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  • Current Version: 1.3.8
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • Developer: David Alvarez
  • Compatibility: Android
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Dollify App

Hi peeps! I'm @dave.xp and I can't wait for you to make your own portraits! Me and the developer team have carefully crafted this app so you can make the cutest looking avatars on the internet! It's very easy to use and you'll get the most beautiful results by just picking your favourite items out of 14 different categories. With many different items to choose from and their color variations, you can make thousands of unique combinations and I can't wait to see yours! Tag your portraits with the hashtag #dollifyapp and I'll be featuring some of them every week on my Instagram account! Dave XP

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Dollify app reviews

  • Awesome 5/5

    By love peace life (:
    I love this app I use it 24-7
  • OMG!! Best game ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 5/5

    By i love chat master!!
    OMG. I love this game! Everything is soooooooo cute!!! I give it ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️. I love that you get the choice to make two dolls or one doll. I play this game every day!!!!!!! Thank you for taking your time to read this. Peace out!!!!!!
  • love it!! 5/5

    By jdkdndsnsns
    I love this it’s so cute!! <3
  • Love it 5/5

    By Ayla Govand Dlshad
    I can’t stop playing this is the best game I ever had i did all my friends is so cool but I don’t like something that the things you have to pay but still this is a game that has to have 5b stars
  • It’s a good game. 5/5

    By lexi alexis c
    It’s a good game to play

    By //~Reindeer~//
    I LOVE this app!!! It’s super fun and I really like making everyone only one suggestion tho can u add some more clothing for boys and girls? Thank you I love this game please play thank you bye!
  • THE 5/5

    By 🐧🐧🐧🐧🐦
    Well I have a Lotta fun creating and it makes me make my inner self sometimes when I’m sad it helps me and me and my friend we don’t play a lot because she has a lot of other friends and we recently got into a fight just kidding but yeah I like it this game helps me what time I created a lot of people I’m about to go create my family one day but what’s your need to know you need it you need to download it and then you can do whatever you want you’re free and it makes it even better you can even do role-plays on it they just don’t know it’s like Roblox you just can’t move !!! do you like Roblox do you like this from Hadley
  • Um, It's pretty good but . . . 5/5

    By Izabwella
    So this game is like really cool and it has multiple things you can do to customize but 1. Okay so like whenever you want to make a girl they come with out a shirt on. I mean could you at least put like a bloody bra or a tank top or something. It's uncomfy and a bit inappropriate tbh. 2. The app takes up a bit of storage, like a good bit. I mean mate, I don't understand why. I'm sure there's some weird techy explanation, but whatevs. 3. Okay so like I don't think this is on purpose, but like, for the girls there's like guy hairstyles because of the society today and I'm not homophobic I'm completely in support 🏳️‍⚧️ 🏳️‍🌈. But if you have guy hairstyles for the girls, why not girl hairstyles for the guys. Maybe it's because you 'wont tell the difference' but whatevs. 4. I love the new ombre hairstyles but like for the guys it looks really bad unless you have RRSLLY similar colors. Okay so overall this is a really great app! Show the creators some luv. 😘❤️
  • Leila 5/5

    By Mixinxy
    They are the best ones
  • The best dolls 5/5

    By ggnhmjnhgvfvbg
    Thank you so much for this game I rated 5 stars it is so good i made me and my friend and send it to her she loved it
  • What I think about the game 4/5

    By Gymnastbriella
    It is a pretty good game but I wish everything was free and you could earn things not buy. Not all parents let you pay for games.
  • I love this 💗💗💗💗 5/5

    By Good Annie hernandez
    This is amazing and it’s you creation it’s soo good I would recommend 💗💗💗
  • :) 5/5

    By hailey nierop
    By it PERIOD.
  • Why I love this app 5/5

    By like it fun love it
    I was looking for an app to make an avatar for myself and one of them was Dollify, when I opened the app I instantly fell in love with it. You can make any amount of dolls you want without paying! I even made my cat as a human doll. If you are a doll lover download this app know
  • I LOVE IT 5/5

    By juyls
  • My dream girl 5/5

    By hiibsl
    It made me so happy I could make my dream girl and she was the cutest!!!!
  • My Review :) 5/5

    By Amazing 363
    This game is SO fun!! I like how you can customize anything for the character. Also you can make boy and girl characters and they have different things. I play this game all most all of the time and I never get bored! This game will not disappoint you I promise.
  • I recommend this APP LIKE NOW!!!!!!! 5/5

    By Stephanie nom
    this is so fun so I can belly even get my hand of this app if you like role playing dolls that don't speak this is you game is is so creative and I love it it is a one of a kind game and it is so realistic I mean come on! the stuff for money are so l little like not any other game so download this app now!
  • The best app😍 5/5

    By pretty cool 24/7
    I wanted this app so bad because my friends where talking about it and a year later I got it and I am in LOVE ♥️♥️🫶🏼 And you should try it out too.
  • Great game, but 3MB?!? 4/5

    By Let's Save Nature 🌿💚🌿
    Fun to play and make characters, but takes up too much space.
  • Epic game 5/5

    By junie b. john
    This game is so fun and the characters are pretty realistic
  • Get this game now it’s awesome! 5/5

    By cat and mowse and dog
    Omg guys this game is so awesome just like the title you should probably get this game 😊 trust me!
  • I love this game so much 4/5

    By kia likes to dance
    Hi Dollify you might not see this but your game is amazing and I’ve had zero love problems with it, but I do want to make a suggestion. Maybe add more hair styles for girls and boys like for example a bowl cut and etc. and another this is girl should be able to wear boy clothes and hair styles vice versa it would be super cool plz read this I love this app it’s super fun! 🤩🤩 - Love k
  • Great do recommend 5/5

    By meismave000
    Great game to play for Free. Love it so much I make sure everyone I know is aware of this game !!!!
  • Elena 5/5

    By elena Velazquez grace
    I like this game I was looking for another game and I saw this game I saw it was for four years old so I did it I am sad then but I like this game you just have to add places to go
  • Dollify! 4/5

    By Weasleywhoodle62
    I love Dollify! I use it so much! It’s one of my favorite apps, but I have some suggestions. Maybe adding more coats and outfits would be nice. I would also like a feature where you could add age to the characters so they don’t all look like kids. Thanks!
  • I really like this app! 4/5

    By cray can
    Like I said this app is really good in my opinion but you do gotta pay for some stuff it’s not like that’s the entire app but it’s pretty good even without paying for it also I get it it’s really good I’d recommend mostly
  • good! i like it! 4/5

    By Emily emoji lol
    hi! i like this app, it's fun. and i am loving the update! i haven't played this in a long time, so it's nice to see some new stuff. but... 1) the earring problem i love the new style with the ears higher up, but it always shows the old earrings super low and off of the ears, which i don't think was supposed to happen. 2) money again, love it, but i don't think a "premium package" is worth $7, especially because i probably won't ever play it after this month. i know that that's the only way you guys can kinda make money, but still. i wish there was more included in the free version. thank you for your time! i appreciate it. your fellow friend, me
  • This game is the best 5/5

    By high jax
    This game is the best because we can make whatever we want and that is the best not every game let’s me create and so I like this game so much the new updates but the money is a bit high I can make me my friends family and more
  • Can’t stop playing! 4/5

    By unicornabbys
    This app is amazing! And perfect for kids 8+! I love this app so much! I have only made 1 doll and 1 duo, but I think I can make TONS more! It’s so addicting!! You can dye the dolls hair and have one part dyed and the other like normal color. There is so many things to do and make! I 100% getting this app!!
  • Bat game ever 5/5

    By jaelinert
    This is the est game sometimes when I have to clean my room I play this instead it’s a amazing app and I hope you make for of these apps love y’all bye
  • Bad because… 1/5

    By combyne-is-the-best
    Its gonna take a long
  • Fix it. 5/5

    By ghost 👻👻👻devil😈😈😈
    Other than me having fun making it I need y’all to fix it. I’m trying to save it to my photos but I can’t it takes over 5 minutes to load. Last time was not even a second. So pls fix it. Other tahan tha I love this app.
  • Sooooooo amazing 5/5

    By www🥯
    This app is so good thank you for making it
  • I like it but…. 4/5

    By frbtsdgbfnhx
    It’s fun but you should sad more stuff for the free instead of premium! :)
  • Not terrible 3/5

    By Not_Macy
    How come there ain’t a game that you don’t have to pay for any “extra” accessories?! Like some people they can do things but maybe they have financial problems!!!!! So they can’t pay for it. Like cmon. Be the award winning game and make it free!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! But other than that, awesome game! I made stranger things characters so that was fun!! GET A BOWL CUT FOR WILL BYERS
  • Really addictive 5/5

    By unicorn068🦄
    I downloaded the game a while ago and really like it. I do really want a full body customization, but overall, very good game.
  • The reason 4/5

    By slayyyy123🌸🌸
    I give it a for becauseIt’s all good it’s all for me my my friend use it for people in our classroom wen we playing school but you still have to by something so that’s why I took off a star but overall it’s really good
  • Love 5/5

    By Bhamkitty
    I love it so much it looks so cute!

    By catgohuntj
    It is the best app I have ever gotten. I showed it to my friends they are addicted to now. :D but um- I don’t think it should only be girls and boys I’m nonbinary 😭

    By 02152007
  • I love this app❤️❤️❤️❤️ 5/5

    By phi phi the great
    I’d say this app is a five star! No complaints! If you ever download this app, please give five star.It’s ok, you can still get your own review
  • Luv it 5/5

    By #stinkyfart
    I did this cuz the ap told me to but i luuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuv it LOL
  • Amazing!!! 5/5

    By Animallover🐇🐿🐁🦜🐑🦔🐈
    I really enjoy this app! When I first got it I thought everything was going to be locked but there is some amazing stuff that isn’t, And unlike most apps that you make or there aren’t any adds popping up in your face. The only down side to it is it would be cool if you could add make up or make the cheeks a little rosier. But over all an absolutely incredible app!💕
  • Awesomeness 5/5

    By pey 👁👄👁
    Dollify is awesome because I can make funny characters and I can make them to look like my friends.There are so many accessories!The dolls look sooooo realistic!I love Dollify!😍😍😍😍😍
  • . 4/5

    By nsksiskspajznxk
    I like the game! But I think they should make it more fun!
  • I love this!!! 5/5

    By Aquariusgirl304
    I love this game! It helps me a lot to make my friends and do stuff for when I grow up
  • This is why I gave it 4 stars/ Future me/ 1 star 1/5

    By AJ-80
    Dollify is a amazing game but here is why I gave it 4 stars I would have gave it five but my sister ran out of space and if she dosen't use it then it will get deleted and she is very sad and it is all because it takes up a lot of storage if you know the game president (i think that was it) I was on day 100 and I had to delete it because it took up so much space I only have 3 games left including dolify I had to delete roblox after I spent so much money on it and now I’m sad (future me/savage half sorry if I’m being a karen) This game is garbage and I never want to play this again I deleted most of my games to get this I wish I rated it 1 star. This game is rubbish they don’t give the boys tank tops they don’t even give the girls bras so inappropriate if your searching for a dress up game for like your 5 year old child or a littler sis this is not the game because after you tell her what boobs are they will be screaming around the house or where you live screaming boobs and laughing sorry this was long and I hope you take this to mind I was stupid to think this was good and yes I did change the rating have a good day.
  • 😻 5/5

    By Lisaclown
    It’s kinda like Gacha I love this app I made me my step cousins and my sis with her bff I hope everyone gets this app too I’m sure everyone in the world will love it💙💚