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  • Current Version: 4.0.32
  • Adult Rating: 12+
  • Developer: AT&T Services, Inc.
  • Compatibility: Android
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The DIRECTV App, for DIRECTV and DIRECTV STREAM customers, is the fresh way to stream all the entertainment you love. Live or On Demand, at home or on the go, big screen or small - no matter how you like to watch, we bring your TV together. No matter your passion, we’ve got you covered with live sports, breaking news and thousands of On Demand titles. Binge hit movies & most talked about shows, and quickly find your favorite shows using our intuitive user interface. Please note: this app features Nielsen’s proprietary measurement software which contributes to market research, like Nielsen’s TV Ratings. For more information visit:

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DIRECTV app reviews

  • Interface 1/5

    By Andy Swats
    I am sure no one at Direct Stream actually use the app because it wouldn’t be so bad on Apple TV. There is absolutely nothing convenient to use. Cant find anything unless you have memorized every channel’s numbers and call signs. Cant add to favorites easily. I’d say it is possible it has the worst interface of any app in the store. I haven’t tried every app, but it is hard to imagine a worse way of operating. If I had a channel on Direct Stream, I’d have some complaints.
  • Horrible support 1/5

    By Mrs y
    I cannot get my DIRECTV receiver to connect to my apps. I have been on the phone, been bounce between support for AT&T and DIRECTV, and got a new receiver for it still not to work. Support is very condescending and still have no issues fixes.
  • Good streaming 4/5

    By Go UVa
    The app performs its functions well. On the AppleTV app please make the screen saver an option to turn off.
  • Just another way DirecTV is stuck in the past 1/5

    By AshMore008
    While trying to use this app on my phone in order to set some shows to record, the app starts playing live TV with audio. There is no easy way to stop this and though the TV window can minimize, when it does it can be in the way of what you’re trying to read or access. No matter what options I tap on, when starting the app it always starts on live TV. It’s June 2022 an after just doing a Google search I see that people have been complaining about this issue as far back as 2019. I don’t have a desire to watch TV on my phone and I don’t have a desire to put up with this annoying feature they apparently have no desire to remove or give users the option to turn it off.
  • Logging in 2/5

    By eyaknerak1
    I don’t understand why I have to login every single time I use this. Other streaming services I have keep me logged in. It is such a pain!!
  • This is great!!! 5/5

    By Twidge1
    I don’t know why there are so many negative reviews. The old app always crashed, wouldn’t sync with my vcr, and always was a big headache. This new app is wonderful! Has not crashed yet. I can actually watch my show and answer a text! A lot of people are complaining about recording from it, but I didn’t have any issues. It recorded just fine Thank you for creating an app that works
  • This is actually better! 4/5

    By MDeter67
    I’ve been using the new AirPlay function with my phone and it’s fantastic that I can now use AirPlay when I don’t have a TV that’s connected to a receiver. The one strange thing for me is when I use AirPlay I can’t seem to figure out how to turn the captions off if they can fix that one issue I’d give it all 5 stars. Plus bring the white background up behind the status bar no need to hide the notch.
  • New DirecTV App 2/5

    By JoyCam1
    I recently downloaded the “new” DirecTV app. It’s worse than the old one! I have lost all my previously recorded programs! I cannot watch most of the programs that are currently on either. There is no way to download them to my IPhone or IPad to watch later. I do not have the streaming feature, so that’s also out. What happened?????
  • Isn’t working yet again 1/5

    By aka.Bobby
    I’m always having problems with the Directv AppleTV app. I keep getting a error message right in the middle of the screen saying that there is “No Network Connection” even though the connection is just fine. I’m not even sure why I even pay for this service anymore. I should probably switch to Spectrum or give YouTube TV a try.
  • bueno 2/5

    By Chuchoyayo
    This new Direct TV APP is frustrating. It keeps disconnecting from my dvr and when it does, it doesn’t show my recordings, and all my receivers which I have only been able to see them all, once. It’s very disappointing. It doesn’t hold my shows were I left off, I have to start all over and what a waste of time because I can’t even fast forward. It also doesn’t stop playing, even if I pause, when I go away from the app. Although, I love the fact that I’m able to bookmark my favorites. Please advise and fix the issues or go back to the old App. Thank you Marina
  • Horrid app. Compared to prior app, a disaster 1/5

    By SMS82
    This app makes an already marginal service (direct TV on an iOS device) more horrible than it already was before. This is no improvement. The layout is non intuitive. The whole app is designed to sell you shows rather than show you what you are already paying for. And, the WORST: there is a picture in picture ad running all the time. All the time, for something you didn’t want to see. It’s just always there until you select something. It’s the same terrible idea that Netflix was doing for awhile, assuming you wanted something playing while you were searching for what you were actually interested in. Stupid. Terrible app and service.
  • I’m not deaf 2/5

    By Dredbuf
    Annoying as f#@$ . Every time I want to use it it automatically goes to closed captioning. I have to turn it on and off again . The guide won’t scroll. I’m just about done with directv
  • Trash 1/5

    By name taken &&&
    It says Looking for network and never lets me view my guide unless I’m connected to Wi-Fi
  • Awful update 1/5

    By A great reader 417
    I just want to record my show and there is a player in the corner and all it shows is the secrets of playboy! I can’t get to my current day’s show and I can’t turn the player off. I DO NOT or will I EVER watch this! Go back to the original app!
  • DIRECTV 1/5

    By Mergybaby1
    New…yes. Improved…not even close. I can no longer program my DVR from my phone or iPad. I have done everything that it tells me to do and still nothing. I would give 0 stars if that was an option.
  • Junk 1/5

    By Sergeant Stick
    If there were a choice for this app of negative ratings it would be in the negative choice. I’m stuck on a&e. Can’t get any other Choices. The original app was much better. IT WORKED!
  • New app is horrible! 1/5

    By Tartan Princess
    With the old app we could download shows from our DVR to watch when we didn’t have a cell signal, like in a hospital or on a plane. I downloaded the new app after a few weeks of being prompted and now shows can only be watched on the DVR. Totally useless!
  • Will not setup DVR recording 1/5

    By DaveWaterworth
    This new app will not setup recordings with my DVR’s. This new app will not show my playlist for my DVR’s. The old app does these things just fine. I gave this app 1 star because it connects and works much faster than the old app. But it is worthless if it hard to use and doesn’t perform recordings.
  • Honest Review 2/5

    By k0tt0n
    Directv & AT&T have always had flawed or poorly optimized apps and websites. This review will pertain to this app only. Browsing the app, particularly when scrolling, is extremely laggy. It can be compared to a screen with a 5 hertz refresh rate (I am on an iPhone 12 Pro Max so not slow by any means). This reminds me of old android phones from 10 years ago. When I press the show to continue watching it opens the show but also automatically opens another window with a countdown that will take me back to the live TV that loaded when I opened the app. This is totally counter intuitive. Question is why would the developers think we want to go back to live TV (which opens automatically) over what I started the app to watch and have just pressed on. To get rid of this you must quickly press the tiny ‘X’ to continue watching. Lastly the shows I am watching are constantly stopping every 10 minutes or so. Exiting to the main menu and opening the show isn’t enough to get it going again. I have to close the app and go through the above items all over again. Most of the time it starts me off with an ad, very annoying considering sometimes I may have just watched a set of ads. Each of these is minus one star in the review. The sudden video stopping should be 1.5 stars but I feel this app deserves 2 stars because it does allow me to view content through the bugs and poor optimization.
  • The worst streaming ever!!!! 1/5

    By dont do it!!!!!
    I have so many streaming services and this is the WORST!!! One issue is if you happen to fall asleep while watching something and you want to start off where you left off you cannot!!!! You have to start over…ridiculous!!!! Also, not being able to fast forward through commercials is also ridiculous!!! When you record on your TV and watch back you can fast forward through commercials but when you watch the same recording bit on the app you cannot!!! RIDICULOUS!!! I am seriously considering changing to a cable service like Spectrum!!!
  • Finally!! 5/5

    By Angela Cherry
    I finally can officially say that I love the app! The update is a huge improvement! It actually works and doesn’t crash every five seconds! Stepping into 2022 with the revamp! The ability to truly watch and do something else on my phone is another upgrade that works! 👍👍 Two thumbs up!!
  • Cannot Stream from my DVR 1/5

    By Nintendork1985
    The new app does not let me stream or download programs from my DVR to my phone/tablet anymore. Switching back to the old DIRECTV app that allows that function.
  • Doesn’t work 1/5

    By TC123401
    Once again DirecTV has created the idea of an excellent app however in reality, once again it is poorly executed. You can’t watch any show you have recorded on your DVR, you can’t even see them. The app tells you to pull down to refresh the list, you can’t pull down to refresh that screen. Poorly done again DirecTV.
  • Useless GUI and search 1/5

    By LVtothe123
    What a terrible interface! All I wanted to do was open the app and record the race that is starting today in 2 hours. I go to search, type in F1, nothing found. I scroll thru the guide and it simply says Auto Racing but no description. I opened the old DIRECTV app that luckily I hadn’t erased, went to search, typed in F1 and it pulled up everything to do with F1, I found the race, recorded with extra time, done within 30 seconds. Went back to this new app to find it’s only known as Formula One and couldn’t recognize F1. So the new app can’t search the same works that the old app can? Not to mention the white background is terrible to look at, the words are washed out and the play window constantly puts itself on top even though I swiped it away…Ohh, it’s back! Really wants me to watch whatever show they’re peddling. But it won’t let me scroll down past it because the play window is on top of the scroll area so I can see half of the last show in a row but can’t move that part of the guide fully upwards. I quit trying and trashed this app. It’s not that hard, why can’t simple & effective be the motto?
  • Awful and extremely difficult to cancel 1/5

    By hw2087
    Extremely slow and glitchy app. Trying to cancel is very difficult. They force you to log in and verify identity several times, then you are forced to “chat” to an agent and verify 5x you want to cancel and go back over your identity again. All to cancel a free trial of a terrible app. DO NOT SIGN UP!
  • Figure out casting 1/5

    By travrazz
    Freezes/lags every 3 seconds while streaming to a chromecast that has no issues with other apps
  • Worst Streaming app on my phone 1/5

    By UwishuwereJaik
    There is no unpause button if the stream pauses due to internet or audio interruption. channels are automatically on mute. The UI is among the worst i have ever seen in any streaming app. Viewing a list of channels to watch is something you had to FIND. this is supposed to mimic television! The screen randomly minimizes. it’s supposed to do that when i turn the phone vertically (still, why on earth would i want that to be a default setting?) but it does it all the time. buttons are clunky. looks horrible. the people that made this, designed this, and approved it need to find new profession. seriously pathetic that this is the best a multi billion dollar company like at&t can do.
  • Won’t work for satellite subs 1/5

    By Jumpinjetta
    When I open the original app it prompts me to download this one. When I open it it won’t login saying I don’t have a stream subscription. I am a satellite subscriber but it said it’s for both now.
  • Keeps freezing 1/5

    By Jmbled
    I have tried to set up recording from the app twice. Both times the screen froze and I was unable to set it up. I much prefer the old app. It worked much better.
  • Garbage 1/5

    By Yippster
    This version replaced the earlier version a couple of weeks ago and it’s a complete piece of trash. It won’t change channels on my TV anymore. It also insists on loading a “stream” to my device which is impossible to close. All i want is the functionality of the old app so I can look at the guide and click on what I want to watch on my frigging TV. FIX IT!!!
  • Why make the app worse? 1/5

    By MDhoops
    The old version of the DTV app was magic. Watch shows, record when you are away from your home. This app update doesn’t even provide access to all channels? Why wreck what had been a fantastic app?
  • New app doesn’t work 1/5

    By IDLH.
    The old DIRECTV app worked fairly well, only minor issues here and there. It was updated about 2 weeks ago and now it never works. You’d think with all the money DIRECTV charges they could create a decent app but apparently not. Don’t waste your time.
  • Horrible 1/5

    By You_Rebel_Scum23
    Bring back the original app. This is supposed to be faster? It’s slower than my grandma walking…and she’s dead

    By FrankTheTank9M
    I can’t watch certain shows I’ve recorded on my DVR when using my iPhone. I’m at home, on the same Wi-Fi, restarted the receiver and reinstalled the app. Still doesn’t work. Pretty lame.
  • Home Network Issues 1/5

    By SaberDroid
    The old app, which I still use untill stuff gets fixed that works fine in the old one, I am able to use my mesh network to work any box in the house. This new one….I have to get on my old router’s Wi-Fi to connect to the boxes…this needs to be fixed ASAP….I shouldn’t have to Wi-Fi hop to use the app properly….old app handled this FINE wihtout having to Wi-Fi hop. And no, putting the DVR is NOT the appropriate solution since I have the DVR hardwired for a reason so we buffer less. Also add NIGHT MODE…there are TONS OF US who do not like WHITE light just blasting in your face all the time…Dark is easier on our eyes…it’s a normally included feature on pretty much every app ever made now-a-days…
  • Some functions better, some not! 3/5

    By JLS16
    I’ve been using the old Directv app since the day it first came out. One of my main issues with it was that it couldn’t do PIP. This new app does do PIP and the scrolling through channels is faster and smoother. Those are the improvements. Unfortunately, the new app removed the ability of users to download shows recorded onto your DVR to your phone or iPad which could be viewed without an internet connection. That was a particularly valuable function especially when traveling. I don’t understand removing such a vital function. I hope this is just a temporary situation that will be included in the next update. 🤞
  • Dvr 1/5

    By msqto
    All the content I record should be available on app as well. ATT Now had it. Comcast has it, Dish has it. Direct tv no
  • Awful changes to app 1/5

    By Rondi60
    This new app is awful and so difficult to use. Just like everything that had happened at DIRECTV since AT&T bought it.
  • Loses functionality with each update 1/5

    By Sunflare98
    It’s been a while since I used this app. While I can schedule recordings, I can no longer manage my DVR through this app. Lovely. Does anyone at DIRECTV actually use their half functioning app???
  • TITLE 1/5

    By Reality isn't online
    Possibly the worst app ever made by anyone
  • The worst ever 1/5

    By Kesersoze
    Worst ever
  • Laggy 1/5

    By iPhoneuser1122
    Very laggy and unresponsive, especially on AppleTV. I have to constantly close it out for it to function decently.
  • Use to love this app but not anymore if I can’t watch Live TV 1/5

    By Wyoming Goldprospector
    When I opened up the old app today so I can watch what was happening in the News (National networks), I was given a notice to download the new app. Basically I was forced to download this new app in order to use it. This new app states it will make users experience easier??? Well it isn’t and to be honest the old app was working just fine and no reason for it to be changed. So let’s just start off with some of the changes that I don’t agree on and why I am deleting this app. Once I downloaded new app, the GUI is horrible by all means. Everything is way too small along with the background which is now all white instead of the dark mode and the dark mode was much easier on my eyes for both daytime and nighttime. Next the lettering is so small that I cannot read it period where the old app the lettering was much bigger and I didn’t have an issue locating a channel or TV program and now I can’t find some Channels or the Channel #’s because it’s just to small and the channel icons again I can’t make it out because it’s to small of a print. Everything was perfect before the new changes. Finally the biggest issue I have is that now I cannot watch any live Tv anymore all because I refuse to turn on my location services. I didn’t have a problem with watching Live Tv in the past with the old app without needing the location services turned on unless I wanted to watch a local TV station in my area which I don’t anyways (rather go straight to their website for news). If I cannot watch Live Tv without having this app knowing where I am located at at all times then there is NO reason why I need to keep this app on my phone. My location Services is turned off for all apps on my iPhone 13 for a reason. I value my date & my privacy.
  • Constant errors 1/5

    By Pudd22
    The app is lagging constantly. When I am able to find a show to watch I get an error code every time.
  • Lost lots of functionality compared to old app 2/5

    By Swimmergirl58
    I guess this app has a fresher look but it certainly lost a lot of functionality I enjoyed in the old app. I wish I could go back to the old app. I’m not happy about this one. I used to use the old one to see the lineup for college football every weekend and that’s gone away. On top of which it doesn’t show any of the things recorded on my DVR. I really wish I could get the old version back.
  • Still not a good app 1/5

    By KGM5642
    Why can’t directv make an app that will allow me to access my DVR when I’m on my home Mesh network instead of the wifi from my art router. Besides the lack of DVR access, which is as bad as their old app, the live streaming seems to be better. Ultimately, it’s still a 1 star because I’d want the app to watch my DVR shows on the go. And that only works when I’m standing next to the router on their wifi.
  • So stupid 1/5

    By pooiyteedgjj
    This is so stupid on my way better talk to random wheel
  • No sound on new app 1/5

    By what nickname isn't tacken?
    Every time I open the new Directtv app there is no sound. I have to manually turn the sound on each time. The old app the sound was always on, the way it should be.
  • Huge Downgrade 1/5

    By JamesTKik
    Can’t exit live TV streams. They just get reduced to a thumbnail window but there is always a channel streaming live. WHY? Want to find a station? Hope you like swiping up and down. The old app had a list of channel numbers down the right side that allowed you to jump to the range you want. Now if you want to go to the 500’s it’s going to be a lot of scrolling. Took me way to long to find the simple channel guide for live streaming. I use this to stream live TV when I’m not sitting in front of one. I don’t need useless content suggestions. One redeeming factor is the old app still works, but I bet they’ll deprecate it soon so we all have to use this garbage.