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Dexcom CLARITY App

Dexcom CLARITY is a diabetes management application for CGM users. It provides relevant insights into users’ retrospective glucose values, patterns, and trends over time. Dexcom CLARITY is an important part of your Dexcom CGM system. It can help you identify glucose patterns and, with your healthcare professional, determine the potential causes of those patterns. Dexcom CLARITY users experience up to 15% increased time in range (70-180mg/dL) as compared to non-users.* Log in with your Dexcom account to: • Keep tabs on your time in range, patterns and other key metrics. • Allow clinics to access to your data and reports to make appointments more efficient. • Set Time in Range goals. • Turn on daily or weekly notifications and emails. • View, save, print, and email all reports. • Connect to partner apps for more features and benefits. This app store should not be used as your first point of contact to resolve technical or customer services issues. In order to protect your privacy and personal information, and promptly resolve any technical or customer services issues you are having with any Dexcom product, please contact 1-888-738-3646. Dexcom is required to follow up with customers regarding product-related complaints. If Dexcom determines that your comment/complaint requires follow up, a technical support representative will attempt to contact you to gather more information regarding your comment/complaint. *Parker AS, Welsh J, Jimenez A, Walker T. Insights from big data (2): Benefits of self-guided retrospective review of continuous glucose monitoring reports. Diabetes Technol Ther. 2018;20(S1):A-27.

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Dexcom CLARITY app reviews

  • Login 1/5

    By DragosVlad 32
    Can't login. Just finished creating my account and now I can't login.
  • Yikes 1/5

    By Drew-B-One
    Can’t even login or create an account cause the app is too buggy... No option for USA account, will not accept birthdate in the format requested. This app is a clusterfuck
  • Sharing 4/5

    By Martyr99
    Sharing does not show if the sharing code was entered via Clarity web it should
  • Would like to try this, but... 1/5

    By Impulse!Power
    Have yet to be able to log into the app. Change my Dexcom password, enter that, error. Change password again, enter that, error. Apparently the app login is not synced up with the Dexcom website account log in. Have yet to see what the app actually looks like. The log in screen is top notch, though :|
  • Great if Dexcom connected... ever. 1/5

    By lm_n_op
    Dexcom app loses signal all the time. So no data is ever recorded. Especially while asleep. Has potential, but useless garbage right now. Update your apps, hire new developers, figure it out. And stop using phone connectivity as a selling point. I feel lied to.
  • Dexcom clarity app 4/5

    By Evan in South Carolina
    This app seems to work well. The only thing I don't like is that It doesn’t allow a landscape view only a portrait view. A landscape view would really be helpful. Thanks! Evan in South Carolina
  • DOESN’T WORK 1/5

    By مروان عبدالجواد
    I have dowloaded the app on my iPhone and all I see is no data!!! Every time I have to check the data, I have to use the website from the browser through the website, which I find ridiculous. I tried to contact the IT department to help me to fix this issue, but apparently no one knows what’s going on.
  • Isn’t always connecting 2/5

    By RMPD
    The app isn’t connecting properly. When I go to it, my level is never there; it takes about 10-15 min for it to work. I’m not sure if this can be fixed but it can really be frustrating. I may have to use the device that it came with even though I got it so I wouldn’t have to carry another thing around.
  • Great information! 5/5

    By Dachshund 57
    I had a CGM for a time about 10 years ago and wasn’t very impressed. I’m giving it another shot and so far have been blown away at how helpful the clarity app is for me. I can generate beautiful and easy to understand charts in a couple of clicks and see trends to help me manage my diabetes better. This is a wonderful tool. I don’t understand the negative reviews I’ve seen- everything has worked flawlessly for me. Great job Dexcom!
  • After updating it won’t launch 1/5

    By E-dawg5469
    I downloaded the most recent update and now the app won’t launch. I’m using an iPhone 6 with iOS 12.4.3. I’ve tried deleting and reinstalling but still no luck.
  • Type 1 diabetes 5/5

    By MagicStardust
    This app is good because I can take my blood pressure without really doing anything
  • Alarms 4/5

    By Jbjbjbjb
    I agree with an another reviewer that it would be good to have the option to temporarily disable low alarms, at least the sounds (& maybe keep a low vibration), to avoid awkward public situations where I have treated / am treating the low with glucose, but there’s a lag in the glucose reading obviously which results in a beep. Any workaround solutions would be welcome. Otherwise this app & CGM is amazing and life changing.
  • Can’t open App Problem is BACK! 1/5

    By Zane1234567
    Authentication Error every time I try to open App. iPhone Xs, latest software fully updated, deleted App, reinstalled & still doesn’t work!
  • Dexcom Clarity 2/5

    By Ania and Peter
    I have down loaded 5 times on my IPhone 8+ and every time I log in, app states wrong password or Id ?? Go to my computer and to clarity web page.. opens up with no problems.. information is very good how it displays .. just the App won’t work. Also use Dexcom G6 PT

    By andresmoreno1
    app doesn’t recognize username nor passwors. I can’t use it.
  • Log in issue 1/5

    By linacecilia
    Hi, I downloaded the app yesterday and I cannot use my Dexcom account to login. You’re latest update seems to be “bug fix to address login issue”. Are you sure that the bugs are fixed? Btw I tried to reach out to the technical support twice and they are not helping.
  • Details for graphs 5/5

    By Jrossn
    Great tool to follow my numbers. Love how it’s connected to Dexcom G6 Follow. Only detail missing is there are no values on the landscape graph for bg or time. Would love it to mirror the graph on the portrait mode even if it were slightly less detailed. Thanks!
  • Get it together. 1/5

    By Tootiemonster
    This app hasn’t worked for months. Those of us who rely on our iPhones (and not the handheld Dexcom device) are really left in a lurch without being able to share data with our endocrinologists. I’m a massive Dexcom fan - I even invest my savings in your stock - but please for the love of god fix this app. I’m on iPhone X, the app is up to date, I’ve restarted my phone, deleted and reinstalled the app and still am unable to generate a download code. So endlessly frustrating.
  • App is good enough for my purposes, but needs improvement 3/5

    By Lui Kang25
    The app displays my sugar accurately enough (usually within 0-15 off) and works on my iPhone without crashing. One thing that I would like the Dexcom app engineers to reconsider is how the urgent low alarms work. I am in a situation where I need my phone turned on, but all noises and vibrations to cease. This app put my in a very embarrassing situation in front of my boss’s boss; to make a long story short I ate my glucose tablets and corrected for my low sugar before attending the event mentioned, but the urgent low alarm went off 3 times during his speech before I had a chance to turn it off. Please for the love of God let us silence those low alarms completely. I understand the liability aspect, but putting a simple disclaimer would prevent any potential law suits. Thank you for reading.
  • Motivating 5/5

    By lovelife my way
    Since using the app my A1C has improved because when the percentage of in range was low I acted upon that number. I have been in the 70 -100% range for several weeks. I have not had any problems with the app and pleased to be able to continue to use it.
  • Updates lose login info 2/5

    By Michelle-la
    Every other app I use manages to keep the user name and password (or at least the user name) when the app updates. It’s incredibly user unfriendly that it deletes everything anytime the app is updated.
  • iPad Support? Nope! Useless features? Sure! 1/5

    By C. Morrell
    The useful bits of this app would be perfect for native iPad support for the same reasons you don’t usually paint or write music or essays on your phone. I want to see everything. Instead I get to see very little. I have no idea why the "percentage while you were in range metric" is even there, much less why it gets top billing. I think it’s worse than useless in the same way frequently measuring how much you weigh gets in the way of losing weight. It doesn’t tell you what you are doing right and what you are doing wrong. It doesn’t help you understand how to do better. It only needlessly adds complacency that you are doing good enough or anxiety that you aren’t doing good enough. It doesn’t tell you why your diabetes does what it does which is kind of the point of a continuous glucose monitor.
  • Great except I can’t get GMI data 4/5

    By BaByFace1631
    (05/13/2019)(4 stars) I have been on the new G6 for 20 days now. I love it and the clarity app but I still am not getting any GMI data. It says it needs 12 days worth of info but still no GMI.. This is my only issue so far with this app.
  • Time in range 👍 5/5

    By podpumpdr
    The new time in range and best day features are motivating and gives incentive to stay on track! Thanks for this update!
  • Great App - How About Formatting for iPad? 4/5

    By Carol in Tucson
    Dexcom is the best we’ve got, so I can’t complain. The app works well for me, and I like the options, screens and reports. However, it would be a much more enjoyable experience if we could see it formatted for horizontal view on the iPhone and for iPad, also in horizontal view. The limitation of having it only in the vertical view is that the font is difficult to read. I end up using Sugarmate to view the data only because I can see everything so much more clearly! But I like the data and reports in Clarity better... thanks!
  • Work alright for what I need 4/5

    By Toby60
    It works alright for what I need, but it has some problems. For example I tried updating some information for my target range but it won’t save and keeps the old information.
  • Need an iPad version 3/5

    By Kwll2112
    Lots of great info to use, but why no iPad version?
  • Finally fixed!!! 5/5

    By Burgmomma
    I am so glad! After a very long time of this app crashing Everytime you open it, it has finally been fixed! This app offers amazing information that I am so happy to be able to access again.
  • Great statistics 5/5

    By Burgdob
    Great data and statistics that enable me to better control my diabetes.
  • Not compatible with iPad 6th generation 3/5

    By JPMcSR
    “Added events” do not show up on iPad. Why? Should feed up from the receiver directly to iPad. Portrait NO Landscape. Why not? Suggest add name of reports on reports page.
  • Issue with iPhone XR and update 3/5

    By mark3390
    On April 12 the my phone update the app and from that day on my phone is not reporting to the cloud for clarity it started the same day it only gives little bits of the data for the day
  • Dexcom App Engineers 3/5

    By Mechrya
    What are you guys doing!?!? You waited months to put out an update. Presumably to push out your new features and fix the fact the it crashes on start up and you’ve resolved nothing. Amateur hour over here like get it together. I’m sorry to put you guys on blast but like make it the F stable. (Update April 19, 2019) Thank you for resolving some of these issues.
  • App bombs on iPhone 7 iOs 12.2 1/5

    By Snaggo
    This application tries to load and I always find it in the background when I do a double push on the home button. But each time I select it, it never loads into the front page of my phone. It is quite useless at this point in time.
  • Urgent low ALERT , where is the repeat ?????? 1/5

    By Mgotimer
    5 am , my son was away .. the low alert went off , 58 then looking at the phone and following up , 55 another alert , the urgent low then no further ALERTS WENT OFF .. still looking at the phone 43 and no repeat of the urgent low SETTINGS .. WHY? So after low 55 , app settings cannot give every 0-15 min alerts ?
  • Logging problems 2/5

    By Ahi77777
    Us / eu logging problems!! Depends on the site you first setup your account Since 5-6 months ago it is unusable and we can only access the program via IE
  • won’t open/crashes 1/5

    By rr454
    Was a good app but now when I try to open it will not and just crashes, please fix.
  • iOS 12 Update - Constant Crashing 1/5

    By Swansonater
    Whatever the first tab was, I clicked it and have not been able to get past the initial splash screen without the app crashing ever since.
  • Crashes on startup 1/5

    By Justinr1234
    New version with indicator crashes on startup
  • App Crashes with New Update 2/5

    By sevenbarbies
    I used to love this app - it was far more reliable than even the Dexcom app was, and I could get a great gauge on my bg control issues/successes before I went in to the doctor. However, since the latest update, I cannot open the app. I click it, and it immediately closes. It does not even open the home screen before shutting down. I tried restarting my phone with no success. This is extremely disappointing. PLEASE FIX THIS. The app is unusable.
  • Not working 1/5

    By A_MF
    Not working on latest release. App closes immediately and hasn’t worked for months on iphone xr
  • It Ain’t Rocket Surgery 1/5

    By losMcE
    Fix the app and stabilize it, or drop it. Stop bragging about you reports when we can’t get them nor send them to our doctors because it crashes 100% of the time. DEAL WITH IT!!!!
  • Login doesn’t work 1/5

    By SarahShanti
    For the past 6 months I have not been able to login properly. Flagged that to support but they were unhelpful. Can you guys please fix this?
  • It WOULD BE five stars 3/5

    By Capnacee
    If the a1c feature was enabled/an option. Hence this is the main reason I downloaded this app. Please update and add the “estimated a1c” feature
  • Won’t open since update 1/5

    By jme2190
    When the app works it’s amazing and it really helps me manage my a1c, but since the update the app won’t even open. It crashes every time I open it. Please fix!!
  • App crashes on iPhone X 3/5

    By Kramnesyob
    It used to work fine on past iPhones but won’t even open now, just crashes right away. Please update the app so it’s stable on all phones.
  • Great information but....... 3/5

    By YankeeFanNY
    I love this app, used it all the time to track Average +/- the Standard Deviation. However, for the past 5-6 months I’ve been unable to use it, login information is not recognized. Called tech support several times to work with me resetting the password, etc. but to no avail. Periodically use the website version but that too has been difficult, at times. I have found the given information is extremely useful keeping my A1C around 6-6.5
  • App no longer connects to server 1/5

    By BarelyToleratingComputers
    I have used this app for months. Suddenly stopped authenticating. Uninstalled and reinstalled. Problem persists. I notice a very high number of negative reviews and one clearly phony featured positive review. Dexcom needs to fix this app instead of paying fluffers to leave fake favorable headlines.
  • Immediately closes 1/5

    By Javolkma
    App opens and immediately closes. Any suggestions on how I can use it?

    By Nikki hali S
    This app used to be way better when it gave you estimated A1Cs. I don’t care if they weren’t 100% accurate. That’s why it says estimated. I’ll still go to my doctor to have it tested regularly, but in between it was so useful! BRING BACK THE A1C FEATURE!!!!!!!!!!

Dexcom CLARITY app comments

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