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Dexcom Follow App

The Dexcom Follow App is part of the Dexcom SHARE® system. Use this app if your loved one is sharing data from their Dexcom CGM app. The Sharer will need to send an invitation to allow you to connect after you have installed the Follow app. Dexcom Follow is the perfect companion to your loved one’s Dexcom CGM, connecting you to those nearest and dearest to you, even when they’re far away. Through secure wireless connections, Dexcom Follow allows you to view and follow the glucose levels, trends and data of your loved ones. Whether you have a child who is in school, an elderly parent who lives on their own, or a spouse who is going on a business trip, Dexcom Follow is there to keep you connected and informed. With Dexcom Follow, you can: • Monitor your loved one’s glucose activity at school or anywhere they go. • Receive glucose information of up to 10 different Sharers – children, friends, or other loved ones. • Respond quickly with the help of customizable glucose alerts and push notifications that can inform you when a Sharer’s glucose levels are outside the norm. Dexcom Follow is compatible with your Apple Watch. You can follow and view glucose information and trend graphs of up to ten people right on your wrist. Your watch can also alert you when sharer's glucose levels are outside the norm. Customer Reviews This app store should not be used as your first point of contact to resolve technical or customer services issues. In order to protect your privacy and personal information, and promptly resolve any technical or customer services issues you are having with any Dexcom product, please contact 1-888-738-3646. Dexcom is required to follow up with customers regarding product-related complaints. If Dexcom determines that your comment/complaint requires follow up, a technical support representative will attempt to contact you to gather more information regarding your comment/complaint.

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Dexcom Follow app reviews

  • Great when it works 3/5

    By ningirl81
    I use this to track my 4yo with T1D. I wish it worked better. We get frequent chunks of time with no data. It makes me nervous since we are still in the honeymoon period and have frequent changes in insulin dosing and wild swings in BG levels.
  • Great but meeds a widget 3/5

    By JBogen
    This app needs a widget so i can see my son’s glucose at a glance on the lock screen and not have to go to the app.
  • Horribly unstable 2/5

    By TolmanB
    With two diabetic children I need to be able to move between each child’s numbers quickly and easily. This app becomes unresponsive and crashes regularly. I love the new features, I.e. being able to scroll through the graph, turn it sideways for a larger graph, dark mode, but the unstability is a huge problem.
  • Terrible update to Share App 2/5

    By MissErinNoel
    Ever since I was forced to get the update There is always a long lag to where I cannot see my child’s blood sugar. What is the deal? Never had this issue with the original app. It’s really an issue. The only thing that is good about the update is the night time dark screen so I am no longer blinded during the night my her blood sugar. Other than this awful update, I thank the Gods everyday for Dexcom technology. Please just fix the App!
  • Kindly mention Dexcom Follow app in tuturial 3/5

    By Ron213th
    It would be helpful to know that there are more than one Dexcom apps. Kindly mention in the training video to download “follow” dexcom app rather than the main one. For parents of underage kids, who are registering themselves as the users, it will cut down confusion. Thanks
  • It will not work 1/5

    By App doesn't work for me
    I’ve uninstalled the app, stopped sharing information, sent another invitation, and reinstalled the app. It’s still not showing any data. My phone is not showing my new name as someone to share data with. It does, however, show the name that I initially used and stopped sharing with. My iPhone is compatible. This app just does not work for me.
  • App update. 1/5

    By Lambchoop
    The app is not working at all. It just shuts off. It’s not on my end.
  • Still unsafe to rely on and annoying. Strangely bad software 1/5

    The app always show no data or notification turned off when you open it, even right after it notifies you of a high or low alert. It sometimes updated its charts and still screams on the top that notifications are turned off while the app screams notifications at you. What kind of people did Dexcom hire to make this strangely bad software? Temporary workers? High school one semester intern? Even high schooler coder can do better than this. This is a untested, no quality control, rushed, clumsy clutter of functions that does not seem to work with one another. It looks like this is a case of managers or Performance efficiency leaders blowing smoke at Dexcom owners on how much they have saved. THIS is reason NUMBER ONE REASON TO SWTICH TO A COMPETITOR as soon as one shows up. DON'T EVEN GET ME STARTED ON THE G6 APP, its down right dangerous to rely on that. The only thing that's good is the old reliable Dexcom dedicated receiver.
  • Great app! 4/5

    By brittaney f
    Love the app. Just wish it had some of the features that the dexcom app has. For instance I think it would be nice to add events with the follow app.
  • Need to make font bigger 3/5

    By Orbsk
    Very hard to read! Need to make an option to increase font size. I do like the night time option, however.
  • Boo Hiss 1/5

    By ninja Shay Shay mom
    Why do I no longer have the ability to look at a 12 or 24 hour trend of my daughter’s BG reading???!!! Change does not always equal improvement- this is a huge step backwards.
  • Maybe add a Chat? 5/5

    By Awesomeness0269
    We absolutely love this app! My brother-in-law is 15 and has a CGM. Me, his mom and dad, grandma, and girlfriend all have the app. It is such a comfort to know when he is high or low. Especially when he is playing a sport or is asleep and can’t feel when it drops or rises. One thing I wish they could do is maybe add a chat in or something. In the middle of the night his mom and dad may have him drink a juice or something, but the rest of us don’t know. Early this morning the app was only registering LOW. I woke up to my phone going off that it was an urgent low. I texted and called my mother and father-in-law, but they wouldn’t answer me. After a few minutes my husband and I drove to there house in a panic that no one knew he was that low. Thankfully they only live a few miles away. Long story short, they were all asleep but had given him a juice an hour earlier. So his sugar wasn’t as low as we thought, it was just registering with the app a lot slower. If there was some kind of chat or a way to leave a notification I think that would be great. That way the rest of us will know that they got him, or gave him a juice at a certain time. It would give us some peace of mind if nothing else. And be a lot easier than just texting each of us. I love the app though! It’s a real blessing to have!
  • Nightmare 1/5

    We love the follow app at first, now it has become a nightmare. It was a safe way to know if my daughter’s blood sugar dropped at night. Now we have to wait for her to wake up shaking.
  • Such a downgrade from the previous app 1/5

    By JP637459
    My biggest issue is how they have tripled (at least) the number of times I have to tap to turn on/off the various alerts. You used to be able to turn them all on/off on one screen. Now you have to go back and forth between multiple screens. Ugh! I don’t have time to be adding steps in this diabetes routine. The look of the app is also not as appealing with the small font, etc but that’s a smaller issue. The don’t think I’ve ever written a review for anything on line before but this is just too important.
  • Bug 2/5

    By charity carpenter
    I absolutely love this G6 technology. It has been a lifesaver for my wife and I as we follow my down syndrome daughter blood sugar. However there is a bug which is making it difficult for us at night. We continually get a no data signal and are On able to get alarms if she goes to low. Would appreciate a call and a fix for this problem. I think this is happening when my phone auto locks. Which is a security requirement from my employer. Thanks very much.
  • No Data 1/5

    By Rastanly
    This would be a great app if it ever worked? Maybe 10% of the time I can get my sons numbers, the rest of the time it says NO DATA.
  • Great app and idea.... many kinks. 3/5

    By Chuck Druyor
    After discovering this capability it’s been a godsend for helping my mom avoid hospitalizations as she is aging. They are rare, she’s DM1, and has been managing her diabetes since she was 9 almost impeccably. However, as most of us know, with aging, glucose management can become increasingly difficult because of polypharmacy and just the general effects of aging. My mom has had a lot of lows lately, 4 of which found her in the ER. That’s completely stopped since I was able to add this app and set up alarm limits so that if she doesn’t respond quick enough I can call her or have the neighbor intervene since we live about 6 hours apart. That’s been wonderful. I recently updated to the iPhone XS Max and suddenly the app won’t work at all. It won’t even stay open for more than a couple seconds. I don’t know if this is related to the most recent iOS update or what, but I’d really hope this gets fixed quickly. I’d really hate to lose such a valuable tool in helping manage my moms blood glucose and in some cases, saving her life.
  • This app literally never works!! 1/5

    By Jerry2429
    Ever since my wife was put on this pump this application never works. She restarts the unit, disconnects from the Bluetooth and reconnects and there is zero change. It worked for about 20 minutes when she first got it but now it hasn't worked at all. This is a great idea and the idea itself should be commended, but what good is the application when it doesn't let your loved ones make sure your insulin is okay??? 1 star merely for the idea, 0 to the developers of this application that dropped the ball and continue to everyday it doesn't function as advirtised.
  • App has major issues 1/5

    By He ryi8sweet
    Please FIX
  • Switching to Medtronic 1/5

    By switching to medtrnic
    The actual Cgm has helped my son to try to control his blood sugar better however the follow app is not working correctly. When we first got it I was able to see my son’s blood sugars all the time and than all of a sudden I cannot ser his sugars. I uninstalled the app and reinstalled it, my son has sent me requests so that I can follow his sugars but the app keeps telling me that I am already following him and that I should use another device. I have called customer support and they’re not able to help me so basically I am stuck without being able to see my son’s sugars. I am thinking of going to the Medtronic cgm. I m not happy at all. I have called customer service several times and I have sent a request for help online and I haven’t received any help
  • Update 3 weeks ago NOT Better! 2/5

    By BaileyOreo
    FYI...ever since you updated this app 3 weeks ago, it shuts down without notice and doesn’t give warnings until to late on high & lows! Please take a look and update it again to correct issues. It was much better before you updated it.
  • Disappointed 1/5

    By jms19834
    This app was great until they decided to update it. At least half the time I get the “no data” reading . My daughter can always see her blood sugar readings but the follow app works maybe half the time. Today it’s been 8 hours since I had a reading. Tried closing out, having my daughter closing and reopening hers. Still no luck. So now I get to text her through the day to see what her readings are. PLEASE FIX!!
  • New update creates more work 2/5

    By Capser94
    The latest update makes you turn each alarm on and off on separate screens rather than on one screen. Why make it harder to get things done??? Please do another update and go back to the way it was.
  • Highly unstable 1/5

    By Beavis The Great
    Very erratic and unpredictable. After the most recent update, running in the latest iOS, it does not even open. Very disappointed.
  • Why the updates?! 2/5

    By chizops
    Never really had a problem with the previous version. This version is pretty glitchy as it takes awhile to load to see the numbers (assuming the app doesn’t shut down & you have to reload). I’ve regularly been unable to see my daughter’s numbers at all. I appreciate the effort, but please work out the bugs!
  • Horrible 1/5

    By anuliji
    Love Dexcom but this app is horrible. After a recent update the graphics not only are worse , but I have less access to blood sugars. I was able to view the last 24 hours while now I am only allowed to view the last 3 hours . What happened?
  • Bad New update 1/5

    By Drummer-11111111111
    We love Dexcom but really don’t like the updated version of the app. Please fix
  • Please go back! 2/5

    By Palm frond 71
    When this latest update came about, I was really disappointed to see that it gives less information, not more, about my daughter’s glucose levels. There is no way to trend what has happened the last 6, 12, or 24 hours the way you could with the last app version. Please bring the old app back, or at least bring back the ability to trend the BG levels!
  • Update this bug filled app 1/5

    By Pull Up A Chair
    I’m the mom of a teen with diabetes. This app is so outdated and so full of weird bugs that it’s use as an alert tool is not to be trusted and scary to the point that I literally don’t sleep due to the failure rate of how this thing “alerts”. It either doesn’t alert or the sounds I’ve chosen as high, low and no data alarm sounds are not used by the app and they only alert for half a second then stop. I’ve reinstalled. I’ve done hard restarts of my phone. My settings within the phone are correctly set. How am I supposed to wake up by a split second of a beep? It’s not a game with stupid bugs. It’s an app that is used as a life saving alert. We have used Medtronic and that’s so cumbersome and very unreliable as far as actual blood sugar readings that it’s sitting in a drawer. The Dexcom itself is by far the better CGM but the follow app makes my sleepless nights miserable. We have made countless suggestions to Dexcom about improving this app. Nothing is ever done and apparently, it’s your problem if you rely on their outdated p.o.s. App. PLEASE DEXCOM. FIX THIS DANGEROUS APP AND GIVE IT THE MUCH NEEDED ATTENTION THAT IT NEEDS. Update: it just gets worse. Today this app quit working completely. Naturally we thought it was a problem we could solve by restarting the phone, the app, our router. Nope... after failing to get this thing to work we contacted Dexcom. Their servers are “down” / ok, so fix them. So, everyone using this app to monitor blood sugar of a loved one is not able to. All day, no app. Please stop running your ads about not having to do finger stick tests. Misleading at best. It’s now 9:30 New Year’s Eve and we’ve gone most of the day without the app. UPDATE: I’m doubting that Dexcom developers will read my review. That said, the updated version crashes every time I open it. My iPhone X has latest OS and I update regularly. Please, if you’re new to using Dexcom and reading this, DO NOT BELIEVE THEIR ADS ASSURING CUSTOMERS THAT NO FINGER-STICKS ARE NEEDED. Seriously, how misleading can you get. The device is very useful. Don’t get me wrong. We rely on it BUT we calibrate it at least 3 times a day by using traditional finger sticks. It is often off by over 40 points or more. We call Dexcom and are put on hold for up to an hour to let them know we have issues with a sensor. If your off by 40 points and your device says your blood sugar is 85, you have a life threatening situation.
  • Unreliable software/risks your child’s life 1/5

    By Thedadindelran
    The latest version of Follow is too buggy to trust your child's life with. I have been using Dexcom for more than 5 years. The list of issues is many. Here are my top 3. 1) When you open the app or switch to it, wait a solid 5-10 seconds....the number you see may be HOURS old 2) Difficulty setting upper and lower sometimes cannot save your choices 3) Periods of No Data for no apparent reason, but the Share application is transmitting fine, forcing you to restart the application Get on the ball Dexcom. I am glad you make great sensors but you dropped the ball with the revamped Follow application.
  • Alarms 1/5

    By lany1181
    The new updates to this app are terrible. My phone won’t alarm anymore! I have restarted it and uninstalled and reinstalled and I am still not getting sounds!!!
  • App won’t run 1/5

    By 2coolbaby
    The Follow App won’t start up and run on a new IPhone 8 Plus. Shows opening screen then goes dark.
  • Longer tones or custom options 1/5

    By SadMcSadface
    The tones/sounds are just not long enough to wake either me or my wife who is diabetic. They are loud, which is fine but a longer tone similar to an extended alarm would be better. I believe the last app had this and it was not an issue. Otherwise the app is great.
  • Poor quality of life choices with this update 1/5

    By Jrogers2199
    Dexcom, this update takes one or three big steps backwards. It takes several more taps to turn off and on alerts. I can no longer see the trend in different time scales unless I turn my phone sideways. And, it seems the data refresh is more significantly lagging. Let’s get it right with the next one...I’m pulling for you!
  • Fix the Follow App 1/5

    By JC27410
    You have the best Sensor tech in the business, so PLEASE hire some teenagers to overhaul the lousy app. Been using the follow App for only 1 week and it keeps having hours-long periods of no trend data. Even when we are all using WiFi. Fix it please!!!!!
  • Not impressed with update 3/5

    By kdcleav
    I feel that there is a lot of data lost with the recent app update. Ok get very frequent loss of data messages now
  • Recent update is very buggy 2/5

    By concered user1
    The new version of this important app is very unstable and buggy. The prior version was excellent with no problems. This version defaults to “no data” message when ever I bring it up, then after a few moments will usually give the current BG number. On my wife’s phone, the app continually drops my daughter’s profile and tells her she is not following anyone. This needs to be corrected.
  • Newest version very glitchy. 2/5

    By HeatherDiaMom
    Overall, very thankful for Dexcom and being able to view my sons numbers, but the newest iteration of the Follow app is terrible! Gives me a strange warning messages about alerts being turned off when they are not, constantly thinking to update BG number, don’t like not being able to change duration display on initial screen, have to turn the phone sideways. Overall, very, very slow!
  • Come on Dexcom 1/5

    By shinybrightskies
    Can you please make this app work. It always says NO DATA whenever it is opened and then one has to wait thirty seconds, sometimes more, for it to bring anything up. Sometimes it just crashes! I have an iphone XR and the old app was perfect... Do you even realize how annoying this delay is in the wee hours of the night/morning blood sugar checks when you're half asleep and bleary eyed and you have to wait for the darn thing to work?!? So disappointed in you guys for unveiling this junky update.
  • Please fix this app 3/5

    By Fish Durr
    Thank you for making such a great product! It is so helpful for my father to use his iPhone to monitor his blood glucose levels AND to have them shared with me! That being said, the app needs some help. My father is hypo-unaware and I like to follow him on the app to make sure that he catches it and doesn’t go into a coma (he’s done this a few times). I don’t care so much for the high glucose notifications, he eventually is able to get those down with his pump. So, for the App - I turn off High Glucose Notifications or change the number to a higher amount for the alert, press save... but nothing happens. I am supposed to have high alerts turned off right now but I am still getting them. No matter what I do as a follower, I still get them Please fix this in another update... this is an amazing app otherwise!
  • No data since last upgrade 1/5

    By Sifu.George
    Since the last upgrade follow shows no data iPhone X. Reloading, rebooting etc doesn’t resolve. G6 working fine with regular app on kids Iphone 7 (and the tslim getting data fine). Still get high/low alerts, but no numbers.
  • App acting unreliably 3/5

    By Aoluy
    I love the Dexcom product itself. However, in the past week the Follow app has acted unreliably. Twice it alerted for lows, I looked at the app and it showed blood glucose in the 70’s with a big drop. Then when the number updates again 5 minutes later it shows glucose back in the 90’s or 100’s, staying steady- and there is no history of the number in the 70’s! It shows the last reading was also in the 90’s or 100’s. The only way I know I didn’t imagine the sudden low number is I also have the sugarmate app and that shows the lower number still. And no, it’s not the Sugarmate that alerted me. I do need Follow to be reliable as I need to finger test my son’s glucose and treat him based on the numbers.
  • PLEASE FIX 2/5

    By Honeybeereviewer
    Love the Dexcom 6G hands down. It is truly a lifesaver and provides blood sugar results every 5 minutes. Now, please note that while the No Data alarm is very useful, it comes on far too frequently, dropping the connection for no reason. Unlike my husband’s app, mine does not turn on when his blood sugar drops below Urgent Low. This is dangerous as if it does go too low he may not wake up to the tone selected. I didn’t hear it sleeping right next to him and his phone. When I woke to hear him rattling around, all my Dexcom Follow App would read is LOW. For any loved one who has ever used this app... the word LOW, rather than a number is unacceptable. 40 vs 26 is very scary. In order to receive the graph, I have to turn the phone sidewise and it really doesn’t provide a good chart because the numbers are not accurate. Please get over the thought that a loved one doesn’t need the same information as the User.
  • buggy 1/5

    By Seffala
    Crashes at least once a day. Unloads itself until you wonder why you’re not getting alerts and restart it.
  • Fixed 5/5

    By XxCBWxX1982
    Seems like it’s working again. Great tool when working properly
  • App needs help 1/5

    By tim-cho
    Please please the newest version app is not performing like the previous version. With a 10 year old with type 1 and the g6 the app not performing correctly is scary! Slow to update at times missing updates for hours and the other day I received a ⬇️⬇️ LOW without any previous warnings....this app is the key for the G6 functioning correctly and shouldn’t be just working ok. Also the trend graph doesn’t align with the updated BG so it makes it difficult to see the rate of change... thank you Dexcom for your product ,but it’s time to step it up a little for the BG sharing part of the APP.
  • No data? 3/5

    By atChaYT
    Ever since the latest app update u don't get data anymore. Or says no data but I still get notifications for lows and urgent lows. Anyone else having the same problem?
  • Please fix 1/5

    By carrrcarr87
    Please go back to the old format ... it was so much better viewing wise.... also super glitchy now , please fix
  • Thank you for the update!! 4/5

    By T1Dcaretaker
    First off, this app is so important to me as I help care for my boyfriend with T1D. Being able to see real-time updates of his bg level gives me so much peace of mind and has been such a blessing! I am so grateful for Dexcom and this capability! Thank you for the recent update! The app looks much more modern and visually appealing! And most importantly, it allows me to better help my boyfriend by tracking exact numbers on the landscape graph! This is something that I have been wanting for a long time! Also, the night mode is so helpful because T1D care is 24/7! (Even in the wee hours of the morning during a high or low!) Thank you so much for this update & all that you do! I can’t even begin to tell you how much of an impact Dexcom has made in mine and my boyfriend’s lives! Thank you!

Dexcom Follow app comments

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