    By joshcordle
    This app is amazing with keeping up how much time I’m in range
  • Unreliable 1/5

    By type1mimi
    My sensor regularly stops working. Sometimes before it quits I’ll get an alert that my blood sugar is dangerously low. I used to believe it and eat sugar to raise my blood sugar to soon realize after checking my meter that the sensor was just faulty resulting in 300+ blood sugars. Now I manually check it when it goes low just to make sure which is a hassle. I’ve been using this for years and have never went one full 10 days without the sensor malfunctioning. It seems like with as much as they charge for this device, they could make it work properly. Or change the name from continuous glucose monitor to works when it wants to monitor.
  • Data Reporting 4/5

    By Bodily J
    I really enjoy how consistent this app is and how the different reports layout is to make navigation easier. My only wish list item is under the daily reporting. It would be nice if I could log the Blood Glucose when I am creating an event. What would really be nice is to categorize an event as Breakfast, Lunch, Snack, Dinner, High, Low, etc and one tile under the daily report that gives me that category with the Blood Glucose, Carbs and Units. The reason for my feedback is that I have a young T1D who struggled with logging the information separately and the daily chat for past days makes it difficult to be accurate on what her Blood Glucose was two days ago at 10:32 AM. I am detailed oriented and guessing wheaten ie was 175 vrs 180 is difficult. No other feedback and other then this one item I strongly recommend this app to others.
  • Living a better life. 5/5

    By Oliver Da Rion
    This product has enhanced my ability to track and influence my blood sugar levels. Learning knew ways every day to keep blood sugar levels lower than ever before. Great health care item every diabetic should be using.
  • Dexcom Clarity 3/5

    By ampatrl
    Just started using Dexcom yesterday and discovered the clarity app today by accident and really happy to see the detailed data it provides. Will be extremely helpful in managing my diabetes. It would be really nice if Dexcom could provide average glucose for each day, as well as a 90-day one with a translation to approximate A1C number. My finger stick 1-touch reveal was able to provide my average and equivalent A1C in the comparitor with flexibility of inputting A1C from the bloodwork which provided a clear picture of how accurate the finger stick data (4 times a day) was compared to a 90-day A1C. Dexcom has so much more data (every 5 mins) and intelligence, so easy to do. Regards Amit
  • password is wrong but it really isn’t 2/5

    so i’ve try to use the app to login but it won’t work. and if i login through google it works like umm help. but it keeps saying it’s incorrect in the app.
  • Love love LOVE 5/5

    By Ashrac2
    The app allows me to be more educated about my patterns and helps me make modifications to my insulin. I also love that it estimates my a1c. Keeping my a1c down is more of a game for me to beat. So knowing more about where my numbers are helps me stay on track.
  • Switched from Medtronic 5/5

    By BF Colorado
    Nice to use a product that updates technology for today’s world.
  • Pretty good 3/5

    By bal8969
    Not capable of anything complex. You can compare BGs before and after a certain date. I really need to be able to compare other things, especially exercise vs non exercise days. Needs to be easier to add notes.
  • Awesome App!! 5/5

    By Deacon Slim
    Love the way this app keeps track of daily and weekly glucose levels. My Doc always reviews the information provided by Clarity.
  • Won’t save login info 2/5

    By Michelle-la
    Every other app I use manages to keep the user name and password (or at least the user name) in between uses. Having to enter the user name and password EVERY TIME I USE THE APP is ridiculous.
  • Love my G6 5/5

    By Croweley
    I switched from G5 to G6 fall of 2019 and have had very few problems! So far only two G6 have failed to work correctly never stopping only asking me to calibrate with strips about twice a day! But DEXCOM was quick to replace those two! Thank you DEXCOM as have no physical symptoms to warn me about lows, so the warnings remind me and drinking a SPRITE works quickly to raise me out of trouble!!! Very happy and looking forward to more upgrades and easier monitors in future.... Judy in Rockingham, VA
  • DexCom broke the app 1/5

    By Bit moji fan
    I don’t know what DexCom was trying to do, but the clarity app is no longer updating two day reports. And 7 day report no longer gives all the info it used to. DexCom needs to actually test their updates before releasing.
  • Not working 1/5

    By shupidshit
    I am never connected. It had not tracked data in two days. Don’t know why it won’t connect
  • Loved it until ... 2/5

    By JHickey727
    Loved this app until about a month ago. Last iOS update isn’t compatible with the app so it doesn’t provide any accurate averages, etc. It only pulls numbers randomly, maybe once every few days.
  • Dexcom Clarity 4/5

    By b1a2r3b4
    So far I absolutely love this App. It really keeps me aware of my glucose levels and areas I can work on to stay on task.
  • Dexcom clarity and screen readers. 3/5

    By T bros
    With the last Dexcom clarity update, the percent in range on the weekly summary page is no longer accessible or readable for those using a screen reader, including voiceover. Please fix so that my voiceover screen reader can once again read these results. Thank you, keep up the good work.
  • Updates? 4/5

    By jennaf23
    Wondering if there is any new updates coming soon in the CLARITY app? It would be so much easier to keep track if you were able to add notes instead of just food health etc.
  • Wendy Garlock 5/5

    By {putnamehere}
    I love seeing the feedback! I almost always reach anywhere from 95-100%. Keeps me on track!
  • GMI 3/5

    By bcnmbxfgn
    There appears to be a problem with the GMI. No matter whether my Glucose level for 14 days is 128, 132, 135, or 140, the GMI never goes below 6.6. Compared to A1c the GMI should go down about about .2 with each one point drop in average glucose over 14 or more days.
  • Clarity 5/5

    By FSFJA
    This App gives up to date information on your A1C and I absolutely love it.
  • After 29 days, no GMI data & can’t respond to your follow up request 1/5

    By keogoe
    Seems the online community says this is a constant problem and no one knows how to fix it. I should have enough data to have this function work. Developer response: you’ve asked me to follow up on and I get a ACCESS DENIED message. Come on.
  • Love this app 5/5

    By Chellib123
    This app makes it so easy to track my blood glucose levels. I love knowing what my A1c will be before I even go see the doctor. It also help me track how many unsafe lows I have over a period of time. Thank you to the developers.
  • Clarity app 3/5

    By Heli man1432
    The app stopped sending the 7 day report to my e mail, the last report I received was on 6/21/20. Don’t know if the last update caused this, still waiting on Dexcom to get back to me on this issue. Tammie
  • Real Time Convenient 5/5

    By Frisco2kid
    When I need to know my trends, or want to see my progress Clarity is there. Clean and simple interface with the most relevant information and visualizations
  • No 5/5

    By no way 😡
    No way
  • Pithetic 1/5

    By guessep
    I don’t think anyone in your company reads your PITHETIC reviews. Literally PITHETIC!!! The system is A failure. Read your reviews
  • Great CGM 4/5

    By Vanwiggy
    Keeps great stats for controlling blood sugars with type 1 diabetes
  • I am no stranger to technology... 1/5

    By TiredM0mma
    My 2 year old daughter is diabetic. Not only can I not easily connect her Dexcom G6 so that I can see it through the app, but it also says I’m the patient. That part cannot be edited, (it’s in the profile section) and when I input my daughter’s info so that it says she’s the patient, it tells me account holders have to be over 18. :( You should be able to easily choose who is being monitored for diabetes (especially sine I’ll be sending this to clinics) and despite me creating her a ‘dependent account’ I still can’t hook up her CGM or even tell the app that she is the patient. And they use this for clinics! And yes my phone is compatible, I have the iPhone XS.
  • Great, when it all works 3/5

    By MaggieG93
    Many times I get a no data message. My husband also gets that and he keeps his phone with him all the time. Also why did the A1C stop showing a number. He’s been wearing the sensors for more than a year, and all of a sudden, it keeps saying there isn’t enough data to calculate the A1C. The Dexcom is a great device, but it is also very frustrating when you can’t get the info you need.
  • Issues 1/5

    By chairnrkwoizixbw
    Can’t sign in. I’ve entered the same information for the Clarity website and it tells me it’s incorrect.
  • Needs option to add notes otherwise good. 3/5

    By Mikecam
    The best thing about this is the estimated A1c. I have found it to be quite accurate. There should be an option to add notes to a date range, such as when the sensor is in too deep and the readings are completely crazy. This will help you remember to explain to your Dr why a weekly report looks so bad. Other than that it provides as good of information as the sensor.
  • Great app 5/5

    By Sthomasson72
    One suggestion is to allow the iPad version of Clarity to show in landscape mode. Would be very helpful to see charts and data better
  • GMI will not display 2/5

    By Mason. David
    I like this app. Very good info but I cannot get GMI to ever display. It always says “not enough data”. I alway look at 14,30,or 90 days. Never displays and always says that. Please help
  • Reports unreadable on a mobile device 1/5

    By DJ49878
    PLEASE update this app to take advantage of the full screen size on a tablet! Ideally, re-write it so the reports can actually be read on a phone.
  • Great sensor, lacking app 1/5

    By Techadopter
    If all you want to report on is your blood glucoses levels, this app and sensor are great. But if you’re diabetic and need to manage the many factors that drive bg reading one needs to have an easy summation of: -Fast acting insulin usage -Long acting insulin usage -Daily carb intake -Average daily exercise -Overall health score The Clarity app is horribly deficient at reporting on my these metrics even though the user can easily enter this information. The addition of reporting on these metrics is imperative not only to manage ones health but also to communicate effectively with their doctors for ongoing treatment.
  • Force 1/5

    By Grand pawpaw
    They force you to sign up for Walgreens Pharmacy. I can just ignore it but constant emails and phone calls form Walgreens letting you know you must refill!!!
  • No Date and Time Settings 1/5

    By Hi_Im_Sam
    So my my appointment one day set it’s own date to December 18 of 2020 - January 16 of 2021 and I couldn’t get my reports because of this. There’s no settings in the app to change the date back to normal so there was nothing tech support could do for us.
  • Login is broken 1/5

    By mfjm674
    Login doesn’t work. Username and password work fine for Dexcom G6 reader app and Dexcom Clarity web interface.
  • Hate uodates 2/5

    By thereareno nicnames available
    It used to be an easy app clarity. The constant updates make it very confusing and essentially useless to me. Din’t have the time to keep figuring out all these new updates. Time to delete app.
  • Good update 4/5

    By Martyr99
    I like the new layout and the increase available information. But app still doesn’t show clinic sharing status if sharing was set up on the web rather then in the app; I find this very, very confusing
  • Horrible update 1/5

    By _monnie_98
    The new brighter update isn’t a good thing especially since my phone is on dark mode. Make it have a dark mode or go back to the previous design.
  • Sensor life. 3/5

    By Den in Mississip
    I am currently going to replace my forth sensor failure short of it’s ten-day life. Although the DEXCOM tech people have been absolutely great with replacing them, this still a somewhat disturbing event. It is now March 29 (my current sensor was due to expire on March 31 at around noon); I started using the DEXCOM system on February 2 and in this short time experienced four sensor failures, it seems a bit much. If I’m doing something wrong, I can’t imagine what that can be, it’s not rocket stick the sensor applicator to you and push the button. I even apply an overpatch. Simple. This all being said, with the exception of the above, I’m very satisfied with the DEXCOM System and it's potential to help me with my diabetic problems. All DEXCOM techs and personnel I speak with on the phone have been great. Will call again here shortly.....
  • Does nothing 1/5

    By mnbcfjgdv13
    App just dont show my information. Im using the same account as in the web page. But there no data in the app.
  • Agree agree agree 4/5

    By croth01
    I love the product but I too find it embarrassing and disruptive when the alerts keep going off before the treatment takes affect. There has to be a way to stop the noise. If you can invent a miracle product like Dexcom you can certainly fix this. Thanks.
  • Stopped giving A1C 2/5

    By Asahabbe
    Clarity has just stopped calculating A1C. Stopped dead. No A1C for 30 or 90 days and nothing in reports. These Dexcom apps are pure garbage.
  • Ketone addition 3/5

    By charlie402
    I like the app. however it would be great to be able to add in if ketones (trace, small, etc.) were present so that the doctor can see the status of ketones when we go in to the office instead of having to track it separately. Similar to tracking carbs, insulin and exercise in the app.
  • Report writers failed in latest release 1/5

    By SSM1967
    Please check the math on the percentage of In Range Days. The number of days are shown with a percent sign instead of the actual percentage. Fix this NOW! Doctors drive us crazy if the percent isn’t where they want it!
  • I’m new to App 5/5

    By nannylou72
    I live in an apartment and I’m sure the app telling me my sugar is high is heard by my neighbors! Would be nice if it could be a buzz instead of that loud sound! Almost like a screech! Nancy Sexauer Ste. Genevieve, Mo.

Dexcom CLARITY app comments

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