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DIRECTV NOW is your NEW standalone streaming service for Live TV and On Demand entertainment. Quickly find your recently watched movies & shows, right at your fingertips. Enjoy news, sports, events and shows as they happen, or binge your favorite TV series and movies anytime, anywhere. Looking for instant access to top entertainment with no annual contract, no satellite and no hassle? You’re one click away from rules free tv. Simply install the DIRECTV NOW app and join the streaming revolution! Please note: This app features Nielsen’s proprietary measurement software which contributes to market research, like Nielsen’s TV Ratings. Please see for more information

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DIRECTV NOW app reviews

  • Navigation 3/5

    By Krisam1972
    Not very user friendly
  • Bad version 1/5

    By je3nnnnnnnnnnn
    App directs me to update to use. I updated it. Same message. I deleted and reinstalled. Still will not open. Made sure system is up to date and everything is current. App refuses to to open after multiple attempts on recent update.
  • Works terribly on Apple TV 1/5

    By Teedlee
    App works terribly on an Apple TV. When fast forwarding or rewinding, it pauses for over a minute.
  • If it weren’t free I would delete it 2/5

    By john.haggard
    I receive HBO and related content free as a result of other subscriptions, payments AT&T contract etc. I was getting this for $10 a month but they made it free so I can’t really complain too much but… I’ve read a few other reviews that say the same thing: shows were inexplicably play in Spanish instead of English. I can use multiple apps such as Hulu, Netflix and Amazon Prime without issue, the second I go to watch anything on DIRECTV NOW I automatically get interruptions and delays with the message on the screen that says “ due to poor network performance...”, so, the AT&T produced app is throwing shade at AT&T’s on Internet, if you call for technical support and they tell you to call the Internet people because it’s the Internet service. If you ask about the speed of the network, they tell you it’s the app. Again, I’m not paying anything for this so it’s a minor quibble, but the people who wrote this app should be fired. With AT&T’s deep pockets it shouldn’t be too hard to get a developer team to produce an app that does function without issues.
  • Great casting on my iPhone 8 4/5

    By Simon Myles
    Loves to stream from my phone to my old TV. Only recommendation is a last or previous channel button to toggle back-and-forth between two programs. Clearly the technology exists - implement please.
  • Love DirectTV Now except for... 4/5

    By Neighborjudy
    CBS is no longer offered. Direct TV Now would be perfect except for that. I can no longer watch the news I prefer or 60 Minutes. BUMMED!
  • Constantly need to re-enter password, UI glitches 1/5

    By Peabody42
    Why do I need to constantly re-enter my password? And when I do, why can’t I use my iPhone to auto enter it? There are lots of UI glitches. For example - sometimes going to Guide, it gets stuck and I can’t access the full guide. The Watch Now list takes awhile to update, so you can’t quickly switch back to shows you were just watching.
  • No 1/5

    By ffgbgfddhj
    Never was able to log in. Changed password four times, still nothing. Now can’t figure out how to uninstall this useless app.
  • DVR problem not resolved 2/5

    By mattidk
    Cannot record on DVR Chatted with no response 817-312-6882
  • Luv it 5/5

    By %ALL
    Great app
  • Cable Free 5/5

    By Clmapes
    If everyone using cable would try streaming with DTV Now they wouldn’t hesitate to change over. Best decision ever!!!
  • Awesome 😎!!!!!!!!! 5/5

    By ohtngirl
    This app is amazing 😉!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Major improvements 5/5

    By Renfred
    UPDATE: This is a almost perfect television watching experience, not just cord cutting but I’m including cable also. It is VERY frustrating that AT&T is making a mistake by not discontinuing and migrating its Directv customers away from satellite and using Directv NOW as its sole television offering. I am VERY worried that AT&T is making a giant mistake of going all in on HBO MAX, unless it is almost exactly like Directv NOW. LIVE tv is not going away. I am not changing my service but I am looking around in the event HBO MAX is more Netflix than live tv. If it is, I will be canceling. I AM ASKING THAT THE AT&T executives stop trying to copy a Netflix type programming. Stay with live tv. On a side note. I have AT&T fiber WiFi in my home. I could never get a great streaming experience with Directv NOW. I purchased a Netgear Nighthawk router for $119. IT. FIXED. EVERYTHING !!! Perfect stream. No buffering. Faster response on my iPhone and iPads. This is not an add for them. But I do think a large issue talking with my friends and my experience is the buffering affects most who quit Directv NOW. They did not understand yes their Netflix streamed great BECAUSE it is a different type of streaming. Directv NOW has a HUGE workload. But Nighthawk gave the very cable like experience I was looking for with Directv NOW. If the new HBO MAX is forced on DIrectv NOW customers and does not include many of the live tv station options, I will leave it and it will fail. This is coming from a AT&T 8,000+ shareholder who uses AT&T WiFi and cell service. I HOPE AT&T wakes up and starts tweaking DIRECTV NOW and advertising it well so it has this option as a solution to cable ( WHICH IT IS AND THE BEST ONE ) and also offers HBO MAX as a great Netflix type offering. Just those two VERY DIFFERENT types of services would help their numbers spike. KEEP IT SIMPLE. END OF UPDATE It has been a rough ride but for the MOST part issues have been addressed and streaming is much better. People need to realize real time streaming is much more difficult to provide then a service like Netflix. And need to account for how many people are trying to stream the same live stream, WiFi speed etc. i was a beta user and it worked PERFECT !! Once it was open to all, buffering came back and came back HARD. BUT, it appears that the issue has been addressed and has been almost non existent the past few weeks. And ZERO issues on iPads and iPhones at all. Overall, having friends who have tried other streaming services, we are all now DTV NOW subscribers. It is the best alternative to cable right now. Factor in price, and DTV NOW is a no brainer not just from price but for content and DVR as well.
  • Where’s CBS? 1/5

    By WrigleyvilleDuke
    Can’t believe CBS is gone
  • Your App UPDATE for My IPAD 4 Does Not Work 1/5

    By alamosatul
    Your app update for IPAD is not supported by Apple for my IPAD 4.I assume this is some kind of collusion between you and Apple.Please provide me a work around for this so I can continue to use my IPAD 4 for Direct TV Now.
  • Only one and Never Duplicated 5/5

    By taker easy
    The Best Company for your viewing pleasure and enjoyment. Gone
  • Cesar 3/5

    By cesarjaime
    I encountered problems with AirPlay when using Direct TV Now. Also recordings of Golf channel are at times truncated when live events go beyond scheduled broadcast times.
  • Excellent 5/5

    By Chris-Gilbert
    Love streaming tv! The only issue that I have is they no longer carry the NFL channel,
  • Best Streaming Service for Your Buck! 5/5

    By Alval714
    This is the best streaming service if you are considering “cutting the cord!”
  • Great app 5/5

    Overall is a great app, however to many comercials
  • AT&T = rip-off! 1/5

    By Descriptions not truthfull
    Direct tv has not been broadcasting any CBS or FOX channels for several weeks now. I just canceled my account and ask for a refund as they charging as if they broadcasting them. They said that since all the other channels are available there would be no refund. This is fraud! Hope you choke on that money ATT!
  • Great App with glitches 5/5

    By NJNAikens
    Love this app and the service. It’s just frustrating when the app isn’t working and you can’t stream content.
  • I like it except price has gone up $20 in 13 months 4/5

    By KPBro
    I get it primarily to watch TCM, History and Nat Geo, but will probably have to cancel because I’m a disabled senior on fixed low income and when I joined in June 2018 it was $30 now in 13 months it’s nearly doubled and I can’t afford to keep it with the constant price hikes.
  • Disappointed with the channel line-up 2/5

    By pjhunt2
    You cancelled OWN. I am currently looking for another streaming service
  • Neena Hayden 4/5

    By Neena B.
    Not happy I cannot watch the Fox channel!! Will we get it back? Rate goes up and we lose channels.
  • Inspect what you expect 4/5

    By telecom retiree
    I’m a retired AT&T L3 who supported launch of UVerse. There were issues caught and resolved through wider application of friendly user input. I’m seeing freeze frame, loss of indexing, restarting of on-demand movies (big one). As someone who thinks DTV Now is great and who wants to see it develop and steadily improve, I think there is an opportunity being underutilized. Best regards -
  • Crazy amount of ads. 2/5

    By Igor 718
    Isn’t it ridiculous that user pays $50/mo and still has to be bombarded by 3 minutes of ADS??? Looking for other solutions.
  • My Direct TV is great 5/5

    By Nabisco 1984
    I watch my Direct TV on my phone it is very convenient and I don’t miss my programs when I am cleaning homes for a living. My grand daughter loves it in the car she watches her Nick jr programs as well. I definitely use it at our camping site also which I really enjoy too! 👍🏼
  • Show 5/5

    By MsSAllen
    Enjoy watching programs at my convenience.
  • Updates equal sh!tty service 1/5

    By seveneleven1830
    Each time I am forced to do an update, something different fails to work. This evening it’s the “on demand” feature. Any time I press play for a program it freezes. I’m then forced to restart or check for an update. After relaunching the app and show I was going to watch 7-8 times in 20 minutes I finally gave up. Suddenly what was a good deal (direct tv now) seems to be a waste of money. Will likely cancel the service soon. Tired of updates that lead to crappy service. I should get paid a troubleshooting commission for as many times as I am forced to play mr. fix it.
  • What a joke 1/5

    By Krisbcgle
    I have tried logging in 3 times before changing my password got confirmation that i changed it. Tried logging in again, unsuccessful. Checked my user name, yup I was right. Tried a couple more times. No luck. Checked my user name and forgot password this time, changed password again.... still NO LUCK. I’m so irritated right now that I can’t log on through this app.
  • Direct now is the bomb 5/5

    By Rev. Bo
    Watching my direct now stations causes me to get hypnotize on the good qualities that they show.
  • On iPhone 8 1/5

    By Mr. Ed Wilber!
    The latest version (downloaded about a week ago) does not work. I can enter my login info but I get an error. Have removed, turn unit off, reinstall still no joy. I have no issues with app on iPad or Apple TV
  • Too many ads 4/5

    By urbanslegend
    I would have given it a five star if it weren’t for the overwhelming about of ads on certain shows.
  • Worst app in the App Store 1/5

    By bancsu
    Direct TV Now +iOS device + Google Chromecast = more problems than I can count. Constantly having to force close App and restart. Rarely works on first try
  • Poo 1/5

    By Miaco2002
    Horrible adds keep timing out making you force the app to shut down Dvr is unreliable, sometimes it record your show,sometimes it doesn’t, sometimes it records something random in the middle of watching episodes it will say content unavailable
  • Need to be able to use my account for apps like Paramount 5/5

    By QueenMaMaB
    Need to be able to use my account for apps like Paramount and more
  • Streaming App 4/5

    By mJeff15
    The app is great! Very reliable with or without WiFi, however, if you are streaming from Apple to Apple a good portion of channels do not have sound. This is an inconvenience and I look forward to future updates improving this issue.
  • 3 Star Review 3/5

    By Midkid83
    Channels black or are out of service for unknown reasons during prime time.
  • Always crashing 3/5

    By the m Vonn
    Use DirecTV now for so my watching, but it always seems to disappoint. The app is always crashing, freezing, or buffering. I ensure its not my internet speed.
  • App failure 1/5

    By fgr23556
    The app stopped working and said I need to update the app. I did and am now in a perpetual loop where it continues to require an update but never goes beyond that. I've deleted and reinstalled multiple times without success. Stopped working for my iPad on about July 14.
  • Not good , not bad 2/5

    By t(•_•)
    This app is very very mediocre, tons of ads and glitches, but it does work. I love watching shows on here but there is this glitch that makes all my shows in Spanish ? There is no way to fix it (my language is all set in English so i have no idea why this happens) so when it happens i have to completely dump the show, or find another way to watch it. this is extremely frustrating because there’s literally no way to fix it. Nobody can help. It’s so annoying. Mad that I even payed for this but whatever. There’s also a feature where show episodes will sometimes be visible and watchable and sometimes not, and you’ll have to wait till a certain date. Or the episodes will delete themselves after a period of time and you’ll have to watch from episode 46. Anyway, would I recommend this to a friend? No. Am I still gonna use it? Not a lot.
  • Cost 3/5

    By JT9253
    I like this streaming app, however the cost has gone up without any notice several times since I signed up and I’ve considered canceling because of it.
  • App is almost there but support is far from it 1/5

    By Dbal1977
    App works pretty good except for DVR feature they still have a lot of work to do on that, but worse part is when you need support you can only chat they don’t have number to call and trying to chat and get issue resolved was useless to point I gave up. Now I am left wondering if I should switch or stay, everything else is great but if DVR doesn’t work and chatting can’t help me get it fixed I’m left with no option but to sadly say good bye
  • Give Us Back Nexstar Programming 2/5

    By Mx2Dave
    Your customers KNOW you are lying to us regarding pulling Nexstar programming. DirecTV walked away, not Nexstar. Cut the greed and restore our channels!
  • Stopped functioning 2/5

    By ladyspointifview
    Contacted DIRECTV days ago. No change. No longer worked with iPad no explanation and no direction on how to make it work Guess I'm paying for nothing now.
  • Good value. 5/5

    By Zena989
    Good assortment of sports and educational channels.
  • Directv Now 5/5

    By dottie that is my nick name
    I love this app
  • DirectvNow 5/5

    By Honest & Sincere Reviews
    Love it, can watch any channel anytime anywhere.

DIRECTV NOW app comments

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