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  • Current Version: 1.1.5
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • Developer: Girl Scouts of the USA
  • Compatibility: Android
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Digital Cookie Mobile App App

Free to use and designed for Little Brownie Baker Councils participating in the Digital Cookie Platform's Digital Order Card, this app guides the girl along as she takes a customers cookie order. Remember, use of the app may require internet connectivity and data transfer charges might apply. Use the app to sell Girl Scout Cookies on your phone or tablet, and make it easy for customers to order their faves online, pay by credit card, and have cookies shipped right to their home—awesome! In the app and during the sale, cookie fans can also check out the latest cookie details, nutrition facts and baker info. Girls—check your goal progress, access cool safety and selling tips to help you rock your sale, place a new cookie order for a customer, and share your cookie site URL via email (only share with cookie customers you or your family know—safety first!). You’ll need your Digital Cookie platform login to get into the app. Don't have an account yet? No problem! Go to to get started. Like: Follow: @girlscouts #digitalcookie


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Digital Cookie Mobile App app reviews

  • Could be so much better! 1/5

    By cdw1973
    Update won’t let me copy link to social media??? You should get emails when you get an order, we did a few years ago, not now. Should be able to customize to sell / turn off cookies individual girls do not have. It would be super nice, if it would use camera technology to process payments, not manually entering. App should have access to web options, or web options should be easier to access.
  • Parent 3/5

    By alliliz
    This works great to sell with credit card. It was inconvenient that I could not use my cell phone WiFi. To have do do the persons email was time consuming.
  • Improved from 2017 4/5

    By Carmenchristy
    It's a credit card payment option for individual Girl Scout cookie sales ...NOTHING ELSE. With that in mind it is greatly improved from last year typing in a customers address was ridiculous and intrusive. Credit card info and email address are much more realistic. Having to do separate orders for donations is a pain though...
  • A simple order taking app. 2/5

    By RDK18501
    I’m glad they have something but it’s not much. We’re not able to track orders or edit any info. Just shows goal, cookies sold and able to take orders and send invites.
  • Great app 5/5

    By LTejeda
    This app is so easy to use and helped increase my daughters cookie sales.
  • Useless App 1/5

    By Lovelypink1997
    This app is useless...It doesn’t allow you to approve cookie orders being delivered to you... it only shows stats... I don’t need it to email, I can do that from my personal email or even text the link... what I’d like to do is manage my orders from the app.
  • What is the point? 1/5

    By Mommy of 2 under 2!
    What’s the point of this app? I can’t do anything to help my daughter with it! Given how huge cookie sales are, can we get a better app??
  • Can’t even get the app to download 1/5

    By Elisab7
    I’ve been trying to get the app to finish downloading on my iPhone for almost 8 hrs and it won’t finish its process. Not a great start for the 1st day of cookie season this year. Girl Scouts certainly makes enough money off of our kids (and parents) hard work that they could invest some money in a decent mobile technology infrastructure.
  • Terrible App! 2/5

    By tekkie4u
    This app is so poorly designed and administered. My daughter’s app has absolutely no information available for her to be able to manage her customers’ orders. Every year there are problems with logging on. For a Cookie campaign that generates millions of dollars for their organization, they need to get a more well-designed app! And streamline all the Girl Scouts activities more efficiently. I’m tired of getting multiple emails re: all the different signups.
  • Still bad 2/5

    By el madmad
    I love the GS org and that my daughter is a Girl Scout. But why for the love of god can’t the organization figure out tech? Case and point: remember me function doesn’t work. You can’t update the page via the app. And that’s just the tip of the iceberg.
  • Can’t log in 2/5

    By 498 is broken
    Well- every time I tried to login it said there were system problems. Then I updated the app and now it won’t let me even access the login screen. I also agree that it should keep you logged in.
  • Deleting 1/5

    By Brinme
    Can't even login to try the frustrating. Was excited to try it but from the other reviews it's not worth it!
  • Disappointing 1/5

    By New Brownie
    Waste of time. So unfortunate
  • Apparently it’s not just me :( 1/5

    By Zenmama71
    This app won’t let me create a new password...I am also getting dumped back to the same screen. Now I know why we didn’t use this last year. Hey GSA!! If you are going to make us go sell cookies and only give us .50 a box, I’d hope you would use your profits to improving the app. Disappointed...
  • Won’t login 1/5

    By raves about quality of free applications, usually
    Spent a good chunk of time registering, watching videos, agreeing to terms/conditions.. and after all that- login fails repeatedly. -Mom of Brownie
  • Doesn’t work 1/5

    By Justbeth82
    It never lets me log in. Every time I try it says there was a problem connecting
  • Trouble opening app 1/5

    By RoselynsMommy
    I can’t even get my app to stop loading so I can open it. I’ve deleted and redownloaded it several times . Really need it to work
  • Terrible! 1/5

    By ram01
    Can't even get past the spinning cookie that says wait a moment! I've rebooted the phone & even reinstalled the app! How is this supposed to help us with our cookie sales if we can't even use the app!!!
  • Can't even open the app 1/5

    By Milla_004
    Just downloaded this app, it was praised up and down by the council leaders at the cookie meeting last night that it will improve your sales by 76% and all your parents should have his app! Well I can't even get past the spiraling cookie telling me to wait "just a moment". That has moment has turned into 10 hours and counting. And yes I have turned it on and off to reset. Nada. Wish I could get past that and explore the app to see what it actually does 😩
  • Not friendly for our customers 1/5

    By Flyingsquirrelnmmom
    In the past our council used another credit card processing tool for booths and other sales. This year it switched to this app. The customer experience has gone way downhill – the customer has to enter a lot of personal information and answer questions before they can even enter the card. Really they don't want to volunteer for Girl Scouts, they just want to buy cookies! The whole process, even entering just exes for a lot of information, takes several minutes. Last year I could enter all the credit information, even if I was not swiping, in under a minute. Not good!
  • I hate this app. 1/5

    By Chrysta29
    So I can see I sold cookies, but can't see the order. I would like to know who bought what type of cookies so I can deliver them. If they didn't have them shipped. Also can't seem to find a way to login on the internet either. I will never do this again. Not worth the headache.
  • Worse than worthless. Zero stars. 1/5

    By kerrylouwho
    Absolutely worthless app. Getting this and the girl's website set up was a massive waste of time. Girl Scouts has inexplicably allowed regional councils to block direct delivery orders from being placed in Digital Cookie—the only thing that would give Digital Cookie any value—and GSOSW has inexplicably chosen to do this. No local pre-orders or direct sales allowed, only online orders with a $10 shipping charge. It's infuriating and a sign of very poor decision making and technology planning and design in the Girl Scouts organization. If we were actually able to use the app, we would also be frustrated by the requirement to painstakingly, manually log in every time, and by other clunkiness in the app. As it is, though, we will never be able to use the app because of its idiotic design, so the point is moot.
  • Useless 1/5

    By JenWog
    This app is useless. It won't let me look up orders already placed, which was my reason for downloading it to begin with. Let me also take this opportunity to say that the GS websites in general are difficult to use and nonsensical. But this one is just a complete waste of time.
  • Very happy 4/5

    By Tmajor
    I am very happy that we can take credit cards for purchases of cookies as well as the payments feed directly into the ebudde website. I only wish it stored my log in information and that we got a confirmation email when it goes thru not just the customer. Overall very happy with the app
  • Only tracks credit card and online sales 2/5

    By caniso13
    The app with the previous baker allowed the Girl Scout to track all sales both online and in person. It is inconvenient to keep track of sales and overall goals it separate locations. The only benefit for this app is credit card acceptance (which other apps can handle)
  • Poor App 1/5

    By Coleader/mom
    You have to log in every single time and you cannot update your offline sales! I have tried everything!! Going crazy and it was the same way last year! Very poor app
  • No stars 1/5

    By Horses188
    Can't do cash sales have to enter the same info in twice
  • Ok! 2/5

    By Annoyed so fix the problem!
    I really don't like the fact that you have to login every single time you use this app. It should remember your name and password to avoid this. I could write this down faster on paper! Seems to playing it seems like it's lacking something needs a little bit more ooomph with the app better options for entering things and functionality and stuff like that
  • Downloadable 1/5

    By Str8flsh
    Having no success downloading this app! Haven't had this issue with any other apps. 😡
  • If you have more than one scout, this isn't for you 1/5

    By Lberq
    Unbelievable that I would have to write this review, last year it seemed OK although tedious to use with all of the information needed to process a credit card. This year I can't even log in to my other girls account under my own like I did last year. So now I am forced to give one of my scouts credit for sales I do not have the luxury to choose either girl now?
  • Too tedious 2/5

    By Bixchick
    The only reason to use this app is for credit card processing and that is a laborious process. Most people don't want to spend the time entering in so much personal information on multiple pages within the app. It needs to be streamlined like the Square app.
  • Needs improvement 2/5

    By Drwdr
    Really inconvenient that it logs you out and then doesn't remember you user name or support Touch ID to log back in. Sales process is OK except that customers are required to enter their email address. Why?? Some don't want to, and it doesn't seem necessary.
  • Sad 1/5

    By Ewing25
    Don't bother with this app. Pen and paper much more user friendly
  • Hmmm too early? 1/5

    By chansen27
    I tried to log in but it says cookie season hasn't started yet or is over for your area. I just want to get the app set up before sales start!
  • Very Frustrating! 1/5

    By DaniVOhio
    Like the others who have written a review, I am having trouble with the initial log-in saying it has to be a parent - I click on OK & it just takes me back to the same screen. I have a 5 year old really hoping for her Cookie Tech patch or whatever it is called & her 40 year old mother can't seem to get her set up for success. I agree with Vanessa that both the site & app should/could be much more user-friendly.
  • Disappointing 2/5

    By Luv to read
    My daughter is a new Girl Scout, so this is her first year selling cookies. I was really excited there was an app for cookie sales! Then a few things started to bother me: We couldn't take credit card payments for form sales (Council's choice apparently), her goals didn't update in the app when I updated online, her form sales didn't update in the app after being updated online either (I checked both a day or two later as the app said it wouldn't update immediately). Her online sales DID update, but that's about it. Because we couldn't do credit card charges for form sales, the app was pretty much useless.
  • We can't manage from the app 1/5

    By Swifterz
    This is frustrating. The only reason I downloaded this was to add my daughter's offline sales.
  • Well, that don't help me... 1/5

    By Sophia's mom
    I opened the app and the first screen allows you to log in or create an account of you don't have one. I don't have one, so I click on the button to create an account. It tells me that a parent must do it. I click ok because I AM the parent and it closes out the window and brings me right back to where I was. Help was no use, nor was anything other link in the app. It was promptly deleted.
  • Why.. 2/5

    By Vanessa!!
    Girl Scouts is such a big organization, why can't they hire someone to clean up their virtual outlets? - their website is a hot mess, (multiple accounts for things that could be combined into one)and this app is not that different. So to set up a digital account, you have to have a lot of inner strength because you will want to throw your phone out the window. Once that's done and you finally have your account going, you will need to log in EVERY TIME you use this app. Yes, you heard it right. An app is supposed to make it easier and not have tou log in using browser every time, but this one does not. Then, when you do log in, you can only have an overview of your sales. OR you can make a new sale/purchase, but that's it. You cannot add your online sales on the app to keep track of your goal. It's not very practical or useful, really. Use the browser. And either way, good luck! 😒
  • Log-in with full credentials EVERYTIME 2/5

    By Group456
    Logs you out every time you close the app. Touch ID or an option to save credentials or stay logged would be a great way to making this a easier to use app.
  • App won't open 1/5

    By Rosebud17494729
    The app won't open when you try to log in.
  • Error that I need to update 3/5

    By ptrtech2
    But I've got the latest version
  • Major Improvements Needed 1/5

    By SilliSil
    Used during 2016 sales period. Took too long to process payment. Liked selection of order (boxes of cookies) and delivery options. Disliked need to enter full customer information for transaction (name, address, email, credit card info) - would like to see a swipe method instead to speed up sales and increase customer satisfaction. There were a few sales we missed out on because the customer did not have enough time (or did not want) to share personal information. For improvements think "Square" ease and speed.
  • Too much information required 1/5

    By Girl Scout Dad
    The app asks for far too much personal information from the customer. If a food truck can handle this kind of transaction with speed and ease, why can't we?
  • Girls 13 and older can't use. 1/5

    By AngryCookieSeller3021
    We wanted to use this app to take credit cards, but were shocked to find that 13 and older can't use. Disturbing, as one would expect the opposite.
  • Another GS Technology fail 1/5

    By peppermintpam
    It was a waste of time to get excited over this app because the only thing you can do w it is take credit card orders. And of course Im getting orders from people who genuinely want to order from my daughter and to support her troop and would rather pay cash/chk and of course the order form is w my daughter because she also needs it on hand!! Lack of current technology and applications continue to hinder the GS experience I am finding in our area. And it's so frustrating because I also have a son in Boy Scouts and to see where they are going w Scoutbook just dumbfounds me how antiquated GS technology is in our area :(
  • Council determines delivery 5/5

    By Neilasaurus
    If you do not see the three delivery options, it's because your Council has turned off that feature. App works great!
  • Delivery options 3/5

    By Chrissy0405
    Not all delivery options are available. Only to shipping is an option.
  • Watevr2 1/5

    By iNuebel
    This app shows the current date as an update but still only shows my daughters cookies sales from the first day. Was a waste of time. Doesn't allow me to update progress. 👎🏻
  • Straight to the Point Transactions! 5/5

    By Mayakap
    I used the Girl Scout Digital Cookie App during a family party and sold cookies instantly. One of them claimed he didn't have cash on him, so I let him know that he can pay using my phone! It's really great and easy to use. Thanks!

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