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“This keeps my kids busy and surprisingly more away from a screen than I thought! Video games have been replaced with drawing, building with LEGO and science experiments... and we’re just getting started. So worth it!” "We signed up for a 14-day trial, but soon realized we were here to stay. Our kids are engaged, they’re creative and the staff makes the whole thing fun. They love interacting with other DIYers and we feel like it's a safe place for them to do it. is exactly what this family needed." These families discovered, a huge library of hands-on projects, how-to videos, and an awesome Learning Community™ where kids can safely share online. There’s something for every kid: Art, Photography, Slime, Minecraft, Machines, Sewing, LEGO®, Animation, Cooking, Singing, Coding … you know, the stuff that makes the world great! The thing that makes different from all other screen time is that your kids will get inspired by other kids who love learning and share their passion and curiosity. With DIY, any kid anywhere can learn any skill. – Creative Challenges app screenshots – Creative Challenges app reviews

  • Why subscription? 2/5

    By DIYer263748
    I used to have this app and I loved it!! But after I got the new version, I need a subscription?! Why?! This is such an amazing app that everyone should have which is why I strongly disagree about the subscription. I do think this is a great app, but pls change that so I can go back to having fun DIYing!
  • Disappointed 😢😭😤🤬😡😩☹️☹️☹️☹️☹️☹️☹️ 1/5

    By llamacorngrl🦄😍
    This amazing app used to be FREE. Now it costs 20 dollars a month. I am super upset and disappointed. I understand the developers need to earn money, but why not have a premium feature or something? I can’t find anything similar either.
  • Is this a scam? 1/5

    I have never ever had an app that was so difficult to sign into or create an account. It was quick to take my yearly fee but it has been weeks and I haven’t been able to see the content. It spams me a lot of emails telling me how much parents love the app, but at this point I feel duped. Customer service has not been helpful either. This app sounded like a good idea at first.

    By Gianadabs
    I had to pay but I can’t cus I have no money 💰!its didn’t allow me to enter so I was mad and sad I couldn’t get to play this or diy this game!I rate you zero 0 stars !🤗
  • Very bad I can’t create an account 1/5

    By Gam3r22453
    I just wanted to do diy so I signed up but it said it already had an account with my email so I couldn’t do diy
  • I like this app, but why’d they change it? 4/5

    By ZeniaZZ
    I loved the old DIY. I had lots of followers, and there were tons of great challenges and amazing things to do. BUT, when I got on the next day, I saw that it was on a new app. I didn’t care at first and downloaded the app. When it came on though, I saw that I was asking for money if we wanted to be a full member, and I was devastated. I give it a four because, 1, they should’ve warned us, and 2, it is asking for money of which I cannot provide.
  • Good but.... 3/5

    By friend of dino ate my beagel
    Well now u have to pay 20$ monthly to use the app so ya
  • ❤️🧡💛💚💙💜🖤 5/5

    By mermaidmoon123
    I love this app I have made so many new friends and old I’ve gotten so much better at art this is so awesome
  • Ridiculous pricing 1/5

    By hater of DIY
    When I downloaded this app I thought it was going to be cool but it turns out the only way you can do anything on it is by paying $70 every month. Basically, the maker wants everyone to think the app is free just so you download it and then make you buy the ”VIP” version. I tried the free trial version but they wouldn't let me cancel it even when I deleted the app there was still a $70 bill every month. Is this supposed to be a SCAM!!!!!, !,!!
  • 15$ 1/5

    By Coolguy83857381
    Please add a lite or free option
  • 😭 2/5

    By treeeeees rule
    This looks like a really cool, fun app, but my parents would NOT pay 19.99 a MONTH for diy ideas. Can u pleeeeaaaase do 1 of 2 things? Maybe u could lower the prices. Or if we don’t pay, we only have access to certain things. I was really disappointed..... I was looking forward to this app.
  • Why do we need to pay?? 1/5

    By i need diy
    Before when it was just d.i.y. Everything was just fine but now we have to pay!! It’s for fun you waisted your money on something that is horrible at least let us keep the d.i.y. It would be better if we could not pay. So please get that fixed
  • Still Great, but.. 4/5

    By NyanCat😸
    I used to be on DIY so much when I was a kid. I made so many new friends and learned a lot of new things. When I heard there was a new app, I downloaded it just to get some nostalgia of the good old days, and maybe even post something. I gave it four stars because I love DIY and it's amazing community and moderators (I'm looking at you, Booky! ❤️) but it's become more like your other app, Jam, which was like a paid version of the original DIY. Thanks for all the memories, guys. I hope DIY and Jam bring you more success.
  • No 1/5

    By 209090909009090900909
    First of all there is a $19.99 subscription and it asks for all your information
  • This makes me mad, 1/5

    By Hardy McVicker
    I hate that you have to pay IT SHOULD BE FREE!!!! My son just wants to learn how to build cool stuff from legos.
  • Boring 1/5

    By Nish. G
    I think this is the woooooooorst game ever it s really bad now I’m a really in to it and parents will never give me there phone also it’s stupid and dumb😡😡🤬🤬🤬😪
  • Great, but could use some editing. 4/5

    By Please add the following 😁
    The new D.I.Y is a wonderful app. I love the community, the rules, just everything and everyone. BUT, that dose not mean this app is perfect. No app is perfect. My first suggestion is to actually give penalties to rude D.I.Yer’s. They are out there, you know. There are also some things I would like to be added back. On the original D.I.Y you could search of usernames, posts, etc. but on the NEW D.I.Y there isn’t an option to do that. PLUS, now you even need photo library access to do challenges. Here’s another thing; posts take LONGGGGG to compress/upload. Anyway, that’s it for now. But don’t get me wrong, this app is great! It just needs some editing, like any other app. :) Thank you D.I.Y for responding to others comments and mine as well. I won’t do an email for now, but thanks!
  • The app looks great 4/5

    By gigle 923
    But I think it was a bad idea but to make it cost money. Now me and my sister can’t use it because we can’t afford to pay $20 dollars a month. Is there any way to fix this?
  • I can’t use the app 1/5

    By uincm
  • Diy 3/5

    By tnjhoov
    A little to pricey but if you are willing to pay it has sooo much to do.
  • NOPE 👎🏾 1/5

    By super starfish lover
    This is not the og diy it is horrible all they want is more money this is such a stupid change and I feel bad for all the diyers that had done such good thing and had a lot of followers whoever did this is dumb so DON’T I repeat DON’T get this new app
  • JAM ruined DIY 1/5

    By springbird.jen
    Prior to JAM DIY made it possible for all kids to learn and grow and be a part of the community without having to afford a paid membership.
  • Surprising 5/5

    By Niagara Fell
    This keeps my kids busy and surprisingly more away from a screen than I just thought! Video games have been replaced with drawing, building legos and science experiments... and we’re just getting started. So worth it. Thank you!!!
  • No no no 5/5

    By danielzheng2019
    It’s a fun and entertaining app for kids but you have to be a member to use be a member YOU HAVE TO PAY FOR IT . I’m sure you don’t want to pay for it BUT YOU HAVE TO PAY FOR IT OR ELSE YOU CAN’T USE IT

    By undertale4ever
    Hi i am a 11 year old girl that had this app before it merged with JAM. And this app was already perfect and free to the use of everyone. This used to be a nice and creative Community. But now many people had to quit just like me because we cannot afford the new update. Please DIY many people liked the original and now it is ruined and you have lost HUNDREDS of users. I would not recommend anymore but if they did not change it, I would rate it an 11/10 now I would not even rate it a 1
  • Disgusted 1/5

    By diyisgonnaflopnow
    My kids are heart broken!! After years of working on DIY, you now hijack their account & charge 20 bucks a month for access? Disgusting. I hope your site fails.
  • Paywall 2/5

    By gsj usjwjchjeje
    I have been a part of DIY for about two or three years now, and I had just decided to log back in. I was excited to see that they had a new layout, but when I tried signing in, I soon came to realize that you had to pay to be able to be part of the activities. I loved chatting with people that I became friends with, but having a paywall is stopping me from doing so.
  • No more free accounts. Paid only! 1/5

    By EC424
    My kids have used DIY for years. Now their accounts are essentially held hostage unless I provide credit card info for a “free trial”. This is supposedly to protect them? How is linking their accounts to my name, credit card, zip code, and address on some hackable data base protecting them? And if it’s necessary by some Nanny law then why is there no option to trial through Apple? There should be free content with optional upgrades available. We have done Jam classes several times when we can. This is the 21st century business model that works for ALL the companies. It establishes community, loyalty and customer retention while providing educational material for the less fortunate. Bad move Jam.
  • Worst app ever 1/5

    By I am incognito
    Hate this app!
  • Ugh 2/5

    By Dhudhebfbfbf
    Hello I’m 11 years old I decided to make a Jam account with my parents permission... everything was going great until you had to have a membership to join. If the apps gonna cost money you just say it costs money in the App Store. I wouldn’t recommend this app unless you want to pay 20 dollars a month for a game.
  • Jam cancels free trial 1/5

    By Whitanay
    I signed up for a free trial that is supposed to expire in two weeks, only to receive an email from Jam about an hour later saying they cancelled it. What kind of company cancels a free trial!? From the little I saw, it’s definitely not $20/month worth anyway.
  • I’m sure it’s good but I can’t play it 5/5

    By lildhjb
    Hi my name is lily and I am 12 years old and I downloaded this app in hopes of learning cool stuff. But sadly navies of the membership I can’t play it. I hope to eventually be able to this app. Thank you for reading this
  • An Awesome App 5/5

    By Jammer: Matt8
    I have been a JAM user for two years now and I have enjoyed it so much. The challenges and contests they have are very fun, and they have made so many improvements to the app. If you are looking for a fun and safe place to post videos, JAM is the place. They have so many different things to try so everyone can be interested. Thank you so much MODS and developers who make this possible for us kids. Thank you for reading this review!
  • Charged for an app I don’t have 1/5

    By AimeeRenae5
    I just checked my statement and realized this app is the reason I was charged $20 even though I deleted the app weeks ago. I don’t recall ever seeing anything stating I’d be charged $20 a month. Perhaps I overlooked it. But still, the app has been gone for weeks. Why am I being charged?
  • Terrible 1/5

    By cheng tengey
    My ten year old little Chinese girl came and told me that she couldn’t talk to the mods, or do the courses. And it was working for a long time! So this game is terrible if your looking for a free game. If you want a free game don’t download this one. Please trust me. My ten year old girl hermione hates this game now. She wants to be a animator and you have ruined her dream. Thanks a lot jam.
  • Fix This Please 3/5

    By awesome beario
    So I would really love it if this were free and I did not have to start a trial.Honestly from all the Jam ads I have gotten it looks like a fun app and that is why I will give 3 stars.However,I would love to try it out and give it 5 stars but I will never know if I can if I can’t do the trial.Please fix this Jam!
  • Rude 1/5

    By lele poop
    OK so I downloaded JAM and it said I had to pay for mine kid and I’m like I don’t wanna pay for it she’s about to get out of school and she wants to do things over summer so I don’t get it I have to pay because I just have to pay for school so I don’t get it so jam if you see this please change it so you don’t have to pay because my daughter wants to do you things over her summer
  • Plz fix 1/5

    By haleyaiden
    I wanted this app so bad until I got it I put in my moms email and it won’t let me in plz fix
  • They did not tell me it costs money! 1/5

    By Kyle4252
    Once I downloaded it I promised my little brother for so Much fun on it because of the add and now he’s crying because I was not able to do it!
  • Money money money 1/5

    By soph dogs
    Hi my name is Sophia. Right after I logged in it gave me no choice but to pay 20 dollars a month/do their free trial so I just didn’t do it so that means I can’t use the app I don’t care if it takes where I have to have like five things to do on the app but I’m not paying $20 for just an experiment/everything they give me I’m not paying for stuff that I can just look up online
  • Awful trial 1/5

    By Geekymomy
    We sign up for a trial because my kids were really excited. I’m the type of person that makes sure things are worth the price before committing to a subscription. The account was not easy to create or manage and they weren’t allowed to access the videos or courses. That’s not at all a way to try something. So disappointed; it looked very promising.
  • Paying for the trial 2/5

    By rhebdhdhfhfhrhfnggtn
    Hello I am 10 years old. When I first saw this app it lit up my eyes .I was so happy to see an app that I could go on to learn new things and try some experiments. I had just put in my password and every thing was going fine until I saw the trial my mother would have to pay for. Any app that she has to pay for she will say no to. She does not like to pay for apps. I really thought it would free. If it was I would be giving this app 5 stars. I knew this would not let me be bored.please respond back at me as soon as possible.I would like to hear what you would do about this pet peeve. Thank you.
  • Gooood baaaad 1/5

    By rdgynr
    I saw that app and reviews it looks good but you have to pay $20 a month That stinks otherwise it looks like a good app for a learning app why would you make it cost money
  • Over priced 1/5

    By jgjjnbhgjhhjjbvhhhhj
    I like the idea but 20dollars a month is unbelievable.THIS SHOULD BE FREE
  • Help! 😣😣😣😣 4/5

    By cookie0417
    Hi! So I have been a big Jam user for a while now and when I try to delete a post it doesn’t actually delete it! This is especially annoying since I invented a word but then found out it was already a word and now I can’t delete that post! Please fix this!
  • Read this! 2/5

    By NessyGamer
    Okay, You guys shouldn’t have a subscription thing for money.Some people don’t have the money. Please turn of subscriptions.Make it free,then more people will get it.Thanks
  • Trial to cancel my subscription is so frustrating 1/5

    By Carwright1945678
    I want to cancel my subscription but JAM website is awful in helping me do that. I do exactly what they tell me to do but it just sends me in circles. Never will I subscribe and I will tell all my friends how awful it is to try to stop. Don’t get this app!!!

    By HiMyNameIsBubbyBaddoga
  • Ok this is really dumb 1/5

    By landon houts
    I would give 0 stars. I can't use this app because we have to use money I can't afford this. – Creative Challenges app comments

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