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Doodle Drawing Pad

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Doodle Drawing Pad App

Doodle is a simple drawing pad that lets you sketch out and share ideas. You can either export your drawing or record the screen as you narrate your creation.

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  • Things I love about it 5/5

    By wrtind
    That The Images can be saved
  • So good! 5/5

    By cacav4
  • Simple to use. Kids enjoy it. 4/5

    By Hypero2015
    General feedback is it’s a good app but would like to import templates for coloring pages or mazes or other activity book like features.
  • Cvhcjvdhvfhfhhhvhvhhvvfhh 1/5

    By hjviv
  • Love it 😍 4/5

    By bve0723
    Honestly I really think that this is a good idea whoever made this game. It’s kid friendly and satisfying it’s not bad for me because I am only 8
  • Fun but flawed 3/5

    By M-axe
    I have now had the app for a half of a day. I am really enjoying the simplicity of it. There may already be a native app that draws like this but… I downloaded this one anyway. It’s easy to use and I have been having lots of fun with it. As the title suggests, I m not just having fun, there are a few flaws with this app. As I have seen in other reviews. No undo for deleting, no auto save, and the one problem that seems to be the biggest offender, is that when I used the record option (on my iPad, I have not loaded it on my phone) the tool bar completely disappears and I can not get it back. I am then forced to quit the app losing my work. A couple of suggestions for the developers, I have already mentioned the undo (recovery option) for deleting or at least a confirmation prompt, the auto save, and missing tool bar, perhaps a couple more tool options but still keeping it simple? Something like paint brushes and crayons and/ or a resize tool. Oh, and maybe the option to change background colors. Conclusion: easy, fun, and my favorite part - no in app purchases or ads! Just save your artwork often by going to the menu and selecting share and then save to photos; otherwise, you too may fall victim to losing you artwork.
  • It ok 5/5

    By KellyWiggs
    It ok
  • Quilting 5/5

    By Quilt restorer
    I’m a longarmer and I use Doodle to practice my stitches.
  • Toolbar disappeared and wont come back 1/5

    By Dinoben711
    I bought this app as an easy and fun way to draw, but in the first 5 mins the toolbar disappeared and i have spent a half hour trying to get it back with no success. Do you think you could add a line of text in the app help section that addresses that? /and could you let me know how I can fix it?
  • So gooooood 5/5

    By AXidis
    This coloring app is so good
  • Nice 😊 5/5

    By slimetime🌮
    It is soooooooooo real axing
  • Why would you do this- 1/5

    By Lîl Føx
    This is the Microsoft Whiteboard design….
  • Sort Of Works 2/5

    By TexasClodhopper
    I made a bunch of funny sketches and used all features of the program, but then the tool pallet started disappearing. The only way I can get it back is to power my iPad Pro off then back on. There’s something about the new iPad that developers aren’t used to. It was fun while it worked, but I can’t keep powering down just to make sketches. The developer doesn’t seem to have any support site, so all I can do is post a review.
  • Very fun and cool 5/5

    By hyusjd
    I like it cause you don’t have to pay to get it or to draw.No problem so with it at all.
  • Enjoyed app but delete button and not able to recover is a deal breaker 1/5

    By MaxMOMSE
    My 7 year old spent an hour sketching an entire picture. He goes to color in the last “right hand corner” and grazes the trash button. There is no way to recover? In 2021, this seems like a complete design flaw. Fix it, take the trash button off the screen. Auto save the progress. These features come standard with most drawing apps. The reviews say the same thing now. So, hopefully the changes will come with an update. I have to delete this until then, just to save on time and frustration. Besides this issue the app is decent.
  • Updates you should add 5/5

    By Cook Nest
    Please add a paint bucket to fill in the thing you drew and you can pick the thing you want to draw or you can make your own and you should play your favorite songs because my favorite is who is she it’s also known as a song from Game toons and that’s all I can think of
  • Fun 5/5

    By Irish Sunshine
    Great drawing app
  • 1 small Problem 4/5

    By Praticha
    I got this game it’s really really fun and I love drawing and so I was drawing but only thing is that when I was doing something I accidentally deleted it and I want my art back because I took like hours on it and I think you should make a gallery of drawings that you deleted and like go back to the drawing and draw and then you can save it
  • It’s not that bad 4/5

    By dbfnsjxvdjsjxh
    In order to have a white b.g you need to paint it but it is good to use when you need to do art.
  • BRUH 1/5

    By Jeffersonthemaster8
  • Cool app.😍🙂😀😍 5/5

    By 331 PD
  • GREAT 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻 5/5

    By hfhhbfhbf
    This game is cool I draw whatever I want :)
  • Awesome doodling app 5/5

    By not taken nametag
    Th8s is awesome now I can practice doodling my FNF mods and others, this is a really good game and I recommend it
  • Works great 5/5

    By coolglassesdude
    Thanks for the app.
  • Tool bar disappears 2/5

    By Facebksucks
    Tool bar disappears after you save,share, or record. Stupid.
  • Liam 5/5

    By Maxliam$$
    Si 🥴
  • amazing 4/5

    this app is amazing my cousin’s and i love it better with an apple pin some glitches but it only takes away your stuf but 9.5-10 recommend 😜😜
  • How to save recording? 1/5

    By AZClaireB
    I can't figureout how to save a recording! The share options all save a picture but not a recording. The help menu does not help.
  • This is a copy of notes. 1/5

    By JenJSmith
    So when I wanted to try this it was just like notes, and basically it’s a copy so one star
  • Doodle 5/5

    By bshcjsj
    This is the best app I use it for my kids when we’re on the go so we don’t have to mess with the crayons and I really recommend this app it’s a lifesaver😀👍
  • Pretty good 3/5

    By lovergirlelp
    This app is OK, but I would like it if there were more things to do besides the regular toolbar. I was drawing and doing a screen recording, when i stoped it the tool bar disappeared and I had the eraser in my hand and you know what happened then. Could you please fix the disappearing toolbar bug?
  • Creative Art 5/5

    By Kaylie art
    I love art so much and this app 🎨🖌
  • Fun but..... 3/5

    By jh curious
    Enjoying this app but wish I could print from it instead of print screen but really want to bring back my doodle and continue working on it or changing....however it is a pretty good app for doodling
  • Not the best 3/5

    By shubadiah
    I don’t really like it because it’s pretty annoying and boring. All you can do is draw, no coloring sheets or fun activities just drawing.
  • Why unable to change the background color easily? 1/5

    By Loeicoriginal
    I tried to calm a simple land-written logo in this app but could not even change the background color from black to white..
  • Only had it for one hour, I’m addicted. 5/5

    By The G Force Kids
    No problems! 😌✨🤍
  • U need to blend 4/5

    By yakemora
    Ok so this is a great game in all but they need to give a blending tool so yeah.
  • The best app ever 5/5

    By mahgfghnnghjji
    I love this app because I love drawing and I love coloring and I can do both at the same time
  • 222 stars 5/5

    By dino cool 7
  • It’s just to boring 2/5

    By 🥰🥰😍😌
    Not at all a good app🤨
  • Just like notes, 1/5

    By 🦄🐱I Play Among Us 👩‍🚀🧑‍🚀
    Drawing in this is just like drawing in notes.
  • Problem 5/5

    By Pikachusooocute
    It doesn’t save my pictures
  • The best game ever 5/5

    By KM🥳🥳🥳🥳
    It’s the beeeeeeeessssssssstttttttt game ever and it’s good for artist like me soo if you and interested in art get this app
  • Delete button deleted my entire picture 3/5

    By Supahcoolesfgf
    I recommend maybe moving or changing how the delete button works...I just made an entire portrait and when I went to color it in I went over the delete button and now the whole thing is gone...maybe like a prompt that asks if you’re sure you want to delete or something, so other people don’t loose their entire work like I did.
  • g 1/5

    By Airgeezy
  • It lives up to it’s cost. 👍 1/5

    By MacDelta
    I really wanted this to go somewhere far more than it did. It’s much like the Apple-supplied handy Notes™ tool — without the Notes. I wrote more, but you know more than this!
  • Waste of time 1/5

    By nickname7173648929
    Drew over the trash button to fill in the screen and it deleted the entire picture and no way of recovering it. :MiddleFinger: to the developers!!!!
  • Doodle 5/5

    By thecoolkidsin4thgrade
    I loved the app!
  • I don't like it 1/5

    By Mdaorliann
    Fiat of all, you only have limited brush sizes. Second the brushes are horrible. Third my apple pencil doesn't work with it