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  • Developer: BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment Inc.
  • Compatibility: Android
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The best Dragon Ball Z battle experience is here! Relive the anime action in fun RPG Story Events! Play in Dokkan Events and the World Tournament and face off against tough enemies! And for true hardened fighters, the challenges of Extreme Z-Battle and Super Battle Road await! SIMPLE ADDICTING GAMEPLAY • Tap Ki Spheres on the battle screen and send enemies flying in this anime action puzzle game! • Finish enemies with powerful and iconic Super Attacks! KAMEHAMEHA! CREATE YOUR OWN DRAGON BALL DREAM TEAM! • Fight alongside with Goku or team up with rivals such as Frieza, Cell, or Majin Buu from the anime! • Train your favorite characters and Awaken them to new realms of power! • Organize your team to assemble the best fighting force! THE DRAGON BALL WORLD IS YOUR BATTLEFIELD TO EXPLORE • The timeline has been thrown into chaos, bringing you face-to-face with characters from across the anime… • Play the board game-style map and all-new story with your best Dragon Ball characters! • Trunks, the hero from the future, will fight by your side! Get pumped—experience the nonstop action in Dragon Ball Z Dokkan Battle today for Free! BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment Inc. Website: http://bandainamcoent.co.jp/english/ By downloading or installing this app, you agree to the BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment Terms of Service. Terms of Service: http://legal.bandainamcoent.co.jp/terms Privacy Policy: http://legal.bandainamcoent.co.jp/privacy Note: This game contains some items available for in-app purchase that can enhance gameplay and speed up your progress. In-app purchases can be disabled in your device settings, see http://support.apple.com/kb/HT4213 for more details. [Note About “Family Sharing”] This application currently does not support the “Ask to Buy” feature included with Family Sharing. As a result, using this feature to make an in-app purchase on a device with Family Sharing enabled may result in an error. We ask that you do not use the “Ask to Buy” feature when purchasing items until we have updated our application to support this feature. This application is distributed under the official rights from the license holder. Powered by "CRIWARE". CRIWARE is a trademark of CRI Middleware Co., Ltd.



  • Masterpiece of Masterpieces 5/5

    By Luckyliferocks
    I have been playing this masterpiece of game called Dragon ball Z dokkan battle for about 4 years now. (My daily login is 1380 days at the time of writing this review), I have never spent money on this game to prove to new players that they don’t need to spend a single dime to get some of the best tier units (including dokkanfest units), This game greatly rewards players for grinding. It updates frequently with new summons and events and new features. I been through this game from the near beginning and I will be here till the end, I want to thank you dokkan gods for cheering me up when I was down and I wish new player the greatest luck on summons
  • Can’t redeem red Dokkan festival coins 5/5

    By originsmaster37
    Hi I’m just trying to get the phy ssj3 gotenks from the baba shop and it’s says I can’t because limit is reached even though it has a no limit for redeeming is it possible you could fix that in the next day or two
  • 10/10 game keeps crashing 4/5

    By Animeyous
    This game is the best mobile game I have ever played! However I encountered one huge problem. I updated it to the most recent update and it keeps crashing and I am unable to play the game. That is the only problem I have encountered.
  • Nice but need some bug fixes 5/5

    By Xxg0d34
    So I was playing in the event for sr super Saiyan bardock (almost have enough medals) and random times it would freeze and mess me up and I would have to re-open the game. Also I’m STACKED LIKE HELL on most of my orbs and it says I can’t do potential for UR super vegeta and super trunks.
  • Keys gone 1/5

    By danysdjv
    I want the keys gone but now it is there so I can’t get a lr matin vegta
  • Best game ever for ipades 5/5

    By bendy gamrt
    A true honer to play this game I love it and my family does to
  • Great game, but... 4/5

    By Tronic.Tronium
    The gameplay is better than Legends, but the biggest disappointing part of this game is the summons and the accuracy. It’s stupid to nerf transforming Goku (SSJ - SSB), it’s stupid making MUI Goku OP on “Fighting Legend Goku” and it is stupid of putting in useless Dokkan Cards (N - SR). Y’all made it look like “you will NEVER get that card”. I expect changes and fixes on challenges and summons. Don’t make this game ridiculous as Legends!! - TitanoStudioArts
  • Plz read 1/5

    By TheBlieGame
    Look I like the game but there a glitch that happened to my game and I lost my account because of it i was wondering if you can fix that problem plz and maybe find a way so I can get my account back plz and thank you
  • For make the game better 5/5

    By Runelvy Tavarez
    Is going to be cool on my opinion that u guys next anniversary does that play the game for so long give the 500 or 250 dragon stone because some people are not able to buy them the game Ming increase that is my opinion, the game is presta fun I like and I enjoyed it thanks
  • Hercule’s Heart-Pounding Gifts, And Summoning 1/5

    By Alejandr077
    I don’t think I’ve ever been more disappointed in my entire life, when it come to Hercules Heart-Pounding Gifts you’d expect to see these awesome gifts and something different each time with cool animations. However, I’ve not gotten anything besides just the supposed “lucky” over and over again. This is the second time Hercule’s Gifts has come back and I’ve yet to get a super lucky gift or an ultra super lucky, and you’d expect to see at least one super lucky but nope. Don’t know why this is even happening, and fix the summoning portion of the game as well, I always walk out of a summon when I get lucky with only one good character, such as the Dokkan festival Phy Super Saiyen Broly. I’m very tired of getting characters one at a time, I want variety in the summons I perform, and I don’t get why that’s so hard to even give. I’ve seen multiple players with a excellent amount of variety in their summons that it makes me jealous and angry even. I take the time out of my day to even play this game and I just want to be rewarded with something fascinating once in a while, and not just got garbage every time. To sum it all up it’s a great game, but incredibly disappointing all the same.
  • Scam 1/5

    By please help😭😭😭
    No restore purchase button
  • Sooo umm yeah 4/5

    By Nexofury
    Hey uhh so you guys charged me for $40 worth of stones and i got no stones and got double charged, if someone from bandia could contact me and explain what happened i would appreciate it exspecially cause it coming out of a card i cant even use in dokkan, so please get back to me i tried emailing you guys but your site no longer supports that
  • Summon rates 👎🏻 2/5

    By Asseater122222
    Dokkan battle is a pretty fun game overall the animations are nice and the game play too but the summon rates on each banner are absolutely atrocious. I’ve spent 4,500 stones over all on the super saiyan goku banner and I haven’t gotten goku at all. Please fix the banner rates.
  • Small update idea 4/5

    By DopeyLife
    Please add a compare thing for characters like say I can click on one character and then compare it to another one so I can see the links and stuff it would help so much for team building thank you.
  • Trash game 1/5

    By Kanteyodude
    Steals your bank account
  • Trash game 1/5

    By dudu butter
    Amazing game yeet ya thought this game is trash it says it will give me daily gifts at 8:00 eastern but gives me gifts at random times after that overall stupid game to addictive and this game so trash that it has a save battery mode!
  • Portal of memory keys 4/5

    By ytuvyvdh
    This is a big problem cause I always end up with no keys when I need them, so I really think you guys should let us buy keys with in game currency like Zeni, dragon stones, and the other currency.
  • Dbz 5/5

    By Dem remi boys
    Best game
  • Please change ultra Instink omen to a Lr 5/5

    By bhdhfhthrhthtjrjfhf
    Ultra I stink omen is a ur for some reason.if you can change it to a Lr it will be great.ultra instink omen is goku’s I would not second because ultra instink is kinda the same as masterd ultra instink but he just mastered it.so like I was saying it’s gokus most powerful form if one of you say it’s he’s second most powerful form he just maters it so it’s kinda the same thing. So change it it’s really powerful are you “cell is stronger then I ultra instink the worst cells not even close to being as strong as ultra instink” so please all the lr’s are stronger then goku no it aint not even close well some of them but you get the point so please change it do that ultra instink omen is really strong and hard to get because it’s he’s most strongest for its a freaking ur why? No one no’s is it because their all stronger no so for the last time I’m ending it off please change goku into an Lr please Sincerely.please change ultrainstink omen in to in Lr.
  • Can you guys plz add trading?! 4/5

    By luckydeez
    I really think you guys should add trading to this game it would be fun to trade units Also why do you need internet for dokkan the pnly that really needs internet in dokkan is using continue and world tournament One more thing can add the lr kid goku event back
  • Dragon ball DOKKAN Battle is the BEST 5/5

    By Ric2211
    This is the BEST game I ever played. I love this game because Dokkan has ultra instinct goku. It has many more:Super Sayin Vegito, goku,and more.
  • Bulls**t 1/5

    By RahRa28
    My game crash while doing a summon and I didn’t get anything or my stones back. That’s bs. Fix that. I paid for my stones also
  • What I think of the games so far 4/5

    By CrashHero
    I have played this game for at four years and so far i have loved it. The events are manageable, the characters and character arts are amazing, and the effects are second to none. Its really fun and addicting. The only thing I have to say anything bad about is the dokkan virtual event, and the events where in order to pass it, you have to have at least a whole team of rainbow characters or just win through sheer dumb luck. YouTubers that play the game say that those events aren’t for new players and that its for more experienced players and I’ve been playing it for the entirety it’s been out and I’m rank 414. Either way, its a great game and I know dragon ball fans will enjoy it.
  • Get cleaner animations 4/5

    By BriBreezy1
    Can we get cleaner animations I mean this is a animated game it will take the game to the next level everyone downloaded dbz legends no forgetting about this game Bc they don’t have enough storage but show them why more ppl should download this game I really like to see this game get better I love this game but I think it can do better
  • Speed 5/5

    By acetoomanytests
    The game is great, Can you speed the gameplay up to 4x plz Thank you.
  • Upgrading characters 1/5

    By Green pain
    It’s next to impossible to get all the medals work a full time job take care of a kid and get the medals all day long because apparently I have all day to do the event over and over to only get 2 maybe 3 medal at a time then as soon as a new LR character is released immediately people have the characters DOKKAN awakened to The max and why does everyone else get gogeta from the movie but me I have a vegito I can LR but can’t get the potara medals to DOKKAN awaken him I’d really like to see what his special is then I have a ssj4 goku maxed out and his stats do not reflect it at all why
  • DOKKAN 5/5

    By dawsonbaileyboi
    Absolutely the nicest game to f2p players and is still astonishing me till this day
  • This game is so good 5/5

    By maxton Anthony
    This is the best game I played I always wanted it This is the best
  • Rates!! 5/5

    By Trashgodd
    Can we please fix those rates, there are good summon animations that end up feeding you garbage, and it’s bad for the soul it hurts please fix the rates.
  • Please fix the reward system 2/5

    By Cha5eaa
    The amount you get for completing quests or events are terrible. And makes it not worth your while
  • A good fact 5/5

    By ivyxhcgfu
    The theme cost should be unlimited
  • Da best! 5/5

    By black dragon magic
    I love the anime so as the game because it’s just like the anime.Also the game isn’t a ripoff like other dragon warrior games.
  • Great game just like dragon ball 5/5

    By YareIy414
    I love this game the super attack’s and transformations are are awesome and just like the movies and show I rate it 5 stars
  • Some weird one sided favoritism 5/5

    By Nickthemadgamer
    My two biggest gripes with this game are the fact that we are immensely behind the jp version and that we receive no explanations as to why certain campaigns have yet to be released via the event tab.
  • Keys 5/5

    By dy Fed Gregg
    We seriously need a good way to farm keys or at least get them at a reasonable speed instead of waiting day after day just for a login bonus
  • Don’t play this dog S*** of a game 3/5

    By Dog sh**
    Spend so many stones on the ssj4 and lr Gohan and got dog sh**.This game is so dog sh** and it is based on luck.If i were you don’t play this dog sh**
  • Summons 5/5

    By milotote
    I’m playing a lot and I enjoy it too, but when I do summons i always get trash items
  • Issue with ios13 1/5

    By denarje
    Nor letting me enter transfer code really disappointed in dokkan
  • Dragon ball 5/5

    By Shreddvillian
    This a perfect game if you trying to find a good dragon ball game.I only have one problem with it and it is previous deck but other than that it’s good.
  • Great game fun to play when there isn’t anything to do 5/5

    By So ninja mon
    I love this game I play it daily but I feel like there are less ways to get stones the longer I play I buy stones I just wish there was more ways to get them
  • Great game but.....⬇️ 5/5

    By jakai.lester2
    i think i got banned
  • Amazing,best,game 5/5

    By lil king ok man
    This is the best game in the world if you summon a lot they will give you coins and if you go into the shop you can buy stuff amazing game for me it is my top 1
  • Thanks 5/5

    By BabyJavis
    For fixing the game
  • Literally won’t update 1/5

    By Mommy Charming
    It won’t update
  • Transfer 2/5

    By YourStrey
    Okay, so I’m trying to get my old account back, I have my user ID and my transfer code and when I put it in, it won’t let me get my account back
  • Ok help 3/5

    By oofmcgee
    This game is good but I can’t seem to get into the world tournament. Can anyone help me?
  • Amazing Game 5/5

    By CueBall1775
    This game is amazing to play on the go and grind when you have free time. It always feels like you need to get another LR or another Amazing UR. The colors and animations are getting better with the new cards and the game itself is becoming more interactive with its features and missions that the admins had recently implemented! If you feel discouraged at first it’s okay! The game will make you mad and sad but thats because of low level or not enough good characters but the point is to accumulate as many characters as you can and conquer the missions that laid you out! There’s no better feeling than getting good characters and beating hard missions. Take it from me, I am level 291 and still playing and collecting. I recommend this game to everyone it’s truly a one of a kind!
  • Dokkan Battle 5/5

    By Y0BoyJacob
    Best game to be made.
  • Amazing 5/5

    By Dokkan is the best
    The gameplay is good the animations to each card are insane and I hope Dokkan keeps up the good work


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