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  • Current Version: 1.7.4
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  • Compatibility: Android
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DJI Fly App

DJI Fly is designed to help pilots fly drones with ease. (Currently only supports DJI Avata, DJI Mini 3 Pro, DJI Mavic 3, DJI Air 2S, Mavic Air 2, DJI Mini 2, DJI Mini SE, Mavic Mini, and DJI FPV aircraft models) What’s great about DJI Fly? · Intuitive UI and expansive Camera View. · Easy-to-follow Flight Tutorials to help you get started. · New search function for discovering nearby Fly Spots and GEO zones. · Advanced Editor platform with tools and templates for quickly editing and sharing work. We appreciate your feedback. All suggestions are welcome. · Feedback Email: [email protected]

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DJI Fly app reviews

  • Not iPad compatible 1/5

    By sestylemmon
    This app is not compatible with the iPad mini and the standard DJ controller anymore. It is very frustrating, this is a known bug that has been around for a while and DJ refuses to fix.
  • Need stable IPad Mini 6 support! 3/5

    By Ap jack
    Love the app on my iPhone 11, but needs to be compatible with the ipad mini 6.
  • Cool! 4/5

    By LiveLiveCreateLife
    Very good app for a freebie. Makes drone operation pretty easy. Would like to see more quick shots added in future…. And maybe a simple follow-me or fly to map touch points (if it has that already, I can’t find it). Overall, very I impressed. Nice job devs!
  • New Update 1/5

    By cole_lewis42
    I used to love this app and enjoyed flying, but after the new update it deleted all my videos from the app gallery with no chance for me to download them, my old sd card snapped so all these videos are now lost. They need to add the app gallery back and restore videos, it was nice having them all in one spot instead all over in my camera roll.
  • Overwrites media timestamp with time of transfer 1/5

    By JDSX
    Although it works fine on Android, any photo or video you transfer via iOS will overwrite the timestamp with the time of the transfer. This has been a known problem for at least a month now.
  • Advertisements 1/5

    By ElFunkycowboy
    App started giving me ads out of nowhere, don’t do business with them
  • Very aggravating 2/5

    I use DJI for work, I do aerial videography and photography but I recently had to delete the app due to it taking up 100GB of storage. Everything I’ve seen says that it shouldn’t be more than 2GB. I’m now loosing work due to this.
  • Very satisfied 5/5

    By marzolfm
    Not sure why this app gets so many bad reviews, it was very simple to install and start flying. The interface is simple but full of features. Very happy with product.
  • Won’t fly without constant firmware updates 4/5

    By JDraney3190
    A nice intuitive app, but every few weeks it won’t let you fly unless you update the app while the aircraft is connected. Not usually a problem, but if you’re in a rural area with no signal, it’s disappointing not to be able to fly.
  • Give us offline maps 3/5

    By AerialKingz
    I don’t see why we have offline maps for DJI GO4 but not for the fly app.
  • Battery draining, phone overheating… 1/5

    By Hagar da Moke
    Primary complaint is DJI FLY, running on an iPhone 8 Plus, uses a massive amount of battery charge, overheats the phone and very quickly causes iOS to dim the display to avoid overheating. I’ve been flying an Air 2S with the FLY app for almost 2 years and none of the infrequent app updates have addressed this well-documented issue. We shouldn’t have to use chill packs to keep the display alive. Same phone used to fly Mavic Air with GO 4 exhibits none of the overheating issues. One other annoying “feature” is that FLY and GO 4 DJI flight records are incompatible with each other—other than flight time totals, the FLY app is unaware of GO 4 flights and the same the other way round. I was hoping the 1.7 update would fix the overheating issue, but sadly it did NOT. In the past, I never encountered the oft-reported video lag/freeze problem, but now that’s happening too. Working around this by killing/restarting the app is scary. And finally, we all know DJI never reads any of this.
  • iPhone Dims and Overheats. Why? 3/5

    By Bill08990900567
    Screen goes dark and will overheat on my iPhone 13 Pro Max and iPhone 11. The Mavic Air 2 is my first drone purchased in July so I was thinking it’s because the temperature is in the 90’s. Using a sun shield and have tried every setting found on the Internet but still goes dim. I have had no other apps used outdoors to cause this condition. Reading that other users have the same issue and claim an app update is the problem. Please advise the solution DJI has to make the drone usable to fly with an iPhone without going dim and overheating. 9/3/22 Firmware Updates and the iPhone still dims.
  • All flight data wrong 1/5

    I was keeping track of my flight time and distance on an excel spreadsheet. The app is showing hundreds of less miles flown from what I actually am. It is also showing close to 10 hours less flying time than what I’m doing. AlongAnd when I go back and look to compare flights to my records, all of the distance and times are all changed in the app.
  • Avanta not well supported 1/5

    By Nantucket Ned
    There are so many things wrong with the DJI Avata and the DJI Fly app I don’t know where to begin. You cannot retrieve any of the photos or videos from the Avata without connecting the USB-C cable or removing the SD card from the nearly impossible to access slot on the drone. As best I can tell, you cannot broadcast the video from the goggles to an iPhone or iPad. The DJI Fly app is only used to activate the drone, controller, and goggles. You cannot use any of the other features. Basically worthless. This is a drone you do not want to buy and an app you do not want to use. Definitely not ready for prime time.
  • Camera 2/5

    By Tater.Mnch
    Overall the drones fly great but their customer support is less than helpful. I messaged customer support weeks ago about an issue I am still having with using zoom with the drone. Anything past 4x zoom is blurry and refuses to zoom any further. They gave no feedback to fixing the issue even after I have checked multiple forums seeing many other people having the same issue.
  • Enable/Disable gimbal axis line in gimbal settings 1/5

    By antoniofant
    Amazing App, but There should be a gimbal setting to enable/disable the gimbal axis line from the pilot’s preview screen.
  • Update RUINED it - Can’t adjust video fps/resolution 1/5

    By ERM Productions
    The video frames per second and resolution settings are locked with the latest update! You’re stuck with your last settings, or stuck with 1080/30 if you “reset video settings” in the menu. 😡😤🤬😠😖😤😡🤬😤
  • Notification spam 2/5

    By Axomus
    Overall, the app gets the job done for seeing areas you can or can’t fly. The mapping works pretty well. Giving this two stars for the notification spam that can’t be individually turned off (notifications for the app can either be all on or all off). Using push notifications to spam users about products to purchase or “deals” is unacceptable.
  • Bring app album back 4/5

    By Kunci
    This is a great little app, in addition to flight controls it has a surprisingly robust & versatile media editor, capable of creating stunning videos in no time & with zero effort. I do have my wishlist of small feature enhancements (e.g., allow editing text in templates), but overall I’m a great fan. Today, however, my enthusiasm for the app is overshadowed by the sorrow of the app album removed in the latest revision. It used to be a great way to not pollute my iCloud-synced library with raw footage, and is now forcing me to change my established processes. Please, bring it back! I will add the 5th star when you do…
  • Was working before this update 1/5

    By safecrkr
    Had been working fine but last week (08/18/22) this update will not connect to my Mini SE. The problem is in the “Transmission “ setup it defaults to manual frequency selection with no channels shown so you can’t select a channel. If you try to select “Auto” it will not set, it just stays on the manual selection. 3 week new drone is unusable. Have deleted the app and reinstalled, no luck. DJI does not understand the problem, they keep saying I need to download the app from their website, great if you’re using a non-apple phone. Couldn’t get them to understand this is an IOS system and not running Android. Will update this review if it gets fixed.
  • SE 5/5

    By bigfootus
    For a beginner. It works for this old man
  • Great for beginners 5/5

    By btascards
    The DJI fly app is vastly superior to any other drone app that I have ever used. The drone connects quickly, as well as finding GPS almost instantly. The camera modes are easy to use as well as having a demonstration video with each mode. The only thing that did not work as intended was the return to home feature. When taking off from near my house, flying around, then returning to home the drone would try to land on the roof of the house, which could cause problems. However the return to home feature worked at the soccer field behind our school with no issues. A great app for a great drone. DJI Mini Se
  • Should be in English!! 1/5

    By Golferchuck
    I am new to drones & know nothing. I open this to Japanese or Chinese which I don’t understand!! Any help for this program BEFORE I return this drone to the store?????
  • Quick transfer does not work 1/5

    By ShopGirlLin
    I’ve tried quick transfer from internal storage to MacBook and iPhone with no luck. I ha e images stuck on my drones internal stirage that I cannot get access to.
  • This update 3/5

    By DukeWoodstockRivers
    DJI needs to address this beta as it does fix issue for android users but now having it send all media into phone and lack of flight data fix one issue and deplete features no flight data helps their insurance end so when you get this nothing more then a beta update fixed until then we are hanging on 1.6.9 iPhone 11 when we fly with the phone which by the way this version was the start of shutter limitations which I hear have gotten worse. You make the greatest drones in the world so why slack on App Quality cmon DJI.
  • Unfortunately, it does not support the Arabic language 1/5

    We want the Arabic language
  • Eliminación del Caché de la app 1/5

    By crespock
    Actualice la app y se elimino el cache de imágenes y videos!
  • Great app 3/5

    By LouJr81
    I just wish the tutorials were available in English. Even with subtitles it’s hard to grasp everything because the subtitles skip some sections.
  • The new update does not work. 1/5

    By Lectores
    After the App updated it requests access to Photos, you grant it through one of the two suggested options and the App rejects you and asks again. The update seems to be way more intrusive than before. I used to love it and fly often, now I am frustrated.
  • Why is the app almost 500MB? 1/5

    By 2Scoops4Me
    Why is the app size so large?
  • Digital Zoom 2/5

    By DavionDantrin
    I recently started using iOS on an iPad to fly my drone. I cannot seem to figure out how to set up the zoom function. When I was still using my Samsung tablet I didn’t have any issues with the digital zoom while taking video.
  • New Drone 1/5

    By Colamale
    Are there any other drones out there better ??
  • Apple Music 4/5

    By sp0ck7
    Music will stop playing when Home point is announced and also when video camera is activated. Please fix this
  • Childish app compared to Go 4 😡 2/5

    By Crzycooter85
    I’ve been flying drones for 7 years now. My workhorse over the last couple years has been the mavic 2 pro and finally dumped a ton of money for the new mavic 3. I feel as if I’ve been duped, ripped off. There is in no way the amount of adjustments in this app that the go 4 app had. There was a lot of useful things such as tap to fly in the go 4. The DJI Fly app is lacking so much it is holding back the potential of what the mavic 3 is capable of. I’m really sad I spent this much money on a semi pro drone that is limited by the outdated app that is being used for it 😕.
  • Overheats 1/5

    By Pyrosgotpips
    You guys seriously need to fix this issue. I have a iPhone 13 Pro Max, every time I use the app it causes my phone to over heat so much the screen dims down to where you can’t see anything! It doesn’t even have to be connected to anything, I open the app and it’ll start to over heat. I don’t have any case on my phone either yet within minutes it starts to over heat and becomes useless
  • A tech company??? 1/5

    By Krawnky
    Utter stoogery! Should be pretty simple. Step 1 register or log in. Use email… “Invalid login” Step 1a Register new account…. Oh wait, there is no registration page, no re-direct, Nothing. Just a techtarded empty loop. This is your intro??? This is where you show me what you are capable of? Unfortunately typical.
  • Overheating Causing Dimming of Scree 2/5

    By Purchaser
    I have been having constant temperature problems with my phone when flying. No setting changes fixes issues even tried several times to delete and redownload app. DJI needs to get energy/battery consumption for iPhone under control.
  • App still troublesome 2/5

    By drumley1978
    After several months of hoping DJI would release a fix to a video feed problem that seems to be rather prevalent with some of the newer drones using DJI Fly, it has still not been fixed. About 50% of the time, the video feed from the drone will begin to lag horribly, and in many cases freeze solid creating a dangerous situation. The issue has become so upsetting, it has made me want to no longer use DJI products if this is going to be the norm. This is a shame, because I have really enjoyed what they have offered.
  • Quick transfer not working 2/5

    By alexninja12
    No matter what I try quick transfer is not working with my brand new mini 3 pro. As soon as I switch to fly mode everything transfer normally. I’m returning my drone if this feature does not work since I really need it.
  • Please release an update - SO MANY BUGS in current 1/5

    By Bham guy9
    It has been OVER FOUR WEEKS since version 1.6.9 was released and for the most part I have a useless drone. Phone instantly overheats and can’t see the screen. The drone does not transfer video or pictures with this version. Who is asleep at the wheel DJI? Until the most recent update I have been very pleased. Understand bugs will occur but making customers wait over 4 weeks is terrible. Please fix the bugs!
  • Not accessible to android users 2/5

    By restonthelake
    I like the app but but my friend bought a DJI maverick mini and he can’t use it because he has an android phone.
  • WHAT A JOKE !!! 1/5

    By DJIarechildpedos
    App refuses to load. crashes on each time io open. will not open whatsoever. this is the worst propduct i have ever bought from DJI! IVE HAD MY DJI FPV FOR 4 MONTHS AND CANT EVEN USE IT ! DO NOT BUY DJI PRODUCTS. DO NOT BUY ANYTHING DJI RELATED. ITS ALL BROKEN AND DOES NOT WORK.
  • Irritating 1/5

    By Boris12094
    No way to turn off haptic feedback
  • Bad app 1/5

    By drummer man
    This app requires too much power. Having the app running even without flying drone causes phone to over heat resulting in screen dimming even at night. The alternative app Litchi, does not cause overheating however, there’s a charge for the app but it’s much better imo than the dji fly app. You must use the stupid dji app tho to unlock.
  • App crashes 1/5

    By Super fun download
    The app crashes during flight and picture download
  • Don’t update to 1.6.9 on iOS 1/5

    By GOLFIVR32
    Don’t update to this version, it’s causing nightmares for iOS users. I’ve contacted DJI already, they asked me to downgrade or use a different phone with lower version of this app.
  • Overheating Issue 2/5

    By wphotok
    Mostly pleased with the app but it overheats my iPhone 12 Pro Max pretty quickly. If it’s above 80° outside, I can’t use the app as the screen dims within a few minutes and it’s very difficult to see the drones POV. This has been going on for a while and I’m just now reviewing it. Seems many other users are experiencing this. Fix your app DJI! No other app I use has this problem.
  • 😨 5/5

    By Puker33
    This is the best drone company yet!! All my other ones got stuck on peoples roofs! It’s super easy to fly! (Dji mini se in specifics)
  • If you need to fly the Mavic 3 with this app, forget Biang the Mavic 3 1/5

    By misccrl
    This is the DJI app used to fly the Mavic 3 drone. It is terrible. I am using it with the stock control and an iphone. My gripe is not with the drone, which seems very good, but with this app. The controls are much less intuitive than those with the Mavic 2 pro's app. Some features are difficult to find and others simply do not work. The biggest problem is the lag. When flying, if you click on the phone screen to start or stop a video, for example, the lag time is intolerable. I am not talking about one or two seconds. I have timed it and sometimes the lag EXCEEDS ONE FULL MINUTE! That is correct, you are not reading this incorrectly. Click on the button to start recording video and wait.....and wait.....and wait....and wait....try again because you think maybe you missed touching the button.....and wait......and wait......try again.....and wait.....and wait. Then all of the sudden, it shows that it has begun recording. Then good luck stopping the video recording. Just be patient, it could also take 30-60 seconds after trying to stop the video before it stops. This is absolute crap. Im glad I kept my Mavic 2 pro, I am just back to flying that, and I will return the Mavic 3. Luckily I purchased it with my Amex, which has protection for things like this. Do not even contemplate buying the Mavic 3 unless they fix this problem. Also, it is ridiculous that DGI does not synchronize experience points, flight times, and distances across their different apps and drones. That is utterly stupid.