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Dexcom Follow App

The Dexcom Follow App is part of the Dexcom SHARE® system. Use this app if your loved one is sharing data from their Dexcom CGM app.  The Sharer will need to send an invitation to allow you to connect after you have installed the Follow app. Dexcom Follow is the perfect companion to your loved one’s Dexcom CGM, connecting you to those nearest and dearest to you, even when they’re far away. Through secure wireless connections, Dexcom Follow allows you to view and follow the glucose levels, trends and data of your loved ones.  Whether you have a child who is in school, an elderly parent who lives on their own, or a spouse who is going on a business trip, Dexcom Follow is there to keep you connected and informed. With Dexcom Follow, you can: • Monitor your loved one’s glucose activity at school or anywhere they go. • Receive glucose information of up to 5 different Sharers – children, friends, or other loved ones. • Respond quickly with the help of customizable glucose alerts and push notifications that can inform you when a Sharer’s glucose levels are outside the norm. Dexcom Follow is compatible with your Apple Watch. You can follow and view glucose information and trend graphs of up to five people right on your wrist. Your watch can also alert you when sharer's glucose levels are outside the norm.


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Dexcom Follow app reviews

  • it’s been a while 1/5

    By explosiveemo
    update the app already to work on iOS devices!!!!!!
  • Needs updates! 2/5

    By jgambt1dmom
    Overall I love the functionality of the app, but this needs better customization on the notification time intervals! First notification of a low is 15 min, then again 30 min later? This usually doesn’t wake me up in order to check out my 7 year old. Intervals should be customizable at a lower interval so we can catch and treat lows faster. There are also times when the sound alarms don’t even function. Update this app soon!
  • Visually impaired 3/5

    By A blind guy
    I’m a blind guy that uses Dexcom follow. Our use voice over on my iPhone. Since the new app came out in November there are several buttons that are unrecognized. Whenever the message comes up on my phone that textCOM is in the process of testing this app on this product I need to turn voiceover off so I can activate the continue to app button. To do this I need to turn voiceover off then blindly tap along the screen hoping to press the continue to app button. Then I have to turn voiceover back on and hope that the app now functions. This is frustrating and time-consuming.
  • ALWAYS disconnecting!!! 2/5

    By Meebalynn
    This app would be great if it didn’t disconnect for at least three hours in a row!
  • Just switched 3/5

    By sealley
    Would be helpful to see active insulin dose like Medtronic shows. When my husbands blood glucose is going low it would be nice to see how much insulin he recently gave himself. Need to have alerts that are vibrate only. Having alerts go off in quiet environment is bad. I had to remove app and reinstall on one occasion to stop the alerts
  • Data 4/5

    By Nana-lola
    This app is more down than up....Every time I look it is No Data...I think maybe three times it actually showed me data!! As the one following this is NOT something I would tell anyone to get!
  • Great, when it works. 2/5

    By Detritus22
    Update: The problem is still there, but if you close the app and reopen it you can see the numbers. I really hope this refresh problem is fixed. I love being able to see my young daughters blood sugars when they are not at home... when it works. The problem is that even at home the share app tells me no data a lot. More than showing me the blood sugar. I really hope that they push an update to fix it soon. When it is then I can rate it better.
  • Love DexCom. 3/5

    By TexasPinner
    My husband and I just got Apple Watches 95% reason being that we can easily view our son’s dexcom info super easily. That jaded excitement came to a crashing hault when after a middle of the night low of 49 (very bad for my son) the alarms did not wake us. If your Apple Watch alarm goes off (a small 1 beep with a tiny vibration) your phone alarms (crazy sirens for lows in the night on our phones) do not go off. So we were not woken up. That small beep with tiny vibration was not enough to get us out of our REM cycles. I wish I would have known this would happen. Thank God he is okay. When I realized what happened and figured out the phone loud alerts would not go off at the same time as tiny watch alarms, we immediately took dexcom off our Apple Watches. Now I don’t even care to have the watch. That was a terrifying experience. I can’t believe it happened.
  • Help us help our people 3/5

    By Ben Hammy
    As many have said, the app needs some love. While it’s helpful sometimes, I’m most often referring to Nightscout instead, because it has a faster response and loading time. That’s kinda a problem. I’d hope that Dexcom could provide a more responsive product than the open source method. But I think it’s mostly due to the fact that the Follow app isn’t getting the love that the G5 app gets. And I just want to remind the devs that the support team surrounding someone with T1D needs to be just a quick as the person themself. My wife works at night and I’m often watching her blood glucose when she’s sleeping, and having a watch complication or clear/helpful notifications would make a huge difference. Kudos for adding the 1/3/6 hr increments. That was another big feature missing. But the app still needs better notifications and more fast and consistent load times to make it my go-to app.
  • Huge Disappointment 1/5

    By changeofgrace
    My son, T1D - diagnosed 2 years ago, just recently got the Dexcom G5 not to get into all the hype about the system itself and the huge disappointments there, but just focusing on the many apps we had to download to get started —What? How is this efficient? It could easily be streamlined into one app for all. There is a serious lack of cohesiveness between the apps. Why don’t they at least look the same (symbols and arrows) for ease of use. Not to mention, the elementary graphics and overall poor functionality of the follow app! This was the main reason we got the Dexcom, so I could monitor my son’s numbers while he is sleeping and at his activities throughout the day. The app malfunctions constantly. We get several “no data available” messages. And on the main app that is on my son’s phone he got a message that said he “might have had some acetaminophen and that it can’t read the value properly at the current moment” so it shut down for 2 hours! What?! We are not idiots he didn’t take Tylenol or anything with acetaminophen in it. We just had the Dexcom inserted three days ago and followed the protocol and instruction given to us by a Dexcom rep at our endo doctor. We know you can’t have acetaminophen or the sensor won’t work. This is ridiculous. Also the calibration is awful. It’s always off by a min of 30 points sometimes as much as 55. That’s an unacceptable amount! How was this FDA approved? My sons app was beeping at him like crazy the other night saying he was 49 and when we tested his BG (because he felt fine) he was 88. That’s a big difference. A Difference between a drastic low and being in a perfectly acceptable range. These apps are glitchy, and childlike. I’m very disappointed. I hope Apple comes out with a device for continuous glucose monitoring soon because their products and apps work properly and don’t look like kindergarten projects or something from the original Atari days. Would not recommend.
  • Garbage App 1/5

    By GGdonut
    Follow app Works great... when it works. All new phones, daughters G5 works well with her old and new phone. However the Follow app has shown no data every day but one this week. Pointless until DEXCOM fixes this. Keep in mind the DEXCOM Sensors/receiver/ G5 transmitter work AMAZING!!!
  • Why am I no longer getting alerts? 2/5

    By JulzD
    In last few weeks I am not getting alerts no sounds for highs or lows. Yes I have check my alerts and sounds. I thought it was an issue with my phone but, it’s not. Son Had a low of 35 only knew because another follow alerted me as they were concerned. I have a new model X iPhone . I can’t resolve the issue. Please resolve or advise. App or iPhone X . Doesn’t seem compatible.
  • The follow app quality isn’t there anymore! 1/5

    By mode336
    I have been using dexcom for a few years now and I have to say the quality and performance of the follow app has really gone downhill for me! I will get high or low alarms but when I go into the app it it looks it blank like we lost connection. I have to open and close the app a few times and then it finally will update and tell me a number. How can I be getting high or low alert if it doesn’t even know the number??? Then when that finally works and I’ve cleared the alert not even 2 minutes later I will get another alert... all day!!! I’m not even going to get started about the watch issues not updating or taking forever to update. The last thing I’m going to talk about is when I have my air pods on and my volume down very low listing to music at work and I get an alert that nearly blows out my eardrums!!! I have a iPhone 7s plus, iOS 11.2.5 and I have the notifications turned off for loss of signal. I just restored my phone and reinstalled the app and I continue to have the same issues.
  • Useless App 1/5

    By MeH12meh
    Can go for HOURS ANS DAYS reading “No Data”. My sister and I follow our sister via this app. We have the same phones and iOS and I go for hours and days where it says “no data”. I got this app to follow my sister who has fast falling sugars where she can become incoherent. It is supposed to alert me. But there are more “no data” times than when I get readings.
  • Peace of Mind 4/5

    By Success Warrior
    We love this app for keeping tabs on our T1D teenager. Being able to check his BS anytime without asking him has removed something that he found incredibly annoying. Getting the alerts is, quite literally, a life saver. I would like to see a couple tweaks in future versions: - more info in the alert that shows on the locked screen. I have my phone on silent at work so stating “Low Alert” in the banner would really help. Showing the BS would be a bonus. - a quick way to check his BS on a locked phone. We have it set up on my son’s phone because G5 has that feature
  • Concerned mother 2/5

    By E skater
    I am very disappointed in this app. When my son got his cgm I was excited that I would be able to monitor his sugars during the day but I have not been able to do that because the app never works. Very disappointed!!!!
  • Not much help 1/5

    By Stan Overstreet
    I am rarely ever able to follow. I’ve had a no data screen for over 2 days now. It’s basically useless most of the time.
  • Not Designed for Users 1/5

    By wsndrsn
    One update in 2 years. I’ve sent in feedback and get nothing. They finally added complications for the watch but it’s not like the Dexcom app. The Dexcom app isn’t great but at least mirror it. This is garbage, go with the new Abbott CGM.
  • Please show bg and arrow in the complication like the Dexcom app. 3/5

    By XavierPayne
    This app is good to shadow my 14 year old son and help him maintain desired bg range. The Apple Watch integration though is less useful. It takes too long to click and load the app 10-20 times a day on my Series 2 Watch when all I really want is to see his bg number and trend arrow at a glance. The normal Dexcom app now supports this functionality. Please add it to the follow app.
  • No place for... 2/5

    By Nelxon M.
    No place in the user app to enter any oral meds taken in conjunction with injectable insulin. Not good. That plus there’s no way to know how many carbs you ate unless you are eating prepackaged meals and even then you probably don’t want to eat those anyway. Are you supposed to guess?
  • Issue with iSO 5/5

    By WhyIsaNickNameNecessaryBih
    Please fix the “incomparable iSO issue ASAP. This app plays a BIG role in my sons life as it allows me to continuously monitor him. PLEASE FIX!!! 🙏🏾
  • Very helpful 4/5

    By sairajgallo
    We use this all the time to monitor our young daughter. It has some bugs sometimes of saying no data but overall is a great advancement in diabetes care.
  • Watch app broken 1/5

    By longtimemac
    Latest version of this app has broken the Apple Watch component.
  • Update for apple watch does not worl 1/5

    By Bdod11
    Just updated the app to get the new complication for dexcom share app and now app doesnt work at all on watch. Just says “check Follow app on your iphone”.
  • Game changing life saving app 4/5

    By djdevine
    I married to a type one diabetic for the last 32 years.We have had countless ambulance calls and numerous hospital visits from him passing out due to low blood sugar and causing damage to his body including broken ribs, broken teeth, lacerations and more. I am now alerted when his blood sugar drops. If I’m away I can call or text him to make sure that is taken some glucose to help with. If I’m sleeping next to you I will wake up and be able to help him out. This app has helped my family in ways I can’t even count. I’m very grateful. I’ve been using it now for four months. Certainly some updates and upgradesWould be helpful. But I recommend dexcom to you and your family
  • Data issues 2/5

    By Lcummings6
    Worked great for the first week I used this for my daughter, now for the last 2 days it won’t work, won’t share data but my daughters receiver works fine. It’s very frustrating
  • Convenient: needs some features 3/5

    By DesignJessie
    Love that I can see his numbers from wherever I’m at. Would like the ability to view the graph in “landscape” mode rather than just portrait. Would also like to see where boluses were given and the ability to look at what the numbers on the graph actually are.
  • Update the app!!! 2/5

    By Somegraphx
    I’m so tired of getting the notice that you’re working on an update that appears on the home screen. Also, please make the notifications just SHOW the number, not make open the app. I’ve NEVER been able to get it to launch on my watch. We should just see a dexcom notification with the sugar number
  • Need a complication!! 4/5

    By katedellro
    I agree that for the follow users a complication would be very helpful, please add ASAP!
  • Need update! 2/5

    By chewwy420
    Please update. App is 2 years old. Needs complications for watch!!!!
  • Hoping for A Widget 4/5

    By mtnmers
    Similar to the request of the previous reviewer, I would love to see the “widget” version of the Dexcom follow app so I can just right swipe my phone in lock mode and see my son’s blood glucose levels. They added this for the Dexcom app he uses on his phone so it seems like it would be an easy add for the share version. Additionally, I would love to see the option of choosing alarms to go off more often than every half hour (ie: every 5 minutes).. I understand that can be too much for some people and hence why setting your own time frame to repeat alarms is great, but as the parent of a T1D toddler, I do not want to risk sleeping through an alarm just because it went off once and then didn’t alarm again for another half hour. Otherwise we love this software and are so grateful for the technology of the Dexcom and its integration with our phones!
  • Disappointing 1/5

    By mom of type1
    My son recently started using the Dexcom G4. I was really excited about using the app to monitor his blood sugars at night as in the past I typically get up and manually check his blood at least once a night. With this Dexcom app, I have my son ensure everything is set up on his end with his phone before going to bed. I check to be certain it is working after he has gone to bed. It seems to work for about two hours. When I wake to do the 1 am check, the app isn’t working. This happens every night. Additionally, my hope was to be able to monitor his blood sugar through out the day without bothering him but now I find I no longer even check the app because it is never working. It’s useless.
  • Loses signal 2/5

    By Steph0605
    My only real gripe is it loses signal with my sons iPhone ALL the time! Even if he has it close to him or in his pocket! So annoying. Then I can’t see his number and of course he can’t either!!! Have to restart the phone, disconnect and reconnect with Bluetooth, etc. When he’s not with me, it’s especially crucial to be able to know his blood sugar!! Please fix that or I’ll look into something else. This can be life or death. And this crap is expensive—it should work!
  • No alerts 1/5

    This app use to be good now it never alerts me and I have to check it like every 20 min. Please fix been asking for so long.
  • Follow app 5/5

    By shanda0280
    I agree. I would say that as a parent of a Decom user it would be a very convenient thing to have on my Apple Watch. Please add this upgrade.
  • Please allow this to be a complication on Apple Watch 1/5

    By dearelissa
    This app isn't able to be customized to show up on your watch face/Apple Watch like the "Dexcom G5 Mobile" app (unable to set as complication). Please update the app to be able to show up as a complication on the Apple Watch. Dexcom itself is awesome. We love and appreciate the technology. Just a few user issues.
  • Love, but want to add more followers 4/5

    By McNamara555
    A majority of my friends are diabetic as well. We use share to check in with one another and offer advice on basal/ Lantus rates. It would be nice to be able to allow 10 people to follow me as well as be able to follow 10 other users. Other than that wonderful app
  • Needs Watch Complication 3/5

    By R9310325
    Quick note: please add Apple Watch complications! The app works, but the app's design and user interface is horrible. It's as if the developers did basic work and then just stopped there. The app doesn't support HealthKit and the alarm choices are terrible. It needs a lot of work.
  • Please Support iPhone 6 Resolution 1/5

    By nmeed
    How is it you still don't support the iPhone 6/+ resolution? The 7 is around the corner for heavens sake. Come on. Edit: The iPhone 7 came and went, the iPhone 8 is out now. You got to be kidding me.
  • Please mirror G5 Mobile App 4/5

    By Misterr.Do
    ***No update in nearly 2 years???*** This setup is wonderful! We have a 5 year old with T1D and this is great for keeping an eye on levels while he is in school. I need to keep my phone put away so relying on my Apple Watch for glucose updates is crucial. The big problem is the notifications for the follow app don't show the current reading or arrow. I then try to open the watch app from the notification and, quite frankly, it takes a really long time to update to the current reading (if it updates at all). I usually end up pulling out my phone and opening the app on there to see the number.
  • DEATH BY 1,000 APPS 1/5

    By Oupioneer77
    The whole product flow of apps for dexcom is amazingly stupid. Need to monitor you blood sugar? Oh you'll need to download the main dexcom G5 app--- oh and it's buggy as hell, you'll need to just reinstall it every so often just to get it to pair to a sensor. Need to share your numbers with needed family and docs? Oh--- you'll need a separate app for that... we call it the share app you'll need that first. Oh--- people that need the data? Yeah, there's a separate app for that too--- it's called follow--- and it to is buggy as hell, we can't really tell you when you'll get your data---maybe you will, eh maybe you won't---don't worry it's your cellular networks fault if you don't. Oh--- your doc needs to see your numbers and trend reports? Oh we've got ANOTHER separate app for that too--- dexcom sensors themselves are amazing in treating diabetes. However dexcom can now claim the title of DEATH BY 1,000 APPS. Integrate people.
  • Notification bug? 4/5

    By sam8202
    I have notifications for highs and lows etc. and I have the repeat timer set to 2 hours but instead it notifies me every 5 minutes for some reason. Frustrating when I'm at work and it continually vibrates and go on break and see 20+ notifications for the same thing. Other then that though everything else seems to work fine for me.
  • Please add a complication for Apple Watch! 4/5

    By ValerieFaye
    I love this app, it's the best thing that's happens since my daughter got her sensor. Would be even better if I could have this display as a complication on my Apple Watch!!
  • Never reads 1/5

    By Mommyofour2011
    We have not been able to get an accurate reading with this app. It doesn't read at all actually.
  • Poor connectivity 1/5

    By jenna_music101
    Won't stay connected. No Data message appears often.
  • Can't trust it 3/5

    By Mama28495
    I don't always get glucose notifications. This is a huge issue, because isn't that the whole point in having a Dexcom? I have to set my alarm clock to go off every two hours just so I can look at my phone and check the graph and make sure my T1 isn't low. I have called Dexcom and they were no help in resolving this. Not sure what's going on with it, but it sure doesn't give the peace of mind it used to.
  • Needs a watch Complication! 2/5

    By AVS24
    I am a mom of a T1D and until we got him his own iPhone, I had the ability to see his current bgl on my watch face. Now that I am simply a follower I cannot see it without unlocking my watch and opening the app. WatchSugar, for the dexcom G4 has a complication. I do not understand why there is not one available for the "better, more advanced" G5. I'm extremely disappointed.
  • Widget! 4/5

    By Nae789938761
    It would be great to have a widget for the follow app!!!!
  • Doesn't work! 1/5

    By Apple user user
    What's the point of this app if it only works MAYBE 10% of the time?! My son just got his new Dexcom G5, and I was excited with the idea that I would be able to see his BG no matter where I was, work, running errands, etc., while he was home alone. I thought this app would give me some peace of mind. However, it does NOT. VERY DISAPPOINTING. PLEASE FIX THIS ASAP!!!
  • Update please! 3/5

    By skylie700
    My T1D husband just got a dexcom and let me just say, we absolutely love it! But this app really could use a couple updates. I wish the layout was more like the G5 mobile app. I love that I can get notifications while I'm at work, but working as a busy medical assistant, I wish it would say more than just 'Glucose Notification'. I'd like to be able to glance at my phone and know right then if I need to quickly call my husband to make sure he's taking care of a low or if it's a high and I don't need to panic quite as much. Right now, I have to wait until I have a minute to pull out my phone and open up the app to see which it is. A notification widget just like the G5 mobile app would be amazing also! Minor things, but I'm sure I'm not the only one that would appreciate it!

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