Dog Whistler - The Original

Dog Whistler - The Original

  • Category: Utilities
  • Release Date:
  • Current Version: 3.10.0
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • Developer: Mobeezio, Inc.
  • Compatibility: Android
357,774 Ratings
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Dog Whistler - The Original App

*** As seen on TV and used worldwide by over 30 million users! *** Train your dog (or annoy your friends) with this simple to use dog whistle. Quickly initiate a variety of frequency sounds via the dog whistle interface. (New add-on option/feature: ability to create a ringtone from any frequency!) Dog Whistler Main Features: * Choose the desired frequency in the dog whistle by using the built in slider or by manually entering in the frequency. * Select from multiple sound “patterns” within the dog whistle: --- Tone --- Short beeps --- Long beeps --- Slow 500Hz Oscillation --- 500Hz Oscillation --- Fast 500Hz Oscillation --- Slow 1KHz Oscillation --- 1KHz Oscillation --- Fast 1KHz Oscillation --- Slow 2.5KHz Oscillation --- 2.5KHz Oscillation --- Fast 2.5KHz Oscillation --- Static --- Slow 5KHz Oscillation --- 5KHz Oscillation --- Fast 5KHz Oscillation * New add-on option/feature: ability to create a ringtone from any frequency! * New sharing features added (via Facebook, Twitter, and/or email) * Use preset frequencies in the dog whistle or create your own * Hold down any preset frequency and share this frequency with a friend (via Twitter, Facebook, or Email). What worked for your dog's training? Hearing tests.... what frequency can you hear? * Set an alarm (either via the built in timer or motion activated). New alarm feature===> repeat mode. This will continually activate an alarm upon motion detection each time it resets. For instance, if you're training your dog to stay off the couch you can place the iPhone/iPod on it. When the dog jumps up the 1st time it will activate an alarm for a predetermined amount of time. The alarm will then reset so when the dog jumps up the 2nd time, it will resound the alarm again. can be used for * * Great training app for your pet! ++ Besides a dog whistle, customers have reported using it as an anti-mosquito device, simple simple hearing test, and a tool to annoy others with its high frequency pitch. For general info on dog whistles, the following is a useful Wikipedia link: ** Please check out our other apps, Mobile Caddy (previously chosen as a Staff Favorite), Thumper, Date Util, Gift Tracker, Simple Timer, Dog Whistler (ranked in top 10 overall free apps), Earthquake, and Hurricane Monitor.

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Dog Whistler - The Original app reviews

  • Ehh... 1/5

    By BZZRRR!!!!
    Doesn’t work tried on 5 dogs Spent an hour Dogs don’t listen And yes I turned off no sound switch
  • Deleted 1/5

    By Tyrien
    After a random video ad blasted unexpectedly I had to delete this app.
  • Works great if you like ads 1/5

    By Biigbeef
    I understand ads come with but geez, every three seconds, can’t is use the app For all the ads,delete and look for another!!
  • Didn’t work 1/5

    By Smol Youtuber
    I’m so surprised to see all of these very nice and good comments the only thing that I seem to find about these comments is that they say that there’s too many ads well yes there is a lot of ads and I’m also going to say that I’m going to complain about that like the whistle didn’t even work my dog just stood there like nothing was happening and then I said “Mason,Mason!” because that’s my dogs name but he said nothing he didn’t respond to anything he looked back at me like I was doing something weird because I called his name for no reason but he didn’t react any single way to the stupid stupid stupid whistle like seriously when you try to make an app for people to actually help them it should actually work! I am not as angry as I seem like I am in this review but I’m just saying that the reason people should make apps is for them to actually work that’s just my opinion. I even tried to put the volume all the way up and turn on my phone (but what I mean by that is turn on sound so it’s not just vibrating it’s actually going to call calls) I have no idea why this app isn’t working especially because there was a bunch and bunches of review saying that it works amazingly but it just doesn’t work for me and I don’t know why so if you could inform me why it isn’t working or possibilities that be great thank you for listening to my great novel in goodbye
  • Waste of time 1/5

    By D-blockaveli
    Doesn’t make dogs bark or stop them!very useless!!!
  • funny 5/5

    By Yogabbag naba
    use this in class to annoy my teacher. lots of fun.
  • Loads Audio Ads Now! 1/5

    By siBob
    Destroyed the app by implementing audio / video ads. How cheap can you guys get?
  • Awful. Just awful 1/5

    By tttrrresfx
    My dog absolutely hates this and I want dog to have the best life possible and this is NOT HELPING I REPEAT NOT HELPING
  • No 5/5

    By idontknowwhatyou
  • Seems like a good app but... 2/5

    By Fire Mike
    The first time I downloaded the app it worked flawlessly. It’s never worked correctly since. Don’t waste your phone memory.
  • Seemed to work for me and my pupper. 5/5

    By JuJu Harper
    I actually used this to potty train my dog. I used a sliding scale of whistles. He was running about, over to the neighbors, and down the street, in which I cannot run. I still have to monitor him, because yes he is a male dog. Here runs up to the house, when called and whistle is used.
  • Overly-intrusive ads. 1/5

    By 1sd43
    I get it. You need to make revenue off the app. I’ll agree to watch the ads, but when those ads start to interfere with the usage of the app I cannot stand to use it anymore. Maybe if you put ads at very beginning before issuing the whistle it would be better. But if I have to watch an ad every other time I press the whistle, I just won’t have enough patience and off it goes from my phone.
  • Don’t like 1/5

    By bbcfgdggvnhfd
    It did nothing my dog didn’t react to it at all it was a wast of my time
  • This is not good very not good 1/5

    By i hate dog whistle
    Please help apple remove this from the App Store it is driving me freaking insane and I cannot stand another second of it please I have people who play it on the bus and it is very unpleasant 1 star I wish I could rate it as a negative stars and have it banned indefinitely please remove.
  • Maybe my dogs are different 1/5

    By Cosmetic concerns
    I can only give a review of my own experience this has zero 0 I mean zero effect on any of my dogs. I really do not see what this is supposed to do. I tried all frequencies and nothing
  • Terrible ads 1/5

    By Mdev8
    I know ads support the app, but the ads are terrible. The app made me stay in the ad and could not exit, it made me play a game, there’s no X option.
  • Glitchy app! 1/5

    By DreamsMultimedia
    The app works half the time very glitchy a lot of bugs
  • Not sure why it can’t be user friendly 2/5

    By Runnerss
    I gave it 2 stars instead of 1 because I actually got it to work, but it’s not user friendly. Developer needs to create an obvious on/off feature. Also, hints are great once you started using the app, but not so great when you’re struggling to figure out basic controls.
  • Dog whistle 1/5

    By annie app
    App no work
  • Piece of crap 1/5

    By ALS-Honestly
    Wouldn’t even let me use it once before it said that I had to make a purchase and kept redirecting to my email as soon as I attempted setup.
  • Profane Adverts 1/5

    By Big*Spender
    Careful. I don’t mind ads for free apps, but I was surprised by this charming dialog: “how dare you f**ck my boyfriend!” before I closed the ad. (Unlike me, they used the actual four-lettered word).
  • Not bad 4/5

    By NinoVickjr
    Fun lil whistle app,kinda therapeutic in a way
  • Too many Ads 1/5

    By John Cocktostoy
    Way to many ads to be worthwhile.
  • Great 5/5

    By Common Noobket YT
    I use it to blow out my friends eardrums and it is amazing at that I would definitely recommend
  • Stopped my dog’s TV anxiety 4/5

    By Mom of Bodhi the Plott Hound
    This app has been a Godsend for my entire family, especially for my dog Bodhi. Before this dog whistle app he would overreact to TV, movie scenes, & commercials. obnoxiously by barking, whining, and rushing the TV.
  • Do not get 1/5

    By @peyton?
    I tried to use this with my dog. She did not even look my way. While she was ignoring me my ears were killing me. This app does not work and hurts your ears.DO NOT BUY.
  • Uh 2/5

    By harpeslytherin
    I got this app because I have a dog that likes to wake my up at very early hours in the day, so I wanted to see if this would help sadly it did not. Jackson(my dog) doesn’t listen to the whistle but it works on my cat so
  • Started a free trial 1/5

    By hellomydudes12345668
    This app started a free trial I DIDNT want on my phone
  • Bad 5/5

    By Thiccjiz45
    Gave me hepatitis
  • Helped Find Lost Dog 5/5

    By Sh0-Nuff
    My wife’s family’s beagle had gotten loose several hours before I arrived at home and got the news. Since we share a common property boundary, I decided to use your app and take a look. She ran to my side before I got out of the yard. Plus, she was barking, which is something we’d never heard her do. I don’t know whether she loved or hated the whistle. All that counts is the fact that she’s safe. I thank you for your app and recommend it to all who find themselves in this predicament.
  • Works well 5/5

    By Lpenn
    works well, lots of options

    By Hassebro
    My dogs freak out every time I do it and I start bawling out laughing!!! It’s soo funny!! But the ads are an issue..but other than that it’s great
  • Dog whistle 5/5

    By speeeeed even
    Awesome for anyone who is looking for annoying high schoolers 5 out of 5
  • Great app 5/5

    By 47;:$547(367
    I really only use this too annoy people in class but other than that its a good app
  • Screwed the Pooch 1/5

    By Kauthen1999
    Tried to screw with a dog at the airport. Didn’t work in the slightest. Tried every frequency and only got a single glance from the dog. 1/5 do not recommend
  • Too many ads 2/5

    By DRC17
    Title says it all. They just keep popping up, and interrupting the experience.
  • 5 star works Great! 5/5

    By Love Divine
    iPhone X S Max plus
  • Doesn’t work 1/5

    By crazypanda789
    My dog is a good dog but can get bored easily and will tear up the house. I decided that it needed to stop. I got this app hoping it would work. Honestly it hurt my ears more than the dogs. She totally ignored the noise while I was getting over the piercing noise. I totally do not recommend this. I honestly thought my ears were going to bleed. If this brutally hurt my ears I wouldn’t even try it on your dogs. Sincerely, The girl who almost went def over an app😊
  • PP 5/5

    By rockthosesocks
    Fantastic app, 10/10 would play again
  • Intrusive full screen full volume ads 2/5

    By ed zachary
    The ads make the app unusable. Upon launching, the app warns you if your volume is turned down since the whistle won’t function otherwise. Fair enough. But once you turn the volume on and up, full screen and full volume ads start auto playing with no easy way to stop them beyond exiting.
  • This app helped me find a lost dog! 5/5

    By KC4815
    My friend lost her rescue dog and this app helped us catch him! He was on the run for 3 days and extremely scared of people, so really difficult to trap if we were to get close to him. When we were in an area where he was seen about 45 min before, I turned on the whistle and out of nowhere he peered around the corner of a brick wall on the sidewalk. We sat down and continued to play the sound as he sniffed at his pug brother and looked curiously at the phone. Finally, we were able to grab him when he got close enough! The app was very easy to use and you can play the whistle at different frequencies and patterns. It’s definitely worth a try if you’re looking for a missing dog!
  • Meme 5/5

    By Pyrokyler
    The memes and how annoying u can be is elite
  • It’s ok I guess 1/5

    By azy_bear
    The app crashes to much and did not work very well for me
  • I didn’t work 1/5

    By alex1818a
    I was trying to use and I was clicking all these kind of buttons and I still didn’t work!!!!
  • Brain dead dogs 5/5

    By Matt2939392
    This app got this brain dead dog to shut up. Great app.
  • Whistle 1/5

    Doesn’t work at all
  • Love the app! Interesred in meeting (next to goofy or plouto) 5/5

    By CharismaVal
    Hey this is great I’m sure dogs love this one. Apple is trying to increase sales in China heard dogs jump on the plate and it’s on every menu. Would you like to come to Disney world Florida for a meeting?
  • Great 5/5

    By puzzle lover 109
    It can stop barking it can also test hearing if you get adds just turn off wifi it works great
  • Granddogs 4/5

    By grandmom to dogs
    Impressed at how well this gets positive reaction from my granddogs-- very different personalities. Helped 1 stop jumping. Helps interrupting food obsession and barking with the other. Dogs are so smart -- when I show them the green field they respond!!!!

Dog Whistler - The Original app comments

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