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  • Current Version: 4.0.23
  • Adult Rating: 12+
  • Developer: AT&T Services, Inc.
  • Compatibility: Android
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DIRECTV STREAM is the fresh way to stream all the entertainment you love. Live or On Demand, at home or on the go, big screen or small - no matter how you like to watch, we bring your TV together. No matter your passion, we’ve got you covered with live sports, breaking news and thousands of On Demand titles. Watch your recorded programs on your schedule with cloud DVR, binge hit movies & most talked about shows, and quickly find your favorite shows using our intuitive user interface. Please note: this app features Nielsen’s proprietary measurement software which contributes to market research, like Nielsen’s TV Ratings. For more information visit:

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DIRECTV STREAM app reviews

  • This app Is getting worse 2/5

    By First Team All American
    The app on streaming devices is getting worse the load time is too slow the guide stops and won’t continue to circle around as it did before you need to fix it.
  • Guide Navigation 3/5

    By FloridaGary
    With todays update, I am no longer able to navigate the Direct TV Guide listings or tiles “one” at a time. It skips every other network. For example, open the Guide, it defaults to A&E Network. If I try to navigate to the next network listing below (ABC) it skips over it and lands on AMC. The network tiles behave the same way. App has been deleted, then rebooted/unplugged Apple TV device, currently on TVOS 15.0, reinstalled Direct TV Streaming App and the problem still exists. I am not able to access 1/2 the content I’m paying for. I also tried navigating with phone app and it also skips. No other streaming apps are behaving this way by accessing through the Apple TV device. Please fix. 10/7 App Update - Navigating the menu on TVOS has been fixed….thank you. For me, the FF and Rewind on the DVR since the last update and also the recent update is still difficult to navigate.
  • Why no login for DirectTV customers? 2/5

    By Slim351983
    This streaming service has no support for loyal Direct TV customers, only ATT customers. This makes no sense at all. If you are going to pay for the service, YouTube offers more channels at a cheaper cost - DIRECTTV NEEDS TO GET IT TOGETHER!
  • What’s going on? 1/5

    By Amandanwosu
    Anybody else being randomly told that they need to subscribe again?
  • Improved, but not there yet 3/5

    By Docstens
    This is a bundled review of the app for iOS and tv os. Quite an improvement in speed over the old ATT TVNow app, so at least I’m not frustrated immediately. Channels and recordings load reasonably promptly, and the app responds to gestures and remote (for Apple TV) much faster. On the tv, FF is still awkward and imprecise. The competition (cough) YouTubeTV(cough) makes good use of the Siri remote. DirecTV doesn’t. The competition’s TV OS interface is much easier to use without scrolling past the target. The guide here isn’t customizable, unlike the competition. If DirecTV wasn’t the only service carrying regional sports, specifically my partner’s favorite NBA games, I’d stick with the competition, whose app is much more polished, uses Siri, and who doesn’t charge extra for unlimited cloud DVR. Yes, the extra charge for the DVR irritates me. This is an improvement, deserving recognition. I’ll still go back to the competition after the NBA is done.
  • Are you trying to force people to buy your streaming device? 1/5

    By warmtimes
    Using FireTV Stick: This app used to be stable, and fast forward in a straight forward, understandable way. Now it crashes often, the fast forward function is choppy, and unpredictable. Also, when pulling up the guide, or even trying the last channel watched feature, it goes to some seemingly, random time in the future or past. Another change is scrolling through the guide use to loop around your channels, now it’s a hard stop at A and Z, please make it loop through the channels again
  • One of the worst apps I’ve used 1/5

    By Drizzy249024
    The app does not work well on my iPhone or on my Samsung Smart TV. While multitasking on my phone, if i switch back to full screen, it stops playing, loads, then switches to a random channel. Very frustrating experience. Will be trying YouTube TV next.
  • Latest Update 1/5

    By kagunter9
    What happened? It says bugs and fixes for double clicking but it’s worse now! I had never noticed this happening before now. I can’t select a channel or if I’m on the channel select programming. Get it together!
  • Doesn’t Let You Resume Shows You’ve Stareted 1/5

    By BGs_Fan
    more than once I’ve started a movie to come back to it later, click the resume button, and it will not let you start where you left off. You have to restart the whole movie and you’re not able to fast forward so the on-demand movies are useless unless you can watch the whole movie at one time. Very disappointed in this app
  • Used to be better 1/5

    By anniebcw
    I don’t know what has happened since this app initially came out but it’s gotten worse and worse over the years. It’s super slow and crashes pretty frequently. I’ve also noticed at least 3 times that the programming has been off by an hour. Like the 5pm news is airing at 6pm and things stay off by an hour the rest of the day. It’s pretty frustrating!
  • App stoped working with Harmony Remote 1/5

    By GME2815
    DIRECTV Stream app now skips every other channel and menu option when using a Harmony remote. For instance, when you go into the menu, it drops the cursor at the “Watch Now” button. If you click once to the left to go to “My Library” it skips over My Library and lands on “OnDemand”. Same thing happens when trying to scroll thru channels in the Guide. One click skips over the next channel and lands you on the third so that it is impossible to pick the skipped over channel. Basically, the apps reads one click from the remote as two clicks. This just started in the last build. Hopefully, they’ll fix it. I’m sure lying enough for the service.
  • Dtv stream 1/5

    By missraquell
    Can’t rewind and fast forward anymore out of no where it closes my tv app as if I’m not watching it!
  • Terrible since update to Directv Stream 1/5

    By keirth
    Yet to watch tv on my phone, just get the loading screen. Controls glitched using the app on my tv and wouldn’t let me watch anything either until I unplugged my fire stick and plugged it back in. Missed the live sports I was trying to watch. The controls glitched again later
  • Terrible App 1/5

    By Fleece Army Commander
    Can’t even use it because it says my user and password are wrong despite using the same to login on the computer. Fix your stuff!!
  • Bugs ARE a feature 1/5

    By Captain Custerdome
    I’ve used DirecTVNow / AT&T apps and service for a couple of years now. On the Apple TV platform in particular, no matter how many updates are released, no matter which name the app bears, two basic bugs have persisted in EVERY version: 1 - frequent dropouts - the TV signal goes black and silent. Were this due to a weak WiFi signal, clicking the “menu” button would not bring the signal back immediately every time - but it does. Something in the software is apparently making this happen. 2 - quite often, the program guide will only update and populate when accessed from the “Watch Now” screen. Accessing the guide from the regular menu just stalls and blinks without updating. These two problems having persisted and never being fixed tells me that the app development at AT&T is severely flawed and mismanaged. It also tells me that they simply want to focus on new subscribers without focusing on providing quality service. I will likely be dumping their service and signing up with one of their competitors very soon. *Update 6/28/21 - so how many years now does a giant company like AT&T have to get an app right? Apparently not enough. The AppleTV ATT TV Now app is worse than ever before. Crashes daily on an AppleTV 4K HD. Very slow loading channels, the guide is still buggy, the app doesn’t respond well to remote commands and randomly exits to the AppleTV main menu. Why is it companies with deep pockets hire the worst app programmers? Perpetual epic fail. Update 10/14/21 (Apple TVOS): Always new bugs in this app. This time, it’s the Guide. Up/down scrolling through channels jumps two at a time, making half of subscribed channels inaccessible. No idea why after YEARS, they cannot make this app functional.
  • Are you listening AT&T? ...and still there? 2/5

    By Spider6-two
    October 2021: OAN funded/supported by AT&T (Reuters News) 13 Dec: today? ...I find an undisclosed detail from a recent update made my devices still using IOS 11 incompatible. Why?Perhaps if the App had shown any improvements, it might be worth it. But no, it remains TOTALLY consistent. ...consistently poor. Yesterday, the guide had ABC listed for every channel. ...took 3 restarts to get it back to normal. 26July/3Sep‘20 —> How many times is this App going to ask if I’m still there? I turn on the App...and that prompt is waiting for me! I change the channel...and it asks again. A show I’m bouncing around from one thing to another...and it asks yet again! a pretty poor user-experience...that just isn’t getting any better. Besides the ridiculous interruptions, the guide tends to either (1) not refresh or (2) simply not work. And...all these problems occur across all my/our devices. in, it’s not a “me” problem. ...oh...the guide! ...I’m watching “this” why does the guide show me I’m on “that” channel? To do: - figure out how to continually clear the cache...for the guide & programming - make the App understand that it’s a timed-lack-of-interaction that should prompt any all. ...when things work, things are pretty good.’s more painful than it’s perhaps poor programming channels are added...and cost slowly increases. $25 when I a legacy $60 would cost $80. ...upping it $10+- too often.
  • Are you saving money by not hiring testers? 1/5

    By galbert
    tvOS app is a mess. Latest update 4.0.23 and the guide is unusable. When watching one channel and open guide to move to another a different channel and time slot is highlighted. Huh? What is that about, the app should know exactly where I am. Moving thru the guide or anywhere else and the cursor jumps 2 or 3 slots up, down, right, or left. Does not matter, it just skips around. Seriously is there ANY regression testing to make sure when fixing one thing 23 other things aren’t broken? First rule of programming on any platform is to make sure you do not break something. Given how complex this app is 1-2 hours of regression testing and you would have all use cases covered. I get your main product is your stock and the service you provide to paying customers is something that just gets in the way of shareholder value, but even in economics 101: no product = no customers = no company = no stock = $0 for shareholders.
  • Why did the interface change?? 2/5

    By Makita_Hawks
    The latest update that changed the interface made the app more cumbersome to use. Fast forward, rewind is more difficult. I now have to make more selections to start something I’ve DVRed. After watching for an hour or so the “back” fiction stops working forcing me to “force stop” the app and restart it. And then, as others have noted, what I was watching wouldn’t start where I left off, and usually at the beginning. Please fix the bugs the update created!!!
  • Disappointing 2/5

    By TennGal79
    This app is terrible! The ATT TV app was finally starting to be a decent app, then it changed back to DirecTv. The app is trash and definitely a downgrade. Constantly crashes in the middle of shows and the fast forward/rewind feature is ridiculous. This should have been an improvement, but is far from it!
  • Not for IOS users. You’re out of luck if you have an iPad/iPhone 2/5

    By osbfan
    Just spent over an hour with AT&T troubleshooting why I can’t get the app to open on my iPhone or iPad. After more than an hour on the phone with them, they stated the app wasn’t configured for use on IOS. The app opens and plays perfectly well on my smart tvs using the fire stick. That’s the only reason they got 2 stars. How about fixing that bug for those of us traveling and out of our houses and would like to utilize DirectTV Stream that’s supposed to be able to be used and viewed across all devices as advertised!!!
  • Disappointed 2/5

    By pcc12345
    Trying Directv Stream, on Apple TV. Watching a show on the cloud DVR, and Siri can’t be used to skip a commercial, the skip 10 seconds buttons don’t work, and there is no preview of where you are as you try to scroll forward. Had DVRs for years and this is unacceptable, one of the main reasons to record a show is to fast forward through the commercials, this takes longer than watching the commercial. May need to try another app for local tv.
  • Constant errors 1/5

    By LMR571
    My price keeps going up, but quality goes down. When I play something in my library, the sound plays, but the picture stays frozen. I have to hit the button to advance 15 seconds to get it to play. I just finished watching one of my recordings and was kicked out twice. The screen will freeze and no buttons will work, and then it’s just back to my FireStick home page, so I have to open the app back up and go to it again. While watching regular TV, it crashes and goes back to the home page about every hour. The new pause, fast forward and rewind is very delayed. This issue just started when they updated the name to the stream icon. I thought this was supposed to be an update, but nothing is better. Everything is worse.
  • Awful 1/5

    By carajasmin
    This constantly crashes right in the middle of you watching something. Also, the fast forward function is horrible! Please fix it, it’s so buggy!
  • Can’t log in 1/5

    By noustname11
    It won’t let me even log in. I know my username and password as I just used it but the app is saying it’s incorrect, but there is no support to contact. Useless
  • App doesn’t work 1/5

    By King Mal Pal
    I can sign in with my Roku but the App on my iPad and iPhone doesn't work. Say I have invalid credentials. 🤦🏻‍♂️
  • Garbage 1/5

    By Monkey silliness
    Recording does not work. I've scheduled multiple recordings in the app which are on my list to be recorded yet do not ultimately record.
  • Fix the AppleTV app 1/5

    By Pjorgfl
    My only real complaint is that when you hit up, down, left, and right when using the Apple TV app it moves 2 places instead of one. This is extremely annoying as it’s difficult to access certain channels in the guide. May be Bc I’m using a harmony remote instead of the appletv remote but it should work either way.
  • Updating and improvements 5/5

    By Ralph Augostini
    This App needs updating and it loggias it the Apple TV provider with watching tv Thank you)
  • Local channels not available on Mobile 2/5

    By Dharrisssss
    Can’t access local channels on my phone.
  • Wisteria app ever 1/5

    By G-man5
    Constantly crashes. Of all the Direct TV / ATT apps, this one is the worst
  • Direct stream 2/5

    By eastsiderunner
    Why can’t I stream on my Kindle Fire? I was told when I signed up I could stream using the app….
  • App is TERRIBLE 1/5

    By Lacey54321
    This app is TERRIBLE ! There are so many issues I won’t take my whole day to list them but for starters. Log on is glitchy. App crashes. This App Was Not Ready For Release !! Some Suit Forced Early Release. That Person Should Be Fired But Will Probably Get A Promotion for Meeting Their Deadline. I tried to enter the nickname Disappointed but it was already taken. That says it all. Pathetic.
  • Glitchy 1/5

    By Dmanw
    I have an active account and no matter what I try the only message I get when attempting to use the app after sign in says they want me back as a customer. Uninstall and reinstall, sign out and sign in again, doesn’t matter what I try, no fix to the issue
  • Local channels 3/5

    By 123/:43
    How do I change my zip code on the app? I use stream only through my Roku and I’ve moved but all my local channels are still in my old state.
  • Oh come on 😒 1/5

    By 🐝🌺🍄bumblebee🐝🌺🍄
    It’s a good app but then I had to update it but I tried to update it and it did not work so I went on another app to see if it’s my internet connection but it wasn’t... I think this app is giving a lots of people trouble... plz get this fixed ☹️
  • Needs work 2/5

    By rpa011
    The fast forward / rewind is terrible in this app, at least if your using Amazon Fire stick. I press the arrow / FF button, it’s at least 3 seconds before the app responds. Long enough to make you press it 3 times thinking it’s not responding then next thing you know, your 10 mins past where you wanted to be. I know it’s the app because Netflix / HBO max work perfectly every time. Fix it or I will find something else… I got the service to relax, not pull my hair out every time I use it.
  • Need improvement 2/5

    By hockey 283
    This streaming service was better when it was AT&T TV now. I was able to scroll all the way to the bottom channel then it would roll over to the top and continue to scroll down. Now you go to the bottom channel and it does not roll over you have to go back up and see the channels you didn’t want to watch a second time.
  • Was fine…. Until it wasn’t 1/5

    By smurphie924
    Every time ATT changes the app, it takes forever to get it working properly. Then- they change again. Right now, I can only get HBO skinny on the app. No tv, no dvr, no on-demand, no library. They can’t seem to fix it so nothing is happening. I give up. I’m probably going to cxl & go somewhere else.

    By 1shortofparlay
    I am having the same problems as users below. Doesn’t recognize username or password, changed password several times. Customer service is broken. The brand mixup between ATT AND DIRECTTV is confusing. Please update your app. I will have to cancel if not.
  • Worst Streaming App 1/5

    By CBomb201
    Ever since they switched from AT&T to DIRECTV, I have continuously been given error messages to glitches every single time that I use this app. It’s so unreliable that it has become my least used streaming app bc it almost seems like a hassle to use. They have got to get a handle on the glitches fast or I’ll be switching over to other provider and By the other reviews on here, it don’t seem like I’m the only one having all of these issues.
  • problems 1/5

    By elwuer0
    i can’t sign in for over a month. i use a password manager so no input errors. can login on web site and on apple tv but not on my iphone or ipad. i receive an error that my user id or password is incorrect. for the amount i’m paying each month this isn’t right.
  • Good but….. 4/5

    By kyle12186
    Love the app and service, but anyway we can get a DVR extension for live sporting events. I have missed so many endings. Thanks!
  • Less than 1 star!!! 1/5

    By Reb11223
    I have spent hours talking with customer services and gotten absolutely no where. Ever since switching over from ATT TVnow I am unable to sign in to this app at all. Streaming tv without an app to stream with. Waste of time and money. Get your IT together and customer service knowledgeable. Disgrace.
  • Doesn’t work 1/5

    By jb94520
    I cannot login to Directv Stream on my ipad. No problem on my Firestick so I know my user id and password are correct.
  • Streaming is terrible 1/5

    By Pretties2
    This app can’t keep track of where you are when using Picture in Picture and as of today the Picture in Picture feature on my iPhone doesn’t work?? If this is a way to get people to watch the show and commercials on full screen then you’ve found the fastest way for me to dump your streaming service.
  • Terrible 1/5

    By An100000000
    This app is TERRIBLE! There are significant delays in response time to try and fast forward or rewind. It takes forever to load. It moves so slowly. It’s just keeps getting worse and worse
  • DVR saves too many episodes 2/5

    By KidFromKrypton
    DVR saves 10 episodes at a time. This is a problem because it uses up all of your memory on about 4 shows. I don’t need 10 episodes saved per show. If you could limit how many episodes were saved per show, you would be able to record more shows. And it’s impossible to keep up with deleting them all. Also, because Apple TV doesn’t let you write a review for the ATV app, I’ll write it here: The new Siri remote does not work when you try to jump 30 seconds forward or backward, on their Apple TV app.
  • Recent update makes watching almost unbearable 1/5

    By DW CO
    The recent update and controls are awful and make the application slow and awkward.If it wasn’t for access to local channels I would cancel as soon as possible.
  • Shows cut off early. 1/5

    By Ittiam
    Why are some of my recordings cutting off before end of show? We have never had this problem before.