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Dictionary.com: English Words

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Dictionary.com: English Words App

Download the essential and most comprehensive dictionary app for dependable definitions at your fingertips. Dictionary.com is the leading free English dictionary app for iPhone – with over 2,000,000 trusted definitions and synonyms, the Dictionary.com app is designed and optimized for your mobile device. Works offline! Install the offline dictionary for access to definitions whenever you need them. In addition to the trusted reference content from Dictionary.com and Thesaurus.com, this app includes: - Word of the Day – learn a new word each day and expand your vocabulary - Audio pronunciations – never mispronounce another word - Voice search – find the definitions you’re looking for anywhere, anytime - Content Collections Carousel includes Word Trends, Grammar Tips, , Slideshows, and Word of the Day - Quiz widget - test your vocabulary skills (are you prepping for the SAT?) with our Word of the Day quizzes - Word origin and history - discover etymology on even the strangest words - Favorite words and search history - customize your recently searched word list and never forget the newest words you’ve learned - English Spelling help - not sure how a word is spelled? This app will find it for you - Local look-ups - take a look at the words searched by location - Learner’s Dictionary - includes extra information about word usage for English learners - Optimized for Apple Watch! Get even more from your app with our Upgrades: - Example Sentences - Encyclopedia - Idioms and Phrases - Medical, Science, Rhyming and Slang Dictionaries - Offline Dictionary + Remove ads Or you can get all of this additional content and remove ads for one low price with our Pro App.

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Dictionary.com: English Words app reviews

  • Love it but... 4/5

    By Pleasetakeadvice
    I have been using this app for years! It helps me find alternative words to use in my academic papers and helps me learn new ones. However.... I hate the forced pop-up ads that keep appearing! I’m sorry but this is a dictionary app not a game or a social app but an academic app. I do not think it is appropriate to have ads in this sort of app.
  • No bold on accented syllable in update version?! 1/5

    By Riri Mrs
    It used to be my favorite application; the most helpful dictionary. Two weeks ago my iphone automatically installed the update version, and suddenly it becomes NOT so helpful anymore. The update version doesn’t identify the accented syllable with bold letters as the previous version, except for the word of the day.
  • Aweful app 5/5

    By daytona2.0
    Right in the middle of a definition it goes to an advertisement you can’t click out of!
  • love the app but can’t scroll down on my favorites! 4/5

    By DeVarion177
    The only problem I seem to have is that I cannot scroll down on my favorites. It also seems to not let me scroll down on my recent word searches as well.
  • Mixed review 3/5

    By Jcoz11
    I like the basic app but regret buying the add on example sentences. The sentences are overly complex and not relatable to the average user.
  • Liberal definitions incorrect 1/5

    By Shrubby1
    Your third definition for “fascist” is “a person who is dictatorial or has extreme right-wing views.” This is totally opposite of right-wing anything. Is Antifa writing for you now? I’m deleting this piece of crap from phone right now. Disgusting.
  • Not working properly 1/5

    By Plmtfxy
    I installed the upgraded (w/o ads) version on iPhone and am disappointed that my “Favorites” list displays only the first 12 words (listed alphabetically). The app does not allow one to scroll through the list; hence, the Favorites list is useless.
  • Premium Membership Withdrawn? 1/5

    By rbrancheau
    I have paid for the premium upgrade on BOTH iPad and iPhone (around a year and a half ago), but for some reason it will not restore the premium version on my iPhone? Otherwise this is a 4-5 star application. Please help.
  • Disappointed 1/5

    By Marthal Jackson
    I purchased several additions/add ons with this app and now they are gone. What a rip off! I want my money back!!!!
  • Waste of time with misleading features 1/5

    By aks0904
    This is usually my preferred dictionary/thesaurus app (and website), but just wasted several hours saving words to go back and look at later only to find that I can’t access most of them when choosing “see all” in the favorites section. They’re ordered alphabetically and thought I’d be able to scroll down to see the rest, but couldn’t. If there is a limit, the app should let people know they’ve reached it.
  • Not good 1/5

    By RealistRey
    I am using an iPhone and I have studied already some words, and I save it to”favorite”. But when you go to “favorite” you cannot scroll the words up or down. I am disappointed with this app.
  • Scrolling of “favorites “ stopped working 1/5

    By stock611
    All of the sudden I can’t scroll through my favorite word list. Only on this app and only in the “favorites”. Other than that, love it!
  • Word nerd downgrades this app 2/5

    By Kattmapapp
    Updated to say I wrote this three years when this app was great and came back to downgrade you from 5 to two stars. 2 were removed because of the ads. The third was taken because I’m still angry that you took my money for your Thesaurus Rex app and then, when you discontinued it and only offered your thesaurus integrated into your dictionary app... you want me to pay for it all over again. loves this. It is much more than a dictionary. It's like a little periodical with articles about etymology, Word-of- the-day submitted by readers (Ah, other people's favorite words. This facet makes it so much quirkier and fun than an editor working alone could produce), themed articles for those looking to expand their knowledge of insider terminology or learn a bit about cultural or niche topics and related language. I think it's good clean fun for all. I would also like to assure you that this review was written by an extroverted person who gets out of the house a lot and does not enjoy grammar policing, reading pedantic academic yawners of the short article world, or speaking in a manner that alienates people in favor of showcasing my vocabulary. Word Nerd's child, Wordy Wordster (age 11), loves this app too. I swear to you on something sacred that he attends to all notifications and reads all features on this app daily... before he even opens Minecraft. If that is not the highest recommendation in the land, I don't know what is. *Word Nerd also adores Thesaurus Rex, Dictionary. com's highfalutin cousin, which is pricey for an app, but cheap as all get out for a thesaurus, let alone one that enables you to search through dozens of nuanced synonyms, listed in order of relevancy, in a minute or two, has a rhyming dictionary, a search by syllable count for those of you writing in meter, (Woah, songwriters, rhyming AND syllable count???) a preference to set for level of difficulty, for those of you writing for children or an audience with a specific level of reading proficiency, and more more more. *Im not sellin', I'm just tellin'. Install. Enjoy.
  • Excellent learning tool 5/5

    By Work for Him
    At first, I wasn’t very fond of the “word of the day “ but eventually I reached the point that I looked forward to seeing what the next “word of the day “ would be!! Haven’t learned all the words meanings, so it handy to have access to the previous words, making it possible to use them as needed. I’m very thankful to have this arrangement setup on my iPhone!!!!!! AGAIN, thanks for all y’alls HARD WORK to bless me in such a wonderful way!! Jean Samford 66 year old “retired” nurse Cairo, Georgia
  • My true rating is a 4.5 5/5

    By Emilijah is cooooool
    Everything within he app is amazing however a feature that hey should add is to be able to take a picture/ scan the word that needs to be known or words related to it
  • In love 5/5

    By XERGIO8631se!
    Love this app. It is sooo worth the money.
  • Not nearly as good as the android app 1/5

    By nker150
    I used this app on android and thought it would be just as good as the android one. Nope. For one the app doesn’t scale to a tablet screen. As if the only people who would want a dictionary app would use it on a phone. For two, on the android version offline dictionary functionality is free. Just download it. On iOS? $2.99. Hell no. I’ll find a free one that actually works better thank you very much.
  • Deleted this App 1/5

    By NewsEd
    Didn’t want a dictionary with a political agenda.
  • Best dictionary app out there 5/5

    By JayAngerer
    I used to have other $30 dictionaries, but I decided to try this one since the $30 dictionary updated and they required another $30...this dictionary is fast, has found every word I've ever searched (I read antiquated theology and novels). I highly recommend. Update 8/3/17...I upgraded to the lightening package...this is the dictionary app of choice. It is a front page app for me and still has never let me down. Thanks for making this app.
  • Dictionary.Com Review 5/5

    By Shaylannna
    Dictionary.com is so beneficial to my education because it is very resourceful for looking up the definitions of difficult words! ¡ Dictionary.com es tan beneficioso para mi educación porque es muy ingenioso para buscar las definiciones de palabras difíciles!
  • Horribly intrusive propagandist ads 1/5

    By Uramis1
    New version is littered with horribly intrusive propagandist ads
  • Flipping 3/5

    By Kurmudgeon
    I’m puzzled why this app does not flip into landscape mode. That is annoying.
  • Does what a dictionary should 4/5

    By twash13
    I think there should be a way to flip through favorited words, sort of like flash cards. I generally favorite words I don’t know so that I can come back to them later. The task of reading through favorited words is unnecessarily arduous.
  • Forced Ads-no fun! 1/5

    By M.att
    This app was decent, offering definitions for words (hence the name Dictionary). However, recently they updated to allowing forced ads to pop up in your face while you are in the middle of looking up a definition. So while quietly researching a word, suddenly a blasting loud video starts screeching from your phone trying to sell you a mattress! This app has become utterly useless unless you pay for no adds, which I won’t be forced into doing. If anything I’ll pay for a different app that offers definitions just to spite the makers of this app for so blatantly pushing me towards purchasing they’re add free version.
  • Dictionary 3/5

    By Millie in LA
    Just went to use the “medical dictionary” portion, that i upgraded to in the past... but it now wants another $2.99 for a new upgrade! What happened to the one i already had?? Also.. sooooo many pop ups! 🤪 Otherwise... would’ve given 5 stats
  • Fascism 1/5

    By Purseholder62
    Your definition of fascism is incorrectly defined as “right wing” My college dictionary doesn’t have that as part of it.
  • Too many ads 2/5

    By Mcredpearce
    Ads or annoying. Deleting now.
  • What happened ? 1/5

    By just another Aspir
    Haven’t used this app for some time. Used to like it, but now it’s difficult to maneuver through and just not as user friendly as it was about a year ago. I despise change for the sake change under the disguise of improvement. Sometimes things should be left alone. Familiarity and function are attributes that bring quality and usefulness to an app. Additions are good, changes should be more closely scrutinized before being executed. Don’t make changes that make the app appear foreign to the users.
  • Two major issues have made the app unusable for me 2/5

    By CamSchnackel
    1. Offline mode mysteriously disappeared a couple years ago. My app says to go to settings but it’s not there. Emailed support and they were unhelpful. 2. App frequently refuses to show any info, saying an internet connection is required. This is despite the fact that I do in fact have an internet connection. No other apps that I use have this problem.
  • Has really gone downhill 2/5

    By AngelsXzist
    I agree with the March 8th thoughtful reviewer. I’ll add that the word of the day has become ridiculous. I really love learning new words or alternate definitions for ones I already know; however, it seems way too often that the word of the day is either obsolete or a British (or other) slang term. This week alone has been full of both. Every once in a while would be fine but how about words we can actually use to improve our everyday vocabulary? It’s disappointing.
  • inappropriate alert!!!! 1/5

    By cutey patudy
  • Upgrade to remove ads is a joke! 1/5

    By hillkr
    I paid for the upgrade to remove ads because they are so annoying! Well guess what they are still popping up. After sending the first email to customer service there was no reply. So, sent another and got a reply that I probably bought the wrong upgrade. I then sent them the receipt that clearly says “remove ads upgrade” and I have yet to get a reply back....
  • Good but bad 3/5

    By cade0211
    Ever since a few updates ago, I lost my offline and no ads upgrade. What gives?
  • I can’t get my money back 1/5

    By jayjay1776
    Trying to get a refund and the app literally won’t let me get my money back
  • Social vilification warriors 1/5

    By Miredtr
    Swarmed with articles about political correctness with clear intent to vilify social groups. No thank you I would like unification not tribalism.
  • NEEDS THESE IMPROVEMENTS— overall good 3/5

    By Andres Aldaz
    KEYBOARD ISSUE when searching— After I type I cannot find a button on my keyboard which allows me to drop it. I know other apps allow that. I paid for the power pack and it’s great, but I would like more information for what I paid for, medical, science, rhymes, encyclopedia, thesaurus, etc. A lot of words have a lack of information. PS EVERYBODY JUST PAY FOR NO ADS
  • Ok app 2/5

    By jdgrvdhdnhd
    It’s a good app with many definitions but many of the definitions aren’t good. Example: irreverence: Definition: the act of being irreverent This tells me nothing. So I look up irreverent and the definition tells me, “see definition of irreverence. This still does me no good
  • Improvement to the app - please make it happen! 3/5

    By ImproveThisApp
    Useful app but lost some of the functionality it originally had. There is no back button, so using your favorites is a drag. Please make this better!! After reviewing a word from the list i want to go back to the list in a single step, not 3 or 4. Too many ads are a bit overbearing, we can all tolerate some, find the sweet spot.
  • Constantly paying... 1/5

    By Rameth279
    Look, I love the dictionary, I love dictionary.com, but this app is a rip-off. I can’t even remember how many times I’ve paid for different features on this app, but I STILL get ads when trying to use it, and there’s always something ‘new’ to pay for. Maybe it’s just me, but some of these things I couldn’t sworn I’ve paid for already, but they don’t show up as so. STOP charging for every little feature on this app and set a one-time price already, and stop milking people for money!
  • Word of the day! 2/5

    By ME43665644
    Word of the day push notifications are still not showing up on my iPhone even though the update said this was the focus.
  • Racist and Against Anyone Different 1/5

    By Mohammad B.
    I’ve always enjoyed and found so much comfort in Dictionary.com. But, recently over the past few years they have abandoned their once laudable focus on words and proper English lexicon to ironically allow and encourage improper English grammar. Worse, they have become increasingly more edgy and now seek to appeal and align with shrill and hate filled, racist ideologies that seek to put down anyone different than them. See the latest article of their app: “The United States of Diversity: Slam Poetry.”
  • The ads have ruined it for me 1/5

    By luvlikejc
    I use this app everyday. Now I have to put my hand over the constant blinking advertisements in order to focus on what I’m searching for. I can’t use this app this way. It’s a bummer because I’ve purchased several add on’s, so I lose out. Please let me know if you ever get rid of the advertisements.
  • BS 1/5

    By KaleeLeigh
    I’ve paid for this app once on an older phone and it literally never worked. It constantly crashed, you couldn’t even fully type the word out before it crashed. Endless updates, nothing worked. I stopped trying. I recently remembered that I had paid for the upgrade of this worthless app and decided to download it on my current phone and it’s prompting me to pay for the upgrade again.. with no option to restore purchases and no help from either companies.
  • such an incredible app! 5/5

    By jav-superjavi
    I love how helpful this is! I also like how it aproveches to teach a new word every day.
  • Advance mind set 5/5

    By Delete me out
    Getting new words help my mind develop to a different level I would recommend this to everyone I know who wishes to grow Thank you for having the option to explore
  • Ads are a buzzkill 1/5

    By Cmiester
    I understand everyone has to make their money, but this is excessive. I’ve used this app for YEARS but this last time I got on it, I received a pop up ad every 4 or 5 clicks. Shows customer satisfaction isn’t worth more than the money these advertised companies are paying you.
  • Excessive forced ads and redundant definitions 3/5

    By b_platz
    Very annoying when you want to look up a word quickly and are forced to watch an ad before you can. Also definitions will frequently use the shorter version of the same word to define a term which is obviously unhelpful.

    By YRequireANickname
    PLEASE BRING BACK WORD OF THE DAY NOTIFICATIONS! In one of the new updates, you removed the notification push of Word of the Day. Please bring this back. Otherwise, I usually forget about this app.
  • Used to be a great app 1/5

    By jgkfditgurgkrfjydduh
    This used to be a great app, but now I see they’ve added video ads before you can use the app. Unfortunately I’m unable to click out of the ad to use the app, so it’s worthless. I’m on an iPhone 8. Please get this fixed. Better yet, removed the video ads. So annoying.

Dictionary.com: English Words app comments

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