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become a paid creator. Share your fashion style to get followers and earn coins that can be used to purchase items at checkout, exchange for cash, or redeem for influencer prizes. shop from 150+ stores including brandy melville, urban outfitters, forever 21, mac, princess polly, madewell, colourpop, american eagle and free people. Earn 3% back in coins on all purchases. the dote community says: • "Creating content on dote and earning dote coins for sharing my style makes me so happy!" • "I’m addicted to it!" • "I am obsessed with how simple shopping is on dote." • “I love how included and inspirational everyone who uses the app makes me feel." • "Without the dote community, I would not be this confident in my body and fashion sense today." • “I can shop from my favorite creator's closets.” • “I got *really* good deals”

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  • Lack of diversity 1/5

    By mryt17
    You guys have lack of diversity when it comes to those all expense paid trips please be equal to everyone.
  • Best clothing app ever 5/5

    By nathan242505
    I love the fact that I get paid to shop at my favorite stores!! I know it’s not a lot but it will be something in the long run !
  • great items but poor customer service 2/5

    By k#1563
    i’ve been using Dote for a while now, and i have ordered a few things. every order has been delivered to me but with almost every one there has been a problem. for example, i’ve bought multiple things qualifying for free shipping on the app, but when i check my balance on my card i see that they still charge me for shipping. then you have to go through the whole refunding situation, and to be honest it’s kind of annoying:/ it also always takes forever for the status of where the items are to load, an item that i ordered about a year ago still says that it hasn’t arrived, but it was delivered to me a very long time ago. the items are always in perfect condition but the way the app works is honestly not professional... they could use some improvement
  • Hate it 1/5

    By randa dawg
    Terrible they never solve any issues I’ve had with this website which is three three items of mine never delivered and I still haven’t gotten my refund for two of them it’s been like two months and also the shipping prices and all the extra costs at the end
  • racist trash 🗑 1/5

    By imbeciIe
    please do not support this app. idc how good the so called “deals” or how much you wanna watch your fave do a watch party, please do not support. if you somehow haven’t heard of how much of a racist piece of trash the people at dote are, please look it up. toodles
  • Awful don’t recommend 1/5

    By Gavinkibbles
    They take money out of my account after I have ordered an item and then they send me a text saying it’s sold out. I ordered my item about a week ago still haven’t gotten my money back or the other shirt I ordered. This website is a scam don’t recommend it to anyone
  • Unacceptable 1/5

    So sad that I had to download this app to just write a review. A very poorly designed company that puts out a very racist message to young girls or just people in general. This company issued a statement that was very immature and grammatically incorrect. Which for a “ professional” company, is pretty upsetting. This company shouldn’t have to go back and ask people on Instagram how can they be more “diverse” really?? You have to ask how to do that? They should take down there app and revise and reassess the situation.
  • 🛍 5/5

    By Hallie Bennett
    I like the app! It's user friendly and its so much more than shopping! Also you can find some pretty good deals! It's nice to have all my favorite stores in one place. It's such a hassle to have to go to each website for each store, on Dote it's all in one!
  • Ew 1/5

    By Jsjsjjskallapppp
    Y’all racist and ur stuff is over priced especially Emma chamberlain x Dote collaboration. Super basic.
  • New update isn’t good 3/5

    By julissa to
    I really loved the old rewards system. You could save up your coins to coupons. Some of the coupons got you money off from your purchase and others gave you free shipping(and the coupons didn’t cost a lot of coins). Now that they got rid of the coupons it makes me not want to purchase anything anymore. There’s things on this app that only cost $5 but with shipping and all the fees it would cost almost $13 to order that item. I didn’t mind it at first because the coupons would help bring the cost down but now it takes soo long to get a good deal with the rewards system. I think I’m going to stop using this app very soon.
  • UGHHH 3/5

    By rndnsjwks
    i just bought a shirt and then after i bought it i got a text saying that one of the things i bought was sold out i understand something being sold out but it should’ve told me before i got my hopes up
  • Wish I could give 0 stars 1/5

    By cma1037
    NEVER USING THIS APP AGAIN!!! When I ordered an order with with two items and free shipping one of my items was not in stock anymore, I was told my order was canceled. Not ten minutes later I got charged for the entire amount of my order and the shipping which was supposed to be free. I got my order of only the in stock item when I tried to return it dote would not except my return and I had to drive out to the store to return it myself and did not get the full amount of my refund. In conclusion they have charged me for items I did not receive, and couldn’t even get my full return in store. I learned my lessons NEVER using this app again!
  • it’s amazing 5/5

    By Mag775
    i use dote for buying almost all my clothes and it’s super fast and super easy to navigate! i would suggest it to anyone
  • Great Feature Removed 4/5

    By Patriotter
    I love this app. I love saving things like Pinterest boards, I love the brands offered, it’s great. But I really miss the feature that allowed me to search in my own likes and filter through only my boards and favorites. It made it easy to check for sales and make purchase decisions while staying in budget. It also made it easier to find specific things. Please bring that back!
  • Do Not Spend Your Money 1/5

    By ranyaw
    This app is a total waste of your money do not spend a dime on it. The shipping takes weeks to come in and it’s not worth the time it takes. i spent 70$ on a package that i still haven’t received and it’s been 3 weeks. i do not recommend this app at all.
  • racist 1/5

    By chaylorre
    so much controversy with this company. racism at its finest. personally wouldn’t support a company that only likes one race.
  • Failed to meet their sale price 1/5

    By IRB 76
    We make a purchase and issue payment for it. The next day we received a message canceling the order as prices had changed. Ok, but I still deducted the money from my account and they go more than 10 working days and have not yet reimbursed me. We have made several approaches to claim the money back and we have not been successful. Do not fall for promotions of this company that promote a product at a price and then do not comply. Bad customer service 👎🏼
  • thought it was better. 1/5

    By ❤👍🏻💕🍉💙
    i loved dote after i redownloaded it about a month ago. i spent so much time on it picking out clothes that i loved. a week ago, i was looking at the rewards and it said you needed 50,000 coins to get a 500 dollar shopping spree. i was so excited because i had just gotten a lot of money from work, which means i could buy the clothes, earn the coins and then get free clothes. i started posting stories too and i got around 1000 likes on one. i was really excited. today i checked back at the rewards page because i was planning on buying the stuff i looked at on dote to get the points. i was so disappointed to see that they had raised the price in dote coins for the shopping spree (from 50,000 to 500,000) and they raised the giveaway from 9,000 to 20,000. i was sad to see they did this. will be deleting. not sure why they keep doing things like this, i guess they just want more users and money. ridiculous.
  • good, expensive shipping 4/5

    By sydneyraefranco
    love the app but shopping is too expensive
  • Good but stop removing stores 3/5

    By Meghan Omg
    I like this app, ive never had any issues with my orders. BUT they keep removing stores and without warning. PINK Vs, sephora, and H&M have all been taken off the app and it’s quite annoying. :( Update: PLEASE remove the stories tab or at least dont make it the first screen that shows up when you open the app. I use this app to shop, not have a bunch of wanna be influencers shoved in my face! ALSO please go back to the coupon system! This coin system is not it
  • Amazing concept, Don’t support this brand 1/5

    By sarahoneill03
    I got this app almost a year ago and I loved it, the concept is freaking amazing, but now that I know what the brand truly stands for I cannot stand by it. The racism that has gone on during these dote trips really appalls me from using the app and supporting it. When I went on dotes Instagram almost a year ago, their page was filled with the standard white dote girl and I guess I just failed to notice. Now that they have been called out their page is “diverse.” Please see what this brand is truly about and don’t let the recent damage control confuse you.
  • 👍 5/5

    By les boot
    the app is really great I don’t have a problem with any of it anymore
  • Not good 1/5

    By Memejacmeme
    While the app is easy to use, I refuse to support a brand that has created so many issues and blatantly ignored them.
  • Diversity. Point Blank Period!! 1/5

    By CancelFreddy
    Diversity. Period. You need more diversity in your trips and in general. Fix your brand
  • dote experiences 4/5

    By JMmarie3
    okay so with dote it’s really cool and fun shopping online with our favorites stores but there app lags a lot and it will pop up different things about the connection when ur on shopping party and the customer service is okay i asked a question and the person didn’t fully respond to my question so idk it’s a good but definitely some things they can probably fix alsooo the new video update is also cool other than that it’s a 4/5 stars!
  • Scam 1/5

    By nunchelle
    Uses backhand tactics to scam you of your time and effort. Not surprised this company is racist as well. Never using this again
  • Contradiction 3/5

    By I hope you enjoyed my TED Talk
    This app is great and all, like being able to shop at all your favorite stores at once, however some people post referral codes. When I go to check out, there is the option of typing in a coupon code or referral code, so I type in the code that was posted and it says that referral codes are no longer supported. But you literally just told me I can enter a coupon code OR REFERRAL CODE so why say that they aren’t supported?????? The app is contradicting itself. Thank you for reading! ☺️ I hope you enjoyed my TED Talk
  • Seems cool, really a money trap 1/5

    By Bpenna
    Yeah normally I don’t write reviews on things like this but I had such a negative experience I had to make sure no one else got their hopes up. First off, it’s not very safe. ANYONE can livestream or post and say or show pretty much anything they want. Most of the time it was fine but I definitely felt like it wasn’t safe for an app that was geared towards teenaged girls. Second, the shipping is INSANE. They don’t show u what the shipping is until you already ordered so I ended up paying fifty for something I intended to pay twenty for. On top of all that, they don’t do returns. Lastly, it constantly crashes. Every five minutes a little notification comes up saying that it’s not working. Thoroughly disappointed in this app I thought I would really enjoy. If you’re fine with dealing with these problems then feel free to get dote, but I’m just not thrilled with the way things turned out.
  • ? 3/5

    By Aleks💛🤙🏼
    I’m confused because do you have to buy from people or do you just get deals
  • Scam 1/5

    By bowloftofu
    TRASHY scam!! I had $180 in credit for referral and they took it away without warning!!! Untrustworthy
  • please fix the livestream comment section 3/5

    By E549
    whenever i go live it wont show me any of my comments or anything
  • it’s okay 4/5

    By sheliaayala
    i actually really like this app but i am very sad that they have take away coupons for stores, and that referral codes arent supported anymore
  • Love the app 4/5

    By UrDadHasFleas
    I love this app for shopping.The shipping is a bit expensive but otherwise,everything is great.Some good stores to add are journeys or maybe hot topic,possibly old navy?
  • good app! 4/5

    By Tapps Games Lover
    i think dote is a very great app! it is very entertaining to just go through the stories and shops and like things that you like! there are so many different styles. i find myself going on the app and just looking at clothes when im bored. but the only downside is that i am a larger girl, and most of the stores are exclusively for smaller women. it stinks going through the app and clicking on a shirt you like and seeing “fits sizes small” and thats the only size option. but there are plenty of other stores with more sizes! itd be great to see more stores added with more range in sizes. other than that, great app!
  • the best! 5/5

    By masonholly
    Dote makes shopping easy with the ability to shop from all of my favorite stores in one place with one payment. Dote also texts me once all of my orders have been confirmed and shipped so I know when my packages are coming! Not to mention the GREAT deals!!
  • Great app BUT one thing 4/5

    By Nathalyy1702
    This app is amazing and was created very user friendly. It has helped me gather my shopping finds all from different stores into one shopping cart making it easy to pay all in one go. The only thing I don’t like is that they don’t have Zumiez no more which was my favorite store out of the whole app. What a bummer
  • More Diversity 1/5

    By LoStFiRe243
    I bet if you’re reading this, you’ve heard of the recent news on ‘dotechella’. Honestly, it’s disgusting that an app, in 2019, can still be racist and have little to no minorities, and the minorities that they do have, they treat terribly. If I’m ever going to start to use Dote again, they seriously need to get better.
  • LOVE IT 5/5

    By emmaerlenbusch
    i love the app already and then i saw i could get paid, what the heck! that’s amazing, the things they do for the community is so nice! i love and shop all the things on dote. hit me up dote, lol
  • wouldnt order again 1/5

    By 😡😡😡WHY THO😡😡😡
    the idea of the app having all of my favorite stores in one area is very convenient but i ordered less than two days ago and already there have been 3 complications. overall its just really annoying and ive heard some people say the clothes dont even come in the mail. one of the problems was that after i had ordered and purchased two of the items, the price raised which is kind of a scam. and i ordered and payed for an item but a couple days later it said it sold out. it says you will pay a really fair price but end up cancelling those items or dealing with the additional expences. the shipping is also really expensive. so i wouldnt recommend using this app
  • New update is a scam 1/5

    By ima23456
    Dotes new update is, plain and simple, a scam. I downloaded dote last year and to my surprise was able to get really good deals. I got 3 shirts and a necklace for only $0.45-no joke! using a coupon I had purchased with coins. Before this update, you could get a $10 off coupon with about 250 coins, and free shipping for 100. Now, however, there is no more coupon system. Instead, each item is available to purchase at its regular price or 100x its price in coins. Meaning: a $10 item would be 1000 coins. Do you see what’s wrong here? Before, you could get $10 off for 250 coins, now it’s 1000?? Seriously? To distract people from this, they’ve introduced a new way to get coins- an influencer type system where you upload pictures and if people click on it and buy any of the items your tagged as wearing you will get coins. However, if you’re not already an established influencer it is well near impossible that people will both find your picture amongst the hundreds of thousands and then purchase the items you tagged. Let’s face it: nobody’s gonna search through influencers pictures to find a pink crop top when they could just search it up among stores selling crop tops. This on top of their recent scandal involving people of color in dote marketing has completely turned me off to the app. I hope dote can do better in the future.
  • shipping prices -_- 5/5

    By baby blue loli pop
    overall i think this is a good app. i think it’s easier to use one app to order things from a bunch of stores instead of having to use different apps and websites for different stores. it’s pretty easy to use, there are giveaways you can enter, you can post your outfits and tag the items which i find cool because you can see other people’s outfits and see what you like, have an idea on how it can look or fits from a real person. the only thing i dislike is the shipping prices. one time i ordered a few items and i think the total came up to maybe $30-40. but with shipping it ended up being like $65. it kinda defeated the whole purpose of it being cheaper in my point of view.
  • Eh 4/5

    By fairies68
    This was a pretty cool app until people starting adding their pictures. Having to see guys wearing barrettes, daisy dukes and standing like models is truly disturbing.
  • 100% Recommend 4/5

    By ctantte1222
    I want to start off by saying I really like the app. It gives a lot of fashion ideas, you can post polls and stories, and most importantly you’re able to see where people got their clothes from. I really like spending time on the app watching people’s lives and seeing if we have the same fashion sense. The only reason I took a star off is because it is really hard to find some items on the app. If you’re posting a story and trying to tag an item it is hard to find that item, sometimes. I think it would be better to be able to scan a tag and it would find the item or take a picture of the item and it would find the item.
  • Good 5/5

    By dote sponser mehh
    I honestly love this my life change ever since i discovered dote like i love it it has nice clothing and its on sale any brand you want dote has it like im so happy honestly.

    By val20..
    Dote won’t let me access my previous account and won’t delete it. Whenever I try to make a new account it follows al the old accounts and people I follow and won’t let me unfollow them. I feel like this is a glitch and should be fixed. When contacting dote they were so help at all and took multiple tries. Very unhelpful. I won’t be using dote again and after the big racial controversy with them I will no longer support this company or recommend.
  • help 3/5

    By gavannd
    i don’t know if you guys see this but whenever i try to join a giveaway and one of the things is post a fit i do then it doesn’t show up and i have to reload the app for it to pop up then i go to the giveaway and it doesn’t show that i did it
  • RACIST 1/5

    By g1919191
    i use to use this app and love it but they are an extremely racist company that discriminates against races except for white girls that are very skinny. if y’all wanna know what happened search up “where’s the diversity on dote”
  • Love this app so much! 5/5

    By Jack_sprad04
    It’s so much fun to use and makes shopping so much easier.

    By JuiceBoxGiraffe
    so i don't really understand the new update. i'm trying to enter a giveaway and it says i need to "post a fit." i posted on my story three times today but it still says i haven't done it. what am I supposed to do?

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