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free shipping on your 1st order of brandy melville, urban outfitters, forever 21, mac, princess polly, madewell, colourpop, american eagle, free people, and more. all of your favorite stores in 1 app, shoppable with 1 tap. dote is the social shopping app. shop live with 100s of your favorite creators. join the shopping party! dote users say: • "I’m addicted to it!" • “Great deals and easy to shop on!” • “i can shop from my favorite creator's closets.” • “I got *really* good deals especially with FREE shipping.” • "I love dote I tell everyone about it!" • "you get coins from every purchase so you can receive coupons on your orders!!"

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  • I don’t Stan racist company’s 1/5

    By and i- ou
  • Racist 1/5

    By Fonsssssssssssqqeei
    Got racist comments on my feed

    By krissiiib
    This app and it’s founder, Lauren, have never attempted to promote diversity or inclusivity among it’s Dote girls- until their company came under fire not once but twice. It has used women of color as “token” girls for their app and their instagram when they felt it was becoming too white. They deleted over 150+ pictures from their Instagram after the backlash went public and videos started going viral. They have lost their colored and white Dote girls as they have severed all ties- because of the racism. I personally cannot and will not support or stand by companies that treat HUMANS this way. This is like Hollister and Abercrombie all over again. I have never supported those companies and I’ve gladly watched them take the back seat (pun intended) as people cancelled their infatuation with them due to their racism. I hope the same happens to Brandy Melville and Dote soon too. One can hope. 🤞🏽
  • i’m obsessed 5/5

    By reveiws1267
    i love this app soo much!! this app is so convenient for my mom, sister, and i.
  • Eww 1/5

    By lik pump aavfw
    They are racist hate this app
  • Racist company 1/5

    By jen35437
    The people behind this are racist and clueless . Don’t support them
  • Disgusting! 1/5

    By Jennytal
    Dote is racist, never again.
  • disgusting 1/5

    By buzzflower
    this whole company is upsetting this whole incident shows their true colors and how unrepresentative they are of people of color DOTE AND ANYONE WHO SUPPORTS THEM IS CANCELED!!
  • the worst 1/5

    By Marvie Briones
    this company is incredibly racist. 0 out five stars.
  • The favorites 3/5

    By renayel234
    I wish you guys would fix the favorites that it saves what you have favorite so you can buy it. When you go to buy it, it’s gone. Let it be saved so when we do wanna buy it
  • dote is RACIST! do NOT use this brand! 1/5

    By Nirmeet Bhogill
    I was one of the “Dote Girls” and they never posted our photos on their Instagram because we didn’t “fit their feed”. Dote is racist, and I can prove it in my video. Search up Red Luna Journal on YouTube and WATCH it. It’s very important, please don’t support such a disgusting brand.
  • Terrible 1/5

    By missy484
    I would rate 0 stars. This app is terrible, the bad thing about this app is that that only feature white girls. They have ABSOLUTELY NO diversity. The Fiji trip sponsppred by the was extremely bad bc of how they treat the others that weren’t pure white. Lastly, the photographer was very close-minded and called out ‘black girls’. I’m not trying to cancel y’all but pls just be more diverse and respectful than just wanting to post white girls on your insta. Just sayin.
  • Racist company!!! 1/5

    By anggggry
    This company needs to learn how to treat their YouTube ambassadors equally! Here’s a suggestion don’t let people of color sleep on couches while you let white people sleep on queen sized beds!

    By Z dawg homie
    The app itself is good, however I can’t search by size which is infuriating. I will find something and it will only be available in xl. Please change this if possible. :) thank you
  • no diversity 1/5

    By holyavacados
    i love the idea of this app, but it doesn’t have any diversity and that is not ok. i understand they try and pick out a few girls but they said they aren’t wanted there? that is not ok.
  • Bye bye 1/5

    By lululocveer
    The people who run this company are disgusting
  • Racist 1/5

    By gdvjtveyhbd
    A racist company!
  • Exclusive App 1/5

    By jeskylo
    Lack of Diversity
  • worst customer service 1/5

    By TaoPanda05
    terrible customer service, it's like they don't even want to help you.
  • Racist 1/5

    By 😒✋😒😒✋
    If you watch any of the videos made by their past partnerships who have been people of color you will see that this company segregated and poorly treated people of color. They only apologized and tried to improve when it really hurt their business so it’s a no from me
  • racist 1/5

    By cat lover :))
    look up “kianna naomi what reallt went down on the fiji trip”
  • No DIVERSITY 1/5

    By @dyynnasty on insta
    As a black girl I don’t feel wanted on this app. Many youtubers have came out and talked about this and it’s wrong. You can’t just throw a colored girl on a trip and call it diverse. Dote never even apologized to Kianna and that’s so sad and wrong. I cant and won’t associate myself with an app that cant even treat people equally. Giving the colored girls a couch to sleep on and putting them on the other side of the room is so pathetic. Please get help. Hopefully you guys change and when you do don’t throw a colored girl on a trip and say it’s diverse bc it’s not. I’ve been debating if I wanted to delete the app bc I’ve always wanted to win a giveaway or be a dote girl for a day but at what cost. I’m here for my colored girls and bigger girls. Nobody deserves to be treated like this. Nobody. Do better!
  • love this app! 5/5

    By Hola 🤠🤠🤠
    just placed my first dote order! super excited to receive it. many of my friends have ordered from this app and absolutely love it. i like the idea that i can order all of my clothes from the same place. never going back to online shopping other than this app again! also... really love the fact that you can make lists!
  • No 1/5

    By GiraffeLover792
    Y’all are better off on ROMWE!!
  • no diversity whatsoever 1/5

    By skskskabab
  • Racist 1/5

    By gizzytay
    Don’t support an app that doesn’t show any diversity and shows blatant racism to their models who are minorities!!
  • RACIST 1/5

    By PeachyMt
    As a women OF color, I noticed that last year's coachella trip only had 1 poc, and that this years coachella trip had 5 but was segregated, so the change didn't even matter. When Vereena ("dote girl") made a video about her experience, I thought oh they will change now that they know their faults. Now after watching, Kianna's video and her explicitly mentioning that not only her but and Luhsetty both complained about their issues and how they should change. I realised that I rather not support a company that is blantly racist, and will delete this app and not support them no longer.

    By labrisa
    Honestly, I wish I could give 0 stars. I’ve made orders that were never delivered, however, they charged my card. And some companies that they have on their app, do not even know that Dote is using their site. Also I’ve heard many influencers say they do not support the women of color community. That just disgusts me. I will be gladly deleting this app!
  • Lack of Diversity 1/5

    By akabritt
    This is a great app but to scroll through all the people going live or will be live due to the “shopping party” event and see literally like 4 black girls/ approximately 30 skinny white girls is disappointing to say the very least. As a dark skinned women I tried to surpass the social part of the dote app and just use the app to shop because it does a really good job with that focus of the app but with recent stories and statements that have come out I think it’s something I should speak up on. Due to the lack of diversity not just on the app but on the backend on the development of the app I will be deleting and I will not be getting it back because the apology statement put out was just a way to retain users. It was not genuine.
  • Can’t track shipping, too few choices, problematic business practices 1/5

    By Breeinseee
    I don’t like that you can’t track what you’ve order on this site. I’m not amazed by the selection. I ordered one thing and didn’t find that it made my shopping experience noticeably better. Also, after hearing about the business practices behind the scenes I am not a fan of Dote as company or the superficial nature of them and their incredibly shallow brand. Disappointing in this day and age.
  • lack of diversity 1/5

    By NadzTheBest
    this is so disgusting you guys lack diversity.
  • canceled 1/5

    By oop😽
    the amount of white girls is insane . u can’t be diverse at all. disgusting
  • Great app. 5/5

    By ig: @lvlydrea
    I love the app and all but can you please add Victoria’s Secret and Pink back to the selection?!
  • Wish I could give 0 stars 1/5

    By Tomwellingisbae👀
    Garbage app and garbage company.
  • HATE THE APP 1/5

  • Unfair treatment 1/5

    By Birdaassa
    Honestly the app is somewhat ok, but the way they use theirs influencers is ridiculous. They barely have any diversity and treat people of color differently. On some dote trip, the colored girls got a smaller house and bunkbeds. The white, skinny, more famous girls got huge beds and nice presents. Dote recently posted an apology on their Instagram saying that it was not intentional but really? Is that really a coincidence? Now, all their posts have one white person and one black person. All the captions are “this is what dote looks like”. Having one black person doesn’t crest diversity. How about different sized people? How about people of different races? Smh this app needs to be CANCELED.
  • Awful app. 1/5

    By megtay34
    This “founder” of the app, is a racist and everything on dote doesn’t offer anything for plus sized girls. Maybe you should have a couple plus sized girls on your trip, sorry we can’t all look like Hannah Meloche etc. just super awful, I will never recommend this app to anyone
  • Racism will not be tolerated bye Dote 1/5

    By ballet_03
  • Dote Shopping 4/5

    By Neonlicous
    I love this app so much the only thing is that the shipping is way too much. Sometimes i just want to buy like a 2 dollar facemask from them and then the shipping is 8.99 or something. It’s crazy. I do love how many new clothes are constantly going on the app. One more thing they could do is not putting non tagged items in the shop fits section. I’ll find some cute outfit and want it but there’s no tag. :))
  • Thank you 5/5

    By gracyloulou0102
    Great place to shop
  • RACISTS 1/5

    By Milanlovesdance
  • Racist 1/5

    By ddoommiinniiqquuee99
    I do not support racism, so deleting the app.
  • Dote is racist 1/5

    By Ken endless
    Do not support this company in any way, shape or form

  • Liked the App but cannot support the company’s poor ethics 1/5

    By xblondiexbananax
    I can no longer support this company based on its poor ethics. I liked the app until many of the POC influencers they hired to promote the app have recently come out that they were treated unfairly compared to their white influencers. All you have to do is search “diversity on YouTube” to see these young girls’ experiences. I no longer feel right using the app and have deleted it from my phone. I encourage others to do the same and to NOT download
  • Not worth it 1/5

    By carol739
    You’re better off buying online or in store with all the fees that Dote applies. Yes, the products on the app are cheap, but you end up paying more in shipping and fees than the actual clothes you buy. It’s really not worth it. I’m disappointed
  • In LOVE 5/5

    By poopy butt hole is back
    I am able to categorize all my favorite clothing and accessories from all my fav stores just the way I like! And I get daily points which eventually give me coupons, PLUS I jet daily outfit inspiration from all of my fav idols?!? It’s a no brainer! Try dote, you won’t regret it!
  • Racist 1/5

    By Maddie 012345678910
    How is it that this “company” can put a bunch of pretty and “quirky” white girls in a nice room ( no shade towards them love them) but you put the other people as in “black,Asians,Hispanics..etc in a crappy excuse for a hotel room. I love this app but I’m really starting to question the whole idea and concept of this app for there recent choices ... disgusting
  • pros and cons 3/5

    By OrangeGummyBearz<3
    I’ve ordered one swimsuit from pretty little thing on Dote and had no problems. However, the app glitches whenever I try to search for a specific item (i.e. “white flare jeans”) and gives me a black screen every time. I hate the lives too. They’re usually boring and gives the app such a juvenile feel. Why would I want to watch a 14 year old girl shop do polls on her phone??? so bizarre and materialistic. I was sad to see for love and lemons disappear from the app. I find it sketchy that chinese sites like zaful, gamiss, rose gal, etc. are featured in the app as they are KNOWN for sending low quality items not as pictured. this makes the credibility of the app overall plummet in my opinion. why would I buy a $200 revolve dress from an app that would also sell me a sweatshop-made-cheap-af-poorly-constructed item from zaful? no thanks, can’t trust that.

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