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  • Current Version: 3.14
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • Developer: Scopely
  • Compatibility: Android
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Disco Bees App

Named on Apple’s Editor’s Choice “Best New Games” list! As unique as it is funny and punny - this is the game for you! Get down with the newest match-3 puzzle sensation! Disco Bees is the fun and exciting new way to play match-3 puzzle games. Switch and match the colorful bees in “the hive”, our unique honeycomb shaped board. Unlock wild new locations and puzzles to test your skills! Disco Bees features: - Never-ending fun - play dozens of unique and innovative puzzles - Recruit “superbees” like the Ninja Bee to help you hit new high scores and surpass your friends - Fly through dozens of colorful and crazy levels. Yes, bees do live in space! - Fun and easy to learn, but an entertaining challenge to master. - Connect with Facebook and match up with your friends on our leaderboards - Parents, grandparents and everyone in between loves to play! - Never get bored – we’re adding new levels and fun all the time! - Bees in outer space doing the Waggle Dance? You know you need to join in! - Awesome original disco music brought to you by Andy Ross of the band OK Go. "Spectacular visual and aural features, with an amazing original disco soundtrack!" - Cult of Mac Review Warning: You will BEE inundated with un-matched BEEautiful, BEEwitching bee puns. If you’re afraid of laughing and having too much fun then this is not the game for you! A big “thank you” to all the dedicated Disco Bees fans! Want to join the friendly Disco Bees community? Like us on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/discobees Disco Bees is the newest game from developer SpaceInch, which, in collaboration with the band OK Go, created Say the Same Thing, an Apple Editor’s Pick; and the hit game Make it Rain. Note: Disco Bees is free to play but does offer in-app purchases of various kinds. You can disable in-app purchases in your iOS system settings.

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Disco Bees app reviews

  • But where are the new levels? 5/5

    By Marphfff
    This is my favorite game. Bees and puzzles and puns!!!! But when will we see new levels? Please add more...been waiting for a long time!!
  • My favorite game for years 5/5

    By Blissmaster71
    I’ve finished every level, but I have levels that I go back to; some are difficult, and I want to improve my high score, and some are easy but still an interesting time waster. I found that there are a few levels that were impossible for me to complete for free (without power ups), but this game isn’t nearly as greedy as some of the other games I’ve played. After a while you’ll have to turn off the music, but I’ve done that and I’ve enjoyed this game for years.
  • Bug 1/5

    By 7teen19
    I used to play this game years ago, was at a high level forgot all about the game just found it again and the graphics are not working.
  • Disco Bees 5/5

    By Brian Caroll1985
    I love disco music and games
  • Third iPhone and now it doesn’t work 1/5

    By lenac84
    Graphics aren’t supported on the iPhone 11
  • Really Enjoyable but $$$ 2/5

    By MostlyShanna
    I’ve been playing this game for years. I keep coming back to it because it’s unique and not like every other match 3 game. But because it’s been around so long, not many people play it anymore. They’ve moved on to the next best thing. I’ve had to start paying to unlock levels. Paying $1 for every 30 or so levels (the average amount in one land) can add up. Also, the levels get so hard that I’ll be stuck on one for weeks (literally has happened several times). There’s no way that I’d be able to get all 3 stars in the previous land to unlock the next one anymore. So with 3 stars on every level in a land impossible to get and no friends playing anymore, the only way to proceed is to pay. I wish they would let us upgrade to “premium” and have all lands unlocked for one fee or maybe pay $1 to unlock 10 lands. I would never pay $1 for an app that only has 30 levels you could play and that’s basically what the developers are doing here. I’m not sure I’m going to be able to keep playing because it will eventually add up to too much, which is unfortunate because I’ve been playing this game as long as it has been around and I really do love it. Also, it has started being buggy for me since the most recent IOS update. It’s quits sometimes when I try to access the App Store and always when I run out of lives. If we’re going to keep paying for levels, it would be nice if they could update it to work properly.
  • What Happened? 1/5

    By Xraynerd
    Worked yesterday but not today? Force quits every time I try to play. Deleted and reinstalled no luck. Using an iPhone XS Max
  • Incompatible with iPhone XR? 1/5

    By bluejeangirl
    Ever since I switched to the XR (old phone was iphone 6S, game ran fine), the graphics are scrambled and game cannot be played. Both the app and iOS were current and updated, so it’s not that. Deleted and redownloaded. Lost all progress AND the problem was not resolved.
  • A favorite decayed to trash 2/5

    By Leeleebee
    I adored this game for years. It’s been slowly falling apart due to lack of updates, but I’ve enjoyed playing anyway. Got an iPhone XR though today and now it’s game over. It can’t even be played anymore. Bring us a Disco Bees 2 and I’ll bee first in line to buy it.
  • Won level 327 Four times and game won’t advance 2/5

    By jacksonville 23456
    I love this game, but I am stuck on level 327. I won four times and it freezes and then says I lost. What’s up?
  • Hate chain reactions 3/5

    By Dahlene
    But love the rest
  • Loved this game...now it's broken 2/5

    By LuciusBeen2Russia
    I really enjoyed this game when it first came out! I had it for a long time and then left it alone for a while. I ended up having to redownload the game, and now it doesn't work....the graphics of the game itself looks like there is some coding error and made the game unplayable...would love to see this game return to its former glory
  • Missing Hives 3/5

    By ChloeJaded
    One of my favorite games, been playing for years. I got to the last hive available on my iPhone se and just updated to an 8s and now it only shows up to the Zombee Queen hive and doesn’t even show the other hives that have been released! I hope this gets fixed because that is a lot of lost progress!
  • Love game 5/5

    By Deddo1
    Love this game but cannot play the tournament because of no tickets it keeps on saying loading

    By big 1415
    This game is truly my childhood! I remember me and my mom playing this game ALL THE TIME! It is such a fun and amazing game! It doesn’t make you buy things in the game like other apps😆 you should really get it! It is such a fun game to just sit around the house and play with no stress. If you are reading this you probably think I am crazy but I just think your LIFE would be better with this game😊thank you for reading!
  • Not compatible with IPhone XR 2/5

    By Libjak
    Please develop an update that makes this game compatible with the IPhone XR! Been playing this game for years.
  • CamZelda 5/5

    By CamZelda
    This is addicting and I love to play
  • Not working right 5/5

    By .:BLACK OPS:.
    Been playing for years. When I just recently purchased a new phone for some reason my game did not come back right.
  • Doesn’t work with iPhone XR 1/5

    By 🤷🏻‍♀️lws
    I’ve enjoyed playing this game but when I upgraded my iPhone 7 Plus to iPhone XR the game is not compatible and I no longer can play. I’ve emailed the developers but no updates are available. 😔
  • Love this game! 5/5

    By honeypl
    It gets much harder as you go along & not easy to get prizes, but I love playing this game! The bees are too cute!
  • Please update for iPhone XR 1/5

    By mpmoon
    Really used to love playing.
  • Lacking update to new iPhone XR...unplayable 1/5

    By @jbentup
    Used to be so addicted to this game on my iPhone 5 but now I have an iPhone XR & I have lost that addiction but I want it back! This game is not compatible with XR... and it seems as if none of Scopely’s attention is being paid to updating this app.
  • Another XR victim 2/5

    By perryPuff
    Redownloaded this app after recalling its name finally. I had loved it when I first loaded it years ago on my iPhone 5s. Well, here I am today with an iPhone XR and the screen for gameplay it totally screwed up. Please fix this. I miss this game.
  • Dishonest program - setup to automatically take your purchases and wins 2/5

    By dlkIphS
    Good strategy game, but when you purchase and or win, the programmers make it automatically CHECK TO WASTE WHAT YOU PURCHASED OR WON - NOT WHEN YOU PICK TO CHOOSE A BOOST. ***IF YOU FORGET TO UNCHECK, YOU WASTE YOUR BOOST AND WASTED MONEY. RIPPED OFF, ROBBED BY AUTOMATICALLY STEALING YOUR PURCHASEs, on easier levels. Dishonest program - setup to automatically take your purchases and wins
  • Hives are messed up 3/5

    By BigDaddyChaz4
    The game loads fine, but when I enter a level for clearing, the graphics are messed up and are unrecognizable. I can’t tell what’s what to play. See my 2/8/2019 Tweet to you for pictures.
  • Doesn’t work with iPhone XR 1/5

    By beakersr1
    Used to play the game daily till I upgraded my phone to the iPhone XR. Says it’s compatible but it’s not. The game on the screen is all askew. Contacted support and they say they are looking into it. Still doesn’t work. Sad! I’ll upgrade my review to 5 stars if they get the game fixed!
  • Please change power-ups from opt-out to opt-in 4/5

    By Cogneurosinger
    I love this game so much, but I hate how the power-ups are auto selected at the beginning of a level. If I manage to earn one, it instantly gets wasted if I forget to uncheck it before starting the next level. No other game has these power-ups set to be opt-out rather than opt-in. Please please change this or at least allow us to change it in settings.
  • Doesn’t work 2/5

    By kab5555
    Loved this game for a long time. But since getting the iPhone XR and it doesn’t work. The graphics are all messed up. I contacted support and an update came out but I still can’t play. I would really love to start playing again but if they don’t fix it I’ll be deleting the app.
  • Last straw 1/5

    By Mbhjbczkb
    I’m SO finished with this game. I work for days - sometimes weeks - to get all of the hive cleared and I still only receive two stars and can’t move out of the hive. I don’t understand why there aren’t any “helps” that can be earned like Cookie Jam or Candy Crush. I refuse to spend money on this game when I can play others that aren’t so frustrating 😤. Don’t even download unless you want to spend money or drive yourself crazy.
  • Bees 4/5

    By Bystolic4
    Great fun keeps your eyes looking for fastest way to finish.
  • Would be a 5 star game if only... 4/5

    By Badtotheb1
    Every time I play in the tournament, I buy tix to play both but now; you take my Tix and I cannot play either. I’m currently replaying the whole game because I finished the whole game and was done with the last hive. So, I’m about to quit altogether because I cannot afford to go from 6 tickets to zero just because I tried to start a 3 ticket game. Fix it please...or I’ll end it. Thank you.
  • Doesn’t work with XR 1/5

    By Slow to reload
    I have an iPhone XR and once I got that phone, the app no longer worked. The graphics are not supported by the phone upgrade. I’m so sad because this is my favorite favorite game!
  • Pop up tutorials gone 4/5

    By Billy1833
    Fun game. Finally fixed the annoying pop up tutorials that showed up every time I opened the game.
  • Still can’t refill tournaments 1/5

    By Catsmom72
    My tournament tickets still are perpetually loading on my iPad. On my iPhone, the board is scrambled and unplayable. Please fix these issues!
  • I hate to admit it 5/5

    By Bobistwist
    But this game is one of my favorites and I got a lot of way cooler games to play be I just can’t get enough
  • Disco Bees 5/5

    By porn with unicorn
    My granddaughter started me playing Disco Bees and it is now my favorite game. At 76 this game is just lots of fun.
  • Honey it’s great 5/5

    By Baja203
    Fun game requires thought!
  • Improvements to what, no new hives 1/5

    By Charride
    It has been 3 years since you have released a new hive. I am pretty certain that I have funded at least one developer to do nothing in 3 years. I am through playing this game. I guess you will have to fire that developer for doing nothing over the past 3 years, because you won’t get another dime from me. I used to be your biggest cheerleader, but you can’t expect people to keep playing if you don’t invest in releasing new features.
  • Won’t play on iPhone XR 2/5

    By carbcakes
    Lost all progress and in-app purchases...and definitely isn’t playing. Update doesn’t help.
  • Best game ever 5/5

    By Susan Decock
    Love this game but I am almost done with all the hives and waiting for them to create more. Favorite game by far!
  • Been playing for years. 5/5

    By CamChrisMommy
    I’ve been playing this game for over 3 years. Love that they continue to add levels. I did have an issue with it also saying I couldn’t connect to the App Store, emailed developers and they unlocked the level within a day or two. I have had to pay to unlock levels or five more moves to finish a level but it probably hasn’t been more than $30, you can continue to play levels to unlock further lands if you don’t want to pay. Only game I’ve every been invested enough in to continue playing!
  • Addictive 5/5

    By Sistermustang
    It’s fun to challenge your own scores and beat others also
  • Pay or get nowhere 2/5

    By MirandaZh
    The design is cheerful and adorable, but you can’t progress through any levels without paying for help. I’ve been trying for two days. This game is only for those willing to spend.
  • Love it! 5/5

    By RaeRaeRN
    Working great on iPhone X Max
  • Trouble with iPhone Xr 3/5

    By bbblmt123
    I have been playing Disco Bees for 5 years and it worked great until I purchased the iPhone Xr. Now the graphics are all messed up, so I can’t play it at all anymore. I hope an update is provided that will rectify the issue.
  • Disco Bees 4/5

    By Monosgirl
    Super fun but has its drawbacks. When you win “super bees” the game automatically chooses them for you on the “choose your super bees” screen on the very next level. You have to “un-choose” them if you want to save them. So easy to waste them. It should be called the “un-choose your super bees” page.
  • Buggy 1/5

    By Mayzler
    Tournament screens takes you through the tutorial every time, can’t switch between tournaments, occasionally new bees won’t drop down and you’ll be stuck and have to restart the level.
  • Used to be great! 1/5

    By cshellpray
    I have played this game for years and lives it however, after I upgraded to the new iPhone X I've had nothing but problems with the have. I have deleted and reinstalled & now I can't sign in to my Facebook acct in order for the app to sync my progress. So I'm stuck starting all over at the first level of I want to play the game. I'll giver it a couple more days and see if the problem is fixed. If not, I'll delete the app for good this time.

    By Needs home
    I have played and love this game for YEARS but in the last year + the developers HAVEN’T updated the game or added new levels.....if I’m going to pay for things in a game I believe that the developers need to care for their product that I choose to play and invest in........I would change this to a 5 star if they decide to stand behind their product

Disco Bees app comments

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