Digit: Savings & Debt Manager

Digit: Savings & Debt Manager

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  • Current Version: 3.22.0
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  • Developer: Hello Digit, Inc
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Digit: Savings & Debt Manager App

Managing your money can be hard. Saving money for the future is even tougher. But what if you could easily save a little bit, only what you can afford, every single day? Digit is your smart financial assistant, helping you to achieve your goals. Without even thinking about it. Pay off debt, plan a vacation, save for a house, or, put a little aside in a rainy day fund. Save your money, easily and securely, with Digit. 3 STEPS TO BETTER FINANCIAL HEALTH 1. Digit analyzes your spending habits. 2. And automatically moves the perfect amount to a secure Digit account. 3. So that you can manage your savings and achieve your financial goals. Join the finance revolution that's saved users over a 2.5 billion dollars. Featured in Business Insider, Elle, Bustle, Money Peach and US News, Digit helps you to manage your money and improve your financial health. MONEY SAVING FEATURES — Save the perfect amount of money every day based on your income and spending. — Save for an unlimited number of goals, with recommended timelines for achieving them. — Pay off more of your debt, with precise amounts determined by your income and spending habits. — Get overdraft protection with notifications for when your account balance is low. — Withdraw your money as often as you like. No fees, no minimums. — Earn 1% annually on your Digit savings. That's 11X more than most savings accounts! — Bank-level encryption software keeps your funds and personal information secure. — FDIC-insured banks maintain your Digit savings, insured up to a balance of $250,000. Digit is completely free to try for 30 days. After your trial period, a monthly subscription costs $5 and can be canceled anytime. Let Digit help you to pay off debt and manage your savings, so you can sit back and enjoy your life.

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Digit: Savings & Debt Manager app reviews

  • Improve please 1/5

    By showtime39845
    Needs to add five star credit union

    By Brinn G
    I got it thinking it would be good, and just made a username and password. I never entered my bank account info but somehow it got it!! And I can stop it from seeing my account!
  • hate it!! 1/5

    By ashhterri
    it already has taken money OUT of my account & i’ve only been using it for 2 days! absolutely not. it’s supposed to HELP w finances NOT take it away. i’m so mad!
  • Doesn’t have my bank 3/5

    By isaiah solomon
    Sounds like a great app but doesn’t have Mcu so I can’t use it😢
  • Great!! 5/5

    By SociallyAwkwarrd_
    It’s allowing me to save without even noticing or hurting my account and finances. A great financial tool!
  • Great way to save!! 5/5

    By Chi344
    So easy to save money. You can’t even tell the money is going to your savings. I will definitely keep using digits.
  • Verdict still out 3/5

    By bigrelldawg18
    Seems like a good idea, but what happens when I have my rent check out there and a transfer is processed before the check is.......?
  • Thank you 5/5

    By ghettoboyjosh
    Thanks for saving me money with out me knowing . I forgot
  • This app keeps stealing my money 1/5

    I already uninstalled it but it kept on taking and taking my money about the rainy.co. Please make this stop.
  • Digit 1/5

    By jkvcthjnkuggcc
    This app will take money weekly out your account without you knowing. Please don’t fall for this trap because this how they get they money. I’m still missing 50!!
  • A great app! 5/5

    By hey its me brittney
    My brother told me about digit. It really helped me to get on the road to saving. I can’t say I will use dodging forever because eventually I will get the hang on it my own but for the mean time it really forces me to take my finances seriously and make sacrifices!
  • Stealing money!!! I’ve tried to reach out to your company several times 1/5

    By Leslie NY
    I’ve tried reaching out to your company several times. You cl
  • Digit does not support my bank 2/5

    By Jackson Spears
    I want to use this app very badly but I cannot. I use Frost Bank and the app does not show anything when I search for it
  • Don’t waste your time. 1/5

    By allofthenicknamesaretakenugh
    I absolutely loved Digit when I first started using it because it saved money for me all the time and I didn’t even have to think about it! It was so convenient and very helpful especially with the different categories I could pay for. It was worth the $5 to me even though I hate paying for apps and never do it! However it has caused me over $250 in overdraft fees by taking money out of my account EVEN when I have overdraft protection on so that my account doesn’t drop below $30. I was never reimbursed through my bank (don’t get me started on TD bank) or them and unfortunately the extra fees it has caused is not worth the savings. I closed my account after the first three overdrafts but I really like the app and wanted to give it another try so I redownloaded it but not three days later I had another overdraft so now I’m closing my account for good.
  • Deja 5/5

    By ajed_asor
    Looooove it lol
  • Amazing 5/5

    By Neenah18
    I’m saving and I don’t even realize which is amazing because I don’t feel it . Out of sight and out of mind
  • Don’t do it 1/5

    By hffiifrtvbi
    Everything was nice at first until I realized they charge you to save money with them. The problem with this is you can do this exact same thing with your bank for free that can take a little bit of money out each day and they can notify you with your balance daily too. After realizing this I deactivated my account but there was apparently $28 I still had on there that they never sent me. They told me to verify my account so they can send me a check but after I did, they said the verification was incorrect so I guess I’ll never see MY money again.
  • Don’t use! 1/5

    By Yahboy123
    Digit doesn’t have a number so if you have an issue you have to email them which takes at least a week to respond, and they take your money.
  • Over drafted my account! 1/5

    By Hannah_Lynns
    I have been using digit for about 2 months or so and they took money out of my account that wasn’t there even though I had overdraft protection on! I now owe over 100$ in overdraft fees. I wouldn’t recommend this app to anyone.
  • Maybe a better tech guy should’ve created it 1/5

    By ShanteDx
    Lots of bugs , withdrawing your own money is h***, customer service isn’t responsive ! Emailed 8 months ago - no reply ! Emailed about 15 mins ago we’ll see how that goes !
  • Fantastic service, terrible ads 5/5

    By Corgilover12345678910
    I have been using digit for well over a year, and as an 19 year old who has never been particularly financially literate or good at saving, it has helped me save over $2500. The concept is great and, as noted in other reviews, I rarely even notice the money going out of my account. It is a great place to store a “rainy day” fund or to quickly save up money for bigger goals. Savings bonuses, credit card and student loan savings options, and overdraft protection are great perks! I really can’t say enough good things about Digit as a concept. It is very helpful for saving money mindlessly. By using it in conjunction with Acorns, I have been able to sustain both long-term and short-term savings. Now, here is my qualm that is rather insignificant to the performance of the app itself, but notable still. The advertising is terrible. It makes the app seem sketchy when it really isn’t. They need to start investing in advertising that establishes them as a legitimate company instead of making it look like a scam! Nonetheless, five stars.
  • Question 3/5

    By nursemelanin
    Can you pick the dates you want funds added to your digits instead of it doing it weekly??
  • Terrible app 1/5

    By Ruby rosebud
    I got this app a while ago thinking that it would help me save my money better. It turns out that it had been slowly taking money out of my account, and each time it was more and more money. I even deleted the app and it’s still taking money from my account!
  • I have an unresolved issue 1/5

    By leydi perez
    I have an issue with the account an it is really important to me because it is regarding my money and nobody has gotten back to me you guys should really get a hot line or a number to call to get the issues resolved
  • Trying to Adult:gone right! 5/5

    By iramak.d
    So in complete honesty I know how to save but I like seeing all of my money in the bank account, in the checking as one whole sum! Ik crazy right? With this app I can keep all of my money in the checking account and still see that I am saving money aside from my small expenditures from day to day! And you can also set limits for how much you want it to draft out per day! I suggest it also for if you plan to travel in the future because you’re able to make an account specifically for travel, and there are a bunch of other reasons to just save in another way aside from your savings account.
  • Thieves 1/5

    By MDmomRN
    I had money saved in my digit account and I decided to close the account and have the funds transferred back to my regular banking account. Without my authorization Digit tried to withdraw money from my bank account. When I contacted my bank and received my funds back and also received my funds from the digit account 3 days later, Digit then tried to withdraw money from my banking account again. They have a customer service number but you never speak to a live person, it is always a voice mail. Do not give these thieves your account information!!!
  • Annoyed Customer 1/5

    By hajsndhfmles
    Started over a year ago, it does help with savings, but there are so many hidden fees. Once you download and give it your information, it automatically starts pulling money out of your account. It never acknowledges that it’s a monthly fee. I also would see almost daily random amounts pulled from my account and not saved. Save yourself the trouble and do not buy this app.
  • Great app! 5/5

    By Alxa23
    I started using Digit when it was just a text chatbot. The only savings app that I could stick to.
  • Doesn’t work 1/5

    By Matt_Johnson124
    I tried to connect my Huntington account and it just kept saying my information was incorrect after several attempts I reset my Huntington password and it still didn’t work. Looks like a cool app but if I can’t even get past step two then something must but wrong👎🏼
  • Don’t Download it!!! They will steal your money! 1/5

    By BJ12og
    These reviews are fake. It’s a Scam. Later down the road they will start taking more and less money out of your account. You’re not Able to withdraw how much you want and their calculations is always wrong!! I closed my account and they stole half my money! The calculated less than the actual money that was left in my savings, And their is no contact after that. Don’t download unless you want money stolen.
  • Worst app in the world 1/5

    By hdjdbf djdksndncjxjnxn
    The worst app in the world it takes your money with out you know the you can’t even get it back I swear do not get this Peace of shit app
  • I really want to give it a try... 1/5

    By Jager Mitchell
    This app is horrible. I was psyched to start using it, but it’s so buggy I can’t. When I try to link my bank account, the security questions are completely wrong. It asks what sport I played in high school, and the options for answers are colors... I also tried changing my phone number because I just switched companies, and it won’t let me. It sends me a verification code, and then tells me it’s wrong when I enter it. If the bugs get fixed, I will definitely give it a shot. But I can’t, because I can’t even get my account set up.
  • Not worth the hype 1/5

    By TommyJ16
    Takes too long to transfer money and one day it just stopped working and had to transfer my money back
  • Honestly pretty cool 5/5

    By Mashcris
    I never had any issues with the app itself, everything is pretty useful and the only reason I’m not going to use it anymore is because I’m not saving enough to be worth the $5 a month, it’s not a lot in reality but compared to the amount I have saved it isn’t worth it to me. When I closed my account they even offered me another month free on top of my trial so their customer service is pretty great, again just not for me. :)
  • Boss 5/5

    By badshah_sf
    I i will reccomend this app
  • Save 5/5

    By aphiya218
    A great way to save
  • I’m in love with Digit! 5/5

    By Dr J 2021
    Digit makes saving money easy! I’m in love with this app!!
  • You can’t cancel the account so they can charge you 1/5

    By tashis2002
    The app is not optimized for iPhone 10! So when you want to click in cancel account to avoid monthly charges it doesn’t let you! The money is taken directly from your bank not from the App Store. This is an indirect way of stealing money from people. I NEED TO CANCEL THIS ACCOUNT AND I CAN’T
  • Lock GOAL for Days 5/5

    By isbackjames
    Digit is a great app I pay the $2.99 subscription because I consider it as having a personal assistant a month (Who gets a assistant for $2.99 a month) they automatically take money out of my account and send it to my credit card and phone bill I would love to set a goal and put a lock on it where I can’t touch the money for a certain amount of days up to a year. Example: Goal: Christmas Amount: $1,000 Date: 12/25/2020 Days for account to be Locked: 50 Days or a option to Lock account till date:Yes or No Once the client chooses to lock the account for the certain amount of days or till the date set, give a warning letting them know they will not have access to the money until the date is up And also for a bonus it would be great if those locked accounts gain some interest maybe for 60 days or more accounts that are locked Thanks So Much for being my assistance and at my assistant
  • Not working well 3/5

    By Lindsfaith22
    So, I made one and then deleted it so I can’t remember the password and I try to send a code to my number but I don’t get a text, I need help?
  • Can not close account 1/5

    By McIntyre96
    I downloaded this app as a way to better track my spending, at the time my wife decided to do the same but in another app. So when I tried to close out my account with digit it makes me go through all the steps only to be told that it cannot process my request and to contact customer support. I have had to do this several times now and it is frustrating because it has access to my bank information as well as my contact info. No instances of fraud or anything yet but it is definitely giving me some red flags with not being able to close out the account.
  • Such a great app, I never do reviews but I felt compelled to 5/5

    By Mimi Bri
    I honestly never write reviews on apps simply because I just don’t want to nor feel compelled to. But this app by far is one of my FAVORITE on my phone right now. I’ve always struggled with saving money and this app helps me put money aside. First off, I love the everyday text of my bank balance. It keeps me informed and conscious of my spending without me checking my bank app all the time. The app is also aware of upcoming bills and expenses, so it knows when to NOT take my money...unlike apps I used in the past *cough cough* Qapital..Secondly, I was able to set a cap amount to take out of my account to save per day so it doesn’t take my money in bulk. Even with the cap, it takes out the money in small increments to where I don’t even notice myself Saving money. It’s been a month or so using this app and I’ve save over $100+ dollar towards travel and my rainy day fund. Best app by far for beginner savers like myself💕💕💕
  • This is a paid subscription service 3/5

    By Lannnie
    Did you know that this is a paid monthly subscription service? I didn’t either. It says free and I have not seen this mentioned anywhere. But after using it for a month, I saw a charge. The app works well and is easy to use, for those willing to pay. Just not upfront about cost, which makes it a no for me.
  • Allen 5/5

    By AlBeann81
    This is great
  • SCAM!!! 1/5

    By Bob the alien hunter
    Even after I shut down my account they continue to TAKE MONEY OUT OF MY ACCOUNT!!! This is a giant SCAM!!! I’m going to have to cancel my cards and alert my bank. I will be filing a complaint with the BBB.
  • It’s a scam 1/5

    By shvbedjbrjd
    This scamming app took my money and when I look at the app there was nothing in any savings. This company just took my money. They are untrustworthy and I’m not removing this comment till I get my money back.
  • Text reminders are helpful 5/5

    By alt"ivan"
    Great financial app, helping you save and stay on top of your personal financial situation with daily/weekly text messages.
  • Bank 1/5

    By kw1723
    I’d like to review this app but my bank isn’t listed.
  • Taking money!!! 1/5

    By Isaac_lugo05
    I downloaded this app thinking it would help me but it ended up costing me money, after i deleted the app i got three transactions on my account from the app adding up to $15 i know it’s not a lot but that’s still not right to take other peoples money without them agreeing to it!!

Digit: Savings & Debt Manager app comments

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