Domino's Mind Ordering

Domino's Mind Ordering

  • Category: Entertainment
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  • Current Version: 1.0.1
  • Adult Rating: 9+
  • Developer: Domino's Pizza LLC
  • Compatibility: Android
  • Links: Google Play Store
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Domino's Mind Ordering App

Time travel back to 1986 and step into the Stranger Things universe as you become a super-powered test subject in the latest experiments taking place at Hawkins National Laboratory. Learn about your telekinetic powers, explore your surroundings, and use your newfound skills to place your Domino's Easy Order without the touch of a button. - Learn how to control your telekinetic abilities by performing specific gestures like tilting and flicking your head. - Explore an Observation Room at Stranger Things' Hawkins National Laboratory. - Use your mind to find hidden discoverables from the show’s past and upcoming seasons. - Connect your Domino's account and place your Domino's Easy Order with your mind. How To Order: once you’ve honed your skills and you’re ready to order a pizza, focus your stare at the Domino’s pizza box to begin the ordering process. Then close your eyes to enter the Void where you’ll confirm your order. Find more detailed instructions and helpful tips at

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Domino's Mind Ordering app reviews

  • Can’t work 2/5

    By zBurley
    It’s an interesting gimmick with great theming. But, it uses the back camera, so you can’t look at the screen to see if your face is lined up. It can’t work that way and you can’t flip cameras. Flop app.
  • Can’t even get in to order 2/5

    By Fallenfrost7
    I don’t normally rate apps, but this one is so bad, that I had to. I enjoy the synth music, so it gets a second star for that, but it doesn’t let you automatically put your password in, and won’t let you cut and paste. So this supposed mind reading app can read what I’m thinking it should do with itself for thinking I should go back and forth from the app to my passwords to type in the stupidly long password that my phone picked out for me. Wtaf, y’all. Do better
  • 😎 1/5

    By cotten cutey
  • Great 5/5

    By zerobarbecue
    I just love playing around and just doing stuff and ordering pizza
  • Can’t log in 1/5

    By kyleaa
    The login screen doesn’t support password fill, and somehow disables the clipboard as well, making it incredibly difficult to actually log in.
  • It’s a joke 1/5

    By Jlee1977
    Never got past the instructional section.
  • What’s the point ? 1/5

    By Blue vodka
    I can’t even get past the 8 ball screen even though I’m doing what it says
  • Made my phone crash 1/5

    By hbbsbdbdbdbd
    The app started scanning my face, then my phone crashed. Not the app. The WHOLE phone. Full on restart.
  • Waste of time 1/5

    By mattythin
    What a waste of time. Pizza Hut all they way. They don’t waste your time on gimmicks.
  • It’s obviously fake or is it? 1/5

    By Brandon PZ9
    I tried it multiple times it didn’t work but it might just be that I’m using an iPad but iPad it just keeps saying that three things in order for it to work I did those three things and it still didn’t work.
  • ??? 5/5

    why do people keep complaining? it works fine for me
  • Not the greatest 1/5

    By Joshua sipe
    Doesn’t work I don’t recommend
  • Doesn’t work 1/5

    By Parker123$
    I tried using it, after several tries it did not detect my face. I even saw my face in the mirror but it didn’t work.
  • 8 ball 1/5

    By Stephen Elliott
    I thought this would work correctly but that 8 ball never moves when it tells you to try moving it
  • Doesn’t work 1/5

    By Elvis But in 1969
    I’m sorry to say the app did not work good for a good game but you guys are a rip off
  • Horrible App 1/5

    By Mr?!!
    I tried picking up the 8 ball at the beginning of the app. I couldn’t even do that. This app is ridiculous, and needs taken down.
  • 🤷‍♂️ 1/5

    By Tylerj6214
    Never got pass the first part of facing mirror . Just couldn’t read my face . Disappointed and yes I follow the instructions.
  • Be realistic people 4/5

    By Turtledark
    It’s just a fun app to place what you already have saved in your “easy orders”. You will not be able to create a NEW order. If you’re sent to the upside down, it’s because you’re in practice mode instead of creating a real order. I give 4 because it’s a cute head nod to the show. It doesn’t promise anything unrealistic but it could be more user friendly. I have an iPhone 13 pro so not a phone, software issue, or flat out user error on my part but still found the head flick redundant. I do also think it could be a bit more obvious that it was a way of using easy orders verses creating new orders.
  • Wut 2/5

    By djdndudnbshsj
    Ok so it told me to look into the camera but it only does the back can so yeah then after trying a photo of me it still wouldn’t recognize it. Two of my favorite things- stranger things and dominoes pizza- turned out really bad. PLEASE FIX
  • Dumbest idea ever 1/5

    By Jaythearborist
    This is about the most stupid idea for an app I’ve ever seen in my entire life. There is no such thing as telekinesis. It doesn’t work don’t waste your time if you want to order from Domino’s just call them or get online and order with the credit card.
  • Good idea but it doesn’t work 1/5

    By PancakeNation
    The app doesn’t work properly. I tilt my head down and focus and it doesn’t do anything. I’ve literally been trying for the past 20 minutes and have got it to work one time and then the pizza box closed for no reason
  • Trash app 1/5

    By nathen1800
    I have a iPhone 13 pro so I know the face tracking is pretty advanced in my phone but yet I spent 15 minutes trying to get this to work and there wasn’t a single time that it even remotely did anything my advice for you Domino’s is either fix your half baked app or stop wasting peoples time
  • Yikes just yikes 1/5

    By SeroReo
    Just stop
  • I’ll just call 1/5

    By VxxxxV
    Doesn’t work. Cool concept, bad app. I’ll just call the store.
  • Horrible 1/5

    By meeseeks137
    Ok cool idea, moving on. App doesn’t let you sign in to even make an order. Can’t change my password on dominoes website. Wow your a terrible company. Then u need to first purchase a pizza, then save as an easy order to even use this useless app. Wow … seriously which moronic product manager came up with this terrible idea. Here’s an idea, fire the person who came up with this idea and execution. They are a joke.
  • Couldn’t get it to work 1/5

    By Adamc2012
    I know it’s all for fun, but I followed the instructions to the letter and couldn’t get it to do anything. Shame, seems like a fun idea.
  • Joke 1/5

    By Rustysmit
    Tried this for several minutes would not work this is a joke do not download this junk
  • Not what you’d think 2/5

    By ImJacobMcDaniel
    From the way the ads made it seem, you would think that the app would be able to have at least a general idea of what you’d want, but it really doesn’t. I will admit, playing around with the environment is very fun, but actually ordering is frustrating. I could never actually submit an order because it kept getting sent to the Upsidedown. I tried to actually order with this app for about ten minutes just to see if it would ever work, but it never did
  • It wasn’t working 1/5

    By yeetamus god 2021
    I got past the video but it kept saying issue with easy order. I had an easy order, and I tried everything, cool idea though.
  • Awesome! 5/5

    By bigoldmamamamamafhj
    Not sure about the other reviews that say it doesn’t work, but I did it & it’s awesome! I tried it several times and it worked every time! Give it a shot! Just follow instructions :)
  • Nothing 1/5

    By John wick02
    Definitely thought this would be something really cool but unfortunately it did not work. Waste of time
  • Poo 1/5

    By Boboftheburgers
    Very hungry, no pizza 🥺
  • Waste of time hahah 1/5

    By Direct tv 206 209
    Just watch the basketball game!
  • Booooo 1/5

    By sadguywhowantedittoreadhismind
    Doesn’t actually read your mind☹️
  • Literally pointless 1/5

    By viperbunni
    I can’t even
  • open offer to dominos 1/5

    By Succ Papi
    i will change to 5 star rating if u send a pizza

    By smc523
    Don’t bother just go order papa johns or Pizza Hut
  • Cool idea ruined 2/5

    By SunnySonsett
    It doesn’t work very well and I didn’t even get to get past the first “mind control” experience in the app because of the poor face recognition.
  • Not compatible 5/5

    By your mom 😌
    I don’t have an iPhone with Face ID so I don’t think my phone is compatible with this, cool concept tho. 5 stars
  • Not Functional 2/5

    By Fire Man Sc
    Cool theory and graphics, they do a good job setting the mood but nothing happened with the facial recognition. Tried multiple times.
  • Focus on making better pizza, not an extra app 1/5

    By Noneyabusinesspeeps
    Get back to making pizza with a substantial amount of toppings, instead of making apps to promote content for a streamer that is headed into the porcelain idol of digital media services.
  • Beard? 1/5

    By gournola
    After more than 10 attempts the program still could not recognize that I have a human face. Poor execution dominos team.
  • A full review. 2/5

    By bungerbungerbingerbunger
    I love pizza. A lot. But unfortunately this did not deliver. Not that pizza delivering but the app itself. It can’t recognize your facial expressions and trust me I tried for a while. Really a shame because I love the idea of the app and the general look at it, even if I’m not a fan of the show. Great idea. Poor execution.
  • Works great for me! 5/5

    By AlohaPalitti
    I read some reviews saying it didn’t work well for them but i have zero issues placing my order! And it was really entertaining, i enjoyed it!
  • Fun little promotion! 5/5

    By AmesMoore
    First and final- crapping on a free promotional app is like calling the mentally handicapped stupid. The app is totally worth the price.
  • It’s Interesting 2/5

    By Rose_Evergarden
    I didn’t order, only played around with it for a little… but, the Dominos x Stranger Things ads definitely overhyped. No wonder it doesn’t have that many downloads and/or ratings. ✍🏽
  • Surprisingly Pleased 4/5

    By AGuyNamedJosh
    For what it’s worth, the app is actually really well designed and pretty cool. It especially goes a long way if you’re a fan of the show Stranger Things. Obviously, you don’t actually use your mind to control objects, but the facial recognition is about the closest thing humans can get, lol. Have fun with the app, it’s pretty cool!
  • i just hate dominoes 1/5

    By dominoes hater
    i went through all that headache just to order a soggy grease filled pizza with hair and sadness
  • Hard to use 2/5

    By @nflikeid32
    Doesn’t work and the telekinesis doesn’t work well.But it works ok