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DouHiring App

Focus on the reliable platform for part-time job hunting. Well-known companies in major industries publish campus recruitment and social recruitment information here, easy to register, and fast delivery. Whether you are a workplace white or looking for a better development career, you can easily find a high-paying position that suits you.

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  • Not happy 1/5

    By 99cobrachic
    The app was pretty good until this week when I cashed out $10 and all of a sudden this morning they had taken that $10 out of my PayPal. Something isn’t adding up right.
  • Starting to think it’s a scam 1/5

    By Rajesh1002
    App started out fine and didn’t even mind they wanted me to verify who I am. I have been trying to verify myself for three months now and it just won’t go through. I had messaged the people running the app and at first they seemed ready to help. Now they won’t answer my messages or help me through the verification process seeing as the app will not let me upload the pictures they ask for. Starting to think this is a scam. I have 30$ in there but can’t access. I’ve also been having an issue where I barely get any tasks and when I do it tells me I’ve already done that task. I’m very disappointed in the app.
  • Photo ID required? 3/5

    By Urtinyfriend
    EDIT: this edit is after the original review to follow. — I’m really frustrated! I’m now rating this app down to a 3. Ever since I’ve cashed out I hardly get any ‘tasks’. Buy today I saw one and it said I had already done it. I don’t know why. And so I refreshed and another one popped up and it said it had none left or something. I always wait for the 10am eastern time and usually there is none. Sometimes I check mid day or evening and I see one but rarely. So they could pop up at any time and disappear just as quick. It’s like you have to sit and refresh all day long to get a chance at $0.23. It’s ridiculous! I’ll keep trying and at least collect my daily reward. Which by the way also changed. You use to get a bonus after like 3 days and then 7 days and then I think 30. But now it’s just a flat 10 cents a day no matter how faithful you are. They deliver what they say but it’s a lot of effort for a few cents. I don’t see how others are getting so much money because there is no way to get that much that fast! —————————- Original review: Ok I had originally cashed in the $1 and then saved up and cashed in $5. But then it was asking for ID. I hoped that would go away. Apparently it was to avoid scammers. I kept earning money and waiting and it never went away. Finally the other day I decided to just do it. I completely covered my ID except the photo. By the next day it was approved. I was a little surprised but I’m not worried about someone having my photo honestly. So, I got to $10 and cashed in but now I get next to no offers!.. it says new offers at 10am eastern. I wait and often there is none. Sometimes I’m lucky and there is 1. But that’s it. Before I cashed out there would be like 5-8. Now nearly none. I feel like this happened after I cashed out the $5 as well. Anyway I keep the app and just try to get my daily bonus and maybe an offer now and then. If I get enough to buy myself a coffee then I’m happy. I gave it a 4 stars for now but I’d give it 5 if the offers were more regular.
  • It’s okay for me 5/5

    By Shacketts From Lindatowne
    I’ve been using this app for a half of a month now but when doing the task is it takes too long to get your money, then when you cash out you had to wait 48 hours just to get the money and they send you one cent to make sure you’re not a fake or a robot then they send the rest of your money like 3 to 4 days later. Then you will have to wait hours to get more task is to do. The highest amount of money I have made it to was only $25 in and I send my ID code to two friends so they can do it and I get money from them when they’re doing it to. But this app is cool but just take to long to get more task. But now the task stop coming in, the only time I do get any money is when somebody use my code but I do not get any task anymore. But I will still use this app into we can’t use this app no more.
  • Cash out 1/5

    By Happi2323
    I have been waiting to receive the total of $10 since I’ve cashed out only to check today to see both with draws have failed!! I need to understand what’s going on.. I provided my ID and if you think you’re going to get something off of my name happy trails 😂😂😂😂.. I’ll change my rating and maybe comment if and when I get my money 🤷🏽‍♀️
  • Major glitch today 1/5

    By nanzi59
    Major glitch going on. Nothing is correcting it Used to love this app. Unfortunately earning 23 cents a day is hardly worth the effort Never any tasks available. Support doesn’t answer emails when you don’t get your 23 cents. Waste of time Email never answered if you have problems getting paid due to technical problems on DouHirings part.
  • Getting paid 3/5

    By bettyboopNit
    How do I get paid to my paypal account? It keeps rejecting my drivers license! Why?? What am I doing wrong??
  • Great!!! Learn to use! 5/5

    By Skilz
    Once you learn that offers come around the same time every day and how it works then you won’t have any problems. I’ve been using them for months now and have cashed in $30 with no issues. Took a couple days but I got my money and am still getting tasks!! Unlike other apps that basically write you off once you cash out. Great great great app!!!
  • Love this app! 5/5

    By charb2019
    Great easy way to make extra cash straight to your PayPal. So hard to find trustworthy apps like these now days! Thank you for doing what you do!
  • Very annoying 1/5

    By Cocoapuff Sweet
    There are never really any tasks. The threshold to withdraw your money keeps changing. I referred 2 friends and didn’t get the bonuses for it. For mo the now the app has been giving me a hard time to withdraw my money.
  • Not so good anymore 2/5

    By lilmrsdisaster
    This app use to be great. Every time it hit 4pm there would be tasks and tasks would sometimes be available in the mornings. The only thing that ever works now is the daily .10¢ you earn. If I’m lucky enough to do some tasks only 1-3 pop up and that’s it, but that’s super rare.
  • Great App 5/5

    By Debbie12276
    I love this app. When I first downloaded it I was cashing out st least $50 a month. The tasks are easy to complete. Things have slowed down for now but I know if I just give it time they’ll pick up again. This app is definitely worth having.
  • love this 5/5

    By gammergirl2018
    i havh cashed out 2 times so far some apps i end up keepin like new games n video apps love the variety of different apps everyday!
  • Legit 5/5

    By pistolgirl13
    This app is still working things out so tasks are minimal right now but I was able to make nearly $20 and I have gotten my money when I cashed out. I eagerly await when more tasks will be available but it’s still a great app.
  • Not worth it 1/5

    By Scottikus_
    Takes forever to get $10 to cash out. You only get a few tasks a day to start out with they don’t pay much, then after a few short days the amount of apps you can get paid for drop dramatically, then over a longer period they stop sending them altogether. I’m not even sure I’ll get paid for what I’ve got because I can’t earn enough to cash out the whole amount that I already have. My advice, there are way better apps out there that pay you more, and have better opportunities for you.
  • Amazing!! 5/5

    By normanii8505
    This app has given me about 50$ in about 2 months. It’s easy to work and doesn’t give you the run around. Use my code for 5$ on your first task!! 271022
  • Easiest way to make money ever! 5/5

    By Tator18tot
    This app is amazing!! It’s 100% legit!! Super super easy to make money, literally requires no effort. I HIGHLY recommend it to everyone!
  • Not getting any tasks 😡😡😡 1/5

    By Sunshine33065
    The app is okay but not getting enough tasks. They come in about every three days or so. My phone is set to receive alerts but I never get many alerts letting me know I got new tasks. Sometimes I think the app is just taking up space on my phone.
  • Great app!! 5/5

    By H.G.Bright
    Use my invitation code: 115661 I’ve tried similar task apps a lot but this is the best one so far... easier design and a lot more user friendly. There has been small bugs here and there but they don’t bother me at all. You get paid and it’s legit! Also the withdrawal works perfectly! I’ve already made over $100 and cashed out $70 with my paypal. Waiting for my next withdrawal to come! Absolutely recommended.
  • Pretty good 4/5

    By falsegamestupidgame!!!
    I have cashed out $30 into my PayPal account in the time that I’ve had this app and yes it has its issues but what app doesn’t? It’s not full of ads and it works. It takes up to 48 hours to receive your money into your PayPal account and that’s not an issue at all if you can wait. Use my referral ID: 120500! It’ll help both of us! I enjoy this app!
  • NOT GONNA LIE 🤷🏻‍♀️ 4/5

    By moanin_onthe_moon
    okay so I actually am Kinda obsessed with this app. Sure it’s only about 23 cents for every task but after a week of playing consistently, I’ve made almost $11 dollars. I would love to continue using this app and referring friends, but there hasn’t been another task available since 2 days ago. Overall a pretty good app no lies or scams 💜
  • Blank screen 1/5

    By Cool2468cool
    App worked well a week ago. Cashed out $5. Now this week, the app opens, but with a blank screen.
  • I love it!! It’s a great app, but I have one problem. 5/5

    By pinkkush1
    The app it really easy to use, explains everything you need to do in order to get your reward. It’s very easy and you earn 23-50 cents each reward you complete. You can add friends as well for more of a pay out in iPhone tho. My problem with the app is I get on it all the time 24/7 no lie lol but it’s been 2 day and I’ve experience the same thing. I will get on let’s say there’s 5 task to complete, and there’s plenty of spots left I will go to do a task finish and what not, but the rest of them always vanish right after I am done with the task at hand. I’ve been on this app for about a week or 2 and it great definitely worth a download! ;)
  • How do I get more tasks 4/5

    By chasity parks
    After my first week of tasks I notice I started getting maybe two or three tasks a day sometimes no tasks do I have to withdraw my cash to receive more tasks or do I have to wait on friends to do tasks to make more money just a little confused
  • Cool app 4/5

    By tayayscue
    This app is over all very useful, I’ve been using for a few months now. Over these past few months I’ve made probably over &50 all together. Only thing is I wish there were more task to do because they go pretty quickly I used to could do about 10 a day now I can only do like 2 or 3. I would highly recommend using this app just for a few extra bucks it’s definitely worth it!!!!
  • First it gives you chance, then it doesn’t work. 1/5

    By Lidiia Makarenko
    When I downloaded this app It works just for 1 week.I had just withdrawn only 10$ but then It doesn’t work.It says “Can’t connect to the server”. Im really disappointed for waisting my time😔
  • I’m not saying bad or good 4/5

    By 75brown
    Here is the thing, I have been on this app for about 2months and it was working very will and all of a sudden the games don’t work and the books don’t work. Why I ask? There was nothing wrong with it everything was working just fine. And every time I do the invite, it having them to go to “ imoney” and not “DouHiring”. Can u please explain why and when are you going to fix the games and books to read . Thank you
  • Scam 1/5

    By Lanky Patrick
    It doesn’t let you withdrawal your earned money. Don’t waste your time with this app

    By Amzies3112
    Here’s my referral code: 278884 Let’s all make some money! I wish there were more tasks throughout the day, but I love being able to make a few bucks just out of boredom. Great platform!
  • Doesn’t pay 1/5

    By antoniojcs
    I earned $31.61 and I’ve been trying get paid but it doesn’t work.
  • Possible scam 1/5

    By Pleket
    It could be a scam, it might not be. But atleast for me I have not gotten paid 🤷🏿‍♀️. I had the app for a couple of months and I had not used it too much but I managed to earn $13. So i go to cash out 10, I put in my ID, i follow all the instructions. I go to the dou hiring app and it says Ive been paid. My email told me I was paid. I go to the paypal app and it shows nothing. Sooo... take that as you will. Its been a few days but who knows.
  • Please fix app 3/5

    By Blah1996
    Would give 5 stars, but they need to fix the app. I was pleased to have withdrawn $10, but after that, I hardly get any new apps to try out, and I can't play their games or read their novels. Please fix it and then I'll give 5 stars.
  • Love this app! 5/5

    By thatdesigirl5
    I’ve used this app for months and love it. It’s great. It’s super easy to work and doesn’t take you months to get rewarded. You also don’t have to take 20 minute long surveys!!! There’s always going to be a way that company’s can improve but this app is the best app I’ve used for making money.
  • Sketchy and not worth it. 1/5

    By sfjievjk
    First, I was very very cautious of this app as it ask for your info like your license. Most others that I use for online doesn’t do that and I have made way more money faster. I got my money but I will not be continuing because they even charge me the remaining money that I had after the 25$. Originally 26.46$. But they took money without my consent or understanding of it. I’m very disappointed because this shows they don’t care enough about my time, effort, money, privacy and customer service. I’m trying to make extra money, not lose money. Goodbye.
  • No more tasks 3/5

    By Macshorty33
    I’ve had this app for almost 6 months, at the beginning it was great there were a lot of tasks and cashing out was easy. No even when they claim their are tasks being released I see nothing but the daily “novels” and “games”.
  • Offers 3/5

    By strikert786
    I redeemed a 10 dollar PayPal and than after that I only got 1 app offer to do
  • Needs help 5/5

    By this needs some rethinking
    I only gave this 5 stars so my review would be seen. I was making money with this app averaging $5 every 3-5 days then there was an update. Now there aren’t enough tasks posted for a person to get credit for more than one per day. And if you aren’t able to get on right at 4pm in the dot all the tasks are taken already. If you are hoping any money with an App this is most definitely not the on for you!!
  • I’ve sent 2 different emails 1/5

    By Disappointed user x100
    I don’t even know how to go about contacting any support people. Tried to send emails with no response. I haven’t gotten any new apps that my device hasn’t already downloaded. They send ones that you have to preorder and still don’t get anything because it can’t be downloaded yet. My friend that I had invited and has been using for a couple months now isn’t crediting my account either for the tasks they’ve done and finished.
  • Douhiring 4/5

    By Kaesings
    I like the app pretty cool, minor problems.
  • I Love This App 5/5

    By Tamika1092
    I Don’t Think I Understand Why It Won’t Let Me Complete More Task When It Says It Has 999 Task Left Help Please
  • Garbage 1/5

    By hgjfkskgb
    This is crazy I have done face tasks now since downloading the app and every single time I follow the directions as written and not ONCE have I gotten a single reward this is not an app I would recommend
  • Fix it 3/5

    By Shiina Caution
    I’ve had this app for a while - maybe 2 months. When I first downloaded it, there were always tasks and you could select a few a day. Now , with the update , they are all gone or don’t show up at all. The only thing that is consistent is the daily sign in of 10 cents ( sometimes 30 or so cents ). Please restore it back to what it was .
  • They require picture of a license to cash out. 1/5

    By Dianajc
    I earned $10 and wanted to cash out today only to find out that they require picture of my license? There is so much information on the license that can easily be stolen... I don’t feel comfortable providing them with that. I don’t think $10 is worth risking having my identity stolen. I hope they will change the policy because if not, I won’t get my earning.
  • Great way to make quick cash 5/5

    By mar1ena
    Awesome app! Easy to make a little side money. Use my referral code! 129304
  • Pretty Good use code —> 185330 4/5

    By lilrae912
    This app is actually called iMoney and all you do is download apps, run them for 3 minutes, and get a few cents. It does rack up pretty quick (which I like) sometimes is acts a little slow so I just close it out and open it back up and everything is fine (not too crazy about that part) This isn’t something that’s gonna make you rich but it’s still something that gives you more money than these other apps like it. I definitely recommend. P. S. My invitation code is 185330....we both get money from it btw 🤗
  • Why does it ask for drivers license?! 1/5

    By KurosakiXTeru
    Very disappointed with this app. It’s quite easy to collect money on this app. I spent my time accumulating money only to realize that you need a drivers license to cash out the money. Seriously? Why is that needed? Why do they need to verify identity? There’re plenty of other apps that don’t require that. I don’t understand why DouHiring had to be like this. It should’ve been more flexible for people who don’t have a drivers license. I hope DouHiring fixes that.
  • Loving it! 5/5

    By Arrowangel21
    Sign up with if 173901 and get a bonus after you finish 20 jobs!! Pretty great app, especially the newer version. Customer service is great! You won’t get rich but you will earn a few extra bucks here and there!
  • What happened to the tasks? 1/5

    By ds44474p
    All the app displays are jobs in China now. It no longer offers daily tasks to download apps. What happened?
  • Hello 4/5

    By Muratjan_94
    Hi, im living in Turkey. I want to make money too. But this app not working in my country. Can you please activate it here?? 🙏🙏

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