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  • Current Version: 5.25.502
  • Adult Rating: 12+
  • Developer: DIRECTV, Inc.
  • Compatibility: Android
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Download the DIRECTV app, a companion to your DIRECTV service, and enjoy a world of entertainment. Watch Live TV and recorded shows, catch up on the latest movies and shows with On Demand, and schedule recordings on your DVR—no additional equipment needed, at no extra cost. **WATCH** • Watch thousands of your favorite movies and shows, Live or On Demand • Stream or download your home DVR recordings to your devices. • Enjoy the latest releases from premium channels you subscribe to like HBO®, Cinemax®, STARZ®, ENCORE®, and SHOWTIME® • Switch screens! Watch your favorite show on one device then tap a button to send it to the big screen. And vice versa—send a show from your TV to your device! **RECORD** • Record your favorite movies and shows from anywhere! • Content running long? Add extra time to your recording and don’t miss a second of your favorite content **CONTROL** • Use your mobile device to pause, play, and rewind the program that’s playing on your TV • When you want to find a show, just speak up. Voice search can help you find exactly what you're looking for. You can even set it to display results on your TV • Set parental controls and enjoy peace of mind over what your kids are watching **REQUIREMENTS** • iPhone® running iOS 13 or later • DIRECTV customers must have a Residential Home account registered on DIRECTV's website to access the DIRECTV app for tablets • Watching On Demand or select Live TV Streaming channels outside the home requires an active Wi-Fi or 3G/4G Internet connection. For best performance, connect to a strong Wi-Fi signal. • Available content is based on your current programming package and premium service. Not all content is available to stream at this time • Live TV Streaming in-home only channels and remote control requires a Wi-Fi connection to your home network and a DIRECTV Plus® HD DVR (models R22, and HR20 or higher) connected to a broadband Internet connection. Remote control also works with HD receivers (models H21, H23 or higher) connected to a broadband Internet connection • DVR streaming and downloading requires Internet-connected Genie HD DVR model HR44 or higher and compatible mobile device. To download, must be in-home on same Wi-Fi network connected to DVR • App download, advertisements and non-streaming app activity may incur data usage • Scheduling a recording requires a Wi-Fi, or mobile network connection and a DIRECTV Plus® DVR or HD DVR • Receivers do not require phone or Internet connection to schedule a recording in rare instances, scheduled recording(s) may not be recognized. Only available on certain receivers. For complete details on technical requirements, please visit: For more information on the DIRECTV App, please visit: This DIRECTV App features Nielsen’s proprietary measurement software which will allow you to contribute to market research, like Nielsen’s TV Ratings. Please see the Nielsen Digital Measurement Privacy Policy at for more information about this Nielsen measurement feature. Use of the DIRECTV App by DIRECTV customers is subject to the DIRECTV Apps End User License Agreement and DIRECTV App Privacy Policy, both of which can be found at

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DIRECTV app reviews

  • Good but not great 2/5

    By Opieandozzie
    No easy billing access. App forces you to watch CNN when you launch it but other channels you can’t watch while scrolling through the guide. Seriously? So bad its obvious? Allow the app to watch any channel besides cnn and look at a guide at the same time

    By ImRealTrustMe10
    It always says error no account found with that user ID try signing in again
  • Frustration 2/5

    By Swazoon
    Cannot watch on iPad or one of our phones, but works one the other phone!!Why!!!???
  • App Hasn’t Worked for Months 1/5

    By Izntlifesojuicy
    I’ve been getting the “Unknown Error” pop up for months on 3 different devices. App won’t even boot up to the sign in screen. I’ve uninstalled and re installed several times and still doesn’t work.
  • Casting 4/5

    By Jeffin'
    Need to be able to cast from the app
  • Terrible March 4 2019 changes to mobile app 1/5

    By Kengrb
    The changes that will eliminate my ability to watch what is on my DVR when I’m not at home are going to be eliminated on March 4 2019. This is the worst decision that you could make. I cannot believe that this is not a frequently used feature by your users. Please change this decision. This does not improve the directv app. The changes to eliminate live streaming of channels out of home is also a terrible decision. I hope that you are not going to eliminate the live streaming for channels that I watch out of my home. There was no indication of what channels will be eliminated.
  • DVR not showing current recordings 3/5

    By RogueRedneck
    This is a small issue but, when I use the iPad app to look at my DVR shows, the list is incorrect. It has programs there that I’ve already deleted off the DVR. I can’t figure out how to get the correct listing.
  • PIP 5/5

    By Kalboholic
    needs a picture-in-picture compatibility for multitasking, so I can watch my news while I do my paper work on my IPAD or IPHONE. thanks 😊
  • VG 5/5

    By Edziu
    VG app
  • Mobile phone app 2/5

    By Travelinmomrn
    Will not open.
  • Well it works sometimes… 2/5

    By Thisnameistakentryagainok
    Most of the time no channel below 202 is available. So no network TV. But SOMETIMES everything is available. Makes absolutely no sense and is infuriating when you want to watch tennis while working in the yard but this is one of those times when that channel just isn’t available. But hey, go ahead, raise your rates again.
  • Awful app 1/5

    By NAG1970
    Streaming is fair. Too many shows and events not available on my phone despite paying for service. In my own home I hooked up to the only network in my house, app flashes a message that I can’t watch on my device because I need to be on the same network as my receiver, which I am.
  • I can’t watch what I purchase on my phone 1/5

    By brewers baseball
    I pay over $250 month to watch a baseball game and can’t watch on my phone crappy customer service and they make things way to difficult.
  • Horrible 1/5

    By susie8821
    I can never get in, it’s a mess
  • Att direct 5/5

    By rightoneA1
    Cool when not at home
  • VH1 Shows Are Glitching With A Blue Blank Screen. Can’t See Anything?! 2/5

    By ImSelf_Made_Ty
    I have tried to watch VH1 shows both on demand and live on their network and they both are showing a blue blank screen, while still playing the sound of the show in the background for some reason. I am not sure what’s going but it was working fine a few days ago. Could you guys fix this issue please? Thanks.
  • Direct TV 3/5

    By Guthriesty
    Hard to use the app.
  • Can’t log in 1/5

    By Kari A M
    I keep getting an I know error when trying to open the app. Doesn’t work with Alexa. I have deleted and reloaded the app to no avail.
  • Pay on time this app doesn’t 2/5

    By upset directv supporter
    This app sometimes lets me watch and other times says it doesn’t recognize me. I’m thinking of canceling directv all together.
  • Msg 2/5

    By hot granny1
    I hate having to log in
  • Diretv app 5/5

    By craycraygirl08
    I use it everyday. It is a great app.
  • Poor 3/5

    By $$IdEl{PaNcHo}$$
    Lags alot…
  • Bad installer’s and app 1/5

    By Smuf berry girl
    When I ordered Direct I was supposed to get wireless but, the installers made a mistake now I have been living with something I’m not happy with. I will look into different alternatives when my 2 year contract is up. App site always has problems when trying to pay bill. Out of 10 time I have been able you pay my bill in Direct TV app 2 times. Now come on that is bad.
  • Tv 5/5

    By HawkJD
    Love it
  • Awesomeness 5/5

    By Monster68$
    Love it
  • Nonstop technical issues 1/5

    By scooobob
    Worst app I’ve ever used. Almost never works when I go to use it, and for a similar but different technical issue every time. Login problems - check. Connection problems - always. I have watched DVR on my phone before, but not now. It says I need to register the device (how did it work in the past, then?) when it’s connected to my network (it is)... but, again, I’ve spent 30+ minutes on the app trying to fix it, zero minutes watching. This is a perfect snapshot of my experience with this app. I detest it.
  • Terrible 1/5

    By dz1234556789
    No excuse for the app being this bad. Glitchy, crashes often, doesn’t load or work half the time. Directv needs to hire some new computer jockeys
  • Terrible App 1/5

    By podstar88
    Constantly glitching and denying access to shows/channels by saying content not available. This message is prompted outside of the additional message that many shows need to be watched on the same wifi server as the box set up to receive the service. Extremely limited and disappointing.
  • Unknown error for 6 months 1/5

    By freakcalledme
    Unable to login for 6 months. Worse. App. Ever.
  • Absolute trash 1/5

    By by anthony.dangelo
    I really hate reviewing things poorly, but I’ve struggled with this app, Tim’s and again, for multiple years. Ideally I try to use it to watch/listen to a sporting event while working in a room in my house without a TV. But alas, all I get is repeated errors. Seriously I’m not trying to watch somewhere else, but only in my own home connected to the same WiFi my directv receiver is on. There are multiple error messages from I’m already streaming something (I’m not) or that my receiver is in use. Or nothing at all. I’m not just talking about the regional sports networks but just over the air network broadcasts. I most often get the same problems with regular shows too. Don’t believe the old commercials where the walbergs stream anything wherever they are. This app doesn’t work. Now please don’t get me wrong, o love the satellite service and the wireless box options inside the home, but their app is trash. Absolute trash. Despite all of my problems with it, I keep giving it the college try only to get frustrated again. Don’t bother with this garbage. I gave it one star because once in a while I can watch a network broadcast of a news or game show, but everything else fails.
  • The best 5/5

    By jediwool7
    So easy to use and can w
  • Directv 5/5

    By timratliff88
    I love Directv!
  • It works 5/5

    By kodiakaaron
    Everywhere I have service it works fine.
  • Fix It! 1/5

    By Clocker187
    App does not work. Long time customer and until recently it was just fine. Now will not open without sending me back to the app.
  • No sound 1/5

    By ajakcvk
    The app constantly turns off the sound ONLY on channels that I want to see even other one works just fine I’ve been dealing with this for about two years and they still haven’t fixed the problem.
  • Sign in error 1/5

    By Secotuff
    The app will not let me sign in. Very disappointing.
  • Steals Cut & Paste Buffer 1/5

    By Chevalier du Tastevin
    The DirectTV app immediately grabs the contents of your cut & paste buffer on startup. The app snoops into your private data. Beware.
  • Trash 1/5

    By quick & easy financials
    This app is hot trash! Have had it for about a year, haven’t used in probably six months and same issues. Won’t play over Bluetooth or when connected to an outside sound source. I can literally only listen from my phone. Didn’t think any app could be worse than time warner but.... Update: app constantly crashing, not saving where I last left off. Plays ads then crashes. Have to keep closing app and reopening.
  • Terrible 1/5

    By Skrir
    I keep getting an unknown error. I pay over 100 for this service and is broken. All the time.
  • Horrible app 1/5

    By Trigon03
    App doesn’t recognize my log in and sends me to the App Store which sends me back to the app, then back to the App Store. I think you get the hint. We pay a lot of money for this service and there is something always wrong with it.
  • Garbage 1/5

    By bbbbeeeioo
    Horrid app. But not surprising considering ATT owns DirecTV.
  • Overheats my iphone 1/5

    By yttyy09
    Att customer who can't use the app bc it overheats
  • Update needed. 1/5

    By Pjs#1!!!!!
    Remote will not work. Can’t pick up receivers. Please update.
  • Give me something more 3/5

    By rickyladeee
    Love your app but I’m old school give me more cowboy movies and good old comedy to choose from thank you
  • DirecTv 5/5

    By maigcswords
    I love it
  • App does not work 1/5

    By Coach G55
    Have tried to reload app and it just says it’s is not working.

    By Cookie Faye
    Can’t get ATT App to work anymore correctly nor this DIRECT TV App to work @ all. Does no good to talk w/ATT about it. They just tell me it’s working fine when they test whatever they do & a new router didn’t help nor redown loading it a dozen times makes no difference. Have CURRENT IOS on my IPhone12 mini. Restarting phone makes no difference either. So, I’m not impressed @ all with Att Uverse Direct TV service nor apps relevant to same!
  • One star is too much. 1/5

    By Rjones2
    One day I got a message to update app to this crappy version. Updated, and now it just shuts down. DirecTv will go the way of the dinosaur. And that’s, ok.
  • Content error 1/5

    By Snaper3
    Why is it that I have to delete the app and reinstall it “EVERY TIME AFTER I LOG OUT” in order to watch anything. Really, delete-reinstall-watch-get off, REPEAT!!!!