Digit: Smart Money Sidekick

Digit: Smart Money Sidekick

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  • Current Version: 2.16
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • Developer: Hello Digit, Inc
  • Compatibility: Android
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Digit: Smart Money Sidekick App

WELCOME TO DIGIT Saving money used to be hard. Now it's easy! Digit is the effortless way to save money without thinking about it. Every day, Digit checks your spending habits and moves money from your checking account to your Digit account, if you can afford it. Easily withdraw your money any time. Fast Company named Digit 2017's second most innovative company in finance having now saved over $500 million dollars for its customers. It only takes a minute to get set up! FEATURES * Digit saves the perfect amount of money everyday based on your income and spending. * Withdraw money from your savings at any time. Digit allows unlimited transfers and has no account minimums. * Earn a 1% Savings Bonus for saving money with Digit. Every 3 months Digit will automatically reward you for saving with a Savings Bonus (currently 1% annually). No fine print, no account minimums. Just sit back and collect your bonuses. PRICE Digit is completely free to try. After your trial period, a monthly subscription costs $2.99 and can be canceled anytime. WHAT PEOPLE ARE SAYING US News: “The Digit app makes automatic saving a breeze.” [1] The Verge: “Digit is the automated savings plan we’ve been waiting for” [2] Fast Company: “Turning saving money into a mindless task” [3] USA Today: “The best part about Digit is its ability to calculate how much to save from day to day.” [4] [1] http://money.usnews.com/money/blogs/my-money/articles/2016-10-27/these-apps-will-help-you-save-more-money-for-the-holidays [2] http://www.theverge.com/2015/2/19/8064431/digit-is-the-automated-savings-plan-we-ve-been-waiting-for [3] https://www.fastcompany.com/3067885/the-10-most-innovative-companies-in-finance-2017 [4] https://www.usatoday.com/story/money/personalfinance/2015/03/21/saving-apps-digit/24978473/


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Digit: Smart Money Sidekick app reviews

  • I love the app with room to grow 5/5

    By Booboo4e
    This app is great and I love that I save a little every day towards my goals without taking out big chunks. I love pretty much everything about the app including the daily texts every morning with my bank account balance. The only thing I wish was different was the speed that the money goes back into my account because it saves for a rainy day, but if that rainy day comes I’ll have to wait to have the funds to come back.
  • Piece of Crap 1/5

    By Not with the 💩
    I used to love digit. It was very helpful when I needed to pay down some important bills. However all of a sudden, there is inaccurate information. I set a deadline and $$ goal and it’s past the date and the goal wasn’t reached. Mainly because every time I asked digit why it didn’t save, it responds about bills that I don’t even have on my account or duplicates bills already paid and say they are due. I don’t even know where to start to fix it. Nothing has changed with my bill paying, quantity, or frequency of bills so what’s up digit???
  • Great way to save! 5/5

    By Triendss
    A great way to save money with out knowing that you are saving money.
  • New User 5/5

    By fleegledavid
    I’m new to Digit! I’m excited to start saving and see what this app can do for me financially! Wish my savings luck! 👍🏼
  • It use to save but has stopped and I can only get it to save if I manually plug in a number. 4/5

    By Htgktfy
    Powered by #WindCompassApp
  • Easy way to save! 5/5

    By Nosroc
    Love this app. It saves a little bit each day that I don’t even notice. On payday I add a little bit extra to boost my savings. You can also make new saving categories for specific things. Very handy and user friendly!
  • AMAZING APP!!! 5/5

    By Julian2521
    I can honestly say that this app is pretty solid. I had an issue with them over-drafting my account but the app helped me solve the issue and even offered an option to set a minimum that will help stop any future issues. It’s very helpful for anyone like me who really just needs someone to take care of the saving for them. I recommend this app and will continue using it for as long as it exists.
  • This app is responsible when I’m incapable of it 5/5

    By Sexypants12789
    I’ve saved money that I would have otherwise spent foolishly
  • Love Digit! 5/5

    By hashtagsavage
    It was definitely something I was skeptical about at first but Digit has helped me put back money for things both major and minor. It’s super easy and I don’t think twice about it.
  • Love it!!! 5/5

    By donkeypuncture
    It really helps out a lot!!
  • Cancelled after few 1/5

    By Firemarshall1913
    Use to love this app. However 2.99 per month ?! Outrageous.
  • Excellent way to save money 5/5

    By zackzilla
    My only real complaints with this app is that I wish I could cap the amount of each withdrawal and set a limit to the number of withdrawals per pay period. Apart from that, this app rocks.
  • Kiiiinda the bomb.com 5/5

    By Mamabite
    It saves for me so efficiently and makes sure I stay on top of my goals. And it kiiiinda makes me stay accountable for my spending lol
  • Lol 1/5

    By StickamGillan
    How does one need an app to save cash, when the app charges $2.99?
  • Great 5/5

    By Chandler4803
    Nice little passive savings application, I use it for just any kind of trip money that I might think I’ll need extra day by day it’s takes a dollar or 2 and then you can deposit as much as you would like to into it
  • Lifesaver 5/5

    By pawnskate
    This app has made me a master of my financial future... this is the only app review I’ve ever written if that shows anything. Download now.
  • No problems....UNTIL NOW 3/5

    By tracyxann90
    Digit hasn’t been able to save for me for the past 2 weeks due to my account being “disconnected”. I can understand if I have to re-link my bank once in a while but not ALL THE TIME. In the past I’ve had to re-link my bank account cause Digit had lost connection, which I don’t understand if I have to sign-in thru my bank account credentials in the app anyways. For the past 2 weeks I’ve been trying to re-link my bank account & every time I try I get a pop-up saying “The financial institution is failing to respond to our request”. I tried so many times that I’m getting frustrated so I was forced to withdraw what was already saved back to my bank account. I have no problem with that but I’d like to try to reconnect my account because Digit helped me save alot while I don’t even know it’s doing it. I love Digit but this issue NEEDS TO BE FIXED ASAP! 🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽 If it’s not fixed within the next week I’m going to have to switch to another saving app (which I don’t want to).
  • Thanks Digit! 5/5

    By Jcsnows
    The app itself has saved me over $ 1,450 since I started in the beginning of December. I honestly didn't think i could save so much money on my own in a couple of months. I do not regret downloading this app because now I have funds and have enough to spend on things I've always wanted and needed. The pros, you can withdraw anytime no penalties, you can pause anytime for whatever reason, because at some point i was at 0.10 cents in my account. You set goals and it takes the funds for you. You don't have to worry about going in the negatives. The cons, you used to be able to set a specific date on when you want to reach a goal, now you can't I'm not sure why. Sometimes it saves more than what you expect it to save. And when you withdraw, it's not instant. You have to wait a few business days. I don't mind the 2.99 a month after three months. Because within those three month, Digit has saved me a lot. So thank you.
  • This thing is a life saver! 5/5

    By Hotcinnamon
    There is NO WAY I could have done this on my own. This is great. Thanks!
  • Save $1000 5/5

    By Jourdynsmommy
    An awesome way to save without thinking about it! I save over $1000 in 5 months!!!!
  • Do not recommend if you are low on money and trying to save 1/5

    By mad/broke college student
    I am a college student who is trying to save money. I thought digit would be perfect because it is a visual way for me save money and make goals for myself. However what I didn’t know is that Digit automatically withdraws money form your account every time you make a goal. I made three separate goals for myself and digit automatically withdrew money from my account leading me to overdraft three separate time. My bank charges an overdraft fee of 29 dollars every time you go over. So all in all as I was trying to save money I lost 90 dollars due to Digit.
  • Save me money! Save me pennies! 5/5

    By Lou Loon
    Love digit. It’s saved me so much money without me feeling it. And it’s just so easy to use. Saved vacation money and rainy funds.
  • Not Good 1/5

    By GabrielaMombiela
    I don’t know why I think there’s something that’s not clear about this app, lately I’ve been checking my bank account and digit takes money that never deposit in whatever “saving account “they say you have. I Don’t trust it!
  • Amazing 5/5

    By Epic looler
    I love how it takes money by itself and adds them to my account so it’s easier for me to save without thinking. You’re the best digit!
  • This app saves lives 5/5

    By mhazzy19
    I’m horrible with money, and after a couple months of using this I can say for sure that it’s amazing. I have several funds set up and it will also text you every morning and let you know what your bank acct balance is so you’re being conscious and not overspending. Only issue I have is the fact that it takes at least a day or two to transfer money back to your bank acct. Which is understandable, but impractical at times if you end up needing that money quickly.
  • One of the best apps ever 5/5

    By saytayday
    This app is amazing. It makes saving so easy and I love the happy texts each morning! 10/10 would always recommend
  • Best money saving app 5/5

    By beckyyoungg110
    I have been using digit as a mindless way for me to pay credit card debt off. Every month, I take the money from digit that has been saved for me without me even noticing that anything is gone and just applying it straight to me credit card! I recommend digit to all of my friends, it is such an easy way to save money!
  • Can’t use with Venmo 2/5

    By :-) ;-) :-0
    If you have a Venmo balance then Digit will not save for you, it looks at Venmo as an upcoming bill. The developers don’t have a fix yet and it has literally been months. Have a $0 Venmo balance or delete Venmo if you want to use this app.
  • Great way to save money 5/5

    By Aadams9783
    Helps me save money without me knowing.
  • Love!!! 5/5

    By Ashllleyyyyyyy
    Not only has this app really helped me save for personal goals. It has jut helped me save period. It takes money out every few days and its money that I don’t even realize. Within 3 weeks I have already saved over $100 without even realizing it! Love this app and definitely recommend to anyone!!
  • One of the best savings app! 5/5

    By Alby724
    If you are having trouble saving $, this is the app for you. The ability to set financial goals is also an awesome feature plus the ability to make extra cash for referring friends makes this an easy download. I’ve been with digit since ‘15 and haven’t looked back!

    By Mdotpower
    I opened a Digit account on, Friday (it’s now Tuesday). After 5 minutes of opening the account, I did not like the app. It wasn’t reading my available balance correctly and I was unable to choose the correct amount of money I wanted to save. Since I couldn’t fix the amount, I clicked to try and save a different amount. Now the app is saying it won’t come out of my account until, Tuesday (today). So immediately I cancel the transfer and cancel my account with Digit. I got an email and a text confirmation that my account was canceled. Guess what happened, today? My account was overdrawn by Digit. I DO NOT HAVE THE APP. THE MONEY WAS CANCELED 5 MINUTES FROM OPENING THE ACCOUNT!!!! HOW DARE THIS COMPANY OVERDRAFT MY ACCOUNT 4 DAYS LATER AFTER I CANCELED IT?!!!!! Anyhow, big time regret. I hate this app and I’m furious. Wish I could give a -5 Stars. Worst idea I’ve ever had yet. If my money is not returned by Friday, I will go further with this complaint until this company is dead.
  • Lagging 3/5

    By Summer0x
    Digit isn’t keeping up with the actual balance in my account. It’s always a day or so behind. It keeps disconnecting as well.
  • Amazing at saving 5/5

    By Mr Florida
    Love this app. Helps me save without even trying. Fast. Easy to use.
  • Love 5/5

    By troysaun
    Love this app Helps me reach goals
  • Unable to connect way to often 2/5

    By Journal John
    Was excited about the app at first. Nice layout and nice idea. Not excited that it is unable to connect and does not allow me access quite often. Let it slide plenty of times but now getting to be problematic. When I cant access money it makes me nervous.
  • help 3/5

    By 279rs
    Writing to try and reach a developer, digit is telling me my checking account is closed (it isn’t) and won’t save for me right now, what can i do?
  • Amazing app! 5/5

    By mknoo
    Doesn’t even feel like I’m saving since they tend to take small amounts, and by the end of the week BOOM! I have like $20 saved. Please get this app if you are trying to save, it’s really good 😊
  • Says my phone number is invalid. 5/5

    By Andrea9614
    I have had the same US phone number for 10 years and yet this app is saying it is not valid. Will not let me sign up without a phone number.
  • Love it!! 5/5

    By Coletabby
    I can save so much money!!! And I don’t even need to think about it!!
  • Really great app 5/5

    By Moneybag$$
    This is a amazing app. Helps you save little by little and then boom your at your goal
  • Perfect App 5/5

    By cbayen
    This app is amazing. I add money from every paycheck manually so I can’t accidentally use it plus the small incremental savings really add up over time. When I moved I already had enough money to pay my first, last, and security for my apartment. I highly recommend digit for people who have a hard time saving.
  • Very helpful for adulting 5/5

    By T. Gabriel
    My husband and I are not very good at creating a savings. Digit has been a great addition to our financial situation! It has worked exactly as how it says and the new platform is even more user friendly. The only thing I wish was different was the ability to add a deadline/timeframe on goals. For example, starting a vacation fund goal with a deadline of $1,000 by June. So your algorithm would adjust accordingly and work to try to reach that goal in time. Thanks Digit!
  • MY FAVORITE! 5/5

    By Uchihajuggala
    This is the ONLY app that has fully satisfied my needs! It’s straight to the point, sends helpful text messages and makes saving incredibly easy!
  • Life Changing 🙌🏼 4/5

    By Taylorrrrd
    So I have been trying to save money for a while and could not find a live-able amount to take out of my pay check each month. Also seeing it in my savings account made it too accessible for me not to spend it. The algorithm that digit uses has been a great fit for me. I like that it seems to save money based on my spending habits. So if I spend more it saves less and vice-versa. This has also led me to spend less knowing that the app will in turn save more; like a game. The only small change I would like to see is the ability to set a deadline for a given savings account or “goal”. For example I am going to a bachelorette party at the end of this month and it would have been nice to put a date in there so it would prioritize that savings goal over the others until the deadline or goal is met. But I can just manually add money to that one goal so it’s not a huge issue but something to think about. Overall I will continue to use this app and recommend it to others as I am very happy with it thus far.
  • Best app 5/5

    By kvel3574
    I love this app because it is really helping me achieve my goal and save money for my next vacation otherwise I would loose track and spend the money. I love that it's separate account that helps me control myself and it is really working! I finally found the solution to help me save money! Thanks digit
  • Wonderful! 5/5

    By Ambimbim
    I am over 50 years old I have never been able to save a penny, I literally live paycheque to pay check, with Digit I actually have a savings account! I am so happy and I don’t even notice because I don’t see the balance all the time so I don’t think of it as a place I need to go to to take the money out to pay bills! Thank you digit!
  • Completely worth the $2.99/mo 5/5

    By Jrl1937261948263828
    Digit made saving for my Fiancé’s engagement ring extremely easy. We’re both now using it to save for our wedding. Having a goal set and having them take the money and setting it aside is a lot easier for someone like me who is prone to just spending!
  • Where’s my money 1/5

    By K star05key
    I downloaded this app thinking it was a budgeting app. Nope it’s for “saving” and it actually takes out your money when you “save” towards something. I clearly misunderstood this app but needless to say I am $600 short today for a car payment. Hopefully the money ends up back into my account by the end of the day. However, my $5.47 ended up back into my account no problem from the rainy day fund. It was a shock to see my account this morning
  • Great but 4/5

    By maaaavina
    I love the app, I don’t have think about saving it jst does it on its own. Only reason I did 4 starts because recently it started crashing and it won’t come up. I have to close the app and reopen it a couple of times til it comes up, I’m afraid that one day is not going open at all and loose my money. Maybe it’s jst bug 🤷🏽‍♀️ please fix!

Digit: Smart Money Sidekick app comments


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