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Experience live sports, news, shows, and events and binge tens of thousands of on-demand titles - including hit movies and the most talked-about series. Watch your recorded programs at home and on-the-go with our cloud DVR and quickly find what you want to watch with our dynamic and easy to use interface. If you love your entertainment, AT&T TV is where you want to be. Please note: this app features Nielsen’s proprietary measurement software which contributes to market research, like Nielsen’s TV Ratings. For more information visit:

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  • Ok... 2/5

    By millllllllliel
    Prices keep going up yet the quality keeps going down. Shuts off recordings and restarts on a consistent basis. Just garbage quality for what you pay. Recommend a different cable streaming service... save your money
  • Completely UNRELIABLE!!! 2/5

    By IDontUsuallyCommentBut
    The bigger the event, the greater the buffering or better yet, screen error 10025-01: ! Something went wrong. This content has an issue and can’t play. Give it another try or select something else to watch. Please try again later. Please do better soon, AT&T Now!! Time nor patience is on your side! Far too many options available than to tolerate this kind of inconsistent service!!
  • Needs improvement 3/5

    By bqsupercool
    On AppleTV, the volume is generally too low and fluctuates becoming 2x louder intermittently when watching recordings. When entering the Guide there is often no show selector shown until you exit and reopen the guide. Sports recordings should automatically record an hour extra to avoid losing the end of a game.
  • Works great, love it. 5/5

    By Eddie1974
    I also got the android box and everything works amazingly good. The ability to watch tv from any device is great.
  • This channel is not part of subscription .... like all of them 1/5

    By Gooderthanyou22
    Every channel is not part of my subscription?! I sign in with my directtv account and can’t watch anything at all. Downloaded directtv app and it works but this app is the only one for appletv and can’t watch anything. On settings it shows package, I can’t click it and just says “ genre genre genre TBD genre....”. Something crazy is going on with the app. What’s on now says “we hit a glitch try again later” and “well that was unexpected”
  • Apple TV issue still not fixed 1/5

    By Jshulmancloud
    Apple TV sync issue is going on weeks. The lack of support and delay on this issue is concerning. Consider that issues will not be handled timely by ATT when choosing your streaming provider.
  • Can’t cast recordings? 3/5

    By Disappointed with iTunes
    For the most part, I enjoy the service. It works and allows me to record shows to come back to later. But I don’t see the point in being able to record something and then not be able to cast it to my ChromeCast. The little pop-up window that comes up says they’re working on it but it’s been an issue since I began subscribing to the service over a year ago. Also, it won’t let me watch the recording on my phone in widescreen view. So I can’t cast it and I can’t watch it in widescreen. What’s the point? Please fix this, please add support for viewing recorded content via ChromeCast. Or at the very least let me watch it in widescreen on my phone.
  • Apple TV app recorded audio not in synch 1/5

    By bjkoch
    So frustrating for the $$$ I pay for AT&T tv and I can’t watch a recorded program with the voice in conch with the video.
  • Frustrating 1/5

    By Newbie Doc
    Keeps freezing, evertime you rewind or go forward even for 10 sec end up having to watch 8 ads. Keeps forgetting where I left off and starts over and can’t fast forward. On Demand shows are impossible to watch when I try to go back where I left off from TV App or the Shows page on ATT TV it keeps jumping back to a few episodes earlier and not the one I clicked
  • Terrible, np decent fast forward. 1/5

    By Sherritoo2
    How many ways can I say this is a terrible app. No decent fast forward, always asking if I’m watching, guide won’t let u scroll.
  • Fail 1/5

    By atomiczombie76
    Still can not login after two hours with ATT support. Six separate ID and password resets the free app now requires a subscription?
  • Scam app 1/5

    By anoyyyyyed
    I bought the app to work on my ROKU device. It does not work on ROKU and they do not tell you that while buying. If you call customer service they tell you no refund will be issued bc it’s a pre paid app. Basically too bad so sad. This is run by a foreign country. I found out 20 minutes after giving my payment information it is useless too me. I had to try to work with it and had to google why it’s not pairing. They admit it at customer service. I now have to file a disbute. Do not give this company you money.
  • Very disappointed 1/5

    By Weston33327
    I still cannot believe that a company the size of ATT will launch this service wit so many shortcomings. The recording feature also fails to a point that I quit trying to watch a movie I had recorded. The idea was great but ATT is not ready. I will cancel my service.
  • Oops something went wrong try again later 1/5

    By thisnicknamingissingular?
    Are you serious? I don’t know if this was the app, DirectTV, AT&T, or what. All I know is this doesn’t work
  • Oops, something went wrong. 1/5

    By MasterGoose
    After the latest update, the message in the title above is what appears along with “blue screen of death”. Was working fine before that. Well, as fine as an ATT product can anyway.
  • Cannot Switch Users 2/5

    By Allison2970
    Our account was originally set up with my name/email, then my hubby changed from Directv to directv now and changed the user name and password to his account info. I have downloaded, deleted, and re-downloaded this app and it will not allow me to switch users. It keeps telling me they miss me and to set up an account. So consequently, when my husband is not home or his phone is dead, I cannot watch tv, just Prime, Hulu or other memberships. Has been VERY frustrating without a remote where any of us can just turn on the TV. When I have his phone or laptop handy, it seems to work okay BUT prefer the remote!!
  • Video quality setting 3/5

    By TonyYeung
    Video quality setting resets every time the app launches. Other than that it’s good.
  • Not working 1/5

    By Nyx95
    I can’t log in. Now there’s just a blank blue screen showing. What’s going on?
  • Won’t let me login 1/5

    By tmh97225
    Every time I try, over a period of weeks, it gives me the “Oops something went wrong” error box.

    By JBaker31
    This app never, EVER, EEEVVVEEERRR works. I downloaded it a couple of months ago and every time I try to log in I get a “sorry for the inconvenience. Try again later” message. I have tried every user name from AT&T and DirecTV and it NEVER works. Both AT&T and DirecTV have been a mess since they merged. This app is just the manifestation of their mess.
  • Crash 1/5

    By Mtwrfss
    I’m not sure why, but something is wrong with logging in to app today.
  • Service is good. App is crap on Apple TV 4K. 1/5

    By mikebond007
    The old channel lineup is some of the best out there and the quality of video is actually really good... when it works. It’s been months since the audio sync issue on Apple TV has started happening and att still had no fix for it. The issue is terrible. After watching for 30 seconds the audio is out of since with the video and video frame rate drops to a slideshow. Every time I chat with them they tell me they know about it, but months later still no fix.
  • Login error AGAIN! 1/5

    By KK20110
    Just when it seems fixed I get an error again when logging in. Then it’s down for DAYS! This is how I watch tv. I don’t want to login on the browser. It’s a pain and doesn’t work well. Ridiculous to pay for a service that is constantly buggy and down.
  • Apple TV and iPhone 1/5

    By catdog7:
    I can’t even log in on my iPhone or Apple TV 🙄
  • Not working 4/5

    By sharita79
    So I have at&t with direct tv and when I try to sign in on the at&t tv app on my Roku and phone it’s not allowing me too. Pleas help me out here
  • Good service 4/5

    By rpizzo68
    I like the service. It gives me access to all of the channels that I need, albeit not for much savings over cable/satellite. However, I like not having a contract and the ease of changing services if I choose from month to month. A couple of requests to the developer that come from FuboTV. You should review their app if you haven’t.: 1. Previous channel selection (great for flipping between sporting events). 2. Being able to change the order of your favorite channels. 3. I also like that you can bring up the channel/show images of what is currently on in Fubo and scroll side to side so you can still watch what’s on while looking for other shows. 4. Rewind/FF live tv. Not sure why you’re not able to do that with this service, but it’s frustrating that you can’t. If you can add these features over time, I think you have a homerun because you already have great channel selection/variety but the lack of these features holds the service back a little. It would just makes it easier and more pleasurable for the user if your app was a little more like Fubo’s. Otherwise, the service has a great picture. You wouldn’t know you’re not using cable.
  • SO MANY ADS!!! 1/5

    By EVANB0616
    Can’t watch a show without 120 seconds of ads every like 10 mins.
  • No help 1/5

    By kj hair spa
    No phone number to get help even though I pay $70 a month for service. No help in the app. When I open the app on my iPad and go to settings in the help center there is NOTHING!
  • Poor support 1/5

    By Every flipping name was taken!
    Same issue with error when signing in, but no problem hitting my credit card
  • Terrible 1/5

    By Jwjwjwjw4
    Decided to stop working with 1:30 left in the Super Bowl. Ruined my party.
  • ADS GALORE 2/5

    By I am des
    This app has 2-5 minutes of ads for every 5 minutes of programming you watch. It’s absolutely ridiculous!!! It’s more ads than actual TV. The ads pretty much double your watch time, It’s crazy. Cut down on the ads and this would be a good app.
  • Lack of local channels is annoying and awful. 1/5

    By -Donnation-
    Couldn’t even watch the SuperBowl last night on the app because they don’t carry CBS. Completely unacceptable.
  • Not reliable 2/5

    By Tsf1892
    Hardly ever works. I’m getting error messages on all my devices. Apple TV, iPhone, computer, Roku. I’ve had 2 shows I recorded just disappear. Come on AT&T, do better!
  • Still awful 2/5

    By The Tampa Pirate
    This app has improved in some ways but still crashes frequently. A perfect example was with 1:20 left in the Super Bowl the app decides to crash requiring me to exit and then re-log back in and I missed a critical moment in the game. For god’s sake get the app fixed so it stops crashing!
  • Taking payments no service 3/5

    By Tah601
    The app won’t even let me open it up to watch tv, but it’s quick to take my money every month. And it’s hard to reach customer service but it was easy for them to sign me up to take payments. Smh
  • no live account support 1/5

    By 48 user since 1989
    Aside from the app being buggy and annoying to use, AT&T only offers Chat with a bot for customer service I don’t have to call companies often, but for a service like this, they should have a phone number Even canceling after having the service for two years took all day!
  • Direct tv app 1/5

    By scratchgolf76
    Had direct tv app worked great most the time!! Now it won’t let me says not authorized! So downloaded this app like I was told amd it says I need to subscribe to it what a joke
  • Can’t login 1/5

    By Ridgems
    The “AT&T WatchTV” app works fine, but this new one won’t even let me login. Not sure why. I was excited to try it out.
  • Commercial volume is annoyingly loud 2/5

    By ARQuigley
    Please for the love of my hearing address the volume of the commercials to normalize to the same volume as the programming. The commercials are easily 30% louder volume than the programming and recoiling from the volume change and scrambling to turn down the volume and then back up is getting very old.
  • Great Alternative from Hulu Live/YouTube 5/5

    By Andarrio6
    Works great with the Apple TV! I just wish some of the channels from AT&T Watch TV were on here as well. This is a great alternative to not get a cable box and just stream away. Now that AT&T has added more cloud storage and streams, I don’t have to worry about losing saved content that I share with someone else. Keep it up!
  • Horrible support of ATV4K 1/5

    By CPNRyan
    Unless the ATV4K is set to 1080p, the audio and video go out of sync. This has been a known issue that ATT has ignored for months. No other app (Hulu, Netflix, Disney+) has this issue regardless of its native resolution when the ATV is set to 4K. Support’s solution is to downgrade the ATV output to 1080p. How is this considered acceptable?
  • What happened?! 2/5

    By Louisville Daniel
    This was a great app! The video lags way behind the audio constantly. I do not have this problem with any other app. Netflix, Prime Video, Hulu, Disney+, ... all work without any problems. This has been going on now for months! Not just at my house, but at my moms and sisters house too. If this app is not fixed soon, we are all going to be switching.
  • Latest update doesn’t work on iPad 1/5

    By mbs99
    It won’t accept my login credentials on the iPad now. Works on iPhone, though.
  • No support for LG TV! 1/5

    By What A. Waste
    Really?! No app for my brand new $1200 LG TV?! This is sad. Keep up or get left behind ATT!!!
  • Direct TV login creds don’t work 1/5

    By Black34774
    DIRECTV says my login should work, but keeps asking for a subscription that I have. It’s a bad error loop.
  • Hate AT&T TV NOW 1/5

    By S.B_86
    this is the worst service I have ever had! Customer service is no help, they took my money and gave me a piece of 💩 plan that I cannot use, I was told that they cannot change my package for a whole month, so not only are they keeping my money but I also cannot the shows that I previously recorded, and on top of that they took more money out of my account and will not refund it!! Don’t waste your money, AT&T is horrible!!!
  • Downhill slide to hades 2/5

    By Tune Taur
    I didn’t think it was for AT&T to make the AT&T TV app any worse than it was, but holy heck, they’ve done it. The reliability has gone into the toilet, and now they’re also dropping channels. (Apparently they are trying to convince us that “Less is more”) The app keeps freezing. I have to sign back into the service every week. Pretty much every day I have to force quit the app when I launch it, as it sits there on a blue screen, with a “pulsing” horizontal blue bar while trying to “load” a channel.
  • To many price increases 3/5

    By 9o8i7u
    I cut the cable to save money. I signed up after it went live for a year hoping all the bugs had been worked out. It was pretty good for awhile, but with every update, it got worse. The ondemand feature only shows a few shows. But, if you search for something you know has been on, you can find it, it not thru ondemand. Prices have went up 3 times in the last 2 years and channels have been dropped that I specifically wanted. It is getting up to cable prices. I am considering an antenna. Have one and it’s getting the local channels that I want and costing nothing and I live in a very rural area. The only way to contact them is thru chat. It may be the same owners, but customer service was better when it was Directv now.
  • Audio is Out of Sync - Apple TV 4K 1/5

    By EsquireGamer
    Audio and video have been out of sync since September 2019. Literally. Just google the issue and you’ll see how widespread it is...since September 2019. I’ll say it again for the people in the back - AUDIO HAS BEEN OUT OF SYNC SINCE SEPTEMBER 2019.

AT&T TV app comments

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