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DouHiring App

Focus on the reliable platform for part-time job hunting. Well-known companies in major industries publish campus recruitment and social recruitment information here, easy to register, and fast delivery. Whether you are a workplace white or looking for a better development career, you can easily find a high-paying position that suits you.

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  • Hello 4/5

    By Muratjan_94
    Hi, im living in Turkey. I want to make money too. But this app not working in my country. Can you please activate it here?? 🙏🙏
  • update? bruh 3/5

    By dtasghlfskskdhbofsw
    i used to love this app and was able to cash out faster now y’all really makin it difficult for me to chase dat bag. like i’m just tryna get some stacks and now 3 cents for the playing a game & reading a novel?? what is this :|
  • The tasks keep going quickly 2/5

    By dghjntyuui
    I really love DouHiring - it’s really easy to earn some a little pocket change. However , recently I’ve only been able to get one task- and it’s taking days to make it to $5 I don’t have many friends to network with to sign up for it.. so I go by own way. I really think you guys need to give us more tasks and maybe less time to keep it open. It’s not fair to wait til 4 pm eastern standard time to get 0.25 cents.. overall it’s an okay app.
  • Good choice 5/5

    By whiskeyandweigthz
    This app is fantastic. I hardly recommend.
  • Some prob with the app:( 3/5

    By Sunshine33065
    The app doesn’t always pay when you finish doing the task. But it’s a way to get a few dollars in you pocket.
  • Major glitch today 1/5

    By nanzi59
    Major glitch going on. Nothing is correcting it Used to love this app. Unfortunately earning 23 cents a day is hardly worth the effort
  • Love this app! 5/5

    By thatdesigirl5
    This app is great. It’s super easy to work and doesn’t take you months to get rewarded. You also don’t have to take 20 minute long surveys!!! There’s always going to be a way that company’s can improve but this app is the best app I’ve used for making money! It’s pretty fast and the customer service is great. Love this app👍🏼
  • Love it! 5/5

    By Arrowangel21
    Pretty great app, especially the newer version. Customer service is great! You won’t get rich but you will earn a few extra bucks here and there! Sign up with if 173901 and get a bonus after you finish 20 jobs!!
  • Unable to login 1/5

    By LinxSpree
    I already had an account signed up. However, upon having to login, the app created a new account and my phone number is bound to the old one, so I can’t even reverify and it doesn’t give me the option to log in with my phone number. Sent an email and they only reply with “you must hit okay to login.” I would love to hit okay, IF I HAD THE OPTION!
  • Work when it want too 1/5

    By SkeeskiG
    Will not let you finish downloading all apps. Only let you download 2 apps, the rest will disappear before you finish 2 of them. Task somehow magically disappear
  • It’s okay at first 3/5

    By Anabelle 🤑
    I’m giving it 3 stars because it did work! I cashed out 2 times, but after I cashed out the second time it stopped giving me tasks. I only get maybe 1 or 2 tasks a day that actually work so it’s really just a waste of time now.
  • Works 4/5

    By Ilyshelby16
    So I’m not going to lie this app was sketchy af but I still downloaded it I ran into quite a bit of problems and it would never load or glitch or have me running in circles. But now that they fixed the bugs this app works great I have had no problems I’ve withdrawn numerous times made a pretty decent amount of money I’m pretty happy with it and if you are too use my ID code 236741 we both can make each other more money.
  • Waste of Time 2/5

    By jennafer14
    This app is a waste of time. You do the tasks and once you’re ready to withdraw what you earned you can’t. I spent two days trying to withdraw what I supposedly earned just to constantly go back to the same thing that it can’t load. Also they want you to upload a photo of your ID and a selfie for “verification” yet it glitches all the time and you’re stuck doing the same thing over and over again. HUGE waste of time.
  • Happy 5/5

    By literallystop
    App is working again :)
  • So far so good 4/5

    By TryingtoReviewThings
    Easy to use, developers are responsive to any issues, I’ve come across some apps that I like based on the tasks. Feel free to use my invite code: 378972 :)

    By whydoineedtoeneranickname
    Why is it completely different since you “fixed” the server error. What is yuan? and what happened to the other software to DL and try apps for 3min to earn money?!?
  • Love this app 5/5

    By Zookrazy
    I love this app. Gives me something to do when I want to check out new apps. And make money at the same time. My app will not load!! Still out would mi e for h ty see what be a real. Says It will not meat me upload a video here. Was liking it.... Downloaded iMONEY as I was told. It will not even open. I’d like to cash out. I was having fun. Starting to love this app again! Wish we had more time to do a few tasks. Overall would recommend!
  • Changes 1/5

    By Krusher9999
    This app used to work. But now everything is in a different language. It used to be so simple to make money but now I dont know what is going on.
  • Sketchier and sketchier 1/5

    By i(wantmy)money
    I cashed out and it took 2+ weeks to get the money into PayPal. I’m now ready to cash out again and it says I have to upload a picture of myself holding my license to verify I am who I say I am. I tried to contact support and got a 404 error! I cashed out fine last time and I don’t remember agreeing to upload proof of who I am- or providing my license info!- to be able to use the app and cash my earnings out. I expect a response from support and the ability to cash out without having to provide my license information. I also want to see where in the user agreement it says I have to upload proof before cashing out.
  • License and selfie 1/5

    By Confused1010101mc
    In order to cash out your money, they want a picture of your license and a selfie with you holding your license. YEAH... not happening. This seems like a scam, I’m not doing it. You can keep your $10. The app crashes way too much anyway.
  • 0 out of 5 1/5

    By tharealpapito
    In my opinion I felt hustled I cash out five dollars then here come the server crashing. I wasn’t surprised one bit.
  • After withdraw no more tasks 2/5

    By Molichelle18
    The app is good but once I cashed out my money I stopped getting tasks and that was like 3 weeks ago I think I’ll just uninstall it
  • Seems like a hack 1/5

    By DeeMAC86
    Was great at first. But the. Started getting some server error. Then suddenly there’s some work around where if you let them access the settings on your phone and download something onto your phone it will suddenly work. Seems like a great way for them to hack your phone get information off of it and possibly still your identity. Or break your phone. They should focus on repairing their server and making their app work.

    By Younge88
    Useless I can’t open the app without getting server error message and it crashing this is terrible
  • Very useful part-time software 5/5

    By OscarErt21
    Super good APP, the first download experience is very good, make money together, spend money together
  • Part-time jobs to make money 5/5

    By ArneshaR
    I highly recommend a powerful APP to you. I hope you can try it. The most important thing is to make money
  • Earning pocket money 5/5

    By jaydorakyn
    I feel that this software is quite reliable. It doesn't take long to make money to do tasks when it's OK. Good stuff.
  • Good app 4/5

    By BettyG38
    Super good APP, the first download experience is very good, make money together, spend money together
  • The data clearly 4/5

    By djgotsauce
    Spare time can earn pocket money, it is really good
  • Good 5/5

    By lilly88##
    Very good software, hope to be a little better more perfect. Good app to earn some cash
  • You can make money anywhere and anytime. 5/5

    By shez2much
    I have just downloaded this APP to my parents' mobile phone. I can kill time and earn pocket money at the same time in the future. It is really a convenient APP for everyone to use
  • The app is awesome 5/5

    By vanikin4life
    Good amateur moneymaking software, hopefully even better
  • Earn money 5/5

    By Abcdrhdg
    It's great, it's been two days, I've made money, it's amazing, it's a great experience
  • Good summary of information 5/5

    Used friends are very good, easy to operate, learn quickly, but also can make money
  • This APP is easy to operate. 5/5

    By sweety chance
    It's easy to use, easy to make money, and a great download experience.
  • pocket money 5/5

    By Celeste Rice
    The whole family is using this software, and the feedback is surprisingly good. I hope I can do better in the future
  • Great app 4/5

    By mbbrnhrt
    You should try it
  • highly recommend 5/5

    By maderosr
    The APP that can earn pocket money is really great
  • Making money online 5/5

    By anttttmo
    Just downloaded, a very good page feel can find a lot of things, especially can earn pocket money, very good.
  • Make money online, depend! 5/5

    By TaylorKathryn :)
    I recommend an APP to you, hope you like it and can make money in your spare time
  • make money 5/5

    By Toni2Toni
    I think the benefits of this software are very much, I want to share with you, you can actually operate to make money
  • Servers has been down for days 1/5

    By ghbniihbb
    Since the server has been dpwn it continues to prompt me to download a different app to earn money. What about the over $35 that I had not gotten in the first place. I never cashed in anything and was just waiting to get to $50.
  • Love it! But, 4/5

    By nickname loves this app
    I have used this app for many months now, and it was working great! I have shared it to my family and friends. I kept earning money and am now close to cashing out $50. But every time I try to get into the app, it says Server Error. My family also says some of theirs isn’t working either. I got a few notifications saying it was on their end. I was just wondering if you ( the developers) are still working on this problem. Another question I have is, how long will you Thank you so much for taking the time to read this!
  • Glitchy 1/5

    By Kshines23
    Can’t even register. Deleted & re-downloaded still can’t get it to work.
  • App is BS! 1/5

    By PamelaLeigh
    Earned over $40 then they said app no longer available and to join another which isn’t approved!! Scam!!!!!
  • Not Happy with Service 1/5

    By Indianmade
    I had no issues until I went to collect money. The App crashed and I haven’t been able to get ahold of anyone to get the issues fixed. It would be nice to be able to work in this App.
  • Love this app 1/5

    By Daniel Zamarripa
    This app is legitimately awesome and I already cash about $20. There a problem right now it says server error Update Please fix your app I want to cash my $10 I will return 5 star if you fix your problem
  • Bait and switch 1/5

    By ajdhdbfi
    I had over $22 the app crashed i delete it and when i re installed its a completely different app and no money in my account i cant even sign in . I guess it was a scam after all
  • Everyone loves this APP 5/5

    By TinaPetraccione
    The page is simply too human, decisive recommendation to friends, together with money

DouHiring app comments

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