Disney Color and Play

Disney Color and Play

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  • Current Version: 2.2.1
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • Developer: StoryToys Entertainment Limited
  • Compatibility: Android
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Disney Color and Play App

Explore the Disney universe in a whole new way as you create, color, play with and animate your favorite Disney characters. With Disney Color and Play you can: - Creatively color characters and scenes anyway you like - Play with your creations in our Disney playrooms* - Watch your characters leap off the screen in 3D! - Pair the app with Disney Color and Play coloring books and watch your drawings come to life in the app! FEATURES: - Enjoy the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse coloring page for FREE - To add more content, purchase additional coloring pages and playrooms within the app - Explore playrooms for Doc McStuffins, Mickey Mouse Clubhouse and Sofia The First - Enjoy animated mazes, word searches, and jigsaw puzzles with your Disney Color and Play coloring pages! - Perfect for creative kids, color and paint Disney favorites with endless combinations of tools, colors, patterns, stickers and more! - Use real coloring books (please check availability) or buy and print pages online! Additional characters include: - Disney Princesses * Rapunzel * Cinderella * Snow White * Elena of Avalor - Frozen - Cars 3 - Mickey and the Roadster Racers - Minnie’s Happy Helpers - Puppy Dog Pals - Finding Dory - Inside Out - Doc McStuffins - Sofia the First - Mickey Mouse Clubhouse - Big Hero 6 - Palace Pets in Whisker Haven - The Good Dinosaur - The Lion Guard - Miles from Tomorrow - Merida from Brave *Playrooms are 3D digital stages, designed to mimic physical playsets or dollhouses *This app is not compatible with the iPhone 4 or the iPod Touch 5th Gen 16GB. This app is not supported by the iPad 2 or iPad Mini First Gen. If you’re experiencing difficulties with audio, please check the audio settings within your device to see if your device is muted. If you experience difficulties printing from your device, simply move the saved page to your computer and print from there. Don’t hesitate to visit customer care at http://storytoys.com/support Before you download this experience, note this app will request access to your device’s camera and external storage to take a picture; upload and save content from the app to your device; and will record audio to the app. Privacy Policy – http://storytoys.com/privacy/ Terms of Use – http://storytoys.com/terms-candp/

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Disney Color and Play app reviews

  • I can’t do anything in this app 1/5

    By nico pou 300
    can’t do anything on this app
  • Doesn’t work... 1/5

    By Bluekitcat
    Spent $2.99 to purchase the pictures for my son so it can come to life as mentioned and it doesn’t work. Really frustrating. Why even offer this if it’s not going to work.
  • I hate you guys 5/5

    By Sykiatree
    It is great I could never live without it it is absolutely crazy 😃😃😃
  • still not working 1/5

    By ruring83
    At the first, I paid $6. Most of time it doesn’t work. But my daughter wants to see Sophia to live in her picture so I paid $2.99 more and it also not working. One in a while it works. I got a return of $3. I don’t know why they didn’t allow the whole money back.
  • Dear color and play 1/5

  • Ripoff 1/5

    By Mi75
    I played this game before and it worked but now it’s a disaster I scanned my thing with all the stars and I got disappointed that’s why am deleting this game 1 stars boo-hoo for you
  • Works sometimes.. 3/5

    By JoyKitten4444
    Frustrating and a huge app. Games are good, scanning pictures takes time, cuts in and out, sometimes appears white, if it works. I'd attach photos if I could. Pretty frustrating. Usually too late once you've bought the book. Kids are all excited and adults are trying to get it to work. Not as good as it could and should be. PLEASE FIX!!!

    By ngac18
    I got this app when I was 4 and LOVED IT but it didn’t have so many bugs and you didn’t need to buy anything and I deleted SO MANY apps and it still never donloweds.
  • Does not work, waste of money 1/5

    By onelousyapp
    I bought in app pictures to make them “live” for my 5 year old - naaah, won’t do a thing while little one is crying “Why is it not working? Is it from China?” Try to explain to 5 year old that engineers made a lousy app that is absolute C R A P. Do not spend any money on this.
  • It’s take so long but I still love it 5/5

    By potty popper
    Hi this game is sooo sos so sooo cool but sometimes it takes a loooooonnnng time to download it
  • Very Good 5/5

    By Superscoochy
    This app is amazing
  • So so app 3/5

    By GlitterBombBaby
    The coloring pages from the books? The characters pop up only half colored. The sounds don't seem to work on the playhouses. Not too happy with it, especially after spending $8 on the playhouses.
  • My childhood game… 5/5

    By Carmiology
    I found it! The game I have played since I was maybe 3 or 4! Thank you so much for making this app. By, Carina ^-^
  • Crashes on iPad 1/5

    By Ballistic18
    My girl was so excited to use this app. Downloaded and it crashes as soon as we select coloring books. Waste of time and storage space.
  • It takes for ever!!👎 3/5

    By ncredibel
    It downloads to longs and it is not even moving at all but my brother plays and it works for him though
  • Good but has glitches 3/5

    By dashsunicorn
    Ok so I love the playhouses and stuff but the coloring books won’t come to life especially if I don’t draw it the way they look. In the movie
  • Terrible UI, doesn’t detect some images 1/5

    By gattacus
    Spent $20 to buy all of the images for my 4yo, but some characters don’t work, or can’t be found if you don’t know which coloring book they are from. You’ll click on every princess book hoping she’s in that collection and wait for the AR to pop up. Some flat out don’t work. Click on the collection with Arial, but the Arial coloring page isn’t recognized, for example. Also some characters appear upside down, not sitting on the page correctly. I don’t mind bugs in software, but try explaining that to a crying 4yo.
  • 😡 1/5

    By Me die is
    The creators need to get it together it makes me mad I bought a coloring book do my niece but I can’t get the stupid app to work so if it don’t work they need to take it off the App Store
  • Loading. 5 hours later: still loading! 2/5

    By fthgvjhvhk
    I am always getting this app on and off and on my iPad and one day my sister got one of the coloring books and we were going to get the app back. When she was done coloring guess what! IT WAS STILL LOADING!!!!! Please please please make it load faster. Also it is still loading now and I saw that the reviews say that the scanner did not work. Please fix that to if it really doesn't. That's why I am giving it three stars. ⭐️⭐️⭐️ Now I am thinking of 2 stars.
  • MOST of the time it doesn’t work :( 3/5

    By Looksloxs
    The first time we used the coloring book and I discovered the app and the pictures coming to life, my twins were so excited as we checked it out. Unfortunately it only worked on a couple of pages. Then we went online and specifically purchased a few of the color and play books so they could bring Sofia the First to life and none of these pages are working except one. It’s just frustrating because they work so hard on their little pictures and then we sit there in anticipation waiting for the cartoon to pop up for like 5-10 minutes and it never works. Perhaps with a life’s technical fixes it would work better?! Hope so! Thanks
  • It’s ok 3/5

    By letida🌭
    My little sister used this game to scan her frozen coloring book but apparently the scanner would only scan Anna and she was all white with no color on her. The scanner would also not scan the ones with color on them, only blank pages. But overall, the mini games in it are good. I’d recommend giving more levels in the mini games if you can’t pay for everything though, it’s kinda boring to only allow one game if you can’t pay for all of them. (Are you really that thirsty for money?) I give this game three stars ⭐️⭐️⭐️
  • BEAST COLORING APP EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!¡ 5/5

    By RadBoy0360
    I use to have the app & I want it is 😎.
  • Can’t download full version in kids tablet! 1/5

    By HLenore
    I’m trying everything to purchase all the playrooms on to my kids tablet but I cannot. She has a child account so through Apple I cannot set up payment and I can’t find a way to change it temporarily and the app does not support family sharing for in-app purchases which is ridiculous. The one screen they offer for free has my child so captivated and I’m so saddened I cannot get her the rest. 😢
  • Kinda lame... 2/5

    By CCF717
    I bought one of the color and play coloring books just because my kid loves Mickey. We colored a page and he was excited to see his picture come to life, only, it wasn’t his picture as he colored it. It was just the same picture with random colors all over it and all it did was wiggle all over the screen. Pretty disappointing and I certainly would not spend money on this app. Oh well, at least he likes the coloring book. I’m giving it 2 stars because the app did animate the correct page of the book, just not as we colored it and it got boring within 10 seconds.
  • Restore purchase does not work 1/5

    By jdaze
    I purchased all of the content then bought my daughter her own iPad. The Restore Purchase button does nothing and will not let me restore the content. I want to delete the app from my iPad (it is huge) but I am afraid that all access to the content that I paid for will be lost since there does not seem to be a way to restore it to another iPad on my account.
  • Free app that costs too much 1/5

    By nope9876543
    Used to work with my iPhone 6s, upgraded to the iPhone XR and no more. Can’t scan anything, the app tells you to push the red ! On the scan screen if you are having problems, all that does is show the same video over and over again. My daughter was crushed, she spent a long time trying to get her colors just right and the app doesn’t work.
  • Crashes and does not recognize pictures 1/5

    By Specialk198305
    Force closed the first three times. When it does work it won’t pic up the colored pictures but will scan and animate blank pictures
  • Purchases not showing 2/5

    By Katiebug5695
    I purchased the play rooms for my daughter and they won’t unlock!! Please help! So irritating
  • Only works on uncolored images 2/5

    By Redley Beardis
    This works as long as your kid doesn't color too much. The more colors they use, the less likely the app is to recognize the image. Don't get them excited about what will happen until after you have tested it yourself.
  • In app purchases 1/5

    By Y2jyoung
    This app is a scam. The in app purchases won’t download nor will they restore when you press the “restore purchase” button. Apple won’t do anything about it. Absolute crap.
  • Sound 1/5

    By aefvhn
    The sound does not work
  • Amazing 5/5

    By msjsjssjsjsdd(#(
    Don’t listen to the bad reviews their trash
  • Oof,just oof 2/5

    By Mom of Sleeping Baby!
    A few years ago I got this app and purchased all of the maps For color alive and started getting to work painting Sophia the first, doc mc stuffing, and Mickey and Minnie Mouse! So after a few years of playing (today) I went back on the app and played...and it said I did not have any maps...so I purchased all of the maps and nothing, I got nothing now...we tried restore purchases and nothing happened...pls fix.
  • Do not pay for this app 1/5

    By ZeeroC0ol
    I paid to unlock all content for the ridiculous price for my kid and shortly after switched him to a new device. Because this is an in app purchase restoring the paid content can only be done if the developers allow it via feature in the app. There is nothing apple can do. I’m sure this is by design as the restore purchase feature DOES NOT function at all and they offer zero means to contact them. So pay for this app and you can’t even transfer it to another device. Also beware the app size is huge it was taking up like 2gb which is more than any other app on the device.
  • App needs a product owner 1/5

    By inturbidus
    1. Scanning no longer works on iPhone XS iOS 12 2. It makes no sense that I’m shown a camera BEFORE selecting a picture to scan 3. Confusing that the coloring book picture doesn’t match the initial selection of characters 4. I should not have to select the AR marker before scanning. The corners should be enough for the scanner to pick it up. 5. It’s very awkward to scan side ways and then try to view the princess. It always switches to the static model when the markers go out of range. Once I get a successful scan it should let me move anywhere I like so I can show it to my kids. As it is now I have to rig the phone up so that they can see the animated picture while the camera is in line with the marker corners. 6. Use this with kids before putting it out. 7. The models are okay and the coloring textures are okay. But they could be a lot better.
  • Great 4d idea, rarely works 2/5

    By Myrrh-&
    Downloaded this specifically for the 4d scan of coloring book pages. One worded twice. What a bummer. I have the most recent version of the app ... so I guess it’s just not functional.
  • Purchased and got a new device 1/5

    By MonkieMoose
    I purchased this for my child and she got a new device and now it will not restore purchases 😡. Explain to a young child why they can’t have all their pages after they have played them before.
  • Son loves it but... 3/5

    By tatianakealani
    My son loves this app and how his pictures come to life but I have purchased all 6 of the different play rooms and only 2 of them show up as purchased. I try and “repurchase” all 6 and the app tells me I’ve purchased them already and they will all be restored for free but they never get restored. It’s very frustrating because I basically paid $8.00 for TWO play rooms instead of SIX
  • Horrible app 1/5

    By MeagRH
    It takes forever & is really a lot of work to get the live picture to pop up. We colored Ariel & Bell popped up & began twirling around. Nice idea, but not worth it!
  • Amazing game 5/5

    This game is amazing, I do not think this game has ads, anyway Me and my younger brothers love doing Disney color and play coloring books and playrooms, this is a great game love what you can do in the app and we couldn’t make colored pictures come to life and customize a room without this app good job on creating this app
  • Barely worked 1/5

    By MichaelKelsiMcGinley
    Colored, scanned, and worked once after hovering for about 20 seconds. (I watched the tutorial several times thinking I was doing something wrong.) After that, it never worked again. I thought maybe my child don’t color “well enough”, so tried it myself, and still no luck. At least we still have it to use as a general coloring book!
  • Family sharing not allowed for in-app purchases 1/5

    By robson.poffo
    My son uses my iPad and he has a old iPhone and I can’t share the in-app content (I bought the 8.99 usd content with all images for coloring).
  • I love the game but why buy coloring books it should be free 4/5

    By BartyGoosie
    I like how you can play games on it and stuff but why buy coloring books it should be free. draw in the game you shouldn’t have to spend money on something you can play on the video game.
  • Color and Play fail 2/5

    By lollia19
    The Color and Play never works. The app is updated and I have an iPhone 7. My 4 year old was so excited for this now just frustrated.
  • Doesn’t work 1/5

    By Judyyech
    Great concept, but simply doesn’t work. It will work with photos she hasn’t colored but none that she did! Disappointed!
  • Okay when it works 3/5

    By MissHandy
    I have 3 kids. But if they all color the same image, it only remembers the first one. There is not a way to reset the image.
  • Bad news 1/5

    By Andrea Belmarez
    When ever I tryed to play it it doesn’t let me play it ;(
  • Doesn’t get the image right 2/5

    By Oraclefour
    Pretty neat concept and it works sometimes. Most often it pulls up the wrong image and slaps a few of the colors on to the incorrect image. My 5 year old gets frustrated.
  • Nice game and book 5/5

    By Gsdfttv
    Hi my name is Haneen My Daddy name is Mohamad maki and my mom name is Safaa we got one of your best books in is good idea to make these books l love them ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️😍🤩

Disney Color and Play app comments

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