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Drag n Merge

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  • Current Version: 2.4.4
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • Developer: Metajoy
  • Compatibility: Android
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Drag n Merge App

Drag n Merge is a brand new puzzle game! Just drag the block onto another one with the same number! Merge them into a bigger number! Enjoy this relaxing puzzle game!

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  • Fix Ad Bug 3/5

    By TeenWolfFan
    Overall great game. Only have played it a couple times because of ads. I try to go into the game and I get to “Continue” or “New Game” by choosing either one I get an ad and then it gets stuck and I can’t get out of the ad by the end of the video. Tried clicking done and the little forward arrow but it won’t go back to the game. Would love to play the game more if I can get past the ad bug.
  • The ads are outrageous 2/5

    By A&E.
    I actually really enjoyed the game, but I often only get to play for a couple minutes before needing to pause. There is an ad every time you resume, every time you start a new game, and during some accomplishments throughout. I honestly don’t mind seeing ads now and again, I recognize they need to make money off of their free version. However, I often had to wait for 30 seconds multiple times in a row, it just isn’t worth it. Deleting the app and going back to my old game.
  • Issues 2/5

    By BigE59
    Was working fine until the last update. Now the app loads half way and won’t start. Tried restarting the app and my phone (iphone8). Deleted the app and reinstalled- same result 😔
  • 2 games in one. Wish they stuck with the first. 3/5

    By Reader by flashlight
    The first part is relaxing. Individual boxes to move about. Something for relaxing, winding down. Unfortunately, the game then changes pace to linking boxes, trapping them into positions, with a rising tide. Stressful. Not for a wind down. What where the developers thinking? Would like to see options, a winding down play or an engaged play. Until then, back to solitaire.
  • Too Many Ads 3/5

    By rafiashakil
    First of all there is a lot of ads. On top of that, while you play the game ads play in the background which sounds extremely annoying. The worst of all some ads don’t let you exit, there is an exit but but it just takes you to the App Store and it’s impossible to get back to the game without exiting and closing the app then going back in. The game is good it’s just the ads that are annoying and infuriating. I would buy no ads but why should I waste my money.
  • Forced Concentration Break 1/5

    By OG BLM
    Audio Ad plays while I’m playing the game. Distracting
  • Too many ads 2/5

    By G_just_G
    Has potential to be a cool challenging game however it has way too many ads and there is a Lowe’s ad that constantly runs in the background.
  • Ad’s 3/5

    By Rgriss
    I would of had no problem continuing to play this game IF the AD’s they promote actually gave the option to exit out of it once it’s done. I’ve had to close and open my app 4 times just to sit through a new AD each time that doesn’t exit. How am I supposed to play if I can’t even get to the game? :)
  • Gems 3/5

    By Babe 69VW
    What are gems for and how do you use them. Instructions would be nice.
  • If you love adds this is the app for you 1/5

    By Rebel Earthling
    This is a cool game but you have to watch adds 2-3 times a minute... I spent more times watching the adds then playing what could be a good game... too bad
  • Adds freezing, not able to play 3/5

    By Alyx:)
    Love the game; however my adds freeze and then it will not allow me to play the game. I’ve tried multiple times to close out of the app on my phone and then when I open the app back up, I have to rewatch the add and then it freezes again... very frustrating. Please fix this!
  • Keeps Crashing 2/5

    By S-Starr
    Loved this game, until the last update
  • so close 3/5

    By ima cool kid😘
    Okay so this is one of my fave games but lately it’s been horrible. I really like the challenge but, when you say you want to stop after you lose it gives you an ad anyway and they take a long time.😡😕 The game would’ve been 4 star anyway but also when you connect blocks you connect too many and when you connect 2 blocks you usually make it a 2 and 4 but at the end i’ll show you a sketch.you put a 2 and4 by a 6 and 4 and you almost never get it. I’m almost getting tired of the game itself and I think that’s all so here is the sketch(i have to put gibberish in the middle)djvdkhdnkvdkhvdkhb 2. 9 dhhdjhghhgjugjufgdhsgdbdksdbdjdhdnfjfjcn. 4. 4. you have to find the other numbers and it would be fun if we had a rotate mode where you can rotate connected blocks. I really don’t like how you connect near 3-7 blocks,Sorry for the mean review!
  • It should be more levels 4/5

    By Bushwick1084
    It’s a good game but it not going pass 20 boring

    By MandiMiller2019
    I LOVE THIS GAME! LOVE IT!! I’m ADDICTED!!!! BUT I have to delete it! Tell me why in the world when I’m in the middle of the hardest part of the game do you put an ad in the middle of the screen where I’m about to tap so I accidentally click the ad because I’m trying to play the game and it’s always after I get 10 20’s and the game is getting harder the timer is shorter and the blocks are longer and you literally put an ad in the middle of the game screen tricking us into clicking the ad, and I get it, you need the ads for money BUT IT IS LITERALLY EVERY SINGLE 30 seconds to a minute that the ad pops up in the middle of my screen! Now when I’m into the highest scores and the timer is so short and you make me click on a freaking ad and IT MESSES UP MY FLOW!!!! I feel like you don’t care about your loyal fan base or you wouldn’t trick us like that! And I know you know because it’s almost every review that people are trying to tell you how intrusive the ads are and let me tell you IT MAJES ME NOT WANT TO GIVE IN AND BUY THE GAME IT MAKES ME WANT TO FREAKING DELETE IT BECAUSE IT OUTS ME IN A RAGE EVERY 30 SECONDS THAT I AM TRICKED INTO CLICKING THE AD!!! And by the way, I don’t mind the ads that you have to watch to continue the game or even when I get to 15 and 20 but the ones that pop up in the middle of the game screen while I’m racing to keep up with the timer is just beyond ridiculous, FIX THAT, and I may come back and redownload, until then BYE!
  • Drag and Merge 3/5

    By lfmb
    One of my favorite games. Until they put audio ads on sporadically that you cannot turn off. I just have to leave the game.
  • Ads 4/5

    By syronkai
    Entirely too many ads but awesome game! Very nice
  • Ugh 2/5

    By Mjlau1994321
    Love the game but the ads play and they it won’t take me back to my game. Very disappointed. Don’t wanna play if the ads won’t let me exit out
  • Ads too long and sometimes fails 2/5

    By StacR04
    Deleting this game. The ads are too long and sometimes the game won’t even Starr after ads. Super frustrating because it’s fun.
  • Just stop 2/5

    By meljesusfreak
    Ok I downloaded this game a while ago. Then played it but it was really boring and I stopped playing. I see the add for this game and it is so irritating. And long because 1 I already have it and 2 I already hate it. I’m not trying to be rude but this is MY OPINION others may have other opinions. Anyway please shorten the ad or update it. The ads for this game are very irritating I’m considering deleting the app
  • Home Depot ad 3/5

    By Autqueen
    I enjoy the challenge yet between all the breaks and ads that one has to watch. The worst part is that there is the audio of a Home Depot ad that constantly inconsistently plays as you play the game. Please make it stop.
  • Difficult and full of ADS 1/5

    By Kelsss1938
    Downloaded it because I enjoy number games but it’s too difficult in combo with the amount of ads, I understand a need for ads in a game but seriously while you’re in the middle of playing it shouldn’t come up and say AD break like wow. Will definitely be deleting it. Annoying people into buying no ads is not a good sales point.
  • Too many adds 3/5

    By Penny .T
    Every time I accidentally leave the app or get over a 15 block there is an add.Its extremely frustrating and it makes me not want to play the app .
  • Too many Ads 2/5

    By joechillin
    There’s way too many ads and it speeds up too fast
  • The ads ruin the game 1/5

    By XxwildcatsxX
    Love the game but the ads are so frustrating!!! Too many and are too long with no option to skip them. Have to sit there for 30 seconds sometimes. Deleting this from my phone.
  • Too many ads:( 3/5

    By Shibara18
    I like the game itself, but there are way too many ads during the play. So many that I’ll delete the game from my phone and find a new one. Too bad because I liked it!
  • Love this game but frozen 3/5

    By bigenmistake
    Game keep freezing after add plays. Add will not close.
  • Auto playing Ads 1/5

    By Lalagirl5150
    Like the game BUT Lowes ad automatically plays randomly and even though I have sound off on my phone you can still hear it. Incredibly annoying!! So much so that I’m uninstalling until I see that it’s been fixed.
  • Last update bad 5/5

    By roxcot
    Right after this last update it will not even open. Please fix. I do love this game and would like to give it five stars. Updating my review. This was fixed very quickly and efficiently. Thank you! Definitely a five star app
  • Ad generator 1/5

    By jaseinatl
    Apparently if you don’t like someone’s review you can remove it from the store. This game had the potential to be great. Now AD it’s AD just a couple of AD slides and AD you have to AD watch another AD.
  • Good game 5/5

    By seeverson
    I like the game. It was great until I got to 20 150 times and then it froze up.
  • Makes you think 5/5

    By jsdn hi djskzhxns
    I was waiting for my mom on Black Friday and this game took my mind on a journey it really hard And reminds me of toon blast

    By Petersikeeeee
    I lodge JSU’s was the night and you were gonna we were gonna you know you were going home was the night you had to go to ya party for you a little girl you got a good job you know how much I love ya girl you have to be a great girl you get a manicure appointment with your mom’s appointment at the doctor and get your appointment and then you get a appointment at the doctor and get her to appointment with you tomorrow morning and then I can bring you a sandwich and then I come over and then I come back to the doctor and then I come get you and get it done and get you to get it to me please let us know if you wanna is your y I have a appointment appointment at four and then I come back and pick up my son I come get it tomorrow morning I will be there’re some kind a girl that wants me know what I wyeye you wanna I want you to come over tomorrow
  • This game is fun! 3/5

    By MRay0208
    I just started playing it and I’m enjoying it very much. I gave three stars because I paid for no ads but I’m still getting ads!
  • *Fixed and working great *Was great until today!! 5/5

    By saddiebee
    I updated my game and now it will not open and let me play. I paid for the ad free version and this is very disappointing! Please fix ASAP! Soo happy that this app was fixed so quickly!! Thanks
  • Cool 4/5

    By TayTayTay1215
    It’s addictive to me but I just got a score of over 57,000 points. The ads are very annoying that is why I took a star off. Cool game

    By ravenclawforthewin21
    I have one problem with this game but the main one is the ads. You can’t even pause the game without getting an ad.
  • Fun game but a RIDICULOUS AMOUNT OF ADS 3/5

    By Nishin Kareem
    For the game - 5stars For annoying people with an INSANE amount of ads - 0 stars You spent more time watching ads than actually playing. This is a game of speed and when you’re on a roll and playing you get constantly interrupted during the game with ads. Some of the ads are very long too. It’s been so frustrating that I deleted this game.
  • Ads in back 2/5

    By Ellie. Belly
    It’s a great game except there’s a Lowe’s ad that plays in the background that starts playing at random times
  • Fast fix 4/5

    By xyztsr
    One of the quickest bug fixes I’ve seen. Either you made the game much easier or I’m on an incredible run. Previous high was on getting 20 was around forty, still going on my first post fix game and we’ll over two hundred 20s
  • Fixed Issue! Suggestion... 4/5

    By adam-13
    The latest fix now works... Thanks! Suggestion - I like the daily challenge- but how about instead of ending the game when you reach the goal - it keeps on going to try and reach 2nd goal
  • Needs more level 5/5

    By mouadelagarza
    I have reach a DEAD END to the game with the score being at 20274 with 57 #20 and I can no longer go any further.... I’m so addicted to the game...
  • The Ads are annoying!!! 1/5

    By Dandi Jones
    This USED to be my fav game. Now all I hear is some dumb ad about Lowe’s every 45 seconds!!! I listen to podcasts while I play but thr game mutes it and plays ads ALL THE TIME. I hate to say it, but I’m going to have to delete this app
  • Used to play a lot 1/5

    By LuLa Deb
    Now the app crashes either when it’s trying to open and load, or freezes when the ads play. I can’t even get to the game anymore. 👎🏻
  • Struggle 2/5

    By naomi.miller
    i’m not able to even play the game because every time I open the app it will load and then kick me out right away. I even deleted and reinstalled the app but it still won’t work.
  • Ads are horrible 3/5

    By Art4me115
    I really like this game. The number of ads is what keeps me from playing. I listen to audio books while I play and the ads stop my book. I'm okay-ish with that but I'm not cool with the audible Lowe's ad that skips and talks mid game play that stops my book. It partially starts and stops about 10 times in less than 10 minutes.
  • it’s fun but... 3/5

    By KayTay_11💕💕
    it’s really really fun, but every time i open the app it goes to a black screen then closes itself out. i thought maybe it was a problem with my phone, but i just got the iphone 11 like a week ago and i’m sure that’s not the problem. and i don’t have an option to update the app. it’s really fun though so i hope the problem fixes. :(
  • Changes 2/5

    By wendysantacruz
    Hi everyone, I wanted to start off by saying, I actually love this app ads and all. I personally don’t mind the ads yet I’m leaving the rating such a low score because I recently upgraded my phone and when I did every time I tried to open the app to play, it would close on me. I don’t know if it’s my phone but I don’t think that it should do that when they claim it’s available for all iPhones. I’m confused but hope for new changes. Thank you, Happy Holidays Wendy Santacruz
  • Disappointing 2/5

    By mxkhayla
    Addictive game, but there are far too many ads, lengthy ones at that.

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