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Dish Align

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  • Current Version: 2.3.7
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • Developer: Dayana Networks Ltd
  • Compatibility: Android
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Dish Align App

Dish Align is a simple yet powerful app for alignment of the satellite dish. It allows you to select exact location of the dish and requested satellite, them shows you you can align the dish to get proper signals. It has a built-in compass specially designed to simulate the dish as your iPhone, so you will get the exact direction of the dish to be pointed. As of version 1.2, Dish Align supports dynamic satellite list. If changes need to be done to satellite list or a satellite positioned incorrectly, drop us a line in Feedback section. There is a small ad at the bottom of page which keeps the production going and make the app free. However if you don't like it, upgrade to No Ad version and all advertisements will be gone.


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Dish Align app reviews

  • The map is not displayed in the correct directions north, east, west and south in Saudi Arabia 1/5

    By الرسائل الصوتيه الصوت ضعيف
    The map in the correct directions does not show the north, east, west, and south of Saudi Arabia the iPhone X
  • La mejor hasta ahora 5/5

    By Chapones de Jesucristo
    Gracias muy buen trabajo Probé muchas y pura pantalla Con esta me quedo , me gusta el sonido , audio súper , podrían ayudar con la elavacion y en el caso de DirecTV. USA , 3 satélites y voltaje, dar un detalle de pasos a seguir gracias. Muy feliz
  • Please Support 5/5

    By Ali Mozafary
    Please enable the zoom feature to better customize the location on the Dish Align app. Thanks for support. please do it.
  • Hurricane Irma 4/5

    By B2pp
    My dish was out of alignment after Irma hit, called directv after waiting for over an hour for them to answer, and them saying it will be 2 days before they can come out to repair, I decided to do it myself. App helped point in right direction , but i remembered which way it was pointing in the past that helped because with directv or any satellite company there are many satellites and you have to know what one to connect to for your area. I opened app then placed phone inside of bracket while I turned the dish. When my wife started yelling I knew I had signal at that point I stopped and tightened all the bolts down and everything works great. Helpful app.
  • It works well 4/5

    By Hereisme
    Interface is clumsy but it works pretty good.
  • Just what you need, when you need it 5/5

    By Save me from junk
    It just works and has more data than you necessarily need, but when you want it you have it. Very intuitive to use. Would have liked some help to figure out which satellite was mine .. but with a little looking around I got it.
  • very Good 4/5

    By tareq_neysii
    so goood☺️
  • Uses magnetic north 2/5

    By orygun john
    I kept getting wrong results and finally figured out you there is some mixup between magnetic and true north. If you have the compass app set for tru north, then the compass on Dish Align will point off about 10°. You have to have your compass app set to use magnetic north to get the dish align compass display to match the satellite info. It seems Dish Align is not properly reading the Compass. Example: where I am a sat is at 180° true N, 169° mag N. if Compass set to true N and rotated to 180°, DA compass says sat is 13° west. If Compass set to mag N and rotated to 180°, DA compass says sat is right ahead. I'm not sure how to interpret this but something is wrong.
  • Easy to use 5/5

    By ahmoybd
    It is very useful & easy to me
  • Perfect! 5/5

    By Unsatisfied grinder guy
    Couldn't be more pleased with an app.
  • I Like this app 5/5

    By Moooooooooly
    this is a good app for find satellite. thank you.
  • Limited use... 2/5

    By SET53
    This could be helpful if the map was accurate but from the looks of it, it's a week old. It does not appear to be using GPS in real time. Also no instructions, seriously?? I've seen far superior products and am wondering why I downloaded this one, oh yes it was free!! You get what you pay for..
  • VuQube Owner 1/5

    By Chalm4
    The compass pointer is not reliable. It doesn't point as per the satellite degrees listed in the app.
  • Only for advanced user 1/5

    By Wncol
    You must first know the satellite you need. It won't offer any help on which satellite you need at all. Dish or direct. So, if you don't know what satellite you need. Forget this app.
  • hope will be fine and easy 5/5

    By ayett_vedbeLiaL
    5 star
  • AWESOME App Saved Us Money! 5/5

    By Meloolah
    My husband and I travel in our RV for his work. Direct TV wanted to charge us $200 to set up our dish when we moved parks. We brought our big dish with us, downloaded this app and got it aligned and running on the very first try!!! Super easy and SUPER quick and saved us BIG BUCKS! YAAAAY!!!
  • Camper's Buddy 5/5

    By Goodoz
    Works well with the tripod dish. Tip- load a compass program on your phone first. They usually require you to calibrate the phone for directional accuracy. Once calibrated, turn on the Dish Align app and Bang! Hits 101 every time.
  • Excelente 5/5

    By Zoey8502
    Bastante buena Diria k para iphone buenisima Thank you so much
  • Gives rough idea 4/5

    By Wastestime
    Nice extra tool to give you a general direction to point dish.
  • Excellent 5/5

    By Comeka
    Great App, make short work of pointing Azimuth. The only thing about these apps, they don't really explain HOW to use them. I set my phone on top of the LNB, in a crease to keep it as square to the LNB as possible. Looking at me. Achieved green field and my Box was downloading info on the first try. A little tweaking afterward and all is great!
  • Ali pourghorban 5/5

    By Ali pourghorban
    Very good
  • جيد 5/5

    By حاتم المياحي
    جيد جداً
  • Way Off! 1/5

    By Mike Nomadic
    My DISH antenna automatically finds the satellites so I used the app to make sure my rig is in the correct orientation between trees. The first time I used the app I thought I must have done something wrong, but the dish locked onto that sat's anyway so I forgot about the incident. Now at my next campsite there are lots of trees so I needed an accurate assessment of the satellite locations. I found a site with a nice clearing right where the app points to for 110W, 119W and 129W. But it was not correct! My Winegard 1000 pointed 30 degrees more eastward and locked onto the satellites- even with the trees in the way. Since then with the wind moving the trees I have lost my signal and it is too much effort to move the rig. Plus I can not use this app to reliably find the satellites. And yes, I have checked the app several times since then and it points right at the clear space without trees. I did this while standing on my rig at the Dish antenna for one of these rechecks. Something is wrong with the logic and or math of this program considering these satellites are of the most common used for the Dish Network in the Western states.
  • All you need to install 5/5

    By Farmguy46
    This is a one stop shop as long as you have a clear line of sight to the satellite.
  • Sat Tracker 5/5

    By Luigui peperony
    Very good application very reliable I strongly recommend
  • Mersad 5/5

    By Mersad.sedtt
  • Can't believe it free! Awesome App 5/5

    By Ronfedex
    Aligned my DirectTv dish in less than 2minutes with 96% signal strength! I would have paid for this app. THANKS for a great app guys!
  • Wrong info given 1/5

    By Sambazi
    I don't mean for this post to be published, as I think this is a nice program but with a huge bug. I am giving it a one star for the frustration it caused me. I wasted more than two hours of my time trying to align my dish when I found out that the information give for LNB polarization angle was wrong. My address is in USA zip code 95131. I was aligning my dish to Galaxy 19, 97W. Your program gave me an angle of -28.85 angle, (front view of dish), which twists the LNB 28 degrees counter clockwise. Instead I had to turn my LNB +28.85 degrees (clockwise) to capture the correct signal. Had the program given me the correct info, I would have been done in 15min instead of spending more than two hours on the roof of my house. Also, why does the program print the angle on top of the diagram making it hard to read? I had zoom in to be able to read the angle. The solution to this fix. Is that your diagram should not say "view from front". It should say "view from behind the dish". Then the angle of -28.85 would be accurate.
  • Saif 5/5

    By Bbwolfsa
    Great App, love it! So helpful
  • Iraq 5/5

    By ابو عمار مرتضى /العراق بغداد
  • Iraq baghdad 5/5

    By Safaa.dzn
    برنامج انصح به لانه مفيد
  • The best app 5/5

    By Explorer.ant
    The best app and it's FREE !!!! Great job developers !!!!
  • Great App 5/5

    By Not next flex
    Easy to use. Found the satellite before I turned the system on 96% without fine tuning. Love this app.
  • Works perfectly. 5/5

    By NLS76
    Dish was out of line. It's Sunday. First real day of NFL. Tech wouldn't be out here till Thursday. He's no longer needed. Go Panthers. #KeepPounding
  • Works perfect 5/5

    By Jrswife99
    Bought a high priced app thinking it would work and was disappointed. Came back to the App Store and got this one for free and was completely satisfied. Had our dish up and running in just minutes after installing this app!!! Very helpful!
  • Great product release 4/5

    By JF37MI
    This app is great, helps me on the job to quickly find line of sight.
  • Perfect 5/5

    By alirad.zare
  • Great Sat Finder 5/5

    By Bull910
    Works better than my birdog sat finder. Super fast and easy to use. Only suggestion I have to make this app perfect is to add in something that will help zero the elevation, because I'm lazy lol
  • Good 4/5

    By Ebram2535
    Useful app
  • Fantastic 5/5

    By Osotom
    This app works every time. Use it all winter in AZ desert after frequent moves. Thanks
  • Good 5/5

    By Milad rezvani
    Good morning
  • Taimor 5/5

    It's amazing app and thank you
  • Took a While to Learn but Two Thumbs Up 5/5

    By N4YX
    Excellent Tool. Slight learning curve but it was me, not the App! Piece o Cake once Ya catch on.
  • CTO 5/5

    By 2144main
    This app is very useful in determining where to point an antenna when aligning to a satellite. I used to teach technicians to use Google maps but this is so much better.
  • it is better than google maps 4/5

    By Adam-Kurd
    because the map is newer that what Google is using "an up to date map"but it needs new features to be added in order to compete Google map app
  • Excellent 5/5

    By Ali_Yurtseven
    The Best app for satellite finder,Very practical،thank you dear developer
  • OoO 5/5

    By Mehdi650
    Very goooood
  • Outstanding 5/5

    By psheds
    The compass is spot on. I had my Directv dish pointed at satellite 101 in seconds with 97 or higher on all transponders.
  • No Ads problem fix 5/5

    By Outtathadark2
    It appears the no ad problem is fixed, it may take 24 hours, which it should not, but the ads do go away.
  • Good so far 5/5

    By Dennisgiii
    It seems to work well. Just used it for a simple dish point info was correct

Dish Align app comments


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