DoubleMap Bus Tracker

DoubleMap Bus Tracker

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  • Current Version: 4.2.2
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • Developer: DoubleMap
  • Compatibility: Android
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DoubleMap Bus Tracker App

DoubleMap is a real-time bus tracking system. DoubleMap allows riders to track the exact location of a bus in real time. We know how busy your day is. Don't waste it waiting at the bus stop. App features: - View bus locations in real time - Get ETA predictions for the stops you use - Choose the routes you want to see - Stay updated on the latest changes in your system Downloaded the app but don't see your transit system? Request it! Let your transit system know that you want DoubleMap.

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DoubleMap Bus Tracker app reviews

  • Inaccurate often 3/5

    By lalunabruja
    Not all of the buses in my city have their location on so it’s difficult to know where they’re at and if they’re close to my stop. The buses also do not update always for stops, which, in conjunction to their locations being turned off, does not help. Sometimes I will be waiting for a bus and not see it on the map but it’ll show up right in front of the stop.
  • “STOP DETAILS NOT AVAILABLE” yet uninstalling fixed it 5/5

    By yensbshshsbz
    I don’t know why this app isn’t displaying the times for the routes in Bloomington transit, my previous phone had no problems from day 1 w DoubleMap. If this issue is fixed I will gladly rate 5 stars!! Please fix this issue w iPhone compatibility or whatever the car my be!
  • Sadly 1/5

    By OPop98
    Slow and No busses when tracking
  • Good app, but bad details. 3/5

    By ShaeyCV
    I find this app so helpful and essential to getting around my college campus. But there are a few things that make this app a little inconvenient. There isn’t a real-time ETA. meaning when a shuttle stops to take a break, or is waiting for the seats to fill up, it’ll stay say 5/6 minutes until it reaches the next stop, when in reality it may take 20 minutes. I find this to be the biggest issue, and it can really make or break my day, especially in the after hours. The app also doesn’t list if the shuttle is going to its last stop either , so when you’re waiting for a shuttle, it might suddenly shut down. Alerts for certain shuttle stops would also be helpful.
  • Rider app is mounds better 1/5

    By adollar97
    This app is just very inaccurate with almost everything regarding bus movement. Buss arrivals time- never accurate, never updates according to buss position Buss movement and location- very inaccurate, have missed at least three busses from trusting this inferior app. Rider app is better
  • the rider app was better 1/5

    By 55566667777
    this app is so much worse than their other app. unfortunately the other app doesn’t work anymore. fix the notifications
  • Terrible app 1/5

    By TheWalrusBoy
    The app has been the bane of my existence ever since I moved here. Please change your dev staff. Feedback button within app still doesn’t work among many other things.
  • Terrible 1/5

    By billerrrr
    I thought this was supposed to be an upgraded version of the old one. This one is confusing and you can’t see the real time tracking if each route.
  • No ma’am! 2/5

    By Keoshia M.
    Yea this app ain’t it. Rider was 1000000x better & more accurate.
  • The worst bus app I have ever used 1/5

    By 1102846482910
    Really bad user experience
  • Low quality 2/5

    By Vincenzo518
    The app tracks buses and it’s OK at that, although sometimes there is considerable lag between the app and reality. If you leave the app for a second and then return to it (e.g, say you get a phone call or a text or want to check email), it often (maybe always) freezes and you have to restart it to get the bus position. It will look like all buses have stopped moving. The estimated time for a bus to arrive is nearly alway wrong. Overall this is a low quality app.
  • University of Delaware bus 4/5

    By Caitlyn8199
    Having the buses location shown is helpful but need to have time list of when the bid is supposed to arrive not just say it comes every 10-15 mins. Should also have a tutorial of how to use the app when it’s first downloaded because as a first time user it was very confusing.
  • Complete Trash 1/5

    By DeeEhmEff
    Today marks the third time this week i've missed a bus because the "time to arrival" feature is bugged. Mine is a college bus system so a missed bus means i'm either late to class or risking parking on campus for $100 in towing. The old rider app worked fine but they've forced us to install this and it's garbage. I'm better off showing up to my bus stop an hour before class and just waiting instead of trying to be efficient using this program.
  • Cant Find My University 1/5

    By @ang3lryzz
    The University of Houston (Main) is not listed on the app. Please help I need it ASAP
  • Eh, it can be helpful *if it’s working* 2/5

    By Person who wants likes
    This app is helpful in knowing when the bus you need is coming but I often find that it doesn’t load right or it takes a long time to load and it makes me miss my bus thinking it won’t be there yet
  • Works great for Bloomington Transit 5/5

    By Insanity_Prevails
    Always displays bus locations accurately and stays up-to-date well. Works like a charm! Now, if only the same could be said of the buses themselves...
  • Great app...when it’s working 2/5

    By New Rider 1234
    Only works half the time
  • Best app 4/5

    By jaime009
    Best city bus to track your bus if you need to get somewhere this is the best app
  • Pretty reliable 4/5

    By maemae428
    Shows the exact location of the bus most of the time however certain busses for my campus are not on the map which can be frustrating and it is hard to tell what direction the bus is heading when it is stopped. Overall a good app.
  • Love this app!!! 5/5

    By Reviews by Megan
    The app works great. Very real time. Really helps me know when I need to leave my house or building. It takes the mental uncertainty out of commuting. Love this app. Will continue to use it!
  • Awful 1/5

    By Dodokckcocmck
    Using this app makes me want to die, but I have to use it to find buses. It’s so awful and laggy you would think they’d have something better than this in 2019.
  • Not showing my bus 1/5

    By pileofjunk96
    2 days in a row my bus is not showing on the app. Has been inconsistent but these two days the bus doesn’t show. What good is it without the bus?
  • Good app but... 2/5

    By Phaerosis
    Would have given 5 stars but for the fact that the app does not estimated time of bus arrival.
  • Driver with bad attitude 2/5

    By Blinkingsinceforever
    The system is great and the prices are fair, but your driver Robert Montgomery always treats my friends bad when we ride the bus, he has a really bad attitude towards anybody that asks questions or gets enfuriated if you fold your money when you pay to ride the bus. Everything else is great
  • Stop details not available 2/5

    By DDoubler
    When I click on a stop to see what time a bus will arrive, the app says stop details aren’t available. Everyone I know with an iPhone has the same problem, but two friends with android do get the stop details (for the exact same stop and at the same time as I didn’t get them). That might be a coincidence or it might not work properly on iPhones. This app would be so useful if it worked properly, so I really hope this gets fixed! Just being able to watch the bus move along the road is helpful but I have to estimate how long it will take
  • Busses? 4/5

    By Nicholaslange
    They have a mind of their own, I tell you. They come and go as they please, and legend has it if you track them, they all begin to come for you.
  • DoubleMap 3/5

    By JuliaBradbury1128
    App is okay. Needs to add a refresh button for arrival times!
  • Bus App 5/5

    By CHiiNAD0LL
    I use this bus for university & i love it. its so accurate & it is always on time!
  • Really useful 5/5

    By Mustrdsed
    Great app. Very accurate in terms of real time bus movement. Saves time and gives me a few extra minutes in the morning before heading out to the bus stop.
  • Awful 1/5

    By qwerty85793745
    Literally unusable on iPhone 6s+
  • Map 5/5

    By excutting
    Perfect App. Precise location and helpful when you use it.
  • The best 5/5

    By Mitrina122
  • Unreliable and dysfunctional 1/5

    By BlendedHeadline
    This is the worst functioning transportation app I have ever used, and that’s saying something. The arrival times are entirely reliable and stop information is unavailable 75% of the time. As a college student on a tight schedule, I’m incredibly disappointed.
  • Worthless 1/5

    By Epic Annoyed
    Shows N O T H I N G!! Choose location and surprise, blank screen with no routes. W O R T H L E S S
  • Great for campus 5/5

    By Tsu Anna
    The bus location tracker is great on campus
  • No help 3/5

    By aystoch
    I'm surprised not to see a help section. Something on how to use the map. I see some acronyms like EE, E, EC when awaiting a bus and I don't even know what they mean doesnt help!
  • Poor time & route predictor 2/5

    By Hdshdthvfyu
    I use the app for a university bus service and it incorrectly shows routes and time estimates roughly a third of the time. It does do a good job of tracking bus location and showing routes at peak hours, but it’s unreliable during in-between hours.
  • Does not work at all for Eku big e transit 1/5

    By stormy day.
    Don’t waste your time it doesn’t do anything.
  • Focus on Map, not Timetable 4/5

    By ZannerX
    App is fine, wish the timetables were more accurate for SF shuttles. But at least you can use the map and see where it is.
  • Very helpful! 5/5

    By MeganKlav
    Wonderful app
  • Good when it works 3/5

    By Moorore
    Half the time the route shows up but no buses do. Not sure if that’s a system glitch or an issue with the actual buses though
  • Pleasantly surprised 5/5

    By Tech Guy 5x
    App installed and works with no glitches or issues. Very accurate. I can use it to predict when the bus will come around the corner and into view within seconds. Let’s me know if I need to rush to get to the stop or not.
  • Allows tracking of family member. 5/5

    By Baby Blue Egg
    We live on the south side and receive visits from a family member who lives on the north side. We can follow the bus our loved one is on and plan accordingly in rain or sunshine whether to provide a support ride or not when getting off the bus. Great app!
  • Can’t even download the app! 1/5

    By Booyashaka 2011
    Would love to review this app but it’s not even downloading to install so eff it. Two thumbs way down. Useless.
  • Really loving this Beta App, hoping my City accepts it. 5/5

    By Surprised Sal
    I hope my City of El Paso accepts this app because I find it very helpful & useful to use! Keep up the great work, its just a couple of minutes behind, from the actual Trolleys but once you know this, the preparation time is fluid with the Trolley time. Maybe this time difference can be stated on your app information? But it truly is a great app! Thanks a lot!
  • Amazing 5/5

    By Punkbunny182
    I’ve stayed at Lurie Children’s Hospital and this app has helped so much to be able to use the shuttle bus
  • Great concept, Poor execution 3/5

    By Shaheveid
    DoubleMap is a very helpful app. I use it many times a day. However, the user interface is atrocious. For example, when zooming in on specific locations of the map, the app will automatically zoom out as soon as you take your hands off the screen and re-center the map to show all the routes. I have spent minutes zooming in on the same location over and over to monitor a bus’s route because DoubleMap implemented what seems to me to be a useless feature. There are other examples of things like this on the app, but for me this is the most annoying. Also, heads up, the route times within the app are based on a schedule, not the actual buses, so if a bus is running early or late the times are useless. I never use them. In summary, I really like DoubleMap (great concept), but it is extremely frustrating (poor execution).
  • Not that accurate 2/5

    By Scotzman
    Both the app and website aren’t accurate. Shows difference between the two.
  • Very useful!!! 5/5

    By music lover 1031
    This is an amazing app that helps me find the best routes in real time. I don’t know what I would do without this very helpful application. I do hope they even more Metro Systems get added to this awesome app! This app would most definitely be even more useful if they had the Metro Systems of Laredo/Corpus Christi/Wichita Falls, and many other great routes across Texas and other states. One app for a live feed and route... that’s a great app!!!