DiDi Rider: Affordable rides

DiDi Rider: Affordable rides

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  • Current Version: 7.3.60
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • Developer: DiDi
  • Compatibility: Android
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DiDi Rider: Affordable rides App

Safety is our top priority. While you are on a DiDi trip, you should always know that we have your back wherever you are going. Download the app and try it now! Do you need an app for secure package delivery and travel at cheap rates? Download the DiDi Rider app now and guarantee a quality, economical and safe private transport service. DiDi offers these services: DiDi Express: cheap and safe trip with a qualified driver. DiDi Economy: cheaper travel, but with the same quality as the DiDi Express. DiDi Taxi: request a taxi by cell phone to travel more comfortably (available in some cities). DiDi Protect: you can travel safely, with better hygiene, but still at cheap rates. DiDi Delivery: deliver or receive your order, package or document cheaply. DiDi Flex: you choose the price of your trip. Request fast package deliveries or cheap trips to travel safely around the city. DiDi Loan How it works: - You can order from $1,000.00 MN. up to $50,000.00 MXN. - The term of the loans is from 91 to 365 days. - Daily interest rate of 0.085%. - Maximum annual interest rate of 31%. - Commission of $24.00 MXN. at $154.00 MXN. - VAT: 16% - APR: 31.6% - CAT: 118.8% to 165.7% Credit example: If you apply for a loan of $1,000.00 MN. in 91 days for 6 payments, the total amount payable would be only $1,174.00 MN. and your payouts would be only $196.00 MN. That means you would only pay $77.00 MN. interest, a commission of $73.00 MN., VAT of $24.00 MN. and CAT of 165.7%. Questions about how DiDi Loan works? Write to [email protected] Your safety is the most important thing Safe travel first. All DiDi drivers go through a selection process, where only the best are judged. With an extra step of security, you can share your trip in real time with trusted contacts. In an emergency, press the safety button. Travel safely with DiDi! More savings on your travels and safe deliveries With the DiDi Rider you can travel economically! Order a taxi or a private driver and take cheap trips wherever you want. Do you want a mobility app where you can save money? Then download DiDi Rider! Choose your payment method Select the best payment method, credit or debit card, via the app, or cash payment (only available in some cities). DiDi offers discount coupons and exclusive promotions for you to travel cheap. Enjoy it! Ease of ordering cheap travel deliveries With DiDi Rider you can travel or order package deliveries with ease. Just enter your current location and destination, and we'll find the nearest private driver or taxi driver. You can see the driver's location in real-time and how long it will take to arrive. Request one of our services, such as DiDi Taxi, to travel cheaply on the largest transport platform in the world! How to request a trip on the DiDi platform Download the DiDi Passenger app and create an account. Enter your location and destination. Select payment method: credit card, debit card or cash payment (available in some cities). Click "Confirm" and we will find a driver nearby. You will be able to see all vehicle and driver information, including their real-time location and how long it will take to arrive. Give your opinion at the end of the trip: so that DiDi maintains its quality of service. With DiDi Passenger, you can order safe travel, fast deliveries and enjoy a low fare and a private transfer service with a qualified driver. Also, you can choose to pay cash or card when ordering a cheap trip. Need some help? Visit https://mexico.didiglobal.com/centro-de-ayuda or contact us at [email protected] or call 800 988 8888.

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DiDi Rider: Affordable rides app reviews

  • Lo peor!! 1/5

    By Sprouseines01
    Mi experiencia con Didi ha sido pésima, los choferes te escriben para poner su tarifa personal y si es con tarjeta el pago cancelan, pongan que es solo efectivo y asi uno elige y no pierde tiempo.
  • Unable to add credit cards 1/5

    By e.808
    Unable to add several different credit cards for payment method. No customer support.
  • Doesn’t accept credit cards so I won’t be using 1/5

    By Chickachick
    They used to take cards but now they don’t so I will find other apps to use
  • No funciona bien 1/5

    By LuisD88_
    La app tiene problemas cuando intento registrarme el código de confirmación nunca llega.
  • Basura 1/5

    By 1246??:57!?;94
    Estoy muy decepcionada el primer pedido que hago, me cancelan y me retienen mi dinero 30 días por mi parte no la usare nunca más
  • terrible design 2/5

    By 88362994
    loud, invasive, constant repetitive messaging, switching you from Rides to Food without permission, incessant popups. it’s like a ride share app designed as an online casino website from the nineties
  • worst thing in mexico 1/5

    By luisnge
    this app is not made for mexico... is complete apecrap that your order it and it gets cancelled all the time (because drivers dont like the fare or they dont like is credit) in non-major cities. To be fair, in major cities is excellent. I've been around but honestly is not for Mexico. I hate it overall.
  • Can’t checkout food 1/5

    By Wyakaiq
    It hasn’t been accepting payments with card for a while and now it won’t allow me to pay with cash, it’s not working either way so I can’t use the app for food
  • Domiciliarios que no cumplen su función 1/5

    By Siraed
    Tienen la opción de “dejar en portería” y “encontrarse en la puerta de la casa” y los domiciliarios nunca quieren subir a portería, además las asesoras del servicio al cliente son groseras y la única solución que me dieron fue que no recibiría mi producto si no iba por el (incluso dando propina) se ponen del lado del vago domiciliarios descarados en vez de cumplir la función que se les pide, si quiera la comida en la portería, pues elegiría esa opción. Y encima de que no recibo la comida, me la cobran, ustedes deberían cerrar ese apartado de domicilios es tenaz y no cumple con su función más básica. Hasta nunca. Servicio mediocre y inseguro, más de una mujer cuenta que sus conductores son depravados e inseguros, que viva Uber!
  • Servicio al cliente Malo 1/5

    By Mike6428
    Los conductores comenten errores que uno termina pagando, ya se por que inician el viaje antes o ni siquiera an llegado a la ubicación
  • Worset driver ever 1/5

    By morey16u
    Worset driver ever and you handle the cancellation fees due to unprofessional drivers And customer service is more worset than any app
  • غش وخديعة 1/5

    By عبد 1999999
    لقد تمت سرقتي من اصحاب هذا التطبيق
  • Worst drivers and careless service 1/5

    By AnanHesham
    All my terrible experiences are in this app, the worst drivers possible -either careless driving or theyre weird or thieves or bad attitude- because they know that the customer service team does absolutely nothing about the problems.
  • Warning - DiDi Food Drivers Will Steal Your Food 1/5

    By Chad Baase
    Do not use this app to get food! DiDi drivers will get 500 meters from your location and tell you to come get your food outside in the rain. While DiDi is safe for transportation it’s highly suggested you do not use DiDi for food delivery if your an American!
  • دول حرمية ونصابين بلاش حد ينزل التطبيق دا 1/5

    By شركة صلاح الدين
    اكثر تطبيق فاشل شركة نصابه بتسرق فلوس الناس بدون ما تقدم خدمة محدش ينزل التطبيق دا ابعدو عنو بتخصم قيمة الرحله قبل اتمامها افضل خدمة عملاء افشل موظفين لعنة الله عليهم اجمعين انا بطالب جوجل بحذف التطبيق دا نهائيا
  • نصابين وحرامية 1/5

    By ilitwol
    اكتر ابليكيشن نصب وحرامية سرقوني في ١٤٠ جنيه انا لو هموت اروح تي مشوار مشي ولا الحوجة للابليكيشن القذرة ديه وحتى العربيات اللي بتشترك معاهم كحيانة زيهم
  • Almost missed my flight 1/5

    By beseder
    Continued to promise a driver in one minute only to cancel our trip after waiting. Never again.
  • Not happy 4/5

    By Tunechi 87
    I’m just asking a question. Last night I called And the price was 108 DOP, when I arrived the price goes up to 114. Why the price always changes? It’s not fair
  • Drivers cancel when they know trip is paid by visa 1/5

    By Mouwfak94
    Whenever the drivers know that the trip is getting paid by visa they cancel it, even if they already started the trip and you’re with them. There is no option for us to complain about this. I’ve lost so much money because every time the drivers decide not to complete the trip, the app charges me for the Fare base.
  • Food orders are worthless. Rides are ok. 2/5

    By NathanSeattle
    Food orders get cancelled most of the time by the restaurant or Didi after about 15 minutes of already waiting. Drivers are mostly ok.
  • Por qué cogen el viaje si CANCELARÁN? 3/5

    By Hartesx42
    La mayoría de conductores de didi cada vez que ven un viaje lo cogen y después nos hacen perder el tiempo esperando para no llegar y cancelan. Entonces si nosotros los CLIENTES CANCELAMOS Nos ponen una cuota de CANCELACIÓN, pero a ellos no el hacen no le hacen nada por cancelarnos.,
  • No Ride Service 1/5

    By lad from the west
    The app update completely removed the ability to request rides.
  • support u as a share holder 5/5

    By RickyWu.
    U the best riding app ever
  • Constant issues. Scamming tourists. 1/5

    By Miiik Bram
    They make you verify your card everyday. 6 months later and they still have not fixed this issue. I’m being asked to verify cards that I’ve been using for years on the app. The cards are in my name and all have been previously verified. They simply do not care, I recommend other apps before using this one. After a year in Mexico the entire DiDi team still cannot fix the most simple issues. It still asks me to verify my credit card even though they accept it 50% of the time. Just a horrible service will careless staff. When you ask for help you get a robot.
  • クーポンあり 5/5

    By 中条みらい
    6EF6HDT4 このクーポンコードで500円引きになります!
  • Me cobraron casi el doble / I was charged almost double 1/5

    By Journey Untold
    ES: Pedi un carro cua do estaba lloviendo y había mucho tráfico. Por eso una ruta que es una distancia hasta cambiable me salió más cara que lo que normalmente saldría. Acepté el viaje, y cuando llegue a mi destino me pidió casi el doble porque se había tardado, a pesar de que ya me estaba cobrando más que lo que normalmente me cobrarían por esa distancia. Escribí y me dijeron que el monto era correcto, pero me parece una falta de respeto que me aumente tanto por algo que no es culpa de nadie. No vuelvo a usar más DiDi. Si me dicen un precio, espero que ese sea el monto que voy a pagar cuando llegue a mi destino, no usarlo como una guía de lo que tal vez pague. EN: I requested a ride while it was raining and there was a lot of traffic. Because of this, am usually walkable distance was more expensive than it would normally be. I accepted the ride, and when I got to my destination, DiDi charged me almost double my original price, even though they were already charging me more. I wrote and they told me the amount was correct, but I think it’s incredibly disrespectful that they would charge so much more when it’s nobody’s fault. I’m never using DiDi again. If I’m being told a price, I expect to pay that price at the end of my trip, not for it to be a guide of what I may be charged.
  • The worst app I have ever used 1/5

    By Spy_b
    The worst customer service Even worse drivers Save your time and your money and don’t download this
  • Support is messed up 1/5

    By ___allthenicknamesaretaken
    Although the address was correct we arrived at the wrong place. Didi says it’s my job to verify their addresses even when the street doesn’t match at all. No compensation was given.
  • LADRONES 1/5

    By Nesthor87
    El repartidor se robó mi comida y lo justifican diciendo que yo tardé en recogerla entonces en se fue y me robó y ahora me toca pagar la comida por que no quisieron hacerme un reembolso. Llame a atención al cliente y me dijeron que iban a hacerme el reembolso y ahora me conecto y me dicen que no lo harán porque yo tarde en recibir la comida. Ladrones
  • من افضل التطبيقات فعلا والاول كان بيدى خصومات حلوة بس تطبيق رائع وسلس 5/5

    By momo20138
  • Unreliable 1/5

    By Pogoftheyear
    In Okinawa, often you may have to wait a varying amount of time for the taxis to even accept you. Most of the time I’m waiting upwards of 7+ mins just to get a confirmation with “4 drivers or more nearby”. I’d say steer clear of this app and take the bus or rent a car. Far more reliable
  • Not working in china 5/5

    By ZafarArslan, Eric
    I am trying to sign in but I couldn't, my changed my cell phone , didi app is still working in my old one cell phone but when i try to log in my new cell phone it doesn't work , i have few questions why I can't use this app in china right now ? Even this service is available, but in app there is error that " not available in your country " , please fix it
  • Mensajes no deseados de su app 1/5

    By Heriberto TL
    Es molesto ver cada dos días sus mensajes que les pida prestado 👎👎
  • NO LA USEN 1/5

    By hshdjdhbdhdhdhhw in h
    Pides algo y te cancelan el pedido y se quedan con tu dinero y no lo reembolsan
  • Don’t rely on it - misleads as to taxi times 1/5

    By PumpkinKnightFlower
    Said 2min to pickup before requesting cab -> became 25 with a fee to cancel. Not trustworthy.
  • خدمة سيظ 1/5

    By عمر اب
    اغلب السواقين غير مهذبين
  • Direcciones equivocadas 1/5

    By MatuteB
    Me llevo a una dirección incorrecta y no es la primera vez que sucede.
  • Can’t order a car 2/5

    By rockholidaynyc
    There’s no where on the app to order a car. I can sign up to drive one. But I can only order food.
  • No drivers available 1/5

    By Marceth
    Was heading to Auckland domestic airport from Central Auckland midday and needed a car. Waited 15 mins without getting any driver responding. Switched to Uber and got a car in 2 mins. Will never use DiDi again.
  • Malas notificaciones 3/5

    By alanOS
    A pesar de ser una app útil para transporte, las notificaciones que manda la app son tan estorbosas que necesito deshabilitarlas por complete - lo cual va reducir la utilidad de esta app. Esto sucede por usar las notificaciones como un canal de marketing y por no permitir que se puedan configurar. Si alguien encargado de estos sistemas lee este comentario les sugiero cambiar esto asap porque seguramente están perdiendo más usuarios más de lo necesario.
  • Pésimo servicio 1/5

    By Gusdepus
    Primero que nada te cobran más de lo que te decía que iba a costar el viaje cuando aceptas el monto. No se si es que los conductores toman una ruta más larga, parece ser el caso. Te dicen que el tiempo de espera es corto pero se mantiene ahí, así que si al principio dice 8 minutos, terminas esperando 15 o más. Los conductores te cancelan cuando quieren, si has esperado 10 o 15 minutos y el conductor decide que ya no quiere el viaje te cancela sin problema haciéndote perder el tiempo. Si tú cancelas unos minutos después te cobran. Además el reloj de cuenta regresiva de espera lo colocan antes de haber llegado el conductor al punto de encuentro. Son muchos detalles que cuentan al final y son cosas en mi parecer deshonestas y que no ayudan al cliente que debe ser lo primero.
  • Good Drivers… If they ever accept. 2/5

    By ZaccyMan
    Using this app in Japan, the two drivers I had were friendly taxi drivers, and the rate was acceptable. But the glaring problem is, despite there supposedly being many drivers nearby, they waste my time by accepting and then cancelling, or just rejecting the drive request. Eventually the only drivers who accept are very far away and take a long time to arrive. As a result, this issue eventually cost me my international flight out of Japan, a day’s worth of time and hundreds of dollars to buy a new flight ticket. DiDi, I would pay $10-20 if it means you didn’t waste my time and hundreds of dollars trying to catch a flight. I’m really disappointed with your system’s poor driver management.
  • Can’t register 1/5

    By sneihendb
    Always display”Too many attempts, please try again later”
  • The worst customer service ever 1/5

    By Ey.A
    I have tried DiDi here in Egypt and actually they are not providing any customer service or support number, you only have the option to send your request through the app and when they answer you they will immediately block the response option so you do not have the right to reply to them. Uber is higher price but much more honest.
  • Doesn’t take any credit card 1/5

    By Dr.Ramirez
    Utterly worthless app. It always gives you the option to pay via credit card, yet it doesn’t work 98% of the time. Neither AMEX nor VISA works when I try and use it. Just deleted the app. Will keep with Uber and Uber eats as that app works flawlessly. Sure it’s just a tad bit more, but I don’t mind if it works.
  • Won’t let me add a payment method 1/5

    By Sqit
    Says “transaction declined”. Contacted the bank and they said there’s no transaction pending. Tried another card. Same error.
  • Con los términos necesita algunas cosas 3/5

    By mclovinyeee
    Es muy importante la seguridad de las personas pasan muchos accidentes y muchos conductores que van comenzando el trabajo de didi son la mayoría que tienen la ventaja en hacer daño a la comunidad se necesita que los nuevos conductores tengan más alertas en los primeros meses y se necesita que se pueda a guardar conductores preferidos para volver a pedir los quería amos tenido antes eso baja la cantidad los accidentes y el porcentaje todo lo demás está muy bien muchas gracias.
  • Pesima App 1/5

    By La_Cale13
    El peor servicio al Cliente que he vivido, todo es culpa del conductor y dicen no poder hacer nada. Ni factura ni ayudar con objetos olvidados y el tema del contacto con el conductor nunca se da.
  • نصابين 1/5

    By مراد رزق
    شركة زباله. مشوار من وسط اسكندرية لمطار برج العرب ب٧٠٨ جنيه ياحراميه! وقبل ما اطلب كاتبين ب٢٣٠ جنيه! كاتبين في الفاتوره ٢٥٠ كيلو مسافه! وهي ماتجيش ٨٠ كيلو