Dog Whistle to Train Your Dog

Dog Whistle to Train Your Dog

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  • Current Version: 1.3.0
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • Developer: Wei Wei
  • Compatibility: Android
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Dog Whistle to Train Your Dog App

Get the original Dog Whistle today! Dog whistle is a type of whistle used in the training of dogs and cats. Normally, a dog whistle is within the range of 16000 Hz to 40000 Hz with only the frequencies below 20000 Hz audible to the human ear. Our whistle has adjustable sliders for active control of the frequency produced. These kind of whistles are also used to determine the hearing range of people or for physics demonstrations. Features -Variable frequency tone generator -Sound level meter -Saved Settings Bar To Train: Play the sound in front of your dog while playing the high pitch sound. The dog needs to associate the sound with a command. Repeat as many times you need to accomplish. Use treats to teach him that he did good! - Shut up a annoying dog that is barking. Just play a sound! - Train your dog to do many things! - Train your dog to do tricks! How does it work? Dogs are capable of hearing sounds at much higher frequencies than people. A dog whistle works by emitting a high frequency tone in a range that a dog does not ordinarily encounter. The highest frequency a normal middle aged human can hear is 12,000-14,000 Hz, so don’t be alarmed if you can’t hear all of the tones yourself. These high frequency tones have the effect of immediately getting a dog’s attention. Dog whistles are typically used as part of a training routine designed to train your dog to do tricks or for behavior modification. A pure tone is much easier for a dog to distinguish compared to verbal commands. Different sound patterns can be used to trigger different responses. For example, two short bursts could mean stop and one long burst could mean lie down. Dog whistles are great training tools and has been used successfully with all breeds. How do you tune your dog whistle? One method is to adjust the frequency of the tone, while your dog is sleeping, until your dog’s ears perk up. When this happens you have found a frequency that your dog is sensitive to. Important Notes: Please note that dogs may not have an intrinsic response to high frequency tones such as those used in this application. Therefore, you must train your dog to respond to the tones much like you would train your dog to respond to verbal commands. Through this training, many dogs will develop a conditioned response to respond in accordance with its training when it hears the tone. If your dog is not trained to respond to the tone, your dog may not respond to the tone. Recognize the possibility that success in dog training may not come as fast as you may anticipate, but relentless effort and consistency of commands will sooner than later reward you with success. Please consider this before purchasing our application. Please email us if you have any suggestions.

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Dog Whistle to Train Your Dog app reviews

  • Ok😒 3/5

    By Human Banana 🍌
    This app is ok, my dogs don't seem to care even at the highest frequency! I'm not sure it does any thing but if maybe it worked better I wouldn't have deleted it almost immediately.
  • Great, however.... 3/5

    By lazycat9993
    My sweet puppy is 2 months old and she has a bit of a biting it worked at first but she soon began to ignore it.
  • Bad 1/5

    By Raptor Man1
    It did nothing if you didn’t pay
  • Scam 1/5

    By Jon4rmMCO
    Not sure what level training this is... not what I expected.
  • Doggone 4/5

    By Rhomunda
    Sometimes it works perfectly... but nothing is perfect.
  • Don’t like it 1/5

    By rcl 🐍
    You have to pay for some things also you would get all lot of adds
  • Bad app 1/5

    By luna your dog girl
    I don’t like dis app because it it doesn’t work and your dog doesn’t listen and u have to pay for it
  • Not good at all 1/5

    By john bellosky
    It’s useless don’t work
  • Works great!!!!!!! 5/5

    By Lulusbabycakes
    This really works! When my dogs see an animal on TV they bark like crazy. All I do now is one beep and they both stop. It really works!!! Great app!!
  • Works Great 5/5

    By AJ87878787
    My stupid neighbors dog wouldn’t stop barking. Used this app and it stopped immediately.
  • Works good 5/5

    By Vickey22
    This app works good cause we got a puppy 3 days agao and he responds really quick to the noice and makes him stop barking and winning even on low to high pitch noice...he does good...makes him calm down a bit witch I like. I am glad it works.
  • Premium 1/5

    By Jaden35256
    I bought premium and I did not like it. It did not help and I would like a refund
  • Gets their attention quickly 4/5

    By mmadog
    Great tool with adjustable frequencies for different dogs thanks for the help
  • Whistle 2/5

    By Granny1965
    Dogs don’t respond to it . Is frequency off?
  • Doesn’t work 1/5

    By Marajade40
    I tried all the frequencies and neither one of my dogs reacted and they are in same room.
  • Do not try! 1/5

    By 130skyee
    This app is so bad for dog and even when I tried it on my dog she did not care so please go find a nother app
  • Free Version is sooo annoying 1/5

    By whistle hater
    The free version has pop-ups that stop the whistle mid-blow. Obviously it’s purposeful, but the ads actually interrupt the whistle. Which makes the training of my dog inconsistent... This feature renders the free version useless. Note: the x that the ads feature is very small. Fat fingers hit the ad on accident. If it was bigger and easier to click, the rating jumps to 3.9
  • Stop Annoying Ads by Disconnecting WiFi/Data 5/5

    By Apple of my Eye Phone
    The free version has terribly annoying ads frequently interrupting the operation of the frequency sound generator so you can ether pay to have the ads removed or disconnect your device from wifi/data and the ads cannot load. You may notice one ad slip through for it was previously downloaded but once that one is finished, you shouldn’t have to deal with any others. Take note that this app may be generating high frequencies but your device may not be able to produce them or your device audio output source (speaker) may not be capable of producing such high frequencies. Since human hearing typically goes as high as in the 20,000 Hz range, good speakers can go this high but typically not much higher since people would not be able to hear it. You may want to check the frequency response of your device and speaker to see if they are capable of generating the frequency sound you expect otherwise your dog may not be hearing what you think is being generated.
  • Meh 1/5

    By What the world?
    Doesn’t work
  • This app is ok 3/5

    By :::;;;)))(((
    It’s not the best if you want to train your dog. It doesn’t work on mine and there are sooo many adds.!!!
  • Useless 1/5

    By $&21/
    My dog doesn’t even flinch
  • Great value! 5/5

    By Melissadunc
    I’ve spent hundreds of dollars on clickers that never seem to be where I need them - having it on my phone is brilliant! Works on my 2 dogs great!!!
  • Dogs don’t seem to care 2/5

    By whywecanthavenicethings
    In the low ranges where it is also very uncomfortable for me to hear my dogs will take note and come. In the mid upper and high ranges my dogs don’t care at all.
  • Dog Whistle 3/5

    By you dont really want comments
    Don’t like the ads played every time it is used.
  • No effect at all. What a joke 1/5

    By drkanter
    No effect at all. What a joke
  • Doesn’t work 1/5

    By hellie200
    My dog did not respond to the whistle.
  • This app is amazing 3/5

    By pokemon trainer kelis
    Every time you the dog gets up or barks I show him the whistle and say I’m gonna press it sit down and now he sits on his own
  • Does not work 1/5

    By jerry4113789
    Does not work
  • Weird... 3/5

    By Ahmnodt Heare
    Sometimes it works on my dog, sometimes it doesn't. It always triggers tinnitus when I use it, though.
  • ∂σєѕи'т ωσяк 1/5

    By angel117722
    ᗩᒪᒪ ᗰY ᗪOG ᗪIᗪ ᗯᗩᔕ ᖴOᒪᒪOᗯEᗪ ᗰE ᗩᑎᗪ TᕼEᑎ I ᕼᗩᑎᗪEᗪ IT TO ᗰY ᗷᖇOTᕼEᖇ ᗩᑎᗪ ᔕᕼE ᗪIᗪᑎ'T ᖴOᒪᒪOᗯ TᕼE ᔕOᑌᑎᗪ!
  • Dog trainer 3/5

    By gabby🥶
    I seen the movie zapped and was like maybe I can find a app like this my for my dog and maybe he would listen 🤯😂
  • Read 1/5

    By pokymoon
    I got this for my dog but you have to buy the lessons but it comes with a whistle
  • Controlling barking 3/5

    By kodynj
    Pairing whistle with commands can be very effective. Just be sure not to over due the high pitch sound. It really does disturb them hearing if it is left on. The continuous option should have an automatic release.
  • Doggy’s tool 5/5

    By Piolinars
    Great tool to have for doggie obedience.
  • Whistle App 1/5

    By Kathemarie
    DOESN’T WORK !!! I even spend an extra $1.99 to get the premium. STILL DOESN’T WORK!!!!
  • Shuts the yapping neighbor dogs up! 4/5

    By Z King of Pizza
    My neighbors dogs bark constantly but when I bust out the DogWhistle app it shuts them right up. They’ve began associating my screen door opening with the whistle and shut it down when they here me open it now.
  • Totally useless. Ad pop up overdose 1/5

    By BrinkStat34
    I’m not sure if the app even works, with all of the ads popping up there’s no way to use it. Every time I tried to use the app on my dog, I had a pop up that wouldn’t let me use the dog whistle until the pop up was removed, or closed out.
  • Haha 5/5

    By Gman12313
    I just got this to mess with my friends
  • It works great 5/5

    By Thoth0518
    It works great on my dogs
  • Whistle 4/5

    By Mr.nocall
    Good app
  • Terrible 1/5

    By Veronica Maniz
    Doesn’t give you the teaching lessons it shows advertised you pay 1.99$ for absolutely nothing special at all it’s only 1.99$ but still waste of money.
  • Amazing 5/5

    This is a very good app
  • Great 5/5

    By TTVmattinhat2003
    It works really good it’s great
  • Cute but didn’t work. 3/5

    By jbappleton
    I can’t hear anything (as expected) but my puppy hasn’t reacted nor budged from this mystery sound either.
  • Dog whistle 5/5

    By Pixxil_33
    Dog whistle works pretty good. Wish developers offered at least a couple free training programs to work with you pet to see if the apps training methods are tried n true enough to warrant a purchase of premium account. But the bills have to be paid.
  • Why this app is horrible 1/5

    By Galaxymaster537293019364820
    There are sooo many things you have to buy and it doesn’t work my dog still won’t listen to me
  • I wished that this would work.... no such luck 1/5

    By eeeee380
    I tried it everyday for a month.... my dog did hear it but very soon just ignored it... so I’m still searching
  • Trained my dog not to jump 5/5

    By pixiegirlpenny
    In just two weeks
  • No change 1/5

    By darisr
    Didn’t work at all

Dog Whistle to Train Your Dog app comments

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