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Dictionary.com: Search Words App

Download the essential and most comprehensive dictionary app for dependable definitions at your fingertips. Dictionary.com is the leading free English dictionary app for iPhone – with over 2,000,000 trusted definitions and synonyms, the Dictionary.com app is designed and optimized for your mobile device. Works offline! Install the offline dictionary for access to definitions whenever you need them. In addition to the trusted reference content from Dictionary.com and Thesaurus.com, this app includes: - Word of the Day – learn a new word each day and expand your vocabulary - Audio pronunciations – never mispronounce another word - Voice search – find the definitions you’re looking for anywhere, anytime - Content Collections Carousel includes Word Trends, Grammar Tips, , Slideshows, and Word of the Day - Quiz widget - test your vocabulary skills (are you prepping for the SAT?) with our Word of the Day quizzes - Word origin and history - discover etymology on even the strangest words - Favorite words and search history - customize your recently searched word list and never forget the newest words you’ve learned - English Spelling help - not sure how a word is spelled? This app will find it for you - Local look-ups - take a look at the words searched by location - Learner’s Dictionary - includes extra information about word usage for English learners - Optimized for Apple Watch! Get even more from your app with our Upgrades: - Example Sentences - Encyclopedia - Idioms and Phrases - Medical, Science, Rhyming and Slang Dictionaries - Offline Dictionary + Remove ads Or you can get all of this additional content and remove ads for one low price with our Pro App.


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Dictionary.com: Search Words app reviews

  • Great app. 5/5

    By Christo9-
    Great app.
  • Dictionary 3/5

    By srs1983
    This app does the job! I don’t understand why this app feels the need to educate via tweeter blurbs! There should be a focus on proper spelling which is most often ignored be tweets, messages and other similar forms of communication. Ebonics usage and abbreviations are predominantly used! I’m tired of media that should be neutral choosing some type of political position! Let’s face it, there are great numbers of tweeters that wouldn’t use or know how to use a dictionary anyway!!
  • More $$ are u joking 1/5

    By Pattyarray
    Now that I have a new phone You want to charge me again For off line dictionary Are you serious
  • Getting worse ... 2/5

    By Jayden Durocher
    Way too many Ads.. too many videos... It’s free so one thumb on each hand gives you two stars.
  • Popular rather than informative 2/5

    By KFrankie533
    Regardless of anything I have to say, this app has so many typos that I cannot rely on a single definition. I wrote to the developers, so they know all about it and give zero in effort. I downloaded Merriam-Webster.
  • Great app 5/5

    By Larie Seras
    Lots of cool features
  • I Have Met The Fool And He Is I 5/5

    By drhesq
    I could research the definition of fool but even I know exactly what the word means. I have always prided myself on not being a sucker, like buying ridiculous or frivolous apps when I didn’t really need them. On the other hand, I can also be a fool by not acquiring a program where it is exactly what I need to solve a significant objective. I like to write, something my discursiveness clearly exhibits. But I have found, yet not perfected, literary economy. I have also found that a personal enemy, my most hated, is the mere appearance of redundant grammar. To me it indicates a lack of originality/creativity. This application, with its affiliated supporting software, provides me with the ability to defeat my despised foe. But to limit myself, or the reader, to a solitary basis for purchasing the complete application is idiocy. This computer aid can bolster an innate interest and ability to express oneself by penning thoughts in a much more professional manner. If one believes they are limited in their expression by their education or native intelligence all I can suggest is you have never found your own personal “cheat.” I do not use this term with its inherent negativity, I am advising those individuals to advantage themselves with tools that elevate their ability. I am not suggesting this software is a panacea however I am saying, for me at least, it works and well. If anyone likes to write, where others have commented on the quality of a piece you have written and these observations are inspirational, therein lies the seed which evidences ability. There are all too many of us who never see or feel that spark. If one has and it lies here, foster its growth with the dedication you possess to raise your greatest asset, in my particular situation and orientation, our children. Don’t cut corners where they merely serve to save you a little effort. This work aided by substantive implements is the investment. It is suggested that in almost every case the personal devotion is where the payoff is found and forever treasured
  • Lies, progressive lies 1/5

    By SFVeela
    How dare you claim to be a dictionary when you are spinning progressive lies? Net Neutrality is a misnomer, created by the Doublespeak Party. Net Neutrality means the government regulates the Internet. Remember when we had 69 years of Telephone Equality, wherein every home had a phone and a phone line? Net Neutrality offers a return to those days, with zero progress, all in the name of equality. Notice who wants Net Neutrality: The gatekeepers, Google, Facebook, and Twitter, so they can control user content and maintain their power. Net Neutrality lasted for 2 years; for the decades prior to that, the Internet flourished. Net Neutrality is about Facebook, Google, and Twitter control and federal taxation, not about free markets and the development of satellite technology to replace fiber optics.
  • Nice but could use less ads 4/5

    By Delaneperez
    Useful when reading for school assignments and published articles
  • So far so good 4/5

    By Rudy_Chasal
    Although I’ve had this app for several years, I just started using it. It may deserve five stars but I’ll wait to see what happens as I use it more. Actually, it’s going to be the dictionary I’ll use 99% of the time until I become convinced it’s the only one I need.
  • I love it and am grateful for it. 4/5

    By Matt Steinberg
    The interface is enjoyable. I appreciate the simple themed blog posts about words. I like how you can favorite words and the easy switch to thesaurus mode. It would be cool to have fewer ads, or at least a different type of ad. Those upper corner countdown ads are irritating. As a songwriter I’m always playing with words, and not just rhyming, but syllable breakdown - lining them up with different melodic lines and rhythmic ideas. It would would be cool to markup the words within favorites - have metadata. Like be able to write “about” the words, sort and group them almost by project, and have them linked to audio and journals docs in like a google doc or another app. Thanks!
  • Excellent! 5/5

    By legnews
    Great resource... and most affordable
  • Ads are obnoxious 1/5

    By Chessack
    The ads are intrusive and made me uninstall. Won’t be using this app or any others made by this author.
  • Disappointing upgrade 2/5

    By How’s This
    I paid the six bucks for the upgrade for two reasons. First, I look up a lot of scientific, medical, and technical terms that often have rather thin definitions in the regular app. Second, I use this app a lot and thought I should pitch in. First try shows this was a waste of time and money. I had looked up subserve. The definition was thin. Then I noticed I had to change dictionaries to see if it was listed in one of the others. (Lousy design choice, btw). What did I find there? Nothing. Squat. Bupkes. Buying the other dictionaries does nothing to improv the inadequate definitions of the regular dictionary. Six bucks poorly spent.
  • Dictionary for the masses 4/5

    By Mike 9000
    Missing a few words but overall a good app
  • Merriam-Webster to the rescue!!! 2/5

    By will this even send?
    Was better 5 years ago, AND you could use it offline. Think others here have covered the absurdity of the ads.
  • A necessity! 5/5

    By Mimijunie
    As I get older I find I am using this app almost every day. To have it so accessible is a real time saver!!
  • Don’t search further! 5/5

    By Albertejy
    I am super stingy but not when it comes to apps like Dictionary app. I purchased the pro version on android for only $2.99 and now on iOS for $5.99, but this version has it all. No other dictionary app (Oxford, Merriam Webster, etc) gets closer to Dictionary when it comes to speed, content, and deal. Highly recommended and very affordable.
  • Great app, disappointing marketing 3/5

    By BYM35145664
    Overall I really like this app because of all the extra features. My favorites include: the learners section (which helps my friends for whom English is their second language), the idioms section, and the grammar section. Those are all great, as are the other upgrades. What disappointed me, however, was that my purchase of the pro version on my iPad was apparently just for my iPad. Thus, if I want the upgrades on iPhone, then I have to buy the upgrade package again.
  • Political bias from a dictionary app 1/5

    By ar311
    Political bias from a dictionary app
  • ok 3/5

    By jlawton
    This has, sadly, fallen into the category of apps I usually don't update, b/c I don't trust what might come down the pipeline. I just want a quick, not too uncomprehensive dictionary program. I'm not interested in "word of the day" type features.
  • Pretty good 4/5

    By Mkincheer2008
    The ads is what kills me...... other than that...... AWESOME
  • Good for a quick go to! 4/5

    By pennygs
    I have been using this for years: first on the home computer and now on the phone. It has changed some for the better and not. I don’t the adds that pop up and the format has changed a bit, but overall it is still very useful.
  • Once great before adds! 2/5

    By USA grad student
    I am a university student who relies on my dictionary quite often. I actually paid for an upgraded version so I can get various copies of dictionaries ranging from standard to scientific/medical. Then all of a sudden I start getting ads interrupting my efficiency even though I paid for this app. My suggestion, don’t bother getting this app. The ads will burn up your time and are extremely annoying.
  • Note pad 4/5

    By sargland
    It would be nice if I could write notes on favorite words. I like to group words with synonyms and write mnemonic devices to memorize
  • Trickery in the Code 1/5

    By Human Rights
    I cannot know with absolute certainty whether these app developers are aware of it (albeit it’s highly likely!), but the pop-up ads are obviously designed to dupe the user. They (the ad makers) know that many people (most?) reflexively tap the tiny “x” in the corner without ever looking at what has been thrown in front of them. Their trick: They move the x from one position to another in a fraction of a second, anticipating (correctly) that the finger tap will then often occur a centi-second or deci-second after the x has disappeared - thus the tap intended to remove instead opens the ad. It is a vile trick played on the user, and one suspects the company - afraid of losing advertiser revenue - has given the wink wink to the deviant advertiser. I do not approve!
  • Great app. 5/5

    By Sonic728
    Excellent! I love the app! Thank you!
  • Word Warp 5/5

    By Sjrawn
    Love this app. I wish they had picked a different dictionary. Some the words they don't have, and some they do have leave me wondering. They allow some old English words, but not new America words that have been in use for decades.
  • Where’s the sentences?? 1/5

    By dhbro
    Just upgraded to have example sentences. Can’t find them!
  • Ads kill functionality 1/5

    By ash_917
    I used this app for years for both dictionary & thesaurus functions; however, I just deleted it & am looking for alternatives due to the addition of pop up ads. Not only is it extremely annoying to have an ad pop up when you’re in the middle of reading a definition, but they actually have ads that play with sound, & you’re forced to watch them - no skip option. Very, very disappointed with the app for selling out like this. Smh
  • I love it 5/5

    By useall
    Good knowledge
  • My go to 5/5

    By Clock watcher 2
    When I can’t think of the right word, this is my go-to source!
  • Happy user 5/5

    By LongTall Sally
    Excellent fast fulfills my needs
  • Very useful app 5/5

    By DaveCols
    Very good interphase very quick results has solved a whole lot of words I didn’t know of, when they’re used in radio talk or magazines
  • Best 5/5

    By Kush400
    Improved my grammar 100%
  • Incomplete. 3/5

    By Dexiner
    I often seek out words with zero results and have to resort to google to just correct my misspelling. I’ve had this app a long time and used to love it. Now I am just liking it. It’s like our full dictionary is not close to being in there. I continue to try it first as protocol. But it seems the longer I have it the fewer words I find. Sorry guys for the negative elements of the review but something must be upgraded with another 100k or so words. ✌🏼❤️
  • Great app! 5/5

    I love this app! When I am reading, I love to have a device with this app open nearby so I can refer to it as I need it... it is fast and it is comprehensive in the information available! Awesome😁👍🏼
  • Your rock 5/5

    By Cd33141
    Ads a bit annoying but the rest a breeze. 🙏🙏
  • Handy and concise! 5/5

    By mfddiaz
    Thanks to this app, I have instant access to definitions, synonyms, and pronunciation of words that are challenging. The design of the app makes it especially user-friendly. It’s my go-to app for fast, effective word references and definitions.
  • 5 stars 5/5

    By raythebeast12
    Best dictionary I’ve ever been using
  • This app is a life saver 5/5

    By FreshTabbygamer
    Why search through a dictionary that is missing something close to 49 percent of the English language, when you can use this app?
  • Awesome 5/5

    By tigeriwannafackyou
    Ok it is a good tool
  • Love it. 5/5

    By LordJesusisrisen
    This app is extremely helpful in my everyday life.
  • Does exactly what it needs to do. 5/5

    By Blankfascination
    Simple. Easy to use.
  • Review dictionary 5/5

    By Unhappy waze
    Very helpful great to have
  • Great app 5/5

    By AliRodrig32
    Love the word of the day feature and all the examples of usage from actual published texts.
  • Nearly Unusable 1/5

    By Dp4760
    I'm all but certain I paid for an "ad-free" upgrade to this app some time ago. Nevertheless, in the last year or two the ads are back, with a vengeance. Their slow load times and screen-blocking windows make the app all but useless. Of course, I can have an "ad-free experience," if I just pay again. Wonder how long it would last this time? I won't be finding out. Too bad; it used to be handy.
  • Annoying pop up ads 1/5

    By misternobodyak
    Forced viewing of ads that cuts off my music just so I can look up a definition? No thanks.
  • Cool 5/5

    By Felix Stubbles
  • Adsss 2/5

    By Yannia19
    Too many ads pops up

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