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  • Current Version: 1.1.2
  • Adult Rating: 12+
  • Developer: Raketspel AB
  • Compatibility: Android
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Dig This! App

Just dig with your fingers — and guide the ball to the cup. It's easy, yet challenging. There is often a trick to solve the levels, sometimes you need take advantage of the objects' speed, sometimes you need to make objects collide, but often it is enough to use your intuitive thinking. Features: • Inventive and unique gameplay. • Easy to understand. • Realistic Physics. • 400 levels, designed with love. • Encourages logical thinking and creativity. • Discover new features like bombs and multi-colored balls. • 3D-graphics. • Solutions are available, if you get stuck.

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  • Brain teaser 5/5

    By plumber68
    Love the fact that you need to be precise with your pathways to solve the levels. 👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍 Very much enjoy this game and always waiting for the next level to defeat. Great game !
  • Horrible 1/5

    By 8675309jeff
    Game gliched on easy level and used solution
  • Too many ads! 1/5

    By aneal138
  • Enjoy this game! 4/5

    By 01Bandercook73
    The review b 4 me said she has fat fingers, so do I! I bought some stylist @ the dollar & they r very precise. Also I paid to not have interruptions & suddenly I’m getting other games interrupting me, that’s why 4 stars. If I pay to not b interrupted, they should stop that! I stopped playing castle wreck for that same reason, so, stop it or I will stop playing!
  • Hmm 1/5

    By Garlandsians
    Love the game but the ads chased me out. Delete
  • Still have ads. 3/5

    By dhjtegbkuevbkiscnkdcnku
    I paid to get rid of ads, but I still have ads. Other than that I like the game.
  • Progressive and challenging 5/5

    By Altmax
    Each leave is a little bit harder than the last. Only three bucks to clear the commercials and hour of mind blowing entertainment.
  • You need to add more levels at ones 4/5

    By Mistozie
    I solved all levels nothing els to play
  • Excellent! 5/5

    By eharel
    I even solved level 17-19 which I thought was not possible. Great fun game. Thanks!!!
  • To many ads 4/5

    By 1GWalTer
    Fun game of strategy, however there are wayyy to many ads. Takes the fun away from the game.
  • Adds 1/5

    By Michael est
    Way to many adds i will never pay to remove them the game is good but not worth the cost to pay to stop adds
  • Annoying ads 2/5

    By another annoyed gamer
    Constant ads for other games, more time spent waiting on and closing ads
  • Heavy Soon 5/5

    By Shorty Doo Whop
    Fell in love with this game sometimes up at 3pm I take my treatment by then I start playing again before I know it it’s 6 am I run across two that are impossible to get you must have patients it give something to think out solving between rocks bombs an balls the new colors I like also thanks for the game
  • Amono 5/5

    By Amono O.W.
    More fun then I thought it would be😂
  • Great game 5/5

    By 3 DDD 1327
    Great game makes you think outside the box.
  • Dig This 5/5

    By Original Ramblin' Man
    Cool game you can do with no time issues so you can easily stop and restart without penalties. Very challenging, allows for creativity.
  • Bad game 1/5

    By _box
    So man ads that you can even enjoy the game
  • Too many ads!! 2/5

    By Jeff CBC
    Pretty cool app but waaaaay too many ads!!!
  • Great game 5/5

    By Normellow
    Open your mind Quaid !
  • Brilliant Brain Food 5/5

    By Noopysma
    I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this game!!! This type of game isn’t for everyone & if you’re someone who wants the easy way out, it’s probably not for you. If you like to think, solve problems and be challenged, this is perfect for that. I tried the 1st level to check it out & was hooked enough to pay. It’s so inexpensive (I paid $2.99), it was worth every cent to get rid of the ads because the ads make the game harder. If you find you need to see the solution to the level you’re playing, you have to pay for it. I am up to level 12 and have not needed to pay. I’m kind of mechanically inclined though. I love it. I stopped playing my word games almost completely because of this game. Recommended for the right kind of person.
  • Love this game 5/5

    By jpaulkent
    I’m 69 years old and I believe it’s keeping my analytical mind sharp. Very satisfying and time well spent😃
  • Ads Galore 4/5

    By adswaphole
    Here’s another popular game has more ads then Trump has indictments
  • Awesome 5/5

    By Metv Biggest fan
  • Thank you so much 5/5

    By cam2 look up
    Thank you so much
  • Need more stages faster 5/5

    By Dig Faster
    I go thru one stage in one day and then hate having to wait a week or two for the next one to come out. Need more stages faster....
  • Greedy Developers 1/5

    By Bruno3223
    5 minutes of total play time. Spent over 3 minutes watching advertisements
  • Loved it until ‘new levels’ 1/5

    By BreitB
    Have played for about a year - topped out on the levels but still went back and replayed. Then a month ago go an update to add new levels - it was a tease! There are five new levels stages (about a hundred puzzles?) THAT I CANNOT OPEN! The next stage states need 342 levels to unlock. It shows I have 359 completed but it will not unlock. PLEASE FIX SO I CAN ENJOY AGAIN
  • 4-6 Glitch ruined my night. 4/5

    By Dpm20709
    I wish I’d had the new update before I spent 4 hours playing level 4-6 over and over and over and over and over and over and over without success. 4 hours. Gone. Doing everything perfectly the entire time. Over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over.

    By Rachelsscene
    Fun game but there are ads literally every 30 seconds, or every few attempts at a level. Very annoying and I’m not paying to remove them just to play a game 🙄 DELETE 👋🏻
  • Stupid fun 4/5

    By Killer carlyle
    Great way to pass time, makes you think a little. If you like problem solving, and have some extra time, dig a little. It’s fun, and a little frustrating, but fun.
  • Great game! 5/5

    Perfect for a quick break to clear your head and challenge your mind. Also to spend way more time playing than you ever expected.
  • Dig it - Yes, I do. 5/5

    By ybcuz
    Addictive but not overwhelming. It takes some thought and is more challenging than it first seems.
  • Excellent 5/5

    By Bullish bull market
  • Fun 5/5

    By Big Big Big Big A1 John
    Fun and relaxing
  • Fun game 3/5

    By WFishorrible
    WAY too many ads. Give people a friggin’ break - at least in a level.
  • its cool beans 5/5

    By qwertybdhdv
    this app keeps the depressing thoughts out of my head
  • Adds😡 3/5

    By Jfiliups
    Way to many adds but it’s a creative and neat game
  • Just an ad delivery app 1/5

    By araczynski
    Don’t waste your time
  • Use extreme caution!!!! 5/5

    By wango c
    This game is extremely addictive, play at your own risk
  • Sick of ads 1/5

    By Jimt22oh
    Constantly interrupting with ads for other games! Deleted
  • ASB-CCO 5/5

    Hey This is so Cool!!!
  • Why a new name?! 5/5

    By pizza peguin
    Just why
  • Nothing but ads 1/5

    By Pinnipal
    Hey, I get it. Skimp and get the free version and put up with some ads. We’ve all been there. But this game takes it to the extreme. You spend more time watching ads than you do playing the game. It’ll even interrupt your playing a level to show you an ad. Which goes to far in my opinion. Could be a great game, even with ads, if it were at least playable. But the free version is just one big ad machine.
  • Ad Walls!!! Beware! 1/5

    By LiNEchamp
    Users up a ton of data with ad wall videos. I have some choice words for the company, but I’ll leave it out of the review. Okay another game, once you beat the levels it gets pretty boring.
  • Fantastic Game! 5/5

    By Xylicon
    Great game, keeps your mind exercised, also great customer support!
  • My favorite phone game ever 5/5

    By nick2gurz
    This is the best phone game I’ve ever played! Perfection
  • Fun Game - TOO MANY ADS 2/5

    By Pliny the E
    This is a very fun game and I don’t like games. There’s just too many ads! I can’t stay the ads that start randomly in the middle of play. Some of the ads go on forever and then a few minutes later you’re watching it again. I’d pay for the ad free version if it was $1 cheaper. As it is, I’m not sure I’d get my money’s worth.
  • Wayyyyy too many ads!! 2/5

    By A.T. Graphics
    On the harder levels you can retry them 30 times or more to complete them... this means you might sit through 15 ads or more to complete ONE level? Why not just keep the ads between levels?
  • Too many ads 3/5

    By Playa 7654367
    The game is fun and can be very challenging. The problem with the free version is that there are too many ads. It is so bad that it was actually affecting the performance of my iPhone 7. Some ads would not load, and the game, as well as other apps, unexpectedly shut down. I had to delete the app. My phone is back to normal after doing so. My only other comment is that you should win a hint after you complete an entire section which has 20 levels.

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