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  • Current Version: 1.2.0
  • Adult Rating: 9+
  • Developer: SQUARE ENIX INC
  • Compatibility: Android
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---------------------------------------- ◆ Game Info ◆ ---------------------------------------- ● A Dream Collaboration! Legendary heroes and villains from across the FINAL FANTASY series come together in a compelling story of powerful deities and a world in peril. Fans of the series will see their favorite characters in a brand-new adventure, and newcomers will experience the compelling story, drama, and combat that the FINAL FANTASY series is known for! ● Turn-Based Combat with a Twist! Engage in simple yet strategic turn-based combat! The unique Bravery system challenges you to balance offense with defense as you build up your Bravery and wait for the right moment to strike! ● Assemble Your Party! Build parties from a cast of dozens of FINAL FANTASY heroes and villains and prepare them for battle with a variety of equipment and abilities. Embark on a journey alongside beloved characters and encounter familiar faces, summons, and more along the way! ● Play with Friends! Multiplayer quests allow you to join forces with up to two other players to bring down mighty enemies and earn fabulous rewards! ---------------------------------------- ◆ Story ◆ ---------------------------------------- Darkness converges upon us, and the world crumbles before our very eyes… What was once a sanctuary for the weary has now become a battlefield. Long ago, the deities Spiritus and Materia warped the fabric of time and space to create a new world—a world they populated with warriors from other realms. These men and women were forced to fight day and night without reprieve, and the strain of endless battle soon grew to be too great. With battered bodies and shattered spirits, they sent out a cry for help…




  • Good game but wayyyyy too expensive 4/5

    By DYJL
    The game overall is one of the best. The gems you can purchase for gacha is soooo expensive. $80 for 2 multipulls?! No ty...
  • Incredible hours of fun 5/5

    By Rivai.Heichou
    I love this game, hands down my favorite app. My only wish/request is that my favorite character of all Final Fantasy come into this game: Red XIII! Pleeeease add my dear Nanaki so I can complete my party of favorites ^^’
  • Fun game 5/5

    By pocoloco1337
    Turn based ff combat that incorporates the dissidia brave system. The gameplay is top notch and may seem simple at first but there is dept to it. The game is grindy like most ff games. I enjoy that the game has no sp system which makes you wait to play most of the game. The only exception is special missions called world of illusions which unlocks upgrades for your characters , which is not needed to play the game but adds a way to boost your character. The game offers a lot of content that provides a lot of gems for first time players to use for unlocking weapons for your favorite ff characters. The gems you earn are used to spend on banners which are like card packs in a card game. There is an rng element in that you might not get the weapon you want. However unlike most gacha games this game guarantees at least one 5 star weapon so it doesn't feel too bad when you spend your gems because you're at least guaranteed one good item. When compared to other gacha games which can involve you spending all your resources and getting nothing. The only complaint is that the gems have an absurd price if you ever decide you want to spend money on the game. Costing around $30.00 for a single pull of a 10+1 banner that guarantees one 5 star weapon. However this isn't much of a complaint as the game provides more than enough gems for f2p players to keep up just by playing the game. The absurd gem prices are mostly there for whales that are willing to pay the absurd costs for gems and can't be bothered to play the game. The game never feels like you need to spend money to keep up. Overall the gameplay is beast and if you enjoy ff turn based combat then you will enjoy this game.
  • Five stars 5/5

    By Michael the pickle
    Great game
  • Great game! 5/5

    By Mr.PsyDRa
    Just a really amazing game overall! Been playing from the beginning. This is not a pay to play game which is fantastic but, because of all the hard work that has been put into this game I’ve been buying a few gems here and there to finish MLBing (Max Limit Breaking) some of my favorite characters in the final fantasy franchise. I want people to understand something very important. There are too many characters to play with. So if you are a 100% completion freak, I’m sorry to say that it isn’t happening unless you buy gems. The game is meant for you to select a few characters and MLB (Max Limit Break) them without having to spend money on gems but rather accumulate gems from Chapters, Banners, Lost Chapters, Trials etc. It is a gatcha game yes but, it is your job to pull plan accordingly so that you can enjoy the game with your favorite FF chracters. Also, I’ve been reading a few other bad reviews without the proper understanding of this game. This game is part of the Dissidia series. It is not your typical Final Fantasy game. I suggest playing the Dissidia games that came out for PSP so you can understand what this game is about and avoid giving something you know nothing about a bad review. Gameplay is simple. Lost Chapters are challenging and require good strategy. Co-op is friendly and fun to play with others. My smallest and probably the only complaint I have is that I would like to see more added fights in the near future to the co-op banner section. I want to be able to play with my favorite MLB characters and try out new strategies instead of playing the Specific Character Banners where only 2 characters receive the special boost. Even though you can play the character banner with any character, i still don’t feel that spark of challenge. To finish my review, I am also looking forward to battles being more and more challenging for co-op plays. I want to see players actually thinking about when to use a summon instead of summoning one after the other to finish a fight.
  • Amazing!! 5/5

    By MarkOliver10
    Despite the fact it’s a free game, but GOD DANG IS IT FUN??!!! I love this game and I really love the fact the characters (especially Tifa and Cloud) still face their own situations. This game is new though. Like Kingdom Hearts 1 when that was still starting with no skippable cutscenes. However, yes, you can skip cutscenes here. The boss battles can indeed mess you up though so do be careful! Great gameplay. This is actually one of my favorite games in terms of gameplay. Great plot, which by the way, Speaking of Kingdom Hearts, why not add a small Kingdom Hearts path in the Lost Chapters? Sora and Riku kicking trash, it’ll make the game that much better! If developers read this, let me know on my feedback.
  • Too Expensive!!! 1/5

    By All names are taken so.......
    The price of Gems is too high and disproportionate to the draw requirements. $36.99 for 6000 Gems. When a 10 draw only requires 5000 Gems. The price is just way too high for something so small and something too chanced. $25.00 - $28.00 Maybe but the current price is not worth it. Specially when there are better final fantasy games out there with far more content for less.
  • Fun to play if you are willing to spend money constanly 1/5

    By Iccarus86
    Game is fun, I enjoyed it while it lasted, however as you progress thru the quests and events you realize that you need to invest money to beat the more difficult quests, unless your luck is absolutely insane, I do understand that all great games come with the hard work of many people and I support them occasionally, but after spending over $100 twice to get the weapons of my favorite character and just pulled crap then you realize that they just manipulate the odds in the game to keep you spending money, while other people claim that they get the weapons with minimal effort, as Im writing this Im uninstalling the game, I like to support games but the odds in this game are retarded unless you keep investing money again and again and again and again
  • Just another gotcha game 1/5

    By Sir_Xirek
    ‘Nuff said
  • Love the game but 5/5

    By Blakers730
    I love this game but after you miss an event you can’t do it again so now I can’t get ever character in the game because I didn’t know that events were a thing until it was too late
  • Not work on iPhone 4s 2/5

    By CacciatoreS third
    That's so sad :( I know it's already 2018, but :( Please add compatibility list on description.
  • Force close! 2/5

    By [dh]-AmonRa
    Crush launched the game on iphone 5 Pls fixed..
  • My original was one star 5/5

    By younow whistleblower
    And it because of the first 10 hours of combat, it’s bland you can super pump your favorite characters and make them the gods you want. Thank god for auto combat It’s the story that gets five stars They wrote a really good story with all of ff heroes and villains I haven’t beaten it yet But good job
  • Unable to open on my iPad 1/5

    By Vorrsit
    Unable to open the app on my iPad Pro after downloading. I've played it on my iPhone no problem. 5 stars once this is fixed or I find out what I'm doing wrong.
  • Can’t even open the app 1/5

    By Lanevofreak
    Upon downloading the app,I can’t even open the app without it force crashing on me, I’ve uninstalled and reinstalled it but still has no effect
  • Invincible air that won’t let me kill him 3/5

    By Herb in FL
    Way of the chocobo pt. 1 Galuf manikin won’t die, keeps on using blade block+ when he hits three on his buff and won’t let me kill him, can you fix this where you have a chance of getting a hit because it is always 100% of the time when he does this and will even do this if you use you summon.
  • Doesn’t work 1/5

    By Jp Lambert
    I was really excited for this game but i’ve waited for several updates, and still can’t get it to open. It says it’s compatible with my device, and I have 3.5gb available storage. I don’t see the issue. I have a iphone 6s on IOS 11.3. Please fix!!
  • Great game for FF fans 5/5

    By RoyalBloodyRoses
    This is an awesome game that I could play for hours. The story is interesting and I really like the method of recruiting new characters throughout the story. I would recommend this to anyone that is a Final Fantasy fan. The only complaint I have is how long it takes to level up the characters and dungeon grinding gets tedious really quickly especially when I only get 50exp after fighting monsters that are the level as me. There should be some way to level up faster.
  • Miss person!! 5/5

    By BlondeJamie
    Love the FF series!!! But Laguna is no longer in the part selection!!!
  • Needs more playable content 3/5

    By Dapx123
    Great game, lots of characters, but there needs to be more playable content. Finished the map twice inside of a week.
  • 5 Stars 5/5

    By Jashua c
    After many years of lackluster mobile titles, Opera Omnia exceeds expectations. This game is a fantastic Final Fantasy title, featuring its classic battle system and staple Final Fantasy heroes, Opera Omnia succeeds where the PS4 title fails. The only downsides to this title is how much it costs to buy gems and character balancing. I feel like I could spend 100’s of hours and not spend a single cent due to the high price of gems. Character balancing is another issue, some characters like Squall and Cloud are leagues ahead of heroes like Wakka or Auron. Please SE buff the weak characters, since this is only a PVE title, every character should have the ability to be great.
  • Update 3/5

    By 24kVision
    It keeps asking me to update but I’m updated to the latest version. Need Help Other than that 3 stars till issue gets resolved.
  • Heavy on nostalgia but light on gameplay 3/5

    By Son1111112111
    I’ve been a lifelong FF fan and this game hits all the right notes with the characters and nostalgia. Once you get past that thigh the gameplay is terribly repetitive and the story is pretty thin. Most events basically consist of grinding the same battles over and over again with no variation.
  • Bugs in game 4/5

    By don?!
    The game has too many bugs at this time
  • Fun times 5/5

    By funytimes
    Love this game had lots of fun waiting for events n stuff like that hard mode normal mode it’s one of the best mobile phone games I played I like this one vs it’s ps4 counter part to behonest
  • You better like grinding 4/5

    By pata2001
    Are you a fan of the classic Final Fantasy turn based battle system? If you do, this is the perfect game for you as you’ll be doing battles a lot, a whole lot. There’s a thin story that was there just as an excuse for the many Final Fantasy characters from the different games to be gathering together. So don’t expect much. It’s all about the battles and grinding, with the typical freemium games random loot system. Now that doesn’t mean this is a bad game. If you like Final Fantasy, it’s a fun game. And it’s fun to see different characters from different games interacting with each other. It’s also great to hear the voice actors again. In short, if you love Final Fantasy battle and grinding, this is a perfect game.
  • Update to FIX not to make it crash 2/5

    By Hendy Suryaman
    update to 1.2 version just few minutes ago, crash when loading to the home menu. Please fix it for real.. thanks
  • Best Game for mobile 5/5

    By Matthew021306
    10/10 best game. All it needs is Barret from Final Fantasy VII
  • Why all the shut downs for updates 3/5

    By Deadpool7532
    What’s going with all the matience work it seems like every other week it’s ridiculous I mean seriously what is going on
  • Nice FF game 5/5

    By Ted beard 007
    Great game, F2P friendly. If you are a fan of Final Fantasy games, you should try this out.
  • The best Final Fantasy Spin-off JRPG Online game for mobile phones! 5/5

    By Zekegrey
    My first time giving a review in the App Store since I’ve started playing games 7 years ago. I have anticipated this game since DFFOO came from Japan to Global. Without a doubt made my role-play gaming experience back to life. All of the elements are in the game: turn-based system, weapons to collect, story to follow & the fave “chibi” like Final Fantasy heroes at your disposal. Gone are the days, contemplating whether we could mash-up protoganists from each Final Fantasy in a party. You’re actually going to use each of them eventually & gather almost everyone inside the FF franchise. The graphics & gameplay are stupendous & immersively mind-blowing with 3D models & animation with 60fps like visuals. A big thanks to Square-enix & Koei Tecmo, you’ve brought a flawless gem to us. Keep us goin’ with constant updates & awesomeness! Kudos DFFOO! 🤘🏻😎
  • Great game, but a few suggestions 5/5

    By MitsurugiReiji
    I love this game, it's just amazing. The turn based mechanics, with the cinematic attacks, makes it look so cool. My only issue is that it needs to have characters from Final Fantasy Brave Exvius. It should include Rain, Lasswell, Fina, Lid, Nichol, Jake, and Sakura for the heroes, and Veritas of the Light and Veritas of the Dark and Sol as the villains. That way, the game has more characters and they incorporate from another one of their mobile games. I love these characters, please consider adding them some time
  • Crashes on start up STILL, even on latest update 1/5

    By Meajxbs
    Can't play even after bug fixes -still can't play
  • Game crashes 2/5

    By DavidXchen
    Games sends me back to home screen at times
  • iPhone X user 4/5

    By Chacktivist
    Everything is on point and I have been playing this game for a while now. Just one tiny thing, this game looks really small on an iPhone X screen.
  • Doesn't work 1/5

    By JEmlay
    I get a warning screen about purchases then the app crashes and quits. Garbage app still doesn't work!
  • Not at all like the original 1/5

    By #goku9001
    The original series of disidia was the best final fantasy series ever to even put its name with this trash is disgraceful we would all be happier with the original except on mobile modern devices.
  • Help 5/5

    By Cloud6484
    I had the Game Before but one thing is that I have a new phone and I lost the account and I didn’t save it on my phone for fb and yeah can get it back but it is a good game
  • Great game 5/5

    By Gamer58review
    Needs its own save through AppStore or its own instead of Facebook.
  • I can’t lie this game got me 5/5

    By GoogleSpadesLunn
    Yo everything from the character selections, the story line, content, effects and graphics are beautiful. This game truly keeps my attention and provides me a range of some of my favorite characters to play with!!
  • Multiple crashes and loss of game data... 2/5

    By Cardenas Snake
    Comes with a heavy heart. After multiple crash in such a wonderful game I will take a break on this game. Maybe later it will function properly in hopes of lifting these crashes I uninstalled the app and downloaded it again. Transfer data failed in both ways. Think twice when uninstalling, you'll might be one of the few unlucky ones of data loss...I have faith this will be fixed,I'm a big fan.
  • Best FF I’ve played since 13 5/5

    By zenlarthered
    Yuffie is really into Shadow. Zidane hits on Tifa relentlessly. Cloud still could care less w/e is happening, and Kefka is a main villain. Do I need to write anything else? This is nostalgia at its finest, and I’d be satisfied if I played it on a console for $60. Instead, it’s free, and plenty of ways to be competitive and get gems without spending a pile of money.
  • Solid Mobile RPG 4/5

    By Incrediburch
    I have to say, I’ve had a pretty good time with this game. It is Free-To-Play, but its given me quite a bit of play without spending real money. I have payed $10 because I wanted to, and will probably pay another $10 when it reaches a certain level of content. The only bothersome aspects are that you can’t get good equipment from regular battles and gear draws are expensive. You won’t get a lot for your money in terms of transactions. The premium currency can be used for a couple things, however I recommend just saving it for gear draws.
  • Good game but... 3/5

    By Whatchamaca
    Love the game, however their coop system needs work. Either I am the only person playing this game or nobody wants to play with me (could be the latter). I rarely am able to find people to connect with to compete in the coop missions. If they made the controls easier to see who was looking for help it may solve the issue. Everything else is great.
  • Best Game 5/5

    By Lidz87
    This is hands down the best game on mobile. I freakn love this game. I’ve even started streaming again so I could share any knowledge with other people and the community is extremely helpful
  • Impossible to play without RNG luck 1/5

    By Mad Paladin
    I wanted to like this game, I really did. Long time Final Fantasy fan. But the game takes Record Keeper’s emphasis on gear and turns it up to 11. Your party will not be effective without gold-level (the highest that can drop, base) gear. This is because of the “cp” mechanic where many earned or learned bonuses or upgrades for characters have to be equipped. No gold gear? Fewer CP, and less effective characters beyond the gear bonuses themselves. Draws are overpriced for value. Normal play will earn a couple hundred in-game currency a day, but the guaranteed pull costs 5000. That’s over $20 to get MAYBE 1 good piece of gear for a single character. Save your time and money. Give this one a pass.
  • Nope 2/5

    By Want gems
    Not even close to FF.
  • Awesome Final Fantasy ❤️❤️❤️ 5/5

    By Marvel ultimate player
    Best game hands down playing this more than any other games in iOS. Graphics and gameplay is superb 10/10. A must have for FF fans.
  • Another great mobile game by square 4/5

    By Daaaatttt bbbooooiiii
    A fun FTP game without in-your-face microtransactions featuring classic turned based gameplay with a fun twist, a large cast of beloved characters, cutesy graphics that are very easy on the eyes and a killer soundtrack. Would recommend!
  • Crashes every time since update 2/5

    By Chaquarius
    It was fun until this week. Now it crashes during the loading screen every time.



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