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Dollar General App

Everything you love about Dollar General, rolled into one money-saving app. Loaded with coupons, weekly ads, easy-to-use tools, and helpful info, it’s the app that makes savings easy when shopping. COUPONS & WEEKLY ADS
 Shop and save with tons of coupon savings. Simply log in or register to access exclusive DG coupons, plus use smart filters to discover just-for-you offers. Also, prepare for your next DG visit by swiping through weekly ads, daily savings, and product details. STORE INFO 
Find and select your local Dollar General store to view store info, and receive easy-to-follow directions from your location. MORE WAYS TO SHOP & SAVE Enable push notifications to access exclusive offers and savings alerts; Enable location-based notifications to access extra savings and exclusive offers; Plus, use the app to shop online at and ship orders directly to your home or office.


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Dollar General app reviews

  • No technical support for the App 1/5

    By kslaw63
    I downloaded the app but when I try to sign in it keeps telling me no user found but says my phone # is valid. No help with this
  • Yes, you guys have coupons BUT.... 1/5

    By jamesdeaneestern66
    There are coupons to save, but when you try to use them there is no bar code so therefore they are useless!! :(
  • Doesn’t work! 1/5

    By jo007athome
    I have downloaded and reinstalled umpteen times. Won’t let me check the policy box before a pop up says cancel or exit. Never get passes that point. I love DG, but the app stinks.
  • What a piece of garbage 1/5

    By Magicmanmbsc
    your app wants tons of info stores don’t accept digital coupons. forget it Ill shop at real stores
  • Coupons 1/5

    By Snevitt87
    Every time I load the app now after adding coupons it tells me there is none and I don’t have any..... getting really tired of this!!!
  • Can’t log in. 1/5

    By Kaitlyn19999
    Every single time I try to login it doesn’t let me.
  • Won’t work 😠 waste of time 1/5

    By Twn174479
    Downloaded bc someone told me I’d save- well I cnt even get it to create an account to start trying to save!! Tried going to get help on DG online and it says they experiencing technical difficulties- try again later.. and wen I go to chat it says they aren’t open to come back wen they are open but the time is 7am- 9pm ET WELLLLL it’s 3.. so that’s crap.. oh well I tired!! 😠
  • Experiencing issues 1/5

    By Kayla Booker
    I love my digital coupons, just like I love my store. But for a week straight I haven’t been able to view or add coupons. I get a “we’re sorry there seems to be no coupons found” this needs to be fixed soon rather than later.
  • Won’t add coupons 3/5

    By Crddth
    I’ll click to add a coupon and it won’t add to my coupon folder.
  • Very rude cashier 1/5

    By Too hot summer
    I have never been in the store located in Mandeville, La. where there is an employee/cashier that is rude every time I am in her checkout. My mother and I never leave the store without spending $100.00 plus and we will never enter that store again. We left another store after picking up things DG doesn’t carry just to go there. We were treated rudely and after shopping there for years, will not go back.
  • App not working 1/5

    By Mzintellectual1
    I can no longer login to my app. It keep redirecting me the in mobile app
  • Bugs are present lately 2/5

    By DG Shopper
    It keep saying no coupons are available and I can’t even see the coupons I have already saved to my coupons. Guess I won’t be shopping there until they fix this issue.
  • Annoying 2/5

    By Yoyototototototodnzbshs
    This app always refreshes randomly and says I have no digital coupons . I always have to close out the app and restart it every single time I use it . I opened it this morning to check my coupons before I go shopping in a few , and it keeps saying I don’t have coupons .. nothing will load , not even my account info .
  • Download but can’t get past the privacy policy link 1/5

    By Lizz0506
    I’ve attempted to download this app a few times. Normally it pushes me to delete the app out of frustration. Once downloaded you're asked to agree to the terms of uses and review the privacy policy. Only problem is that you can never review the privacy policy, you do get two options however to try again or exit the app. Awesome! In reality though I would really love to download this app and use it (provided that it works after that) since I live in a small town and there are 2 DG near me and I frequent them quite often. If I could give this app 0 stars I would.
  • Upgrade 4/5

    By Kalboholic
    needs an UI upgrade for Iphone X users.
  • Terrible functionality 1/5

    By Me383837262
    Can’t even get through phone verification. You have to keep logging in after creating an account. Then, it says “no existing user”, or “unable to process login” horrible app.
  • Same problems as everyone else 1/5

    By donttapeiems
    This app needs to be fixed now
  • 3rd Degree Requirements 1/5

    By Trnyii
    Family dollar was much easier than this app! I am not applying for credit card so why so much information needed? Nah I AM NOT RECOMMENDING TO OTHERS REQUIREMENTS ARE 100% not worth divulging my 411👎🏻🇹🇹❗️
  • Terrible App 1/5

    By mom's gift
    I’ve never given a review for any app but I’m frustrated, I downloaded this app entered my information and got it all set up. I’ve tried to get on the app, doesn’t recognize my information so I try to click on forgot my password well that didn’t work either because it doesn’t recognize my email so I try setting up my information again, it says already in use. Of course, I can’t get a hold of anyone because I can’t get on the website because it doesn’t recognize my info. I tried live chat, it says no one around, try later. I do. This app is a joke. I’ve given up. I won’t shop DG!
  • It’s ok but... 1/5

    By Amblewett
    I am not very impressed with how my coupons will not update in the app. I love to purchase name brand laundry soap for next to nothing but I would prefer to be able to see the coupons update.
  • Keep giving error , won’t verify 1/5

    By Hockeybeetle33
    It said that the code they sent me to verify my phone number was invalid. It allowed me to skip that part. I did. As soon as I tried to look at the coupons, it prompted me to sign in, which gave me an error code. Seems this app has a bunch of glitches. No big deal. Family Dollar’s app works fine and their store is closer to me anyway.
  • Mrs k. Williams 3/5

    By KDLWms
    I have a coupon for $2.00, used the coupon which was accepted and was not discounted toward my purchase.
  • Love it! 4/5

    By Missyven
    I love the app! I never have any issues with redeeming—enter your number at the card reader & it takes care of everything for you. I do have a suggestion—I love doing the surveys for the $3 off $15. I hate the recent restrictions they’ve added. But it would be so much better if I could do the survey in the app & it be added to my account. That way it would take it off when I login.
  • APP Needs Substantial Improvement! 2/5

    By sscooterjb55
    This DG APP locks up all the time-when viewing DG Coupons! Get it fixed!
  • Will not load any coupons!! 1/5

    By NicF106
    The app says no coupons available.
  • Didn’t work for me AT ALL 1/5

    By MandaM0216
    I downloaded the app while I was in the store and stood around for over 20 minutes with a basket full of stuff waiting for an access code to register my phone number just to be told over and over again that it couldn’t send the code. Tried again when I got home and it still couldn't send it. Finally I registered online instead of the app, I went back to the app to log in and it refused to let me log in. Complete waste of time!
  • Can’t create a login 1/5

    By iPhone 5 c issue
    I can not create an account to use digital coupons, I used the live chat icon and it said they where busy to try again, tried again and dg said “I can help with that, be back in a moment.” Then it popped up and said the same message of being busy and try back. I was able to use the same password and create an account from the webpage
  • Terrible! 1/5

    By Angriness
    I’m sorry but this app never works! I love DG but if I can’t use the coupon app then I have to go to family dollar instead because their app works really well. Please fix it!!!
  • Works fine. 5/5

    By Maizebeast
    I’ve had this app for a while and it’s always worked fine for me. These 1⭐️ reviews are user error and old/weak phones. Seriously, buy a new phone. Other than that, the app always has really steep coupons that save you a TON of money. Considering I pass one everyday to and from work, having this app is pretty handy. #blessed #winning
  • Disappointing. 1/5

    By Ah8891
    I used this for the first time yesterday, and the coupon section worked for one item, but not a different one (even though the coupon listed the product). The staff was unable to do anything about it and brushed me off. Very disappointed. I ended up having it taken off of my bill and put back. Reference # 1027112926. No offer has been made to rectify this except to contact the tech team, of which can only be contacted via email or review. If you want to see the weekly ads, this is a decent app. If you want to deal with the frustration of an app that notifies you for no reason, dings annoyingly (for no reason), and coupons are hit and miss... this app is for you.
  • Coupons 1/5

    By De#1
    Sick of getting notices of the $5 coupon, then going to the app and it’s not there. As a matter of fact all of the coupons I previously loaded are no longer there and the dates were still good.
  • I can’t even sign up 1/5

    By Hybridbeauty
    Everytime I try to sign up for digital coupons it tells me I need a code verification and when I put what is sent to me via text it doesn’t like that and says no I can’t sign up try again later. Then when I try to go the route of just call me the verification code it calls and then just hangs up. This is a horrible app. I hope they fix it. I really like the dollar general.
  • Could never get it to accept my info 1/5

    By FergieJen
    Downloaded it since a new store went in a mile away. I have tried 7 times to enter my info to get an account and use digital coupons. Will not let me, says “please try again”. It’s been deleted. Horrible app.
  • Don't waist your time 5/5

    By Telena House
    It hardly loads when you are tryin to redeem your coupons and if it does load it does not give u credit for hardly any of your selected coupons. Iv been soo embarrassed too many times by this app when time to check out on a budget. Out of 22 coupons it only redeem 1 today. People use coupons to save money not be humiliated in the process of checking out. I'm done with this app, deleting it soon as I hit post. Not to mention the cashiers at every dollar general Iv been to acts like your a bother when using your digital coupons. Also the only way it would submit my review is if I gave it 5 stars...
  • Won’t let me get past registration 1/5

    By KET***
    Will not allow me to register an account with the verification code. Pleas fix ASAP
  • Not an app issue, maybe a corporate issue 1/5

    By Tsizemore019
    I add coupons to my coupons. Shop, very carefully, for items and the qualified sizes and not one coupon that I’ve added has EVER worked!!!! I show the cashier and she ends up having to hand key the coupons in!!!! Which is fine, but what’s the point of the whole digital coupons if it’s not syncing with their computers??
  • Great when it works! 3/5

    By Beachbride322
    This app is very frustrating! If you’re able to login~do not log out!! This app will drive you absolutely bananas giving you “incorrect “ password or username prompts and send you on an endless cycle trying to recover and reset your password! That being said... Once you do get an account set up-Stay logged in and you’ll be fine! I have had no problems downloading digital coupons and using them at the store, saving lots of money!! Just pick out the coupons you want to use, add them by touching the + sign then entered your phone number before you pay at the register, and Viola! Instant Savings!
  • Couldn’t even get verified 1/5

    By BJo42
    I just downloaded this app & even though I filled out all my contact info & received the verification code, the app could not complete the verification to my phone. I tried it several times and finally just gave up. It’s probably a way to get your info and not give you the actual savings it promises. Worst app ever—I don’t have time for this.
  • Deleted this APP 1/5

    By Blippers
    Stopped shopping at Dollar General. Major inconsistencies between the website, the APP and the text number to start virtual coupons. Very frustrating go get registered. Really, a password with all 4 components? Anyhow, get up to speed on your program. Really frustrating when you finally get registered and then not all the coupons are listed. And Super frustrating when the general manager of the store ignores your frustration, says call customer support, and they say talk to the store Manager. The digital age lacks customer support and compassion.
  • Badly in need of attention 1/5

    By Swolfmoon
    I shop at both DG and Family Dollar, and today I was in my local DG and saw that there was an app for digital coupons, and I had already been using for Family Dollar on their app, so I was pleased and went about downloading it, which took a little while due to us being out in the boonies, but I ended up waisting almost an hour trying to set the darn thing up with my information. I must’ve put my details in at least 15 times, but whenever I tried to get it to accept the verification number, it would think for a moment and then come back with a error message saying that it couldn’t be completed. It said “please try again”. I honestly began to wonder if it was some kind of test to see how many times I would try again before giving up. Tried the other ways in app to register but to no avail. I am posting this so that hopefully somebody that works for them can get in there and fix it, because I am saving money at Family Dollar with their app and I am hoping to do the same at DG sometime soon!
  • Not working 1/5

    By Tay ray 298
    Will not except the code that was text to me and allow me to log in. So far it’s horrible
  • Digital coupon 1/5

    By lindasuey
    Deleted all my saved coupons. Now it won’t allow me to add new ones! Last trip didn’t allow me to use saved coupons!
  • Frustrating 1/5

    By Cool dylab
    DIGITAL COUPONS ARE NOT WORKING!! The app is having me re register, which also is not working!
  • Registering 1/5

    By Felicialear
    It will not let me register for this app. Have tried 20+ times keeps saying same message.
  • I can’t register 1/5

    By verovik
    Every time I try to sign up the app says “ try again later” so disappointed!
  • Advice: Fire Everyone Involved! 1/5

    By Enciter
    This is hands-down the most sloppily implemented retail app I’ve seen. It’s a nightmare to set up, there’s no path to recovery if you don’t remember the email used to register and once you jump through the hoops, nobody at the store has a clue how to redeem them. Here’s how to fix it: Facebook Connect, Google Login as primary registration method and generate a QR code with all the claimed coupons instead of the email cluster***k you’re currently using. 1998 called and they want their UI back!
  • Doesn’t work! 1/5

    By Kfolds
    I would have given it zero stars if I could my mother in law told me about the discounts so I went to download it to go buy some of the stuff on sale and I can’t even log in please fix!
  • Digital coupons never work 1/5

    By Bh251
    I spent 30 plus mins looking throw the digital coupons and planing my shopping trip and as soon as I get to the store suddenly no coupons are found...this is every time I go there. Sorry DG, I’m going to Kroger.
  • Barely works 1/5

    By Corneba
    I don’t have five hours to spend clipping coupons that may and mainly not work.
  • TERRIBLE 1/5

    By Bonito apps
    Every single day at any given time, this app waves it’s little badge icon whether there are “messages“ waiting for you in the app or not! Today, I see the number “1” in a little red circle in the corner of the app, as usual, I open the app, and not one message is waiting for me in the messages area (where the little megaphone icon is inside the app). Every… Single… Day. Since there are ZERO messages waiting consistently, what can be triggering this other then the developer just putting in a false timer to set the badge icon off just so you will open the app every day to improve the statistics of the app’s usage in general? If the app keeps crying wolf, nobody is going to open the app anymore. I, for one, am sick and tired of it, and it does not make me feel any better going into settings to turn off the ability for this app to actually show badge icons because that’s just 1) masking the issue, 2) cheating me out of the actual functionality of the app the way it was “designed” to be in the first place by lessening its features., and 3) encouraging developers to pull this crap in the future. Now that I read from all the reviews that all the coupons are not available through the app, and there are more by going to the website, why even BOTHER in the first place with this app? It seems then it’s intentionally designed to save DOLLAR GENERAL money, not the CUSTOMERS!

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