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  • Current Version: 1.0.7
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • Developer: David Alvarez
  • Compatibility: Android
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Dollify App

Hi peeps! I'm @dave.xp and I can't wait for you to make your own portraits! Me and the developer team have carefully crafted this app so you can make the cutest looking avatars on the internet! It's very easy to use and you'll get the most beautiful results by just picking your favourite items out of 14 different categories. With many different items to choose from and their color variations, you can make thousands of unique combinations and I can't wait to see yours! Tag your portraits with the hashtag #dollifyapp and I'll be featuring some of them every week on my Instagram account! Dave XP

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  • Bug 2/5

    By HEY SISTERS!!! ❤️
    I can only see there hair and clothes the rest is all black.
  • Good game but 5/5

    By bannana lady
    Can you please make different clothes for free but everything else is good and also different hair for free thank you
  • Hi creator! 4/5

    By Wrgjjhfdfhhhfsrghyhfgkokgjhfbg
    I would have given 5 stars but due to the part where you can’t make males.I was trying to make my family and my dad looked like we put him on a commercial and there was TOOO much of a makeover.
  • Great but one thing!!! 5/5

    By tessa_creator!
    I LOVE THIS APP!! It is really fun to create characters with this app! BUT I wish u didn’t have to have premium to have space for more characters!

    By cloud080504
    hi! i really love your app and I love making characters. it’s amazinggg! the hair and stuff look sooo nice. I have one major problem tho— with this new update — which I LOVE by the way, amazing hair— whenever I put clothes on my character and then save it the entire photo thing turns black except for the hair. its really really weird and I really really want it to stop because i LOVE dollify it is literally one of the best apps ever but this bug is soo annoying and preventing me from saving characters. well aside from the bug, i absolutely love this app. the designs are so beautiful and creative. I do agree, there could be more clothing and hair options for non premium people, but this app is amazing anyway. you don’t need to have premium to save unlimited dolls, and everything is really cool. the only thing preventing me from five stars is that bug! please fix it!!!! edit: hi again! this bug hasn’t been fixed and it’s really annoying, like on the verge of deleting annoying. i really really really love this app, but it’s gotten way too many reviews about this bug for you to have not noticed it or fixed it. even just telling us you see our complaints and will work on it would be really nice. this bug is also causing the ratings to go down 😞 edit again: there’s been over thirty reviews about this bug among other things. I can’t save dolls and every time I try to use dollify, the dumb glitch shows up and I get really mad. you all could at least say that you’re going to try and figure it out would be nice. your ratings are literally going down because of this glitch and I honestly feel bad. GLITCH EVALUATION: this glitch has been happening ever since the recent update with hairstyles more fitting for African American women. this is definitely when it started happening. I know it’s diff for everyone, but for me whenever I put clothing on my character it turns black, but for others it can be when they put on hair, earrings or anything else from what I’ve seen. PLEASE FIX THIS.
  • I don’t have much to say... 3/5

    By TruthGoddessLives!!!
    There is so much that could be better. I’m not including all of those things. We need more hair colors
  • What about the gender! 4/5

    By P funky
    I love this app but it would be amazing if you could make men. I love the way you can make all types of girls but what about boys ? This app should be unisex! But overall I am now love this game.
  • Love it but one suggestion 5/5

    By Abcprincess
    I bought premium which I don’t normally do. Could you add more short hair styles. Could you make hair that has like blonde on the bottom and brown on the top and other colors Could you add more colors for clothes
  • Why did it happen? 4/5

    By PSG084
    My doll face is black! Why?
  • Fix dollify 2/5

    By kimmy nance
    Ok so basically I used to LOVE dollify but for some reason it got deleted off my phone so I just downloaded it again.. but is it just me? Or are the dolls COMPLETELY black when I save them. It’s so annoying and when you go to edit them they look normal but then you save them and the are like black like this shade 🖤 black. But I’ve come to realize it’s only like that when I put a shirt on her. If I don’t she looks normal but with no shirt it’s just so weird. And I’m not the only to me who has it it happens to my sister to! Your lucky I’m even giving you 2 stars. Dollify please fix this or I’m deleting and telling everyone I know not to download it and why.
  • Ehh 2/5

    By TeamLeleForeva
    This app is really cool but on my phone when I make the characters they turn out pitch black and you can’t see the faces or background I think it’s dumb that you have to pay and nobody is gonna pay unless they are obsessed with this app I also think that when you choose new to make a doll you should choose make or female so your character turns out right there needs to be more male hairstyles and it’s stupid you have to pay I mean cmon how selfish are you you people probably have like 1,000,000 dollars please read this and stop making people pay and fix the bugs in this game DO THIS NOW......I’m not kidding do it
  • Okay ummm...... 2/5

    By izzy3261
    Guys I love this app but I made a character and something really scary happened!
  • I wish for no cost💰💰💰 5/5

    By MeganGirllyGirl💎💎💎
    I wish for premium not to be 6.99!!! My parents wouldn’t let me get it because of cost. And the biggest problem is that there is watermark, limited dolls, and it costs. So, yeah.
  • It’s good but... 3/5

    By . Unknown
    I love this app, but there is something that o don’t like. The thing that I don’t like is that I can only make six dolls and that it is hard to make guys. Thanks if you read this and if possible please fix these few things that I have a problem with. Thanks again, Unknown
  • This is just a report 5/5

    By appstorebubble
    Umm when I save my dolls there Face is black and all I see is the accessories
  • Good! but one flaw 5/5

    By 4829280
    So I love this app, and it is very cute. One thing is that your doll right after you make it is just all black. It’s a flaw. I keep wanting for an update to fix this, but there isn’t. Overall it’s a good app though.
  • GREAT but..... 4/5

    By sporty trates
    This app is good and I DEF recommend it! Butttttttttt I don’t like that you have to pay to have some special things.
  • Terrible 1/5

    By pleased but needs improvements
    It kept closing and crashing and when I FINALLY got in the app, there was such a limited option on EVERYTHING. Would NOT recommend to my friends
  • Pretty good, 14 suggestions in mind! Get this done or else! 2/5

    By Edub!27
    By: Stardust_Starburst. (someone who wants this game to succeed.) Okay, I’ll say it outright: this is awesome! But.... 1st. If we have to pay, we aren’t paying for much, so why bother? Maybe you have 50 coins that you spend on the stuff you want? Each thing could be 10 coins. 2nd. Unlimited dolls WITHOUT paying! Even if you pay it limits you! (Or so I hear.) 3rd. If you delete a doll by accident you should be able to retrieve it. I think there should be an archive for dolls, and you can restore a doll if you have room. 4th. You should be able to change the lip & accessory colors. (For the accessories you have “colors” that aren’t really colors) 5th. More animals. I don’t see a porcupine for instance nor a narwhal. (A narwhal’d be soo cool!) 6th. Skin tones. There are so many beautiful ones out there and you don’t include them. Also it’s kind of racist because there are more “white and tan” skin tones than “black” skin tones! 7th. You should be able to see others’ dolls for inspiration. When I’m making a doll, I get stuck on what to make, and inspiration would help A LOT! 8th. Nails! You could change the nail colors and nails could be optional if you wanted a “standard” doll. 9th. Positions. Like a peace sign, or someone dancing so you could really get into the theme, you know? 10th. Backgrounds! We need more FREE ones! 11th. Accessories could have a bindi for Indian people. Also turbans, and sunglasses instead of just normal glasses if your eyesight is impaired. 12th. Men. What if you wanna make a MAN DOLL!? Again kinda racist... 13th. Makeup! The lips are like the only thing for makeup. Maybe some eyeshadow or hair highlights, maybe even mascara. 14th. Hair. Again kinda racist because the hair for African Americans is pretty much nonexistent. Ok. That’s everything! (That I’ve thought of.) I’m not trying to develop Dollify for you, but seriously this is stuff that HAS to get done. Please, please take this into consideration.
  • This app is amazing and fun! 5/5

    By Aurelia.Cow.Cow.I love COWS
    I could make my family and friend and soon I’m getting premium to get everything because I have $100 gift card
  • It’s ok 3/5

    By honest_reviews_
    I wish you can make boys to... and you can also make more then 5 dolls... also when I saved the picture it didn’t work :( but it is also fun!

    By CutePickle
    I love love love the amazing detail and I think it’s really varied so there’s a lot of options but when I save my beloved “doll” in the profile of my character,it has a pitch black face and a black background, please tell me why my masterpieces are being creepified!
  • Not so Bad! 4/5

    By Lara_Martins_
    I like Dollify:) The only thing that is not really good for this app is that you have to pay for more than five people. I wanted to make all of my friends and send them the pictures, but then it said that I had to pay money. I also think you should make more haircuts for boys because when I was making my dad I realized that there is no boy hair cuts. I also think you should make the girl outfits more than 4 free:) 💕💕 other than that this app is really good:)
  • Not quite there 4/5

    By mgmmMia
    This app, I have to say, I love it. I really do. But there is one thing I always get annoyed with. And that’s the limited amount of dolls. I love all the dolls I make, and then I come to a stop, after I make like five or six dolls, so I have to stop using the app, or pay for it. This also is not just a problem for me, but also the company and the people who make/sell this app, because people who install this app get so annoyed with paying for dolls, they end up just deleting it because it gets so frustrating having to pay for dolls, and the dolls are dolls are the mans reasons why people get the app. (Also we should be able to put makeup on our dolls, like lip gloss, or lipstick.)
  • Whyyyy 4/5

    By pinkhairdp
    Um when I save a face or download it or share it the face and background is pitch black
  • Dollify is my favorite game 5/5

    By Lostabff❤️
    I love this app all because I can make a prediction of what my friends are going to look like when they’re 13 years old and it’s super nice because it has their skin color it has their hair and I just love all my friends so much and I’m so glad this app even exist❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ I just wish that people would play this game and get happy you can make whoever you want to make you can make a prediction of what you’re going to look like you can make a random people that you think I give this app five stars I say it’s amazing I am giving the app 999,999,88
  • Review 2/5

    By Daniela Rose Haines
    This was so fun when I downloaded it but then it’s getting really annoying and frustrating you need to FIX IT NOW
  • Put more free items 3/5

    By miahhhhhhhgot bracesss
    I think you should put more free items because it’s annoying having to pay $7.00 dollars for more stuff they should have game money were you can buy more stuff with game money this is just my opinion hope this helps-xoxo Miah (again this is my opinion so don’t try to come for me bye now)
  • Good app 5/5

    By mrs.unicorn233
    I don’t know if it’s just my phone but when I finish macking the character and save my doll her whole face and body is black but not the clothes earrings or hair but aither than that this app is really good.
  • Problem 3/5

    By MagicalDeer🦌
    Hi, I love this app don’t get me wrong I use it for a lot of worked just fine when I first downloaded it. Then I went on the app one day and I mad a doll I go to save it and it turned black like the doll’s skin is like pitch black like everything...please try to fix this bug. Thanks! 😊
  • Creative & Frustrating 3/5

    By Cadycatmobile!
    This is a really creative app that I enjoy using to make versions of me. There are different varieties of things. However I have an app called Wishbone. I used this app for my profile pic. My friend saw my profile pic and said he liked it. I told him where I got it and HE started using it. He had later uninstalled the app because there was no guy stuff. I also think you should not have to pay 7.00 for special things.
  • Black Screen 2/5

    By Kirra Brownell
    I rate this two stars bc idk what happened but when I save it, it turns all black and only shows the glasses or shirt but can u fix that and also I suggested that you can choose if you wanna make a male or female at the beginning. Thanks!

    By pigs3🐷
    I love this game but once I make 6 dolls it makes me pay. Which is SO ANNOYING!! I want to make more dolls but I can’t cause I don’t want to pay!!! I have gotten this app a few years ago and then deleted it right away because of the payment. So... I gave it a second chance but no. It is REALLY ANNOYING!!
  • Not enough room 2/5

    By yftfkytftyk
    I enjoyed playing this game but after about 15 dolls I couldn’t make any more. Like the new dolls faces were glitched out so you couldn’t see it. I wish there was more room for more dolls. I had some really good ideas but I can’t continue to make dolls because I used up all the space. The idea of the app is cool but there are just a couple of flaws.
  • Wait what happened?!? 4/5

    By The devil mincraft
    So I had got this app and it was normal but when I got the full version it started acting weird. Like anytime I put clothes on the character thing and exit the character the profile picture would turn all black and all you see is the hair and accessories. But if there was no clothes it would be normal. I don’t know if this is a bug or there is something wrong. Otherwise it’s good. (I have no clue what happened + I tried deleting and reinstalling it but it still does it)
  • No 1/5

    By kiksisdorz
    It needs so much storage! I have Iph 6s and like 4 apps on it and I can’t install it
  • I really need this glitch fixed! :( 1/5

    By madssssszzzzz🍭🏊🏻‍♀️
    Ok so basically there is a new glitch where whenever you make a character and save it, everything goes black like the character turns completely BLACK and you can see the outline of the character but its SUPER creepy. I’m hoping you can fix this glitch so I can finally play the game again. :(
  • Dollify 3/5

    By the peeps12345
    I love it but ever since the update when I save it and you look at all of them at the same time the face and background go black. If that didn’t happen you would have my five star rating.
  • Pretty awesome but... 3/5

    By puppylover22❤️
    Okay, so I downloaded this game because all my friends had it and it looked like so much fun! But then after making my first doll and saving it, I noticed that it was completely black and you couldn’t see anything. I’ve read some other reviews and noticed that some people also had this same problem. Another thing is that all of my friends never had that problem, it was only me! But other than that I’m totally addicted to this game! It’s literally so much fun! But please fix this bug because it’s really annoying to have to screen shot and then crop the photos of my dolls. Thank you!❤️❤️❤️
  • Please Review! 4/5

    By SkittenPlayz
    Hey! So I Came Across This App Yesterday Night And Of Course Got It. I Really Loved It At First But After I Noticed Something Strange With My Phone. After Using This App For Literally 5 Minutes. I Got A Heat Warning Because Of How Hot My Phone Got. This Has Never Happened On Any Other App But This One Which I Find Ridicules. I Want To Use This App More But I’m Afraid My Phone Will Burn Up Again. Please Try To Fix This Problem And Please Add Males To This So It’s Non-Sexist.
  • Liked it before 4/5

    By fgvhbjb
    Dollify used to be great. But then when I recently updated it and made new ones their faces and backgrounds turned black and you couldn’t see anything except the hair and shirt.
  • It’s great & all but .. 4/5

    By S L E L
    I love this app but I don’t like how you can only make 5-6 dolls & to make more, you have to buy the premium.
  • Good but... 3/5

    By Snaaake 3
    Like I like it but why can you only make girls? Isn’t it supposed to be making friends and family? What about boys? Good, I like it, though, I hate the fact that you can only make 5/6 people without spending money. Also maybe give more free clothes options? Overall I give the app a 3 3/4
  • Great! 5/5

    By Isrrrrr
    You should download this it is so fun to design your friends and family and even you! It’s a great game! ❤️💕
  • Sorry Madi 3/5

    By Hi mom im dorry
    I gave it a three because there’s no game with this app and I don’t like that so maybe you can add a game to this app to make it more fun thank you for your time I have to leave now bye-bye
  • It’s good I guess 5/5

    By 9264659
    1.You need to add more people(to design) 2. You need to add more colors 3.more outfits
  • It’s amazing 3/5

    By nicegirl🥰
    It’s so cool.i love it .😊
  • In my opinion needs a little work 4/5

    By mini EXOx SOS
    Since you can buy and do things in this app especially with the money that this app gets you certainly don’t have really much of a choice to buy diamonds .and to get clothes stuff that you want it apparently .I’ve only had this game for quite a while I think for the past year I have well close enough anyways. whenever you first get into the app they tell you to read. it and I think it should be a few more spare time for the player to be able to activate it instead of just forcing them to at least review the app my personal question is is why are you even letting the person do it whenever they just barely entered the game not saying it’s not a bad game or a good game it’s my personal idea at my personal routes hopefully nobody gets angry over this it’s my opinion not yours you may hate this review and if you Haidet click off.
  • Wow 1/5

    By gemQueen123
    So when l did my doll and l was done it was black ! Can’t even see my character

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