DMV Permit Practice Test Genie

DMV Permit Practice Test Genie

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DMV Permit Practice Test Genie App

Breeze through your DMV exam with over 600 state-specific practice questions written by curriculum experts, vetted by DMVs, and seen on the official exam. The only program recommended by DMVs. Downloads: 4.87 Million Ratings: 133.9K Average rating: 4.8 out of 5 Why use DMV Genie? • 73% more effective than the driver's manual alone, based on a nationwide survey of over 500 visitors to the DMV. • Realistic: Just like the actual test, our practice tests are based on the official 2020 driver's manual for your state. • Ideal for first-timers and renewal applicants • Covers all driving license classes • Difficulty levels from Easy to Exam • Personalized Challenge Bank™: a test that's automatically made up of your missed questions • Detailed explanations: When you make a mistake, the app tells you right away if your answer is wrong and why. You understand and remember every wrong answer. • Passing Probability: see your scores in real time and know the moment you're ready for the real thing. • Authentic DMV Exam Simulator: mimics the experience of a real DMV written test, pulling random questions from a vast database. • Smart hints: get help with tricky questions with hints that steer you in the right direction. Driving-Tests, the DMV Genie developer, is the largest independent online driver's ed provider in the US. Driving practice tests are all we do. Since 2010, we've helped millions of Americans dominate their DMV exam. We've heard from thousands of test-takers who told us every little detail about their exams. Our users swear that these questions are nearly identical to the real exam: "I never looked at the book once. After a FULL day of studying I went to the dmv today and after 3 hours of waiting I took my drivers permit test. I took both tests under 10mins and walaa. The lady gave me the what the hell look, gave me my paperwork and I victory danced out of the dmv. Best day ever honestly." - Cris R., California Worried about failing your driver's knowledge exam? It's not your fault. The average passing rate in the US is a terrible 49%. Most people fail because they only rely on the official handbook to prepare. Unfortunately, the handbook alone is not enough: it was made to inform, not to help you learn quickly. It takes more than 6 straight hours to read. And rote memorization is painfully labor intensive, so most people miss dozens of key points. How do you even know what you'll be tested on? Wouldn’t it be great if you knew which questions are most likely to appear on the exam, so you could focus just on the important stuff? Now you can. With DMV Genie, you’ll walk out of the DMV, feeling like you just took a first-grade spelling test! Applies to all knowledge exam types: • learner’s permit • driver’s license • driver's license renewal • senior citizens’ refresher A program so effective, even some DMVs are adopting it: "This is the only online practice test website that our Department of Transportation officially approved." - Wyoming DMV Driver's manual included (all 50 states): Download your state's most recent official Driver's manual from the Passing Probability section. Why upgrade to Premium? 95.2% of Premium customers pass vs. the US national average of 49%. Our free tests are awesome, but DMV Genie Premium gives you even more opportunities to study. You'll gain experience with more types of questions and more ways of wording things. If you're not using Premium, you only see a fraction of the kinds of questions you may see on your DMV test. Study from home or on the go whenever you wish. DMV Genie offers DMV practice tests for your driving test in any US state. Works perfectly for every DMV, DDS, BMV, MVA, RMV, DOR, MVC, MVD, DOT, or DOL.

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DMV Permit Practice Test Genie app reviews

  • Definitely worth a download 5/5

    By xxzgvgggh
    Wouldn’t of passed if I didn’t download this and read the manual
  • Get 5/5

    By pi 314159265358979323846264338
    This app is absolutely awesome. Please do yourself a favor and upgrade to the paid version too cause this was so worth it!! I’m 17, going on 18 in a few months and I just got my permit, thanks to the help of this app. I had a 100% chance of passing, and I did! Y
  • CDL Knowledge Test 5/5

    By yayo843
    I recently passed my cdl permit test with only using this app no books or anything, the extra $15 is worth every penny in the in-app purchase. I finished the Class A test within 15 minutes.
  • Cdl Permit 5/5

    By Brady Maki
    I would recommend this app to anyone taking there cdl exam really helpful !!
  • Passed my CDL - Great App to Learn 5/5

    By rey rozay
    I have been using this app to learn all the basics of the NJ CDL and not only did I pass - I also seen a lot of questions that were on the practice tests. I recommend buying the premium version of this app as he helps you study more and retain the information. I would recommend this app to anyone serious about pursuing a CDL permit.
  • Really prepared me 5/5

    By nechalcare95
    This app really prepared me and calmed my nerves at first I didn’t read the book I just skimmed it and taking the quizzes over and over and paying for premium the same question are on the test just worded differently I only missed two questions and was extremely proud of myself I was gonna cancel my exam cause I didn’t study and I had two months to and this app helped me this entire week to learn
  • Good practice 5/5

    By kramer052404
    The questions were not exact and this was my main study tool and it really helps you get the concept of driving recommend using it but don’t rely on it
  • From and to iPad 3/5

    By vicesfbds
    Need help paid for it on android yesterday need to be able to download or log in on iPad please contact me thank u
  • Great! 5/5

    By seafoamjasminegreentea
    Since I’m 17 1/2, I didn’t need drivers ed so I relied on this app and I passed my exam yesterday :)
  • Different languages? 4/5

    By Lil King Ruiz
    I’m trying to find an app for my parent to study but I am not able to find a Spanish option on here. Is that included in the premium membership? Other than that I think it is a great app that I wish I had as a study tool when I was younger.
  • Need support 2/5

    By isnshsl
    I purchased this for my son however the hints never work. So I decided to try it on my phone as it support family share. None of our email addresses are recognized. Please help!
  • Could be updated 5/5

    By 327_lulu_327
    I passed my test, thanks to this app, last august. I passed with three mistakes. Even with reading the manual and taking drivers ed, we barely went over the bicycle unit. I live in New Hampshire and there are at least 3-5 bicycle questions. If these questions could be updated for future test takers that would be amazing. Besides that minor problem, this app was word for word on the test. Thank you for helping me and many others.
  • New drivers 5/5

    By Fence Builders
    Here is a good test for you do. I love everything it! It tells you what was wrong about the answer if you got it gives you the right answer! I recommend it to anyone who is doing a test about driving! Ryan Horst.
  • DMV questions 2020 5/5

    By chris cdl
    There are a lot of questions on the DMV test that we’re not on this app For CDL General knowledge I just took my test on September 6 2020 I barely passed my test I did not feel comfortable halfway through would recommend using another app
  • Pictures of scenarios 4/5

    By lovefood2
    I love the app but I am a visual learner and would love to see pictures so I can get an idea of what it would look like in a scenario
  • Good 5/5

    By Hehhbdeeb
    I passed

    By MorgLefae
    Passed my permit test with flying colors with this app....same questions on the app was on the test
  • School Bus Driver Texas 5/5

    By baseballsdm
    The App was very helpful.. I did every test, marathon test and exam for my school bus driver test.. I recommend study the app 70% and study Manual 30%.. Read the manual at least twice. But I studied the app several times. I did very well on the written part of exam.. Good luck to all!
  • Android to iPhone 1/5

    By ddtm1987
    I bought the premium pass on my Android why can’t I sign in with my password and email on my iPhone. Is there something different I’m not understanding.
  • Make it simpler to save questions please 4/5

    By The Appening
    Love the UI/UX in 99% of the app but the "add to challenge bank" interaction could use some rethinking. Lots of unnecessary tapping - how abour having a bookmark icon to tap once in the navbar? Thanks
  • It’s worth the money! 5/5

    By christine elliott
    this app was so with the money for premium. i passed first time! i still read the book, but i’m not the best at comprehension. this app really helped me remember. then after i took all the test i went over the ones i missed and reread the section in my book.
  • Needs update your question bank 3/5

    By retroworld
    The app itself is good, but you seriously need to update the Wisconsin question bank. I went to the dmv and took the test, half of the questions were not in your app. I passed it though, had to guess some of those questions. I was lucky.
  • Great for California! 5/5

    By Flubbawereytre
    I studied the questions in this app and kept taking the practice tests until I reached green on each one. When I went into the DMV I passed on my first try and only got two questions wrong! A lot of the questions were super similar/identical to the ones in this app!! 6/5 stars
  • Drivers permit test 5/5

    By vinnie lover
    I walked out of DMV in tears as I went online and practiced with the DMV practice tests and scored 87 and above .. went down and took test .. failed .. a lady that worked there gave me this app address .. thank you and hoping I pass as this app is more like the questions I had on test
  • BUY THIS APP 5/5

    By Toriharper197
    I literally just finished taking my permit test and passed, I studied this app for a few weeks and it’s so resourceful it just helped me a lot more than I expected it to. The $10 is fully worth the unlocking of the complete app trust me.
  • Passed the nj dmv test with flying colors 5/5

    By tuntun1700
    Only got 3 questions wrong out of 50 but it was a breeze past it in 11 minutes
  • Gets the Job Done 3/5

    By Loach_z
    The app does give you a lot of study questions that is very helpful. However the presentation of the questions and format are lacking. Also, 50+ question exams are rather boring and time consuming. The app would be better to have more exams with less questions per exam.
  • Passed my permit! 5/5

    By ShanAimi
    Yup! This app works for sure. I paid for the full access and studied all the practices before my test. Most of the questions are similar to the one at the DMV, which gave me a better understanding of what kind of questions to expect when taking the test. I fully recommend this APP to anyone. This definitely boosted my confidence before walking into the DMV.
  • There should be different languages 3/5

    By Krikoli
    Would have been 5 stars
  • IT WAS AWESOME!! 5/5

    By Tiffany Smart
    So because my original permit cared expired with the blue card that I got in my sophomore year of high school , my local DMV in Newark, New Jersey told me I had to take the written exam again because I am eighteen. So I’m freaking out because I thought for sure I was going to fail. But my beat friend recommended DMV Genie to me because that’s how she passed her first time. I literally scheduled my written test exam three weeks after I went to the DMV. I studied DMV Genie’s free practice tests for like an hour each night and they sure payed off! I passed my written test today and I owe it all to DMV genie for refreshing my brain!Moral to the story ladies and gents please get everything done before your permit expires when you first take your test in high school! Thanks again, I highly recommend this app to everybody who needs to study for the written exam and they have a practice test for every state as well!
  • Quick and easy way to study for permit test! 5/5

    By athing123
    I studied this tool and got through everything in only a week and a half. I am 23 but a new driver. Passed with only a couple wrong! Many things were pretty common sense once you visualize them. I’m in Wisconsin. I’ll likely use this tool when I move out of state, too.
  • Also 🤩🤩 5/5

    By my yalll
    I pass my permits test today in South Carolina,, I’m not gone say it’s works but it help I give this 5/5 stars 💫

    By vlone levi
    i literally didn’t know the answer to one question and i paid 10 bucks for the full app and didn’t miss one question on the test
  • Got my permit thanks to this app 5/5

    By NO/MERCY999
    This app helped a hell of a lot.
  • Great if you’re in a hurry 5/5

    By Mr.Dinosef
    If you only have a few days to prep and don’t want to read through the stupidly long manual then this is for you! The $10 for premium is worth every cent. I passed on my first try with only one mistake.
  • False information 1/5

    By andgeu
    I have been mostly using this as a tool to study and I just failed due to the false information it had a variety of different answers that are not accurate on the real test.
  • Hard 3/5

    By ChrisTheBris
    This app needs more visuals and pictures I can’t seem to get a grasp of anything even when I’ve been studying
  • Accuracy 3/5

    By gjftibxsu
    Some of the information on here is not accurate.
  • i love it <3 5/5

    By Liviz29
    i failed my first try on the temp test, i then came across this app for a better chance at passing paying the 10 dollars was totally worth it, today i retook the test and i passed its been the best purchase i’ve made this year, Thanks <3!
  • I passed 5/5

    By tattoogirl1982
    I’m in Massachusetts used this app to studying and passed my permit test today!
  • Very useful app 5/5

    By Toxan1978
    Hi again! I bought this app before, and now I cannot to update information. I changed phone.
  • Question 5/5

    By 1658jasmine
    do you have to take all the tests or only the diagnostics test?
  • This app helped me pass!😉 5/5

    By Mariah0501
    Very helpful and is a great app!👍🏼🚗 100% recommend this app to everyone that needs help and wants a practice app!❤️🚙
  • Very useful 5/5

    By nocomment...
    I passed my exam very easily on the first try by using this app. I suggest buying the premium and studying all the questions.
  • Horrible 1/5

    By fuhk u suppercell
    I studied the crap out of this app and when I took the test it was nothing alike such a rip off
  • Genius! 5/5

    By Ken&Dori
    The tests are designed to improve your knowledge! I passed my CDL permit on the first try!;) That’s impressive for me!
  • Scam 1/5

    By pplpppjhhv
    Unlock other test if u get more than a 80
  • Me Speaking the Truth about this app 5/5

    By Awsqndnkdbsushsndbdus
    I loved it it really helps you with the Permit test and it really helped me with understanding the test

    By tokoyummi

DMV Permit Practice Test Genie app comments

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