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  • Developer: David Alvarez
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Dollify App

Hi peeps! I'm @dave.xp and I can't wait for you to make your own portraits! Me and the developer team have carefully crafted this app so you can make the cutest looking avatars on the internet! It's very easy to use and you'll get the most beautiful results by just picking your favourite items out of 14 different categories. With many different items to choose from and their color variations, you can make thousands of unique combinations and I can't wait to see yours! Tag your portraits with the hashtag #dollifyapp and I'll be featuring some of them every week on my Instagram account! Dave XP

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  • Dollify 5/5

    By kaifier
    I love Dollify it’s like you recreating yourself as your older self.😃😃😀
  • Dollify 5/5

    By olesevich
    I think this app is great but I needs more than just designing girls like more hair or different color eyebrows otherwise it’s great!its perfect for beauty gurus
  • Too pricey for what it’s got 2/5

    When I saw my friends get this I was really excited to try it out. I got on there and started making a bunch of my sisters and friends. I was probably on the game for a hour. It’s pretty addictive. When I looked further in the game, I realized you had to pay 7$ for more hair styles and outfits. I really don’t think it should be money. Even though it’s only 7$ it’s still a little silly. OH! And you can only make 6 dolls. After my sixth doll, I had to delete another one of my dolls to make another. I countinued to do this until I got tired of it and just deleted it. This game is a little too pricey for what it’s got.
  • good, except... 4/5

    By emelilul
    everything is amazing except I wish there were more colors! for everything. especially eyebrows. Last negative comment is that I would really like to be able to make more than five dolls please! other than that this app is amazing!! thank you so much!
  • Great but needs work. 4/5

    By i totaly love it!!
    I loved this game but I don’t like that you can not have that many dolls at a time.I also think that there should be more free shirts and jewelry.
  • The one thing I don’t like 4/5

    By poiuyghjdsa
    I wish everyone could us anything we wanted like the member stuff. Like this post if you agree! And if the people reading this see, pls change it
  • Awesome but... 4/5

    By Puppydog999
    This app is cool and the avatars are cute and adorable but I want to have the option to decide the gender of my doll I’m making. Please look into it and maybe try to fix it, again this app it fabulous and adorable, please reply if you have a chance
  • Premium 3/5

    By IDEKmynameissavatalieklopf
    I think that the premium is a little expensive. I understand that you need the money but seven dollars for a couple hairstyles and outfits is a little outrageous. Anyways I love the app💗
  • Great game but... 4/5

    By -critic in style
    So I got the game yesterday, and it’s really fun, but I wish you could make as many dolls as you wanted without paying, because a lot of people don’t want to pay SEVEN FRICKING DOLLARS just for a game.
  • Awesome! 5/5

    By MistyEJ
    This game is honestly super cool to make avatars with, And I think that is is appropriate for younger kids as well as slightly older kids ;) There are few ads if none at all, and it’s super easy to use and basically self explanatory.
  • ..bleh 3/5

    By Rainbow223455564466
    1.) this app takes far to much storage. I had to delete MANY apps that were way better then this one. Unless you are willing to delete apps for a even worse app, i don’t recommend it. 2.) this app is very limited. I am white, but my hair is not. My hair type is African American. (Well it is Type white, but it’s so curly it seems African American :)) It is very curly. I am very proud of my hair and i like it very much. But there are only 2 real curly options. One is, like another commenter said, Merida. And the other is pretty much just wavy. Like c’mon. Curly haired people always get forgotten! 3.) awkward..when you first make a doll, she’s naked. You can see the top of her breasts. I know that breasts are just a body part, but it shouldn’t be on a kids game. At least take the effort and give her a bra. to think that a man made this is gross. 4.) kinda sexist. there are no boys. according to Dave “it would take 6 months and thousands of dollars to add boys!” haha yeah right. all the girls are probably copy and paste, so if he added boys they’d be a different style. so annoying. 5.) unless your willing to spend $5 to give it “Dave” then you’ll only get to make 5 dolls. have fun. -_- so yeah. this game is slightly racist, slightly sexist, lazy and greedy. the dolls are cute, but I’m sure they were stolen. ...just don’t get
  • I LOVE THIS!!! ❤️❤️❤️ 4/5

    By Sopgiele
    Dear Dollify and @dave.xp, I love this app! I have created only six characters so far though. The only thing that is rough is that it won’t let me go higher than six and then I have to pay. 😔😥 But anyway, yup. Thanks again!! 🤗🤗🤗
  • This is a amazing app 5/5

    By samstitchlove
    Firstly I do not agree with sweet potatoes because most of it is an exaggeration and she needs to update her version or something. Because the premium is really cool but is it was a little less expensive than I would’ve gotten it. But I recommend this app it is so much fun and I play on it every day.
  • Dollify is great 4/5

    By PGeorgia
    Dollify is the bomb but...I want more hair styles and dolls I don’t want to pay for this stuff! I hope I’m not being picky about this game but I just wanna play without paying
  • Design. 5/5

    By HufflepuffQueen12
    I’m a writer and I use this app for designing and creating new characters! And it is constantly inspiring! Thankfully this amazing app doesn’t have a ridiculous monthly subscription!! I’ve seen so many of those apps but it’s just a way to trick you into paying more than necessary. This app on the other hand was straight forward and fabulous! There are a ton of options for everything! I am also working on creating a doll line based on my short stories so this app, 100%! I’m so happy SOMEONE finally got it right. Keep creating!! UPDATE: Hi! I was wondering if you could put it together so that you could organize your dolls in albums??? It would make it easier to organize and keep everything neat.
  • Really GOOD but...... 4/5

    By madalin 😘😘😍
    It’s a GRATE app but you need to add boys plzzzzzz!!! It would make it much better
  • Great app but problems 4/5

    By Cat Overload
    I love this app so much!! I have a few recommendations to make.. I have a problem with the premium... I don’t mind paying $7 for new hair and clothes but there should be more filters and a scale for hair...If you pay for premium a cool feature would be if you took a picture of yourself it will turn you into a doll!!Then the eyebrows!! We need black eyebrows!!
  • Love this game it’s just.... 4/5

    By puply luv
    This game is the best but it’s just i needs more clothes options. Definitely More hair options. And why should I pay to make more than 5 dolls that’s stupid. Otherwise this game is the bomb I love it so much oh my complaint is the only reason why I give it four stars
  • Cool app 5/5

    I like it
  • Nice app little glitchy though 4/5

    By Spaceheater5000
    This app is so cool I love the look of it and it has no adds which is really great. But sometimes when I’m making a doll it goes out of the app randomly and doesn’t save the doll. You can make up to five dolls if you don’t have the premium. I like this app a lot but it would be a lot better if there weren’t as many glitches.
  • Ok.. 3/5

    By ysnwkdkg
    So I like this app but I think we should be able to make boys it seems a bit weird that we can’t. That is all.
  • DOLLIFY 1/5

    By Kamaria.L.A
    I can’t make anymore Doll I’m deleting this app
  • This is my fav. app but... 4/5

    By My bakeing review.
    This is the best app in the world but I think that the premium could be a bit cheaper. I bought the premium but I think it could be less. I also this you could add makeup to the app. Other than that I am addicted to the app. Thank you @Max.xp for making my new favorite app of all time!
  • Don’t like it 1/5

    By Aliana Gaming
    When I get it it say that no more things
  • Great app but... 4/5

    By mis doodle a lot
    I love the app it is just it is limited on how many dolls you can make without paying And I least you don’t have to pay multiple times like a lot of other apps There are a few things that I THINK (so nobody thinks I hating I love the app still) might make the app a better like adding makeup would be so cute and cool Or... change the shape and style of eye and face so we can have our own extra facial features And thing I would like to have another gender like I tried to make a friend and he looked like a girl with the eyes and other facial appearances If you read my whole think pat yourself on the back, it is long, thank you for reading
  • Review 4/5

    By the unknowing🤫🤫
    This game is great but I wish you could include boys
  • One thing that’s wrong 4/5

    I love this app but one thing! It’s that it doesn’t let you make a lot of Dollify’s! And I hav ego screenshot my characters. And also can you make some stuff free my parents don’t let me buy stuff and I really want some more free stuff
  • Love it!!!! 5/5

    By kaitlynZFT17384
    I love this app so much!!!! It is so fun to make all my friends and family!!!!! I wish I could’ve made boys a little easier!!!! But overall I definitely recommend getting this app!!!!!
  • Wonderful 5/5

    By peach_athetixs
  • GREAT BUT....... 5/5

    By 🌼sophia🌼
  • Great app but I’m broke so I can’t pay for the in app purchases 4/5

    By Isabel 2001
    Great app but I don’t have $7.00 dollars!!! To pay for in app purchase and I Want the in app purchase!! So can you please make everything free??? Ps. I love this app!🖤🖤
  • Bad vs Good 4/5

    By macky and cheese
    So, when I started, I was playing Dollify and when I got to the sixth doll and they wouldn’t let me make any more dolls and that was pretty hard on a seven year old child and secondly the app is overpriced like it shouldn’t cost six dollars with tax just to make whatever dolls I want and my dad barely agreed to it too!
  • A few tips 5/5

    By JGrimm420
    I love this app but there’s just a few things I would like to say... one. It’s the fact about premium. I don’t like it. It’s because you have to buy it for the other half of the game!! And I’m a child so I can’t pay. So I would like if you can please put in the fact that u can watch an ad to download the style or shirt then wear it! And then premium is just extra hair styles and extra filters and extra clothing. And that’s all I have to say. I love this app but can u please also add the feature of costume colors? So then we don’t have to have specific colors to choose! If u put these features in I would love this app even more. :)
  • Fun but having issues 3/5

    By 1HappyApe
    The app used to work great, but now it won’t save when I edit characters. Freckles aren’t showing up. One gold hoop earring appears without me adding it. Very buggy. Needs fixing.
  • Okay 3/5

    By madison New
    I love this app and I love making new characters, but no that I updated it, it’s telling me to get premium, but I want premium so it won’t let me make anymore new characters. Please change it back or discard the app.
  • How I like it 5/5

    By delasdfkgrhbrhfhhfjebd
    I really like dollify because it is almost real
  • Dollify 5/5

    By vjajsvdusosk
    I give this game five stars because I love making characters just like Gacha life it is so cool I recommend you should play it it is so cool I made me and my dad and my mom it is the best game ever Has better technology
  • love it but... 4/5

    By oreo crispymcpee
    i wish it was full body so we can pick pants and shoes
  • GB 1/5

    By Curly6972
    This app takes 2.6 GB. I have 16 GB and have used 10.6 GB & this app won’t download. Please help. I would like to give this I higher review. Edit: It had now started download right after I reviewed.
  • Best doll making app!!! Highly recommended 5/5

    By Pandora Fan 666 😈😈😈
    Best one I’ve ever seen. It’s smooth and sweet like a little girl. It’s really cute and I like that there’s a variety of styles. They even added the “unnatural” hair dyes and it’s super cool. I really love it and suggest it to everyone!!!
  • Title 4/5

    By billy mc.bobbersteighn
    This app is great! One thing I would change is that you only give non buyers 5 slots! I understand that you are just trying to make money, but I think you should give ten. Also, add more hair colors
  • Um 4/5

    By Goddess Golden23
    It’s good but um how can I put this ... you have to pay to make more dolls so and you have to pay to put accessories that are different
  • I love it but..... 4/5

    By Martha Daka
    I love the game but I think you should be able to do more dolls for free I like that it’s not that expensive but still like say for the kids they can’t get any money for it. I just think it should be better.
  • Hmmmm 3/5

    By Katie Macneil
    I rate this a three because you need a boy because there are boys who like this kind of stuff and also more clothes choices it’s very short but besides that it’s pretty good
  • It’s a awesome app but.... 4/5

    By Ky_isQueen
    I love this app but if you could add things like hairstyles with bangs that would be great. Makeup too would be awesome. But I must say there are many options and not any adds to disrupt me with I appreciate so thank you developers and I hope you take these things into consideration along with more hair colors
  • Awsome 5/5

    By JenmarieSenben
    The dolls are so realistic and I really love the quality of the dolls!!
  • I need Boys 5/5

    By luna rylie moon
    I love the game so much and how the characters look but I would love to make dollifyed boys just think about it
  • I love it but why premium? 5/5

    By coolAvenger Faith
    I really love this game. I really do. But why would u do the premium? I was going to make my sixth doll, when it said I had to get the premium. Can’t u not make a premium?
  • Amazing app 4/5

    By Nerd Herd 🤓🤓🤓🤓
    This is an AMAZING app, the dolls look amazing it’s easy to operate. The premium price is a bit expensive but I bought it. My only suggestion other that lowering the price is to add an option for makeup and to add boys! I think this would take this app to the top. Other than that it’s an awesome app and I would definitely recommend it.

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