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Discord - Talk, Chat, Hang Out App

Discord is your place to talk. Create a home for your communities and friends, where you can stay close and have fun over text, voice, and video. Whether you’re part of a school club, a gaming group, a worldwide art community, or just a handful of friends that want to spend time, Discord makes it easy to talk every day and hang out more often. CREATE AN INVITE-ONLY PLACE TO TALK • Organized text channels give you plenty of room to talk. Share your latest cooking mishaps while coordinating next week’s game night, or just talk about your day without clogging up a group chat. • Voice channels make hanging out easy. Grab a seat in a voice channel when you’re free. Friends can see you’re around and pop in to talk, without having to call. • Reliable tech for staying close. Low latency voice and video feels like you’re in the same room. STAY CLOSE WITH TEXT, VOICE, AND VIDEO • Wave hello over video, watch friends stream their games, or gather up and have a drawing session with screen share. • Turn any image into your own custom emojis and share them with friends. • Share anything from a funny video to your latest group photos, and pin your favorites to remember later. FOR A FEW OR A FANDOM • Custom moderation tools and permission levels can group up your friends, organize your local book club, or bring together music fans from around the world. • Create moderators, give special members access to private channels, and much more.

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Discord - Talk, Chat, Hang Out app reviews

  • Yo discord fix yo app 2/5

    By JJBeast25
    Every time I go into discord it automatically crashes the app I tried everything to try to get it to stop
  • Discord 5/5

    By Cosanostra11111
    Super good love it
  • Discord Please Help 4/5

    By JacobDolphin
    So I had Discord on my old iPad, and it was amazing. This app has helped me make tons of friends and it’s the best ever. One problem. I can’t get it to load on this one now. Please help me Discord! Thanks :)
  • Discord 1/5

    By uhhhhokk12
    I hate it
  • Public discord 4/5

    By mr.reverie
    I think it’s okay. I haven’t been using it for a long time or anything but I want to join Public servers. Last time, people tell me to press the magnifying glass and I did. It worked. Today I couldn’t find the magnifying icon in the side bar. It wasn’t there. Dunno if it is a glitch or something but what do I do about it? If someone answers, thank you.
  • Pog 5/5

    By !Pink
  • Discord 5/5

    By battle_kitty😡
    THIS IS AMAZING!I may be ten but I can talk to my boyfriend now (boy that is a friend).
  • amazing but 5/5

    By hsbmudv
    hi i have had discord for about 6 months and i love it but sometimes when i’m to lazy to type i wanna send a voice message but since that feature isn’t available i’m forced to type if you could add voice messages that would be lovely
  • Let me download the app 1/5

    By rppproomekksksi
    It won’t let me download the app bruh
  • Picture Uploads Get Stuck Compressing 3/5

    By somebull$h*t
    Update: works half of the time or if I upload directly from my photos app :\ Please fix this! Every time I go to upload a picture using the app on my iPhone, the image says “compressing file” or something like that and does not progress from there. It just gets stuck! On a PC I can upload without a problem. But not on iPhone, really!? I don’t take pictures with my PC. I manage a discord and any time I want to upload a pet or food pic, two of the most common types of posts on discord servers, I have to be near a computer. Next I have to transfer the file to that computer and finally upload. That’s crazy. Please address this bug ASAP!
  • How? 3/5

    By fiffhfdy txt g
    I got a fresh new account I asked my friend for his discord user. I type it in and as soon as I add him my account gets disabled remember this it’s a fresh new account I didn’t join any discord servers or chatted with anybody and my account got disabled for cursing, sending inappropriate pictures, and spamming
  • Age Rating 5/5

    By Kyr4n52
    Honestly I don’t know why they changed this: age rating is now 17+. Why? It used to be 13+ but they changed it. Please change it back. I am giving it 5 stars though because there’s nothing else wrong with it.
  • Less then 5/5

    By bvxcnz
  • Please Turn It back To 12+ 3/5

    By dopemopew
    Discord is absolutely amazing, and I loved being able to use it, but now that it is 17+ I can’t use it to chat with my friends anymore. I understand that you did this as a company because people have been abusing their language, but those are bad apples in an orchard. Most parents are already monitoring what their kid is doing, and that is enough. I’m not allowed to have open DM’s with people I don’t know, and that kept me safe on this app. Please don’t get me wrong here, I love Discord, but turning it to 17+ is, in my opinion, the wrong choice here.
  • I Will Give You 5 Stars When 1/5

    By WannaGoToBed
    Not optimized for mobile Screenshare and video cause the app to crash in the background It’s only gotten worse with time, unfortunately. And I do pay for Nitro.
  • I love the app, but now it’s 17+ 2/5

    By @98888898999
    According to the discord Tos, you have to be 13 or older. Apple changed this now it is 17+. The retards at apple do this with a ton of other apps, even though they are 13+. Apple needs to fix this problem and make the apps correct age, as my parents blocked to 13+
  • Great way to stay in touch 5/5

    By Naia🦋
    Honestly this app is a amazing way to stay in contact with friends
  • New Message Scrolling 1/5

    By sledmonkey
    App is constantly jumping around in high volume groups. I switch apps and it looses my spot in the thread which can be really annoying if I’m catching up on a couple hundred messages from the day. Renders the app unusable.
  • This app cool man 5/5

    By jsjsjejsjxkcd
    I love this app but my parents keep making me delete it lol
  • HD space hog. 1/5

    By MandyD32
    Why is this app 1GB? The average for a non-video app is 250mb. How do you justify that?
  • review 5/5

    By APG395
    This app is awesome but also heavily drains battery life
  • Do not download 1/5

    By ACRiddick
    This app is worthless do not download
  • Discord - The Best Application for Connections with Friends/Classes/Colleagues. 5/5

    By Bruins4u
    I have been using discord for years now, and can’t help but feel appreciative for such an amazing phenomenal application. discord has helped me connect with people across the globe, enrich me of others’ culture, make new friends, and strengthen my friendships with current friends. Especially during this pandemic, discord never fails to keep me socially enriched and happy to use it. Compared to it’s “competitors” discord is clearly a way better software/application to use. Slack for example, has a HORRENDOUS user interface compared to Discord’s slick, smooth, user interface. Discord is never choppy, and never disappointing. Discord has a wide range of Discord-Bots made by members of the community of users that enjoy using discord. Even you, yes you, can code your very own discord bot, and have other people around the globe use it! For example: many people have created Game discord bots, card game discord bots, and more. At the end of the day, Discord is Unique. Discord is Friendly. Discord brings us together.
  • Hi 5/5

    By nshdjdjejkeksjsj
    Amazing app I love because I get to talk and face time with my friend all time and best part is that I don’t have to share my phone number best app to talk and share with friends 👍🔥
  • good 4/5

    By cytogucigvjuhvijhvi
    this is a great app, but it ruined my life so i deleted it 👍 sorry
  • TOS? 5/5

    By Nihira S
    Don’t get me wrong, Discord is great. I mean, I made so many friends on Discord and I’m grateful for that. But why did it change to 17+ when the TOS states you have to be 12-13+? I understand the whole NSFW thing but that’s preventable.
  • Best thing since the revolution of anti-social Medi 5/5

    By DirtEvader
    This is the best chance that we all have against the F***book, Twitter, Reddit, Snapcrap, TokTic and all the other junk that monetizes people’s lives. Thanks for taking the higher ground. I’ve never been a big social media person until I found discord just over a week ago. Don’t stop, and by the looks of it, it is only a matter of time that everyone will see the way. Those other will basically be classified as tabloid fodder... thank you, finally a safe place to be with people that you actually can trust. MrMeeSeeks is the bomb. Jason Citron is the man..!!
  • 🌴⚡️•𝗔𝘆𝗱𝗲𝗻•⚡️🌴 5/5

    By you are the best👍
    This app is amazing!But I hate the fact that when u have emojis in your name when u try logging in from a different device or logging in from your phone again it doesn’t work >:( even with the right password >:C please fix this!
  • LET ME JOIN THE A SERVBER 😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡‼️‼️‼️‼️ 1/5

    By natsukiplayz
  • Perfect, but I think I encountered a bug. 5/5

    By sjejrhfuekwj
    This app is amazing for talking! It is useful for having a way to create a private space for friends, a way to build a community, and so much more. This app makes any other video call apps like Zoom pointless. The bug I am talking about, is that for some reason, I could use server discovery at some point, but now it is gone.
  • Discord Packing 4/5

    By Jai'yaKimbrew
    I love discord packing!
  • Awesome, Just One Thing! 4/5

    By TomboyCat9😜
    Amazing app, thank you to the developers! Just one thing, please make a bio function! I’ve signed up for Discord bio and have made my bio, but it doesn’t show up on the account. Either way is fine: Make it optional to make a bio within the app, or when you sign up for Discord bio please make it so it adds to your account. Thank you!
  • Bug 5/5

    By retarded developers
    Fix the glitch where when you click on an invite on mobile it sends you to the AppStore instead of app
  • 17+. 1/5

    By jdnskskqlanxndnnsndbsjsjsn
    Hi! I think that you should go back to 13+ because there is a lot of people around that age that use this app. You need to change it back because there was no reason to. Thanks
  • Love! 5/5

    By lopfhvsweqayu Anas mall
    This is an amazing app to connect with friends! A must have! Plz get right now
  • Epik 5/5

    By sgjorddh
  • Discord 5/5

    By Just A Regular Person🖤
    Discords honestly amazing I recommend using it to talk to friends while gaming. Anyone Reading this have a wonderful morning afternoon and evening!
  • Oof 3/5

    By Yachtracer
    I got into discord but what really happened is that it said that there was a problem and I couldn’t fix it because I had no idea what it wanted me to do
  • Amazing app but one problem 4/5

    I love this app its amazing but I do it on mobile and sometimes I want to enable community but whenever I try it won’t let me click the next button and thats a problem. That’s the only problem that I’m having but this app is amazing and awesome 100% get it! And its on pc.
  • Great app only a suggestion 5/5

    By Abdulkarim Hkma
    The app is great I have no complains for the app the only thing I want to suggest and I would love a reply to this is to add overlay to iOS. It would be a great feature to be able to mute in game without having to leave the game and disconnect. That is my only suggestion and hopefully it gets added
  • DO BETTET 2/5

    By Trreeyy..
  • I absolutely LOVE discord 5/5

    By Its_Rockstar Nana
    Discord is one of the many best apps I use, especially for calling/ texting my friends. Most of you guys are rating 4/5 stars because of something with the call. I don’t go through that issue. But anyway. Discord is an easy way to text and/or call friends, also FaceTime and show your screen. Discord is truly an amazing app. Yes it’s 17+ but it used to be 11+ but they changed it. I suggest letting your kid get it when they’re turning 11 soon or are 11. Get your kid this amazing app!! <3
  • Good thing this app is here 5/5

    Thanks for making this app because since COVID I couldn’t make new friends and talk to my friends This app discord saved me thank u discord
  • Amazing app 5/5

    By idk for a user
    I love this app so much I use it everyday to call my friends it is a app I will never forget. Yes there has been a lot of bugs but the devs are awesome at fixing them right away. I recommend getting this app!!!
  • This app is great but could use more features.. 4/5

    By Calimar28
    I think the app is great overall but it could use some more features that would better improve the app's overall quality. First of all, it would be great to have a feature that introduces multi-member selection! I think this feature would be useful in servers when you need to ban or kick multiple people at once, or in the friends list when you wanna clear out those inactive people. In addition to that, I think file upload support for audio, zip or other file uploads that aren't videos or photos would be amazing! Just think of all the possibilities that could be imaginable, from sharing a texture pack with your friends or showing your server members that new song you've been developing on that music app you bought. But, Discord is still great overall even without these features because you can talk to friends from long distances.
  • Cant log in 3/5

    By Ryan cupit
    J cant log in i forgot my 2 step verification and ive tried it all and still jothing please help
  • Awesome 5/5

    By Theamzz
    This is the best texting app currently.
  • How to meet people into talking choo choo trains 5/5

    By [peanut]
    I got this app when my friends got it and we’ve met so many people that are actually into Thomas, heck, even found other people like us who made our own little railway.
  • Please, I beg you. 5/5

    By rcky198788
    Can y’all allow us to add PSN activity to our discord status the same way you guys did Xbox?
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