DMV Genie Permit Practice Test

DMV Genie Permit Practice Test

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DMV Genie Permit Practice Test App

Don't take any chances at the DMV. With DMV Genie, you'll be prepared. Download it right now and be ready to ace your car, motorcycle or CDL test tomorrow. You'll be surprised at how close this app is to the real thing! NO SURPRISES AT THE DMV: Get ready for your 2018 car, motorcycle, or CDL learner's permit test or driver's license test with questions that are based on your state’s official driver’s manual. Our users swear that most of the questions are very similar (in fact, often identical) to those on the real test. You’ll know exactly what to expect since our DMV practice tests have the same passing score as the actual test. WHY USE DMV GENIE? • Realistic: Just like the actual test, our practice tests are based on the official 2018 DMV manual for your state. • Smart hints: These help with tricky questions and steer you in the right direction. • Personalized Challenge Bank: a test that's automatically made up of your missed questions from all your practice tests • Detailed explanations: When you make a mistake, the app tells you right away if your answer is wrong and why. You understand and remember every wrong answer. • State-specific: With specific questions for each U.S. state, the app works for every DMV, DDS, BMV, MVA, RMV, DOR, MVC, MVD, DOT, and DOL in the country. • Difficulty levels from Easy to Exam • New questions every time: To keep you focused, we randomize questions and answers each time you start a practice test. • Review every question: Learn from your mistakes. • No registration required • Ask an Expert: Get live support from real people. Go to Settings - Ask an Expert. DRIVER'S MANUAL INCLUDED (ALL 50 STATES) Download your state's official DMV Driver's manual from our website: HOW TO USE THIS APP MOST EFFECTIVELY: There are several difficulty levels you can choose from. You can take the practice tests in any particular order, but most users progress from Easy Mode to Exam Mode. That way, you won’t miss any of those tricky questions about speed limits, Blood Alcohol Content (BAC), or fines. For brushing up on a particular area of the driver's manual, you can take practice tests specifically on road signs, road situations, and fines & speed limits. WHAT'S THE CHALLENGE BANK? It's a new type of test that's automatically made up of your missed questions from all your practice tests. You can go back and review the questions that you got wrong. You can find it in the "Settings"menu on the state page. It works separately for different vehicle types (car, motorcycle, CDL). You can also add questions to your Challenge Bank manually (Settings - Add to Challenge Bank) on the test screen. WHAT IS THE EXAM MODE? As close as it gets to the actual DMV permit test or driver's license test experience: • Has the same number of questions as the real thing. • Stops as soon as you have reached the passing or failing score. • Skip as many questions as you like. WHAT IS THIS APP FOR? Our practice tests are an effective, interesting way to study for your written DMV test (car, motorcycle or CDL). This app is useful for the learner's permit test, the driver’s license test, and the senior citizen's refresher test. The written part of those tests is the same. FUN FACT: CA DMV About 25% of our users take the California tests for their CA DMV exam. The CDL practice test is a close second in popularity. WANT TO TALK TO THE DEVELOPERS? To ask us a question, go to Settings - Ask an Expert on the test screen. This will open up an in-app chat window. We’re online most of the time, and we respond to each user personally. To report a bug or a question-specific typo or mistake, go to Settings - Report a mistake. Or email us directly at [email protected] We're always happy to help!


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DMV Genie Permit Practice Test app reviews

  • Perfect 5/5

    By Glixdog
    Just what l needed. Helped me pass test.
  • Great! 5/5

    By ✨StayMagical✨
    This app helped me pass my permit test the first time!
  • Great! 5/5

    By Kdesai88
    This app is amazing, I downloaded this app because it was recommended to me by a friend. When I was reading negative reviews it worries me then I walked in to take my permit test 90% of the questions were identical. There were a few that were different but so many of them were right and 6 mistakes were allowed that you could miss all of those ones and still pass. Definitely use this app!
  • I️t works - only study material and I️ passed with a 34/36 on the CA dmv test 5/5

    By bravebird100
    It’s easy to use Lots of questions - 350 for CA Updated all the time I️ recommend this app to all of my friends because I️t really is quite a good app. Just do the questions whenever you’re in a car and not driving and you’ll be well on your way to driving. I truly thank the Developer for putting care and passion into there project - Sincerely Aaron. B
  • Thank You for making this App 5/5

    By £ N1CkY b0Y $
    Downloaded this app so i could practice for my MA permit test. This is so much better then reading though the manual. The practice tests are just like the real thing and I passed first time just after a week of studying.
  • Very helpful 5/5

    By Noah_9
    This is very helpful app!!!
  • Exam mode 5/5

    By Jennatom
    The exam mode on this app is amazing. I just took it yesterday and I took my permit for the 1st time today and passed! Some of the questions were on my permit test so it helped relieve my stress. But I got lucky that some of the questions were on my test version.
  • Great app 4/5

    By Cardinal Knipp
    This app allowed me to pass my permit test for the first time. There were a few questions on my test that I hadn’t seen before on this app. Overall it does mostly accurate questions and I passed!

    By Dud hehehehe
    Honest to god I spent a 30 minutes a day practicing tests on this app and for a week the results proved when I took my dmv permit test, got all 46/46 right and most the questions are mentioned in here if not straight common sense. Do use this app I only completed all the easy sections, one or two in hard and the road sign/fine section. Use this app and study, treat it like a test and you will be good.
  • Better than the book! 4/5

    By sarahtonin16
    I barely read the book, studied these tests over and over, and passed the IL written test on my first try! I would like there to be an ad-free option though. The ads were a little distracting and I couldn’t always close them (sometimes they played a video). I also wish they supported dynamic fonts. Anyway, ultimately I love this app and would recommend it to everyone who needs to take the written test!
  • Excellent 5/5

    By cimican
    Simple and easy to understandable, Thanks
  • DOWNLOAD 5/5

    By KayKay32765
    It honestly helped me pass my permit test the first time.
  • Permit test 5/5

    By Rose fecteau
    I’m 15 and I can take my test in 2 months and this will definitely get me ready for that day!!!!
  • Dope app 5/5

    By Srpunk
    Its fire
  • Awesome 5/5

    By Zhaltys
    Really good app!!!
  • Passed my new tork cdl class A simple awesome 5/5

    By Saini961
    Best app ever just passed my cdl class A with the help of this app thnxalot developers! Recommend

    took my permit test today and i passed with flying colors ! this app truly helps a boat load and i don't know if i would've passed without it . as for you future testers make sure to do all the practice tests and then go in and do the road signs quiz and then take the regular exam A LOT !!! the regular exam is pretty much the same as the CA test just the questions are changed around and edited ! my only tips would be to study t zones/intersections as well as road signs and who has the right of way in types of situations . another thing would be make sure you know the types of fines you could get as well as jail time for doing illegal things while driving ! DON'T STRESS YOU GOT THIS !!!!
  • Question 5/5

    By Dapinoy916
    For CA CDL what is the difference between the test and the exam?
  • 祝我看到卡车A牌 5/5

    By 陈d仔
  • Highly recommend 5/5

    By brittneyh8583
    Downloaded the app before even touching the book. Took the easy test first failed all of them. Kept taking them and memorizing the answers and within two weeks I was doing 100 on every test and passing the exam every time. I “browsed” the book. After two weeks I went for my permit and passed with flying colors. I highly recommend this app if you need more visual studying then reading a book.
  • More languages 4/5

    By OchoaV95
    Add more languages please.
  • Good app 5/5

    By Jack-Attack ( Jackie Forshaw )
    I think this app would be useful with audio
  • Could use audio 4/5

    By sonofdick
    I think it would benefit some people who don’t learn as quickly reading to hear the question in ear phones so that can read the question while listening, so you can answer better and have a better understanding of the question
  • Saved my life 5/5

    By Biyamin
    Thank yoooooooooooou
  • Awful 2/5

    By Aaraz
    There were only a couple of questions on this app that were actually on the dmv test.
  • Passed Minnesota State Permit 5/5

    By Lissaa14
    After failing the Minnesota state permit test twice, A friend suggested this app. My third attempt at the test I passed. I would say there were only a few questions on the test that were not familiar to me from the app, but overall about 90% of what is on the app will be on the test. I really do recommend this app.
  • i failed 4/5

    By basicange
    its a good app i guess but half the questions i had on the permit test were not on here so i ended up failing
  • Passed on first try 5/5

    By Dudechilll
    This app saved my life! It really helped me learn the most important things that were actually on the test
  • Language 1/5

    By Wlaie
    Can I put it in Spanish? Because the mine is will like to take it in Spanish and is in English and I’m try in to put in in Spanish but I don’t know how
  • Accurate! 5/5

    By Onlyrated5forsounds
    Has multiple questions from the actual DMV test!
  • Awesome 5/5

    By jdm4219
    Perfect for every state No complaints
  • Learning 5/5

    By jogutre
    Super app help me a lot
  • Lost on update 3/5

    By ItsNotJustAPhase:)
    It claimed it would keep the status I had but that in order to have the right questions, I needed to update. I updated and opened the app, and everything was gone and cleared from my progress. Otherwise it’s a helpful app.
  • Very helpful app 5/5

    By kyron hormam
    This is the closest it can get to the real thing download it and get your permit tomorrow !
  • I passed the test because of you 5/5

    By Amadoufree
    Thank you so much
  • Passed My IL Test! 5/5

    By Luckyleo28
    I had to change over to an IL license from out of state which required me to take a written exam. The DMV typically gives you a rules of the road book to study from but I wanted actual questions to practice continuously with and this app fit the bill. The questions are obviously worded different on the actual exam but after completing the app questions and checking minor things in the book, I could easily recall what I practiced in the app. Very similar to exam. Thanks!
  • Way too many ads 3/5

    By Treehuggingmonkey
    This is a really great idea for an app, but with having an ad on every quiz question page and then ads between sections of the app (between quiz and review, etc) Cut down the number of ads and I’d give this 5 stars. California drivers have gotten worse and this is a great opportunity to gamify reteaching them the rules of the road.
  • Not up to date, but helpful 3/5

    By Hippie MX
    I did the TX exam today, I passed but around 40% of the exam questions were not in any of the practice tests
  • Best app every 5/5

    By Stradling18
    Cured my gay

    By Instacollage💚
    It is a really good app and the test are completely accurate
  • I Passed It! 5/5

    By jtheunicornboy97
    I just want to thank this app because without it I wouldn’t have passed my DMV permit test. I was too lazy to read the manual of coarse but this just shows that I didn’t really need to. I got all the information here. I got to quiz myself and though trial and error I kept on quizzing until I passed all the tests. Then I took my actual written test and aced it! I’m so proud of myself and next thing is to pass my behind the wheel test! Wish me luck!!!
  • So much help! 5/5

    I love this app, it’s really coming through.
  • REALIABLE !!! 5/5

    By jadamac.2001
    i kept failing the test after reading the whole manual after downloading this and taking practice tests on this app i passed the test with no problem
  • 10/10 Recommend! 5/5

    By Bubblebou625
    This app really helps you learn what you need for the test! I don't even think I had to read the book, the practice tests were amazing. Obviously the questions weren't the same on the real test, but this app helps you learn the information so you know how to answer/what it's asking. Everyone considering getting a learner's permit should definitely try it out!
  • Recommend to anyone 5/5

    By cdl joe
    Luv this app
  • Great app so far!!!! 5/5

    By JDUBB203
    Haven’t taken my actual test but just using this app for two minutos I already feel better.
  • Great crunch time app 5/5

    I love how detailed and involved the app is it gives you a chance to make mistakes and explains in great detail so on your actual test there won’t be any need for 2nd guessing
  • Very Helpful! 5/5

    Great app for someone trying to get a learners permit. Questions on app resemble the questions on the test. Passed the test with a 19/20. :D
  • Saved my as* 5/5

    By Andrew Sehorn
    I would have failed so bad without this app and I’m poor so I couldn’t afford to take it again because I’m a sad pathetic human being
  • Two thumbs up= 5 stars !! 5/5

    By BigHogs
    Great app very useful!!! Thank you guys !!!

DMV Genie Permit Practice Test app comments


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