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Doctor On Demand App

THE EASIEST WAY TO SEE A DOCTOR 24/7 Connect face to face with a caring and trusted doctor, psychiatrist or psychologist through video on your iPhone or iPad. Doctor On Demand works with or without insurance and is available at reduced rates through many major health plans and large employers. Doctor On Demand’s providers are licensed, board-certified and US-based. With an average patient rating of 4.9 out of 5 stars, our physicians, psychiatrists, and psychologists have experience across many specialities. From colds to cholesterol., our providers can treat hundreds of issues online through video. Just like an in-person visit, your doctor will take your history and symptoms, perform an exam, and may recommend treatment - including prescriptions and lab work, if needed.. They can also provide a doctor’s note if one is required for your employer or school. Doctor On Demand also offers a private space to meet face to face with a psychologist or psychiatrist through video. Choose from a diverse group of therapists and work with them to address what’s important to you from the privacy of home. Here are some examples of how we can support your full mind and body health: -Cold & Flu -Urinary Tract Infections -Sinus Infections -Acne, Rashes & Skin Issues -Screenings for High Cholesterol, Diabetes & Thyroid Issues -Headaches & Migraines -Allergies -Depression -Stress & Anxiety -Grief & Loss -Prescription Refills Doctor On Demand lets you avoid the hassle, wait and cost of a walk in clinic, urgent care or ER. You can chat virtually through video with a doctor 365 days a year–weekends and holidays included. Below are some frequently asked questions about our app: When are doctors available? Our physicians are available, on call, and standing by 24/7/365, weekends and holidays included. You can see a doctor immediately or schedule a visit at your convenience. If you would like to see a psychologist or psychiatrist, you can schedule an appointment 7 days a week. Is insurance accepted? How much does a visit cost? Our services are available with and without insurance. We also partner with many top employers and health plans to reduce your cost. See exactly what your visit will cost before you connect. Who are the doctors? Doctor On Demand's trusted, US-based, board-certified physicians, psychiatrists and licensed psychologists have an average of 15 years experience and come from diverse backgrounds with a variety of specialties. How does it work? Connect face to face with a medical doctor right from your phone in as little as five minutes. Just like an in-person visit, the doctor will take the patient's history and symptoms, and perform an exam. Doctor On Demand also offers a private space to meet with a psychologist or psychiatrist through a video visit from the privacy and convenience of home–or anywhere you are. What can you treat? From colds to cholesterol our medical doctors can treat hundreds of issues, including cold & flu, urinary tract infections, allergies, headaches, sprains and skin conditions. They can also order labs and screenings to help with preventative care and help manage chronic care conditions. Doctor On Demand’s psychologists and psychiatrists can see you for anxiety, stress, depression, PTSD, trauma and loss, relationships, postpartum and behavioral therapy. This service is available nationwide, in all 50 states and the District of Columbia.

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Doctor On Demand app reviews

  • Fast professional service 5/5

    By Gringa0328
    This app is amazing. You can stay in the comfort of your home or while at work. I have used multiple time and absolutely recommend!!
  • Don’t go for flu! 1/5

    By thesclub
    They advertised flu diagnosis. Being new to online drs I assumed they had an affiliate who could do testing. I made an appt for my one year old who was “diagnosed” based on symptoms to have the flu and was told they had no testing facility to send me to (like they sometimes do for utis, other infections) they prescribed tamiflu but said not to let my daughter take it u less she had been tested! That meant a trip to the pediatrician! I asked them for a refund for her visit since they could not properly diagnose. They denied it and I will never be back.
  • Such a great APP. 5/5

    By Nate..,
    For someone who has such an odd schedule at work this is perfect. Was able to get all my information out in within 10 minutes, scheduled a visit, and was seen within the hour, and given a prescription! Never have I been so blown away. Doctor on Demand really is great.
  • Kidney infection 2/5

    By Queenmelll
    I dont like this app due to prescription. I have a kidney infection which i already know i have neuro bowels. It happens alot. However, how can my urine come back positive when i used otc meds which messes with my urine & also i havent even got my meds. They said they faxed it to the cvs but no they didnt. And the replies back took two days. Two days i couldve became even more ill.
  • Great Experience!! 5/5

    By Lovejona
    The overall experience was great!! No wait time, Dr. Hall was very concerned and very understanding and sympathetic!!
  • Room for improvement 2/5

    By EveO RN
    I was disappointed by this app. I have used other online treatment options and much preferred Virtuwell. I did not like that the app required access to my location to even pull it up or log in. I never leave my location on and aught to be able to enter it manually when needed. I was initially pleased with the experience - the provider was reasonable and helpful. He answered all questions and seemed capable. However, I am a nurse and when I went on to my company’s drug database to double check specifics of the antibiotic I was prescribed, I found that he did not prescribe what would be a full round of antibiotics for my condition. Upon finding this, I realized there is also no way to send a question to the provider after the fact without booking a follow up visit. This app is preferred by my insurance, but in the future I will go back to Virtuwell even if I need to pay the extra $30 visit cost for going out of network. They don’t require my location, and all follow up questions are free and easy to submit.
  • Nice Dr, nice experience 5/5

    By Arl4102
    I’m very pleased with my visit.
  • University Health Center Nurse 5/5

    By University Health Center Nurse
    I’m SO HAPPY to have this option!!! The Dr was kind and it’s easy to do. Time waiting? Thirty SECONDS 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻
  • Horrible 1/5

    By Abyssinian Wolf
    Been a HORRIBLE experience.
  • Vacationers Blessing 5/5

    By K. Polk
    Every vacationer should have this app! We are on vacation in the Keys and with a simple need, easily described and treated, this service was a true time saver! I thank my daughter for finding the app, Dr Rougeou for his professional treatment, and this great app for facilitating my treatment and saving our vacation time! Thanks and Happy Vaca! 🐟🦞🌴
  • Caring physicians 5/5

    By leigh lewis
    I have two of the most wonderful counselors on dr On Demand. Both caring and I have a general concern for my well-being. They listen to me and take my suggestions to heart they say I know my body best and I appreciate that from a physician. Also the support staff on Dr On Demand is wonderful. Very professional and will help you no matter what your issue has been. They will find a solution to whatever you contact them with and are generally caring concerned people. Also one of my physicians missed our appointment one day and she made another slot for me so I could see her on schedule. The Dr On Demand support staff handled all this for me. This is a wonderful service and I am so thankful that I found it especially the convenience of not having to leave your home and sit in a waiting room to see a physician. Feels just as personal face-to-face as a actual visit but with the great convenience of your time you’re home. Everyone needs to access this wonderful service
  • Highly Recommended 5/5

    By mandy tracy
    I love my primary care provider, but they rarely have appointments the day of so if a last minute issue comes up, I’m out of luck or would have to go to urgent care. Dr on demand is efficient in so many ways, I get the same great diagnosis and treatment options at a faster rate, and my preferred providers can be used again. From beginning to end my most recent apt took 10 minutes. Amazing! What’s not to love?!
  • Great Medical care 5/5

    By MegRoss11
    I was a skeptic of video Doctor consults, but not anymore!!! This was so extremely easy because the app is user friendly. Our Doctor was efficient and kind!!! I made an appointment at 5am when my daughter had symptoms and we saw the Doctor at 8:30. It could have been earlier however I wanted my daughter to get more sleep. How wonderful it felt to be able to make that decision and choose when WE wanted to see the Doctor. I believe this is how medical care really should be!!!! Thank you everyone who made this happen Dr. on Demand and Dr. Reddy!
  • So much help 5/5

    By MomJamie
    I received more help with this visit than I did in 13 years of going to the doctor.
  • Not for Pediatrics 1/5

    By Autarx
    Ridiculously inane limitations on this app that you can’t schedule an appointment for a child who has separate insurance without having to pay cash and then setting up a reimbursement. Seems that when creating this app they overlooked some very important details in user stories and use cases. Bad UX research on behalf of this service.
  • Alex 5/5

    By almc66
    Great doctors and treat fast and cost savings
  • Can’t verify my coverage? Really? 1/5

    By Swisssh
    Had no problem using this the first time and was pretty impressed. Tonight I try for a 2nd time and it can’t verify my coverage so can’t give me my providers pricing. Say what? Disappointing
  • Prescription takes forever to get filled. 1/5

    By Andres_25
    Called in the morning at 8am and had a simple, 5-minute visit in which I was prescribed antibiotics. Was told it may take 6 hours to fill prescription due to “system issues.” 12 hours later and still no prescription. The whole point of this service is convenience - I would have rather gone to the hospital at this point. Waste of time and money.
  • Simple and Convenient 5/5

    By Gr8tfull_inMntns
    Saved me time and money of having to visit in person to help solve a common and minor health problem.
  • Best App to EVER come into my Life 5/5

    By AshLin528
    My recommendation to anyone on the fence or skeptical about the Dr on Demand app, is try it, you won’t be sorry! It’s worth the copay (if you have insurance) or worth the self-pay price of a visit!!!! I’m so glad I tried it, I’ll never go back to Traditional Therapy after experiencing the level of care and the immediate help I got from the first visit with this app. *Read my story below for more detail.* But I cant recommend this app enough or to enough people, everyone should try it, it’s so beyond worth it! I was skeptical a few years ago when a friend told me she has never been to the office of her psychologist, that all of her appointments were via video chat through an App on her phone. I had been in traditional therapy for a while and it wasn’t helping me, I couldn’t believe a silly app would be able to do better. Fast Forward a few years to the present, I had exhausted all other options I had available to me and still struggled daily. I was convinced my only option was to accept that my “normal” was feeling miserable and useless and wanting my life to come to an end. I genuinely believed that I would have to live my life day by day as long as I could but eventually I would end up taking my own life. What’s even more terrifying, I was starting to be ok with that. A little voice in the back of my head reminded me of my friend’s success with Dr on Demand’s mental health section. My insurance covered it with just a small copay at the time so I figured, it was worth the $20 or whatever to give it a try. With in one visit I had a new hope that I could have a normal life, I would be able to reach a comfortable place with my mental health. Our insurance changed and the copay is higher but it’s 100% worth it!!! I’m finally receiving the care I have hoped for since my 20 year old self first asked a dr for help. I’v been using the app several months now and I’m so happy with my success, that hope I found with the first visit has blossomed into being a version of myself that I never believed I could be. I’m finally a happier, healthier, grab life by the horns and ride version of myself! I have suggested Dr on Demand to everyone I know and will continue to do so. I haven’t yet used the physical health portion but plan to very soon because if the mental health section can do this much good in my life, I think it’s worth finding out what greatness I can achieve in myself with the help of the great Drs behind Dr on Demand
  • Valuable Time Saver 5/5

    By TB081012
    This app is fantastic and such a wonderful service for those of us who are super busy and cannot always get in to see the doctor. The doctors are very friendly, thorough and helpful. I scheduled an appointment at a time that was convenient for me and within 15 minutes I was on my way to feeling better! All from the comfort of my home. This is infinitely better than having to wait hours and hours at urgent care and my insurance is accepted. I’ll continue to use this wonderful service as needed.
  • Awesome 5/5

    By Liquid Dreams
    This app was so much better then having to go the dr while on vacation or anytime , you don’t have to worry about catching something else while in the waiting room
  • Excellent Resource! 5/5

    By PhD, not MD
    As someone who works in healthcare (and thus understands the difficulties with navigating health insurance from both sides, I found this app to be brilliantly affective! The cost was very reasonable and within 15 minutes I had a prescription for my symptoms and explanations as to the doctor’s choice of treatment. Dr. Henderson was thoughtful in her approach and able to explain why one treatment was better than others. She was very knowledgeable, and provided me with two explanations for my symptoms I had not considered. (I had a persistent cough and low grade fever. Although I was going between seasonal allergies and a cold, she acknowledged those possibilities and also explained that I could be having spasms or the effect of a specific bacteria that results in the type of cough I demonstrated). Her treatment options would allow for treatment of all possibilities, while at the same time, she did not “over prescribe” (Ie, explained why she felt the prescription of steroids in this case was unnecessary, and potentially harmful). Will definitely use the app again and looking forward to future visits with Dr. Henderson (well, except for the whole “getting sick” thing). It truly is like having a doctor in your pocket!
  • Go to a real doctor 1/5

    By waste!of.time!.,
    Not worth the time, go see a real doctor
  • Awesome Service! 5/5

    By _damarion_
    I do not write reviews ever! But I thought I would for this app. Doc on Demand is a great service! You never have to wait on a doctor to chat they are knowledgeable and definitely appreciated. Great app great service!
  • Not worth it! 1/5

    By DEMReP
    Had the on line consult with the doctor at 9:05 am for pink eye. Not a very serious condition, but it is painful and uncomfortable. It is now 5pm and my prescription has not yet been sent to CVS. Three calls, 2 messages and all Im told is they had a glitch with their system. Pink eye is highly contagious, no treatment today means it will last longer and I cannot go to work. The loss of wages is much more than the cost of going to a doctor’s office. This app is worthless
  • Care 5/5

    By Joose Simmons
    I feel more comfortable with these doctors theni could have ever imagined. It’s nice to know people truly Care!
  • 1st time 5/5

    By LydiaWes15
    VERY EASY, fast. Reasonably priced. With having no insurance & being a single mom of 3 kids that helps financially. I will definitely use this app again.
  • Wasted my time.... 1/5

    By Alex Btronik
    The app ended my visit in about three seconds after it started at 9:30am. Booked another appointment at 10:30am, doctor couldn’t hear me... The app is very buggy, gonna charge my insurance company and I am not been helped. Wasted my time, instrad of saving it... I am very disappointed, what a Bad experience.
  • So fast and helpful, and insurance covers it for us 5/5

    By JenReally
    I’ve used this app a couple times, I’ve never waited more than 5 minutes to speak to a Doctor, and they have always been helpful and kind. Getting prescriptions sent to my pharmacy was so smooth and I really appreciated all the help and guidance for my health and my child’s.
  • Missing key elements 1/5

    By Bella.Mia
    Let me start by saying I do love the concept and the app works relatively well for general use. I have used this service several times with no issue. However, when a glitch happens, there is nothing in place to remedy it. For example, my Rx never made it to the pharmacy despite reportedly being faxed. There’s no way to contact the doctor you saw unless you pay for a second, unnecessary consult. You can try to chat for help, but hours go by and no one replies. If you call for help, you wait and wait... and then they refer your issue to a team, who you cannot speak to, and no one can give you any time frame for someone to act to correct the issue. This makes the MD visit you just paid for (even at a discounted rate) worthless and delays you receiving necessary medical intervention. Wondering about the liability for this?? Seems, from your app reviews and F rating via the BBB website, I’m not the first with this issue or the first to get ignored.
  • Great Doctors visit 5/5

    By B in SF
    App is great, for normal visits this can’t be beat
  • Game changer 5/5

    By MSprenger.2014
    This service is so great when I’m really sick. It’s like going back to when drs made house calls. Who wants to have to either go to urgent care and wait hours or call your regular physician to be told that you can get in 2 days from now? This is the future of medicine safe and comfortable at home seen in minutes by a real doctor.
  • Dr 5/5

    By Nikki o o
    Awesome app! Helpful and caring doctors
  • Easy and convenient 5/5

    By Sisu6903
    I’m not exactly a tech expert and I have used this app twice...saved me money but even greater benefit I can talk to a doctor from my couch on a weekend & husband graciously gets my prescription. Thank you Dr on demand!
  • I love Technology 5/5

    By KMeesh
    I was worried about this a was waiting on the scam! I ended up doing a video chat with a certified doctor who went over my medical history and treated me! I will definitely use this again!!!
  • Just an excellent service 5/5

    By The flyboy flies again
    I can’t rate them highly enough - so professional, so easy to use - excellent option
  • Beware of the Back Office! 1/5

    By DBP-789
    The app is easy to use and the Dr. I met with was ok. However, their back office is a disaster. Although they claim to be a 24 hour organization, it took 11 hours for them to call in my prescription. I had to call them 4 times with wait times as long as 25 minutes to inquire why this simple task was taking so long. They claimed system problems, made human errors and communicated poorly.
  • Great customer service 5/5

    By batmanstaanhand
    Had a great first experience.
  • I am pharmacist 1/5

    By maraboyinarahul
    The doctors on site site are incompetent and stupid. They don’t know how to diagnose anything. I am surprised they passed usmle and boards ! We pharmacist are not allowed to prescribe.
  • Terrific 5/5

    By ts done
    Just TERRIFIC !!!
  • Dr on Demand 5/5

    By pcbmeb
    I have used this service when needed ever since Dr. Phil introduced it. It is so reassuring to know that I can get quality care on nights, weekends, and vacations! The best app on my phone!
  • Timely, effective, friendly 5/5

    By T-Stett
    Possibly one of the best technology advances in modern medicine - keeping patients out of waiting rooms, allowing them to remain in the comfort of their home while still getting the medical attention they require. I was thoroughly impressed with my Dr. on Demand’s review of systems, staying within the line of my symptoms and timely recommendation of treatment. Sometimes (often!) ailments strike outside of office/urgent care hours, and this app is an incredible solution to the subsequent backlog in ERs for less urgent matters. I will definitely be a recurring customer (although hopefully not often)!
  • Prescriptions take 7-8 HOURS for them to call in 1/5

    By shannondubbs
    I needed a very basic antibiotic. I was told it would take 2-4 hours. 7 calls later, it took 8 hours to get the prescription called in. When I would call, they would tell me I was next in line. Ridiculous. I could have gone to the doctor 10x by now.
  • Highly Recommend 5/5

    By A-Jaxx26
    Very helpful. I can honestly say if I would have never heard about “Doctors OnDemand” I would have just stayed home and put up with my back pains. The doctor was very helpful and educated me a lot with the discomfort.
  • So convenient!!! 5/5

    By BoelovesBex
    I was going to go to Urgent Care when I noticed that my insurance provider had this ability. So I tried it. I got to stay home and she diagnosed my issues with ease. Very thorough and made sure I did have any other issues. Thank you so much!!
  • Over 24 hours and the Rx still not called in 2/5

    By Armadillon50
    It has been over 24 hours and the prescription still has not been called in. The virtual visit itself was great and the doctor was great, but what is the point of a quick virtual visit if your sick kid can’t their medicine?
  • Amazing physician, kinda shady app 3/5

    By Jesseo8
    Overall: Pretty good as long as you are well prepared. Have all the questions you might have ready cause you only have 15 minutes. Support team doesn’t help with follow up questions unless you pay for another appointment. First quick negatives: 1) Shady billing structure. You only have 15 minutes for your visit. 15 minutes is almost impossible for a 1st visit/initial impression. They bill a visit for each 15 minute block. So you’re basically powerless on how much you get billed for if the provider takes longer to complete the evaluation. 2) No ability to ask a follow up question. Different than any regular provider/walk-in. They won’t help you unless they can bill you for a follow up question, even if it’s simple. The good: I was absolutely amazed I had such a positive experience. Not only did it save time, convenience and money, but I feel more empowered as a patient. The Physician went through different treatment options and actually asked how I felt about my options. It’s the first time I’ve had a provider include me in on the treatment process. Not only do I feel comfortable with the treatment plan we developed, but now I know what it’s like to receive patient centered care.
  • Convenient 5/5

    By LaurenEmilee
    AWSOME!!! Good experience.

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