Digital Thermometer app

Digital Thermometer app

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  • Current Version: V1.2.6
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • Developer: Amber Mobile Limited
  • Compatibility: Android
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Digital Thermometer app App

Want to get accurate temperature index at a glance? This digital thermometer can turn your phone into a real-time temperature checker with ambient inside temperature and feels like body temperature. What's more, now we support connecting our digital thermometer app with an external Bluetooth thermometer device, which provides you with accurate in-room temperature data. Time to live a cozy life! You can use this Bluetooth thermometer to check the history records of in-room temperature and humidity, monitoring accurate data easily. ==Features== —— This measure app offers real-time indoor temperature information. Automatically shows the temperature of your location and in room temperature. —— This measure app automatically displays temperature and feels like of your current location —— This measure app also supports Fahrenheit and Celsius selection —— This measure app has realistic design style, simple and elegant interface —— This measure app also offers super cool thermometer styles for you to choose -An ambient temperature thermometer for cities worldwide: this live thermometer app is not only a weather detector app for your own location, but also a global accurate weather tracker that you can search world weather and temperature. You can check weather globally like Los Angeles, New York, Chicago, Las Vegas, Hawaii, Sydney, Perth, Amsterdam, Tokyo, Ottawa, Toronto, etc. Try this digital thermometer and updated bluetooth connection function! If you would like to help us localize the app, please contact us: [email protected]

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Digital Thermometer app app reviews

  • Not great 1/5

    By 12as333
    Thank goodness this app was free because it does not work.
  • False advertising! 1/5

    By ecklina
    This app made me so furious. I was duped into thinking that this is an app that detects indoor temperature per their description. It says “this app can turn your phone into a real-time temperature checker with ambient inside temperature and feels like body temperature”. The description made me believe I was buying indoor thermometer which is what I typed when I searched for such app. I searched for indoor thermometer, and this app came as second in the list of results. It promised everything I was looking for. But to my chagrin its a false advertising! I was duped. All it gives are temperature outside in your city! This thing does not tell you anything you would already get from free app like Accuweather. What a waste of time and money. If there is a zero I would give a zero. So very very disappointed.
  • This app does NOT work 1/5

    By JB writes review
    This app does NOT work
  • Crap 1/5

    By Quail8179
    Does not work.
  • False details 1/5

    By Jnu hlk
    I downloaded the app because it specifically says it measures indoor temperatures and it doesn’t.
  • Not a thermometer 1/5

    By AnotherNickname135
    Doesn’t sense any ambient temperature. Only pulls weather forecast and report info. Needs a location to work. Can’t even find major cities like Oakland or San Francisco when trying to lookup temperature.
  • Bad app 1/5

    By kxr7456
    Fraud. Do not use
  • Total scam app 1/5

    By Rack a Ball
    Don’t waste your money. I needed to check the temperature on the inside of the building so I downloaded this app. Next thing I know is filling my phone up with Ads for washing machines weight reducing formulas and a ton of other crap offers.. This kind of app should be illegal. Don’t waste your money....oh yeah, it also cannot read indoor temps!
  • does nothing on my Xr 1/5

    By Audiobook Junky
    it does nothing but show ads. Didn’t display temp interface.
  • Do not buy 1/5

    By unicorn1342156
    I wanted this app so i could see the temp in my house. But when i opens the app, i could not find the thermometer. Then i realized i had to enter a location. I am in Washington, and there was no option for that. Do not buy
  • English please! 1/5

    By Jamison bush
    Instructions in Japanese! I’m sure English is an option but if I can’t read Japanese: I don’t know how to find the English option!
  • Don’t bother to download this app 1/5

    By fayettevillefnp
    This app does not measure room temperature as it suggests. It taps into the weather service and gives local weather conditions.
  • Worthless 1/5

    By Vamoosing
    This app is worthless.
  • Not a thermometer 1/5

    By Duped Customer..
    This app uses your location to give you temperature from local weather stations. Turn off location and it will not work at all. Don’t waste your time.
  • Garbage App 1/5

    By Sariavah
    What does it even do that the weather app doesn’t? Description is not accurate, ads all over the screen - all foreign. Terrible.
  • Not a thermometer 2/5

    By ME-MD9
    This is not a thermometer. It merely reports average temperature is in the region requested, the same as the weather report does. It doesn’t measure anything.
  • Terrible 1/5

    By SpinnyGirl
    This app did not even show a price but instantly loaded on my phone when I touched for information. I thought it was free??? Then when I open it nothing shows up on my phone at all except a blank black screen. Thermometer never appears
  • Uninstall immediately 1/5

    By 46,;)?
    As soon as I opened it a commercial video started playing. I immediately uninstalled this garbage
  • Thermometer? 1/5

    By ItzFries
    I needed a thermometer to check the temp from one side of my room to the other but this was not what I needed.....
  • Also not impressed 1/5

    By Sirens10
    App did not do anything until I input a location. That’s not ambient temp, that’s the city’s recorded temp. Sitting in the same location but entering a different city, I got an ambient temp measure of 24° lower. Wow, I did not feel that 3-second cold front blow through!! Will be deleting this app as I already have the weather app. It did NOT do what it advertised.
  • Doesn’t work 1/5

    By celestialkiddy
    App doesn’t measure temp, literately the one thing it is supposed to do.
  • Don’t fall for it 1/5

    By Mineville
    I wasn’t sure what iPhone sensor it was going to use to measure the temperature but I needed the interior temperature so I tried it. 42 degrees inside my office? Uh, no. I’m assuming it grabs a temperature from a local weather station. So, it doesn’t work, but at least there are a ton of ads to watch. You know, if that’s your thing.
  • The apps name is temperature 1/5

    By 762stop
    it doesn’t even give you a temperature
  • Rubbish 1/5

    By Peturbed
    Cannot measure room temperature as described. Just gets local weather info available on any weather app. Useless
  • Inside temperature? Where? 1/5

    By Sharkinstx
    The description says it can measure inside temperature, but I don’t see that anywhere, and I’m not going to pay to find out. Plus, waaaaaay too many ads.
  • Deceptive Description 1/5

    By XiandeQ
    DO NOT WASTE YOUR TIME DOWNLOADING THIS APP!! The description says it shows “indoor” ambient temperature. Not even close. It shows the temp of the nearest city location. More Chinese lies!
  • Useless 1/5

    By gfgggyifyuifty)dr(
    Just gives weather temp f you allow app to track your location
  • Frustrated 1/5

    By Prozies
    I was hoping for an ambient temperature app, that can measure the temp in my room. Of course it cannot do that. No idea what it’s like as a weather app, but honestly weather underground or similar will do a comparable job with a smaller number of pop-up ads. The app description needs to be more precise.
  • Useless 1/5

    By Bad Action Bob
    I downloaded this app about 5 minutes ago. It was very slow to download. VERY! Then, open it for the FIRST time and I get slammed with ads! Eff that noise! DELETED!
  • Awful 1/5

    By Grumpster314
    Nothing like an app that pops up multiple ads prior to even showing the functionality of the app. I still don’t know if it works because the ads kept getting in the way. God awful. Should advertise as app for adds not a thermometer
  • Just a basic weather app 1/5

    By HiloWahine
    This app just gives the info off the nearest weather station, not your actual location, and certainly not the ambiant in your house. I tested it at known temperatures. Save yourself the frustration of plowing through their ads, and just use your on-board weather app.
  • Doesn’t measure ambient temperature 1/5

    By HRALX
    Developer lied
  • Fake 1/5

    By jgreer332
    I was on the weather authority app it says it’s 40 outside and in here is way hotter and it then says it’s 5 degrees. Really don’t install to believe it’s really true this is a 0 star review right here.
  • Pretty Worthless 2/5

    By DSnow3
    There are many more FREE weather apps that provide better weather information
  • It’s just a weather app 4/5

    By 254267532
    Fr tho
  • Needs Serious Repairs 2/5

    By nottaken7075
    My temperature sensor isn’t working on my truck so I loaded this app. It worked fine for whatever state I was in. After a couple weeks, they added advertising. Fine. Except the advertising is the first thing that comes up. When I close out of the initial ad, the app crashes and closes. I can’t even get the local temp anymore. Bye bye.
  • Spam spam spam garbage app 1/5

    By BostonBS
    The second after downloading I started getting non stop spam junk email!! DO NOT DOWNLOAD this garbage app or you too will get garbage spam junk mail!!
  • Blacks out 1/5

    By Villagesgram
    Can’t load it. It just sits, then goes to my main page! UGH!
  • It’s not a thermometer for inside rooms 1/5

    By jaud123
    I downloaded this app, I thought this would measure the temperature of inside the room, but it don’t do that. Instead, this app is a simple weather app, which your phone already has it. So plz don’t bother and don’t download it.
  • This is not a thermometer 1/5

    By HVAC Bill
    Thermometers measure temperature, this is just a piece of a weather app. It tells me the ambient temperature of the city I’m in.
  • cool,warm,hot. that is the granularity of the temperature 1/5

    By grahamstreet
    thought i finally found a way to monitor internal temperature, disappointed.
  • Horrible 1/5

    By mikejay 6800
    Total joke. Didn't even show the thermometer.
  • Best app ever! 5/5

    By Harlington Centeno
    This app amazes me time and time again. I like most if not all features this app includes, such as: changing the theme of and how you can change the unit of measurement from Fahrenheit to Celsius. My only negative comment about the app is that it doesn't have more themes to satisfy my needs of being able to customize any thing I do. Anyways I love this app and i will recommend to others.
  • This doesn’t work and it’s a waste of time 1/5

    By Poop the poop poop
    I downloaded this app thinking it would tell me the room temperature like it said it would and all it is is a reject weather app that probably came out for flip phones
  • Zero stars! 1/5

    By dvds13
    If I could rate this zero stars I would. I realize apps have ads and that’s what supports them being free. But the app should at least provide value or do something. Downloading this app is like watching a tv channel that’s only commercials. It provides no value whatsoever, and is completely worthless. If you want to build an app that makes money, try building one that actually does something.
  • Thought wrong 1/5

    By do not need this app
    Thought my new temp app showed the temperature of where my phone was ... instead of whatever my local weather app says.... I don’t need this foolishness
  • Garbage 1/5

    By accu12334579
    See subject line. Did nothing, but show ads and ask to purchase to remove. REPEAT GARBAGE!
  • Does not provide tenperature 1/5

    By Says my nickname is taken
    You must provide your location, then the ap will try to tell you the outdoor temperature of that location based on a separate database.
  • Instant DELETE 1/5

    By jlamarca
    Doesn’t work! Don’t bother!

Digital Thermometer app app comments

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