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Experience live sports, news, shows, and events and binge tens of thousands of on-demand titles - including hit movies and the most talked-about series. Watch your recorded programs at home and on-the-go with our cloud DVR and quickly find what you want to watch with our dynamic and easy to use interface. If you love your entertainment, AT&T TV is where you want to be. Please note: this app features Nielsen’s proprietary measurement software which contributes to market research, like Nielsen’s TV Ratings. For more information visit:

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AT&T TV app reviews

  • Apple TV version has issues 4/5

    By SeattleMatt1976
    On our Apple TV 4K, with tvOS 13.2, the AT&T TV app will stream fine for a few minutes, but then start to drop frame rate and suffer from A/V sync Issues—where the sound is about 1-2 seconds ahead of the video. It seems to happen more with the local channels and with WGN America. If you double-press the TV button on the Apple TV remote—to go to the app switcher—and go back into the app, it clears up and is synced again...for about 5 min.
  • Trash since att took over 1/5

    By bubchd
    It crazy I used to love the directv now app then att got ahold of it an started taking channels away upping the price changed the name and basically att have run directv into the ground it’s a shame
  • Fix app crashing in background problems 3/5

    By Quelala41
    I like this app for live TV. Of course annoyed by recent price increase (again!). The main bug that currently drives me crazy though is that the app crashes on iPad when you play in the background. I used to be able to run the app and do other tasks on my iPad, but not anymore! Now it crashes after a couple minutes or less. Really annoying. At first I thought it was due to apple update but nope. Hulu does not do this, nor does hbo. Trying to be patient. But getting frustrated!
  • Bad quality 1/5

    By RandomChris
    This app has the worst streaming quality of all the streaming apps I’ve used. Hulu, Netflix, Disney +, HBO Go all look great on my TV through the Apple TV, but anything from this app is jittery, the audio gets out of sync, and skips frames.
  • Done with the price hikes for a halfbaked streaming service 1/5

    By Mrslukewarm
    I’ve been a customer since day one of the conception of this streaming service. I LOVED it when it was $35, it had a very nice selection of channels. They “slowly” started increasing the prices over months despite the competitors being cheaper. They have gotten to the point where the lowest price tier is $65 and goes up from there. They have gotten rid of channels that made them stay competitive to other streaming services. They also falsely advertise that you can pause and rewind live tv - I have NEVER been able to rewind tv. It was only ever able to pause for a couple mins and it would start scrubbing forward until you hit play. They released a “nice” new “feature” that when you pause for too long it resumes to live TV. Lastly, and even larger than all these things combined is that the video and audio fall out of sync ALLL THE TIME deeming this service almost unusable and not enjoyable. AT&T TV Now is a joke, my family and I have moved on to YouTube TV and we LOVE it. Do yourself a favor and leave this service so we don’t encourage this sort of behavior.
  • Used to be perfect, then AT&T happened 2/5

    By Mr. Dark Howard
    I was a very happy Directv Now customer. It was the perfect streaming tv service. Then AT&T tv happened. I thought the change would be purely cosmetic. The name and app graphic change, but the software remains the same. That was the case for first week or so. But now the quality of the service is deteriorating. I can’t enjoy watching live tv anymore because the video is choppy and lags behind the audio. Its really aggravating and now I have to figure out who to change my tv service to if AT&T doesn’t fix this soon.
  • Thieves & Liars and con artists 1/5

    By Sermn8er
    These villains refuse to address their app’s problems. Their “DVR” is a hoax. I have to use half a dozen third party apps to watch shows on demand because paying for this service is like throwing money down the drain. It buffers constantly.
  • Needs more before you raise price 3/5

    By good game😄😁
    I enjoy taking my ipad with me and watching my tv shows thats the 3. Last couple weeks my tv and ipad become frozen when watching after rebooting show its ok for awhile then needs rebooting again. I only watch a few channels so 60 a month seems steep
  • Jack up the price drop channels 1/5

    By cspackler1980
    For a minute I thought I was back on Xfinity again. I signed up less than a year ago and since AT&T took over the price has gone up twice. Both time the price went up they dropped channels and when I called they would tell me I never had that channel. Funny thing is I know I did because one channel was the only way I could watch my football team. Major FAIL AT&T. In the time of the ford cutter you want to be a cable company. Switched to another streaming service and I am back to the cheap payment for live TV.
  • Whyyyy!? 1/5

    By Xxx_12303
    I thought it was my streaming devices but I’m only having this lag time with tv now. You need to get this bug out, how can anyone tolerate trying to watch with everything being off by a minute or 2?
  • Stream Lags Horribly on AppleTV 1/5

    By wantaaj25
    The core competency of a video streaming service is the stream! And ATT has figured out how to screw that up. The video lags, audio is off, and had to switch my AppleTV to a lower display setting. Fix this ASAP ATT.
  • Latest Apple TV version is horrible 1/5

    By Ok_sure_np
    Ever since Apple tv’s version 3.0.4 came out I have been having issues with stuttering and audio video not matching up. Roku version is working without issues.
  • Sucking my battery 1/5

    By Hehe45
    I tried to enter a ticket but every time I click on app support I get an error. Now that I look at the recent reviews I see why. I recently upgraded to a 4K fire stick without 4K bc it was to upgrade streaming experience. I’m not getting very many problems watching on my phone any more. I’m recovering from chemo so I watch tv on my phone in bed every day. ONLY when I use the ATT Now app, and right away, does my phone heat up and the battery drains much much faster. I’ve closed the app, restarted the phone, etc, etc but it happens every time right away. I have an iPhone 8 Plus in perfect condition.
  • Content un-watchable 1/5

    By Kamikaze62
    We’ve been a DirecTV Now since it first started a few years back. Ever since AT&T service took over, our “grandfathered” rate has gone up along with major performance issues. The video is jittery and out of sync to the point that we don’t even bother using the App; you can’t watch anything. We’ve resorted to other streaming services and will be canceling this service if it doesn’t get fixed.
  • Now broke - Nov. 2019 2/5

    By StBaumy
    Video is choppy when watching on Apple TV. Att admits it’s their fault, but no news on a fix. You have to change my settings to 1080p HDR as a temporary fix which means losing 4K for all other apps. Definitely going to Look into other streaming services since starting to charge more for a worse product.
  • Latency issue 1/5

    By Stretchmeister
    I just love how the price is going up but the quality is going down. The app has latency issues. The audio is outta sync with the video on all the channels.
  • Use to be decent. 1/5

    By dcmason22
    The AT&T tv app has declined. For the past few weeks (as of 11/17/19) the app lags all the time. AT&T tv is the only app that does it. Not Netflix. Not YouTube. Just this app. Audio and video are in sync for a few minutes then, without skipping a beat, the video lags behind the audio. Strange.
  • bad service 1/5

    By Ricky6543893
    service that does not serve for anything I can’t see directv live😡😡
  • I don’t get past the login screen. 1/5

    By CrizzyG
    It detects my account, starts processing the login only for a pop up apologizing an error that can’t log me in. App promptly crashes. I have deleted the app, logged out of Apple ID, reboot my phone, sign back in, download the app and it’s wash and repeat. Complete fail.
  • Best 5/5

    By eeeenmmaaaa
    I thank it works Great i Get to see anything i want OF It’s not in netflix!!!!!!!!
  • Still needs work!! 2/5

    By a_vasquez
    I’ve been a loyal customer since the promotional Directv Now Go Big package for $35 a month. Price now has doubled!! It’s improved a lot but still needs work. One thing I REALLY hate is watch Ink Masters and Fittest Couples commercials on multiple channels. Not only once per commercial break but 3 times in a role!!! Trust I’m actually fine with commercials but really is this the only ones you got??? Another annoying this is the Are You Still Watching pop up! It comes up sometimes when I turn on TV, sometimes when only watching for 30 min and sometimes never LOL. And lastly freezing and black screens forcing me to restart app.
  • Lack of public television 3/5

    By Bebopbob51
    I’m getting yes to the constant quarks in this system and perhaps those are because ATT doesn’t offer internet service in the largest city in New Jersey. But I do not understand why PBS is unavailable. Surely enough profit is made on this system that they can afford to support public television
  • Simply terrible!!! 1/5

    By xbaddboy
    This app is just terrible. Some shows I have set to record never records. Some shows record and it has the title of my show that I set to record but when I go to watch it it’s not the show I set to record. Some of the shows I watch is not on here but the network the show plays on is on here so I don’t understand why the show I’m searching for is not on here even though the network is. Some of the shows I have set to record new episodes only but it will also record the replay of the shows too. I called customer service and they said they reset my account and it would fix everything but it fixed absolutely nothing. I’m still having all the issues. Also I watch att tv on different devices and the apps on the devices are not synced to my account. Meaning I’ll delete a show from one device and go to another device and the show is still on my dvr and not deleted. Someone needs to get to work on this app or site. This has been going on for way too long now.
  • In the middle of a movie 1/5

    By savagepete
    We were watching a J Lo movie and it stopped right in the middle and told us there was a problem loading the video. We had to shut the app down and reopen it. When we got it open the movie was gone. It wasn’t on the ‘Continue Watching’ list and we couldn’t find it by searching the name of the movie or the name of the actress. LAME I’m paying for this and they are raising the price for this? SERIOUSLY?
  • Dvr shows got deleted 1/5

    By D2u12345
    I had a few shows that were set to record during the week. These shows recorded fine over the past few months. Now my shows have been removed from my dvr scheduler and I have to keep adding them back. I am not able to record a series of shows for the week as I used to. Hopefully this issue could get fixed soon.
  • AT&T: Get Your App Together 1/5

    By tunable
    Latest versions on Apple TV: 1. Audio sync issue when 4K SDR selected 2. Addition of a screensaver with no ability to disable 3. Local ads play randomly during content Really bad quality issues that make me question whether this app has a future.
  • Worst Application!!! 1/5

    By Gus-C11
    The app crashes constantly. Super unreliable! One of the more expensive OTT services with subpar technology. ATT please fix this!!
  • Beta quality at full price 1/5

    By Thurston Howell IV
    Crashes repeatedly after reinstalling. Won’t record certain shows. Time to try the many alternatives with great reviews.
  • Functional but glitchy 3/5

    By KillerEmCee
    Like many AT&T apps, it’s kind of glitchy. There are some streaming issues with the iPhoneX and it’s difficult to Play/Pause. There are no arrows to skip to the next or previous episodes.
  • Please fix the image-sound lag for apple TV 1/5

    By simu_ro
    Not sure about the smartphone platform but on my 4k apple tv ( latest firmware on it ) there’s freeze frames and image-sound discrepancies. Pls. fix this asap, thank you.
  • Get it! 5/5

    By Sassafra5
    Works great. I love it. I’ve had some issues but the Text Chat with an Agent always fixes the problem.
  • Increase 1/5

    By kcarfrawley
    The reason I went with direct tv now/att now is because of the price. Started at 35.00 now it’s gonna be 60.00. I certainly will start shopping around. This will be the 4th price increase since I signed up last year.
  • 5 star rates must be FAKE 1/5

    By Frostymoon
    No one likes having the cost of their services being doubled or in my case ... almost quadrupled! DirectTV changing to AT$T was the WORST THING EVER! I’m glad companies like Philo know how to treat their customers with respect! Bye AT$T I’m happy you are not getting paid by me or my family anymore!
  • Voice not syncing with picture 1/5

    By Miiz05
    This started this week for me. I’m watching a show and you can see the video slowing down and then the voice and picture are not sync’d together. I’ve rebooted, refreshed, and even had my internet rest with no luck. I wish they would fix this.
  • GREAT CONTENT - technical issues 2/5

    By mlevy23
    I use the app with ChromeCast. The app has excellent content...BUT the connection often drops (loading icon appears) and the only way to fix the issue is disconnect and re-connect.
  • Was with them from day one. Cancelled my service today. 1/5

    By Cmore76
    Used to pay $35 per month. Next month’s bill would have been $60. The point of cutting the cord was to save money. Going to bring out the antennas again for local channels and use Hulu to watch my shows the follow day at my leisure. Some of the money that I will no longer spend with AT&T, will be spent on Disney + and AMC premier service so I can keep up with my favorite AMC programming.
  • DVR skips 2/5

    By LikaK81
    I know that the DVR is only in Beta testing, but it needs some work. Every recording I have tried to watch so far skips a few seconds at a time. It will be going along and then all of the sudden you are a few seconds ahead and you have missed a chunk of dialog. I have watched quite a few recorded programs so far and it has happened multiple times during every one.
  • Terrible! 1/5

    By KikiRae77
    Doesn’t cast to build-in Chromecast like every other stream service!😤
  • Spin, spin, doesn’t like to work 1/5

    By Sherritoo2
    Worst app ever. Constantly getting spinning wheel n statement I have poor internet connection, WRONG! I have good internet speed. This is the only app with this problem. And AT&T has the nerve to yet again raise our rates by $10. They just raised it $10 in April 5 months after I signed up. Looking for an alternative I guess. Terrible service for ever increasing price.
  • Better than cable pricing. 2/5

    By Want it Simple
    Cable forced me to take a hundred channels I did not want! ATT-NOW was my internet solution to by what I wanted! BUT -NOW they are jacking up the prices. We already pay for internet service why raise prices when we can only stream limited amount of viewing data?
  • Audio out of sync 1/5

    By Decker58a
    Audio does not stay aligned to video. Driving me crazy
  • $15 increase? No thanks 1/5

    By j leonard
    Just got an email that our package is increasing $15 a month ($65) on Dec. 15. No thanks!!! Rather spend money on Disney+ and everything else.
  • Price gouging 1/5

    By Mradriel
    In a very short amount of time the price of the service went from 10.00 to now 35.00. This is just wrong and the customer service is no existent. Pretty soon it will be the same cost as cable service. I thought this was supposed to be a cutting the cord option.
  • Please fix SEC NETWORK AUDIO 1/5

    By Horrid101
    For over a month now games on SEC network won’t have audio it’ll work during commercial but cuts out again when any game starts back.
  • So Frustrating 2/5

    By shootinguy
    Ever time I first open up the app everything works great. About a minute in the picture starts to get blurry and the audio and picture go out of sync. I’ve restarted the app, updated it, restarted my apple tv and nothing seems to work. It only happens on the att tv now app. No idea why it’s been doing this but I do know that the price increase couldn’t have came at a worse time. They charge me more and they can’t even have their app up and running like it’s supposed to. If you try and skip through commercials the app tends to pause way too much, it seems like it won’t load.
  • It’s crap 1/5

    By lierdish
    Try to log in is the most frustrating thing. It’s all crap.
  • Worst streaming app you can get 1/5

    By vzkev
    This app is awful for streaming. From the endless audio and video sync issues, to the constant channel freezes. And forget about tech support, it is non-existent. Switched to Hulu.
  • Fix it 1/5

    By Bamf3456
    I got locked into a 25$ month special when this stream first came out three years ago. Price has increased to now 50$ a month for sub service. Always crashes and freezes. On playback for episodes sound is way off and screen freezes and ads play in the middle while the show is still playing. Absolute crap.
  • Just make this work like a normal app. 1/5

    By nicknamedorreviews
    Please fix this terrible terrible app. It’s just, terrible.

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