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The DIRECTV App, for DIRECTV and DIRECTV STREAM customers, is the fresh way to stream all the entertainment you love. Live or On Demand, at home or on the go, big screen or small - no matter how you like to watch, we bring your TV together. No matter your passion, we’ve got you covered with live sports, breaking news and thousands of On Demand titles. Binge hit movies & most talked about shows, and quickly find your favorite shows using our intuitive user interface. Please note: this app features Nielsen’s proprietary measurement software which contributes to market research, like Nielsen’s TV Ratings. For more information visit:

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DIRECTV app reviews

  • Mobile recording not user friendly. 2/5

    By Pcoh1
    Need a better channel guide to make selection and to record program. The old App Was easier to use!!!
  • Bring back Newsmax 1/5

    By spagsthegardener
    How dare you cancel Newsmax. If you don’t restore it I will be canceling Direct TV.
  • Censorship 1/5

    By Enafogyaszto7
    I cannot wait to cancel you after you dropped NewsMax. You are overpriced and there is no place in my household for discrimination!
  • Streaming 4/5

    By Jimbo4516
    I love this app it’s handy now all we need is the YES network available to stream and Bally sports South available to stream on the Go the Question is when will the YES Network and Bally sports be available to stream on the go I can watch Bally sports at home on the app and On Tv and Yes Network on TV but I can’t watch on the go and where I work is 25-30 miles away from home
  • Direct TV’s Unethical Behavior 1/5

    By Minnie in TX
    As of January 25, 2023, I feel like living in America is living in a Socialist, Communist country! I pay Direct TV over $100 a month for my few favorite channels, and because of the Democratic National Political Party, and Direct TVs owner ATT, Newsmax is removed! From their channel lineup. Newsmax has a much large subscriber Base, larger than most cable news channels. Direct TV is discriminating against its own customers! I will be downgrading or cancelling my services with Direct Streaming services! Sincerely, a very disappointed and dissatisfied customer.
  • Communist tv new direct tv name 1/5

    By ksoskzkzosididisodofodo
    Cancels news max now to push only cnn propaganda sudden dealth getting exposed and the election millertime
  • Dropped Newsmax 1/5

    By Rtcarencro
    Not only did they nearly double my price in the last couple or few years but then they dropped OAN which cost me another $5 to subscribe but now they have dropped Newsmax. That’s the last straw. $114/mo. and I don’t get either if my favorite news stations and it’s strictly because of their politics to boot. AT&T chooses the censor conservative news. I’m cancelling immediately And even if they get Newsmax back, I’ve cut my ties. I’m going to FuboTV for 80 bucks.
  • My Roku ultra glitched 1/5

    By my Roku ultra glitch
    I was streaming a one of your videos on airplay and I was just on an app on my iPad and then I was gonna go back to the DIRECTV stream app but then when I got there well I was watching Despicable Me three and it glitched and then I was gonna write this, and instead of me watching Despicable Me three is it turned to Netflix original movie Seidenfeld that’s it
  • CANCELATION!!!!!! 1/5

    By adrenw54
  • Newsmax 1/5

    By Newsmax Fan
    Why would you censor Newsmax? That is the news platform I watch. It is one of the few places left that actually report news and not liberal propaganda. I am extremely disappointed with this decision as I am sure MILLIONS of others are as well. I will wait for your response but will not continue to be a customer if there is not a very good reason for this. I do hope you explain soon.
  • Cancelled newsmax, I cancelled DTV 1/5

    By linehan
    Return Newsmax!
  • New app doesn’t allow playlist 1/5

    By corefitness
    The old app was great, the new app has issues. I can’t see my dvr playlist anymore, I did everything to try to fix. Called for tech support. He said it was being worked on and would be fixed with next update. Well there was an update but it still does not work! I’m disappointed. I miss the old app!
  • Newsmax 5/5

    By Dcole58123
    I watch at least an hour to two hours daily. When I get home from work, I would appreciate it if you would put Newsmax back into your lineup I have been with DIRECTV for more years that I can count. I would hate to have to change providers at this point, but I do enjoy watching Newsmax. Hope to see it back in your lineup shortly. I’m putting five stars because I have been able to watch Newsmax.
  • Att is leftist garbage 1/5

    By Hydguy
    ATT is an anti-American, leftist pile of human excrement.
  • Difficult to just ‘record’ 3/5

    By Amtrekman
    I go to the guide and want to record a show via my iPhone 11 but there appears to be no easy way to only record. I DON’T want to watch immediately on my phone, so it’s annoying to have it pop on the screen. I just want to record. Also, I have HDR/4K on my TV (channels 104-106), but haven’t found a way to record ANY of those remotely via iPhone. They’re just not in the listings. I also wish that for the money I pay for DirecTV, there would be a dedicated HDR/4K channel just for 24-hour free HDR/4K movies (like ones that appear occasionally on Ch. 104). I don’t buy pay-per-view — I pay enough already.
  • Canceled NewsMax 1/5

    By CrAzY_77
    Well AT&T/DIRECTV canceled NewsMax basically canceling free speech. I’ve already made a review on this but AT&T/DIRECTV deleted the review. They really need to get rid of the fake news like CNN and MSNBC, both need fact-checking. Yet AT&T/DIRECTV want to silence free speech. That’s why I will be canceling AT&T/DIRECTV. Bye, bye.
  • Price increases and canceled conservative channels! 1/5

    By Ripped off again💯
    Worst service ever! Price has gone from 69 to 90 and cancelled channels! They still off this cheaper price to new customers but loyal customers get the jab! Looking for new provider😡
  • Where’s my NEWS MAX 1/5

    By Mitta Les
    Stop censoring Americans I will be dropping DTV.
  • Glitchy, slow, and frustrating 1/5

    By WBBerry
    Improvements would be welcome
  • Channels are not working! 1/5

    By Mackie1229
    All of the sudden I got a message that no channels were included in my subscription, even though they are paid for.
  • Cancels newsmax 1/5

    By money dont jigle it folds
    We no longer have newsmax or oan! Whats next cnn? Highly doubt it. No longer allows freedom of speech. Given in to woke ideology only. No thank you!
  • App 1/5

    By SL1234567990
    My Directv app will not work properly with Roku! Why? 😡
  • The worst 1/5

    By Tiggs64
    I really wish you could leave a negative star. Since AT&T has purchased Directv the software/technology has actually gone backwards. Whomever is in charge of software development really needs to be fired. I worked in this field for over 30 years and I have never seen a tech/entertainment business so clueless and so bad at what they do. It is truly pathetic and this app of theirs does not work and is horrible.
  • Blocked channels 2/5

    By Cruise Wayfarer
    Many of my DirecTV channels are blocked/not available on the app. Likewise, of all my recorded shows under My List, 50% are not available because there is no streaming service for the selected shows. In addition, the DVR/My List must be synchronized on your local network before leaving the house. So please stop saying watch all of your content anywhere because it’s simply not true!
  • This app is CRAP 1/5

    By Epaphras47
    Yes, there are some improvements (and I do use it), but so many of my recorded shows can NOT be played on this app and I have to keep my old app around to play the on my iPad. DON’T DELETE THE OLD APP.
  • Recording stinks 1/5

    By plato2525
    Can’t see a channels programming you have to scroll guide. NBA league pass 700 channels don’t show up. Can’t set multiple receivers. Just awful for recoding. Recoding with the legacy app was easy
  • Could be better with Siri integration 2/5

    By JustinPrice
    Why can’t I ask Siri to Change the channel yet?
  • NHL Center Ice still blacked out on New Directv App 1/5

    By edmazz
    I posted in early November that the New DirectvApp blacks out all NHL Center Ice games. This used to work perfectly fine in the old app. The new app is pure garbage and I am losing a service I have paid for. Enough time had passed, fix this problem. I have also posted on the Directv support forums and no assistance has been provided at all. Isn’t Directv embarrassed by continuing to ignore all these terrible reviews. Directv is now irrelevant without Sunday Ticket, at least properly support the small remaining customer base you have.
  • I have location for DTV on but as of today it wont let me watch. 1/5

    By Antidisetablishment
    I cannot watch it keeps aying turn on location. It is on and i never had to deal with this before.
  • What’s wrong 1/5

    By What’s wrong
    Why can’t I get to all the channels. It show about 15 channels
  • Update makes it difficult to watch live tv 1/5

    By FresKid2800
    Give me the old version back where I could easily navigate to live shows and easily search for a show to watch hate the new update
  • Improving 3/5

    By hwolverine
    You do seem to be trying to improve the app. But there are aspects that don’t work well. For example, my DVR recordings don’t show up. I’ve tried to refresh that page multiple times.
  • Let us 5/5

    By Inthekootch
    Rewind past what we clicked on instead of watching from the beginning to compete with netflix
  • Awful 1/5

    By Phillycheese1
    Most of the features do not work cause directv updating the app. You pay full price for A lot of the features not working properly!!
  • Garbage app 1/5

    By Jayslim1823
    This app is horrible, streaming is terrible always glitching even with top tier internet, app not available on lg web os, pixel and glitches on tvs that can support the app. Just a horrible app
  • Hasn’t loaded anything for weeks 1/5

    By Sparkleconverse
    The app has not played anything successfully for me in weeks. I’ve tried it all- resetting device, signing out and back in, etc. It also keeps trying to auto play live tv (unsuccessfully) even though the auto play setting is turned off. Really disappointing.
  • No Fox👎 1/5

    By xxxxxxccccccxccv
    No fox
  • The app could be more fluid 3/5

    By ichoseanicknameokay
    I think the features of this app could be more seamless. When you start playing a show, it is automatically mute, which is a problem when you switch to the small screen and must switch back to the big screen to unmute. It does not save your spot in a show very well. When you open the app, it automatically plays a show you didn't click on. Not sure if these can be fixed in the settings, but it could just be better with that.
  • Poor 1/5

    By .em.ily
    It’s not letting me watch live TV
  • Clunky, App functionality from 2015 1/5

    By Platinum Frequent Flyer
    The app is slow and clunky. Not intuitive in its design and deviates from other tv apps. Maybe the stand alone box is better, but apps on both Samsung tvs and iPhone do not function well.
  • Sort of useful 3/5

    By BTP702
    Some channels work, app crashes a lot. No major network channels through app. Can’t even see my words as I type the.
  • Nothing works 1/5

    By Boxer girlie
    Every day is a new day!
  • Horrible, just horrible 1/5

    By LoriCalif
    On a scale from 1-10 my stress level is about a million plus! Got DirecTV satellite yesterday, which works great so far at home, but was looking forward to watching my phone tomorrow on a long car ride. Went to set up, and it simply doesn’t work. A bunch of mish mosh. No account info for us either. Just a few pay channels. This is the opposite of the Spectrum app, which was so convenient and easy. I swear, if I can’t watch my Dodgers and channels on the go as promised…and I should have read all the most recent reviews, so shame on me, but much more shame on ATT/DirecTV!
  • Me 3/5

    By Kona1997
    The app is not as good as Hulu or Netflix app. There are a lot of glitches. I have had on demand and streaming with both Hulu and DTV apps and Hulu was smoother and quicker.
  • Terrible on Apple TV 1/5

    By Mac and PC
    This app is so cumbersome on Apple TV. It doesn’t continuously fast forward and when it gets cranky it starts all over at the beginning of the program or game. I’ll be dropping DIRECTV as soon as hockey season is over.
  • Can’t Download from my playlist 1/5

    By DWH9999
    The old app was much better. I could download my recorded shows to my iPad when I traveled. There is no download capabilities with this new app. It’s useless to me
  • Streaking problems 1/5

    By phem79
    Too many problems with streaming. Can’t watch anything. Always buffering or loading. Freezing and lagging.
  • Dark Mode - Now!!! 2/5

    By DMS’78
    For all that is good and holy in this universe add a dark mode. The blinding white backgrounds, especially the guide are terrible to look at. To the point where I’m looking to return to YoutubeTV and there dark mode. I don’t want to here DirectTV Stream has more channels, the overall user experience of the app in the end will win out. Join countless other apps that have gone to dark mode for years.
  • Now I’m here to stay 5/5

    By heyy thereee
    Great streaming service along with satellite service 5*****