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Earn points, discover insider perks and redeem rewards with Disney Movie Insiders. Become an Insider today - it's free to join. MAKE IT A MOVIE NIGHT Get the latest Disney, Pixar, Marvel Studios and Star Wars movies on Blu-ray™, DVD and digital, see what’s coming soon and buy tickets. GET ALL THE PERKS Earn points for eligible movie purchases and redeem for rewards such as discounts on movie tickets, DVDs, movie posters, members-only experiences, special offers and more. EARN MORE POINTS Link your Disney Movie Insiders account with participating partners’ accounts to earn points when you purchase eligible movie tickets or when you purchase eligible digital movies through MOVIES ANYWHERE. Scan eligible movie tickets to earn points on-the-go. DISCOVER MORE TO LOVE Watch Disney, Pixar, Marvel Studios and Star Wars movie clips, trailers, featurettes with the cast and filmmakers, and other bonus video content. Disney Movie Insiders Privacy Policy: https://privacy.thewaltdisneycompany.com Disney Movie Insiders Terms & Conditions: https://www.disneymovieinsiders.com/terms-and-conditions

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Disney Movie Insiders app reviews

  • Garbage! 1/5

    By khoss12
    They deleted my account. I read the terms of conditions and I am eligible. Support did not help me. Ridiculous app and website!
  • Physical rewards are finally back! 5/5

    By EthanA1998
    This is like Disney Movie Rewards all over again!
  • It’s Back 5/5

    By AngerBee
    Coming back to remove my one star review. As of 9/16/2020, there are actual rewards to earn once again!
  • Just pure crap now 1/5

    By SpaceAgeBoy
    Worthless printouts of stuff I could find anywhere and I don’t even have kids. So what good do they do me? I’m tempted to use my points for the charity but I doubt it’s even legit. There’s nothing to redeem your points for aside from that and just useless digital downloads. Nothing regarding actual films digitally or physically. Disney Movie Rewards WAS amazing and this is crap!
  • Can’t sign in 4/5

    By Monkeyrocket3120
    I can’t even sign in because once I press the sign in button it takes me to the screen to put in my birthday but there’s just a loading signal that never leaves becauses it’s not working. Though after seeing that there’s no more fun prizes and that there are only gift cards and wallpapers, I’ve decided that I’m going to uninstall the app. Thank you Disney for ruining a perfectly good app that didn’t need this but got it anyway Edit: nevermind physical prizes are coming back carry on!
  • They are deactivating my account?? 1/5

    By LA7210629
    I really love this app, but I just got an email that my account will be deactivated in a week??? There was no more information, just that they have had to “make some difficult decisions” and deactivate peoples accounts and “unfortunately, this includes yours”. I’m losing all of my points!! They said I had until next week to spend them, but there is nothing to spend them on!!! There are barely any prizes on the app because of the pandemic!!! They are all going to go down the drain. But don’t worry guys! At least they “appreciated my support and fanship over the years”. Evidently they didn’t!!
  • Can you bring back the gift cards? 2/5

    By MarieWT
    I’ve been using Disney Insiders for a year, and gotten some pretty good stuff but now they’ve gotten rid of almost everything I was ok when they got rid of the toys and movies but when they got rid of the gift cards I was not. I’m not sure if this is because of Covid or budget problems or what but I’d really like if Disney Insiders does bring back the gift cards. I also liked when they had the 25$ to zazzle.com but they got rid of it before I could redeem my points for it. What I’m asking is that Disney Insiders brings back the shopdisney gift cards and the 25$ for zazzle.com. I really like Disney Insiders and I would like it even more if you bring these things back.
  • Disney movies insiders 1/5

    By 😘😋🥰😛🥳🤩🤪
    Worst app ever
  • No rewards. 1/5

    By Brettscarn
    Absolutely no decent rewards that aren’t unattainable or a cheap printable. I’m not even seeing movie tickets. Huge downgrade from DMR.
  • Not Enough physical rewards 1/5

    By Irene S 123
    This app is GARBAGE compared to Disney Movie Rewards. There are basically NO physical rewards. I used to Love getting DVDs and even pins sometimes from the Disney Movie Rewards site. But now I can’t even get anything. I feel like my points went down the trash and they are worthless. If there’s no physical rewards what’s the point of even having the app and collecting points. I don’t want a D23 membership or digital wallpapers! I would rather have a DVD or pin. Should’ve just kept the Disney Movie Rewards and not “upgraded” to this garbage.
  • Once Great...now a hollow shell 1/5

    By slackdaddy65
    Some folks that have written reviews in favor of this app have correctly pointed out that Disney did tell members of the prior club that they would lose access to the ability to cash in points for Blu-ray’s, Movie posters, Disney collectibles, etc. Disney also said that the physical media would return. Sadly, that was over 2 years ago. I’ve collected several thousand points and there is nothing to turn them in for. I mean 0. You can donate points or you can buy printable files for 5 or 10 points. There are some Disney park related activities which are unavailable. So, there is really 0 meaningful things to redeem points on. So, when you read reviews that blindly believe Disney will revive what was initially a great ‘insiders club’...don’t hold your breath. Corporate greed has taken over. You can collect points but don’t expect there to be any real rewards from this “rewards program”.
  • Hot Trash 1/5

    By BtnkDRMs
    I started my Disney Movie Insider Account online using my iPhone and caught the ad for this app. I can’t think of a bad Disney App, even the games my kids play are pretty tolerable and ACTUALLY WORK. There is no dancing around. How disappointing this app —why is it even here in the App Store? If you’re catching this review and have an already established Disney Rewards account, just walk away .. it’s not worth downloading this thing (right now) Keep in mind it only has ONE star because you can’t give is ZERO
  • Membership has no privileges 1/5

    By cal.exico
    Lame rewards equals lame app. Most of the actual rewards that remained are now no longer available.
  • 😡 1/5

    By Hot tweety7
    I hate this app I would give it a 0. It took points from me😡 I liked Disney movie rewards. But this app is terrible.
  • A seemingly permanent downgrade 2/5

    By noothernicknameavailable
    The Disney Movie Rewards program was replaced by Disney Movie Insiders with promises to become more and better than DMR was. Since launch, they removed the ONLY reason I bothered submitting points — free Disney DVD/Blu-Rays. It’s been months since Insiders was launched with nothing even hinting at the return of redeeming points for movies. Without this, to me, the program is a waste of time and space on my phone. I only give the app an extra star because it’s nice they created an app for the program (it used to be web-based only) and it’s mostly easy to navigate.
  • Awful 1/5

    By catinthehat2011
    This app is awful..the rewards are useless. I liked to be able to collect points and use them to purchase other movies. Now that is not an option and now I have useless points.
  • “0” point printables not actually redeemable. 1/5

    By brokenglass1391
    I went to get printables, says I redeemed them yet there is no link in email or on account on where to print them. I even checked all over my phone. Nothing. I have actual points -lots of them, just nothing for rewards is good enough to be redeemed. It’s like all the good stuff was removed.
  • Disney Movie Rewards Back 1/5

    By NeraldyCastillo
    I really don’t like this new Disney movie insider i wish they can go back to the Disney movie rewards all my points I try to save to get my daughter a DVD/Blu-Ray movie and now I can’t even do that👎🏼 my daughter isn’t happy about all this.
  • Points saved 2/5

    By JanisGayle
    I have been very disappointed since Disney Movie Rewards did sway with the movies you could earn with your points. This was an incentive to buy Disney Movies and it was fun for the children to save points and earn for the mystery movies. They loved watching the mail for their mystery movie! Saving points now is not so worth it :-(. We love Disney but disappointed in your doing away with that part of point saving!!
  • Terrible rewards 1/5

    By Tof47
    Instead of actual tangible rewards like the old site-we are now rewarded with the opportunity to spend more money via redeeming rewards points on discount codes-lame.
  • Not even worth taking up phone space 1/5

    By Coffee❤️❤️❤️
    We were told that the physical rewards would be returning when they “updated”. They have not, and they have given us no indication of when/if they ever will! They had plenty of time before the coronavirus to get it going. They aren’t even worth taking up phone space with this app. Just use the browser (if you want to bother to do it at all).
  • Disappointed 1/5

    By Marquismadam
    I had high hopes but half my digital movies disappeared during this change over and I have not had any luck getting them back. I have spoken with Disney and they sent my codes I used to download the digital copies. While I appreciate that, they of course only worked the first time so now I am out 10 digital movies I paid for.
  • Disappointed ☹︎ 2/5

    By dfvbjjvcg
    Ugh I wish I would have redeemed my points before they made the switch from Disney movie rewards to Disney insiders. The rewards are horrible no selection at all. And if you don’t have a printer it’s even worse!
  • Huge downgrade from the older DMR... 1/5

    By KarlMaloneSays
    I’ve spent lots of money on/with Disney throughout my life, especially over the past 10 years with my three kids. The old DMR let me accrue points and eventually redeem them for cool physical items, like movie posters. I actually felt a bit rewarded for being a loyal Disney pleb. Now there is nothing to redeem/earn except minor discounts for ultra expensive trips and “experiences” to Disney’s most expensive tourist traps. The change has been frustrating and disappointing to say the least... all the parks are currently closed, and yet there is precious else available to redeem. Come on Bob Iger, I think the billion dollar bills you use to blow your nose are starting to cloud your judgement...
  • I can’t watch 1/5

    By hippydude777 the real one
    I was waiting for about 15 minutes but nothing happen it just kept loading qafter I made the account but nothing happen also I had the code for Star Wars the rides of sky walker
  • THIS APP ISNT F CKING WORKING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 1/5

    By VickyBooPie
    I CANNOT SIGN IN EVERYTIME I TRY IT JUST DOSENT WORK!!!! I DONT EVEN KNOW IF ALL MY POINTS STILL EXHIST!!!! WHAT MISFITS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! IM CRYING LIKE AN ABANDONED CHILD NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Edit: The need help signing in thing also didnt work. It just randomly got fixed today.
  • Not living up to the “Disney experience” we’ve come to expect 3/5

    By Noela
    Since switching from Disney Movie Rewards to Disney Movie Insiders it’s been all downhill. This app is beyond disappointing. From not matching the points shown in your account when you view your account in safari to the app not loading your points when you submit movie tickets it’s been a huge headache. Why can’t Disney fix these issues? Other apps do. And is it even still connected to my regal account? But even more disappointing than the functionality of the app is the new rewards program. No more physical rewards like DVDs and posters. Just virtual rewards, gift cards. And when asked if the physical rewards will still be available the response is yes....just wait. How long do we wait? Realistically, they never had to go away in the first place unless Disney really didn’t want them anymore. It’s been 6 months since the switch and nothing new. I do believe it’s Disney’s intention not to bring them back. It could be the cost of providing such physical rewards anymore was too much and not a good business model to continue to use. This has happened for years in other businesses. And I don’t blame Disney if that’s what’s really going on. It’s a lot cheaper to run a business with virtual/online rewards. However, many of us have no need for these online type of rewards. Instead of always spending our valuable time on an app filled with glitches, trying to load our points, and getting frustrated, we could be doing many other things. But Disney....be upfront with us reward members about this instead of constantly dangling the carrot in front of us. It’s getting old. You’ll be losing us as members if you’re not up front with us about this. Possibly us reward members are such a small minority compared to the overall number of people that use all the other Disney services that we’ve been set aside. Then, once again, please be upfront with us about what’s really going on. The Disney experience is synonymous with unbelievable, out of this world experiences. From the movies Disney makes to the experiences the theme parks provide. Why can’t they live up to their name with the Disney Movie Insiders program? Disney....please don’t reply to this review if you’re going to give the same standard response you’ve been giving to the other reviews. I know you’re capable of passing it along to the higher-ups in your business. Share it with your CEO, Mr. Robert Chapek. I’d appreciate that a lot more.
  • Unhappy.....still 1/5

    By ThatNative
    I was told by a representative that the rewards would go back to being more similar to how Disneyrewards.com was... still nothing like it or compared! This whole transition was to take away from US members...... DO BETTER!
  • Lack of progress with this app 2/5

    By drew1515151515
    I think it’s been a long enough wait for better rewards. Still waiting...Not one reward you offer catches my eye or makes me wan to physically purchase your movies anymore. I love Disney but utterly disappointed with the change after 6 or 7 months of waiting. I have stock in the company and the lack of movement in this area worries me.
  • It’s time... 1/5

    By Fshgfool
    Patiently waiting for reward options other than popcorn and movie tickets. It’s time. Please focus on options to provide to your loyal fan base
  • Don’t use Disney Movie Insiders!!! 1/5

    By Jig Happy
    I used 1100 points to get a $10 Disney Gift Card. I redeemed them as instructed but when I went to print the out confirmation page my printer did’nt work. I then never received a card number so I can use this reward at Shop Disney. I can find no way to get the confirmation info again and I sent emails but have gotten no response. I am out 1100 points since I can’t use this reward. Disney Movie Insiders is a scam. Don’t use it. It’s a waste of time.
  • App Unusable on iPhone 7 1/5

    By srtdc
    Had some issues with screen resolution and unreachable input boxes. Deleted app, soft reset, hard reset, reinstall app...screen resolution issues with unreachable input fields are still there. 😢
  • Disappointing 1/5

    By Mickstee
    I’ll join the chorus of people who are disappointed with the new program. The app is fine but what’s the point in using it if you don’t care for the rewards any longer. I got like 3 or 4 Jim Shore pieces and Funko Pops, not to mention tons of other great items. Until stuff like that returns, this program is a failure.
  • Troubled times 1/5

    By jcollier3rd
    Well I must say, it was fun while it lasted! The new “rewards program” is another greedy way for them to offer a low impact carrot to dangle in front of us in order for us to spend more money. We watch the movies and have no desire to waste money on over priced toys the kids aren’t into. It’s like all the credit cards giving cat perm discounts for spending money instead of cash back. I know a few will be happy but there is no connection. I hope they get it right for the people who buy the movies and collect the movies.
  • Got a movie and lost it 2/5

    By looking 4 Frozen
    I redeemed a digital download of Frozen 2. I have looked and I can’t find the movie anywhere! Can anyone please tell me where my digital download of Frozen 2 is??!!!??? Thanks
  • Bring back Disney Movie Rewards 1/5

    By tj77
    Please bring back the physical rewards, such as blu-rays, DVDs, and posters. It was so much better back then!
  • Very easy to use 3/5

    By Swangberg
    So this is probably my fault, but I had no idea they were changing anything with Disney Rewards. Love they have this app now and it is super easy to use, but was not expecting the change and lack of options to redeem. I did read into it more and looks like they are fixing some issues, before they add back to redemption options. I guess this gives me more time to save up my points.
  • It’s not letting me sign in 3/5

    By PrettyDizzyDiamonds
    Every time I try to sign in it says “you are not eligible to sign in or register here”
  • Soooo Sloooooooow 2/5

    By JLyo1991
    This app is almost dial up level slow. No idea why. My speeds for anything else are great.
  • No Mystery Movies 1/5

    By BookishBanshee
    Ok, I only use my points on the mystery movies and dvds..I guess you can’t get them anymore. I’m very bummed and hope they bring it back soon. I’ll just keep adding my codes until they do..other than that, I won’t be using this app. I can add my codes via the website like I did before. Please bring back the mystery movies! It was such a great experience for us opening to see what we got.
  • Horrible and sad 1/5

    By knikkirg
    The rewards are just basically coupons and gift cards, no more DVDs, blue rays or other cool rewards like before. They seriously down graded and it’s so disappointing. Maybe they will bring back the amazing rewards they used to have but at this point, the app is worthless.
  • I deleted the app. 1/5

    By Dizzy_izzy
    This app is pointless. The new “upgrade” to the reward system is pointless mostly because the “rewards” aren’t rewards; they’re coupons. You spend more money on movies to get reward points for coupons than you would if you just bought the offered products without the coupon. If I want to check my reward points I’ll use the website, but there’s no reason to even bother with that anymore. Very disappointing and aggravating.
  • Pathetic 1/5

    By myctenor
    I am sad to see Disney Movie Rewards replaced with this inferior program. I used to check the DMR daily to make sure I wouldn’t miss a deal. Now I check it when I think “oh maybe they have updated some stuff” and then I’m always disappointed when I see it really hasn’t changed. Bring back DVD and Blu-ray redemptions and all the fun stuff we used to be able to get.
  • Won’t accept new codes 3/5

    By Jakana1981
    Tried entering codes for both dumbo and toy story 4 and I get an error message telling me to try again. Tried again and still get the same error message. Bought the movies brand new. The problem has been fixed. It’s works better now. Still wish they would have kept the same rewards.
  • Can’t log in 2/5

    By StayM3dicated420
    Every time I open the app and try to log into my account it stays on the loading screen and doesn’t do anything else
  • Where’s the search? 1/5

    By abbafatherschild2004
    I was hoping the app would be better than the website but no it’s the same. Where’s all the rewards?? Where’s the search bar?? If that’s all the rewards you have then I have no reason to keep my account. None of them are things that appeal to me.
  • HATE this app! 1/5

    By JustShannon2
    I HATE the new reward program!!! Why is it that when companies “update” or “upgrade” their programs it’s always worse for the customer? Seriously? Shouldn’t they be keeping the customer happy? No good rewards. Hard to navigate. Terrible customer service. Never get your points. Unfortunately the customer was screwed again. Sad.
  • the old disney movie rewards wasn’t perfect but at least it worked 1/5

    By lynk;)
    disney you are wasting this mom’s time ... at least with the old way i would get points when i submitted tickets ... it seems like you are looking for excuses to not reward us ... and the rewards on the new site are awful ... i used to be able to get my kids a little toy or maybe a mystery dvd but since it was changed the rewards are crap and i never get my points ... just go back to the old site it was better
  • Why...?! 1/5

    By RaceTheMoonlight
    Disney Movie Rewards was great! If it’s not broken, don’t fix it. I just bought the new Maleficent:Mistress of Evil, watched it, grabbed the code sheet to enter the code at DMR and was surprised when I was redirected to “Disney Movie Insiders”. It has been a couple of months since I’ve visited DMR. First thing I noticed is how un-Disney the site felt. Second thing I noticed was how we lost the ability to sort through rewards. I got the app thinking it was just not a mobile friendly site— nope. It’s just that the new Disney Movie Insiders is grossly inferior. They took all of the good (tangible) prizes away... ALL of them. No more trading in your points for prizes. Disney, you should cut your losses and bring back DMR. I would have used my points before this change if I had known it was coming... and then never bother entering rewards again. I wish I at least had 1000 points so I could do the Children’s Hospital donation but I am just under :(

Disney Movie Insiders app comments

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