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Dhar Mann

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  • Current Version: 1.0.1
  • Adult Rating: 12+
  • Developer: Dhar Mann Studios
  • Compatibility: Android
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Dhar Mann App

WATCH -The best way to watch all your favorite videos! - Get access to exclusive never-seen-before content! - Easily sort through videos by most popular, most recent or by category! - Turn on notifications to get first access to the latest videos INSPIRATION - Get daily inspiring messages to start your day on a positive note! - Save your favorites & share with others! GIVEAWAYS - Win prizes, get cash and receive other amazing perks from Dhar Mann! SHOP - Get first access to our newest Merch drops and shop all your favorite designs!

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Dhar Mann app reviews

  • i can now watch dhar man better 5/5

    By tarwgeyuusu
    definitely five star I can watch doorman without any other video showing up I am subscribed and I love your videos they inspire me so much you are so generous for making this app. everyone I definitely recommend this app.sonim autistic and i love your videos because there interesting inspiring and the change a lot of lives

    By Local_Weeb_11037
    Okay so my son said the other day that he and his friends walked to the playground the other day and instead of playing with the lovely children, Hunter and his very bad influenced friends went skateboarding! I was getting very concerned since they were out for ONE HOUR! Thank the heavens he came back in one piece, but I am very worried he’s becoming one of those very disobedient teenagers! I can’t believe this, my baby Hunter is changing! The other day he told me to stop writing him lovely lunch notes for him because he’s “in high school now”! I desperately searched and searched for a way to change him and I found Dhar Mann! The minutes I watched those video my eyes lit up! Soon I came to Hunter and instead of him watching PG 13 movies I showed him Dhar Mann! PG 13 movies are SO terrifying for his age! (He is fifteen by the way 😥🤭😢) and now I don’t only have Go Guardian, Life 360, and Bark on his phone, but now I have the Dhar Mann app! My sweet Hunter is a better kid now, thank you!! 🥺🥰
  • Best app ever 5/5

    By xadksksusjjxy
    I haven’t open the app yet but I know it’s gonna be exciting I will write another review if you I mean if I like it see ya
  • Yes 5/5

    By akariqx
    Hi dhar Mann I can’t seem to download it it only works on other apps
  • Love it 5/5

    By katejohns01
    This app is so much better than having to go on YouTube to find videos. I love the content and it’s so much easier to find the video I want. Dhar is an amazing person. I thank him so much for the app. We’re not just telling stories we’re changing lives:)
  • LOVE THIS !!!🤍 5/5

    By Tootsie 1000000000
    This dhar Mann app is AMAZING and there are so many options to choose from great job dhar team and dhar man this is really better than watching on YouTube!
  • Need to change it 3/5

    By funny face🤪
    Hi do you need to change the store does it need to go on YouTube you can just watch it right off the app please and thank you
  • Wow 4/5

    By lukas penis
    Wow he really is becoming netflix
  • I love it 5/5

    By rocelly
    I really love the dhar man app so much!! It makes life more easier for me and congrats on his own app it’s very amazing!
  • He is a rat 1/5

    By Briley Hilt
    He ate my dad
  • Hi! 5/5

    By brandon spurling
    Hey dharr man I’m a 12 year old who loves your videos wanted to pop in and say hi.
  • Amazing! Dhar Mann Is Awesome😁 5/5

    By lilomarfromctg
    Dhar mann is amazing and this app is really good too. It runs really smooth and dhar manns new thanksgiving special is out! It is amazing and made me cry. It was so good you have to watch it!!❤️❤️
  • Single mom of two boys 5/5

    By anell419
    Thank you for your wisdom my kids watch you religiously. I thank you for your help with them. God bless!
  • so you see 5/5

    By .kfjdjei
    we’re not just telling stories we’re changing lives
  • Amazing App! 5/5

    By Zoe! <3
    This app not only teaches real life lessons, but also inspires people and changes life’s for the better!
  • bad 1/5

    By booger time pick yo nose
    okay this is so laggy u need to fix this
  • Fix the bug 3/5

    By from ensour
    It does not let me watch videos
  • Love 5/5

    By poop bella
    I love this app because it can not have have have no friends
  • So inspirational 5/5

    By un E
    Wow dart man is da best vid in da hole world
  • This is an amazing app but 4/5

    By hdhicjeuspdbwuv
    I just want playlists so I can binge watch them on Saturday nights (maybe a playlist of all videos)
  • It don’t play 1/5

    By Owenwwf
    No matter what video a click on, it don’t play. What a scam.
  • Really Good! 5/5

    By Mark Strieff
    I love these videos because they’re just, so inspirational!
  • I can't watch anything on it 1/5

    By gameslothen
    So i got the dhar mann app thinking it would be good literally every single video just dosen't let me watch anything its so stupid.
  • Thanks YouTube 4/5

    By Asxtrix
    I was literally watching a dhar Mann vid and this pops up in a conversation and I’m like wha?

    By Brooklynnplayz3
    I love his videos you’re so interesting and I every single day but now I don’t have to switch anything up and I can just you know pick one if I want to see them here and I don’t have to look for some interesting ones this is pretty cool (sorry if it doesn’t make sense lol 😂😂😂) -BrooklynPlayz3 Tiktok
  • Dhar Mann 5/5

    By d GUI hdheh gdgs
    Dhar Mann
  • So you see… 5/5

    By I love Masha and The bear
    It’s really really cool I’m 6 not 12 why is it 12 plus I love dhar Mann and I have your merch it’s really cool thank you so much dhar man love your videos I wish I can be in 1 of your videos or all of them love your videos bye dhar mann thank you so much peace remember never judje a book by it’s cover
  • Dhar Mann is the best 5/5

    By isudfhksdjvh
    This is my favorite app I own because you can use it on a phone or tablet, it has TONS of educational/lesson videos, and the videos you can find on it are just crazy! Tysm dhar Mann for making this app for us!
  • Love you guys 5/5

    By gootocglcooyc
    Hi dhar man I watch you guys every day and night y’all make me go to sleep and y’all kindly come to every even if they are new y’all are nice kind and if there shy y’all help open them up to get in front of a camera I love y’all so much and y’all make me laugh and I cry when it’s sad but how y’all say kindness can me in different words and saying it makes me happy . .love !
  • Really cool app 5/5

    By Jazy 🎥
    So glad dhar Mann decided to make this. I enjoy watching this app
  • Love it! 5/5

    By Mia dharr mann lover
    I love Dhar Mann and this app it’s amazing I definitely recommend
  • Mr dharry kun senpai 5/5

    By uwuchan pogchamp
    Uwu mr.dharry-chan u will always be my senpai owo.u r my #1 idol after nicoavacado😝😝.you changed my life after my 6969th divorce from fictional charcters.i recently ended up in the hospital due to bowl cancer and a broken groin.u will always be my senpai chan uwuuwuw.I have learned never to judge people at the thrift store,they might be allison day. You are my uwu chan. POGGERS also r u simgle bc i can be ur little pogchamp 🥺👉👈.you would be my 6970th husband😽😽
  • E 5/5

    By hdhrhfjgngjguc
    DBar man I have a bigger pp than you I even have bigger boobs than you I’m thick boi Yeah
  • Luke 5/5

    By uyhwjwbjkejkhgejkhvehkjg
    I had a dad before he died 6 years ago and I became depressed but u made me happy thank u !
  • Christine 5/5

    By kristywyatt584
    What happens in the dark always comes to light 💡 you never know what someone is going through unless your in their own shoes
  • Amazing 😻 5/5

    By ella kraft
    Just amazing 🤩
  • What I think 5/5

    By Fazeflash5478
    This is amazing content
  • BEST APP EVER! 5/5

    By Maybe:Riley Roo
    I love this app so much! The quotes he sends me are what make my day better! I also get notified when he uploads a video on the app! I don’t have youtube so this app helps a ton! I definitely recommend this app if you don’t have youtube! And Remember! We Aren’t Just Telling Stories, We’re Changing Lives! Download this app if you love dhar mann!✨💓
  • So you see… 5/5

    By Broeverynicknametaken
    dhar mann is very inspirational and gives us some motivation
  • Birthday 5/5

    By 8888888878878888
    Hey Dhar Mann November 14 is my birthday and can you do a birthday special on november 14 for me
  • WHAT 1/5

    By Gabe02105
  • Fricking cringe 1/5

    By human male96
    So bad
  • Amazing app!! 5/5

    By ranger🙃
    I love this app so much and you have changed my life Dhar Mann so thank you so much!! Your inspirational quotes are beautiful and your my idol. I would die to be on set with everyone. I am an actor myself and if you do read this, I just want you to know everyone in my school are constantly talking about you. One kid wants to be just like you. I am 12 and my life is changed for the better. ❤️
  • So u see 5/5

    By givivih
    It’s just to good
  • UwU 5/5

    By twesyaaaa
  • 4,444th review! 😄 5/5

    By Corgi Lover🐶💕
    I love Dhar Mann you are so inspirational keep going! 🥰💖
  • Very inspirational for my children 5/5

    By ethanpee
    So hallah mode
  • What….. 4/5

    By emlaynn
    Ok so I got this app because I love Dhar Mann but I can’t have YouTube. I don’t know why but it won’t let me watch videos I can have 1 or 4 bars and I still can’t will someone please tell me. I really want to watch Dhar Mann.
  • kinda cool 5/5

    By SyGuyGames

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