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  • Current Version: 1.0.5
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • Developer: MasterCard
  • Compatibility: Android
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Direct Express® App

Managing your Direct Express® Debit MasterCard® card made easy. The mobile app provides a convenient and safe way to manage your money securely from your mobile device. The mobile app is free for Direct Express cardholders and offers a variety of benefits related to your card, including: Manage Account(s) – Check your balance, view transactions and deposits and set alerts Locate – ATMs and cash back locations Learn – Discover ways to use your card and earn chances to win cash prizes

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Direct Express® app reviews

  • Wish you can do more than 1 card 5/5

    By butterflyprincess_1125
    In my house hold we have 2 cards and only 1 phone. I wish you could do at least 2 cards on 1 app other that that it's great no complaints at all.
  • Horrible 1/5

    By vUNEEK
    Tried to setup my sons account but kept telling me failed authorization which is dumb. I’ll stick with my laptop.
  • More of a recommendation 4/5

    By Beautiiful Facee
    I believe you should have a vault on the app where you can stash money away. Like a small saving but in your money app . I think it would be great
  • Direct express 1/5

    By Bbqdad
    This app will not load!!!
  • Will not set up alerts 3/5

    By Mexirican71
    I try to set up alerts on my phone and it keeps saying invalid SMS and invalid email. Other than that the app is good
  • Fix this!! Can’t log in! All my info is correct 1/5

    By jackielevario
    I’ve been having this same problem for awhile. I keep re-downloading this app every other couple months, thinking you guys update it and fix its problems that I’ve been having but nope! Every time I try to log in, it says “the application was unable to complete your request. Please try again later.” I KNOW I’m using the correct code too because I use the same passcode for my phone. And I’ll try for a few days and then just delete the app from my phone. I’ve tried to register again to see if that would fix the problem but of course not because I’m already registered! There’s not many options to choose from with my problem other than registering and logging in.. I would really love to use this app!! I would love to see my transactions and balance without calling and being on the phone for at least five min just to hear where my moneys going.
  • The Most UNHELPFUL Company NEVER! 1/5

    By stew29466
    Heed my warning do not use DIRECT EXPRESS! My account was hacked and they simply do not have the ability to give you an appropriate timeline of when they are to issue MY money back into my account! All of my money is gone!!! And they will NOT AND REFUSE to credit my account, the supervisor was speaking to us like children. Merry flippin’ Christmas to your crap company! Stay away, I will never use this worthless company again.
  • Update 2/5

    By Jamie71
    This app needs to be updated for the iPhone XS.
  • It’s app is worthless 1/5

    By Mc4002011
    You can’t even see more than 3 months worth of Statements. You can’t download the statements or print anything. What is the point of having a card app and you can’t even see or get anything.
  • Wrong sms number for email notification!?! 4/5

    By *Buffy8
    I tried to set up an e-mail notification for when deposit is available and get a message that is a wrong sms! Not sure what is going on, sms applies to Text massages which there is usually a charge unless you have unlimited. I wish I was allowed to save it as a pdf & or allowed to print it, both features would be nice. Both those features are available on iPhone however are blocked by app. Other than the above issues, the app is easy to use, clear & lean... works nicely, I like it.
  • IPhone 8 mobile app for direct express 2/5

    By malani74
    I can’t seem to access my account through the direct express mobile app for iPhone.
  • Review 5/5

    By 🇯🇵Otaku 28🇯🇵
    Handy app but doesn’t fit with iPhone X’s max screen.
  • Unsatisfied 1/5

    By LMcGurk
    As the other person mentioned above, This app will not provide the service it Claims to, when trying to add an email or phone number for acct notifications. Obvious they don’t update this app At all... we should be able To do more with this account type, And also be able To Change payments to go to a direct bank acct instead of using this card.
  • Kept getting Invalid and Error 1/5

    By lildeafitaliascorpio
    I want to get notification when money is deposited and I try to add text number it kept saying invalid then I thought to try email address instead it said invalid again. Every time money deposit come in it says error you have to call the number to see if it’s in. Please fix make customers happy thank you
  • Excellent App 5/5

    By Gunzerker.69
    For the simple tasks like checking my balance and viewing recent activity this app makes things soooo much easier than going to the website and it’s of course much faster.
  • Not working!! 1/5

    By ladee bugg
    The app keeps telling me my card number I entered is not recognized,my security password is invalid! It was working fine a few days ago and now I can’t log into my account! I uninstalled and reinstalled the app and nothing’s working! I called customer service and they said they can’t find my account in the app and they put in a service ticket but the people won’t get to me for 5 days! Whatever you guys did to the app fix it and put it back the way it use to be please!! As I’m reading the other reviews it seems like something similar is happening to everyone! I’m rating this app zero stars but I’m forced to put one!!
  • Please fix 1/5

    By Catkiss2002
    Crappy app. Says can not complete your request.
  • The card does not work at gas pumps ! 3/5

    By Path2freedom
    Really not happy I have to walk in each gas station to pay as the card does not work when you enter the card at pump..Yuchi’s...get with the time! Also I can’t set up any alerts to deposits or low balance. Have tried everything...,very very aggravating! Thinking I just might have to forward all money to a workable more convenient card. Thank-you, Stacey Whiting
  • Worst app on my phone 1/5

    By Laters7*3
    UNSUCCESSFUL log in 95% of time. The EBT apps work consistently better than this.
  • Terrible 1/5

    By Vls99
    One tells you there is no pin or card associated with your name the other does but neither lets me log in and when you call they say it looks fine nothing we can do to help you the older version was better but after I had to redownload everything I cannot make it work. They haven’t had updated in over a year
  • Unable to set alerts 2/5

    By mrs hotchkiss
    I keep trying to set up my mobile alerts, I keep getting in quicksand number. As do I when I tried to set up my email as well as my text messaging it will not allow me to do this how do I fix this or how do you?
  • Perfect. 5/5

    By jjsmama124
    App works perfectly.. Extremely convenient!!

    By Tezzÿ
  • D.l 1/5

    By abstract 1
    I am having the same problem with my app I cannot enter my low balance and I cannot get a ring when I have a deposit so what is the purpose of having this feature???????
  • DX 1/5

    By sewzalot
    This is the stupidest app ever!! I meticulously entered my info and when I tried to set up deposit alerts it kept telling me that my email address was invalid which is complete BS! It also told me that the SMS number wasn't valid either! What a bunch of crap this is! What the H*** is an SMS number anyway. Now I am locked out of my account! Called customer service for help and good luck with that! Can’t even get past all their nonsense to talk to a real person! I hate this app!
  • Hacked Twice 1/5

    By Mrs Anoya
    My card has been “hacked” twice. Further, it is impossible to reach a Level 2 customer service representative to get additional assistance retrieving the funds. Last hack the amount was $150 plus. Not at all happy with Direct Express Debit Card. I will be canceling it.
  • Fix bug🙄 3/5

    By Dwf0789
    When I try to set up notifications to be received by email or by my cell, a message will pop up saying that the number or email is invalid. I know I am entering everything correctly. Please fix that immediately.
  • I didn’t know what is going on!!! 3/5

    By Bells jam
    My account has $60.00 in it and l haven’t touched it in 3 days! Now I received a text alert saying low balance?? Then I got to the app and my balance it $60.00??? My heart sunk. I have my card Did someone use my numbers????
  • Worst app ever! 1/5

    By mom*3tx
    This app NEVER opens is the best way to describe it. In the past 3 months that and I’ve been able to log in to my acct maybe a hand full of times.

    By Album of the year!!
  • Definitely not dependable 1/5

    By CABH77
    This app works about 20% of the time and then the other 80% I put in my pass code only to get the same message which says “the application is unable to accept your request...please try again later”. This is nonsense. The pass code is correct but the app just doesn’t work. Someone needs to please fix the issues or don’t have it on the App Store as an option for people who would like to use for their account but are only going to waste their time trying to do so!!! FIX IT OR REMOVE IT!!! I gave it one star because I guess you have to select something at least but it doesn’t deserve one at all.
  • Inactive card 1/5

    By wont take negative nicknames
    I’m trying to set up the app with my card information and I’m being told my card is inactive or I have the wrong number. Now it wants all my security information which I’m not sure I want to put in on my phone. I think I’ll stick to my home computer on this one.
  • App is useless 1/5

    I can never log into the app. It’s ridiculous.
  • App log in denied with low balance 2/5

    By Doesntmatter01010
    When the balance gets low, the app won’t let me log-in.
  • App no working 2/5

    By jomom1903!!!!didnnd
    This app is not working all of a sudden
  • Want two on same device 3/5

    By prazhym
    Agree with oct 2017 review. Says you can have more than one on your device. So far haven’t figured out how! Would be very nice to have both of us one one phone Too bad developer doesn’t read reviews and update a bit more often
  • This app works when it feels like it only.... 1/5

    By Maimai2016
    App only works 10% of the time. I can never sign in to check my balance or history. It just keeps telling me it’s unable to complete my request and to try again later! So Irritated and annoyed!!! Haven’t been able to sign in for the past 4 days. Easier off calling for balance but it would be more convenient to use the app that actually works.
  • Please fix 1/5

    By Indikaira
    I can never log into the app it always tells me to try again later I can’t access any of my information
  • Love this app 5/5

    By Alli Spencer
    I love this app. It has always worked perfectly for me since I downloaded years ago.
  • No tech help 1/5

    By Xheevaaj
    Couldn't log into my account. A passcode was put on without me putting it on. Called customer service and they said someone will call me in 5 days. 😳 rather use PayPal.
  • Needs update 2/5

    By C1NYbAdGB
    Review Update v1.2 - 9 months later. Still no fix for saving alert settings in account. With new Apple devices introduced, support for iPhone X needed. App fails to save account alerts in settings. Hopefully this will be addressed soon. I'll change my rating after issues are resolved.
  • DirectExpress needs work 3/5

    By Bradley0130
    It gives the balance well, but when it comes updating alerts, this app will not save it. Hopefully they fix this bug.
  • I can’t set up a phone number or email 4/5

    By SammieDaMantha
    Every time I try to set notifications up for deposits and low balance to where I can get a text but it says I have the wrong email? So I try my email then it tells me I have the wrong sms number?? then I try phone call and it’s still telling me I have the wrong number??? I have the right number in but the app is mistaking it for something else? I have no clue but this would help me out a lot to have this feature on this app... please fix
  • Love it! 5/5

    By GBritt
    My sister loved it so I gave it a try. I ended up loving it too. Thanks direct express.
  • It's ok 3/5

    By Sha36
    The app is ok could be a little bit better
  • DX 5/5

    By Smeyely1
    Great app. Always accurate!!
  • Hammerman208 3/5

    By Hammeridaho
    Regarding US Direct Express App for debit card. The app as described on App Store gives impression that more than one card acc. Can be accessed on a device ( smart ph. iPad similar ) reality is only one account per device. Why can't two accounts or more per single device be accessed. PIN numbers are still needed. Please explain what security issues are disallowing more than one accounted one device. Also this cards web developer/card support are terrible not having much knowledge with the technology involved.
  • Never had a problem till now 1/5

    By Me.blueeyes813
    I used to love this app to keep track of what I had but all of the sudden it isn't showing the pending amount
  • Old cards 2/5

    By Richa911
    You should give us the ability to remove old cards. Its ridiculous to show five old cards no longer in use. Its confusing and serves no purpose.

Direct Express® app comments

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