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Digital Secure App

Digital Secure is a one-stop suite of privacy and security tools for your mobile devices and computers. With Digital Secure, you can avoid risky websites, protect your data on public Wi-Fi, receive ID theft alerts and get one-click access to experts for your security questions. Get free security tools, plus advanced protection for as low as $5 per month— and your first month is on us.* The Digital Secure app gives you: - Security (free). Protect your device from online threats and avoid unprotected networks and risky websites. - Safe Wi-Fi (paid). Safeguard your personal data and online activities on public Wi-Fi networks with a secure VPN connection. - Identity theft protection (paid). Get always-on dark web monitoring, social media monitoring, and lost wallet guidance. Receive theft and breach alerts, plus guidance from recovery specialists, if essential items such as credit cards and IDs are lost. - Security Advisor (paid). Enjoy one-click access to security experts to provide guidance for your overall online security. Find tips and solutions for taking your online security even further with articles, guides and videos from Security Center. It’s your online world. Keep it that way: download Digital Secure now. For a detailed list of features, visit: *First month free for new customers. Thereafter, you will be billed $5 per month per line or $10 per month per account unless you cancel before promo period ends. Cancel anytime in My Verizon.

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    By Booogii2u
    Never on cant connect cuz it took to long, have to constantly restart the app. Vpn is horribly slow, it ruins the experience to everything u do. I rather pay for another vpn service and take this one off. Paying $25 a month for nothing. Ive tried a lot of vpns and some are ok but this is by far the worst…. I hate it I hate it I hate it!!! Yes throwing a tantrum as I write this because it just told me twice I have no internet connection.🤦🏾‍♂️😠😤😡🤬 NO STARS this garbage needs.
  • Pointless 1/5

    By SantaMonicaMax
    Connects every now and then but most of the time doesn’t connect. Absolutely pointless.
  • Needs to allow secure inflight wifi 3/5

    By saucy716638
    This app is great, but doesn’t allow me to even connect to my work wifi, which happens to be an unsecure connection on a plane everyday. It shows our wifi available to connect, but when it does it says “no internet connection” while all of my coworkers’ internet works perfectly fine as usual. I have tried simply turning off the VPN and/or the WiFi security protection to no avail. Have tried every combination with the app to try and make it work. The only thing that allows me to connect to the plane WiFi is deleting the app entirely. I have done this quite a few times. I don’t buy the full access WiFi like passengers do obviously, but need to utilize the free unsecure connection for flight time/altitude levels for my job. This app does not allow me to do that. Wish there was some sort of update to allow this for me. It’s convenient otherwise.

    By Jen Phelps
    I have had the worse customer service with Verizon Tech , My VPN and protection is constantly turning itself off. And when I reach out to them instead of fixing my issue they tried to sell me more stuff and just supplied me with McAfee customer service number and I have no clue on what to even do with that ?!
  • Protection fast and easy on top of frauds 5/5

    By Atun Azul
  • App will not activate upgrade to full protection 1/5

    By bigblueocean22
    Pathetically useless. App does not allow my upgrade to full protection on iPhone. Upgrading thru Verizon account does nothing but notify me to activate. App does not respond to pressing activate button for upgrade.
  • Full bats poor connection 1/5

    By Still let down
    Security doesn’t matter if you can’t use the product!!!
  • I have the app for days. Hit has been inconsistent 1/5

    By the BBC d f ufk
  • Awful! 1/5

    By MikeyLifesIt
    This VPN never stays on. Sage network is always off Alerts say there’s breaches and violations but never shows them, says zero when I click on the alerts that say 36 violations. I never know if I’m actually orotect d or not because I manually have to turn it on even when I have auto connect selected. It constantly turns off. On about to cancel and go with another. Bad product and bad service from VZ.
  • Junk 1/5

    By Phil Frakes
    VPN shuts off on it own junk app typical Verizon app.
  • Protection 5/5

    By Copenhagen1966
    Im impressed thank u for the private protection
  • 😡 1/5

    By Tx Granee
    Doesn’t work. Doesn’t stay on. Keeps disconnecting.
  • Metal gear solid 5/5

    By vapelinq
    I luv this app . It’s bob had a baby it’s a boy
  • Identity theft protection 1/5

    By ivsn the great
    I added VZ TOTAL PROTECT with the purchase of a new IPhone 13 Pro Max. I had this protection on my old IPhone 7 with no problems with the services. With my new IPhone, I cannot activate ITP. This service is supposed to be supported on my new phone per the Digital Protect app and other resources. I contacted VZ and went thru several tech support reps who couldn’t help. I was given a phone no. by one tech which got me to McAfee who provides the actual service. McAfee said they could not help me since they are only a partner with VZ on different databases and referred me back to VZ and ask for McAfee Tech Support within VZ. I called VZ again and had to go thru the entire explanation of my issue again with VZ tech support. It was finally escalated to a Tier 2 support coach who couldn’t figure out the problem and she finally brought a McAfee support rep in on a conference call. I went through all the instructions provided by the McAfee tech but he couldn’t fix my problem either. This was on a Thursday. He advised he was going to investigate and fix the problem that evening and call me back Friday morning, the next day to confirm the service. This conference call was over two weeks ago, I never received call back and still do not have ITP but still paying for it. Too many people involved that don’t know what they’re doing and don’t return calls. I have to keep Digital Secure as I need the WiFi protection on the phone but not getting what I’m paying for every month. Very dissatisfied.
  • Unreliable 1/5

    By Mo2623
    I frequently lose connectivity. Verizon support is not helpful in resolving the issue. I asked simple questions about how to disable the VPN so that it doesn’t automatically turn back on and they couldn’t answer the question. They did, however, wipe out all my wifi passwords taking me through a phone rest.
  • Unable to add digital secure to any device. 1/5

    By Hitsamazing
    I have sent my self the link to add digital secure to my Mac. When I click on the email or text link I receive this message: an unexpected error has occurred. I am also not able to manage digital secure in my Verizon account. When I click manage it says. Oops try again later. That has said that for several weeks. I contact support via chat and they wanted me to scan my WiFi which has nothing to do with my issue. I need help fixing this issue. I suggest if you have digital secure send yourself the link to add to other devices. Let me know how it works for you.
  • Needs work kills home WiFi 3/5

    By mcmclii
    I have my home network on the safe list and if I secure WiFi then it kills the home WiFi when I set the phone down and takes a long time to restore the WiFi once I pick up the phone. Unusable like this. Needs to leave my home WiFi alone when it is listed on the safe list. Off to look for something different tgat works well.
  • not very user friendly 1/5

    By Aaaarrrmmmzzz
  • This app glitches 3/5

    By krhbiz18
    Slows my phone to the point it won’t even load. And I have a Brand new I phone 13
  • Joe 3/5

    By Hollywood 61
    You pay for your security with Verizon your constitution is free wrote buy in history for father’s for the people too have protection that the government doesn’t do anything against the people and too give the people the right freedom too speak up in away that doesn’t hurt a person making up lies that is slander and 1st,you could be taken too court for fauls words and as you were saying constitutional rights does have some legal issues because if I pay you for a job too keep a identity safe and you don’t then you can be taken to court for taking my or someone else’s money and they didn’t get what they paid for our Constitution and Amendments are the greatest thing that keeps us free from being like some countries that if you don’t do what they tell you too do you may become bait for big fish,I see it like this if you don’t want to live with our laws of the land go live in some of the countries that don’t have laws like America wonderful place too live and enjoy Capitalism were you work hard you can become anything you wanted when we were little children laiding in bed and wanting too be a astronaut like Elon Musk look forward meeting Mr.Musk, I have had the greatest experience of my life meeting and talking with them sum are no longer with us Nelson Mandela he was my greatest impression on my Heart God be with you my friend,Sorry I have taken so much of your time,we were at a rally in Washington State:
  • Give up 1/5

    By panda hotshot
    Always turning off
  • Trash!! 1/5

    By Ans2002
    I downloaded this all because I got a Verizon message saying it was available. Now my phone will not work on my Wi-Fi. Every time I connect it says VPN at the top and the. Shuts off and nothing loads. I deleted the app and shutdown the phone and still it’s not allowing me to connect to my WiFi and says “vpn” when I try to connect the immediately disconnects. I have no idea how to get this off my phone. No other issues with any other devices using the Wi-Fi just my phone.
  • Not working, email approvals can’t even get through to me 1/5

    By Etceteraetceteraetcetera
    Said above. I generally trust Verizon for connectivity, however— I cannot confirm my account via email. Blocked from services. User beware?
  • Don’t bother 1/5

    By LadybugEffect
    Worked for awhile. Then it stoped and would not let my device connect to wifi at all. Customer service was a joke and told me to call McAfee. McAfee had no clue as to why I called them or how to help. Worst app ever. Worst customer service ever. Don’t bother.
  • Digital security 5/5

    digital security hasn’t let me down it’s been doing really well protecting my VPN as well as my search engines I feel very secure I haven’t had any problems with it it’s been a really great investment for me and my fiancé to have our privacy isn’t that what we all need it is an amendment in the constitution freedom of speech and I think Verizon for allowing me that without fear of being bullied scammed The dark web getting me I’ve had that happen and it’s not fun at all believe me you can cost you a lot of money thank you so much Verizon
  • Digital Secure keeps dropping my wifi connection 1/5

    By dallpet
    Was working great for a while. But as of the last week it refuses to let my phone connect to the WiFi. Connects for 1 second then nothing. Then I erased the app, and boom! My internets back with 0 problems! Customer support did nothing but tell me to turn on safe wifi on unprotected networks. And when I told them it did not fix the problem, they told me to reach out to McAfee. What a joke.
  • Great security for my phone! 5/5

    By Jcannavo
    Can never have enough security in today’s world, I found myself on the dark web and didn’t even know it
  • Web security 1/5

    By djdkcckfjsisxkckfkrslxk
    Never works will not connect
  • Where Does Your Greed Ends 1/5

    By RonRonC
    Charging customers for security on your network is criminal. Providing safe service is what you are suppose to do as you are already getting paid. How can you hold customers hostage for safety. This is your responsibility as leaders in this society!
  • Worst VPN App I’ve ever used, Delete It! 1/5

    By HomieDontPlayDat…
    Do yourself a favor and get a real VPN Service, I went back to express VPN. I’m sure Verizon is aware that this is a crappy product they push on everyone.
  • Secure internet 1/5

    By MsFaithD
    It shuts off on its own and I have to keep turning it back on for protection
  • Pay attention 1/5

    By -gizzmo
    Imagine the possibilities a hacker/gov. would have if they can hijack an app like this with a well hidden bug… especially an app like this from your own ‘trusted’ carrier that gets complete access to your phone/life
  • Remove from my account 1/5

    By heyllewllew
    I want this removed from my Verizon account and cancel digital secure service this app is worthless.
  • Useless, frustrating. Worthless 1/5

    By Kar SF
    The digital secure has been spotty since I downloaded it when I got the phone. I get a lot of “connecting”s, certificate errors, cannot connects, and once in a blue moon I actually get a connection. Sometimes it even kicks me off my home network, even in the middle of a call, so that’s fun! So the tech lady on the support app, Cindy, has me reset the phone I’ve had for two weeks, assuring me that will probably fix it. Huh?? I’ve had Apple devices long enough to realize that’s probably not as simple as that. THEN she asked me if I’ve done a back up??? (Hey may be lead with that Cindy?) This new iPhone immediately stopped synching with my other Apple devices. I couldn’t even link it with my laptop. And I did not wanna do the reset; the app had been endlessly downloaded reloaded; the phone had been restarted, everything had been checked. I should have trusted my instincts because since that happened very early today, nothing on this perfectly good two week old phone has worked. I set it up myself and it was seamless except for this stupid Digital Secure app. And now I can’t even get my basic functions back the way I had them. I spent an hour at the Verizon brick and mortar store where two lovely ladies finally got the devices to sync, however still couldn’t get the fabulous (*sarcasm, here*) Digital Secure to stay active until I got to my car.I went back into the Verizon store and this time they couldn’t even get it to link at all. Abysmal app, not even worth the digital footprint (in fact I wouldn’t even waste the time reading the thing except I want other people to be informed) — another dissatisfied long time Verizon user.
  • Bad app! 1/5

    By 544()
    Digital Secure was working when I first downloaded it. Now, the whole security and safe WiFi are both always turning themselves off, even after I manually turn them both on. Very useless to have a supposed app to keep your phone and WiFi ‘secure’. Not worth the money!
  • Works 90% of time at best 1/5

    By Chris1962001
    App almost never connects on its own as it’s supposed to, have to constantly open it to force it to connect and every time you open the app and prompts you to turn on other services that you’ve repeatedly declined. As it’s attempting to connect to their servers and activate the vpn it prevents you from using the wifi your trying to connect to, it will repeatedly fail to connect to the vpn. I’ve finally just deleted the app after months of struggling with it, it has been updated several times during that period and none of the updates have fixed any of the issues. I have also uninstalled and reinstalled it several times during my time using it, nothing worked to fix it.
  • LIARS! 1/5

    By need a review chat section!
    Verizon wireless has been the most disrespectful, unethical, hateful, and DISHONEST company, I’ve ever encountered. SAVE YOUR STORAGE, by not downloading this app! SAVE YOUR TIME, by not bothering to call/chat with these ppl/bots! SAVE YOUR MONEY, by GETTING AWAY FROM VERIZON WIRELESS! They lie about everything, over charge you for everything. They’re using several different “gimmicks” to over charge you, have you hit the wrong button, etc., that will show up on your bill, I’ll just put it that way. If you’re experiencing issues with this company and would like to share your story , PLEASE “@“ THEM ON TWITTER, and share your story on Twitter and how you’ve been treated and misinformed by every rep. that you spoke/chatted with. It’s disgusting how they’re getting away with treating their own customers. If you prefer verbally speaking with an agent, instead of a bot or chat, no matter how kind you are to them, get ready bc you’re going to be waiting hours, have nothing accomplished, many times you’ll be disconnected from the rep (bc they hung up) w/o without a return call even tho you provided them with your name, number, and four digit pin at the start of the call. Also notate this too, Verizon is trying so hard to be a company that works with clients via internet/bots ONLY (NO CALLS) ALSO NOTE THIS, if you’re not tech savvy and/or have elderly family members on Verizon or difficultly reading, writing, spelling or seeing your phone to type out the things you need to say, get ready for “Instructions on downloading every app known to mankind for bots to assist you and CUSTOMER CARE telling you why they’re just there to be the middle man & they will gladly tell you they don’t have too. It also went from a $7 agent assistance fee to now a $10 assistant fee to simply pay your bill with help from the financial department. If you would like to share your story and need a platform to do so I will gladly provide that platform for ANY OF YOU… Find me on Reddit!
  • Feel at ease in my life from digital secure 5/5

    By Bropar3298
    I am so thankful to digital secure for finding where my email was breached on the dark web and they initialized the problem and took care of it. Thank you so much digital secure. In the world we live in today you are total blessing. God bless you
  • Does not work 1/5

    By Mygirl7Heaven
    I, too, have experienced the same issues as one wrote in February 2022. Verizon’s digital secure app does not work correctly, and I constantly have to reset it. After a long phone conversation with this “team” not answering my question and having me jump thru hoops downloading their app. I constantly kept asking, how come you will not answer my question? After talking with a supervisor, she agreed that the representative I spoke with did not respect my time, didn’t answer my initial inquiry, and ended our conversation with, “ok, thank you, and goodbye.” She followed up with, “I will speak with the representative, for I can see the feed of conversation.” He also instructed me to call McAfee when I don’t have it. He tried to sell me something, and I explained I was not interested in purchasing anything, for I needed an answer. The second call resulted in the same. I then deleted the app.
  • Will Update If Proven Wrong 2/5

    By Kathad9
    My phone had a spy app installed (either someone had physical access to this phone or the previous phone that had been stolen was used) on it, and there was no warning from digital secure about a security breach. They were able to access all of my contacts, everything I wrote, took pictures/videos of…essentially hijacked anything and everything personal. If digital secure isn’t able to detect apps like this, okay. But that’s why I partly downloaded this app. Would someone please explain what digital secure is meant to do for a person who is not technologically savvy? Thanks in advance.
  • Horrible app 1/5

    By Kwmtnbiker
    Bounces in and out of WiFi. I’m in an area with poor service (thanks for killing the service Verizon, used to be full bars here) and need to use wifi. Half the time the app blocks my home WiFi network. When it’s connected, it slows down the data to the point of videos needing to buffer.
  • Not Happy 1/5

    By mt Iry
    After I downloaded this app, my phone has been very slow and applications take for ever to come up. I had to delete the application.
  • Unable to get verification code to check dark web status 1/5

    By cgm001
    Verizon rep gave the typical delete, reboot and reinstall….no effect
  • WiFi off and on repeatedly 1/5

    By Polonius81
    Could not stand it. I’m sure I was better protected by the app because the internet wouldn’t work. I guess you can’t be hacked when you’re offline. Great Idea, poor execution.
  • Safe digital 1/5

    By disgusted with product
    Same here. Neither of our phones with Safe Digital stay connected to wifi and vpn. Vpn keeps going on and off. Every time it goes off we loose wifi as well. Bugs need to be fixed. I am going to request a refund from Verizon for this service they sold to me.
  • Disappointing 1/5

    By poodlespanker
    Problems with cellular and wi-fi using with app. Deleted and the problems ceased. Tech service said they would look into it.
  • Don’t work 2/5

    By screwed 55
    Called everyday for a week day and night to fix the problem I was having with this app. It worked for a few when I got the phone after that it stopped . No one knew how to fix the problem. It felt like I spoke to everyone that worked for Verizon and still just a lot of bck and forth. McAfee found the problem, but Verizon still didn’t know what they were talking about and not person knew how to do what McAfee needed to be done. So I now have a feature I can’t use. REALLY!!!
  • Not great 2/5

    By Pidgeont
    Constantly drops off causing Wi-Fi to cut out. Super frustrating.
  • Why use this app 2/5

    By Unhappy theater lover
    Most of these review for this app say that the app is awful. I don’t see any reason to use it since it malfunctions so much. Am I mistaken ?