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DJI GO 4 App

Capture the world from above. DJI GO 4 has been optimized for all of DJI's latest products. These include the Phantom 4 Series, Mavic Pro, and Inspire 2. It provides near real-time image transmission and camera settings adjustment, as well as editing and sharing of aerial imagery. Features: All-new Homepage and UI Near Real-time HD Image Transmission Camera Settings Adjustment Updated playback interface Updated Editor with improved UI More templates and music tracks in Editor Convenient video downloading, editing and sharing Integrated live streaming Near real-time flight data recording


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DJI GO 4 app reviews

  • The Spark needs more settings! 3/5

    By lopemac
    So far the app has been working fine with my iPhone 6, but it’s unbelievable that the Spark, a $499 drone doesn’t have more video settings in the app. Where is 24fps? Or any other settings other than shutter speed and white balance? We pay a lot of money for the drone to only have a couple settings that can be changed 😒 Amazing drone, lackluster app 😕 Give us what we need/deserve and you could actually become a great company!
  • No problems! 5/5

    By Watermaker
    I’ve had my new Phantom 4 for a week now and have made several flights. This app has worked perfectly on my iPhone 7+ running iOS 11.3. This includes flying and updating firmware. No problems!
  • Aircraft update!!! 1/5

    By NorcrossATL2014
    I really hate stupid updates, please make it simple. DJI assistant not recognizing the drone and nothing happens. Your videos show everything so easy but is not like that in real life. Trying to update aircraft for like 2 freaking months.
  • This app is trash. 1/5

    By Mustang kliff
    Is spent $1499 for the mavic pro platinum. I down loaded the crap app, only to end up having to retire the whole drone back to Best Buy for full refund. My advise. Don't waste your time and money on mavic pro drones.
  • Great once you figure it out. 4/5

    By Tps The 3rd
    I like this app because it does everything I need it to. I fly the DJI Spark and have yet to experience a problem while in flight. I gave four out of five stars because while it does do what I need it to, setup took me a while because the directions it gives weren’t helpful/specific to my drone. I messed around with it until I figured it out on my own and now that everything is connected, I couldn’t be happier.
  • Horrible...please fix! 1/5

    By Kem M
    Just horrible...DJI learn something from Karmas controller! The simplicity and the User Interface is what makes it magical. You guys have a better product but they have a better software. Please fix the app, id hate to switch.
  • DJI is annoying 1/5

    By mavicmenace
    App continues to request that I take a quiz in order to operate my sUAS. I’m already a part 107 licensed remote pilot and ATP pilot, as well. This nagging request only allows 4 skips before you have to take the quiz. Totally annoying and will eventually cause valuable time me of mine to be lost. I’ve already taken all required FAA tests in order to legally operate my sUAS. DJI needs to remove these annoying features. Wish there was another app that allowed me to fly my mavic without the hassles of this app.
  • V 4.2.12 5/5

    By Rvrrat14
    This version, along with IOS 11.3, is very stable in my Phantom 4 Advanced. After months of instability between Go4 and IOS versions, it appears things may be stabilizing. Good Job DJI.
  • Pano gone 3/5

    By youragjent
    Ever sice i got the new update the pano features are gone for mavic air
  • #queremosDJIgoenespañolAU 1/5

    By pablosauto
    Queremos la APP GO en español, somos muchos usuarios que necesitamos esta actualización y así evitar accidentes y disfrutar sus productos
  • Great app works perfectly 5/5

    By Rahul Yekaldevi
    I recently bought a dji spark and it was amazing! The drone never went out of control and flew very fast too. Good work DJI!🥇
  • Software for iPad still downloading 1/5

    By Mac 61
    My wife got me the Spark copter, battery has been charged for three hours now and the software is still uploading? I don’t have Any other network media in progress.... Really?
  • Nesesitamos traducción a el español 1/5

    By santi05
    Es necesario una aplicación multilenguaje.
  • Not being able to log into DJI 1/5

    By elliot_2007
    I had a lot of trouble signing into the account I have a mavic pro that was very pricey and it dose not work. I tried using every email and password I know but it will still no long in. I think it might be because of my phone version the iPhone 6s. I had the app before and it worked with my phone the 6s. Then I deleted the app because it was taking up tons of storage. I download the app agin about 3 weeks later and tried to login in and it did not work. I’m very mad at DJI for this. This why I am giving it one star.
  • Very powerful tool 5/5

    By Ksboatguy
    Great piece of software that is doing a lot of complex functions all at the same time. It does require the more powerful phones and tablets available to run properly. I think it does a great job.
  • Great Equipment - Buggy App 1/5

    By Lots2Learn
    Love the equipment DJI produces, but they really should consider hiring out their software development. App crashes every few minutes to the point that it's no longer safe to put the drone up in the air. Hoping DJI will listen and take immediate action.
  • Not happy 1/5

    By bluequasar
    Vendor has dumbed down the apps that control the drones - including this one - so that they cannot reach the distance, altitude or speed that they advertise. No explanation, no warning, just taken away. Not sure if this is national policy or just a high-handed corporation. Not acceptable.
  • Spanish 1/5

    By latinamerica
  • Solo un detalle 5/5

    By lldmpapa
    Que estuviera la opción en español en todo lo demás creo que está bien
  • Editor in the app is sketchy 2/5

    By Ryry7945
    Using the app to fly I had zero problems with but when in video mode my images on my brand new IPhone 7 Plus would lock up and freeze when the drone was only about 60 feet away. I was even using the controller with a direct cable from phone to the controller. So much of my videos turned out worthless. Then the editor section of this app will constantly fight against you when trying to build your video and will keep changing the animation for your video back to what it wants and not what you want. Very frustrating. When hitting complete on the video for saving, the video then turns very pixelated and sketchy.
  • Barely works on iPhone 6 2/5

    By Derrick702
    And DJI doesn’t mention that. Frustrating.
  • Spanish 1/5

    By Edward Fernandez
    for when in Spanish?
  • Just terrible 1/5

    By Bottles_the_destroyer
    There’s a lot of setup that seems unnecessary. I could boot my phantom and DJI go at the same time and the phantom could be in the air before the app loads. The main reason I gave it one star is because the editor is horrid. The music built would be great if the fidelity wasnt trash. It takes 4k video and exports it as 720p, like I might as well have recorded it on a flip phone. DJI needs to make some changes!
  • Pano 4/5

    By Rstrick11
    When I use the app to stitch a sphere, it makes the sphere full screen and does not allow me to get out or share the photo. I have tried all kinds of ways to get out but it’s stuck once I stitch the photo
  • Newbie drone world 2/5

    By Danny1293
    My first time ever buying a drone (spark) definitely in my infancy when it comes to the drone world. I’m excited about this product but I have some complaints which after reading I’m not the only one with the same problem. 1) The app and it’s signal is pretty weak - I have 8 Plus and the remote controller and I’m in an open field and the signal is still weak. This is even when I have everything updated to the latest 2) the photos and videos are super choppy, again in a middle of an open field. There’s a huge delay when I take a photo it freezes and then it takes the picture about 10 seconds later 3) I never knew that this thing came with so many and I mean so many restrictions on flying. I under safety is imperative but, no flying when you’re over 5 to 10 miles away from an airport ? Really ? The spark is really cute and it’ll probably be my first and last drone that id get from DJI itself.
  • App is useless and unreliable. 1/5

    By V8zspeed
    For a $1000 drone that needs this app to work DJI needs to pull their heads out of their rears. Some days the app works, others its constantly disconnecting from the aircraft and makes the drone useless. You just have to send it home. This isn't a new problem just to the latest version or firm ware. It's been ongoing on all platforms.
  • Works great 5/5

    By T.G.A.
    Excellent drone app.
  • Choppy video. 2/5

    By CincyNeid
    The editor is pathetic, produces extremely choppy video.
  • Last update bug and removed feature. 1/5

    By ToeKnoee
    Once I click an image from the editor, I can’t minimize it to go back to the menus. And now I can’t automatically download the original image with a single tap. I want that back.
  • Total crap 1/5

    By mavpro1
    DJI made me update the firmware and app. I know can’t fly my drone over my new house that I am building because I am within 5 miles of an airport flying at 30 ft and have a big warning screen that will not allow me to see what the drone is seeing. Very dangerous game that DJI are now playing! This is total BS!
  • Terrible App 1/5

    By Neowind
    I bought DJI Mavic Air and have only been able to fly it twice because the remote will never connect to IPhone. Avoid DJI until they fix their products
  • Update from March 21, 2018 is a Failure! 1/5

    By Cleveland 1967
    My Mavic Air has had very little problems taking good quality video and pics. Now with the latest update, the video is so jerky when played back, I cannot publish or produce a usable product for my customers. This is costing me money. I should have known there were issues as it prompted me to download the new software even after I did already download the new software and rebooted. Downloading and rebooting 4 times resulted in no change in the system telling me I had incompatible software. DJI please fix this right now!
  • Steep learning curve 2/5

    By CRP6/30/10
    The user interface is really unintuitive. The app does a terrible job helping new users learn how to operate the app and control the drone.
  • DO NOT UPDATE! DJI is forcing... 1/5

    By SendingOutAnSOS
    UPDATED REVIEW: Now DJI is making users agree to a new agreement before the app can be used. The problem? THERES NO PLACE TO CLICK ON “I agree”! This is absolutely ridiculous with the constant updates with major flaws that prevent users from flying their overly expensive drones. Thanks DJI for taking the fun out of flying!!! 🖕’s customers to suddenly register their drones in order to use the app! Yesterday, no registration was needed but today it is. Their customer service admits to the policy change. I bought my drone two months ago so can no longer return it. If would have known that DJI would force me to surrender my privacy, there is NO WAY that I would have shelled over $1000 for their toy. Absolutely furious over this sudden and forced policy change.
  • Uses up too much battery! 1/5

    By Medvi Hartoonian
    Overall seems great but consumes too much battery on the iPhone.
  • Unreliable. Nearly drowned my spark 1/5

    By mmmmyyyykkkk
    Very unreliable. 2nd time in 5 days that the app crashed and crashed my drone. Thank god the 1st time the fps somehow saved a rth, it landed a meter away from the viewing edge, had to go to the cliff to retrieve the drone. Earlier this morning, 2nd crash. same thing but good thing it was over land. Busted a propeller... definitely needs improvement
  • DJI removed functions without notice 2/5

    By keizai
    Bought the Mavic Air when it came out. App states the functions that were added. But all the version notes don’t mention key features removed by DJI so I didn’t know these functions were removed before purchase. Specifically, DJI removed waypoint missions. Which also disabled several industry standard drone automation apps. And the ability to repeat a flight. This was a huge loss in automation and core functionality. Additionally, DJI has stated that they are able to reenable these functions, but DJI has specifically asked users to first complain before these features are added back in. ok, I’m complaining... you happy? DJI: ‘we’re not happy until you’re unhappy!’ very disappointed, as this is a terrible customer relationship move....
  • Really bad app 2/5

    By Guy1106
    So after finely making the option of showing your actual location on the GEO zones map available every time I try to zoom in, in the map, the app just crashes. Honestly you guys made it even worse
  • Ужас\ Fall 1/5

    By Лыжник Джеки
    Где русский язык ? Вы серьёзно ? This app lost Russia language!!! Are you serious? Bad for your karma. Добавьте русский язык ! Заплатите переводчику 100$ Add Russia. Pay 100$ for translate ! Add Russia ASAP ! Да добавьте русский язык ! Русский ? Russia ? Где Русский ? Add Russia !!!
  • Majestic View APP Disconnected 1/5

    By Denice12
    Was very disappointed after taking my Mavic to the mountains. A fresh coat of snow on the ground, I turned on the drone and got ready to take in the sights, only to get a disconnected signal I. I
  • App Keeps Freezing 1/5

    By Benc1012
    The app keeps freezing after around 5-10 minutes of flight and forces me to land and reset everything. This is incredibly annoying, dangerous, and wastes a lot of time.
  • Improvements needed 1/5

    By TraverseExplorations
    Love the drones, but the App needs major improvement! App always freezes or shutdown and it takes forever to download.
  • Frustrating 1/5

    By Zinorl
    App won't let me log in! "Incorrect username or password". Won't let me create new account within app either.
  • Not compatibles with ios 11 1/5

    By Tang apple
    I have Mavic Pro and used iPhone 8plus iOS 11.2.6 it’s cannot have landscape video from dji . I switch with iPhone 6splus iOS 11.2.5 sometimes working , and sometimes it’s not work
  • Unhappy Camper 2/5

    By VCI1
    Disappointed. Not been able to June since updated software on iPhone. Call customer support. They just said sorry, we are working on an update to the app to work with iOS update, but not sure when it will be done. Have not flown my drone for almost a month.
  • Quit with DJI products 1/5

    By LucyKov
    I am throwing all DJI products that I bought into the garbage. Your cripled app made me angry so many times. Still your stupid updates that should make people thinking you are working on support etc... lies and fake updates. We want just fly and record videos. Nothing more nothing less. STOP your updates and restrictions for us users or make it 1-2 times per year. Make your app working properly. If so I will maybe buy your drone again. Until not I wont recommend DJI to any of my friends or random people. Your software developers and managers ruined a whole company!!!
  • Good but needs work 2/5

    By burnham187
    There are some settings that do not keep after power ons. One in particular is the photo shot mode. I like to keep it shorting in HDR mode but it keeps reverting back to normal single shot. The app should let you create and save say picture and video profiles that you can load say at power on. This would be a very handy feature that would ensure all your settings are what you want them to be.
  • It’s all gone to sh**!! 1/5

    By CaptMadden
    I’ve had my Phantom 4 since it since hit the market. At first, app was good and everything worked the way it was suppose to. Now every time I go to fly it there’s another 10min update I need to do first. As if that wasn’t annoying, each update gets worse and worse. I have to constantly look up online how to fix stuff which waste AT LEAST another 30min... almost makes me want to just get rid of the drone all together sometimes. This app deserves nothing more then 1 star until there is a decent update and allot ALLOT less restrictions!!
  • Joy turned To Disappointment 1/5

    By Texrb
    Bought Mavic Pro with great joy. 6 hours later this app will still not connect even to get to the point of activating the drone. It often locks my iPhone X up with reboot the only way to get the frozen app off my screen. Very disappointed with DJI.
  • I love your drone but that app is bad 3/5

    By kobe will
    I LOVE YOUR DRONE BUT YOUR APP CRASHES way to often ... and downloading firmware messes up and makes my phone connect and reconnect multiple times PLEASE fix this so we can enjoy your awesome drones. Can’t say one bad thing about the drone 👌🏼😭😭

DJI GO 4 app comments


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